Apparently John (probably named for his uncle and possible Wright grandfather) and Polly (Polly is the nickname for Mary, usually the third daughter, named after her mother) were neighbors. According to the early tax lists of Warren County, Kentucky 1803, the Couts and the Caldwells lived along the Trammel Creek/River.  So, it seems it would be quite natural that a romance would develop, leading to their marriage on Aug. 9, 1809.  Polly would have been about 19 years old, being born approximately in 1790, in Spartanburg, South Carolina. She was the child of Matthew P. {Perry} and possibly Mary Caldwell.


[Father:  Matthew CALDWELL, born between 1758-1763 in Warren or Union Kentucky;

died before Feb 1827 in Gasconade County, MO.  His will was recorded 8 Feb

1827.  Married abt 1783 To his first wife, name unknown.  Married second wife,

Nancy WHITE in 1802.  Some of the children names I sent you from first wife,

may be children of this second marriage, but it is unclear. 


Polly's grandparents are Curtis CALDWELL, and Sarah FONDERN or WILKINSON. 

Curtis (Referred to by researchers as Old Man Caldwell) was born in 1735

possibly in So. Carolina.  He died before 5 June 1784 and lived in Abbeville

Co. South Carolina.  Estate was settled in York Co. SC in 1784.  The papers

list his wife as Sarah.  Security was signed by John Fondern and James

Wilkinson.    Courtesy of GeorgeAnn Brooksby]


John’s parents were Chrisley Couts and Sarah Wright. It is estimated that they were married in Lincoln County, Kentucky circa 1784.  Chrisley and his brother John Couts bought or claimed land in what is now the Armstrong Farm in Springfield, Robertson County, Tennessee.  (Believed to be an Indian burial ground.)  Chrisley died circa 1790 and Sarah, who married Capt. William “Big Bill” Collins, died circa 1811.  John probably lived in Warren County, Kentucky at this time.


Christly Couts Sr., William and Richard Collins, and William Wright lived on Drakes Creek Warren Co. Ky.  Christly Couts Sr. died in 1790 and his properties were sold.

John Couts filed  the land records of Moulton to Chrisley Couts 1790, Jacob Pennington to John Couts. Each referring to their "corner" on the Sulphur River.

Oct. 5, 1790 in Tenn. Co/Sulphur Creek/Red River, a deed, sales to Mathew Mouldin to heirs of Chrisley Couts, Christley Couts Jr., John Couts, and Aaron Couts. Robertson Co. Tenn Deed Book J page 121.

Oct. 15, 1790   in Tenn. Co/Sulphur Creek/Red River, a deed, sales to Stephin Cantrill to John Couts and Chrisley Couts of Tenn and state of No. Carolina.

John Couts bought land from Jacob Pennington January 7, 1796.  Land adjacent to property owned by heirs of Crisley Couts.


1797 Warren County Tax List  (Transcriber Unknown - Source The Kentucky Library) 1797 found no John Couts (sic other spellings) on the Tax List in Warren County, Kentucky.


Early Tax Lists of Warren County, Kentucky 1797-1807  Barbara Oliver Ford, Patricia Ennis Reid          Bowling Green Kentucky 1986  


Tax List 1803 Page 64

NAME                         WATERWAY             FROM

Collins, Richard            Drakes Creek               self

Caldwell, James            Trammel Creek            self

Collins, Henry               Bays Fork                    self

Caldwel, Mathew         Trammel River  Curtis Caldwel / Self

Coutch, John                Trammel River  self

Collins, William Drakes Creek               self


p. 96.  Page 343: WILLIAM DURNAL assign CONROD BRIGHT 120 a. #1465, beg corner to BANISTER BARTON'S  survey on waters of Trammel's Creek, white oak standing on a line of survey made for JOHN COUCH-(sic Couts)


Barton's line to his corner then so as to include all vacant land between Barton's survey, THOMAS PUTMAN'S,  ABSALOM CHISUMS (CHISM'S) , GREEN GRAYHAMS (sic Graham) & JOHN COUCH'S.  23 Jan. 1810.


John was not indicated in the court records, when his brother went to court to change their guardianship from William Collins to Bailey Anderson.  This record is a good indication of the possible birth dates for John, Christley, and Aaron. John did not need a guardian. Christley and Aaron had to be between 14 and 21 in order to choose their own guardians.


"At a County Court held for the County of Warren at the Court house in the Town of Bowlinggreen on Monday the 3rd day of December 1804"


"Christley Couch and Aaron Couch orphans of Chrisley Couch Came into Court and made choice of Baily Anderson as their guardian, Who entered into Court in the penalty of $500 conditioned as the law directs with Jesse Kirby Sec" From Anne Miller


[Christley and Aaron Couts, orphans chose, Bailey Anderson as their guardian. They had to be 14 to 21 yrs by law to so "choose".  Bailey Anderson, acc. DEED ABSTRACTS, p. 3 of vol.1 in Warren Co., KY, was of Pendleton, Co., SC. The date of the record was 3 Oct. 1797. the witness was Jesse Kirby. QUESTION?  Does one suppose a family relationship in such an important choice? Bailey Anderson was the first born son of John Anderson and wife Sarah Carney. His father and two brothers, Scarlett and Joshua died in the Rev War in SC, the father in 1781 and the brothers, of Roebucks's brigade in 1783. Bailey was in the same brigade. The Anderson's with mother and most of the other children moved west to Warren Co., KY, later most settled in Graves Co., KY. Bailey Anderson appears to have gone to Indiana Territory (Warrick Co.)  ref. THE DUNN - ANDERSON STORY, by Virginia Dunn Kraut, copyright 1980.  The COUTS/ANDERSONS/ BARTONS all originated in VA then NC and SC and KY and IN. Interesting!  Courtesy of Mary Barton]   Aaron Couts wife was Sarah Kirby   


ORDER BOOK B, # 567, Warren County Kentucky 3 December 1804

John was able to secure his part of the marriage bond, but was unable to write his name.
Note the misspelling of COUCH.  Mary Polly's security on the marriage bond was guaranteed by
Curtis Caldwell, probably her older brother of twenty-three years.  Mary’s father, Matthew P.
Caldwell, had married Nancy White in 1802, and was believed to have moved to Missouri. 
Curtis, Mary Polly's brother was not married until March 2, 1812, and could apparently guarantee
the funds for securing the marriage.


This is time by those present that said John Couch and Curtis Caldwell are held and firmly bound unto
his excellency Charles Lasiter Esquire _________________- of the commonwealth and his successors in office
is the _______________sum of  __________ for the true payment in which we bind ourselves, our
heirs, (our lives) and Family _______________  and finally by those present sealed with our seals and dated
this 9th day of August 1809.

 The conditions of the other obligation to each other if there be no legal cause  to obstruct a marriage
shortly  intend to be solemnized between the said John Couch  &  Polly Caldwell._______


WM Chapline               John his Couch      Seal X Mark Curtis  his Caldwell X mark





In 1784, Virginia opened the Green River district in Kentucky to her Revolutionary War Veterans. Settlers quickly populated the land south of the Green River. Andrew McFadden, an early pioneer, built a station near the mouth of Drakes Creek. McFadden's Station was a frequent stopping place for travelers on the Cumberland Trace. Kentucky became the United States' 15th state on June 1, 1792.


[John’s father, Chrisley Couts served as a Matross (artilleryman) under George Rogers Clark, in the Western Division, during the Revolutionary War.  He appears in early Kentucky starting with the Revolutionary War in 1781. ELEANOR S. HUTCHESON (LETTER) Crisley Couts -His duty was to guard the Falls of the Ohio (was a fort built on the land-island that Louisville was built, also an early name for Louisville)1781-1782.

Rogers Clark Papers 1781-1784, by James Alton James August 4, 1784 Christor. Coontes, not allowed - Those Continentals who came up with Capt. George, and never re-enlisted in the Illinois Regiment are not allowed.

Davidson County Tax List for 1787  History of Davidson County, Tennessee, with

Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers, by Prof. W. W. Clayton, J. W. Lewis & Co., Philadelphia, 1880, p.58  Contes, C. 1; Nashville, Davidson Co and Mero District TN - Springfield TN Lib.

Pg. 8     Chrisley Couts - Nov. 1788 Assembly (w) Jomes Tennia, Wm Johnson, Jonathon Price

Pg. 9    C. Couts fined for not appearing as a juror-Nov 1788

Pg. 15   Chrisley Couts served on a jury in State vs. Thomas Hendrix - found not guilty of horse stealing -             Nov. 1788.

1788 Middle Tenn. Vol. II page 52, No. Carolina and Mero District, Chrisley Couts to show Cause.]


John was a few years older, but had been out on his own.  He was too old for a guardian.  He was the son of Chrisley and Sarah Wright Couts, probably the fourth son, named after his Uncle, John Couts of Tennessee.  Chrisley had died in 1790.  His land was sold by his heirs in 1792 and 1811.  Sarah was not mentioned, apparently she too had died.  A tombstone was placed on the original land (then, Uncle John's property)  in 1811. 


1811 Robertson Co. Tenn., Cemetery records/10-10 Couts Cemetery- Chrisley  Couts, brother of John Couts. 




Warren County


Warren County, formed from Logan in 1797, was named after General Joseph Warren, a Massachusetts physician and political leader, who died at the Battle of Bunker Hill. The county built its first courthouse on Bowling Green's present day Fountain Square. In March 1798 court was first held in the 20' x 24' log structure. In 1805 the county court established the communities of Jeffersonville and New Town nearby. For several years these three settlements battled to become the county seat.

In 1807, the court ordered a courthouse erected in Jeffersonville located on the banks of the Barren River. When construction was delayed, a legislative commission decided the old log structure should be moved from Bowling Green to Jeffersonville. The 1809 Kentucky General Assembly proclaimed Bowling Green the county seat and two years later the county built its second courthouse on the square



William Collins, second husband of Sarah had remarried in 1815 and moved to Missouri, with Chrisley Jr., Aaron, Matthew Caldwell, some Wrights part of the Barton clan, and the rest of the Collins Clan.


John and Mary Polly Caldwell Couts arrive in Indiana by 1813.  They moved with Wrights, Collins, and Grahams soon following.  They followed Andersons and Baileys, who were some of the first settlers, in 1807. (Kathy Upham). 


Indiana became the decisive conclusion to the War of 1812. Many Kentucky and Tennesseans fought to defeat the British and their Indian allies.  After the war, many of the soldiers moved into Indiana.  We are still searching to see if John was one of the soldiers.

War of 1812 - Battle of Tippecanoe.   by Wikipedia


On November 6, 1811 approximately 1,000 riflemen under the command of Harrison approached Prophetstown.

Battle of Thames Harrison's force totaled at least 3,500 infantry and cavalry. Harrison had two regular infantry brigades under generals Duncan McArthur and Lewis Cass. Colonel Richard Mentor Johnson commanded the Kentucky cavalry; five brigades of Kentucky militia were led by Isaac Shelby, the sixty-three year-old governor of Kentucky and a hero of the American Revolutionary War. Many of the volunteers under Johnson were from the River Raisin area and enlisted with the slogan "Remember the Raisin". Harrison's army was eager for a fight.

Procter had about 800 soldiers along with about 500 American Indians led by Tecumseh. The British soldiers were becoming increasingly demoralized and Tecumseh's warriors grew even more impatient with Procter for his unwillingness to stop and fight, giving Procter reason to fear a mutiny by the warriors.



Life in Indiana


John and Polly as Early Settlers


The History of Warrick Co. Indiana,  page 27:  Boone Township is by far the largest in the county and occupies a central position  It is bounded on the north.... Ohio was recognized by the early settlers, and the land entries for this township are larger in proportion than in any other part.  The following is a full list, prior to and including the year 1820:  John Couts, 1813, James Wright, 1816; Joshua Anderson, 1813, Ratliff Boone, 1812.  Early Election On the first Monday in August, 1814, and election was held in Anderson Township-John Couts, voted for Sparks.



The History of Warrick County Indiana      Pg. 27    


This it must be remembered, was about two years prior to the birth of Boonville, and while the county-seat was located at Darlington.


Boon Township is by far the largest in the county and occupies a central position.  It is bounded...


The following is a full list, prior to and including the year of 1820 of settlers, and the land entries for this township:   William Graham, 1818, Ratliff Boon, 1812; John Couts, 1813; James Wright, 1816; Joshua Anderson, 1813.


Overseers of the poor were as follows:  Ratliff Boon and Wyatt Anderson, in Anderson Township; October term of the court:  Ratliff Boon  Inspector of Anderson Township.

In May, 1814 a new township was being organized called Lynn.  At the same term Daniel Grass was recommended to the Governor as a suitable person to be appointed Associate Judge in the place of Bailey Anderson, who had resigned.  


In 1807, Bailey Anderson came into this township from Kentucky and for the succeeding ten years was one of the leading men of the county.


Early of Anderson Township- On the first Monday in August, 1814, an election was help for a delegate to Congress and for members of the Territorial Legislature.  Forty-eight votes were cast.  These seven voted for Sparks:  Joseph English, Bailey Anderson, Josh Anderson and John Couts...

Jennings received forty-one votes, as follows Wyatt Anderson, Anderson McFadden, Bailey Anderson...


Ratliff Boon was a candidate for Representative.  Boon received forty-seven votes.

By many it is supposed that Ratliff Boon was the first settler on Boon Township, but of this there is some doubt.  Others go so far as to claim that his son Perry was the first white child born in the county;  but many families settle the county three to four years earlier than Boon.


Ratliff Boon as a native of Georgia, but while young moved with his parents to Danville, Kentucky (the same area, Dix River, where Dietrick “Teter” Couts was believed to have lived with son Henry, until his death circa 1795), where he learned the trade of gunsmith.  He came to Warrick County not earlier than the year 1809, although it is claimed by some that he came two years earlier than that date.  His (Ratliff's) father-in-law was Bailey Anderson, who had come in 1807.  Election on May 13, 1816 for delegates to the Constitutional Convention...  Bailey Anderson was elected by Ratliff Boon, Bailey English, Bailey Anderson, Joshua Anderson... (Boone was married to Lavinia Anderson, daughter of Bailey Anderson Sr. of Stafford County Virginia-b. 1753 and Mary Wyatt. Both her father Bailey Anderson Sr. and her brother Bailey Anderson Jr. were living in Indiana by 1807.   Elizabeth Couts, born 1787, sister to John Couts, married Joshua Anderson, another brother of Lavinia, in December of 1803.  Their son Joshua Anderson Jr. was born in 1808 in Knox County, Indiana).  The family must have been a tight knit group, to leave and go to Indiana, while other family members left for Missouri.  The bonds besides marriage may have been the price of land and religion.


John and Polly as Land Owners

John bought and owned a great deal of property, farm land.  The first land was purchased probably with the funds from the sale of his Kentucky properties. He bought his early Indiana land from Ratliff Boone.


This Indenture made and entered into this twenty fourth day of November in the year of our lord, one thousand eight hundred and nineteen, between John Couts and Polly his wife of the county of Warrick and the State of Indiana of the one part, and Ratliff Boon of the county and State aforesaid of the other part, Witnessed that for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred and eighty dollars, current money of the United States, to the said John Couts and Polly his wife in hand paid, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, and said John Couts and Polly his wife, have given, granted, bargained, and Sold, and by this presents, do give, grants, bargain and Sell, Alien, release, convey, and confirm, unto the said Ratliff Boon his heirs and assigns, a certain tract on parcel of grand, situate, lying and being in the county and State of aforesaid and boundaries as follows, (To with) Beginning at the south East corner of the south west quarter or lots of section Number twenty nine in township number five south of range Number Eight West on the District of lands office, for sale at said ---- running thence West along the  South boundaries of said lot or quarter  section eighty pole, thence North by a straight line is the Northern boundary of said quarter to the North corner thereof thence south with the line dividing the south west and ___- East quarter of the  section range and township of or said to the place of ___to have and to hold unto the said Ratliff Boon his heirs and assign for together with a and singular the appurtenance thereto belonging, or in any appertaining and the said John Couts and Polly his wife their executors, or administrators, will forever warrant and defend, the right and a title of the said tract or parcel of ground, unto the said Ratliff Boon his heir and assign, agent ___ and every person or person whatsoever.  In testimony  hereof the said John Couts and Polly his wife and their heirs and their hands are affirmed heir seals the day and ate herein writing.

Singed sealed, delivered                                                        his

Matthew Nealey                                                           John X Couts    Seal

Joseph Deforret                                         mark Her Polly X Couts      Mark


John and Polly were Primitive Baptists

There congregation met in a small log cabin, located in the wilderness, in Warrick County .  Members were very devoted. Their church governed their lives. All things were brought to the simplest terms and related to God and his will. Their beliefs could have been the reason they did not follow the family to Missouri, but split off and lived with the Andersons and Baileys.

The Primitive or Old School Baptists cling to the doctrines and practices held by Baptist Churches throughout America at the close of the Revolutionary War. Primitive Baptist churches in southern Appalachia can be traced back to the late 18th century when the first generation of settlers moved into the region. When the Baptists split in the 1830s over missionary work, these churches adopted a conservative position, believing in a predestinarian interpretation of the doctrines of grace and election, and took the name Old School or Primitive Baptist. They remained a leading denomination in the region throughout the nineteenth century and small churches aver aging about twenty-five members are vigorously supported today. (Patterson,161) Primitive Baptists are known popularly for their religious rituals; unaccompanied congregational hymn singing, the practice of foot washing, a chanting preaching style used by older elders, and their originally maintained church houses. Although these descriptions are true, they have problematically come to symbolize "Old Time Religion" in America. Primitive Baptists have preserved and continued to practice these rituals, and as a result, a far too simple conclusion has been drawn about their  development within the larger framework of American Religion: The Primitive Baptists are a living religious history. Their lives and religion are thought to resemble life as it existed yesterday. This view of the Primitive Baptists is reminiscent of the in age of Appalachians as too ignorant, passive, and poor to progress on their own and to integrate into mainstream American society. In order to understand Primitive Baptists, it is essential that one realizes that the Primitive Baptist religion remained un changed not because of an unchanging time and place, but because they chose to emphasize traditionalism. This was a matter of choice for Primitive Baptists. (Sovine,364)

The religious traditionalism emphasized by Primitive Baptists has political and historical roots. The decision to maintain an unchanged religious system of belief and behavior was made by Primitive Baptists over one hundred and fifty years ago. The Primitive Baptists chose to maintain the Baptist religious system of beliefs that was operative before the addition of missionary and educational systems. Many denominations were incorporating missionary, educational, and benevolent societies into the church and the Baptists joined competitively, adding these societies to their regular church activities. The Primitive Baptists chose not to adopt these societies, resulting in a Baptist denomination fully divided between opposing and nonfellowshipping f actions, the "missionary Baptists" and the "antimissionary Baptists." The antimissionary Baptists chose to call themselves Primitive, which symbolized continuity. Their main objective was to maintain a spiritual continuity with the Apostolic or Primitive Church and to follow that faith and practice without deviation and change. They also placed a special sense of value on the history of the Primitive Baptist Church, promoting a cultural continuity with the past members of the church and agreeing to deliberately preserve the much-loved traditions of their past. As mentioned earlier, "traditionalism" was a matter of choice for Primitive Baptists and without understanding the historical context of this decision, there is a failure to see the Primitive Baptists as conscious actors within their own history. (Sovine,364)



Some very early churches in the State of Kentucky included: Severns Valley; Cedar Creek; Gilbert's Creek; South Elkhorn (1783); Head of Boone's Creek (1785); Great Crossing; Bryan's (1786); Tate's Creek; Boone's Creek (1787); Marble Creek (1787); David's Fork (1786); Forks of Elkhorn (1788); Hickman's Creek (1790); Cox's Creek; Bear Grass; Old Providence; Lulbegrud (1793); Nolynn; Indian Bottom; Sand Lick; and many more.

Some churches which we have not yet been able to locate by county include the following: East Hickman, Dry Run, Brush Fork, Flat Lick, 2nd Town Fork, Mt. Carmel, Little Huston, Forks of Silas, Otter Creek, Bethlehem, Rough Creek, Gilead, Little Flock, Mill Creek, Green River, Providence, Back Run, Ephesus, Lick Fork, Mt. Pleasant, Trammel's Fork, Middle Fork, Covington, Ash Run, Bank Lick, and Providence. There are hundreds more which we have not yet located.

Unlike other churches, the Primitive Baptists kept no church records of a vital statistics nature. They believed in a totally independent church government, thus there was no central point where records were stored. The records of each congregation were kept by the clerk, and might or might not have been kept as the books passed along to succeeding clerks. Some books helpful to understanding this church are the History of the Church of God, by Cushings B. Hassell, 1886; Portraits of Primitive Baptist Ministers, by Walter Cash, 1896; Biographical History of Primitive or Old School Baptist Ministers of the United States, by R.H. Pittman, 1909; Souvenir of Ministers of the Primitive Baptist Church, by Lemuel Potter, 1895; and Autobiography of Elder Wilson Thompson, 1867. Some Primitive Baptist material is located at Mercer University, Macon, Georgia, and at Samford Univeristy in Birmingham, Alabama. Genealogy Etc. by Donna Potter Phillips


The Marriage of their Children:

Indiana State Library Genealogy Division  "C - D"  Indiana Marriages Through 1850



Infant Couts      b: Abt. 1809     d: Abt. 1810    


Eliza Couts       b: January 1809 in Bowling Green, Warren County, Kentucky              

            +Thomas Fleener          b: March 05, 1813 in Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana            d: 1871 in

                                        Walbash, Warrick County, Indiana   m: February 22, 1835 in Warrick

                                        County , Indiana


Rhoda Couts    b: February 1810 in Bowling Green, Warren County Kentucky d: Abt. 1854 in Warrick County , Indiana           

 +Bluford H. Chriswell  b: 1812 in Kentucky m: July 23, 1831 in Warrick County , Indiana


Sarah C. Couts b: April 1811 in Bowling Green, Warren County, Kentucky                  

            +Charles S. Hill b: Abt. 1813 in Kentucky d: in Warrick County , In m: October 12, 1837 in

                                           Warrick County , Indiana


Martha Ann Couts        b: Abt. 1813                

                        +Stephen V. Price        m: May 03, 1839 in Warrick County, Indiana


Dolly Couts      b: June 1815 in Bowling Green, Warren County Kentucky                   

            +John Price      b: 1813 in OHIO                      m: July 04, 1839 in Warrick County , Indiana


William Levi Couts       b: 1816 in Warrick County , Indiana     d: 1880 in Believed Pike County, Indiana, Census 63 years, in 1880, Consumption  

 +Elendon (Ellen Or Eleandor)  b: 1814 in Illinois          d: Abt. 1850     m: Abt. 1844 in

                                                          Warrick County, Indiana

*2nd Wife of William Levi Couts:                                 

+Nancy Reed   b: May 1829 in Virginia m: March 28, 1852 in Warrick County, Indiana


Matthew Perry Couts   b: August 1818 in Warrick County , Indiana      d: September 26, 1864 in Gibson County, Indiana  

                        +Mary Hannah b: 1823 in Tennessee    m: April 06, 1844 in Gibson County, Indiana


Matilda Couts   b: 1820 in Warrick County , Indiana                

                        +John (Sevrein) Swinn  b: Abt. 1824 in Warrick County, Indiana                      

                        *2nd Husband of Matilda Couts:                                  

            +Samuel Lowe m: January 11, 1848 in Gibson Co, Indiana


John C. Couts  b: November 1823 in Warrick County , Indiana            d: Bef. February 1855 in

                                                                             Warrick County , Indiana    

            +Elizabeth Caroline Sidden  b: 1828 in Ohio m: September 06, 1853 in Warrick County,


Elizabeth Couts b: Abt. 1826 in Warrick County , Indiana

      +John (Swinn) Charles Levin Severin (Sevrein)       m: January 11, 1848 Warrick County, In


Mary Ann Couts           b: October 05, 1830 in Warrick County , Indiana          d: April 21, 1903         

     +Aaron T. Gwaltney  b: December 22, 1828 d: June 11, 1861 m: June 02, 1853

                                                    Warrick County , Indiana

            *2nd Husband of Mary Ann Couts:                              

 +James Madison (Sr.) Ricketts  m: December 05, 1864 in Warrick County, Indiana )

                                                   {June Kifer Ricketts }


Aaron Carl Couts         b: 1831 in Warrick County, Indiana      d: in Pike County, Monroe

                                                    Township, Log Creek Cemetery, Indiana     

+Sarah Ellen Wallace    b: 1839 in Indiana         d: in Noble,

                                                   Richland Co. Illinois  m: May 07, 1857 in Warrick County,




The Death of John Couts   Probate Order Book No. 1 page 420   Vol. 2 page 421

Now at this time comes Levi Couts and his mother the said Levi Couts is by the court appointed Guardian of the minor heirs of John Couts deceased to wit:  Matilda, John , Mary Ann, and Aaron C. Couts and file his bond to the acceptance of the court and is sworn as said guardian.  May 10, 1842.


John died supposively died in February of 1846.  The above document however, stated that a guardian was needed for the minor heirs.  My guess is that John died in February of 1842.   Mary Polly died between 1860 and 1870.  After John's death, his properties were sold.  John's stepbrothers guaranteed his securities and became the curator of his will, to protect his heirs to the State of Indiana, in 1846.


IW Bellouse Clerk Show all men by these present that I,  Thomas Collins as principal and we,  Richard Collins and William Collins as security all of the County of Lafayette in the state of Missouri are held and firmly bound unto the State of Missouri for the use and benefit of the heirs of John Couts late of the State of Indiana deceased in the sum of one hundred Dollars for the payment of which well and truly to be made we bind ourselves our heirs and jointly and severally firmly by there presents sealed with our Seals and dated this 6th day of July 1846.

            The condition of this bond is such that whereas the said Thomas Collins has this day been appointed by the Lafayette County Court Curator of this estate of the heirs of John Couts late of the State of Indiana deceased.  Now if this said Thomas Collin shall faithfully discharge all the duties of Curator of said heirs according to law then this bond shall be void otherwise to remain in full force.


Attest-  I. Edgar                                               Thomas Collins SEAL

                                                            William X [his mark] Collins SEAL

                                                            Richard X [his mark] Collins SEAL

                        The conditions of this obligation is such that whereas the above bound IWB Moore has this day been appointed by the Probate Court of Warrick County Indiana Guardian of the infant heirs of John Couts Deced to with: Ann C. Couts and Mary A. Couts.  Now it said IMB Moor promptly pay over all sums of money which should come into his hands as such Guardian to the proper person or persons authorized to receive and obey all legal order and decrees of the Probate Court of Warrick County tracking? his guardian ship then and in the se the above bond to be null and void else to be and remain in full force and virtue in Law

Approved in open Court                                               I. Waite B. Moore    SEAL
July 10th 1847                                                              Erzekiel Perigo     PSEAL



J W B Morris Admin of the Estate of John Couts dec'd and Widow and heirs of Dec'd Estate Now comes Administrators and files petition…the court for ….against certain of the heirs in said petition named to appeal and answer under oath and to the amount of by them recieveth in the life time of said decedent.  And now come Mary Couts widow of said John Couts Dec'd Levi Couts,  Matthew P. Couts, Bluford H. Christwell, and Rhoda his wife.  Charles S. Hill and sally his wife, Thomas Fleener and Eliza his wife, John Price and Dolly his wife, and Stephen V. Price and Martha his wife heirs at law of said John Couts, Dec'd defendants hearin and file their written and answer marked A hearin verified by affidavit which reads in words and figures following to wit:  and it is ordered by the court that the several amounts in said answer set forth as received by the said heirs stand charged against said Admin. And that the heirs stand charged with the several amounts by them received of the said decedent in his life time on the final distribution of said estate.



State of Indiana Warrick County

I John Abraham ____ in and for the County aforesaid do hereby certify that the way the above names John Couts and Polly his wife _____  appeared before the ___  and ___ to indenture _______________sale to Ratliff Boon as and for their voluntary ______- Couts IN guardianship Ann and Mary Couts

Know all men by these present that we I.W.B. Moore and Erzekiel Perigo are held and firm bound unto the State of Indiana in the penal sum of five hundred dollars the payment of which well and truly to be made and done we bind ourselves his heirs Executors and administrators timely? And Severally firmly by these present sealed with our seals and dated this 7th day of February AD 1849.


J W B Morris Admin of the Estate of John Couts dec'd and Widow and heirs of Dec'd Estate

Now comes Administrators and files petition…the court for ….against certain of the heirs in said petition named to appeal and answer under oath and to the amount of by them recieveth in the life time of said decedent.  And now come Mary Couts widow of said John Couts Dec'd Levi Couts Matthew P. Couts Bluford H. Christwell and Rhoda his wife.  Charles S. Hill and sally his wife, Thomas Fleener and Eliza his wife, John Price and Dolly his wife, and Stephen V. Price and Martha his wife heirs at law of said John Couts, Dec'd defendants hearin and file their written and answer marked A hearin verified by affidavit which reads in words and figures following to wit:  and it is ordered by the court that the several amounts in said answer set forth as received by the said heirs stand charged against said Admin. And that the heirs stand charged with the several amounts by them received of the said decedent in his life time on the final distribution of said estate.


Vol. 2 page 421


Now at this time comes Levi Couts and his mother the said Levi Couts is by the court appointed Guardian of the minor heirs of John Couts deceased to wit:  Matilda, John , Mary Ann, and Aaron C. Couts and file his bond to the acceptance of the court and is sworn as said guardian.  May 10, 1842.  {William} Levi would have been twenty-six years of age, fifteen years younger than his brother, Aaron C. Couts.  Levi also had consumption, like his father and died about 1860, from it.


State of Indiana             Warrick County  In the ??? Judge of Warrick County of the county of Warrick re November Term of 1847

Levi Couts, former Guardian of Malilday Couts, John Couts, Aaron Couts and Mary Ann Couts infant heirs of John Couts deceased and  by? Leave to report the condition of the funds in his hands to use Rec of check Probate Court Share of Matilad Couts     

                                                                                                                                    $125.30     and Int. ??                                                                                                                    2.45

By and Recipt of Augt. 19/44                                                                                       $127.75


Amount recd of clerk Share of John Couts                                                                    $125.30 Inventory collected                                                                                                           2.45


By amt recipt as of Aug/ 19/44  $127.75


Amt Rec ? of Clerk Aaron Couts Share                                                                                    $125.30

By amt paid CS. Hill for his share of land                    $45.00

"      "   Tax on 2 shares of land                              3.00


"      "   Enfunl? Making decd? Vincelly?                          1.75     


                                                                                                                                        75.55 Recd Interest                                                                                                                  12.00


Amt Rec ? of Clerk Mary Ann Couts Share                                                                  $125.30

Tax paid                                                                       1.50                       1.50

Cash for clothing                                                           2.25                       3.75          121.55

Interest received up to this date Sept: 17/46      20.00                                                 $141.55

Note and Mortgage herewith returned                                                                            




John Couts Note                                                        187.80

Carry A Couts note                                                      15.09

Mary Couts Note                                                         14.99

John? Hayes? Note??                                                   67.90

To be as named amount  bal due?                                 53.80


Amt bal ??? by Guardian  $39.61                                  39.61   respectfully submitted that

I am recd chg??/gift? On bal ??? ???                          $227.70

I shall not charge my fees                                  Levi Couts                    Guardian

Nov. 10 / 47

Sept. 19, 1846 -marked out


Deed Book L, page 532 - Gibson County, Indiana

Jan. 12, 1848, Matilda Couts of the first part and john Couts of the second part for the sum of $45.00 paid to the party of the second part all of the right, title, claim and demand of what so ever nature of which the said part of the first part or either of them, their heirs, executors, administrators, hold as heirs or heir of John Couts, late of Warrick County, Indiana, deceased, being the undivided 11th part of the following tract of land lying and being in Gibson county, Indiana, known as the S W 1/4 of the N E 1/4 Section 10, and the SE 1/4 of the NE 1/4 Sec. 9 and the West 1/2 of SE 1/4 of Sec. 9 and the NE 1/4 of Sec. 10 and the E 1/2 of the SE 1/4 of Sec. 9 all in TWp. 4 South of Range 9 West of the lands to be sold at Vincennes, Indiana.

Recorded Feb. 22, 1848                                                          Matilda Couts


Book L, page 686


Levi Couts & Ellen (Eleanor) his wife to Aaron Couts, both of Gibson County, Indiana for the sum of $45.00-------------------------

Both heirs of John Couts, late of Warrick County, deceased, (land same description as above) Levi sells to Aaron his 11th part.


This means there were 11 heirs of John Couts.


Taken up by Levi Couts living in Green Township, Warrick County+ one red Brindle Heriffer Supposed to be one year old last Spring and marked with cross in the right ear and swallow fork in the Left Ear and under bit in each ear. Appraised at five Dollars by Enoch Taylor and Cs.W. Hill.  Subscribed and Sworn to before me on this 20th Day of January 1860.

                        Manson French J.P. SEA


Please hand the enclosed notes G.P. Hudspeth.  Filed Jan. 24, 1860 Joseph Masters-clerk



Mary died, during the Civil War years and between census counts in the years 1860-1870.  Logically, since she had so many persons helping her manage John affairs and she had so many children, that she would have relied on them for her care. She may not have been in good health herself.   My guess would have been Levi for a while until his death in 1860 and then, one of the younger children or older grandchildren.


Mary, like her husband were pioneers.  Willing to go out into the world and not just survive but, make a living and raise a family. [{William} Levi would have been twenty-six years of age, fifteen years younger than his brother, Aaron C. Couts.] 



By Wilford H. Couts, Jr. and Janice L. Couts, great-grandchildren

This story goes back in time from the life of James Monroe Couts, Aaron's oldest son (ref. 1).  Of course this story begins with the life of Aaron's parents, John and Polly (Caldwell) Couts (ref. 2).  John and Polly married in Kentucky on 8 Aug 1809 and they had thirteen children.  These were (ref. 3)---

Eliza Couts             born 1809 Matthew Perry Couts        born 1818
Rhoda Couts          born 1810 Elizabeth Couts                 born    ?
Sarah Couts           born 1811 Matilda Couts                    born 1821
Martha Ann Couts  born    ?     John C. Couts                   born 1823
Susannah Couts     born 1813 Mary Ann Couts                born 1830
Dolly Couts             born 1815  Aaron C. Couts                born 1831
William Levi Couts  born 1816  month and day not known.

The family moved from Warren Co., KY (the Bowling Green area) about 1812-1813.  Therefore the last eight or nine were born in Warrick Co. Indiana.  John first lived in Anderson Township along the Ohio River but later lived on a farm about 2 miles west of present-day Boonville , Fig. 1.  All of the children married so we know that Aaron C. danced at many a wedding while he grew up.
The title identification, 4th generation, follows the convention established by California's Couts Cousins where Dietrich (Kautz?) Couts is our first known ancestor.  Obviously this is not valid and this identification will hopefully change in the future.
In 1810 about 25,000 Americans lived in present Indiana.  By 1820 about 147,000 lived there.  Indiana was settled from south to north and at any one time, most of the population lived in the south.  Warrick Co. was established in March 1813 from ceded Indian lands.  By 1831, it was probably still thinly populated but it was no longer a frontier.
We don't know when John Couts, the father, died but on 10 May 1842 Levi Couts, Matthew P. Couts, and William M. Hudson bind themselves for $1200 and request that Levi Couts the oldest son be appointed guardian of the minor heirs of John Couts deceased, to wit-Matilda, John C., Mary Ann, and Aaron C.  (this is consistent with the birth years reported.)  On 10 Nov 1844,  Levi Couts reported to the Probate Court of Warrick County that Aaron Couts had received $89.55for his share of the estate plus about $50 paid to a G.S. Bell for shares of land to Aaron (??).                                      Sometime after the death of his father, Aaron C. must have gone to live with his brother John and family.  Perhaps the mother sold the family place and moved in with a daughter??  The 1850 Gibson Co. census shows John to be living in Barton Twp.  Both Mary Ann and Aaron C.  live with John.  Although Aaron C. is 19 and listed as a farmer with $700 of real estate, he is listed as attending school in the past year (as is Mary Ann at age 20).  John must have been a conscientious brother.  One should note that all listings in the Gibson Co. census spell the name as COUTZ.
On 13 Apr 1854, the two brothers John Couts and Aaron Couts promise to pay William Butcher the sum of $110 without regard of the valuation or appraisement laws.  This suggest some real estate deal and the meaning is unclear.  The debt was cleared on 19 Mar 1856 when W. Butcher put his mark on a document saying that he had received $116 from G. Hayward, Administrator for J. Couts deceased, for payment of a note of $110.  This time the J. Couts deceased was the brother John C. Couts.
On 10 March 1855 the personal estate of John Couts deceased was inventoried (ref. 2) and the public auction was held on 17 Mar 1855.  Aaron C. Couts purchased only one item, a sorrel horse, for $76.00 and Isaac Caldwell  (from the mother's family??) was his surety for payment.  On the day of the sale, Aaron C. Couts acknowledged receiving $2 for feeding and getting up stock belonging to the estate.  
On 22 Dec 1856, the Warrick Co. Clerk records that Aaron Couts, living in Greer Twp. of Warrick Co., found a red heifer with white face.  The heifer was estimated to be 2 years old and appraised at $8.
The 1860 Gibson Co. census shows that Aaron C. is now head of his own household in Barton Twp.  He is age 28, a farmer, has real property worth $300 and personal property worth $200.  And he has a wife.  The marriage of Aaron C. Coutz (Gibson Co. records) to Sarah Ellen Wallace was on 7 May 1857.  The 1860 census reports that she was age 20 and born in Indiana but at present we have no further knowledge of her family.  Additionally, the census reports that they have a daughter Mary A. age two.  A  photo of Aaron and Sarah is shown in Fig. 2.  It's date is unknown but is probably several years after  their  wedding.
Both the 1850 and the 1860 census list Aaron C. to be living in Barton Twp, Gibson Co.   In the first, he lives with John C. and in the second, he heads his own household.  But twice in the 1850's (the $110 loan and the red heifer), Aaron C. described himself as living in Greer Twp., Warrick Co.  As shown in Fig. 1, the two townships are contiguous.  It is mentioned in the county histories that the boundaries have moved since Barton Twp. was organized in 1843 but no details.  Some confusion among the residents is understandable.  We think he moved once to his own household but otherwise all of the movement was only in the boundaries.
Several of the family still lived near each other.  No one named Couts shows in the 1850 Warrick Co. census.  But the 1850 Gibson Co. census shows John  Coutz age 27, Levi Coutz age 34, and M. P. Coutz age 32 and their families.  Also nearby was Thomas Fleener who had married the oldest daughter Eliza.  In Pike Co. (soon to become the family focus) lived Samuel Lowe who had married Matilda Couts in 1848.  They farmed and had 2 children.
In 1860 Aaron T. Gawaltney and his wife Mary Ann Couts (married on 2 Jun 1853) were listed as farmers in Greer Twp. of Warrick Co.  In Gibson Co.  Aaron C. Couts and his wife and daughter farmed in Barton Twp.  Thomas Fleener, wife Eliza, and their two children lived in Wabash Twp. of Gibson Co.  Samuel Lowe, wife Matilda, and 7 children farmed in Monroe Twp., Pike Co.  Of course John C. had died.  To date Levi and M.P. Couts and families haven't been located in any 1860 census.  Perhaps they had moved to new farms in the spring during the census??
We have no present knowledge of military service on either side in the Civil War but there are still sources to be explored.  With relatives in KY and TN, there must have been some mixed feelings.
By 1870, several Coutses had followed S. Lowe's example.  Levi and Nancy Couts and their two sons Alvis and Larkin farmed in Monroe Twp., Pike Co.  Aaron C., wife Sarah, and their two children James age 4 and George age 2 were there also.  There is no mention of their daughter Mary Ann and she must have died in the interim.  Also listed in the 1870 Monroe Twp., Pike Co. census was a John Couts age 25, Kate age 30, and a William age 18 listed as one family unit.  John's birthplace is listed as KY so he may be a grandson of one of John Couts, the 3rd generation, brothers.  William too must be a relative instead of a son.  At this point we have identified neither.  
What was the draw of Pike Co.?  It had been organized on 21 Dec 1816 from Indian-ceded land.  The town of Pleasantville (later re-named Spurgeon) was platted in 1859.  In reference (4) the fine soils of the county are praised.  It is mentioned that the Monroe Twp. soils are charged with mineral salts and tobacco grows well.  The "leaf" is reported equal to the best KY or MO  products.  In 1877, tobacco land may be purchased in this area for less than $30 per acre.  Tobacco was the primary income.  The first tobacco drying barn was built in Spurgeon in 1865 and a stemming shed and a railroad to market soon followed.  We guess that the Couts families were drawn by improved financial opportunity.
By 1877 we believe that seven related families lived in Monroe Twp., Pike Co.  One was Samuel Lowe, wife Matilda, and 4 children still at home.  Second was Levi, his wife Nancy, and son Larkin C.  Levi was age 63 and reported bedridden with consumption.  Third was Sarah Couts and her four children.  She was the widow of Alvis Couts, oldest son of Levi.  Fourth was J. C. Couts (probably the son of M. P. Couts) who lived in Oatsville in Monroe Twp.  Fifth was Thomas Jackson Fleener who was a Baptist minister and photographer.  Perhaps he was the Fleener who had married Eliza Couts but he is more likely a son.  Sixth was Matthew Perry Couts.  He had married Mary Hannah on 7 Apr 1844 and in 1850 they lived in Gibson Co.  They never afterwards show on a census but they are listed as property owners in Pike Co. in ref. 4.  And they have a son Matthew P. Couts who married Rosanna Low on 26 May 1870 and Nancy J. Miller on 20 Jun 1878 in Pike Co.  And seventh is Aaron C. age 49, with Sarah E. and James Monroe age 14,George J. age 12, Simeon C. age 6, and Ettie B. age 1.  As in 1870 there is no mention of a Mary A.  Family memory says there was also a son Fred who died, presumably between census cycles.
The census reports that Sarah E. could not write.  And reference 4 lists Aaron C. with personal property worth $375 but that Sarah E. has the real property.  Could she have inherited their farm?
The family of John Couts, Kate, and William listed in the 1870 census are not listed in either the 1877 list of property owners or the 1880 census.
Reference 4 gives us a glimpse of life as they were living it in 1877.  Monroe Twp. had 751 horses, 86 mules, 773 cattle, 1168 sheep, 2832 hogs, 465,910 lbs. of tobacco, and 0 pianos.  There were 852 children between ages 6 and 21 with 650 enrolled in school.  There were 11 male and 2 female teachers in 13 frame school houses.  
The census fails us in 1890 due to a disastrous fire in Washington D. C.  Unfortunately because by 1900 only two Couts families are listed in Pike Co.  These are the two brothers, James M. and George J.  Couts.  The life of James M. is described in ref (a).  What happened to the others?
Aaron C. must have died in the early 1880's when he was about 50 years of age.  We know that Sarah E. Couts outlived her husband.  She married Isaac B. Benton on 12 Dec 1886.  After his death, she lived the rest of her life with her daughter Ettie Baker near Olney, IL.  Exactly when did Aaron C. die and where is he buried?  We don't know.
This is the life of Aaron C. and Sarah E. (Wallace) Couts as best we now know it.  There are several voids and we plan to continue our research.  But we know that they lived their life on a farm.  They worked hard to support and educate their surviving children.  They were typical Americans of their time.

(1) James Monroe Couts, California's Couts Cousins, Vol. 2, No. 4, May-July 1998
(2) Inventory dtd 10 March 1855 of the personal estate of John Couts deceased taken by G. W. Hayward Administrator and signed by the widow Elizabeth Caroline (Sidden) Couts
(3) John Couts and Mary "Polly" Caldwell - Kentucky and Indiana, California's Couts Cousins, Vol. 5, No. 2, Feb-Apr 2001 (4) 1877 Property Owners of Pike Co. by S. M. Sawyer, on file at Petersburg, IN Public Library.
Note: To avoid tedium, few references are listed.  Please query W. Couts at if you want more details or if you can offer any corrections or additions.
















James Monroe and Lizzie Connor and Family         





Mary Ellen "Ella" Couts, daughter of James Monroe Couts and Mary Ellen "Lizzie" Connors of Warrick and Pike County Indiana




JAMES MONROE COUTS  5th Generation

 Written by Janice Couts, Thelma (Couts) Welbaum & Wilford Herschel Couts, Jr.


            Our grandfather, James Monroe Couts, was born on 1 December l865 at Wheatonville, Warrick County, Indiana (about 15 miles north of Evansville).  He was the first child of his parents, Aaron C Couts (born in 1831 in Warrick County, IN) and Sarah Ellen Wallace.  They are believed to have married on 7 May l857.  Figure 1 shows Aaron and Sarah Couts.  It is undated but was probably taken in the 1857-1870 period. Aaron was a farmer.  The family moved from Warrick County to Pike County when James Monroe was a small boy.


In addition to James Monroe, there was a son George whose descendants live in southern Indiana, a son Fred, another son Simeon who drowned while fording a stream and is buried in Grayville, IL, and a daughter Etta who later married a Baker.

            We have no knowledge of when Aaron died or where he was buried.  After his death, Sarah married a Benton.  At some point she moved to live near or with her daughter Etta Baker in Noble, Richland County, IL.  However Sarah returned to visit her eldest son James and his wife for a week each summer.  Our Aunt/Mother Edith remembers her vividly.  Sarah had a special pocket in each dress for her tobacco pouch and stone pipe and she enjoyed a smoke after every meal.

            James Monroe Couts went to school but only for a few years.  He learned to read with the McGuffey readers.  The Couts family lived on a farm and there must have been many chores.  As the eldest son, James Monroe must have been encouraged to become independent and he did.  He arrived in  Spurgeon, Pike County, IN where he met Mary Elizabeth Connor.  They married on 31 Jan 1886 which they remembered as a very cold, snowy day.  Including the preacher there were seven at the wedding. Fig. 2 is undated but James Monroe appears to be 25-30 years of age.

            The Connor parents, James and Ellen (Mulvahill) Connor, lived on the top of a small hill about 3 miles north of Spurgeon (in an area later called Enos Corner) and were farmers.  James Monroe and Mary Elizabeth started married life about 4 miles away from her parents  but they soon acquired about 100 acres at the foot of the hill where her parents lived.  He also worked part-time at a sawmill.  James Monroe must have already had some carpentry skills because he built a two-room house for them.  But shortly thereafter the local creek flooded.  Water just covered the kitchen floor but the carpet strip prevented it from flowing into the living room. The seven pigs had been put in a corn crib and the chickens were shut up in their coop.  But the water rose too high and drowned them all.  In a taped interview years later, they remembered this as their greatest blow.  They had to get extra work to get cash to buy replacements.

            But James Monroe solved the flooding problem.  He raised the foundation with three courses of concrete block and built up the yard around the house with fill.  Later he added a second floor of two bedrooms, and then still later he added two rooms on the back to house the growing family.  The house had no cellar because of the water table but there was a huge attic closet for out-of-season clothes and storage of the feather beds in summer.

            The kitchen had a big coal range but the other rooms downstairs had fireplaces and those upstairs were unheated.  As kids, we picked up coal along the tracks near the coal mine.  The coal was high-sulfur and the bed of

coals protruded out in the room for best radiation but the flues were well-designed and had a tremendous draw.  James

Monroe built these flues himself.   He had the skill to build a fireplace with an extremely strong draft and was asked by many neighbors to build or re-build their flues.  There was a big side porch with a cistern.  Water was  heated in two big iron kettles out in the driveway and washing was done on the porch.  When it rained, the clothes hung on the porch to dry.  Drinking water came from a well near the back porch.  We would drop the bucket on a rope down into the water and then pull it up using a pulley.  The water was always cool and clear.  Near the side porch was a large, square, double-brick-walled building with a huge heavy wooden door for insulation.  Total wall thickness was two feet with sawdust in the middle.   It had a concrete floor and was used for year round food storage (milk, onions, potatoes, canned vegetables, fruits, etc.)   There was a huge garden and just past it was an outhouse.  The house was electrified (in the 20’s?) but never plumbed.  An electric powered water pump was installed in the kitchen in the l940’s.  .There was a “bathroom” with a tub but it was filled by hand and it drained into a dry well.  Beyond the garden was a large poultry yard and a barn for the cows and the mules.   It had a big haymow of fond memories.  James Monroe had built all of these himself.  It is thought that he had  gained additional carpentry skills while working on the Enos Coal Co. tipple construction in 1920 about a quarter-mile from their home.  Carpenters earned $1.50 per day.

James Monroe and Mary Elizabeth Couts had nine children, all living to adulthood.  They were:

                        James Aaron         born            27 May 1887

                        John Edward                            26 March 1889

                        Mary Ellen                                31 March 1891

                        Emery Virgil                            3  November 1893

                        William Carl                             30 November 1895

                        Wilford Herschel                      15 November 1900

                        Theodore Cecil             26 March 1902

                        George Henry                           23 November 1905

                        Edith Mariah                             8  November 1907




All went to the Farmer’s School about a mile from their home.  All are shown in a 1907 photograph,

Fig. 3,




except James Aaron (already married) and Edith Mariah (not yet born).  Note that the mules were also honored family members.    The house is partially visible.  At a later date, a front porch with a swing was added.

            The two daughters became housewives.  The two eldest boys became coal miners.  One son (William Carl) left home and his fate is not known.  And the remaining four sons were all high school mathematics teachers and coaches  during their careers. Mary Ellen married Sam Allen and moved to near Findlay, Hancock County, Ohio.  But all of the rest lived fairly close and were frequently at the homestead for weekends and holidays.  It would take three shifts at the dining room table to feed everyone (usually Mother and Father and sons first, kids second, and daughter and daughters-in-law third.).

            The house wasn’t large but it had some big furniture in it.  Mary Elizabeth’s mother, Ellen, was responsible for the children’s clothing for some wealthy families in Evansville and the furniture was hand-me-downs from them.  Mary Elizabeth insisted that it all get a coat of varnish each year.  It did and it was shiny black.  With a coal tipple almost across the street, it certainly showed the dust.  And dusting those intricate pieces was a kid’s job.  After  James  Monroe and Mary Elizabeth died, some of the furniture was sold and some was distributed among the children.  After stripping the varnish, many of the Victorian pieces revealed beautiful wood grain.

            James Monroe kept a diary of some of his carpentry and Fig. 4 is a contract to build a pole barn for a neighbor.  He had his sons assist him as they reached appropriate ages.  Wilford told me how his Dad would ask him to determine the length of a rafter.


My Dad would square the two sides, sum, and then figure the square root. His Dad would turn his back for perhaps 5 seconds and then approve the answer or tell him to try again. After my Dad consistently obtained the right answer, then his Dad showed him how to measure across the two dimensions on an L-square.

            James Monroe retired from carpentering at age 65 (about 1930) and our first memories were of farm activities like riding the wagon full of hay from the field to the barn or pushing hay from the mow down into the stalls.  Part of the farm was really  a slough covered with water in the spring but it was rich in blackberries.  Grandpa never smoked but he chewed tobacco.  A spittoon was always placed beside his rocking chair.  He liked to read dime novels (westerns and WW1 flying) which he kept behind the mirror above the dining room mantel.  Mary Elizabeth had cataracts and couldn’t see well but she still bossed the kitchen.  The cooking was always in quantity.  Flour and sugar were in barrels in the pantry.  Usually there was a  banana cake or pineapple upside-down cake on a table.  Macaroni-and-cheese was available three meals a day, seven days a week.

            James Monroe had a ’27 or ’28 Model A Ford.  To us kids, the most important trips in the Model A were to Oakland City where we bought ice, wrapped it in braided rugs, tied it on the running board, and returned home to make ice cream.  The sons had to walk the 8 miles each way to college in Oakland City but there was one buggy and one horse, Maude, for courting.                                                    

Once established, James Monroe and Mary Elizabeth lived all their married life in the same house.  They enjoyed fairly good health until 1-2 years before their deaths.  In fact they celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary and Fig. 5 shows them on that occasion.  At this time, they had 14 grandchildren, 26 great-grandchildren, and  2 great-great grandchildren.  James Monroe died on 12 Nov 1956 and Mary Elizabeth on 9 April 1957.  Both are buried at

Montgomery Cemetery, Oakland City, Gibson County, IN with many of their children and Mary Elizabeth’s parents. After their deaths, the homestead was sold outside the family.  Soon the coal company bought it and, in 1976, everything was demolished.  Only a catalpa grove, which served as their wood lot, remained.  But it is still fresh in our memories.




            Please note that this title continues the convention described in references (1) and (2).  This assumes that Dietrich (Kautz?) Couts is our first ancestor.  This is patently absurd and we hope that new research by the readers will render this assumption obsolete.


            Henry’s  parents were described in reference (1).   James Monroe and Mary Elizabeth (Connor) Couts lived most of their life in Monroe Township, Pike County, Indiana.  James Monroe farmed, carpentered, and brick masoned while Mary Elizabeth managed the house and their nine children.  George Henry was born on 23 November l905 into a family that already had 6 boys and 1 girl.  One more girl ( Edith Mariah) was destined to be born in l907 to complete the family of parents, seven boys, and two girls.  Throughout his life (at least all that we nephews and nieces know about) he was called Henry and that will be his name in this brief history. 


            The James Couts family home was a farmhouse in an area subsequently called Enosville, Fig. 1., because the tipple of the Enos Coal Co. mine was built in  1920 only about 300 yards from the Couts farm.


            Henry, like the rest of his siblings, started to school at the Simtown School in Simtown (modern name Coe) in 1912 when he was 6 ½. He walked 1 ½  mile to a two room school (4 grades each room).  He passed by the home of his Uncle George Couts on the way.   His teacher was Iva Jane McQuary and he learned to read using the famed McGuffey readers. 


            With four grades in a room, a student frequently was supposed to be studying at his desk while others recited.  While the girls were being taught to sew, Henry was listening and watching.  Using string, he tatted a pillowcase trim as a present to his Mother.  She later gave it to his wife and  she has it still.


         After completing elementary, Henry entered high school at Spurgeon, IN.  Spurgeon was about three miles from the family home.  About one mile from home, the children walked by the farm of their uncle, Tom Connor. Henry’s sister Edith has told us that frequently they would catch rides.  It was a small local highway but almost everyone who passed knew who the kids were.


Fig. 2 shows all of the children in the family in a photograph probably taken in late 1917 when Henry was 12 years old. He is second from

the left.




            He continued in high school at Spurgeon for three years studying math,  English,  Latin, and geography.


            For his final year, he switched to Winslow High School and graduated from there with a diploma dated 25 April 1924.  Winslow was eight miles from the family home but Henry had two motivations for this switch.  One, Winslow was a larger and a state-accredited high school and, at that time, Spurgeon wasn’t.  Two, Winslow had a crackerjack basketball team and Henry loved all sports.


            Upon graduation, Henry was offered a Rector academic scholarship to attend DePauw University in Greencastle, IN but he declined it.  His reasons were that he would have to live away from home and also he was playing independent basketball with a local team.


            Henry attended Oakland City College in Oakland City, IN for four years and graduated in 1928 with a B.A. in Education. He had worked two summers at the coal mine at Enosville.  Each fall the Superintendent encouraged him to quit and return to school.  And the last summer he worked with a gang doing the initial construction of U.S. Highway 41 in the vicinity of Ft. Branch, IN.  At school he had participated in football,  track, basketball, and baseball.  Fig. 3 shows him in the 1927 college annual.    He was going with a young lady, Helen Grubb, who lived across the street from Oakland City College and who graduated the same year with a degree in Music Education.


            Of course there were no funds in the family for a car for Henry.  Oakland City was about the same distance from the Couts’ farm as was Winslow ( 8 miles) but the shortest route to Oakland City was along the railroad spur from the main line near Oakland City to the Enosville tipple.  Liability laws in those days were far different than now and the engineers would usually offer a ride in the locomotive cab.  They all knew him because one brother, John, worked at the mine.


            Henry and Helen were married in December 1928 at Louisville, IL.  At this time, Henry was teaching at Sidney, IL and Helen was teaching at Winslow, IN.   The following year, 1929, they moved to Illinois and both taught at St. Joseph (just east of Champaign-Urbana).  Henry taught mathematics, coached basketball, and was scoutmaster for the local troop (36 boys).


            One school year in the early 30’s, Henry left and drove to Tonopah, Nevada where he taught and coached.  It isn’t known whether there was some contact with an Oakland City College alumnus but there probably was.  This continued a tradition of some wanderlust by his older brothers.  Wilford had spent a year teaching at Adena, Ohio and Cecil a year at Mexico, Missouri.  While Henry was gone, Helen continued teaching at St. Joseph.


            When he returned, he brought several pieces of turquoise which he said were part of his pay.  Several brooches and necklaces were fabricated from these pieces and still remain in the family.


            In 1934, Henry and Helen moved to the Grayville, IL area where they built a new home and  both were teaching and he was coaching.  But the conflict in Europe touched them.  A peacetime draft was passed in 1940.  Henry was almost at the age limit required to register but his number was about the first to be called.  He reported for duty in the U.S. Army on 13 Feb 1941.


            After Basic Training, he was given medical x-ray training.  He was assigned to the Expeditionary Force sent to Iceland and arrived on 16 Sep 1941.  This was a front line post for the U.S. because the Nazis had captured Denmark and Norway.  Henry took some tests, passed, and was detached to attend Engineering Officers Candidate School at Ft. Belvoir, VA.  He departed Iceland on 27 May 1942.  But Ft. Belvoir was not to happen.


            The ship, the S.S. Cherokee, was about 75 miles off shore from Nova Scotia and Newfoundland when it was torpedoed and sunk on 16 June 1942.  Helen still has the life jacket that supported him in the water.  The life raft they were clinging to was in the cold water for about a day before a rescue ship appeared and picked up the few remaining survivors.  He spent the next two and a half years recuperating at Nichols General Hospital, Louisville, KY.


            He was awarded the Purple Heart Medal but he had problems for the rest of his life with poor circulation in his legs due to the long  frigid immersion .  While at Nichols, he participated in some War Bond campaigns and Fig. 4 shows him speaking about his experience at one of these.  He was discharged for physical disability on 9 Nov 1944.


            Helen was teaching in Mackey, IN during Henry’s service.  She switched to the Oakland City system for the 1944-45 school year during which Henry was discharged and looking for a job he could physically perform.  They moved to Evansville where Henry found a desk job at Servel Corp.  Servel was making wing assemblies for the P-47 Thunderbolt fighters at the Evansville plant of Republic Avn. (now Whirlpool’s plant).  This continued for about a year after the war as Servel switched back to gas refrigerators.   Then he was Deputy Controller for the Evansville, IN Water Dept. for four years.  Henry was still interested in sports and participated in bowling and golf although he was no longer able to play basketball.


            About 1950-51, Henry returned to teaching (but not coaching).  He taught at Patoka, IN one year and then at Chrisney, IN until he retired in 1970.  Helen was teaching at the Emma Roach School (later Cedar Hall) from 1945 to 1970 when she too retired.


            They traveled and took several tours.  When the tour group would go walking, Henry would stay on the bus with the driver.  He became interested in and participated with the Hadi Temple Oriental Band of the Shriners, usually parading on a truck bed.


            He died on 13 April 1981 at the age of 75  and is buried at Montgomery Cemetery, Oakland City, IN with many others of the Couts family.  He is well remembered by all the remaining family for the variety of his interests and his good humor on all occasions. 


            Henry is a perfect example of the 6th generation.  His life was affected by the Great Depression and World War II.  All previous generations were farmers.  Of his generation, none of the boys became  farmers.  The magnitude of  change from 100% to 0% was probably inflated by reason of the coal company turning most of Pike County into spoilbanks but it was a trend reflecting all of America during the mid-20th century.  Despite an education in tiny schools now considered inadequate,  he  succeeded in becoming a teacher and a coach.   America was changing and the Couts family was changing with it.




            Henry’s widow, Helen (Grubb) Couts, and his sole living sibling, Edith Mariah (Couts) Harris, were the prime sources for this life story.  We of the next generation bear the responsibility for correctly reporting the oral history.





James Monroe Couts, California’s Couts Cousins, vol. 2, no.4, May-July 1998.


(2)              Aaron C. Couts -  The 4th Generation, California’s Couts Cousins, vol. 6,

            no. 3, May-July 2002.



                                                                        By Janice Couts and Wilford H. Couts Jr.



The 7th Generation of Coutses in the U. S.

By  Janice L. Couts and Wilford H. Couts, Jr, first cousins of  Downey Lawrence Couts.

This continues a sequence of the  Couts family tree that immigrated to the U.S. and eventually settled in Western Tennessee.  This branch moved to Bowling Green KY about the time of the Revolutionary War and then up into Southern IN during the War of 1812.  Some descendants still reside there.

                In  reference (1), we described the life of James Monroe Couts and Mary Elizabeth (Connor) Couts.  They were married on 31Jan1886.  They eventually had nine children, all of whom lived to adulthood.  Their oldest child was a son, James Aaron Couts, born 27May1887.

                James Aaron grew up and attended school, we think, at school #7 about a mile and a half north and a little east of Spurgeon.  It was about a mile and a half south of the family home (later called Enosville).  He completed grade school but no further.  He married Flora Bessie Beatty on 11May1907 at Oakland City, IN.

                James Aaron and Bessie Couts had seven children, five of whom lived to adulthood.  They were:

                                Bessie Ruth Couts               born 19Nov1908

                                James Russell Couts               “      5Dec1911

                                Downey Lawrence Couts      “     18Jan1914

                                Sylvia Nell Couts                    “      2Mar1916        died 21Mar1918

                                Roy Charles Couts                  “      8Mar1920           “   25Aug1920

                                Mary Alice Couts                                   “     19Oct1921

                                Aaron Lee Couts                     “      5May1927.

                The subject of this article is the third child.  He never liked the name Downey and always used Lawrence and we shall use his friend’s name Larry.

                At Larry’s birth, the family lived in Simtown just north about 1 ½  miles of the James M. Couts homestead.  We think he was working for an oil company out of Winslow, IN, maintaining the pumps, etc.  He told his children about using a boat to get to the pump platforms when the river bottoms flooded in the spring.  James A. later became a driller at a strip mine for coal but we aren’t sure when the transition occurred.

                By the time Larry was six, a new two room school had been built at Simtown and the older school #7 had been closed.  Reference (2) includes a description of the Simtown school.  So Larry went to Simtown but only for 3 or 4 school years (probably 1920 – 1923-24(?).  Friction between father and son is believed to be the reason Larry quit school and went to work for a local farmer Lilburn Worth (Wirth?) for about 2-3 years.  During one of his infrequent visits in later years to Oakland City, Larry took his own children to visit Mr. Worth and they seemed to have a  high regard for each other.

                About 1927, Larry left the farm and went to Chicago to seek a job as a truck driver.  He was only 13 or 14 at the most. Some stranger asked if he could drive a big truck.  He had never driven anything bigger than a pick-up but he said that he could.  The job was to drive to Kentucky and pick up moonshine at 2-3 stills.  He would return to Chicago and park at a certain restaurant.  While he was eating, the truck would be gone and then would return and his pay ($200 in cash) would be in an envelope.  Much of the driving was on dirt roads.  On his first trip he had to drive in low gear all the way to the Chicago suburbs where he could pull off and figure out how the gearshift worked.  He repeated several trips but finally decided it was too risky and quit.  He never knew who he was working for but it was probably the Capone mob. But he had learned to drive a large truck.  His next job for several years was driving semi’s for Interstate Trucking all over the Midwest. He was quite athletic all his life.  He competed in Golden Gloves in Chicago and was champion in his weight class for two years.

                Larry moved to Denver about 1936-37.   The motive is not known.  His oldest sister Ruth had married Aubrey Yarber in 1927 and they were living in Denver for a while ( later moved to Salt Lake City).  He lived with the Yarber’s while he looked for work.

                On 5Nov1938, a huge change occurred in Larry’s life.  He married Miriam Virginia Anderson .  Her preference was to be called Marion.  Her parents had emigrated from Sweden and she was born in Leadville, CO.  They were married in the Yarber home. 

                Larry had a job driving a truck delivering coal to private homes which he continued for about four years after they were married.  Their own auto was a 1926 Essex.  Their first child was born during this interval prior to World War II.  Over the next few years they had three children.  These were:

                                Paul Lawrence Couts           born 12Apr1940

                                Dennis Michael Couts           “    24Apr1946

                                Judith Lee Couts                     “    24 Oct1948.

                In 1942, Larry took a job with Remington Arms.  This was located in what is now the Federal Center.  The Couts’ family lived nearby on Kendall St. in Edgewater.  Paul can remember watching testing of machine guns firing tracers at night.  But Remington consolidated facilities back East and Larry had three alternatives.  These were (1) to move to Connecticut, (2) get drafted, or (3) take a civil service job at the Naval Supply Depot in Clearfield, UT.

                Larry moved to UT and left the family with Marion’s sister in north Denver.  After approximately eight months, Larry found a home in Roy UT (just SW of Ogden) and the family lived there for the rest of WW II.  Larry was foreman of a large crew on a loading dock.  An engine was necessary to switch the box cars and frequently was unavailable.  A huge truck had been left in the area but no one knew how to drive it.  Larry climbed in, figured out the controls, and did all the railroad switching thereafter.

                All defense work stopped in August l945 and the family returned to Denver.  They lived at 29th & Speer in a two room apartment with icebox and shared bath.  Larry obtained a job with Pepsi-Cola mixing syrup and paying 60-70 cents per hour.

                Sometime in 1946, they moved to Marshall St. in Arvada very near Clear Creek.  At this time the area was predominantly Italian-descent market gardeners.  Larry and a fellow employee of Pepsi started a side business building cabinets for kitchens.  The business prospered and Larry considered quitting Pepsi but the wife of the partner took all of the money and left and the side-line collapsed.

                In 1947, Larry took a job with the Denver Water Board for whom he would work until age 65.  The job was at the Waterton Canyon filtration plant about 15 miles southwest of downtown Denver where the South Platte River emerged from the Front Range.  The job paid $1 per hour and a house was furnished at $8 per month and the occupant bought their own coal and telephone.  It was a three bedroom frame house with a big garden .

                Waterton Canyon area now is filling with houses but then was isolated.  The Water Board had an elementary school (1-8) and high schoolers were bussed to Bear Creek School at Hamlin & Kipling.  Paul’s grade school graduation class had 8 boys and 1 girl.

                Larry started as a Laborer.  He later was Blacksmith and then Carpenter and eventually Head of Maintenance.  But he found that his lack of education closed the door to any further advancement.

                The filter plant worked as follows.  A perforated tile was on the bottom, coarse rock on top, then charcoal, and finally a 15-18 inch layer of sand on top.  When a bed clogged with sediment, the laborers used wheelbarrows and shovels to clear off the top layer of sand.  Then they replaced it with washed sand.  It was an endless cycle.  Black-smithing must have been far more interesting.  The Water Board forbade pets but the children remember a six foot long bullsnake that lived in the blacksmith shop and was their only pet.   The blacksmith shop and several other buildings still exist and the Water Board may create a museum.

                As mentioned, Larry was very athletic and he could turn cartwheels and walk both upstairs and downstairs on his hands up until close to 60 years of age.   He hunted and fished.  He was a self-taught fly fisherman.  The Water Boad forbade employee fishing and the penalty was 30 days without pay.  But Larry occasionally fished anyway.  He once caught a 42 inch long brown trout but couldn’t brag outside the family.  

                Vacation was always the first two weeks in July and they always went to Fraser CO.  His brother-in-law was a builder and Larry would help until 2 pm every day and then go fishing until dark.  Fraser is still a renowned fly-fishing area.

                Larry and Marion had a 1936 Chevy when they moved to Waterton Canyon.  They bought a 1940 Chevy and in the 50’s switched to Plymouths for the rest of his life.

                Larry retired at age 65 in 1979.  As retirement approached, they bought a home in Englewood and moved there in 1968.  Sadly, he was ill essentially all eleven months of his retirement.  He was always a heavy smoker and the chlorine exposure at the treatment plant might also have been a problem.  He died of cancer on 22Aug 1980 and is buried at Chapel Hill Cemetery near Arapahoe Rd. and University Blvd.

                Marion continued living at 200 W. Stanford Ave in Englewood until her death on 24Dec2001 at age eighty-five.  Uncommon in our times, all of their descendants still reside in Colorado.

                In summary, Larry could do anything.  He was very independent and very athletic.  He had the ability to succeed in every opportunity that was open to him.  World War II created great disruption in this family as it did throughout the world but no extreme loss.  Having survived the Great Depression, he sought security for his family and achieved his goal.  He insisted that his children must finish high school and they did.  Colorado was ideal for him because he loved the outdoors.  He must have been happy with his choices in life.


(1)           James Monroe Couts, California Couts Cousins, vol.2, no.4, May-July 1998.


(2)           George Henry Couts, the 6th Generation, California Couts Cousins, vol. 9, no. 1, Nov 03-Jan04.


            Larry and Marion’s oldest son, Paul, who still resides in Englewood, CO, was the source of most of the information contained in this story.  The authors however bear responsibility for converting  the oral history to print.



Emery V. Couts, son of James and Mary E. (Connor) Couts, was born in Pike County, Indiana on Nov. 3, 1893.  His father, James M. Couts, was also born in Indiana to parents Simeon and Sarah Couts.  A native of Kentucky, Simeon Couts farmed for a living.  James M. was reared on the farm and he now owns a farm in Monroe Township, in Pike Co. Indiana.  His wife, Mary E. (Conner)Couts, was born in New Jersey.  Her parents, James and Ellen (Mulviehill) Connor, were native of Ireland who emigrated to America as young people.  He farmed in New York and New Jersey and later served as a soldier in the Civil War.


Emery V. Couts graduated from Spurgeon High School in Monroe Township in 1913.  To further his education he attended Terre Haute Normal School.  From 1913 to 1915 he taught in two schools in Monroe Township.  He also taught math and science at Union High School for two years before enlisting in the service of his country in 1917-at the time of World War I.  Emery served a total of twenty-three months with eleven of these being overseas duty.  After an honorable discharge in 1919, Mr. Couts went back to his studies and graduated from Oakland City College in Gibson County, Indiana.  this was in 1921, that he received his A.B. degree.  This Pike County man then served many year in the school system of this area:  first as principal at Jasper (Dubois Co. ) from 1921-24and at Winslow (Pike County) 1924-25 and later as County Superintendent of Schools in Pike County from 1925-1937.  From 1930 to 1933, he attended summer sessions at Indiana University and earned his A.M. degree from that University in 1933.  His memberships and interest include the Kiwanis Club, where he served as president from 1933-35, the American Legion, the Governor’s Relief Committee, and the Red Cross.  Mr. Couts is a member of the Methodist Church and the Democratic Party.  His hobby is gardening, and he is especially fond of dahlias.


On November 26, 1920 Emery V. Couts married Agnes Hynemarn of Clay Township (Pike County).  She graduated from high school in Union Township and attended Oakland City College also.  Agnes taught school one year.  They have one son, Robert E. born in Petersburg, Indiana October 4, 1931.  Mr. and Mrs. Couts reside in Vincennes.



Simeon  and Sarah Couts

James Monroe and Mary E. Connor

Emery Vincent and Agnes Hyneman

Robert E. Couts



MARY COUTS GWALTNEY RICKETTS by June Kifer Ricketts Courtesy of Sandy Ricketts


Mary Ann Couts Gwaltney married James Madison Ricketts, Sr. who was my ggg grandfather. This was a second marriage for both of them and took place in Warrick County, IN on Dec. 5, 1864.


According to June, Mary Ann Coutz (Couts) first married Aaron T. Gwaltney after 1835. She was born 5 Oct 1830 in Warrick Co. and Aaron was born 22 Dec 1828 in unknown location. They had two children: Mary (no other info.) who married Unk. Brown. Their other child was John born abt. 1855 and died after 1910. This


An obit I have from the Boonville Enquirer (Stanley News) dated May 1, 1903 says: Mrs. Mary Ann Ricketts was born Oct. 5, 1830 and departed this life April 21, 1903, age 73 years 6 months and 6 days. She was married at an early age to Mr. Gwaltney and to this union was born two children, one daughter Mrs. Mary Brown of Petersburg and son John of here. Her husband preceded her to the grave. In 1863 she was married to James. R. (should be M.) Ricketts and to this union was born four children three daughters and one son, nix: Mrs. Joe Madden, Mrs. Arthur Parke, and Louis Ricketts of near here: her husband and one daughter preceded her to the grave several years. She belonged to the Regular Baptist Church and was a faithful member for 35 years. Her remains were laid to rest in the Providence Cemetery April 22nd, Rev. Oliphant officiating. We extend our sympathy to the children in the loss of a loving mother. (Providence Cemetery is in Gibson Co., IN).


June had the following notes on Mary Ann Couts Gwaltney:


1820 Warrick Co. IN p. 143

John Couts            2 m under 10           3 f under 10

                            1 m 26-44                1 f 10-15

                                                            1 f 26-44

1830 Warrick Co. IN p. 518

John Couts            1 m 5-10                  1 f  under 5

                            2 m 10-15                1 f 5-10

                            1 m 40-50                2 f 10-15

                                                            2 f 15-20

                                                            1 f 20-30

                                                            1 f 40-50


1840 Warrick Co. IN (not found)


1850 Barton Twp. Gibson Co., IN 16 Sept


John Couts        27 m farmer    RE $1500      IN

Mary                 60 f                                      SC

Mary Ann           20 F                                    IN

Aaron Gwaltney 19 m farmer   RE $700         IN


1860 Hart Twp. Warrick Co. IN

Aaron Gwaltney    31 m               IN

Mary                     31                   IN (nee Mary Ann Couts)

John C.                   6 m                IN

Emma E.                  4 f                 IN

Mary                       2 f                 IN

Mary Coutts           70 f                SC (Mary Ann's mother) (nee Colwell)

C. Gwaltney          26 m                PA

?       "                    5                    IN

John D.                   5 m                IN

Emma                     2 f                  IN

L______                2/12                IN


1900 Greer Twp. Warrick Co. IN


John Gwaltney   m    w  June 1854   45 single   IN  IN  IN

Mary Ricketts  mother   Oct 1829   70   wid  6 ch  5 liv  IN  KY  KY

Lily Parke  sister   Oct 1865   34 m/10 yrs  1 ch  1 liv (1/2 sister)

Arthur Parke  bro-in-law   29 Nov 1860   IN  IRE  IN

Claude Parke  nephew  9 July 1890  IN   IN  IN


1910 Greer Twp. Warrick Co. IN


John C. Gwaltney   m   w   55   single   IN IN IN

John C. Ricketts    1/2 bro   m   w 70  wid   IN  IN  IN

(This John C. Ricketts was my gg grandfather. He had been in and out of the mental hospital and I think John C. Gwaltney must have been the only one willing to take him in. John Ricketts is listed as a widower, but he wasn't. I think his wife had had enough and left with the kids and was living in Gibson Co., IN).


Unfortunately, part of the handwritten notes on the ______ Gwaltney Family Burial Lot are not that clear. It says the notes were taken April 4, 1942 by Thomas J. Dillingham and this is the list of the dead:

Aaron T. (?) Gwaltney    born 22 Dec 1828   died 11 June 1861

Ann E. Gwaltney             born 14 Mar 1856    died 16 Dec 1861  

dau. of A. & M. Gwaltney


More of the notes go on to say: This family burial plot is located in a little grove on the farm of Alvah Ricketts, the son of Lewis Ricketts. The mother of Lewis Ricketts was the widow of Aaron T. Gwaltney. The two graves are enclosed by a small rail pen four rails high In different handwriting which I believe is June's handwriting says:  Remarks: Aaron Gwaltney came to Gibson Co. in 1825. Farmer lived near Ft. Branch. Wife Phelia Scott came to Gibson Co. in 1827 died 1-31-1850. 2nd wife Nancy Taylor came to Gibson Co. from Vanderburgh Co. in 1853.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Abraham Reed's grandchild, Sarah Frances Osborne, married John C. Ricketts who was the one who was in and out of a mental hospital. I don't know if the Nancy Reed I originally asked you about was ever married. Abraham's first wife died and he married 2nd Nancy Caroline Archer. The obit for this Nancy Caroline Archer Reed was written by a Nancy Caroline Reed. The obit for her is very long but it mentions she was survived by two stepdaughters. One would have definitely been Abraham Reed's daughter  named Matilda (my ggg grandmother) and I'm thinking the 2nd one might have been this Nancy Reed. Hope my info. has been of some help to you on the Couts/Gwaltney line. If you think I have anything else you might want, just let me know. Sandy



Information for this section is taken in part from "An Illustrated Historical Atlas of Warrick County, Indiana" (D.J. Lake & Co., 1880)


One of the original Townships of Warrick County and was named after Baily Anderson who settled there in 1807. Anderson came from Kentucky to Warrick County and stayed until 1817 when he moved to Texas. He served as Associate Judge of the Court of Common Pleas in Warrick County for several years.

The town of Darlington in Anderson Township was the first County Seat of Warrick County. On 6 May 1816 in Court held at Darlington it was ordered that "Anderson Township be sub-divided by a line running through the center of Township No. 6 south of the base line and that portion north of the aforesaid township of Anderson be and the same is hereby ordered to be known as Boon township".


Created in 1816 from Anderson Township. The town of Boonville became the county seat in 1818. The township is said to have been named for Ratliff Boon a noted pioneer and politician of the time.


Descendants of John (Indiana) C. (Calvin?) Couts


                1              John (Indiana) C. (Calvin?) Couts     d: February 1846 (1842) in Warrick County , Indiana     b: Bef.

        1787 in Bowling Green, Kentucky 1780 abt. 1784   

..                              +Mary "Polly" Caldwell      d: Bet. 1860 - 1870 in Indiana              b: 1790 in Spartenburg, SC 1788,

        abt. 1786  Warren, or Union Co. Kentucky              m: August 08, 1809 in Warren County, Kentucky

.               2              Infant Couts          d: Abt. 1810           b: Abt. 1809          

.               2              Eliza Couts                            b: January 1809 in Bowling Green, Warren County, Kentucky   

.....                           +Thomas Fleener d: 1871 in Walbash, Warrick County, Indiana b: March 05, 1813 in

                 Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana   m: February 22, 1835 in Warrick County , Indiana

.....           3              John C. Fleener                     b: 1836   

.....           3              James Perry Fleener             d: 1878 in Johnson, Walbash Township, Gibson County, Indiana             

               b: 1837 in Gibson County, Indiana    

.........       4              William Fleener                     b: 1860 in Gibson County, Indiana   

.........       4              Mary Elizabeth Fleener                       b: 1861 in Gibson County, Indiana   

.........       4              Martha Jane Fleener                            b: 1863 in Gibson County, Indiana   

.........       4              James Alvin Fleener                            b: 1866 in Gibson County, Indiana   

.............   5              Eliza Fleener                          b: 1888   

.............   5              Emma Adaline Fleener                         b: October 18, 1888             

.........       4              Ford A. Fleener                    b: 1869 in Gibson County, Indiana   

.........       4              Laura Fleener                        b: March 1873 in Gibson County, Indiana      

.....           3              Rhoda Fleener      d: September 1878 in Gibson County, Indiana                b: February 13, 1841 in

                            Gibson County, Indiana         

.........                       +William Wilson  d: November 09, 1901 in Gibson County, Indiana           b: September 26,

                               1821 in Illinois        m: May 13, 1860 in Gibson County, Indiana

.........       4              Cordelia Wilson                   b: April 11, 1861 in Gibson County, Indiana   

.........       4              John Thomas Wilson                          b: August 1863 in Gibson County, Indiana    

.........       4              William Franklin Wilson                     b: November 05, 1865 in Gibson County, Indiana          

.........       4              Luther Thomas Wilson                       b: February 10, 1866 in Gibson County, Indiana            

.........       4              Andrew Wilson                    b: June 16, 1868 in Gibson County, Indiana    

.............                   +Alametta Bella Davis         d: December 13, 1931 in Gibson County, Indiana           b:

                             February 22, 1872 in Pike County, Indiana          m: August 30, 1891 in Gibson County, In

.............   5              Ada Wilson                          b: December 19, 1892 in Gibson County, Indiana          

.............   5              Rosa Wilson                         b: August 1894 in Gibson County, Indiana    

.............   5              John Curtis Wilson                              b: January 03, 1900 in Gibson County, Indiana              

.............   5              Ida Wilson                            b: May 02, 1901 in Gibson County, Indiana    

.............   5              Charles M. Wilson                               b: January 04, 1904 in Gibson County, Indiana              

.............   5              Eddie Ivan Wilson                               b: September 20, 1907 in Gibson County, Indiana         

.................                               +Martha Froese    d: June 15, 1989 in Owensboro, Daviess Co. Kentucky

                                                                        b: December 08, 1906 in Germany             

.........       4              Mary Elizabeth Wilson                       b: September 1869 in Gibson County, Indiana               

.........       4              James Wilson                       b: September 29, 1872 in Gibson County, Indiana         

.........       4              Charles Wilson                     b: 1874 in Gibson County, Indiana   

.....           3              Mary Ellen Fleener                               b: 1845   

.               2              Rhoda Couts         d: Abt. 1854 in Warrick County , Indiana         b: February 1810 in Bowling Green, Warren

                 County Kentucky              

.....                           +Bluford H. Chriswell b: 1812 in Kentucky      m: July 23, 1831 in Warrick County , Indiana

.....           3              Mary E. Chriswell                 b: 1836   

.....           3              Infant Chriswell                                   

.               2              Sarah C. Couts                      b: April 1811 in Bowling Green, Warren County, Kentucky        

.....                           +Charles S. Hill     d: in Warrick County , Indiana           b: Abt. 1813 in Kentucky    m: October 12,

               1837 in Warrick County , Indiana

.....           3              John W. W. Hill                    b: 1844 in INDIANA           

.....           3              Rhoda C. Hill                         b: 1848 in INDIANA           

.....           3              Mary O Or Q  *Or A Or C Hill                            b: 1839 in INDIANA           

.               2              Martha Ann Couts                              b: Abt. 1813          

.....                           +Stephen V. Price                                 m: May 03, 1839 in Warrick County, Indiana

.               2              Dolly Couts                           b: June 1815 in Bowling Green, Warren County Kentucky          

.....                           +John Price                           b: 1813 in OHIO    m: July 04, 1839 in Warrick County , Indiana

.....           3              Elizabeth A. Price                 b: 1845 in Indiana

.....           3              Thomas W. Price                  b: 1843   

.....           3              Matila E. Price                       b: 1840 in Indiana

.....           3              John W. Price                       b: 1847 in Indiana

                2              William Levi Couts              d: 1880 in Believed Pike County, Indiana, Census 63 years, in 1880,    

         Consumption               b: 1816 in Warrick County , Indiana 

.....                           +Elendon (Ellen Or Eleandor)             d: Abt. 1850           b: 1814 in Illinois  m: Abt. 1844 in Warrick

                 County, Indiana

.....           3              Alvis R. (Roy?) Couts         d: May 04, 1877 in Monroe Township, Pike County Indiana, died of

               TB            b: 1848 in Monroe Township, Pike County, Indiana     

.........                       +Sarah Grim                           b: 1844 in Indiana m: January 10, 1874 in Petersburg, Pike County, Monroe Township, Indiana

.........       4              Lutetia J. (Lettie, Latta, Lottie) Couts d: July 07, 1931 in Kinta, Haskell County, Ok                b: June 15, 1874 in Monroe Township, Pike County, Indiana      

.............                   +Lowel Loel Lockwood       d: June 02, 1930 in Kinta, Haskell County, Oklahoma    b: July

                             30, 1862 in Patoka, Marion, Illinois       m: October 22, 1892 in Fort Smith, Sebastian

                             County, Arkansas

.............   5               Nancy Ann Sery Lockwood              d: February 14, 1972             b: August 22, 1893 in

                             Kinta, Haskell County, Oklahoma       

.................                               +Jake Johnson                                     

.............   5              Lewis Ean Lockwood          d: June 18, 1973 in Tulare, Tulare County, California     b:

                            January 23, 1895 in Fort Smith, Sebastian County, Arkansas          

.................                               +Louise A. Rader                                

.............                   *2nd Wife of Lewis Ean Lockwood:                                

.................                               +Lucy Prissila Percilla Hamilton        d: August 24, 1945 in Tulare, Tulare

                                           County, California b: October 03, 1897  Short, Oklahoma m: August 25, 1917

.............   5              Charley Lockwood d: in Infant b: May 23, 1897 in Fort Smith, Sebastian County, Ark           

.............   5              Oscar Lockwood                  b: June 06, 1901 in Stigler, Haskell County, Oklahoma  

.................                               +Pearl Arley McMain b: December 05, 1907 in Miami, Ottawa County, Ok

.............                   *2nd Wife of Oscar Lockwood:                                        

.................                               +Opal McRae                        b: July 30, 1907 in Eastland, Eastland Texas   

.............   5              Netty Marthey Lockwood  d: October 05, 1918 in Lona Valley, Pittsburg County, Ok

                                b: November 18, 1903 in Kinta, Haskell County, Oklahoma         

.............   5              Emmitt Ed Lockwood           b: November 07, 1907 in Kinta, Haskell County, Oklahoma         

.................                               +Mattie Marie Wheat                                         

.............   5              Bertha Marie Lockwood                     b: July 30, 1915 in Kinta, Haskell County, Oklahoma    

.................                               +Charles Douglas Noel Averett        d: 1979 in Oakdale, Stanislous County, Cal

                                b: November 20, 1912 in Eldorado, Jackson County, Oklahoma  

.........       4              Mary Ann Couts  d: October 19, 1910 in Lona Valley Cemetery, Haskell County,

                            Oklahoma, Tuberculosis         b: December 22, 1875 in Monroe Township, Pike County In       

.............                   +Melvin Edward   (#1) Dyke              d: September 01, 1899          b: December 22, 1851          

.............   5              Calvin Dyke          d: May 14, 1972    b: February 18, 1892 in Greenwood, Arkansas               

.................                               +Stella Moore                                       m: 1913

.............   5              Ethel Dyke                             b: September 15, 1893 in Greenwood, Arkansas            

.................                               +Sherman Pulse                                    m: 1901

.............   5              Alvis R. Dyke       d: August 16, 1967 in Lancaster, Los Angeles County, California,

                                           Mojave, Kern County              b: December 18, 1894 in Greenwood, Arkansas             

.................                               +Ida Lue Weathers              d: November 04, 1969 in Lancaster, Los Angeles ]

                                           County, California     b: December 03, 1891 in ALABAMA               m: May

                                          06, 1915 in Quinton, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma

.............   5              Orpha Mae Dyke  d: January 16, 1969 b: September 04, 1896 in Greenwood, Arkansas          

.................                               +Frank Benjamin #1 Weathers                                          

.............                   *2nd Husband of Orpha Mae Dyke:                                

.................                               +Frank Burlin Weathers                                      m: November 28, 1914

.........                       *2nd Husband of Mary Ann Couts:                                

.............                   +William "Billy"  Berry  (#2) Bookout d: 1917 in Crowder City, Piitsburg County, Ok            

                             b: 1861 in Hachett City, Arkansas        m: June 16, 1901 in Crowder City, Pittsburg County,

                             Oklahoma, Stigler,McAlister Co. Oklahoma

.............   5              Bessie L. Bookout                d: 1939    b: 1902 in Stiegler, Haskell County Oklahoma

.................                               +Luther Bennight d: 1942    b: 1892   

.............   5              Jesse Farmer Bookout         d: January 23, 1987 in McAlester, Haskell County, Quinton

                            Cemetery, Oklahoma                b: March 07, 1904 in Stigler, Haskell County, Oklahoma              

.................                               +Rosie Ellen Hammontree   d: 1994    b: 1907    m: August 10, 1924 in Adamson,

                                Pittsburgh County,Oklahoma

.............   5              Sherman Bookout                d: November 1964                b: April 09, 1909 in Stiegler,

                              Haskell County Oklahoma   

.................                               +Lois Turner                                        

.........       4              William Levi (Levi) Couts   d: 1907 in Haskell County, OK (Bo) Kinta, Pittsburg County,

                             Oklahoma, Lona Cemetery b: March 1876 in Monroe Twp., Pike County, Indiana     

.............                   +Hattie M.(Martha?) Winn                d: January 25, 1916 in Carterville, Oklahoma   

                              b: 1880 in Dora, Crawford County, Arkansas    m: September 11, 1900 in Fort

                              Smith Crawford County, Arkansas  by GEO M SPEAR   MIN.

.............   5              Clarence Roy (Roy) Couts  d: May 13, 1989 in Maryvsille, Yuba County, California              

                             b: August 10, 1902 in Logtown Hill, Crawford County, Arkansas 

.................                               +Ruby Alberta (Ruby) Childers         d: May 31, 1990 in Yuba City,  Sutter

                           County, California     b: October 02, 1908 in Dublin, Arkansas          m: September 16, 1925 in

                            Stigler, Haskell County, Oklahoma

.............   5              Leonard Earl (Leonard) Couts d: in Oklahoma b: March 17, 1904 in Dora, Arkansas              

.................                               +Eliza B. Medlin Jackson                    b: March 14, 1909 in Bristow, Oklahoma         

                             m: April 15, 1937 in BRYAN COUNTY, OKLAHOMA

.............   5              Calvin (Died A Child 6yrs.) Couts     d: 1912    b: 1906   

.........       4              Melissa Frances Couts       d: August 15, 1961 in Lona Valley Cemetery, Pittsburg,

                             County, Oklahoma  b: August 27, 1877 in Monroe Township, Pike County Indiana 

.............                   +Jess Skrimager    d: May 07, 1955 in Lona Valley Cemetery, Quinton, Pittsburg County,

                             Oklahoma b: December 28, 1873 in Laclide Co. Missouri m: January 16,

                             1898 in Indian Territory, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma

.............   5              Omie Skrimager     d: November 1988 b: March 26, 1900 in Quinton, Indian Territory             

.................                               +Clayton Moore                                  

.............   5              William Skrimager d: April 06, 1971 b: June 25, 1902 in Okfushee, Indian Territory 

.................                               +Eria May Upton                                

.............   5              Troy Skrimager     d: April 11, 1959    b: October 01, 1904 in Quinton, Indian Territory           

.................                               +Lola                                     

.............   5              Everett Skrimager b: May 26, 1908 in Quinton, Indian Territory 

.............   5              Ola Skrimager        d: August 14, 1959 b: November 08, 1912 in Quinton, Indian Territory     

.............   5              Albert Skrimager  d: April 04, 1990    b: June 13, 1913 in russellville, Pittsburg Co.


.............   5              John Skrimager     b: May 11, 1915 in Quinton, Indian Territory, Pittsburg               

.....           3              Allen W. (William?) Couts                 b: 1845   

.                               *2nd Wife of William Levi Couts:                                    

.....                           +Nancy Reed        b: May 1829 in Virginia       m: March 28, 1852 in Warrick County, Indiana

.....           3              Larkin Caldwell  (Uncle Doc) Couts                  b: March 1855 in Indiana   

.........                       +Marguerite                          b: in Missouri      

.........       4              James Couts                                         

.........       4              George Couts                                       

.               2              Matthew Perry Couts          d: September 26, 1864 in Gibson County, Indiana          b: August 1818 in Warrick

              County , Indiana   

.....                           +Mary Hannah     b: 1823 in Tennessee           m: April 06, 1844 in Gibson County, Indiana

.....           3              John Calvin Couts b: August 1845 in Indiana

.........                       +Mary Catherine "Kate"? Butcher    m: May 02, 1867 in Warrick County, Indiana

.........       4              William Maybe Child Couts               b: 1868   

.....           3              Sarah E. Couts                      b: 1847 in Indiana

.........                       +Isaac B. Benton  m: December 12, 1886 in Pike Co. Indiana also December 10, 1886

.....           3              Matthew Perry Jr. Couts                     b: 1850 in Indiana

.........                       +Nancy J. Miller                                   m: June 20, 1878 in Pike Co. Indiana

.....           3              Ida ? (maybe child) Couts                                  

.........                       +Zeerel Ramsey                                    m: November 26, 1891 in Pike County,  Indiana

.               2              Matilda Couts                       b: 1820 in Warrick County , Indiana 

.....                           +John (Sevrein) Swinn                        b: Abt. 1824 in Warrick County, Indiana         

.                               *2nd Husband of Matilda Couts:                                     

.....                           +Samuel Lowe                                      m: January 11, 1848 in Gibson Co, Indiana

.               2              John C. Couts d: Bef. February 1855 in Warrick County , Indiana               b: November 1823 in Warrick

       County , Indiana          

.....                           +Elizabeth Caroline Sidden b: 1828 in Ohio     m: September 06, 1853 in Warrick County, Indiana

.               2              Elizabeth Couts                    b: Abt. 1826 in Warrick County , Indiana        

.....                           +(Sevrein) Charles Levin    m: January 11, 1848

.                               *2nd Husband of Elizabeth Couts:                                  

.....                           +John (Swinn) Severin        m: January 11, 1848 in Warrick County , Indiana

.               2              Mary Ann Couts                  b: 1830 in Warrick County , Indiana 

.....                           +Aaron T. Gwaltney                            b: 1828    m: June 02, 1853 in Warrick County , Indiana

.               2              Aaron Carl Couts d: in Pike County, Monroe Township, Log Creek Cemetery, Indiana         b: 1831

         in Warrick County, Indiana      

.....                           +Sarah Kirby         (the same person?)                             

.                                             *2nd Wife of Aaron Carl Couts:                                         

.....                                  +Sarah Ellen Wallace    d: in Noble, Richland Co. Illinois       b: 1839 in Indiana m: May 07,

                        1857 in Warrick County, Indiana

.....           3              James Monroe Couts          d: November 12, 1956 in Oakland City, Pike County, Indiana       b:

                             December 01, 1865 in Wheatonville,Warrick Co, Indiana

.........                       +Mary Ellen "Lizzie" Connor             d: April 09, 1957 in Oakland City, Pike County,

                             Indiana Montgomery Cemetery            b: October 13, 1867 in Hobken, New Jersey     m:

                             January 31, 1886 in Spurgeon, Pike County, Indiana

.........       4              Infant Couts                          b: June 22, 1882   

.........       4              James Aaron Couts             d: April 19, 1963 in Petersburg, Pike County, Indiana, Walnut

                            HillsCemetery Division M      b: May 27, 1887 in Spurgeon, Pike County, Indiana      

.............                   +Flora Bessie Beatty           d: November 22, 1973 in Dallas, Texas/ Petersburg, Pike

                             County, Indiana, Walnut Hills Cemetery Divison M        b: August 17, 1892 in New Albany,

                             Indiana      m: May 11, 1907 in Oakland City, Indiana

.............   5              Aubrey "Bessie"   Ruth Couts b: November 19, 1908 in PIKE COUNTY,  INDIANA                 

                             REF:H3 P3               

.................                               +Audrey Yarber                                   m: April 30, 1927

.............   5              James Russell Couts            d: October 17, 1961 in Petersburg, Pike County, Indiana,

                             Walnut HillsCemetery Division M       b: December 05, 1911 in Coe, Indiana              

.................                               +Mary E. Yeager  d: in Indianapolis,  HOLY CROSS CEMETERY               b:

                            August 24, 1912 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana               m: February 04, 1931 in

                            Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana

.............   5              Lawrence Downey Couts   d: August 22, 1980               b: January 18, 1914              

.................                               +Virginia Anderson                                             m: November 05, 1938

.............   5              Sylvia Nell Couts d: March 21, 1918 in Blackfoot, Pike County, In b: March 02, 1916            

.............   5              Mary Alice B. Couts            d: 1997    b: October 19, 1921             

.................                               +Charles Yeager   d: 1997                    m: October 23, 1937

.............   5              Aaron Lee Couts  d: 1994 in Buried in Dallas, Texas      b: May 05, 1927   

.................                               +Dorothy Shepherd                                            

.............                   *2nd Wife of Aaron Lee Couts:                                       

.................                               +Virginia                                               

.............   5              Roy Charles Couts               d: March 25, 1920 in Blackfoot, Pike County, Indiana    b:

                             March 08, 1920 in Pike County, Indiana             

.........       4              John Edward Couts             d: April 25, 1958 in Montgomery, Oakland City, Indiana                           

                             b: March 26, 1889 in Spurgeon, Pike County, Indiana     

.........       4              Mary Ellen "Ella" Couts      d: July 25, 1978 in Findley, Hancock County, Ohio,  Pleasant

                             Ridge, Leipsic, Ohio               b: March 31, 1891 in Spurgeon, Pike County, Indiana  

.............                   +Samuel Vincent Allen        d: February 01, 1974 in Findley, Hancock County, Ohio              

                             b: December 02, 1897 in Pike County, Indiana    m: January 23, 1914

.............   5              Lloyd Earl Allen                   b: October 11, 1914 in Paulding County, Ohio               

.................                               +Pauline Zeisloft Pfister                                     

.............                   *2nd Wife of Lloyd Earl Allen:                                         

.................           +Mary Jane Cole d: February 04, 1970 b: September 14, 1917           m: September 09, 1944

.............   5              Mildred Louise Allen                          b: February 23, 1923            

.................                               +Lloyd George Forney                                       

.............   5              Francis Merle Allen                             b: June 05, 1925   

.............   5              Wayne Laverne Allen                         b: 1927   

.............   5              Floyd Otis Allen   d: August 10, 1983               b: October 11, 1914             

.................                               +Cartherine Company                                         m: August 01, 1940

.........       4              Emery Virgil Couts               d: December 18, 1977 in San Diego California, visiting his

                              son,  WALNUT HILLS CEM. DIVISON M        b: November 03, 1893 in Enos

                             Corners, Spurgeon, Pike County, Indiana          

.............                   +Agnes Hyneman                d: in Vincennes, Indiana  BURIED IN WALNUT HILLS

                             CEM. DIVISON M  b: May 11, 1896 in New Jersey           m: November 24, 1920

.............   5              Robert E. Couts                    b: October 04, 1931             

.............   5              Infant Couts                          b: 1925   

.........       4              William Carl Couts b: November 30, 1895 in Spurgeon, Pike County,   Indiana        

.............                   +Nancy E. Bryant b: February 26, 1893            m: July 02, 1914 in Pike County, Indiana

.............   5              Harold J. Couts                     b: August 16, 1915 in Petersburg, Pike County, Indiana              

.............   5              William Eugene Couts                                        

.................                               +Thelma Merdel Grimes                                     

.............   5              William F. Couts                   b: October 06, 1920 in PIKE CO, INDIANA    

.........       4              Wilford Herschel Couts      d: October 31, 1973 in Montgomery, Oakland City, Indiana        

                             b: November 15, 1900 in Spurgeon, Pike County, Indiana               

.............                   +Artie Mae Ferguson                                          m: August 18, 1924

.............   5              Wilford Herschel Jr Couts                                 

.................                               +Betty Couts                                       

.............   5              Janice Couts                                        

.............   5              Thelma Couts                                      

.................                               +Wellbaum                                           

.........       4              Theodore Cecil Couts         d: December 02, 1984 in Montgomery, Oakland City, Indiana     

                              b: March 26, 1902 in Spurgeon, Pike County, Indiana    

.............                   +Estella Shaw                                       m: June 22, 1926

.............   5              Janice Couts                                        

.........       4              George Henry Couts            d: April 13, 1981 in Montgomery, Oakland City, Indiana              

                            b: November 23, 1905 in Spurgeon, Pike County, Indiana

.............                   +Helen Grubb                                       m: December 22, 1928

.........       4              Edith Mariah Couts             b: November 08, 1907 in Spurgeon, Pike County, Indiana            

.............                   +Sheridan Harris                                  m: June 15, 1957

.............   5              Thelma Harris                                      

.................                               +Kenneth Welbaum                                           

.............                   *2nd Husband of Thelma Harris:                                     

.................                               +Williams                                             

.....           3              Etta B. Couts         d: June 18, 1957 in Forest Ridge, Wayne County, Indiana, Arizona            b:

                            December 05, 1878 in Warrick County, Indiana 

.........                       +Dorsey Malcom Eckleberry                                             

.....                                        *2nd Husband of Etta B. Couts:                                          

.........                       +Silas Russell Baker            d: March 16, 1944 in Forest Ridge, Wayne County, Indiana       

                             b: January 05, 1873 in Kaneyville, Kentucky      m: March 02, 1895 in Warrick County, In

.........       4              Russell Baker d: May 05, 1980 in Moravian, West Salem, Illinois b: January 30, 1917            

.............                   +Beulah Filkin                       b: April 06, 1920    m: December 28, 1937

.............   5              Lela Belle Baker    d: July 11, 1988 in Haven Hill             b: June 20, 1938   

.................                               +Kenneth Osiha                                   m: September 05, 1957

.............   5              Sharron Baker                       b: November 24, 1941         

.................                               +Darrell Tomblinson                                            m: December 28, 1963

.............   5              Dicky LeRay Baker              d: August 08, 1993               b: October 28, 1939             

.................                               +Martha Bradham                                                m: August 01, 1968

.........       4              Ruth Baker                            b: August 08, 1914 in Wayne County, Illinois               

.............                   +#1 Newman, Ashton                                         m: May 15, 1938

.............   5              No Issue                                               

.........                       *2nd Husband of Ruth Baker:                                          

.............                   +Thomas Taylor                                   m: March 08, 1953

.............   5              No Issue                                               

.........       4              Delphia Baker       d: January 10, 1926 in Parkersburg, Illinois      b: June 30, 1897 in White

                            County, Illinois        

.............                   +Alva Cox                                             m: November 26, 1919

.............   5              Marguariete Cox                   b: April 13, 1920   

.................                               +Paul Mills                                           

.............   5              Donald Cox                                          

.............   5              Carol Cox                                              

.................                               +Fillingham                                          

.............   5              Johnny Cox                                          

.............   5              Valerie Cox                                           

.........       4              Mamie Baker         d: December 08, 1960 in Crest Haven, Olney, Illinois     b: February 18,

                             1900 in Wayne County, Illinois           

.............                   +Chester Reynolds                                              m: October 22, 1918

.............   5              Thelma Reynolds                                

.................                               +James Johnson                                  

.............   5              Wyona Reynolds                                

.................                               +William "Bill" Middleton                                 

.............   5              Joan Reynolds                                     

.........       4              Harley Baker         d: October 30, 1960              b: May 19, 1903 in Wayne County, Illinois     

.............                   +Ruby Ballinger                                   m: August 1925

.............   5              Pauline Baker                                       

.................                               +Cowles                                

.............   5              Wilfred Baker                                       

.............   5              Aileen Baker                                        

.................                               +Sprague                                              

.............   5              Harley Jr. Baker    d: 1951                   

.............   5              Betty Baker           d: in died at birth                 

.............   5              Shirley Baker                                        

.................                               +Riggs                                   m: in Mt. Carmel, Illinois

.........       4              Iona Baker             d: June 21, 1927    b: March 24, 1905 in Wayne County, Illinois 

.............                   +Randell Hibbard                                

.............   5              Randall Hibbard   d: 1935                   

.............   5              Shirley Hibbard                                   

.................                               +Mitchell                                              

.........       4              Faye Baker            d: January 31, 1929 in Oak Hill, Olney, Illinois b: March 07,

                            1907 in Wayne County, Illinois            

.............                   +Frank Underwood                                             

.............   5                                                             

.........       4              Maude Baker                        b: July 17, 1909 in Wayne County, Illinois      

.............                   +George Fritchley                                                m: July 01, 1929

.............   5              Audra Fritchley                                   

.................                               +Lemke                                 

.............   5              Mildred Fritchley                                

.................                               +Nicholas                                             

.............   5              Mary Fritchley                                     

.................                               +Feldman                                              

.............   5              Jerry Fritchley                                      

.........       4              Evelyn Baker         d: August 05, 1965 in Macedonia, Edwards County, Illinois        b: May

                             13, 1912 in Wayne County, Illinois     

.............                   +Wayne Sams                                      m: 1933

.........       4              Ruby Baker                           b: February 17, 1919 in Wayne County, Illinois             

.............                   +Virgil Harrolle                     b: June 04, 1909    m: August 18, 1937

.............   5              Patsy Harrolle                       b: June 02, 1939   

.................                               +Donald Fehrenbacher                                       m: January 18, 1959

.............   5              Judith Harrolle      d: February 17, 1944             b: August 04, 1943              

.............   5              Janice Harrolle                      b: December 12, 1949          

.................                               +Lowell Dean Dourne                                         m: September 15, 1970

.............   5              Charles Robert Harrolle                       b: June 30, 1956   

.................                               +Tamela Jo Terry                                 m: July 09, 1976

.........       4              George Baker        d: November 10, 1921 in Wayne County, Illinois            b: November 10,

                            1921 in Wayne County, Illinois            

.....           3              Simon Couts                                        


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