Newsletter 14CALIFORNIA'S COUTS COUSINS VOLUME 4 November December January NUMBER 1 1999-2000 A Quarterly Newsletter for the Descendants of the Couts Family #14 OK, so I messed up on the numbering of the others…. WELCOME- It is the goal of this newsletter to create interest in and share the research for the Couts (pronounced Koutz) and Allied Family genealogy. It can only be written with the cooperation of each family member. We encourage each of you to send in your family group sheets and enter data as far back as you can find. The information that you find within its covers will be as "true" as we can prove. We gladly accept articles, photos, genealogy lines, and family stories. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> A LETTER FROM MR. ARMSTRONG Maple Bluff Farm October 19, 1999 Dear Barbara, during the early settlement of this county, my great-great grandfather, Eli Baggett, was a very good and close friend of your ancestor, Jackson Couts. The Baggett Family moved from North Carolina to Robertson County in March 1815 and leased 215 acres of land (later purchasing) adjacent to the property of John Couts. This land was part of the "preemption" grant made to Hugh Henry, a brother-in-law to John Donelson of The Adventure fame. In a few years a friendship developed between Eli and Jackson. The boys spent their spare time, riding horses, fishing and hunting the untamed countryside. For the next thirty-five years they remained warm friends and co- workers in civil affairs. By the time the two sons had grown to manhood, Eli had married the daughter of James Owen, a revolutionary soldier. They met while she visited her married sister, Minor Owen Baggett, the wife of Eli's brother Jesse Baggett. During the next year period, and other Owen sister, Henrietta, married John Couts, Jr. and ten years later my future great grandfather, Thomas Savage, married Eli's oldest daughter, Nancy Baggett, thereby placing the Owen line in my tree. It's revealed now why I have heard these stories of the Couts family. In one of your newsletters (Vol. 2 & 3) the name Lucy Savage, (the sister to great- grandfather) was mentioned by Mrs. William Couts in a letter to her son, Cave Couts in California. Apparently from her wording he apparently knew her before leaving Tennessee. When Eli's father died he inherited the farm and distillery. From all family reports Eli was more interested in farming and public service than being a distiller. To relieve him of the work of operating a distillery he hired his future son-in-law, Thomas Savage, and put him in chare of all distillery operations. Thomas enlarged the building and within one year had tripled the production. Soon after Eli's death, Thomas hired an agent in Nashville, Tennessee, and in Louisville, Kentucky to store and sell the product. Jackson, after the death of John, Sr. inherited the farm and distillery, followed Eli's thinking and hired a full time distiller. This free time enabled both men to buy and sell land to a fast growing country. Grandfather said, "he and his three brother worked in the distillery, but never drank the liquor.". He also said, "neither did Eli or Jackson, both were teetotalers." Jackson's brother, John Jr. owned a farm and distillery on Beaver Dam Creek, but in 1875 a flash flood swept both dam and distillery away, leaving a mill building. In 1925, this building was remodeled into a small grocery store and John, Sr.'s great-great grandson, Wallace Couts ran the business until 1931. With Regards <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT - EASTERN STATES, GENERAL LAND OFFICE Patent Description IN2220__.275 Cancelled: N Document Nr. : 19918 Misc. Document Nr. : Patentee Name: COUTS, JOHN Warrantee Name: Authority: April 24, 1820: Cash Entry Sale (3 Stat. 566) Signature Present: Y Signature Date: 8/1/1839 Metes/Bounds: N Survey Date: Subsurface Reserved: N Land Office: VINCENNES, IN Legal Land Descriptions Nr. Aliquot Parts Sec/Blk Township Range Fract. Sect. Meridian Acres Counties 1 E½ SE 9/4-S9-W N 2ND PRINCIPAL MERIDIAN 80 WARRICK ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Patent Description IN2110__.343 : N Document Nr. : 14433 Misc. Document Nr. : Patentee Name: COUTS, JOHN Warrantee Name: Authority: April 24, 1820: Cash Entry Sale (3 Stat. 566) Signature Present: Y Signature Date: 9/1/1838 Metes/Bounds: NSurvey Date: Subsurface Reserved: NLand Office: VINCENNES Legal Land Descriptions Nr. Aliquot Parts Sec/Blk Township Range Fract. Sect. Meridian Acres Counties 1 SW 10/4-S9-WN 2ND PRINCIPAL MERIDIAN 160 WARRICK ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Patent DescriptionIN2120__.392 IN2120__.392 Cancelled: N Document Nr. : 14987 Misc. Document Nr. : Patentee Name: COUTS, JOHN Warrantee Name: Authority: April 24, 1820: Cash Entry Sale (3 Stat. 566) Signature Present: Y Signature Date: 2/1/1839 Metes/Bounds: NSurvey Date: Subsurface Reserved: N Land Office: VINCENNES Legal Land Descriptions Nr.Aliquot Parts Sec/Blk Township Range Fract. Sect. Meridian Acres Counties 1 SENE 9/ 4-S 9-W N 2ND PRINCIPAL MERIDIAN 40 WARRICK ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Patent Description IN2220__.274 Cancelled: N Document Nr. : 19917 Misc. Document Nr. : Patentee Name:COUTS, LEVI Warrantee Name: Authority: April 24, 1820: Cash Entry Sale (3 Stat. 566) Signature Present: Y Signature Date: 8/1/1839 Metes/Bounds: N Survey Date: Subsurface Reserved: N Land Office: VINCENNES Legal Land Descriptions Nr. Aliquot Parts Sec/Blk Township Range Fract. Sect. Meridian Acres Counties 1 SENW 10/ 4-S 9-W N 2ND PRINCIPAL MERIDIAN 40 WARRICK ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Patent Description IN3190__.424 Cancelled: N Document Nr. : 28802 Misc. Document Nr. : Patentee Name: COUCH, SARAH Warrantee Name: Authority: April 24, 1820: Cash Entry Sale (3 Stat. 566) Signature Present: Y Signature Date: 5/15/1837 Metes/Bounds: N Survey Date: Subsurface Reserved: N Land Office: CRAWFORDSVILLE Legal Land Descriptions Nr. Aliquot Parts Sec/Blk Township Range Fract. Sect. Meridian Counties 1 SENW 19/ 18-N 1-W N 2ND PRINCIPAL MERIDIAN 37.05 BOONE <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> INTERNET
Subject: Re: Couts not Coots From: "Ron and Jennifer Bailey" This is all that I have on the Couts name ..........Sorry it isn't much............Jen 1 Robert COUTS . +Adeline Joyce KEISER b: Indiana Father: Everett Keiser Mother: May Elizabeth Hartman .... 2 [1] Mark COUTS ........ +Rebecca Lou KETCHAM .... *2nd Wife of [1] Mark Couts: ........ +Linda GRIFFO .......... 3 Rachel Amanda COUTS .......... 3 Allison Renee COUTS .... 2 Cindy COUTS .... 2 Sherri COUTS .... 2 Kristy COUTS .... 2 Mary Carol COUTS Jen Bailey Jen's Corner Go here and vote for Jen's Corner <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< From: "Ron and Jennifer Bailey" Subject: Re: Your Couts line The Couts is a very distant line that married into a line that connects to another line that eventually connects to the Cooper family which is my main line. Here is where it connects: 1 Isaac CONDIT b:5 Jun 1796 d: 18 Feb 1840 +Catherine Cooper b:17 Jun 1798 m: 7 Oct 1817 d:12 Feb 1876 2 2 David CONDIT b: 08 Jul 1818 .... 2 Caroline CONDIT b: 05 Feb 1821 .... 2 Rebecca CONDIT b: 12 Jul 1823 .... 2 Ephraim CONDIT b: 29 Jul 1826 .... 2 Eunice CONDIT b: 09 Nov 1830 d: 06 Oct 1873 +John MCCREARY b: 14 Jun 1832 m: 10 Apr 1851 d: 28 Oct 1906 .......... 3 Pulaski Fulton MCCREARY b: 01 Apr 1852 in Bucyrus, Crawford County, Ohio d: Oct 1918 .............. +Olive May BRAUNELLAR b: 22 Feb 1862 in Findlay, Ohio m: 01 Dec 1881 d: 23 Jun 1952 in Blough ................ 4 Zenith Demott MCCREARY b: 05 Jan 1883 in Miami County, Indiana d: 21 Apr 1962 .................... +Bertha WHITE b: 23 Jul 1886 in Starke County, Indiana m: 28 Jan 1905 d: 30 Nov 1975 in Peru, In ...................... 5 Ralph Leon MCCREARY b: 05 Nov 1906 in Marshall County, Indiana d: 31 Oct 1967 in Peru, In +Ruth SHERRY b1 Jun 1909 Lafayette, Indiana m: 21 Apr 1934 Lafayette, In d: Apr 1978 Peru, In ...................... 5 Wilma May MCCREARY +Kenneth L. KINNEY b: 11 Dec 1904 Nappanee, In d: 17 Mar 1984 ...................... 5 [2] Zenith LaVerne MCCREARY b: 04 Sep 1910 in Marshall County, Indiana d: 29 Jul 1965 in Plymouth, Indiana +Marie SPAULDING *2nd Wife +Bernice COLVILLE ...................... 5 Gerald Verdene MCCREARY b: 25 Jan 1913 in Plymouth, Marshall County, Indiana d: 10 Dec 1975 in Peru, Miami County, Indiana +Phyllis HINES ...................... 5 [3] Clara Esther MCCREARY +Roy WALLICK *2nd Husband +Oscar William MANNIES *3rd Husband +William H. OSBORN Father: Mother: ...................... 5 Paul MCCREARY b: 20 Mar 1920 in Peru, Miami County, In d: 20 Mar 1920 Peru, In ................ 4 Iva Frances MCCREARY b: 09 Dec 1884 in Gilead, Indiana d: 05 Jun 1978 in Countryside Place, Knox County, In +William Samuel HARTMAN b: 23 Aug 1884 in Burr Oak, In m: 28 Mar 1908 Plymouth, Indiana d: 26 Apr 1937 in Holland, Michigan ...................... 5 Sylvia Belle HARTMAN +Arthur E. HAMMAN d: 21 Feb 1961Galesburg Illinois ...................... 5 Esther Lorine HARTMAN +Louis Mental DAVIS b: 31 Oct 1902 English Lake, In d: 03 Jun ...................... 5 Donald Levi HARTMAN b: 25 Mar 1913Plymouth, Indiana d: 01 Jun 1987 Grand Haven, Mi ...................... 5 May Elizabeth HARTMAN b: 24 May 1915 in Plymouth, Indiana d: Aug 1992 in Knox, Indiana .......................... +Everett KEISER b: 28 Feb 1913 in Knox, Indiana m: 22 Sep 1935 in Plymouth, Indiana d: 09 Apr 1994 in Knox, Indiana ............................. 6 [7] Adeline Joyce KEISER +Robert COUTS ................................... 7 [6] Mark COUTS ....................................... +Rebecca Lou KETCHAM *2nd Wife of [6] Mark Couts: +Linda GRIFFO ......................................... 8 Rachel Amanda COUTS ......................................... 8 Allison Renee COUTS ................................... 7 Cindy COUTS ................................... 7 Sherri COUTS ................................... 7 Kristy COUTS ................................... 7 Mary Carol COUTS *2nd Husband +Fred CLEVELAND *3rd Husband +EdgarTONGES ................ 4 John Carl MCCREARY b: 23 Jun 1887 in Miami County, Indiana d: 22 Jan 1977 Plymouth, Indiana .................... +Verne O'BREWER b: 19 Jan 1895 in Marshall County, Indiana m: 15 Apr 1916 in Plymouth, Indiana d: 20 Jun 1980 in South Bend, Indiana ................ 4 Zella Glenna MCCREARY b: 10 Jan 1889 d: 31 Oct 1968 .................... +Oscar RIMER b: 05 May 1890 m: 27 May 1911 in Cluver, Indiana d: 19 Jun 1975 ................ 4 Cleo Myrtle MCCREARY b: 23 Nov 1890 in Burr Oak, Indiana d: 23 Jul 1982 Longmont, Colorado .................... +Orpha R. SMITH b: 09 Apr 1898 m: 23 Mar 1918 ................ 4 Charles Augustus MCCREARY b: 20 Aug 1894 in Gilead, In d: 29 Nov 1982 Coldwater, Michigan .................... +Lucretia Davis PRYSE b: 20 Aug 1895 in Beattyville, Kentucky m: 20 Aug 1916 in Plymouth, In d: 22 Jan 1950 in South Bend Osteopathic Hospital, South Bend, Indiana ................ 4 Robert Grant MCCREARY b: 04 Mar 1898 d: 28 Apr 1972 in Riverside Hospital, Riverside, California .................... +Sarah Mabelle PIPPENGER b: 31 Jul 1895 m: 30 Sep 1932 ................ 4 Golda MCCREARY b: 27 Jan 1901 d: Abt. 1931 +Hally HOLDERREAD b: Abt. 1898 ........ 3 Julia Mary Cathrine MCCREARY b: 19 Jul 1853 d: Abt. 1931 .............. +Homer CARPENTER b: Abt. 1851 m: 17 Jul 1883 d: Abt. 1915 ................ 4 Irene CARPENTER ................ 4 Mary Katherine CARPENTER ................ 4 Minnie Delle CARPENTER b: 04 Nov 1884 Miami County, In d: 15 Sep 1962 Mishawaka, Indiana .................... +John Edward ACKENHUSEN b: 30 Sep 1883 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois m: 07 Jun 1911 in Methodist Church, Mishawaka, Indiana d: 25 Nov 1948 in Mishawaka, Indiana ................ 4 Lida Eunice CARPENTER b: 24 Aug 1888 +Jack TRUAX .......... 3 Emma Reilla MCCREARY b: 20 Dec 1856 +William SHEARER m: 07 Aug 1879 ................ 4 Nina SHEARER +James HOLDERMAN .......... 3 Minerva Ruth MCCREARY b: 16 Jan 1861 +Cyrus H. FREEMAN m: 25 Jun 1882 ................ 4 Howard FREEMAN +IVY ................ 4 Eunice FREEMAN +John STUTZMAN ................ 4 Dale FREEMAN .......... 3 Henry Christian MCCREARY b: 13 Sep 1862 ................ 4 Herman MCCREARY . +MATTIE ................ 4 Hazel MCCREARY +Lloyd EGER ................ 4 Hiram MCCREARY +CARRIE ................ 4 John MCCREARY +BELLE .......... 3 Frederic George MCCREARY b: 16 Jan 1865 +LILLIAN m: in Elkhart, Indiana .......... 3 Hettie Ann MCCREARY b: 03 Mar 1867 +ARMSTRONG ................ 4 Bessie ARMSTRONG +FISH ................ 4 Ethel ARMSTRONG +HALL ................ 4 Russel ARMSTRONG .......... 3 [19] Minnie Elma MCCREARY b: 14 May 1869 +CRANE ................ 4 Eunice CRANE +Jack CRUM ................ 4 Alma CRANE .......... *2nd Husband: +RIVES .......... 3 Walter Franklin MCCREARY b: 31 Aug 1871 .......... 3 Eunice Lai MCCREARY b: 30 Jun 1873 d: 13 Aug 1873
<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> From: "MIKE CONGDON" Subject: Re: Caldwell Family Member Hi Barbara, No, this the first I have heard from you. No problem I know how hard it can be to keep up with all the emails. As to your Mary Polly CALDWELL. The Polly CALDWELL I have in my line is the daughter of Matthew CALDWELL who was b in circa. 1763 in Union County SC. He apparently died here in Missouri in 1837 most likely in Gasconade County. But do not have proof. He was the son of Curtis & Sarah FONDREN CALDWELL. Polly is listed as being born in 1793 in possibly Warren County, KY. She was married to John COUCH on 9 Aug 1809. That is all that I have on her. Her brothers & sisters:
· Curtis Washington - b 21 Feb 1786 SC. d. 30 May 1854 Lee County, IA. Wife - Mary N. HICKMAN; . · Christina - b. circa 1787 SC. d 1839 Pope County, IL. Husband -Thomas COWSERT · John L. - b. 26 Oct 1790 SC. d. 1863 McCracken County, KY. Wife- Myra MORGAN · Sarah S. "Sally" - b 1791 SC. d. 1821 Jefferson County, AL. Husband- John McWilliams · Henry - b 1792 Warren County, KY. · Issac - b 1795 Warren County, KY. . 1860 Wife- Nancy LAWRENCE. Her father, Matthew remarried after his 1st. wife died. His 2nd. wife was Nancy WHITE There children: George H. - Merron - b 1805 Warren County, KY. Husband - John EADES Matthew - b 1812 Warren County, KY. d 17 May 1837 ; Sollomon - b 1818 Possibly Madison or Jefferson County, IL. d Mesquite, Dallas County, TX. Wife (1) Leona Ann CROWNOVER (2) Martha Ann COATS Hugh C. - b 1821 Gasconade County, MO. Wife (1) Charlotte Ann MARRS, (2) Elizabeth CROWNOVER, (3) Browder Ann BREEZE
Hope this helps. If I can help you with this let me know. I have more info the brother's and sisters if you want it. Thanks, Mike Subject: Caldwell Info. Hi Barb, I have a copy of Matthew's Will, You list him as Matthew P. I only have him as Matthew and I have copies of Newspaper Ad's where he ran for State Office and was elected as State Representative in 1834. And Information where he was a Judge and bought land in 1814 here in Missouri. What I have you would probably like most is a copy although not a good one, is of the Land Grant given to Curtis from King George in 1763 for service in 1758 during the Cherokee Uprising in the Carolinas. Also Copies of the Land Survey. Do you know anything about Sarah FONDREN? I have been looking for years but have not found anything about her or who Matthew's first wife was. I am related to you from my ggggrandfather Joseph CALDWELL, brother to Polly. I do not have a scanner as of yet I just got this computer and got "onLine" last month. Here is a good question for you, Do you know anything about a Kincaid, Samuel K., David and John CALDWELL they are shown as living in the same county here in MO at the same time from 1814/18 on? I cannot find or prove how or if they were related but it seems odd if they weren't somehow. I think maybe Matthew had more brothers or uncles that came west with him. The son of Matthew, John L. was supposed to have died in KY 1863 maybe its the same man and he moved back to KY. ??? I will make some copies as soon as I can . It might be just a little while as I work 12hr days this mon tue wed!! Thanks for the Info. Mike CONGDON Subj: Reference to the BOWERS side of the family Date: 99-07-19 18:55:45 EDT (James Bledsoe) Reply-to:,,,,,,, I do not know if you can help me or I you regarding this information as I only have mostly last names. My father had half-brothers named Franklin and Monroe Bowers. Their mother was Mattie Lewis Bowers. Their father was Daniel. There were other children. However, I think Monroe and Franklin (Frank) married into the Anderson's. I think maybe one of the sisters married a Reynold's and possible a Wilson. They were originally from Carter Co. Tn. If these names mean anything to you please reply. Violet Bowers Bledsoe Subj: Re: Reference to the BOWERS side of the family From: (Lynn Wilson) Violet, in answer to your query, I had Wilsons and Reynolds living in central Tennessee, but I don't have any Bowers in my records. ....Lynn Subj: John Couts family Date: 99-09-20 18:26:38 EDT From: (Bob Anconetani) I have found my grandmother Rachel Rae Bird Deewall in this family. My name is also in it. How did it all come together.? Also there are some misinformation & lack of names as there are several more great grandchildren & marriages with her grandchildren. Let me know Thanks Tonia Anconetani (Deewall) Hi Tonia, Much of the information that I have has been given to me by family members. The immediate Couts line I have researched up to Teter Couts. I would love to have the missing information and any corrections that you might have. It all came together when I asked my brother to show me how to do this and I kept running into walls. It was a strange name, "Couts" and I thought we were the only ones who existed. I've since found many Couts who are unrelated. My main solution was to share info with as many people possible and sort through all of the info. It became impossible to respond to each person repeatedly, so, I thought a newsletter might solve the problem. I am not a "purest" and felt if I also search the allied families, I will find out more info. Many time the daughter carries the family history. Anyway, it has been a blast, but it now takes much too much time and does not give me a chance to really research. The internet has made this project come together in a timely manner, as well as the help of hundreds of people. My children are computer geniuses and put it together in a web page for me. I was fortunate to find major allied family lines from wonderful people. I always solicit pictures, stories, and info. If the person can't put it together, I'll do it for them....I'm addicted.... Glad to hear from you and I can't wait for more... Barb Couts Evans Subj: Ermentraudt family line From:SMORTSLORI I am a descendant of Johan Georg Ermentraudt. He is believed to be a younger brother of Anna Elizabeth. Is she your ancestor? I was doing an Ermentraudt search and came across your page. By the way, I noted that you are in California - well, so am I and my older sister! I live in Arroyo Grande and she lives in Carlsbad. I will send what I have to you if you want, and hopefully you can help to expand my information - we only go back to Johan Georg at the present. Thank you for your assistance, Lori Larsen Subject: Lockwood Family Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 15:40:06 From: jerry lockwood Hi Barbara, My name is Jerry Lockwood and I saw you posting in Pittsburg Co, Ok. The Lowell Lockwood you mentioned in your posting is my gr. uncle, his brother Lewis Lockwood is my gr. grandfather. In my records I show Lowell Lockwood's wife to be Letty, Lottie or Lutetia ( I have found it spelled these 3 different ways). In your posting your mentioned you had been in contact with a Lockwood descendant named Diane. I would very much like to contact Diane and compare our Lockwood notes. Will you please send me her e-mail address, her address or forward my e-mail address to her so she can contact me. I don't have any information on your Scriminger / Skriminger family. Do you have any additional information on the Lockwood branch? Thank you. Jerry Subj: Coonce From: (Maria Joseph) Our Coonce line starts in KY and then to MO before 1800 when it was Upper LA and not part of US. Three brothers, John, Nicholas and Jacob settled in St. Charles, MO. Before they went to Upper LA Jacob was in KY, Jefferson Co. and John was in ILL and left when they outlawed slavery and went to MO. I have information from 1800 forward, but backwards is another matter. Above Nicholas Coonce had son Nicholas Coonce, Jr. who took his wife and two small sons west. He drown in the Snake River, but his wife and two sons went on to Washington state. Our name was spelled many ways, mainly because the early ones could not read or write. Family oral history says they came thru Pa/Md, but can not prove. Would be glad to mail you a print out of my Family Tree program for my early Coonces. Maria Coonce Joseph Subj Couts Surname in OHIO From: (Benjamin S. Miller) I have an Ida B. Couts in my line that married William A. Booth. Ida B. Couts lived in either Coshocton Co. or Tuscarawas Co. in Ohio. William A. Booth was born 21 Jul 1867, he and Ida married 9 Jul 1899 and he died Oct 1947 in Coshocton Co. Ohio. he is buried in West Lawn Cemetery, Newcomerstown Tuscarawas Co. Ohio. I hope that this will help you in some way! From: Subject: Wade Couts born Indiana I am glad to find a group working on the Couts line. I have been researching the Couts line for several years but with only limited success. I have traced my Couts line back to Wade Couts who was born in Indiana. I would be happy to share what information I have if you would like. Couts is my paternal grandmother's maiden name from SouthWest Missouri area (Springfield). Is any one else researching the Couts-Davis connection from Missouri? I would appreciate any help you might have. I have a picture of Wade Franklin Couts born in Nebraska territory, who was the son of Christly Couts, grandson of Wade Couts. Thank you for your assistance. Gerald McCoy From: Linda Lane Hedges Subject: WARREN CO KY CEMEMTERIES To: SOUTH-CENTRAL-KENTUCKY The ROAN/RONE folks listed below are found in the records of not only Butler Co but Warren and Logan Cos., as well. I am in hopes that someone can identify where George ANDERSON might be buried given that we know he died in 1816 leaving children who were later left under the ministration of John RONE who was married to Rebecca ANDERSON in Logan Co., KY in 1805. KY, Butler County - Probate/Court Records - Order Book B (LDS film # 0367183) pg 90; 15 Oct 1816: "Ordered that ???? a Summons Issued requiring John Rone the person with whom the infant heir[s] of George Anderson Decd resides to show cause if any why said Infant orphans shall not be bound out agreeably to Law. returnable to next Court." [plural questionable] John RONE and Rebecca ANDERSON are both buried in the old RONE graveyard in Warren Co., KY. The George ROAN listed below is most likely the brother of John RONE listed above. George RONE m. 1814 in Warren Co to Fannie BOZEMAN sister of Winnie BOZEMAN who married one Bailey ANDERSON in Jun 1816 in Warren Co., KY. Sandi Gorin posted the following ANDERSON marriages in Warren Co, KY on her mailing list, SOUTH-CENTRAL- KENTUCKY: WARREN CO KY MARRIAGES 1797-1815 "A's" ANDERSON, Bailey, over 21 and Winifred BOZEMAN, d/o Jacob, 10 Jan 1814. ANDERSON, George to Sally THORNTON, she over 21, 11 Apr 1800. ANDERSON, John, over 21 to Sally ROMANS, d/o Phillip, 10 Sept 1813. ANDERSON, Joshua to Elizabeth COUCH, consent by Sarah COLLINS (hers?) 20 Dec 1803.ANDERSON, Samuel to Martha THORNTON, she over 21, 11 Feb 1800. ANDERSON, Solomon to Ruth STAPLETON, 1 Aug 1797. Following is a transcription done by Mark Strohbeck, a descendant of the murdered, George ANDERSON: KY, Butler - Court Records - Miscellaneous Court Records, Coroner's Inquests FHL Film #1035960: "March 6th 1816 The pannal of the Inquest for the Inquesition on the in(?) view of the of the Body of George Anderson found dead in Butler County James Howel Foreman James P. Howard Andrew Kurkindall Elijah Harlin James Elms John Staton Andrew Woods Thomas Mannan P. W. Bell[?] Adam Fleener John Adams and George Roan - - Evidence for the Commonwealth to the Jury Elijah Harlen Thomas Mannan and John Zedcomb: Elijah Harlin stated that by the information of his little son that he saw a man being dead in the road near Baley Anderson's and he the sd. Harlin together with Thos. Mannan and John Zedcomb went and found the sd. George Anderson murdered which he supposed and believed was sl..[?}. John Zedcomb the same date further stated that he heard the sd. Baley Anderson swear five days previous that is to say on the first day of March 1816 he heard the sd. Baley Anderson say that all that saves the said George Anderson's life that he did not see a Bullit hole in his horsses[?] and many times that he went to see if there was a Bullet hole in them - - Caswel Waters being sworn depositts for the Commonwealth that the sd. George Anderson was at the house of Old Mr. Whealers about three quarters of a mile from the place where the sd. G. Anderson was found dead on the 5th Inst and the sd. Baley Anderson came there to the farm near to the sd. Whealers house and he fell in conversation with the sd. Baley Anderson. He stated that the sd G. Anderson accused himself and Wiley Allen of putting[?[ upon him for selling Whealer an improvement and he the sd. Waters told him that he believed that G. Anderson did and he the said Baley Anderson said that he'd be damned if George did not mind how he cut his cards that worse would follow - - - The Evidence of Mrs. Baley Anderson in behalf of the Commonwealth states that Baley Anderson came home from Mr. Waters about and hour and a half by sun and got his cloaths and some [?] provision and told her that he was going to leave her and would not live with her any more and went off immedeately stating that he would take a Bal.. Cresuts[?] trip She stated that in the morning she wanted him to prepare Lettuce and Cabbage Bid? for her and he Baley Anderson swore hed be damed if she wanted it done she might do it her self - - -Mrs. Wiley Allen Evidence is to the same. When questioned about the gun, both stated thay did not no of the gun being out off the house in the morning nor after twelve or one oclock if it was they did not no it Mrs. George Anderson Evidence She stated that her husband started away on the 5 of March 1816 and did not tell her as usual wheare he was going and between sun down and darker she heard a gun fire which made her very uneasy for she feard some thing had hapened from the threats she had heard of - - -Ceburn Whealer Evidence states that George Anderson left his fathers house between sun set and dark and shortly after he thought he heard a gun fire in the direction The Evidence of Old Mr. Whealer was not to the purpose The Evidence of John Roane in behalf of the Commonwealth stated that Baley Anderson some time late in the night of the 5 Inst came to his house Enquireing for Wiley Allen but would not get in stating he was in a hurry and must go home and went off that way - - - he further states that Wiley Allen told him John Roan on the 6 Inst that Baley Anderson had taken his Mare on the 5 Inst he Baley Anderson told John Roane when he asked him where he had been that he had been out Cunalalle(?) all day - - - We the jury give of the opinion that Bailey Anderson, Constable of Butler County, is the murderer of George Anderson. James Howel for" Linda (Lane) Hedges Subj: Hello! From: (Randy & Becky Hall) Dear Barbara, thanks for the e-mail and the information. I have e-mailed Gerald and hope to hear from him soon on Wade Couts. I have been really busy, I have a new grandson born 9/9/99 in Oregon. So, of course I just can't stand to be away from that baby. My daughter and her husband live in Oregon. It's about a two-hour drive for me, which or course I don't mind at all. They named him Sean Macintosh Murphy. How's that for a Scotch-Irish name!!! How has your summer been? I hope your health has improved from last spring My husband has been really busy with all the fires around California. He works for the U. S. Forest Service in Fire management. My son is also engaged to be married July 2000. I have a few more pictures for you that I got from my great Aunt this summer. I will try to get those to you soon. I just wanted to thank you for sending along the information and to see how you were doing. I will be in touch. Take Care, Becky Subj: Catron Family From: GRMcCoy Barb, Thank you for sending me the note from Becky Hall. She indicated that she was working on the Catron line as well as the Couts line. She said that she was trying to prove her Catron line for the DAR. This is of great interest to me as I am a member of the Sons of the American Revolution. In fact, I am the Secretary of the Missouri Society SAR and in the morning we are marching in a parade in the uniforms of the Continental Army. Two weeks ago, we had the honor of providing the Color Guard at the Kansas City Chiefs and Detroit Lions Football Game (for a sports fan, it doesn't get any better than that!). Well, enough of my SAR endeavors, I was wondering if Becky has the documentation for proving the Catron line. Who was the Catron Patriot? Would you have her E-mail or write me. Thank you for your help. Gerald Subj: Couts Family - Assoc. families. From: (Richard Cullen) Hi. I have been reading your family history research. My family name is Killingworth, which I see is an associated family. My immediate family lived in Boston, Lincolnshire, England - the Boston. I am only just starting my researches, but would be pleased to let you know anything that might be of interest to you. I would be interested to hear of an early Killy who went to America. Kind regards - Marguerite Cullen. Subj: Re: Couts Family - Assoc. families. From: (Richard Cullen) Hello, Barb Thanks for your speedy reply. I'm intrigued to hear about Janice Killingworth, and will want to find out more about her. I may get back in touch with you if I don't have any success through the post. Kind regards, Marguerite. P.S. You may be interested to know that I am married to a German called Dieter, sounds like "Teter". Subject: Re: Julia Ann Fleener From: Linda L Daffron Hi Barb, I have an obituary for George J Couts from the Pike County Dispatch 1944. Surnames: COATES COUTS NEEL LITTLE Submitter: Elizabeth Nordstrom ( Date: 28 Mar 1999 I am seeking information on FARAN SHERIDAN COATES (d. 23 Nov 1940) or his descendents. He moved to San Diego prior to May of 1918 from Ohio (probably ~1902-1903). In 1918 his address was "RFD #4, San Diego". He was married to CORA NEEL (d. 24 Dec 1959) on May 7, 1902 and had one son, HERBERT NEEL COATES (b. 29 July, 1903, d. 17 Jan 1956) Herbert Neel Coates was thought to have one daughter MYRL COATES. Myrl was said to have moved to northern California. FARAN, CORA, and HERBERT are thought to be all buried in the San Diego area. FARAN was born with his last name spelled COUTS, but had his name changed. His parents were JOHN CHADWELL COUTS and MARY EMALINE LITTLE, from Irish Ridge, Guernsey County, Ohio. Thank you for helping me find information on my Grandmother's lost brother and his family.. Subj: re/Kautz ancestors From: (Herbert and Donna Budig) Good morning, I am Donna Budig, my e-mail address My grandfather was Emil Kautz, born Sept. 3, 1884 in Stillwater, MN he died June 16, 1952. His fathers name was Fred Kautz, born April 12, 1856 in Germany & died Nov.12, 1932 I believe the family were from Pomerania, Germany. My aunt has alot of the history written down. Would you have any info regarding this family ? Would appreciate hearing from you. Donna <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> WELL KNOWN MONROE TOWNSHIP MAN DIED AFTER LONG ILLNESS Submitted Linda L Daffron George J. Couts, for many years a well known citizen of Monroe Township, died Sunday morning, May 21, (1944) at 2:05 o'clock at the home of his son Curtis Couts, on state highway 61 just north of the South Fork bridge. He had been in failing health for the past two or three years, serious for several weeks. George J. Couts was born in Monroe township, May 19, 1868 and had reached the age of 76 years and 2 days. He was a son of Aaron and Sarah Ellen Wallace Couts. He was born on a farm and learned farming which he followed during his active years. June 1, 1888 he was united in marriage to Louisa E. Fleener. Soon after their marriage they settled on a farm where they spent their married life and on the same place where he died. The wife and mother died suddenly March 19, 1935, after an illness extending over a long period. Surviving are four of the five children born to them, Curtis Couts who with his family lived in the old home which the son had owned for some time, and had taken care of deceased during his declining years; Thomas Couts of Arthur; Mrs. Sarah McCord of Winslow; Charles Couts of Gibson county. Thirteen grandchildren, four great grandchildren, a brother, James Couts of Monroe Township, and a sister, Mrs. Etta Baker of Noble, Illinois, also survive. In early manhood Mr. Couts united with the Spurgeon Primitive Baptist church and was a faithful member throughout his life. He was an honorable gentleman, a good citizen and neighbor and his passing left many friends. The funeral service was held Tuesday morning at the Spurgeon Primitive Baptist church, with Elder Baker of Illinois, a former church pastor, in charge of the service. Burial was in the Spurgeon Cemetery. I have Louisa Elizabeth Fleener born August 11, 1866 daughter of Isaac Washington Fleener and Mahala Ferguson Fleener. Talk to you later, Linda
>Rachel Ray Bird 1-20-1892 died 3-29-67 married Hiram Paul Dewall 11-07-1888 died 5-15-62 4 ) Orville, Ralph, Pauline, Stanley Orville Edgar Deewall 6-15-14 5-11-90 maried 11-15-42 Gertrude Elizabeth Burns Michael Allan Deewall married Susan Jane Nash Kelly Marie Dewall Kent Aaron Deewall Ralph Matthew Deewall married Irene Josephine Sturgis Rochelle Marrie Deewall married Robert Dean Stith 9 Stephanie died at birth Roger Dean Stith Rene Maureen Stith married George Eugen Weaver Brock Mathew Weaver Taylor Bream Weaver Ross Marlin Deewall m Barbara Gayle Reese Natalie Coleen Deewall m Brendon James Boone Travis Ross Deewall m Wendy Dawn Zang Reese Matthew Deewall Morris Paul Deewall m Linda Jean Garten Melissa Lynn Deewall m Jason David Herter Stacy Jo Deewall Marlene Kae Deewall m Darrell David Frazier Shari Kae Frazier Rusty David Frazier Nicole Dee Frazier Ella Pauline Deewall m- Robert Edwain GILCHRIST !_@(_@@ Rachel Faye Gilchrist married Don Whittecar (divorced - no children) married Richard Whitfield Robbins II Richard Whitfield Robbins III Amber Jolene Robbins married Robert Graff Paula Roe Gilchrist married (div) Robert A Haberlein Tricia Anne Haberlein (his daughter) Paul Robertson Haberlein Robert Alexander Haberlein Stanley Paul Deewall married Dorothy Jean Sooter died Tonia Linn Deewall 1 born in Coldwater, Ks married Robert J. Anconetani Rachael Linn Anconetani Emily Jean Anconetani Paulette Marie Deewall born in Coldwater, Ks married (div in 1993) Ronald Robert McConnell Melissa Ann McConnell (no date)married Jon Murray Kane Eric Murray Noah Levi Murray J. Robert Travis McConnell Jessica Marie McConnel Scott Andrew Deewall in Ashland, Ks. died 7-10-95 MarriedDorothy Darlington (div 84) Dorothy Jean (Dollie) Deewall married Lori Grissom Bradley Stanley Deewall Ashland, Ks married Gale Shambles Bryson Eric Deewall Michael Estes (Gale’s son prior marriage Stanley married Betty Jean Briley Gregory Wayne Briley (her son) married Patti
I have had a terrible time getting this to you. Getting the correct email address is a challenge. Thanks Tonia <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> CALI COUTS Recently, I met a new friend on the internet. She turned out to be a Couts, from John Couts and Polly Caldwell by way of Charles Oatley- Charles - and Chris line. Cali is a very engaging person, especially for a nine years old, and I've thoroughly enjoyed our correspondence. I hope you will enjoy her emails too. Subj: (none) From: (Cali Couts) To: I live in Arizona whoose your Dad and do you ever gett picked on for your last name?? Hi Cali, To which part of the world do you belong? If I know some generations or dates I can help...Our name was originally German - Kautz, but because most people hadn't gone to school, the spellings were easily changed to be part of the dominant culture, British- Coutts (Coots). Write soon, Barb Couts Evans Arizonia? Your group (unless you just recently moved there) probably came from Ohio. Some of your distant relatives are currently living in Colorado. Boy, did I get picked on!! Things like COWWWss and Cooties, you name, they called it. But you know what, I lived through it and they aren't doing much these days and I tried and keep others from making fun on kids today. I'm a principal.. later, Barb Hi Barb!! What school do you work at? Have you ever been to AZ? Lake powell is really close to us. Bye CaliCouts I think I went through Az once when I was a little girl on the way to the Mid-west. I remember the cacti and the Superstitious Mountain. There was some kind of a legend about a miner who hide his gold in a cave and the Indians killed him and the gold is still there. I was beautiful! I slept through New Mexico though- car sick! Have you ever been to Sacramento, CA? We live pretty close to it....Barb Hi Barb!! Most of our relatives I know of live in Indana I'm sorry if I spelled it wrong. Hi Cali, Ahhh! Two sets of Couts came from Indiana. My own personal branch of Couts who came from John Couts and Mary Polly Caldwell in 1813 and a branch who landed in a couple of counties over in 1860's from Germany. Ours came from Pike and Warrick counties. There are still a large number of relatives there and I'd love to get their info!! Hi Barb!! All I know is that most of my relatives from Indana are good at Gardening. Whats your DAds name and your Mom And your grampa + Grama? My Dad is Chris Alan Couts My Mom is Julie Lee Couts My Grampa is Charlie Robert Couts my Grama is Cloretta Ray Couts SEE Yaa!! Cali Couts Hi Cali, My fathers name was Clarence Roy Couts-mom was Ruby Childers, his dad was William Levi Couts (born in Indiana)-Grandma's was Hattie Winn. His father's (great grandpa's) name was Alvis Couts-ggrandma Sarah Grim; gggrandpa was Wiliam Levi Couts (again) gggrandma was Elendon ? (maybe Graham); ggggrandpa was John Couts and ggggrandma was Mary Polly Caldwell. You and I share John and Mary. How ya doing, Cuz?! Later, Barb Here's yours: John Couts and ggggrandma was Mary Polly Caldwell descendants: Hi Barb, Wow Barb thats really enteresting I'm Doing good. Butt I'd like to know if 4th grade was hard for you it seems to be really hard to me eapeshaly math!! Hi Cali, I almost can't remember 4th grade... my teacher was about 4 feet tall, her hair was roll into curls, she was about 40 years old and still lived with her mom and dad... she was very strict....we were not allowed to think things were too hard...we had to stay after school until we could show it to her....but math had kept me after school many times!!! Especially, Calculus three times in college....I never did get the hang of that one...Happy Halloween - almost....Barb P.S. Can I put your letters in my newsletter? Hi Barb, Do you still go trick-or-treeting I do I'm gonna be a witch this year Hi Cali, No, I haven't gone trick or treating in a long time. My kids still have fun with Halloween. They're going to a party. My husband, Randy and I have fun counting the kids, seeing the costumes, and handing out candy. Be safe and have fun...Barb Nine is good!! Everyone will love your letters... Thanks, Barb <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> COUTS FAMILY ASSOCIATION GUESTBOOK ~ Record 118 Name: Kay Patricia Keith Couts, , From: Marshalltown, Iowa Comments: I found my husband is on the Chrisley Couts line. I would like some people on this line to contact me so we can fill in some blanks, and fill in some blanks for this site. Thank you. Kay Couts Record 121 Name: Keith W. Lyon From: Arnold, MD Comments: My GGGGrandfather is Walter W. Stark who married Mary Magdaline Couts. I didn't know Mary Magdaline's family name until a few weeks ago when I was in Robertson Co. Tenn and noted that someone had penciled the name Couts after Mary's name in the book on the Stark family at the local library. I have been reading your web site carefully to find the actual source that links Mary's identity to the Couts family. Record 130 Name: Kathy Mounteer From: Boise, Idaho Comments: Cave Couts is my great-great grandfather. My sister found your site. We have a lot of info on the Bandini side of our family. It's great to learn about the Couts side. Thank you. Record 132 Name: Bob Wilson From: Tennessee to Alabama Comments: Very well-done site. I'm the great-grandson of Cave Johnson Wilson, who was born in 1845 in TN (1900 census). He was raised outside Adairville, KY according to family lore, and joined the Confederate cavalry in Guthrie, KY in 1862. After 1890 he moved with his wife and children to Robertson County, TN, where his sons married Stroud and Shepard women. Although I suspect Cave was born in or around Robertson Co, no TN Wilson family lists a son named Cave or C.J. in the 1850 census. I had hoped to find a link to the Couts family here, but no luck. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> MISSOURI COUTS 1870 Johnson County, Missouri Census Chilhowee TownshipThe 1870 Census Microfilm M593-784 for Johnson County Mo. Cheryl Sears©1999 408A Chilhowee 26 46 46 Minton Sarah 50 F W Keeping House Ky 408A Chilhowee 27 46 46 Minton Addie 21 F W Mo 408A Chilhowee 28 46 46 Minton Elizabeth 18 F W Mo 408A Chilhowee 29 46 46 Minton James 15 M W Mo 408A Chilhowee 30 46 46 Minton Nancy 13 F W Mo 408A Chilhowee 31 46 46 Minton Charles 9 M W Mo 8 409A Chilhowee 15 59 59 Minton Martha 24 F W Mo 409A Chilhowee 16 59 59 Minton Lewellyre 6 M W Mo 409A Chilhowee 17 59 59 Minton Lavonia 5 F W Mo 409A Chilhowee 18 59 59 Minton Molly 3 F W Mo 409A Chilhowee 19 59 59 Minton Henry 20 M W Mo 408A Chilhowee 32 47 47 Couts Henry 55 M W Farmer Ky 408A Chilhowee 33 47 47 Couts Nancy 58 F W Ky 408A Chilhowee 34 47 47 Couts Joseph 20 M W Mo 408A Chilhowee 35 47 47 Couts Rebecca 18 F W Mo 408A Chilhowee 36 47 47 Couts Nancy 16 F W Mo <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Providence Cemetery Barton Township - Gibson County - Indiana Coordinates: 38° 16.43' N Latitude; 87° 26.47' W Longitude Congressional Location: NE-1/4; NW-1/4; SECTION 8; TOWNSHIP 3S; RANGE 9W Common Directions: 3 miles west of Somerville. Located adjacent to Providence Church, on the south side of County Road 550S, at the intersection with County Road 675E. The following list is an attempt to show all known graves, using several different sources. There may be other graves which are unknown due to missing, unreadable, destroyed or broken markers. If you have knowledge of any other graves which may not be shown below, please drop us an e-mail and let us know. NAME PLOT BIRTH DATE DEATH DATE AGE OTHER COUTS, Josuah L. 21- Jan-1856 3-Aug-1856 COUTS, Joseph C. 7-Dec-1858 8 mos Son of M. P. & M. Couts CRISWELL, Lucy A. 13-Mar-1821 22-Jan-1874 <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> California State Historical Landmarks in Imperial County - CERES Properties of historical importance in California are currently designated as significant resources in three state registration programs: State Historical Landmarks, Points of Historical Interest, and the California Register of Historic Places. Below is a list of the State Historical Landmarks for Imperial County. This data is provided by the Office of Historic Preservation - California Department of Parks and Recreation and is also available in the California Historical Landmarks Book. NO. 808 CAMP SALVATION - Here, on September 23, 1849, Lieut. Cave J. Couts, Escort Commander, International Boundary Commission, established Camp Salvation. From September till the first of December 1849, it served as a refugee center for distressed emigrants attempting to reach the gold fields over the Southern Emigrant Trail. Location: Rockwood Plaza, Sixth St E at Heber Ave, CalexicoUSGS Quadrangle Sheet Name: CALEXICO <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> EARL COUTS ANCESTOR OF NETTIE MAE LUCAS Alta COUTS (1906 - 31 Oct 1958 ) Earl COUTS (20 Apr 1892 - 30 Mar 1916 ) Frank Wade COUTS (1902 - 14 Nov 1964 ) Maggie Lena COUTS (14 Jan 1899 - 27 Apr 1980 ) Minnie Avis COUTS (1897 - 26 Feb 1918 ) Pearl COUTS (27 Feb 1894 - 21 Feb 1942 ) Wade Franklin COUTS (1865 - 15 Jan 1936 ) see below Earl Couts born-April 20, 1892 died March 30, 1916 Ozark, Missouri Father- Wade Franklin Mother- Sarah Lucille Davis Photos courteous of Nettie Mae Lucas See the web page Web page at please click for e-mail. please click to go back to the main page.