It is the goal of this newsletter to create interest in and share the research for the Couts (pronounced K-outz) and Allied Family genealogy. It can only be written with the cooperation of each family member. We encourage each of you to send in your family group sheets and enter data as far back as you can find. The information that you find within its covers will be as "true" as we can prove. We gladly accept articles, photos, genealogy lines, and family stories. UNCLE JOHN X6 AND 6X GREAT GRAND DAD? Abstract Surveys of the Shenandoah River John Couts, 80 acres, branch of Shenandoah River. Adjoining Teeters. January 20, 1771. Jacob Herman, 70 acres, branch of Shenandoah River. Adjoining Couts. January 2, 1771. Christian Teeter, [Christian Teeter Couts?] 85 acres, branch of Shenandoah River Jan 20, 1771 CATTLE RANCHING, CATTLE BRANDS, AND RANCHO GUAJOME, (excerpts), Submitted by: Lynn and Barbara Wilson and Tom and Dorrine Couts By Rancho Guajome and other County Parks Staff, from the office of: Alex A. Martinis, Director Dept. of Parks and Recreation in San Diego, Ca; cattle brand impressions were donated by Gregory J. Smith,Assessor/Recorder/ County Clerk; ...The Rancho Period Cc ( Cave Couts's Brand CC shaped like horseshoes one large one small) During the Rancho period, circa 1825 to 1860, thousands of cattle roamed freely over the hills and valleys of San Diego County. Cattle provided some meat and leather for local use, but more importantly made possible a steady supply of hides and tallow (fat). These were the currency used in lieu of cash to trade with merchants on ships along the coast. In this way rancheros were able to purchase household necessities and luxuries that were unobtainable in the pueblos, or Indian settlements.... On July 19, 1845, Governor Pio Pico granted Rancho Guajome to Luisenao brothers Andres and Jose Manuel, former neophytes at Mission San Luis Rey. Soon after, the brothers sold the 2,219.4 acres (one-league) rancho to Abel Stearns. Stearns was a wealthy Los Angeles rancher and merchant who during the 1830's established San Pedro the principal clearinghouse in Southern California for the hide and tallow trade. In 1851, Stearns gave Rancho Guajome to his sister-in-law Ysidora Bandini as a wedding present. Ysidora was the daughter of Juan Bandini, a distinguished social and political leader of San Diego. She had lived with Stearns' family and run their household for several years. Within two years, Cave Couts, Ysidora's husband, began construction of their residence at the ranch. Cave and Ysidora resided in Old Town after their marriage in 1851 until they moved to Guajome in 1853. The Boom Couts was a graduate of West Point Academy, Class of 1843, and a shrewd businessman who would become an important community leader in San Diego. His investment in livestock paid him huge profits in his early years as a ranchero. The cattle boom began in 1849, spurred on by the Gold Rush and the forty-niners enormous demand for beef. As a result of this demand, raising cattle became the principal activity at Rancho Guajome and the other ranchos throughout the state.... The Rancho Guajome brand was registered to Ysidora Couts on February, 1854. Like all rancheros, Cave Couts had to contend with a number of threats to the Guajome herd. In his business journal he recounted a number of calves and cows that periodically died for reasons that were not explained. Other deaths were explained. For example, as noted on Monday, April 14, 1856, Couts had to cope with cattle rustlers: "Found killed - Stolen - 2 Vaquilla [small cow]." There were also naturally hazards. For example, on Monday, June 18, 1855, he wrote, "Died - Vaca [cow] - Disease of head." One Saturday, March 3, 1855, his entry red, "Died - Novillo [small bull] - Bite of Snake." An entry made Saturday, October 18, 1856, recorded another loss, "Bear Killed Cow of Soto in Canada [small canyon] de los Alisoy"... The Bust The boom continued for seven years before several factors caused its demise...imports of sheep and eastern cattle, brought down the market; a two- year drought; the flood of 1862, and after 1872, rancheros were required to fence their herds. 1 Couts met the financial setbacks of these years by selling a portion of his San Diego property. He avoided a complete financial catastrophe during the lean years by turning to agriculture. though his cattle and horses he added 2,000 head of sheep. He supplemented these industries with orange groves and vineyards. Diversification of his various industries enabled Couts to recover his losses of earlier years and acquire vast acreage in the County; cattle ranching was no longer the primary activity at Rancho Guajome. In his last years Cave Couts suffered the discomfort of an aneurysm of the aorta. A final attack caused his death on June 10, 1874, at 53 years of age.


Thank you researchers! Page 185, Volume 10, No.4, April, 1975, "KY Ancestors" October 9, 1797 at the Court house in Newport A deed from Bartlett Bennet and Wife to John Koouts was proved by the Oaths of George Eve and Cave Johnson two of the Witnesses thereto and ordered to be certified. THE WILL OF JOHN COUTS OF INDIANA July 6, 1826 Collins curator of John Couts's heirs: Show all men by those present that I Thomas Collins as principal and we Richard Collins and William Collins as security all of the County of Lafayette in the State of Missouri for the use and benefit of the heirs of John Couts late of the State of Indiana deceased in the sum of one hundred dollars for the payment of which will and truly to be made we ? ourselves our heirs and jointly and sorerally firmly by these present dealed with our seals and dated this 6 th day of July 1826. The condition of this bond is such that whereas the said Thomas Collins has this day been appointed by the Lafayette County Court Curratoer of the estate of the heirs of John Couts late of the State of Indiana deceased. Now if this said Thomas Collins shall faithfully discharge all the duties of Curator of said heirs according to law then this bond shall be vice otherwise to remain in full force. Attest-Thomas Collins seal William X Collins seal his mark L. Eddy Richard X Collins seal mark ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A LETTER FROM JAMES ARMSTRONG Feb. 24, 1999 Dear Mrs. Evans, Greetings from Tennessee. In the 1780's, Morton Mauldin walked and notched trees to mark his intended "preemption claim" to be granted by the North Carolina assembly. By anchoring one corner of his claim across the Sulphur Fork Creek he asserted his right to a small tract of land separated from the main tract. This land was fertile, especially the ten acre creek bottom. Now where was there a finer stand of straight poplar trees, very essential in the construction of a log home. A sweet water spring located on the steep bluff overlooking Sulphur Fork Creek, could only be reached by threading down a sixty degree inclined path located between large protruding rocks. Even with difficulty, household water was very important for the early pioneers and claims with a good water source were very valuable. When the surveyor finally made the survey and drew the plot, the tract was in the shape of a triangle. The walk off for the claim of 640 acres was short by 15 acres. Not bad for a man with an axe, attempting to walk in a straight line through heavy underbrush. After 1800, land hungry pioneers poured into Middle Tennessee and purchased land at an alarming rate. In 1803, Mr. John [Couts] sold the sixty acres to Mr. Euphrondius Benton with the promise that he would lend his slaves to help build a cabin. They built a two-room cabin that stood until 1930. In 1825, another room was added and a dogtrot tied the cabin together with an outstanding feature, a long front porch. A tall chimney stood on the north end having been constructed from an abundance of limestone rock found in the area. When the foundation was removed, a root cellar was revealed. In 1908, my father came to this country and a family by the name of Webster owned the sixty acres and often invited him to Sunday lunch. He never said but I think there were several single Webster girls in the family. During the months Mr. Benton owned the property he cleared very little of the land. Records and deeds do not state why he became dissatisfied and sold the farm back to Mr. John. Observers and wags in later years said his wife complained about having to carry water up the steep bluff. It's a fact, the bluff is a steep one hundred and fifty-foot incline overlooking Sulphur Ford Creek. In addition to the gushing spring, the bluff offered dens and homes for a great number of red foxes. In the earlier years it was called or known as "Foxes Bluff". Mr. Webster once stated "the foxes ate more chicken than he did." In the 1960's and 1970's, there was a change in the animal population in Tennessee. Coyotes migrated from the western part of the United States and took over "Foxes Bluff". Since their coming the numbers have increased and on any given night their bark and howl may be heard. They are a very sly animal but occasionally I see one. The site is over populated with deer and now coyote. After Mr. Benton moved, Mary Couts and James Appleton moved into the house and around 1815, they decided to try their luck in Lawrence County, Tennessee. This information is included in their package. Sincerely, James S. Armstrong TREASURES OF THE FAMILY - Submitted by V.F. Williams, This is a history of the Pearson family as was written by my Uncle William Henry Pearson and give to my cousin Mattie Bess- Vivian Francis Williams. page2 868 colts Other stoc in proportion. I will now say something to you of some of my trials sometimes soon after Christmas I moved to Williams after being asked so to do after fixing them off for housekeeping, mad them a set of chairs, a spinning wheel a table candle stand and after doing all this I moved these and his wifes brother was taken with a kind of derangement. They in a few days moved one of their beds and in a day or two the other one and all the one They had, leaving me and mine as good as to say I thought now shift for yourself and besides all this I had bought a cow and young calf. and I took thare. They also moved hir to hir mothers done all this without saying one word to me about it, and I took an insult at this and left. I was thare on my property was two weaks and I moved back to your uncle A. Roses. I have had other trials since I have been without a home of my own let this surfice. I thank God that I am still able to suport mysel I have that cow and calf at your uncle A Roses. she cost me 35 dollars. 35 dollars. I still have one at Wm. She cost me 7 dollars. I told him to pay me the 7.00 and keep hir. he hant done it yet and I don't no that he will, so I will quit for the presant hoping these line may come safe to hand and find you well and doing well, you wrote in your letter that Henry was still in bad health which I was sorry to hear. And that he had again sold out and was talking of mooving to Lafayette Co. I can't get letters from him and I want you to write and le \t me now about him so nomore at present, fairwell from Nathaniel Pearson to John B. Pearson.P.S. Wright soon and do not fail. Letter 6 page I 1870 Warren Co. Kentucky Dec. 18 - 1870 Dear Son This Sabbath morning I take my pen in hand to write you a few lines. They leave me quite lonely with headache and lameness so that I can scarcely git about in my right foot and ancle. I cant tell what is the cause it may be rheumatism it commenced hurting me yesterday I will now say to you that Wm and family are all well or was a few days ago. I was thare The connectins here are all well as fare as I know at this time William has moved on his own place That is his wifes 43 acres Moved a few days ago he is settled I recon for a lifetime I am still at your Uncle A Roses by myself. They are gone visiting today I am quite lonesome I wish I was with you and Mary today. I am sorry that I had not come with John Rose and Ben Pearson when they come and if I live and have another sutch a chance I think I shall come. I may come sometime in March if I am able to travel as my money will be due the first of March I received your letter yesterday baring date December the 11 which was east Sunday was glad to hear from you I had been anxiously watching the office for some time. I want you to be sure to write every opportunity if you get any news form Henry I want you to write and let me know if you have his post office give it in you next letter so I shall begin to draw toward a close hoping these lines may come safe to hand and find you and yours in good health and prosperity together with all my friends and relations thare - hoping if we never more see each others faces in time We may all meet i n heaven whare the parting of friends will be nomore forever. So I add nomore at present fairwell from Nathaniel Pearson To John B. and Mary M. Pearson I will say for your comfort that John Rose and Ben Pearson have got well of the hert they got on thar way home from thare. Ben was hert right bad in his foot and uncle John wont so bad hurt as Ben so nomore. N. Pearson The Washington County Surveyors Record 1781-1797 © by Rhonda Robertson, 1998; presented by permission. Many Thanks! Where were our relatives, before they landed on their KY & TN property? Are these ours? Page 16 - Gasper Fleener...160 ac...Commissioners the Rich Valley on the waters of Trimbles Creek, branch of the north fork of Holston River... Beginning on the east side of a a steep spur of Walkers Mountain and along the foot of the same... May 4, 1782 - Gasper Fleenor...250 ac in the Rich Valley, on a branch of Trimbles Creek, includes his improvements by actual settlement made in 1774... August 17, 1781 Page 17 - Jacob Fleener...400 ac...Commissioners Certificate...on the head springs of a branch of Beaver Creek, waters of Holston River...Beginning corner to Nicholas Fleenors land...February 10, 1783 - Jacob Fleener, assignee of Henry Grymes, assignee of James Darherty...400 the head of Meadow Creek joining Beaver Creek waters, includes his improvements by actual settlement made in 1775...Aug 21, 1781 Page 20 - Nicholas Fleenor, assignee of James Dorchester, assignee of James Edward Morgan. ..200 ac on the head spring of Meadow Creek, includes his improvement, actual settlement made in 1774..Aug 16,1781 Page 30 - John Simmons...400 ac...on the south side of the north fork of Holston River...Commissioners Certificate...Beginning corner to Richard Fields & Moses Buckles...line of the heirs of William Fouler, decd...leaving Fowlers line and with Richard Butchers line...May 4, 1783 - John Simmons, assignee of John Crabtree...400 the Rich Valley on both sides of the north fork and by Fields path, includes his improvements, actual settlement made in 1774... August 27, 1781 Page 110 - William Tate...200 ac...on both sides of the north fork of Holstein...Certificate granted to Thomas Byrd and assigned to William Tate... Beginning on the bank of the River corner to Mer. Postons old tract...corner to Mer. Vances land... line of Tates adjacent survey...crossing the river on the river bank corner to Col. Campbells survey...June 3, 1783 - Thomas Byrd...200 ac on the north fork of Holstein River on both sides... 104 ac surveyed for Abraham Crabtree on May 31, 1774, actual settlement made in 1777... August 28, 1781 - Assigned to William Tate by purchase on October 13, 1783...Signed: Thomas Byrd. Witness: Aaron Lewis Page 202 - Joseph Jonston, assignee of John Hankins...120 ac...Preemption Warrant...on both sides of Indian Creek, north branch of the upper north fork of Clinch River...Beginning on the west side of Cants Ridge...April 25, 1783 Page 215 - Isaac Crisman...400 ac...Commissioners Powells Valley and on the north side of Wallins Ridge...Beginning on the south side of the a path...February 18, 1783 - Isaac Crisman, heir of Isaac Crisman, decd... 400 settlement made in Powells Valley known by the name of Rock Spring Station, includes improvements...August 14, 1781 Washington/deeds/surv1001.txt Page 255 - Adam Fleenor...145 ac... Treasury Warrant, assigned to Fleenor by John Lathim...on a branch of Beaver Creek, branch of Holstein River...Beginning line of John Teeters land...November 14, 1784 Page 255 - John Minton, assignee of Andrew Davison...290 ac...Commissioners Certificate... on both sides of the North Fork of Holstein River... Beginning at the foot of the River hills on the south side of the river a little below the Shallow Ford... January 4, 1783 - Assigned to John Minton on January 4, 1782 - Andrew Davison, assignee of Isaac Newland, assignee of James McNew ...400 ac...on both sides of the North Fork of Holstein River, includes improvements, actual settlement made in 1774...September 1, 1782 Page 298 - Isaac Anderson - 17 ac - treasury warrant - on the south side of the Middle Fork of Holstein river between Jacob Anderson and Isaac Roman - beginning in a sink hole - corner Anderson - corner to Isaac Roman - November 7, 1785 Page 337 - Henry Kounts - 330 ac - Commissioners Certificate - on the north side of the Middle Fork of Holstein River - beginning by a branch on Samuel White's line - lines of the heirs of General Campbell - near Henry Kounts' house - by the river on Michael Montgomery's line - June 10, 1786...Richard Holliett & John Woolsey, assignee of William McElheney - 400 ac - on the north side of the Middle Fork of Holstein, includes improvements, actual settlement made in 1771 - August 1, 1781...Assigned to Richard Holliott on December 26, 1781. Witness: Ezekiel Abell & Hugh Jackson. Signed: John Wollsey... Assigned to Henry Kounts & Thomas Woolsey on Sept. 23,1786. Witness: James Moore. Signed: Richard Holliott...Assigned to Henry Kounts on September 24, 1786. Witness: James Moore. Signed: Thomas Woolsey Page 353 - John Anderson - 617 1/2 ac - treasury warrant #11964 - on both sides of the north fork of Clinch River above and below the Turkey branch - beginning on the west bank of the river - on the side of the knobs - in a gap of the knobs - on the top of a low ridge corner to Wallins land - April 22, 1786 Page 385 - John Cate? - 175 ac - treasury warrant - on both sides of Opossom Creek, a north branch of the north fork of Holston River - corner to Will's land - corner to Morrison's land - April 8, 1789 Page 386 - John Anderson - 59 ac - treasury warrant #12701 - on the south side of the north fork of Holstein River - beginning at the mouth of a branch on the bank of the river - September 21, 1788 Page 399 - Francis Byrd & Charles Ison, assignees of William Treadway - 500 ac - Commissioners Certificate - tenants in common - on the north side of Henderson's line on the waters of the north fork of Holstein River - beginning on the south side of the Little Mountain - Rhodes corner - January 20, 1787... William Treadway, assignee of Joseph Gray, assignee of Lawrence Smith - 200 ac - joining Col. Henderson's boundary line, includes improvements, actual settlement made in 1775 - August 30, 1781 Page 424 - John Fleming - 23,755 ac - treasury warrant #1184 dated February 13, 1795 crossing the Laurell Fork - on the east side of Postons Gap - April 21, 1795 Page 435 - John Couts, assignee of Jacob Hortenstine, assignee of William Fletcher - 150 ac Commissioners Certificate - on the south side of the south fork of Holstein River - corner to John Jones land - corner to Couts little survey - April 7, 1795...Paulser Rouse & Jacob Hortenstine, assignees of William Fletcher, assignee of John Jones - 300 ac on the south fork of Holstein, 219 ac surveyed for John Jones December 28, 1774 - includes improvements, actual settlement made in 1770 - August 30,1781...Part of the certificate assigned to John Couts by Jacob Hortenstine. Witness: William Edmiston & Robert Dobson. Signed: Robert Preston Page 439 - John Fleenor - 50 ac - treasury warrant #14349 - on the waters of Beaver Creek, a north branch of Holstein River - crossing Fleenor's own land & Nicholas Fleenor's two surveys - January 15, 1795 Page 446 - John Anderson - 267 ac - treasury warrant - on a south branch of the north fork of Holstein River - 4 corner to his own land - crossing the blockhouse road - by a path - survey made by exchanged warrant #327 dated June 9, 1786 - December 29, 1795 Page 453 - John Fleenor - 100 ac - Preemption Warrant #1976 dated December 20, 1781 - on the north of Jacob Fleenors survey on the south side of Walkers Mountain on the waters of Beaver Creek, a south branch of Holstein River - corner to Jacob's survey and with Nicholas Fleenor's line May 25, 1796 Page 467 - John Preston, Sr. - 5000 ac - exclude Jacob Shutters 150 ac, Robert Walker 110 ac, Henry Brock, 50 ac, Elijah Gillenwaters 100 ac, John Thomas 150 ac, John Fleenor 100 ac, William McMillion, 60 ac = treasury warrant #1296 dated May 28, 1795 - on Walkers Mountain and the south branches of the north forks of Holstein River also the waters of Beaver Creek, a north branch of Holstein River - near the head of Richard Moor's Mill dam - crossing Mill Creek corner to James Fulkersons land - in a valley - near the foot of Walkers Mountain - leaving Fulkersons line - lines of Nicholas Fleenor - corner to John Fleenor's land - corner to Henry Grimes - corner to Jacob Taylor's land - corner of Godlove Havemarter - by the head of a spring where Hovewaster now lives and a corner of John Davis' land - corner to Massey Ervins survey on the north side of Walkers Mountain in the Rich Valley - corner to Robert Smith - corner to Nathan Smith's survey - corner to Robert Henderson - corner to Gasper Fleenor's survey - corner to John Young - in a gap of Walkers Mountain - October 2, 1795 Page 486 - William Henderson - 40 ac - treasury warrant #9063 dated November 21, 1781 - on the north side of Walkers Mountain on the waters of Fleenors Creek, a south branch of the north fork of Holstein River - line of John Young's survey - up Walkers Mountain - August 5, 1796 Page 499 - Nicholas Fleenor - 200 ac- treasury warrant #20702 dated November 11, 1783 - on the waters of Abrams Creek and on Walkers Mountain - corner to his survey of settlement right and on a spur of Walkers Mountain - near Baileys line - corner to Richard Moore and Lewis Pittsland - near McCarmack's sugar hollow - crossing a branch of Abrams Creek - May 19, 1796

The 1782 Washington County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List

Transcribed June 1998, Jeffrey C. Weaver, Arlington, Virginia Please note that this tax list was damaged prior to being microfilmed, and is in places difficult to read, and at least part of Captain Barnet's Precinct is missing.
Capt. Barnet's Precinct. Name Tithes Horses Cattle Slaves Slave Names Fleener, Adam 1 3 4 Fleener, Jacob 1 3 7 Fleener, Nicholas 1 8 ? Colonel Aaron Lewis' Precinct [Parts of this list were very faded and thus difficult to decipher.] Crabtree, (torn) ? 4 ? Byrd, (torn) ? 1 ? Byrd, James ? 2 ? The 1786 Franklin County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List by Jeffrey C. Weaver, July 26, 1998 Name No. Tithes WhitesOver 21Whites 16-21SlavesOver 16Slaves Under16Horses Cattle Choat, Edward, Sr. 2 1 0 1 0 4 7 Choat, Edward, Jr. 1 1 0 0 0 2 5 Choat, Edward, Sr. 2 1 0 1 0 4 7 Choat, Edward, Jr. 1 1 0 0 0 2 5 Byrd, Francis, Jun. 1 - Barton, David 1 1 0 0 1 8 17 Bird, James 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 Bird, Samuel 1 1 0 0 0 2 8 Wright, George 1 1 0 0 0 0 2 Wright, William, Sr. 1 1 0 0 0 2 0 Wright, John 1 1 0 0 0 2 2 Wright, James 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 Wright, William, Jr. 2 1 0 1 2 2 2
INTERNET NEWS Subject: make that Barton's Creek From: KyFoxFamily By private mail from a list person, I've discovered that John Brown was deeded 640 acres on Barton's Creek (not Barlow as the Kentucky record indicated) in Davidson County, TN, in 1797. At the time, John lived in Garrard County, KY. However, the deed gives his location as Madison Co., VA. (Kentucky became a state in 1792, but was part of Virginia at the end of the Revolutionary War.) Does anyone know where Barton's Creek is located? This would have been back in 1804 and earlier. Rita From: Old-To: Subject: Barton's Creek In 1792, Barton's Creek was in Davidson Co. According to Morris' Tennessee Gazeteer 1834, Barton's Creek was "a south branch of the Cumberland, in Dickson and Montgomery counties on which are several iron works and forges." Debie Cox Subject: Rebecca Askew Barbara -Thanks so much for contacting me. I visited your site and was thrilled to see the ASKEW names in your newsletters!The ASKEW's are my wife's ancestors; she descends from Rebecca [ASKEW] COUTS' brother, William E. ASKEW. I know very little about Rebecca, other than what I have found on the census. She and her twin sister, Paulina W. ASKEW, were b. 13 (or 15) May 1852 in Butler Co., KY (Paulina d. in Johnson Co., MO, in 1875). Rebecca md. Joseph M. COUTS, 27 Mar 1870 in Johnson Co., MO. Their child, Joseph E. COUTS (1878-1888) is buried beside Rebecca's father in Montague Co., TX. In Misouri, the ASKEW's owned land between Post Oak and Chilhowee on both sides of the Johnson-Henry county line. Missouri land entries show that their neighbors in Henry County included William and Thomas H. COATS (sic?). If always suspected that they were COUTS's, but I was not certain. I have not found any other COUTS reference while researching the ASKEW's there. As I mentioned, I have lots of ASKEW data to share. I would love to compare notes. Thanks again Bobby From: "scouts" Subject: Couts Genealogy My name is Shelli Couts and am interested in talking to other Couts' family members. My own immediate family is of average size but we really do not know a lot about our ancestry. If I can provide you with any information I would be glad to do so. If you can offer any assistance in my search, it would be greatly appreciated. It's nice to know that there others out there. From: Subject: Kautz/Couts Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 Barb, Nothing new on Christian Kautz and family. I have entered some queries on various Internet genealogy sites, trying to find the whereabouts of the Kautzes and the Christoph Kießling family, after they all disembarked from the ship Neptune in Oct., 1752, but have not received one positive answer. It appears to us now, though, that probably Christoph and his two young sons, Teter and John, went to Virginia as early as 1754 and that Christoph married a second time in 1757, to Christine Lingle. No record though. We assume his wife, Gertrude (nee Kautz), and his daughter, Eva Elizabeth, born 1751, died before 1754, maybe on board the ship Neptune. One Kesling descendant cousin claims to have done much research in previous years in Berks Co. and Lancaster Co., PA, and says she did not find Christoph in either of those counties after 1752. That's possible because in order for there to be a record, Christoph would have had to do something to make a record - buy or sell land, have a criminal record, be listed in a church record, get married, pay a tax, etc. I'd also assume the elder Kautzes, Christian and his wife, died soon after reaching America. Christian was in his early sixties in 1752. Earl F. Kisling From: Mary Nell Franks Subject: [Fwd: Re: Dykes, Choate, Lankford, Brown] Hi, Just thinking about the Choats some and thought that I might think a little on your info on Richard Choate. Do you think that he is probably the brother of Thomas who married Elizabeth Ann "Ann" Keith? This is my line to the best of our research efforts.... at this point. I live about 75 mi. from Warren Co., Tn. and have friends - Woods, Drivers, and Clancys that live there.. I'll be looking forward to hearing back from you. Mary Nell Subject: Choate's Times and Places Hope this might be of some help concerning the Choate's. If anyone is interested I have an attempt at doing a genealogy for Christopher and Prudence Choate. All help is appreciated. Mary Nell,, Subject: Re: Dykes, Choate, Lankford, BrownTo Barb And All: Thanks for the post Barb I am on the Warren County list because of my poor illegitimate great grandfather in Hugh Lawson White Hill, b. 1840 Warren Co TN, ran away to Lawrence Co at age 14. Probably son of Congressman of same name who married child bride of prominent military family three months after mine was born. Re my poor Powhatan Choate, b. 1807, Robertson Co TN (and thanks to Mary Lou I have quite an interesting picture of him that certainly looks like the definition of a Melungeon) -- me with the gedcom that says his father is Edward, his grand father is Gabriel, and read grandfather is Valentine. Neither Edward or Gabriel pans out datewise as even the father of Powhatan b.1807 and the youngest of about ten kids. Anyway, the Robertson Co TN 1820 census is on line (through and there are Gabriels, Valentines, and Edwards there. As soon as I get a chance I am going to look at their households and see which one has a son age 13 or so who should be the youngest. Maybe that will help. DO ANY OF YOU HAVE ANY CHOAT WILLS FOR VALENTINE, EDWARD OR GABRIEL. I have gone through Giles Co Records here looking for Valentine will or probate info. and in Robertson for Edward and Gabriel, but can't find anything. Happy New Year, etc. Janet Hunter From:

Subject: Fwd: Choate/Chotes To: CC:,,

Hi I have just completed a "Timeline" of the Southern-line of Choates according to some records I've collected. I did this to trace some related families also-the Hollis and Bird/Byrd families. I will be glad to email you a copy if you're interested. I would like to get additions, et Just let me know. Mary Nell Hollis Franks

From: Date: Sun, 21 Feb 1999 21:44:05 EST Subject: Re: Lizzie Fleenor's Line

I have been off-line for over a month (just moved to a new house). Read your family history on the Fleenors. The Juila Ann Fleener that I am interested in was born before 1851. She was the mother of my G. G. Grandfather John Almon. I have copies of census records and will showing marriage to a Nathen Almon.

From: Date: Sun, 21 Feb 1999 21:47:25 EST Subject: Re: Fleener

Bingo - #3 Issac Fleenor and Moses Fleenor, #4 child Julie Ann Fleener, America Jane Fleener married an Almon, as well as another Almon one generation later. Do you have any further info on this person? From: "Nettie Mae" Subject: Re: Couts Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 Hi Barb: I am sending you a family outline of the Couts I am most interested in. Sarah Lucille Davis was the sister of my great-grandmother, Lenna. Their parents were Thomas and Mahala Davis. I am hoping that by gathering info on the children of Thomas and Mahala, I can find SOMETHING that will lead me to their parents. I have quite a few pictures at my web site that have Couts in them. (If you go to the site listed below and click on the Foyer, I believe the pictures are in the 2 or 3rd generation) I may also have more info on the McCoy that married Pearl Couts. Thank you for your interest. I would love to exchange info. If you would like to exchange gedcoms, let me know. Nettie Mae Come visit the Hoadley Connection Surnames: HOADLEY, DAVIS, LEIGH, HUMPHREY, COOK, GREEN, ROBINSON, WILSON, CLAYTON, BOESEN, NAZA

From: "Nancy Sorrells" Subject: [VAAUGUST-L] Brock's Gap To:

Brock's Gap is in the northwest portion of Rockingham County (originally Augusta County before Rockingham separated out in 1778. The river is now known as the North Fork of the Shenandoah River (as opposed to the South Fork of the Shenandoah which is made up of North, Middle and South Rivers). Nancy Sorrells

From: "Debbie Cole" Subject: Re: Bentley Barton

Barb, You are quite welcome. I myself have had many problems in the past keeping all the Bentley's and Berry's, within this line in their proper places. Could you possibly give me a hint on the sources for Thomas BARTON, father of Bavester BARTON. As I said I have been researching this line for about 20 years. Being a descendant of Bentley B. BARTON and Martha Elizabeth PEARSON through their son Berry BARTON and Padelia Ann WHITSITT, I am in hopes of someday finding all of the descendant of Bentley B. and Martha's line of 15 children. I also wish to thank you for the wonderful information contained within your newsletters. I found #5 to be very helpful in my search for the family of Martha Elizabeth PEARSON. In article titles Family Treasures submitted by Vivian Frances Williams, of Pattonsburg MO. I not only learn of Martha parentage, but also discovered that I only live about 15 mile from this person. I have contacted the submitter and I am going to visit with them and look at all of their records next week. Without your newsletters, I may have never found this connection! Thank you once again. Debra Barton Cole

Subj: Dr. Richard Starke Date:99-02-15 From: (Charles E. Stark)

On a FTW search page I found the following with a link to I found no mention of Dr Richarde Starke in the newsletter. The reference is; "California's Couts Cousins ...and came to Virginia, and possibly Richard Starke, a brother of Archibald and James \n..." I have a fairly complete genealogy of Dr. Richard Starke of the Independent City of Hopewell, VA, but what was probably considered York Co in colonial times, from about 1690 until his death in 1704. He is my 7th g-grandfather . I will be happy to share what I have if you are researching the line. My question is; Where did the info that he was a brother of Archibald and James originates? There have been many family researchers trying to track Dr Richard across the pond and all have met with failure. He seems to appear in VA ca 1680 and cannot be found on ship lists. A cousin went to Scotland (family legend reports he was from Glasgow)but could find no trace. There have been many who tried to relate him to James Stark of Stafford Co, VA and also to the New England Stark line of Gene Stark, ( but no proofs have been forthcoming.Do you have anything on this? Any info will be appreciated.Thanks,Charlie..Mesquite, TX

From: Date: Sun, 4 Apr 1999 Subject:[TNSUMNER-L] Re: Simmons/Bradley/Meador

Barb,This is WONDERFUL stuff! I appreciate your sharing your information with me, it enables me to 'round out' the branches on my collateral lines. It's always interesting to have that answer to the question, "what happened to these guys-they disappeared off the face of the earth!". Thanks so much for your generosity. [IT'S A FAMILY THING] If I may have anything on the Meador family that you'd think would help, I'll be happy to share. Sincerely, Sherry Subject: Fwd: COUNCE From: Just found your newsletter on the FTM site. I have an ancestor, Christina Counce b. 1774 in Germany d. 25 Nov. 1857 at Morgan Co. IND. She married Elijah Lang who was b. 19 May 1777 in England & d. 25 July 1838 at Morgan Co. IND. Their son James Lang is my ancestor. He was b. 10 Apr. 1806 at Pulaski Co. KY & m. Elizabeth Deaton b. 8 Oct. 1816 either KY or NC & d. 3 Mar 1874 at Wolfe Co. KY. The Deaton line goes back to the 1600's in VA, NC, KY etc. To date Christina Counce has been an unsolved mystery as is her husband Elijah Lang. Helen Carlson Subj: I think this is interesting.... (pat evans) Barbara, Did a search on just John Couts and came across this in 1850. Never heard you mention 23rd division of something before. Found 3 pages that matched your query (showing 3): 1850 TN Census Index Couts, John, Sr. TN ROBERTSON CO. 10TH DISTRICT 87 1850 1850 TN Census Index Couts, John F. TN ROBERTSON CO. 9TH DISTRICT 69 1850 17 1850 number before year is page number. 1860 IN Census Index Couts, John IN BLACKFORD CO. WASHINGTON TWP 593 1860 Do you have this? Pat Subject: Fwd: Couts genealogy I see a Maram Brown Bridgman in your genealogy.... I in my line there is a Marian (Mariam?) Brown Bridgman: born: about 1790 in you have additional info? gary bridgman Subject: Couts From: "Long, Deborah" Barbara, My grandmother was Elizabeth Couts b: abt. 1849. She lived in Pennsylvania, but I don't know for sure where she was born, I think she died in Pennsylvania, I know she is buried there. She was married to my gggrandfather, John Frank Cunningham, for a very brief time 1871- 1873. They only had one son together as far as I know, b: in 1872. They were divorced 12/1983 and she married Dallas Ayers in 1974. Was her father Michael Couts? Do you know more about her parents and her siblings? I appreciate anything you can share with me. Thanks, Debbie A LETTER FROM RUBY COVINGTON - The Cross Plains Heritage Commission P.O. Box 7 Cross Plains, Tennessee 37049 February 18, 1999 Dear Barbara; Always enjoy getting your newsletter. Read all of it to see if I can help any with your research. Sending you a part of a letter received from one of our members in Virginia, maybe you can find the picture she referred to. The other papers are from Cave Johnson, I have noticed the name Care in all generations. My husband is descendant from Mary Johnson and was Thomas Johnson's sister. She married a Frey and their daughter married LeRoy Covington his gggrandfather. You can E-mail me at the Njaybird1 anytime that is my daughter, we have two computers but both at her house, sometimes may get one here and go on line. If you noticed the last cover was a Simmons she married a Baggett. We found out after printing the Journal. Keep Up Your Good work! Ruby Covington I am privileged to be the Curator of Education of the U.S. Army Quartermaster Museum and the Editors note saying Henry Adams Tate buried at Pleasant Grove served in WWI as a Quartermaster made me wonder if he had been stationed in Virginia at what was then called Camp Lee. It was Camp Lee in WWII also but is now Fort Lee. I see many Fort Campbell Airborne from time to time . Loving history is just part of who I am so you will never know how much it pleasured me to be sure an image I'd seen years ago in a periodical the Museum gets, which was on Mexican War clothing, the soldier was in this case identified a Cave Johnson Couts. I knew the name for Robertson County History and names I'd red. In fact at the time I xeroxed the picture meaning someday to ask some one in Tennessee. There wasn't anyone left for me to ask. Somewhere among my Tennessee stuff, it's stuck. But I found closure to my question of questioning, "why" it gave the Huntington Library as a source for the picture. There is a huge library in LA area called the Huntington, and his family is there, the article says…Sincerely Betty Bishop

Picturesque Clarksville, Past and Present A History of the City of Hills 1887 W.P. Titus

Submitted by Ruby Covington Page 289 Cave Johnson Family Clarksville, Tenn. January 10th, 1863 - To my sons, Hickman, Dickson and Polk: You will desire to know something of your family relations, and I have concluded to gratify you with all the information I possess as derived from the various members of the family with whom I have met. Henry Johnson, my grandfather, removed from Pennsylvania to North Carolina during the Revolutionary war, in which he served as a private, under what command or in which of the campaign I know not. He settled near the forks of the Tadkee, a few miles from Salisbury, where he resided until the year 1796, when he removed to Robertson county and settled at a place now belonging to the family of Ben Porter, deceased, tow and a half miles east of Springfield. He afterwards purchased on Karr's Creek, about three miles south of Springfield, where he died in 1815. His place was sold lately to Walter Bell. His wife was Rachel Holman. Of her family I knew nothing, except her brother Dave Holman, who lived many years in Robertson county near the Cross plains, where he died, leaving a large family of sons and daughters. She died about the time of her husband, leaving the following children: William, Thomas, Henry, Issac, Joseph, Jessie V., Rebecca, Mary, and Rachel. Rachel died before she became of age and unmarried. All of them moved from North Carolina and settled in Robertson county, with their families, except Thomas, who had settled there in 1789. William Johnson, first son, married Diana Morgan; had a large number of children, of whom I knew Thomas, Henry, and Elizabeth, afterwards married to James Burton. Thomas removed with Morgan and settled in Carroll county, Tennessee, and afterwards to Arkansas, where his family still resides. Henry removed with his father and family to Green county, Alabama, where William and wife both died. Henry and most of the family afterwards removed to Mississippi, where they now reside. I know now but little of any of them. Thomas Johnson, second son, settled in Robertson county s a surveyor in 1789, when to Kentucky the next year, and was married to Mary Noel at Craig's Station, near Versailles, Ky, and brought her to Robertson county in 1790, then Davidson county. He was actively engaged as a captain of a company in suppressing Indian hostilities, and rendered much service to the frontier settlers, and went with the company to Nick-a-Jack on the Tennessee River and was in the battle. He and his company were compelled to cross the river by swimming on logs and surprised the Indians and killed a great many. After the treaty of peace with the Indians made at Greenville in 194, he engaged in surveying, was elected Colonel of his county, and was a member of the convention which famed the State Constitution in 1796. After the organization of the State, he was elected the Clerk of the County Court of Robertson county, and in 1800, he was elected Brigadier-General in preference to Colonel John Shelby, of Montgomery, when it was apprehended that we should be involved in a war with France, if not a civil war with the Federal party, then headed by John Adams and Alexander Hamilton. He was the active, decided and efficient friend to Jefferson, and warmly and zealously opposed to the doctrines, as well as the leaders, of the Federal Party. [1/4/02]Subject: William Johnson (son of Henry & Rachel Johnson) From: Nancy Foster I was doing some genealogy research on the web, and happened to come across your website while doing a search on Henry and Rachel (nee Holman) Johnson. I was pleasantly surprised to find that you had posted a letter written by Cave Johnson that is included in the family records given to me by my father. This letter is contained in your Newsletter 12, and is entitled "Picturesque Clarksville, Past and Present - A History of the City of Hills" (1887 W.P. Titus). William Johnson, 1st son of Henry Johnson, was my ggg grandfather. Although the article as published on your website lists "Diana Morgan" as his wife my copy has him married to "Dianna Adams." That is also consistent with our family records, which record the date of the marriage as March 31, 1783 in Rowan County, North Carolina. Dianna and William are buried at Beulah Church in Newton Co., MS. Their are also a couple of differences in the children of Rachel and Henry. I think that "Jessie V." should actually be "Jacob V.", who became a doctor and married the daughter of General Robert Jarmon. Also, there is another daughter, Elizabeth (b. 11-30-1770), who married Sampson Matthews. Otherwise, my copy of that letter appears to be the same, except that it is much longer. It references numerous other relatives, including your ancestors, Nancy Johnson, who married William Couts. The information I have on Rachel Holman and Henry Johnson is as follows: "Accompanied by his brother Isaac, Henry Johnson (1738-1815) came to America from Ireland (County Antrim) as a small child. He served as a private from 1777-1780 during the Revolutionary War. He resided in Pennsylvania, NC., and finally settled in Robertson County, Tenn. Rachel Holman (1743-1815) was from Massachusetts, the daughter of Isaac Holman, a soldier during the Revolutionary War, and Mary Elizabeth Thompson. She married Henry Johnson in Pennsylvania in 1763 and is buried beside him in Tennessee. They had ten children." Thanks for letting me visit your site. Any other information you have on Henry Johnson and Rachel Holman or their ancestors would be appreciated. Of course, feel free to contact me if you think I can help you in any way. Nancy Johnson Foster Holland, Michigan [Thanks for the corrections, I always like to be as accurate as possible. Join us any time...Barb] HELP NEEDED!! FROM A PERSON LIVING NEAR OR VISITING KENTUCKY STATE LIBRARY Yours truly, needs a copy of these deeds: 1. 1798 Couts, Henry and Sarah (Wife) Grantor / Coal, Ebenezer Grantee Deed Book A Page 116, 70 acres on Sugar Creek - FILM 25146 PART 3 -no one seems to be able to find this. It could be a key to the proof needed to link Henry and Teter Couts 2. Source: Early Kentucky Landholders 1797-1811 Dated 7 May 1794 Book/Page 3.06 This land was on Sugar Creek and Henry Couts Owned 50 Acres on Sugar Creek . I will happily pay for postage and printing costs.


Certified Historic Sites In Tennessee -"the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail provides for certifying sites along the trail route that have historical significance to the march of the Patriot army to Kings Mountain". · Choate's Ford - This site is not certified. The ford is now covered by waters of the Boone Lake. · Kings Mountain National Military Park · "Kings Mountain National Military Park commemorates a pivotal and significant victory by American Patriots over American Loyalists during the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War. The battle fought on October 7, 1780 destroyed the left wing of Cornwallis' army and effectively ended Loyalist ascendance in the Carolinas. The victory halted the British advance into North Carolina, forced Lord Cornwallis to retreat from Charlotte into South Carolina, and gave General Nathanael Greene the opportunity to reorganize the American Army." 'Kings Mountain National Military Park was established on March 3, 1931 by an act of congress "in order to commemorate the Battle of Kings Mountain."' "Kings Mountain National Military Park is the terminus of the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail commemorating the route of the Patriot army from the mountains to the battle."


This Indenture made and entered into this twenty fourth day of November in the year of our lord, one thousand eight hundred and nineteen, between John Couts and Polly his wife of the county of Warrick and the State of Indiana of the one part, and Ratliff Boon of the county and State aforesaid of the other part, Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred and eighty dollars, current money of the United States, to the said John Couts and Polly his wife in hand paid, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, and said John Couts and Polly his wife, have given, granted, bargained, and Sold, and by this presents, do give, grants, bargain and Sell, Alien, release, convey, and confirm, unto the said Ratliff Boon his heirs and assigns, a certain tract on parcel of grand, situate, lying and being in the county and State of aforesaid and boundaries as follows, (To with) Beginning at the south East corner of the south west quarter or lots of section Number twenty nine in township number five south of range Number Eight West on the District of lands office, for sale at said ---- running thence West along the South boundaries of said lot or quarter section eighty pole, thence North by a straight line is the Northern boundary of said quarter to the North corner thereof thence south with the line dividing the south west and ___- East quarter of the section range and township of or said to the place of ___to have and to hold unto the said Ratliff Boon his heirs and assign for together with a and singular the appurtenance thereto belonging, or in any appertaining and the said John Couts and Polly his wife their executors, or administrators, will forever warrant and defend, the right and a title of the said tract or parcel of ground, unto the said Ratliff Boon his heir and assign, agent ___ and every person or person whatsoever.. In testimony hereof the said John Couts and Polly his wife and their heirs and their hands are affirmed heir seals the day and ate herein writing. Singed sealed, delivered his Matthew Nealey John X Couts Seal Joseph Deforret mark her Polly X Couts Mark State of Indiana Warrick County I John Abraham ____ in and for the County aforesaid do hereby certify that the way the above names John Couts and Polly his wife _____ appeared before the ___ and ___ to indenture _______________sale to Ratliff Boon as and for their voluntary ______- See Picture Page: MARY ELLEN "ELLA" COUTS March 31, 1891 July 25, 1978 SAMUEL VINCENT ALLEN December 2, 1897 February 1, 1974 CAVE COUTS Bancroft Library Daughter of James Monroe Couts and Mary Ellen "Lizzie" Connor From Indiana - Photos courtesy of L.B. "Bruce" Allen
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