UNITED WE STAND IN MEMORIAM: The California Couts Family has lost one of its dear brothers, Donald Lee Couts

Welcome to the Couts (K-outs) Family Web Page. Our hope is to share information about the Couts family, and it's origins. We have collected information back to the mid-1700's, with possible links back to 1530, in Germany, as Kautz. We are collecting all of the information about the United States' Couts branches, to make them as complete as possible. If you have any information, documents, pictures, stories, or legends, about any of the Couts family, we would love to put it in our Newsletters. If you would like to share with us, it would be appreciated, and if you do not know your Couts family line, we will try to provide you with the information we have. CHECK OUT OUR NEW LINKS- BELOW You can e-mail me at bevans@coutsfamily.com

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  • John and Mary Polly (Caldwell) Couts The Indiana Couts Branch Childers, Winn, & Allen
    Kautz, Koutz, Kouts, Couts - See the pictures of the Kautz Reunion July 7, 8, & 9, 2000 at the Kautz Winery-Ironstone Murphy, California
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    Mosby Childers


    Through out the Couts early history, they married into the following families:

    The Descendants of Teter Couts

    Descendants of John Couts and Leah Stark Most of John and Leah Couts's early descendants lived in Tennessee, Texas, and California

    Moores, Andersons, Starks, Johnson, Moon, Bandini, Byrds, Reynold, Davis, Huddleston, Meguiar, Hannah, Conner, Willison, Welsh, Tate, Draughon, Green, Barbee, Stewart, Hardin, Mc Connel, Wilson, & Reynolds

    Descendants of William Couts and Emaline Epps's daughter Mary's descendants lived in Tennessee and Missouri

    Vaughns & Ruffins

    Descendants of Chrisley Sr. Couts and Sarah Wright Most of Chrisley and Sarah Couts's early descendants lived in Indiana, Missouri, and Kansas

    Collins, Lefevers, Derossett, Bowers, Pearson, Askew, Campbell, Hollenbeck, Meguiar, Fleener, Dyres, Wrights, Owens, Appleton, Greene, Averett, Gibbons, Gwaltney, Mallon, Myers, Reed, Butcher, Grim, Lockwood, Benton, Boyd, Siddon, Moores ,Andersons, Chriswell, Price, Sevrein (Levin), Minton, Hill, Winn, Hannah, Barnett, Buchanan, Strickland, Davis, Baird, Garrison, Bridgman, Penny, Page, Jennings, Burdit, Kirby, Robinson, Ford, Simmons, Fields, Adams, Davidson, Gerlt, Marriott, Weaver, Palmes, Braden, Deferrari, Phelps, Lallier, Hartig, Dykes, Bookouts, and Scrimingers

    Cave Couts


    Descendants of Henry Couts Henry and Sarah's descendant died at an early age. Sarah's maiden name was Freeman, related to Hardin Co. Ky


    Descendants of Margaret Couts daughter lived in an unknown area

    Freemans & Strodes

    Descendants of Mary Magedalene Couts and Walter Stark's early descendants lived Tennessee.

    Mary Magadeline Stark

    Descendants of Elizabeth Couts no known descendants

    Strodes & Mason



    Pictures of the Couts Family


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