CALIFORNIA'S COUTS COUSINS VOLUME 2 NOVEMBER DECEMBER JANUARY NUMBER 6 1998 -1999 A Quarterly Newsletter for the Descendants of the Couts Family WELCOME- It is the goal of this newsletter to create interest in and share the research for the Couts (pronounced K-outz) and Allied Family genealogy. It can only be written with the cooperation of each family member. We encourage each of you to send in your family group sheets and enter data as far back as you can find. The information that you find within its covers will be as "true" as we can prove. We gladly accept articles, photos, genealogy lines, and family stories. MORE FAMILY INFORMATION IS NEEDED TO CONTINUE PRODUCING THE NEWSLETTERS. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A LETTER FROM JAMES ARMSTRONG ~ Sept. 1, 1998 Dear Mrs. Evans, In the fresh of an early summer morning I went for a walk. My journey could have carried me along several paths but not giving too much thought I trod down the hill and by Tennessee's many cedar trees. Anyway, the air was crisp and God's flowers were blooming, filling the atmosphere with the thought "it's wonderful to be alive". Walking slowly and meditating about how nature must have looked to John and Leah when they came to this part of God's earth. I feel they saw Mother Nature as I have, spreading her best array of colors on every bloom and shrub. My walking carried me near a familiar place, John Couts, Sr., and Leah's old home site. The corner rocks of the house's foundation once buried in the ground have been removed and the site placed into an open field. Pieces of glass and crock may still be seen scattered around near the house location. Many years ago we were cultivating the field and a Spanish dime was found with a hole in the rim. This money piece created much conversation and we finally concluded it may have belonged to one of Mr. John's slaves. The cemetery is located on a small knoll about one hundred yards beyond the old Couts home. When I was a lad, the chestnut split rail fence and small wooden gate around the cemetery had rotted and fallen down. Quoting older persons, who said, "the rail fence placed there by Mr. Stark had been the only enclosure against unwanted intruders". Standing in the open field, I positioned myself as near I remember to where the huge elm tree once stood. I recall its umbrella limbs stretching outward and upward to form a cathedral type ceiling of green leaves. In the passing of time the limbs of the lower part of the trunk had been removed thus encouraging the upper limbs to grow stronger. The ground under the elm tree was covered with a carpet mat of green English ivy and during the early springtime yellow blooming buttercups showed through the green by outlining John and Leah's graves. To the right side of the gate a pink rambling rose grew, seldom did it ever have more than three or four blossoms each year. On the boundary of the backside of the cemetery were several small trees, each covered in a wild honeysuckle vine. Its long thin stems were intertwined on the small trees forming ornamental designs only nature could have devised. My lasting impression of that vine was how its red blossoms hung in clusters and spread a delightful aroma throughout the summer. Sometime after Jackson's parents died he placed headstones and markers to their graves. Those rocks were the slab-type, that is, about three inches thick by three feet tall. They were unpolished Tennessee marble and had become dark from long years of weather, but the names and dates were visual. By 1857, Jackson, wife and children had died, and it was agrees before their death that their good friend and relative Jo. C. Stark would but the farm. During all of the sickness of Jackson's children, Mr. Stark supported them financially and when they all were dead he placed head and foot markers to each grave. After becoming owner of the 807-acre farm he ordered a split rail fence to be built around the cemetery. Throughout his ownership (1857-1889) he continued to see to the cemetery's upkeep. In 1935, the huge elm tree was cut and the stumps removed along with all the makers. The makers were buried in a gully some where on the farm. Once again the cemetery was placed into an open field and cultivated. Today, one headstone remains, that of Albert W. Couts, 1837-1857. I know this cemetery is not holy ground but a place designed by man for his rest until the coming of Christ. Recent laws were passed in Tennessee protecting the desecration of cemeteries. Standing at this location, I formed a mind picture of how relatives with tears of grief, standing on this very spot saying good-bye to a dear departed one. The Couts descendants may be assured as long as the Armstrong's or their descendants own this land the exact spot of the cemetery will be marked. Your friend, James Armstrong P.S. Thanks for noting my stroke two months ago. I am improving, hoping to completely recover. ~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ CHRISTOPHER "CHRISLEY" WADE COUTS Aug 19, 1998 Dear Barbara, I am sorry it's taken me so lone to answer your letter and say "Thank You" for all of the information that you sent. I can't believe you had all the information on my Couts Family. My mother's health has been going since March and now she is not expected to live, so we brought her home from the hospital yesterday as her last request. So, needless to say I've been rather busy, and scatter-brained. I wanted to get a note to you and tell you how thrilled I was to receive all of the Couts family material. To answer some of your questions, No- I didn't have a computer but home to have one real soon. I do have excess to a computer and the internet. I will try to e-mail you. No, on the information, you sent on "Christopher Wade Chrisley Couts" whose wife was Evaline Catron. (I have a lot of information on my Catron line) If you are interested in adding it to the Couts line. Wade and Evaline Couts daughter Susan Emily Couts (not correct on your paper it says C. for a middle name.) [I WOULD YES] Susan Emily Couts married William Daniel Whitlow, their only child was William Wordsworth Whitlow and my great grandfather. Susan died when William was 9 months old. William was raised by Wade and Evaline Couts until she, Evaline died, when William was about 5 years old. Then, Susan's sister, Mary Emiline Couts helped raise William Whitlow until she married Wesley Penny. In 1882, William Whitlow, along with Wade Couts, and his son, Daniel Couts and daughter Mary Eveline Couts Penny with her husband Wesley Penny and their son Elmer, headed out west, on the Oregon Trail from Nebraska, stayed in Washington Territory for 1 year. Mary and Wesley Penny and son went on to Portland Oregon and settled there. Wade Couts with son Daniel and grandson William Whitlow went back to Nebraska.William lived with his grandfather and Uncle Dan Couts until he married in Missouri and came out to Idaho in 1899 with his Uncle Dan Couts and William's wife and two daughters and Williams in-laws. They settled in Washington Co. Idaho family had come on ahead before they had arrived. William later became County Commissioner for Adams Co. Idaho ,then State Representative then State Senator of Idaho. Uncle Dan Couts died in Council Idaho, 19 Dec. 1935, he never married. I also have pictures of Wade Couts, his wife Evaline, their daughter Susan and their son Daniel. I can try to get copies for you Do you want copies of pedigree charts and family groups sheets?My question to you is who submitted the information to you on all of the Christopher Chrisley Couts families? Did you find it yourself? In the 1860 census of Nemaha Co. Nebraska I found my Wade Couts with his family it listed their son as Chrisley, and I thought then, that was a different name.I also noticed on the sheet you sent on Christopher Chrisley Couts JR. their son (my gt, gt, gt grandfather) Christopher Wade Christley Couts, was born in Indiana, the 1860 census said that also) but the rest of his brothers and sisters were born in KY, MO, and TN. They sure jumped around from state to state. When traveling wasn't that easy. I am very excited to find out my Couts line, but I will need to verify the information. I would like to send you money or stamps along for cost of the newsletters. (THANKS, I WOULD RATHER HAVE INFORMATION) Would you care if I called you sometime, I have your phone number, but I will give you mine, I would like to talk to you.Right now I am trying to prove my Catron line for the DAR, and really needed the Couts information to complete this line. Do you have any copies of marriage records or any family records on the Christopher Wade Couts family. I live in the most N.E. corner of Calif. Nevada is 5 miles to the east and Oregon is 36 miles to the North We have friends that live in Yuba City. Maybe we can get the chance to meet sometime. I again apologize for the delay of my answer back to you. Hope to hear from you again soon. Thank you again Barbara, Sincerely, Becky Hall ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Tennessee State Library and Archives Historical and Genealogical Information http: // TENNESSEE WORLD WAR I VETERANS : ROBERTSON COUNTY (PART 1) Last Name First Name Age or DOBBirth PlaceNotes Page Couts Allen 23 Springfield, TN 18 Couts Elvis 1893 Springfield, TN 18 Couts Johnie 1894 Springfield, TN 18
INTERNET QUERIES AND COMMENTS- "E-MAIL GRAB BAG" Subj: Bird/Byrd Date: 98-07-08 06:56:34 EDT From: (Glenda M. Todd) Have just been looking over your wonderful web page and wondered if you had any information on a Thomas Bird who possibly married a Jane Counts. This Thomas Bird died in Robertson Co., TN in 1805 and was always associated with Valentine Choate and other Choat/Shoat families. We think this Thomas and his brother, Francis, were the ones in Pittsylvania Co., VA around 1767 with some Choats. Noticed where several Couts married Byrds. Thanks. Glenda Subj: Family of Bavester and Elizabeth Barton Date: 98-07- Deming@Together.Net (Lynette Deming) I was thrilled to find the information submitted by Jerry Barton. My name is Lynette Barton Deming, If you will look at #137 William Henry Barton and Martha P Gilliam with no known issue, you will now learn that they did have children. I am their great grand daughter. My grandmother, Bettie Alexa Barton was born December 17, 1884 in Missouri and died in Florida in 1950. I don't know the dates of birth of her brothers and sisters, but I do know their names: Edith, Emma, Zachary, and Walter. I am sure that this is where I fit, because my grandmother told me that she was descended from Greenberry, (Berry) Barton. My grandmother, Bettie Alexa Barton went to Saint Louis, Missouri to study nursing and met and married my grandfather, Martin F. Kouri, a medical student from Lebanon. They had four children, John Kouri, Barton Kouri, Elizabeth Kouri (my mother), and Helen Kouri. My mother, Elizabeth had two children, myself and my sister Kay Deming. If you wish more detail on my cousins, who are also directly descended from William Henry Barton, please let me know. I left out one more child of William Henry Barton and Martha P Gilliam, another daughter, Grace. I have these names from conversations with my grandmother when she was still alive and also from talking with older living relatives. Subj: Couts Family Tree Date:98-07-14 (Debra Latimer) Hi, I have been doing "some" research into my family: Couts. My grandmother was Elorea Couts born in Canada and came to the U.S. as "Baby Girl Couts". Her sisters were: Ruth and Etta Couts who were considerably older than her. Their father was Carl R. Couts and mother, Ada M. Goodrich. My mother (Dolores E. Fairchild, Allstott and now, Norton) has been doing more extensive Couts family research with references to Indiana, etc. I accessed the web page and retrieved LOTS of information that I will forward to my mother. Would it be possible to obtain the newsletters? I tried printing the information, but the margins were cut-off? Please let me know. Thank you. Debra Latimer Subj: Re: Couts Family Tree Date: 98-07-14 Hello again, I don't know if the information is relevant, but I am forwarding this to my mom since she has done extensive Couts genealogy. Like you said, maybe there is another "line" out there? We shall see! I did not see any familiar names in the data I retrieved from the internet, but what caught my eye was the Indiana connection, etc. However, my mother has more information regarding names, birthdates, places, and so forth. Thanks for responding. D. Latimer Subj: Birds Date: 98-07-15 17:40:37 EDT From: DennisC639 Hi, Barb - I noticed on the Couts page you have added my branch of the Bird/Wilson family. Seems funny to see your own name and those of your family's on the big web in the sky. Need to mention that my mother, Junietta Williams (daughter to Sarah Ellen Wilson, who is dtr. of Betty Ann Bird and James Wilson) was married (1) Ernest Smiley and (2) Clyde Warwick. Mother and Ernest had one daughter, Betty Jane Smiley Warwick, who married John E. Pickering and had children and grandchildren. My father was Clyde Warwick, so if you can rearrange Betty Jane Smiley Warwick from being his wife and make her and her family my mother's first and only child with Ernest Smiley I would appreciate it. I can see where this might be confusing, as my half-sister Betty went by the maiden name of Warwick (rather than Smiley). My mother and dad had ten kids beginning with Robert Glenn and ending with me, Shirley Ann Warwick. Sorry to be so much trouble . . I am just sorry that I probably didn't make this line of descent clear. There is no hurry, and don't worry about it a whole lot anyway. Sure appreciate all you do for us. Thanks, Ann Chesshir Subj Barton genealogy 137 Date: 98-07-18 13:05:16 EDT From: (deming) It was wonderful to see the Barton genealogy. It was wonderful for me to fill many gaps in my connection to the Bartons. First off, #137 William Henry Barton and Martha P. Gilliam did have children. They are my great grand parents. My grandmother, Bettie Alexa Barton was born December 17, 1884 and died in 1950. I don't know the dates of birth of her siblings, but I do know their names: Edith, Emma, Zachary, and Walter. Bettie Alexa went to St Louis to study nursing and there met my grandfather, Martin Kouri, a medical student from Beirut, Lebanon. He remained in America, and they had four children: John, Barton, Elizabeth (my mother), and Helen Kouri. My name is Lynette Barton Deming and I have a sister, Kay Ball Deming. John Kouri had no children, but Barton Kouri and Helen Kouri did have children. I would really like to get in touch. My e mail address is It is interesting that some of my grand mother's civil war stories are confirmed in the genealogies. She said that her grandfather had 2 brothers, one of whom fought for the Union and the other the Confederacy in the Civil War. She also said that a third brother was a pacifist and hid out in a cave and that both the Confederate and the Union brother would not shoot at each other as they went to the cave to keep their brother hidden and supplied. The existence of the pacifist brother, of course is not in the history, but this makes me wonder if anyone else in the family has heard this story. I am really delighted at the information I have gotten and hope that you &Jerry Barton will get in touch with me. Subj: Cave Couts Page From: (Rick Erazo) Hello, I found your page while researching Col. Cave Couts. Allow me to make a recommendation: your web page is very informative, but is difficult to read because of its center-alignment. If the page were left-aligned, its readability would be enhanced. Thank you for publishing an interesting article on Col Couts. Would you happen to know how his first name of Cave came about? Was there a Cave surname somewhere in his ancestry? Regards Subj: Re: Cave Couts Page Date: 98-08-19From: (Lynn Wilson) CC: (McLaren W.), Barb, In reference to Rick Erazo's email, the following might help -Nancy Johnson married William Couts -Cave Johnson Couts parents. Nancy's Brother was Cave Johnson, congressman, Postmaster General under Polk's administration, and President of Bank of Tennessee. He was sponsor for CJC's entry into West Point. Nancy's Father was Cave Thomas Johnson (7/4/1766 - Mar 1821). He was a Brigadier General in the Creek Nation Wars. Supposedly he was named after Reverend Richard Cave, who may have been a brother to Mrs. Thomas Johnson's Mother. Hope you had a good summer! ....Lynn Subj: Cave Couts Date: 98-08-18 (Launa Kitros) Barb, I checked and here's what I found re Cave Johnson. The CAVE-L mailing list should provide the person who wrote w/much info.Cave JOHNSON BORN: 15 Nov 1760, Orange Co., VA D: 19 Jan 1850, Bullitsburg, Boone Co. Ky M: Salley KEENE, 1781, M: Ann KEENE, 1782, M: Elizabeth "Betsy" CRAIG, Children: 1.John Quaro JOHNSON Separate Listing Cave JOHNSON M: Marian SUBLETT, 1823, Children: 1.Sarah JOHNSON 2.Susan JOHNSON 3.Frances JOHNSON 4.John JOHNSON 5.David JOHNSON Separate Listing Cave Johnson Father: Thomas Johnson Mother: Mary "Polly" Noel separate listing Cave Johnson Born: ABT 1756 Spouse: Elizabeth Craig b. 1756 Subj: Re: Couts From: ByronD6915 [Diana has been writing to us about misinformation on our grandfather's rock, being used as a headstone. We hope to place a real stone there soon.] One more note: There is an unidentified gravesite between Levi and my great-aunt Nettie Lockwood. There's still only a marker in that spot, it could be Hattie. There's not any apparent room on the other side of Levi. (He's close to the fence.) Diana Subj: Re: Couts Date: 98-08-12 From: (Bo Couts) Hi Sis William Levi Couts died in 1907. Hattie married Ed Schuster in 1909, died and was buried at Short Mt cemetery in 1916. I think the cause was consumption. They have the dates wrong on Levi's stone. Someone probably guessed at the date when they put the stone on the grave years later. Big Brother. Subj: Re: Couts Date: 98-08-10 From: (Bo Couts) Sis: I didn't know about the headstone markers, but Uncle Doc, Larkin Caldwell Couts, Margaret and gf William Levi Couts are all buried in Lona Cemetery .the other stones could be gm Hattie Couts Shuster's marker. She died around 1911 or so. William died when dad was about 6 years old. This would be about 1908 or 1909. Uncle doc didn't have any children. This is why the 4 kids were shipped from Indiana to Arkansas by train when Sarah died, with name tags and destination pinned to their coats, to live with uncle doc. I think gm Hattie married Schuster around 1909. Get as much info as you can from her and maybe it will fill in some blank spots. Either we or I have some info about it from the group in San Diego, the offspring from William Levi's sister. Good luck Big Bro Subj: Re: Couts Date: 98-08-16 11:51:30 EDT From: ByronD6915 To: Great! The same person or persons placed both headstones. In a few weeks I should have a copy of the original cemetery book. The lady who has possession of the book will make me a copy. I'm hoping it will turn up some more names that don't have head stones. Had you known he was buried there already? I took pictures of the headstones as soon as they're developed I'll e-mail you copies. Diana Subj: Couts Family Date: 98-09-06 11:16:59 EDT From: ( Rachel Searcy) Wonderful site! I have lost a "Benton Counts" from east Tennessee early 1800's, and am seriously beginning to consider if he might not have been a "Couts". The first, last, and only trace of him was on a wagon train (of which he was the 'master') going to southeastern Missouri in 1810. His daughter became, in time, my 2nd great grandmother. Her name in the marriage record is "Rachel Counts" when she married Allen W. Holloman, and her only daughter born in 1828 was named "Rachel Counts Holloman".... but who knows really how it started out? Just wondering how often you have found the two names mixed up? I only have time to look over your first newsletter today, but will definitely get back to devour all of your info! Rachel Searcy Subj: Re: Barton genealogy 137 Date: 98-09-05 18:46:01 EDT From: (deming) I note that Jerry Barton added the descendants of William Henry Barton and Martha Gilliam. However, I note a mistake. My mother, Elizabeth Kouri married Joseph H. Deming, and thus my sister and I are Lynette Barton Deming and Kay Ball Deming. If Jerry wants to know birth dates of my sister, myself, our marriages and children, please let me know. In addition, I can supply names and birth dates of my cousins. My Uncle, John Kouri had no children. My Uncle Barton Kouri had 3 children and my Aunt Helen Kouri had 2 children. Tell Jerry that I still hope that he will elect to correspond with me. Feel free to share my e-mail address with him. Subj: Couts/Bridgman Date: From: (Beverly Gardner) I found your site while I was searching for 'Bridgman'. Would you please forward the email address of the submitter of this line. I know several of the family of William Barton Couts and am related on the Bridgman line. Subj: Arthur Couts From: (Launa Kitros) Barb, I was looking for Choates and found this. Just in case you don't have it. Was on Launa Arthur COUTS Family 1: 1.Mary A COUTS B: 5 Mar 1829 D: 22 SEP 1890, Logan, KY BUR: Sep 1890, Logan, KY, Greenwood Cem. Father: Arthur COUTS Family 1: Samson JOHNSON...(LLK: Ancestor was from Robertson Co., TN) Samson JOHNSON BIRTH: 19 OCT 1820 D: 12 JUL 1879, Adairville, Logan, Ky BUR: Jul 1879, Logan, Ky, Greenwood Cem Father: Joseph JOHNSON Mother: Elizabeth CUTHBERT Ch. of Sampson 1.G W JOHNSON 2.Leah B JOHNSON B: 19 NOV 1850 D: 28 Jul 1895 There may be some info at /jimwilks /16740 that you don't have....maybe not..Launa Subj: John F. Couts Date: 98-09-02 15:31:58 EDT From: (Launa Kitros) John F. married twice? Tennessee the Volunteer State 1769-1923: Volume 2 LAURIN BRYAN ASKEW. page 693 On the 11th of November, 1887, was celebrated the marriage of Mr. Askew to Miss Florence Fleming, the adopted daughter of John F. Couts. They have become parents of three sons: L. B., Jr., John Couts, and Harley L. L. B., Jr. , married Leisel Hoevel of Weisbaden, Germany. John Couts married Barbara Barker, granddaughter of Childs Barker, a prominent banker and farmer of Christian county, Kentucky. John Couts is engaged in farming in that county and he and his wife are the parents of four children, Barbara, Laurin B. (III), John Couts, Jr., and Peter M. Harley L. married Norine Harrison, a daughter of a prominent and honored old family of Robertson County. Both L. B., Jr., and Harley L. are veterans of the World War. The elder son served under General Pershing, going to France with the First American Expeditionary Forces, and was attached to the Third Army Cavalry, participating in the battles of Chateau Thierry and St. Mihiel, and was gassed. Upon the signing of the armistice he was transferred to Travis, Germany, with the Army of Occupation and was later transferred to Paris, where he was with [p.693] General Richardson, who was a member of the Peace Council. At one time, while on leave in England, L. B. Askew found the name "Bryan Askew" on a tablet in the First Scotch Presbyterian church in Trafalgar Square, London, this name being listed as one of the founders of the church. Harley L. Askew was with the Thirtieth Tennessee Division which assisted in breaking the Hindenburg line. He served with the rank of sergeant major. Launa Subj Bird droppings. From:genealau@sbjrhigh.sbceo. (Launa Kitros) Barb, I sent the following message to the BIRD-L list cuz one of the BIG BIRD researchers share tons of I thought he was going to publish. Anyway, I gave the Dade Co., MO site which links the John Bird lineage to your page. Bill, Thank you for so graciously putting your information on the NET. By your example on this site and at other sites, you are getting the "flock" out of the trees. Confusion abounds with regard to some Bird/Byrd connections all along the east coast. Perhaps the rest of us are being too protective of our nests. Since I don't have a home page, my nest has been on the Dade Co., MO GenWeb webpage under Pioneers-John Bird and Nancy Couts http: // /~modade/dadefam.html I have a big flock and would be happy to share details. Launa To: From: Nance Subj: VAAUGUST-D Dig V98 #16 Hello, My name is Wanda Nance and I have just joined this digest. Has anyone found any MINTONS in the 1700s in this county? I have a PHILLIP MINTON who married in 1776 in Washington Co. Va. and died there in 1805. Do not know where he was before Washington Co. Va. Also do not know who his parents were but believe his father was JOHN MINTON who bought land in Washington Co. Va. in 1781. PHILLIP is supposed to have been born in Virginia. I am looking for all MINTONS in Virginia in the 1700s in the counties formed BEFORE Washington Co.Va.[1777] was formed. Wanda Nance MINTON IMMIGRANTS (1) DAVID MINTON arrived in Virginia in 1637 (2) WILLIAM MINTON arrived in Barbados in 1654 (3) PHILLIP MINTON arrived in Virginia in 1657 (4) WILLIAM MINTON arrived in Barbados in 1659 (5) RICHARD MINTON arrived in Maryland in 1661 (6) ROLAND MINTON arrived in Virginia in 1663-1679 (7) EDWARD MINTON arrived in Virginia in 1666 (8) RANDOLPH MINTON arrived in Virginia in 1701 (9) JOSEPH MINTON arrived in Virginia in 1705 [Essex Co.] (10) HENRY MINTON arrived in Vain 1705 [Essex Co] (11) ANDREW MINTON arrived in Mass. in 1766 [Boston] MINTON RESEARCHERS (1) Wanda Nance [this is me] I am researching Phillip Minton d. 1804 in Washington Co.Va., m. 1786 in Wash. Co.Va. Levina Watkins. Had son Jacob b. in 1798 in Wash.Co.Va.; m. in 1823 Sarah Snodgrass. They moved to Claiborne Co.Tn. in 1842.EMail address: (2) Janet Cook researching Phillip Minton d.1804 in Washington Co.Va., m.1786 in Wash.Co.Va. Levina Watkins. Had son Evan who moved to Lee Co.Va. bef. 1820. EMail address: (3) James S. Rice researching Phillip Minton above who's son Jacob b.1798 in Washington Co.Va. m. Sarah Snodgrass. Jacob & Sarah's son James b.1823 in Wash. Co.Va. m. Ellender Herrell in 1847 Claiborne Co.Tn. James & Ellender's Daughter Sarah b.1855 in Claiborne Co.Tn. m. Samuel Griffin in 1878 in Claiborne Co.Tn. EMail address: (4) Jan McKee researching Phillip Minton above whose Daughter Hannah Minton b.1788 in Wash. Co.Va. m. Peter Little [rumor in Indian Ceremony in Wash.Co.Va.] then married again in 1824 in Morgan Co. Ky. where they moved. Email address: (5) Jane Ellis researching Ebenezer Minton [Rev.War.] b.1760 New Jersey [says son Vardamon in 1880 census] Ebenezer m. Elizabeth Fletcher in 1786 New Jersey Ebenezer m. Elizabeth Fletcher in 1786 in Wash.Co.Va. Their son Isaac b. abt.1802, m. Mary Locke. Isaac & Mary's son Joseph b.1824 in Lee Co. m. Elizabeth Childers Joseph & Elizabeth's Daughter Nancy Jane b.184in Tn. m. Joseph Benjamin Norman. EMail address: (6) Sandy Hoffman researching Ebenezer Minton above and Ebenezer & Elizabeth's son John Minton b. abt.1795 in Lee Co.Va., m. Sarah Locke b.1804/05., daughter Jennie Rowland Minton. Also researching another John Minton b. Va. abt.1827[ rumored from Russell Co.], m. Sarah Reed b.1843 in Claiborne Co.Tn.; John & Sarah Reeds son Robert Lydia[Lydie] b.1882.., Email address: (7) Christina Young researching same Mintons as Sandy Hoffman. EMail Address: (8) Bruce A. Stewart researching Effie Minton b. abt.1888 in Ky.[rumored to be part Cherokee], m. James Franklin Smith. EMail address: (9) Sandra Williams researching John Minton whose daughter Rebecca Frances b.1836 in Lynchburg, Bedford Co.Va., m. William T. M. Dryden. EMail address: (10) Sandra H.Lewis researching Charles Minton and his son Lloyd Wingate Minton both from Va. and N.C.; EMail address: (11) Nancy Barbieux researching Simon Minton b.1765 in Campbell Co.Va.; m. Sarah Roach. Simon moved to Charlotte Co.Va. by 1810 then moved to Smith Co. Tn. abt.1912. 12) Pamela War White researching John Minton b.1831 in Ireland m. Julia Ormond. moved to Grand Rapids, MI.; John & Julia daughter Anne Jane b.1865 in Grand Rapids, MI.; m. Thomas William Ward in 1892. EMail address: [ I'm jealous of this one I can't get my Mintons out of Wash.Co.Va.] (13) Phyllis Vaquera researching Samuel Joseph Minton b. South Carolina. m. Amanda Luella Roberson b. S.C. and daughter Martha Ann [Mattie] Minton. EMail address: (14) Diana Reints researching Jesse Minton [Minter] b. maybe Va. lived in S.C.[Rev.War]. EMail add. (15) Sonia Kinback researching Phillip Minton d.1804 in Washington Co.Va.; m. in 1786 Levina Watkins in Wash.Co.Va.; They has son Jacob b.1798 Wash.Va.; Sarah Snodgrass in 1823 in Wash.Co.Va. They moved toClaiborne Co.Va. in 1842.; EMail address: [ my daughter] Subj: Barton Genealogy Date: 98-09-04 10:24:49 EDT From: P1X1EDUST1 Hello, I am interested in an early settler of Nashville, TN names Samuel Barton b. in VA May 1749 and died Wilson Co., TN Jan 1810. Does this family sound familiar to you? Sarah From: Larry Robertson Subject: [TNSUMNER-L] Anyone lose this family? MOORE----GREEN In the corner of Kaufman Co, Texas near the Hunt & Van Zandt County lines lies an all but forgotten cemetery which has been abandoned and vandalized. The only stone left in the cemetery reads: TEXAS PIONEERS IN MEMORY OF OUR GRANDPARENTS BORN IN SUMNER CO.,TENN. CAME TO TEXAS IN 1844 ALFRED MOORE MARY GREEN MOORE ALFRED MOORE JR. I don't have much info on these people & I am not related to them. It is said they were on their way back to Tn. when their infant son took sick on the trail & died. So they settled buried him beside the trail and settled in the area. It is also said the Moore's are the ones who donated the property for the cemetery. I am posting this to Sumner Co.Tenn. in hopes that desc of this family will know where the burial site is if they are searching. Thanks, Larry E. Robertson Subj Couts Family Date: 98-09-06 23:33:52 EDT From: ( Rachel Searcy) Well, I was afraid you might say that.. All I know about my 3rd great grandfather, the man known as Benton "Bent" Counts, is from a narrative written by a descendant of Allen Holloman (who was Bent's son -in-law): alas, family lore. And my grandfather always said his great grandparents were Benton and Rachel Counts... from East Tennessee, and they moved to Missouri. I have a copy of an old narrative from, I believe, either the Phelps or Crawford Co. MO. Historical Society. It tells the story about "Bent" being the wagon master of a wagon train that went to Missouri in 1810, accompanied by his wife Rachel, and his young (about 3 years old) daughter, also named Rachel. They were joined by some wagons from North Carolina among which was a family from Wake Co., NC, Edmund Holloman, his wife, Mary, and young son, Allen. I assume that Bent was an educated man, as it is said he had a box of books with him, and taught the two children, his daughter and Allen Holloman, reading, writing..... (Certainly Allen acquired a love of learning that was affirmed when he moved his residence when his children reached school age so there would be a good school available to them. He also read voraciously, and became quite well educated himself.) When the wagon train arrived in ? Missouri, somewhere on Saline Creek, apparently in what is now Iron County, each family chose their "spots" which were then surveyed by Bent Counts. I would be surprised if Bent had any other children, there has been no evidence found of any. Perhaps his wife died young? And he seemed to "take a shine" to young Allen Holloman, and during Allen's tender years, taught him the art of surveying. (Allen Holloman was later the County Surveyor for many years). And this is all that is known (believed) of Bent Counts. The "child" Rachel, in 1827, married Allen Holloman... and then died 28 Jan 1828, giving birth to her first and only child, a girl, again named Rachel. Mr. Holloman remarried a few years later and raised a large family, and made his mark in Missouri as one of the first legislators from Iron Co., and then for many years as a judge. His daughter Rachel married in 1851, James Marion Hawkins. Her father's sister, Mary Ann Holloman, after James's mother died, married his father so became Rachel's "step-mother-in-law" as well as her aunt. In April, 1864,Rachel received word that her husband had been badly wounded at the Battle of Pleasant Hill, LA. She left for Texas immediately with her five young children and never returned to Missouri. Her husband died before she reached Texas, but she stayed there, settled in Limestone Co., raised her children alone, and there lived out her life. The only other clue about Rachel's grandfather, is that Allen Holloman named one of his sons, Thomas Edmund Benton Holloman…those are the names of his grandfather, his father, and his mentor? One of the nice parts of my great grandmother's story (the 3rd Rachel Counts Holloman Hawkins) is that her half sister, Lucinda, married an Irish artist named Hinchey, who was also a diarist. He kept his diary faithfully, writing in Pitman shorthand, and it has been preserved... It is now, along with some of Judge Holloman's papers, in the possession of the widow of another of Judge Holloman's descendants .... She plans to publish it, but has shared a few passages with me. One tells about Mr. Hinchey and Lucinda riding several days on horseback to visit Rachel after the birth of her last child (while James was away fighting for the C.S.A.). Hinchey tells about the homes of various families where they stopped for nights and meals... and about stopping by Mary Ann's house and her accompanying them the last leg of the journey to "Sister Rachel's" home... he also commented on a barn that burned while he was there, about painting portraits of various Union AND Confederate officers and their wives, and offered a few comments on the War that was intimately touching all of their lives. Wow.... sorry, I do tend to run on sometimes! And little of this has anything to do with Bent Counts, except that it was he who started this stuff... How I would love to find him! Thanks again for your information....and perhaps we'll run across these people one of these days. Rachel Subj: James Appleton m. Mary Couts Date: 98-09-11 17:55:16 EDT From: (Debbie Parks) Hi, I was searching for my gggg-grandfather, James Appleton, and my search turned up Volume 1 December-January Number 2 of " California's Couts Cousins". In this I found that according to John Couts Sr.'s will, dated 6-8-1826, Mary Couts, married James Appleton. Their whereabouts were unknown. Could this possibly be my James Appleton? He was born @ 1790 and died 1833. I have no spouse listed. What information can you give me on Mary Couts? Did she have children? Where did she and James live? Thanks, Debbie Parks Subj: Couts/Appleton Date: 98-09-12 15:33:36 EDT From: Barb, I stumbled upon "California's Couts Cousins" Volume 1 while searching for my gggg-grandfather James Appleton. I e-mailed Mary Lou Reed, she couldn't help me, but did offer your address and thought you might be of help. The information I found has him married to Mary Couts, daughter of John Couts, Sr. and Leah Stark Couts. This also has them in Robertson County, TN. I have never found a wife for James. I do know that he was in Robertson County. Do you have any information about this couple that would help me find out if this is my James? Thanks, Debbie Parks I only have information on the Appleton's. I would be happy to share. My mother has worked on this line for 20 years. I got interested last year. We have never had a wife for James! So we are very excited about this new line. I use Family Tree Maker. Mother has been adding to my Appleton line. She has a lot of notes on her computer. If you are interested we can get this all together for you. It seems that James and Mary moved to Lawrence County, TN. That's where he died. I have children listed. The town he lived in was named Appleton. Let me know if you are interested in the Appleton line. Debbie Parks [THANK YOU FOR YOUR WONDERFUL INFORMATION DEBBIE-YEARS OF GREAT RESEACH!!] Subj: Mary Magdalene Stark Date: 98-09-17 06:39:11 EDT From: Can you quote your sources on Mary Magdalene Couts, who married Walter Stark. My sources indicate she was a Woodard, sister to Arthur Woodard. Can you shed some light on this? She was my ggg-grandmother. (Their daughter, Nancy married my gg-grandfather, Gravit Edwards) Thanks, Dewey Edwards Springfield, TN [Desc.of James Stark Vol 1-3] OLD QUERY BUT..... Posted by Helen Greenslit Graves on January 27, 1997 Jacob Yotsler (Youtsler) lived in Hardin Co., KY c 1790-1806; wife was Mary (__?__). He moved to Harrison Co., IN near the Ohio River; Mary died c.1816 prob IN. Jacob married a widow Sarah Couts [WIDOW OF UNCLE HENRY COUTS], then moved back to the Hardin Co LaRue Co. KY area where he died in 1838. I descend from his daughter Susanna who m. Hankerson Rude. Need further info on Jacob Yotsler -- where he came from, spouse's maiden name, and death date. One of Jacob Yotsler's children was an Abraham Yotsler. I have info on Abraham. Launa Norma Lewis To: bevans CC: VAAUGUST- Subject: Re: [VAAUGUST-L] Kautz / Couts Augusta Co. VA 1754 I was prepared to ignore this chart, although it is very well done and very interesting, I was wondering if it became Coots? Then I saw Hedrick at the bottom and thought I'd better tell you about a connection - Old Casper Barger who was killed by Indians on Draper's Meadow, which we discussed earlier, had a son, Jacob, who married Elizabeth Hedrick about this 1750 time period - Their daughter Margaret married Casper Koiner in 1787. Elizabeth was the granddaughter of Charles Hedrick who came from Langaselva (sp?) near the town of Hanau, Hesse Cassel, Germany. Her father, John Hedrick came to Augusta County with Jacob Barger from Rockingham County. John Hedrick died below Port Republic on the Shenandoah River. These places are explained by the fact that many of these early settlers used this area only as a summer home, a hunting lodge, many went back North in winter where they were safer from Indians. It is very probable these Hedricks are related. Your Elizabeth Hedderich is probably sister to John. Norma From: Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 20:57:56 EDT Subject: Appleton/Robertson County TN Hi Barb....just wondering if you got the message I had sent on Appleton ..... also we talked about Crockett's being close to your family in Robertson County and wondering if any of the Crockett's connect with any of your lines? Thanks, Nancy Goodman in TN [None- just neighbors] Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 11:09:51 -0400 Subject: Re: Grim From: (John W Grimm) Hi Barbara, My linage, William Winfield Grim(m), lived in Braxton Co., WV. Ison Dehas and Charles lived in Ohio, and Vina went to Montana. My father, Orel Willis Grimm, lived in Reno, NV, Little Rock, AR, Montgomery, AL, and Chattanooga, TN. Roscoe Hurley Grimm died in Houston, TX. Other than that, I don't know what happened to the others. If you can make a connection, I would be pleased to hear from you. John From: Subject: Sought the Couts family Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 21 I am a part of the Couts family am grandmother is Betty Couts Wolff .her father was Charles Couts and we are located in Uniontown Ohio. We have been doing work on the family tree for a long time. We have found out that there are many ways of saying the name and many ways t spell the name and we are all related to one another now matter the spelling. I am sure that my grand mother would love to get some info form you or to share the info we have gathered I found a relative by the name of Michael Coats he works for NASA as the commander of the shuttle. Please contact me or any of the following address bettywolff (this is my grandmother Betty Wolff) dwolff5153 (my mother Darlene Wolff, Betty's Daughter) gidggette (Gidget Wolff, that's me) I hope to hear from you soon GIDGET To: Subject: Reed, Logue, Shugart, Hickox"> Would welcome correspondence from any Reed, Logue, Shugart or Hickox pertaining Genealogy. Nell Subj: Cave Jackson Couts Interesting Date:98-08 From:genealau@sbjrhigh (Launa) Barb, Had a very interesting thing happen involving Cave which you could put in the newsletter. As a retirement present, I was given a ticket to a "fund-raising kick- off-the-new-fiscal-year" luncheon at a local country club to commemorate the recent acquisition of the new home of the Santa Barbara Genealogical Society. A 93 year old woman donated a house and grounds worth several million dollars plus an endowment to keep it afloat. The move will take place this month. The luncheon speaker was a woman from the neighboring county's genealogical society. She role played Helen Hunt Jackson, authoress of the book, RAMONA. She came dressed in period attire and proceeded to give a wonderful account of "her" life as Helen would if she were alive. As I am zoning out a little, looking over the beautiful landscape and watching the putters nearby, I hear in the distance....Cave Couts and his wife Isabella Bandini. Perhaps some of you know this....Helen was a great advocate FOR the Native Americans and in doing so, she ruffled the feathers of most of her peers in the mid 1800's--and many Washington and local legislators wherever she went. Helen had come to Southern California to do research for her to-be book, RAMONA. While here, she was apparently the guest of Cave and Isabella. Due to some incident where Helen was behaving "politically incorrectly" for her time period (Native Americans were still being used as slave labor) she was kept at the Couts' home "virtually under lock and key" for a period of time. I don't know all the details. I didn't have much time to spend afterward with the woman playing Helen because there were so many other people wanting to see her. This woman did tell me that she got her information from a book called, THE ANNOTATED RAMONA. How interesting that, in all the years I have been a member of the genealogical society, I have not been able to make their meetings because I was working. Now that I am retired, the first one I attend has something very definitely relating to my genealogy. One never knows where the next tid-bit will come from. Time for a re-read of RAMONA. Launa ~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~ CITY OF SAN DIEGO AND SAN DIEGO COUNTY THE BIRTH PLACE OF CALIFORNIA BY Clarence Alan McGrew, 1922, Vol 1. Submitted by: Bill Mclaren, CJ. Couts Descendant Colonel Cave J. Couts Page 491 was a lieutenant in the one of the first expeditions of American soldiers into the Southwest, and after leaving the army was one of the most enterprising and distinguished citizens of San Diego County. His family has been one of prominence in this section of the state for many years. Colonel Couts was born near Springfield, Tennessee, November 11, 1821, and in that locality his parent also spent their lives. His early education was supervised by his uncle, Cave Johnson, who was a member of President Polk's cabinet as postmaster general. At the age of seventeen he was appointed a cadet in West Point Military Academy and graduated in 1843, being commissioned a brevet second lieutenant of the regiment of Mounted Rifles. He was on frontier duty at Fort Jessup, Indiana, and in 1845 was sent with a detachment of recruits to Fort Washita in Indian Territory. In the meantime he was commissioned second lieutenant of the First Dragoons, and did frontier duty at Evansville, Arkansas, and Fort Gibson, Indian Territory, until February 1847. He was then mad first lieutenant of the First Dragoons, and during the war with Mexico was on duty along the frontier, passing through Mexico and Arizona to California, crossing the Colorado River on Sunday, November 26, 1848, it taking him three days to cross his regiment. After confronting many obstacles and enduring much hardship crossing the desert between Colorado and the mountains, he reached Los Angeles, with his command on Sunday, January 9, 1849. Colonel Couts served about San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Luis Rey to 1851. In 1849, he conducted an expedition to the Gila River and was in charge of the Boundary Survey between the United States and Mexico, stationed at the junction of Colorado and Gila Rivers or "Camp Calhoun." While on duty there he was complimented by his superior officers in dealing with the Indians and assisting the emigrants. On August 1, 1849, he was elected a delegate from San Diego in accordance with proclamation of Brevet Brigadier General B. Riley, governor of California, to form a state constitution or plan for a territorial government. Until thirty years of age his life was that of a soldier, but on April 5, 1851, he married Miss Ysidora Bandini, daughter of Don Juan Bandini of San Diego. Colonel Couts was fortunate in finding a companion and wife with many of the noblest traits of her sex and her race. Ysidora Bandini continued to live on the old homestead at Guajome after the death of her husband until she passed away in the spring of 1897, and showed marvelous skill in managing the property through the trying years of her early widowhood. She came of a family renowned for physical and mental strength and beauty, and at the time of her marriage she was regarded as the most beautiful young woman in Southern California. He father, Don Juan Bandini, was a prominent official under the Mexican government, living at San Diego, where Mrs. Couts was born. He was highly educated and early foresaw the results of the war with Mexico and was one of the first Southern Californians to ally themselves with the Americans. Three of his daughters, one of them Mrs. Couts, made the first American flag hoisted at San Diego. Mrs. Couts's grandfather, Don Jose Bandini, was a native of old Spain and an admiral in the Spanish Navy, being stationed on the Pacific Coast, and was in command in Peru when Don Juan, father of Mrs. Couts was born. The Bandini family was originally Italian. The October following his marriage Colonel Couts resigned his commission as a first lieutenant in the regular army, but soon afterward was appointed colonel and aide de camp on the staff of Governor Bigler, accounting for the military title with which his friends honored him. Colonel Couts has been described as a man of commanding figure, a little over six feet tall, straight, willowy and active, a perfect horseman, making a splendid appearance as a cavalry officer, and with the natural instincts of a gentleman supplemented by a thorough education. He was devoted to his family and in every transaction betrayed a strict integrity, though he was also a congenial companion, found of music and dancing, and a popular figure in all social circles. The most interesting part of his story is that which relates to the development he instituted in San Diego County. He was one of the first to discover that the climate and soil of that county were adapted to all kinds of agriculture and horticulture. He was the first to plant an orchard on a large scale with the improved varieties of fruits, and for years his was the only orange grove in San Diego County. About two years after leaving the army he lived at old San Diego, where he served a term as County Judge. In 1853, he and his family, consisting of his wife and two children, moved to Guajome. Guajome was an Indian grant containing 2,219 acres made by the Mexican Government to Andres, an Indian, and to his two sisters. It was bought by Mrs. Don Abel Stearns of Los Angeles and by her presented to Mrs. Couts as a wedding present. In the Indian language the word means "Home of the frog." When Colonel Couts took possession of it in 1852, there was not a sign of a tree, and it was his initiative and enterprise that later covered the tract with orchards, among them several of the tropical fruits, and as the "Chicomoya: or "Anona", "Marego," Auguacate" (alligator plant) and several others, also vineyards and other groves. He put up a camp on the land, made some willow poles and a few boards taken from San Diego, and that served him while he was building more commodious structures. As there was no running water on the land he dug a hole with a spade, and later enlarged that hole to a pone one hundred feet in diameter and seven feet deep, which had a constant flow of water, much of it used for irrigation purposes. Colonel Couts was special Indian agent, resigning on August 10, 1856, after having made a full report to the Honorable Commissioner of Indian Affairs and calling attention to the condition of the "poor Indian," and making suggestions that, had they been exercised, the Indians would not have been wronged or, as might be said, practically exterminated by the invasion of the white man. He also had the supervision of a large number of Indians in and around San Luis Rey, who loved and feared him. He commanded their services and labors, and from the labor of three hundred Indians constructed an immense adobe house built in a square, containing twenty rooms, with a courtyard filled with orange and lemon trees and varieties of flowers. The same labor erected barns, stables, sheds, and corrals and also servants' quarters, and finally a neat chapel was dedicated to the worship of God. Perhaps due to his military training, he had an almost infallible ability in managing and controlling Indians. He instituted system and order everywhere and visitors frequently knew without being told that "Don Cuevas" as he was generally called, was a military man. He also accumulated thousands of cattle, hundreds of horses and mules and many sheep, and purchased the San Marcos, Buena Vista and La Joha ranches, besides about eight hundred acres of government land adjoining his homestead. Altogether his estate aggregated about twenty thousand acres. He was prospering until the passage of the "no fence law," which practically ruined him financially and he was compelled to sell his livestock at a tremendous sacrifice. He was just beginning to recover from this disaster when death came to him while at the Horton House in San Diego, July 10, 1874. The tragedy of his useful career was that he was not permitted to enjoy the fruits of his toil and the expenditure of thousands of dollars in developing what might properly be considered a paradise. Colonel Couts was one of twelve children, his wife was one of ten, and their own family consisted of ten sons and daughters, namely: Abel Stearns Couts, who died in 1855, when nearly four years of age; Maria Antonia, widow of Colonel Chalmers Scott, of Los Angeles; William B., manager of the Baker Estate Realty Company, of Los Angeles, Cave J. Jr., a civil engineer by profession, living at Gujome in San Diego County; Nancy Dolores, who died 1868, at the age of eleven; Ysidore Forster Fuller, widow of the late Judge Fuller, of Los Angeles, where she resides; Elena, Mrs. Parker Dear, of Alhambra; Robert Lee, of Los Angeles, who died March 18, 1920; John Forester, of San Diego , and wife Caroline, wife of J.B. Winston, of Los Angeles. FROM THE GUEST BOOK ~ Couts Family Association Name: Erin McLaren, Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: San Diego Comments: I love your web page! My father is Alfredo Bandini Johnson, Jr. and I'm related to all those interesting people, although I don't know a whole lot about the family history. I'd love to come visit your library sometime, right now I currently live in San Francisco, just down the street from the mission. My relatives, The Arguello's are buried there as well. Record 72 Name: Robert Leo Cannon (Kautz), Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: Independence, Missouri Comments: I am working on my family tree and looking for relatives. My dad was Francis Leo Kautz, born in Stillwater Okla., His dad was John Jacob Kautz, born in Oklahoma in 1891 His dad was John George Kautz, born in Strausberg Germany in 1850, I believe, but I will have to verify this at a later date. From: Record 80 Name: Eli Nordstrom Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: Rector, PA -- Descendent of Virginia and Tuscarawas County Ohio Couts and Chadwell Families Comments: What a wonderful website. The dedication to the family is quite apparent. I am a the ggg-granddaughter of Wm. Peter Couts, Sr.. His Son Wm. Peter Jr. married Phoebe Chadwell, daughter of George and Ruth R. [Taylor] Chadwell of VA. They migrated to Tuscarawas County, Ohio where their son John Chadwell Couts married Mary Emaline Little, and to this union my grandmother, Wilma Elizabeth Couts was born. I am willing to share info with anyone interested, and would love to find "long lost" relatives! Record 74 Name: Mary Ellen Ledford, Website: Referred by: From a Friend From: TX Comments: Am very interested in the RUFFIN/VAUGHN lines as they connect with LEDFORD in Christian and Green Co. Mo. Sabra Laraceens Ruffin md Moses Marion Ledford cir 1868. Mary Couts Family Association Record 71 Name: Margot McLaren,, Ref by: From a Friend From: Kingston, Rhode Island Time: 1998-07-26 04:39:41 Comments: I am a descendant of Juan Bandini and Cave Johnson Couts. I currently work as a volunteer for the San Diego Historical Society Couts Family Association Record 75 Name: David L. Minton, woldoni@carlsbadnm.comWebsite: Refby: Geocities From: Lovington, NM Comments: Great site, was just hunting Minton's and dropped in. Thanks Record 76 Name: ERNEST R. KAUTZ, Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: ST. LOUIS MO. 63138 Comments: IS IT POSSIBLE TO GET COPY OF FAMLY TREE IFORMATION PLEASE FATHER TRYING TO DO HIS NAME ERNEST L. KAUTZ Record 78 Name: James Russell Koutz, wildchild_ Website: Referred by: Net Search From: Alma, Michigan Comments: Well someone in our family told us about this. We were excited to find out things and would be really interested to hear more about what goes on. Alicia Walker has attended our Koutz family reunion in Michigan. My grandfather was Edmun Koutz, and his wife was Sara (Steele) Koutz from Elwell, Michigan. If possible please e-mail us some information about anything that is going to be going on in the near future. It would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, James Russell Koutz and family Record 77 Name: David J. Kautz, dkautz@pce.netWebsite: Dragon's Home Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: Buffalo, NY Comments: Originally from Youngstown, OH GGGrandfather - August Kautz, Union Army, Battle of the Crater, Petersburg, VA (they still remember the name down there after 120yrs!!!) GGrandfather - Adolf Alexander Grandfather - Daniel Donald Father - Henry George Repeating family names - George, Daniel, Henry August Kautz had a brother that went west to Oregon after Civil war, most family history lost when Grandfather was orphaned at 8 yrs old. Subj: Re: Couts family Date: 98-10-14 From: (Blass) Here is some information Ned and I have dug up on Cave Johnson Couts. We visited Guajome, the home he and Ysidora built near Vista, CA. It is now a County park. Cave Johnson Couts was born at his family's ancestral home near Springfield, Tenn. on Nov. 11, 1821. Ruins of the old farm house and the family burial plot close by, established by his grandfather circa 1790, still remain in the possession of Couts' descendents. Cave attended schools in Springfield, Tenn. and Hollowell Preparatory School in Alexandria VA; then received an appointment to West Point in May 1838, arranged by his uncle Cave Johnson through James K. Polk. Graduated from WP 1843, commissioned Brevet Second Lt. in Reg. of Mounted Rifles, and was assigned to frontier forts prior to he Mexican War. Arrived in CA 1849 with an expedition to reinforce troops occupying CA. Marriage to Isadora Bandini April 5, 1851, Old Town San Diego. Wedding gift to bride was 2,219 acre tract of land known as Rancho Guajome presented by her sister Aracadia's husband Abel Stearns. 10 children born to Ysidora & Cave: Abel Stearns Couts died 1855 before 4th birthday, Maria Antonia Aracadia, William Bandini (Guillermo Antonio), Cave Jr. ( sometimes called Cueva), Nancy Dolores, Ysidora Forster, Elena Francisca, Robert Lee, John Forster, Maria Carolina. Cave Johnson Couts died February 24, 1874. Ysidora Bandini Couts, died May 24, 1897. Cave Couts was a colorful figure and the docent at Guajome gave quite a colorful presentation about his life. The information above comes from the booklet we bought there "Rancho Guajome, An Architectural Legacy Preserved." Hope this will be of interest to you and others. I will get the other Thomas Clark info. to you soon. Sue PICTURES OF CHRISLEY WADE COUTS AND THE ARMSTRONG FARM-HOME OF JOHN COUTS OF TENNESSEE CAN BE FOUND ON THE PICTURE ALBUM PAGE ~ Pictures courtesy of Debbie Parks and James Armstrong. Please click for e-mail. Please click to go back to the main page.