VOLUME 4 February March April NUMBER 2 2000 A Quarterly Newsletter for the Descendants of the Couts Family #15

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><> FROM WHICH LINE DO YOU DESCEND? So far, our proved information only goes back to a to the mid-1700, with the following individuals: John Couts (wife Leah Stark), Chrisley Couts (wife-Sarah Wright Collins) , William Couts(wife- Emeline Epps), Henry Couts (wife Sarah Freeman - no issuance), Margaret Couts(unknown), Mary Magdelane Couts (Walter Stark), and Elizabeth Couts(Mason). This is not to say that these were the only brothers and sister. We have not however, tied the remainder to the family line. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>< COUTS DESCENDANT NEARING 92 YEARS Julia Anne Couts Reynolds (1827 - 1921) was from Robertson Co., Tennessee, and the great grandmother of Henry Smith Wilson Jr. She lived to be 94 years old and Henry is following in the tradition. He was born in Haskell Texas in 1907 and will be 92 at the turn of the century. He graduated from Haskell (Texas) High School and Austin College at Sherman Texas. He has been a school teacher (all grade levels) and was District Manager for Industrial Safety Engineering for the Employers Insurance Of Texas. He was married twice (both deceased) and has two daughters - one lives with her husband in Amarillo TX. and the other lives in California. The California daughter and her husband are in leadership positions with the Campus Crusade For Christ. Henry is "Paw Paw" to his four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. He lives at home in Amarillo and is still an active member of his church and community. He drives to the local mall and walks "a mile or so" every day. On most evenings, he goes to his daughter and son-in-law's home to cook dinner "for the kids." He is extremely personable and loves to meet and talk with new friends. No one is a stranger to him for long. He is a wonderful conversationalist with interests in a wide variety of subjects. He recently returned from an unaccompanied flight to Virginia where he visited with family. A couple of years ago, he felt that he needed to learn more about the "computer business" and enrolled in classes at the local community college to take introductory and basic courses. He has been volunteering his time weekly to the local elementary school to be a mentor to the students. He tells wonderful stories about how the young people respond. He was named "Amarillo Mentor of the Year" in 1999. He is healthy, happy and productive and makes us proud of our family heritage. Lynn P. Wilson (nephew) ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> A LETTER FROM MR. ARMSTRONG Maple Bluff Farm December 20, 1999 Dear Barbara, This is the last letter of this century. It's been fun remembering the stories about my favorite subject, John Couts. There are other untold. In one letter we mentioned the colorful leaves of fall, well they have fallen and been raked and removed from the yard. That means only one thing to us in Tennessee, winter is on its way. As a youth, I looked forward to snow, snowball fights and big bowls of snow cream. These last few years our weather patterns have changed and we get very little snow. From reports about California weather, you folks enjoy spring and summer the year round.[sometimes] Sounds good, is that true? [Currently, we are without much water, it's about 60 degrees and intermittent clouds and sun.] This must have been one of the attractions for Cave Couts. [Southern California weather is even more mild that our Northern California weather. His ranch in hilly, Vista, CA. It was dry there when we visited in June '99, but the pond still had noisy frogs.] Barbara did Cave ever visit back home, once he was in California? [not to my knowledge] About Mr. John, after he purchased this land in 1790. No doubt he chose an old Indian camp ground to build a home. Such sites were free of trees and close to a good supply of drinking water. Such sites proved us with a good supply of artifacts, proving early people once lived there. Records indicated Mr. John drew pay for some expedition against the troublesome Indians of that time but he showed respect for their cemeteries because about three hundred yards behind his home was a large Indian graveyard; located on one half acre of prime farm land. As long as Mr. John and his son Jackson and grandson Albert lived, they protected this plot of ground. But in 1885, the land was sold and the new owner cleared the land and placed it into an open field. In 1908, when my father came here to work and later to buy this land "said at that time he saw human bones scattered on top of the ground." Local history states those early people wee known as "Woodland Indians" and they buried their dead in shallow stone lined graves. By being buried so close to the top of earth their remains were easily destroyed and scattered by farming implements. I came along too late to protect the site in its original condition, but I have sown the area in Kentucky Fescue 31, and keep the sod mowed. Enough for this time. May I take this opportunity to wish for you and your readers a happy and prosperous new century. For a Happy New Year, James S. Armstrong [Mr. Armstrong recently sent several articles published in the local newspaper, submitted by Pam Drake, Robertson County Historical Society.] ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> Subject: Huntington Library Research "Lynn Wilson" Most of you know that Barb and I recently visited her Mom on the west coast. While we were there, we went to the Huntington Library, a gorgeous place in LA area, where the personal records of our relative, Cave Couts, are on file. To our advantage, Cave was a pack-rat and saved most documents and letters he received. I donated two letters to Cave from his mom and day (1838 and 1846 respectively) that I had found folded up in my father's Bible. I was doing some digging trying to resolve a family question that showed up in my research. Through a lady in Tennessee that I have been working with, I found out that my GG Grandmother, Julia Anne Couts Reynolds had been divorced from her husband, Edward M. Reynolds. In a letter of which I had a copy, Julia's mom, Nancy Johnson Couts, referred to what Reynolds did to Julia and said it had nearly killed her (Nancy). She died later that year. Anyway, I have been seeking to solve the mystery of what happened way back in the 1850s. The Huntington was wonderful and let me fat finger many of the hundreds of letters they had to and from Cave Couts. I asked for copies of five letters and plan to transcribe them soon. In the meantime, I'll give you some of the high points. I have 5 handwritten mostly legible letters - all from John Couts to his and Julia's brother, Cave Couts, in California. I'll send you transcriptions as I figure them out. I read quickly most of the letters in the Huntington Library files from Reynolds, Julia, John and Cave for that time period and didn't get a real clear explanation. I have a listing of all of the letters they have in file and will ask for copies of a few from late 1857 and early 1858, because the ones I copied there are a little too late to catch all the gruesome details. Most of the content involves the financial activities that John was taking as Cave's lawyer. - The first is date 1 Apr 1858. John talks of the problem with Julia about who owns the slaves that were bought by John from Reynolds with Cave's money, but Julia was keeping them in an action related to her separation/divorce. John says he has "twice tried hard to get him (Reynolds) to correct (the bill of sales), but he is such a dog (underlined) that he won't do anything whatever." John says Julia is claiming title to the slaves "which I think ingenuous and unjust never having paid one cent for them & knows well that your own money was paid for them and that they are honestly and justly yours." He also says that "To assert and maintain her rights & those of her children, I think highly commendable - for she is dependent on her own self - but to claim that which is her brothers is in my judgement very ungrateful. I sold her your boy "Anderson" not long since for $750 less than his worth, but I think I done right under the circumstances, and was so advised by Uncle Cave (Johnson)." - The second is dated Apr 8, 1858. John says "At the time I made the purchase for you of that woman and children (slaves), Sister Julia and Reynolds were living together with no thought of a separation." "Shortly after the purchase and after the bill of Sale was created, the separation took place. Then for three or four long years, I looked after those Negroes, had them well clothed and fed, paid their Doctor bills, taxes, etc and all and everybody understood and knew they were yours...." "If you think proper, you can write her on the subject such a letter as you may think her conduct deserves. She has received almost $3000 from her Father's estate, $2000 alimony from Reynolds and is not yet satisfied. I would sue Reynolds if he had any visible means." (John hopes Cave will visit and resolve the issue with Julia face to face.) - The third letter is July 19, 1858. John says " I think if Julia could get to you she would gladly go, particularly if she could get her consent to leave - Cave (Junior, her son) - who she can't control - (except) only at the will of her fool deserted husband (last three underlined)." (It sounds like Reynolds was given custody/control of the boy, Cave, and Julia of the girl, Mollie.) "She (Julia) has so managed as to make her property worth about $5000, and is a very good manager, if she had a good chance and was away from associations and prejudices that surround her, she would do well." (John would like Cave to bring her to Cal, but "I do not think however that she would consent to go that far and leave her little boy." -The fourth letter is dated Nov 30th 1858. Cave must have visited Clarksville and a compromise was made with Julia. Cave got his money for the slaves. John later writes to Cave "I learn that R..... (Reynolds) has become so indignant that he intends paying her back the $1500 in a few days. If this his ???, I am only sorry we did not get something like their value. He (Reynolds) has purchased Dr. Farmer's place in Springfield, and it is currently reported & by many believed that they (Reynolds and Julia) are soon to be re-married. If this be true, I never will speak to or recognize her as a Sister any longer. Some parties are hard at work in and around Springfield to have this matter consumated if possible. Reynolds told Dr. Farmer that he received a letter from Henry Couts stating that you intended making an attack on him (Reynolds) at sight. This I believe to be a lie and was only done by him to ?????? as much from Farmer as he could about your movements." "Julia is now comfortably situated with Sister Mary, where she will continue to board." - The last letter is dated Aug 3, 1859. "I wrote you a letter in March last which I do not think you ever received. It was to say that Julia refused to pay a few bills which had been made for that woman and children - for clothes, Dr. bills, granny fees etc amounting to about $100. She positively agreed to do so in the compromise, but now says she will not (underlined) do it and has been advised not to do so by her Springfield advisers. ".... "Julia is one of the most miserable women I ever saw, and is made more so by a knowledge of the fact that R is to be married soon to a lady in Springfield by the name Campbell, and then they will take Cave from her. This is enough to make her miserable and if I were her would go to Texas this fall season and live with Tom." I'm going to continue the search and will keep you informed as to "How The (Reynolds) World Turns."....Lynn <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>< INTERNET CORRESPONDANCE Subj: Couts Family in Ohio From: (Terry & Diana Couts & Family) I just found this site tonight on impulse. Haven't looked over much at this point, but I'll just share a small bit of my info, and if it fits with this site, people can contact me. My father, Lee Ray Couts, from Van Wert, OH started doing family research about 7-8 years ago. My dad got cancer and died about three years ago. I took over the family genealogy info. from dad just before his death. My dad's Couts family came from the Couts' out of Tuscarawas County, Ohio from the early 1900's I think (pulling this all from my faulty memory at this point in time). The family line I come from came from Pennsylvania, and before that, I forget, I need to review my books of information. I am too tired to recall tonight, but I have reams of info. On family from early 1900's to present, with all the family members and branches. Not so much going back in time, which I would like to connect back to sometime in near future. Anyone wishing to share and exchange data is welcome to contact me at Please no spam or other advertisements and junk mail. Terry B. Couts - 1951 From: Subject: Re: [TNSUMNER] Leah Stark and Kizzie-hope this helps Barbara. Thanks very much for all of the information. You have info on the ancestors of our James Stark that I had never before seen. This is particularly interesting because I am planning a trip to Scotland next summer and will be in Glasgow for a couple of days at least. Nice Website! And I will try to contact Mr. Armstrong. There was at least one other early Armstrong family (brothers) in Sumner/Robertson County, but they were cousins of my line. You probably know the relationship of our first emigrant James Stark to General John Stark of NH. I recently found that James Stark married Elizabeth Thornton in Londonderry, NH, and the first 3-4 of their 15 children were born in NH before they moved to Stafford County, VA. I am including a brief sketch of the children of Sarah Frances Stark, but I have much more if you are interest. I use Family Tree Maker, and once I have revised and completed inputting my Stark data, I would be happy to send you a Gedcom. Unfortunately, I would be unable to do this for at least another month. A series of computer crashes in 1998 combined with a glich in my FTM, version 6.0 program left my files in mess, one from which I am still recovering. I am a descendant of your Leah's brother, William Stark, through his son William who married Mary Pitt, Reynold P. Stark and Elice f Waggoner, James Atlas Stark and Narcissa Wright, and Sarah Frances Stark and William Caviit Armstrong. You probably have the children of the other Stark families. Sarah Frances Stark, b. 1861 in Robertson County, TN; d. 1953 in Robertson County. Married William Cavitt Armstrong. b. October 4, 1856; d. October 15, 1894 in Robertson County. He was the son of Thomas Elias Armstrong and Josephine Bigbee and a descendant of Revolutionary War patriot Captain William Armstrong, 1st and 3rd NC Regiments, Continental Army. Helen Gant Donald Columbus, GA (Native Nashvillian) Children of Sarah Frances Stark and William Cavitt Armstrong:
Coma Lillian Armstrong, m. Alexander Groves Connor William Armstrong, m. Lesba Link Nauvin E. Armstrong, m. Georgia Jones Bessis Thomas Armstrong, m. Charles Alan Groves Lucie Norris Armstrong (never married) Nellie Josephine Armstrong, m. Thomas Whitesides Ben Sory Armstrong, m. Elva Marie Rinehart.
From: Subject: Re: [TNSUMNER] Leah Stark and Kizzie-hope this helps Hi, cousin, Enjoyed your posting very much. I keep forgetting how early Thomas Stark arrived in Middle Tennessee. His nephew, John Carter Stark, didn't arrive in Sumner County until about 1808. I've often wondered what attracted him to Sumner So., and have guessed it might have been the presence there of Daniel Smith, also from Stafford County, who had received vast acreage from his surveying work and was more or less promoting the area. But having Uncle Thomas "next door" didn't hurt. Joyce From: Joan Matthews Subject: [CALDWELL-L] CALDWELL Hi All, Joan here!!!! I am working on two different CALDWELL families. The first family is MARY POLLY CALDWELL, b. Aug. 08, 1790, in Spartenburg, South Carolina, d. abt 1837, place unknown, m. John C. Counts, they had 14 children. Would like information on her parents. The second family is William Caldwell, b.1726, Place unknown, d. 1799,Place unknown, m. Elizabeth Thompson, had two children a girl name Mary and she m. John De Mun the other child sex & dob is unknown. I do know the mane of William's parents they are James Caldwell & Mary Gaston any information on any of these people would be appreciated. Joan Central Point, Or Name: VC Referred by: Just Surfed On In no address given Comments: My ex-husband is a Couts, and I always found his family history interesting. His father's name was Chalmers Scott Couts, Jr. (b. 1910 Los Angeles, Ca/d. 1980 Anaheim, Ca) who was married to Doris Irene Slonecker. Chalmers Jr. was the son of Chalmers Scott Couts, Sr. (b. 1888 Los Angeles, Ca./d. ? Los Angeles, Ca) who was married to Lois Irene McCarthy (b.1889 New York, NY/d. ?) Chalmers Sr. and his wife also had a daughter named Lois Couts. I remember hearing from Chalmers Jr. that they were descendants of the Bandini family in San Diego, and Cave Johnson Couts, but I'm not sure of the direct line. Name: Nancy Arendsee Referred by: AOL Comments: I'm descended from Barbara Koutz b. unknown, d.8/26/1843 in Somerset Co., PA. She married Andrew Blocher. Her parents were Michael Koutz and Barbara. Do you have any information on this family? Thanks, Nancy Name: Diane M. Kautz Referred by: Net Search From: Canton, MI (near Detroit) Comments: Just starting to look into my genealogy, any hints on how to get started? My father (Floyd) was the son of Roy (born in Germany) and Carrie (born in Chicago?). My family has received mailings from Kautz Vineyards in the past. They are hosting the 2000 Kautz Family Reunion, Murphy, CA Name: Ron Couch Referred by: Net Search From: Vicksburg, MS Comments: Hi. I wanted to ask about a possible connection to the Couts/Kautz line. My 7 ggrandfather, Jacob Couch, who died in 1797, in Green Co. TN, has been eluding our family for 30 years. The Couch clan after Jacob is documented to death, but we have found no wife or parents for Jacob. Is there a Couts /Kautz who might have been his father? He would have to have been in the part of VA that is now eastern TN in the late 1600's or early 1700's. Help us and we will love you forever. From: hadkins Subject: Couts family in Ohio OHIO COUTSES, ARE YOU READY? My name is Holly Couts Adkins born in Canton, Ohio the daughter of Harry Gifford Couts, born Newcomerstown, Ohio. Our family has been in Tuscarawas County, Ohio for 200 years. My grandfather was Ernest Ray Couts born February 23, 1889; grandmother was Hollis Elma Stoffer Couts, born June 20, 1891. New comerstown, Ohio . My great grandfather was William Van Buren Couts born February 1, 1836 in Newcomerstown, Ohio and great grandmother was Martha Postel who was his second marriage. William Van Buren Couts was also married to Mary Casteel. My great, great grandfather was James Couts born May 4, 1808 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio and was married to Rebecca Wilson. My great, great, great grandfather was William Couts born November 23, 1780 in New Jersey and married Jane Hougey from Tuscarawas County, Ohio. We were told that he migrated to Tuscarawas County in a Scottish ox cart as a very young man and was of Scottish heritage. My fathers immediate family is as follows: My father had several brothers: Russell Couts, Jim Couts, David Couts and Bill Couts all of whom are deceased. His sisters were Hazel Couts Jones, Kay Couts, Erma Couts all of whom are deceased with one living sister, Gladys Couts Sewell. She resides in Ohio. All of my father's siblings stayed in Ohio except my father who moved his family to Birmingham, Alabama in 1952. I will forward any further information my family has for your records. I have more information about my grandfather's siblings, but I will have to find it. We do have published information (book) dating the family in Tuscarawas County, Ohio back to the early 1800s. This Couts family is of Scottish decent, which can be traced to Scotland several centuries BC. Until reading your site, I had never heard the name associated with being German. All very interesting. Feel free to give out my email address to those wanting information. I will send more when I have time. Holly Couts Adkins From: Bruce To: Subject: Choate Edward Choate, sr. -(lived in surrey County) b. 1730 approx. Edward Choate, jr. b. 1757 d. 1827 ( cancer) married Sarah children- Gabriel, Skelton, Gideon, Sabert, James Wesley, Patsy, Betty, Chrity, Cassie, Sally Gabriel Choate b. 1782 in Franklin County Virginia d. 1857 (cancer) married Linda children- Josiah, Powhattan, Valentine, Cathy, Stepo, Gabriel, Nancy, Martha Jane Powhattan Choate b. Dec 13 1807 d. Nov 15 1874 married Winney Halley b. Feb 1 1806 d. Sept 12 1883 children - Nicholas Houston, Edward, Lucinda also raised nephew Powhattan Simmons Nicholas Houston Choate b.1831 d.? ( committed suicide in Texas) married (1) Nancy Perrilee Bird children- Alexander, Almeda married (2) Kitty children- Mark, Whinney, Marion, Tom Alexander Nicholas Choate b. 1855 d.1926 (committed suicide- hung hisself in uncle Harrison's barn) married Levi Ann Nowell b. 1851 d. 1919 children- Sally, Jackson Nicholas, Harrison, Merridith(died at birth) Jackson Nicholas Alexander Choate b. 1876 d. 1949 married Willa Rigsby b.1883 d. 1955 children- Francis, Mancel, Wallace, Erma, Audrey, Wayne, Ralph Eugene, Edith(died at birth) Erma Lorene Choate b. Aug. 17 1914 never married to Grover just know last name he ran off to Texas after Erma got pregnant. Hard to get details since no one really wants to talk about it. My Father Garry did speak with him before he died aprox 1980) children Garry married Rama Allen Johnson children Carol Garry Choat b.1937 d. 1983 (note the "E" is missing, doctors screwed up on his birth certificate) married Fumie Yukinori children Robert Lee, Sharla Ann, Bruce Eugene, Sonya Sue Bruce Eugene Choat married Caroline Vanderhoeven children Nicholas Houston note. The information on Edward Choate, Sr., Edward Choate jr. and Gabriel Choate are not entirely verified but the evidence is definitely there. Information received from Robertson County, Tennessee Powhattan Choate and Winney are buried down by Kerico caves in the old buffalo ranch at Pennsboro. the grave has been visited and entirely verified by relatives. Powhattan was a very rich man, owned several slaves. On microfilm, Powhattan Choate listed in the Cherokee records. His land was valued in 1860 to be worth $1600 real estate and $800 personal property. the markers on the grave also show him as evidently wealthy, they are very tall markers with scroll work and all. Stand about 5 feet tall and quite impressive Alexander and sister Almeda was raised by their grandfather Powhattan. Nicholas (their dad) left and went to Texas. Divorced his first wife and married a woman named Kitty down in Texas. The stories about Nicholas were not all that good. Seems as if he deserted his first two children. Bruce Choat From: Margaret Butts To: Subject: Barton to Dobson to Page I have been working on the above lines for some time but not thoroughly. Like so many others, I so wish I had spoken to my parents and other relatives about their families. Bathsheba Barton, daughter of Wade Barton, married Alexander P. Dobson. Their daughter, Sarah Jane Dobson, married my great grandfather, William Lindsey Page. Their son, Henry Benjamin Page, was my grandfather. My mother several times told me that Henry Benjamin Page took my aunt, Elizabeth Irene Page, when she was a small girl to the former home of the Page family (a town named Page) where she met many relatives. According to the story, they had lost most everything in the Civil War and were very poor but still living on family land. I was interested in Page City, Lafayette Co, Missouri. My Pages lived in Kentucky. Also, William Lindsy Page lived for a time in Columbus, Missouri where his wife, Sarah Jane Dobson died. He brought her back to Graves Co, Kentucky for burial. He and many members of the Dobson and Barton families are buried there too. Can you give me any more info about Page City or the origin of the Pages there? Would you like me to send you my Page, Barton, and Dobson info? Best regards, Margaret Subject: Eva Belle Couts Subject: Eva Belle Couts From: Tim E Barnes Hi, I see you have a listing for Couts in the Indiana area. Do you happen to have anything on an Eva B. Couts? I believe her middle name was Belle. I have been looking for Some time for info on her. The only thing I have at the moment is that she was born in Owen Co. Indiana on Oct. 5, 1874. She died Sept. 29, 1911. She was married to Samuel McClellen Rea. Her father was Lorenza D. Couts Her Mother was Febecca McAllister. I imagine this is a typo, and think maybe it was Rebecca McAllister. I am still not sure of Eve Belles last name. On my Grandmothers SSDI she was listed as Eva Belle Coates. However my grandma listed my ggrandfathers last name as MCullen on her SS app. So she has a history of less than perfect spelling. The thing that leads me to believe it is actually Couts is the above and that most of the info came from her death Cert. and as such may be a little more likely to be accurate. Well that's what I have, If you can help I would be very greatful, and of course I can share info about her offspring if you want. Thanks again. Tim B. From: "Bob Anconetani" Subject: An Article about the Bird My dad's cousin on the Deewall side found this article which I thought you would be interested in. His mother Laura Deewall Lording was the one to keep track of everything in the Deewall family. He says there may be more in all the stuff he inherited. Thanks Tonia Cora A Heisey was born at Clearfield PA, February 26, 1866 and passed away at her home near Coldwater KS, October 15, 1939 at the age of 73 years, 7 months and 19 days. When she was four years of age she moved with her parents from PA to Dade Co MO and there grew to womanhood. On January 8, 1886 she was united in marriage with J M Bird at King's Point MO. To this union seven children were born, two of whom died in infancy. The five surviving children are : Marvin Bird, La Veta, CO; Mrs. Morton Hadley and Mrs. Paul Deewall, Coldwater; Ben Bird, Protection; Robert Bird, at home. She is survived also by one brother, Ralph Heisey, Clearfield, PA; one sister in law, Mrs. Laura Heisey, Lockwood, MO; 14 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren and a number of other relatives and a host of friends. They settled near Wilmore and lived there until 1906 when they moved to their farm southwest of Coldwater. Mr. Bird passed away February 19, 1937. From: "Anne Miller" amille01@mail.coin.missouri. edu Subject: Re: GSCM Couts query Hi Barbara ----- in searching through all of my Couts (and related family information) a couple of questions popped into my mind. I have gathered lots of "stuff" to share, but I am not sure how you want it. Do you want copies of original documents, pages from books and other sources, etc. OR can you use the information better if I just put the pertinent facts in e-mails to you? Let me know so that I can really get busy. My line, as I may have told you before, is:
Christley Couts SR and Sarah Wright Christley Couts JR and Frances "Fannie" Barton Henry Couts and Nancy Minton Mary Martha Couts and John Bentley Pearson Mary Frances Burdette Pearson and Thomas White Carmichael James William Carmichael and Elizabeth Frances Cassell Anne Lane Carmichael and Max Leon Miller Jill Marie Miller and Michael Todd Gardner
I don't want to burden you with tons of paperwork which you may already have from other researchers. On the other hand, I would love to send ANYTHING that you want. Any ideas? Perhaps I could just list the information I have collected --- in a series of e-mails --- and you could pick and choose. By the way, I had the opportunity to be in north MO earlier this fall, and I dropped in to see my father's 1st cousin -- Frances Williams. She is in a care center in Bethany now, after suffering a heart attack, but she is h er same sweet self. We had a lovely visit. Her husband is still at home in Pattonsburg and comes quite often to see her. She and I looked through a big box of family pictures, etc. Here is a correction for your records: Frances' HUSBAND is named Vivion; it isn't part of Frances' name. While I'm brainstorming I will throw out a couple of questions. Who are Sarah Wright's parents and where did she marry Christley Couts SR.? Does anyone have knowledge of a Baroness Burdette Couts, who was so do taken with the story of the faithful little dog "Grefriars Bobby", that she had a famous statue of him erected in Edinborough? We accidentally found her picture and this story in a tiny museum, but did not have time to visit the statue. My interest here is the fact that my grandmother carries the name, Mary Frances Burdette Pearson, and NO ONE knows why. She is the only one of the 4 children who was given 3 names. I don't know if Christley JR and Aaron were twins. This possibility is new to me --- any background? More later --- thanks, Anne Subj: Re: Couts from Ohio From: (Wyland) Hello Michael, I am sorry that it has taken me this long to respond to your post in reference to the COUTS family. We have had much sickness in the family, and even a death, so we had to put our genealogy research on the back burner for awhile. I hope that you can understand. We are very eager to learn more and share more about the COUTS connection to our family. At this point all we know for sure is that my husband's grandmother, Irene Couts (maiden name) was in Washington County, PA in the early 1900s and that some of her children moved to Florida. We have a few more clues, but not a lot to work on. There is much mysetery connected to this side of our family tree. We would be much interested in talking with you. If you would like, please call on next Monday or Monday night, or Thursday, Saturday or Sunday. We have to be out of town this weekend, but would really like to discuss this with you....too much to try to share over an Email. Thanks for writing. Patchez/Barbara and Mack Wyland <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> ARTICLES FROM THE SAN DIEGO UNION AND OCEANSIDE BLADE CAVE COUTS May 19, 1870 SAN DIEGO UNION SHOOTING AT SAN LUIS REY -On Saturday evening, May 7th, Col. C.J. Couts shot a young man named Waldemar Muller, who had been employed as tutor in his family for a number of years. The shooting was done with a shot gun, the charge striking the left arm and side, inflicting dangerous wounds. Different reasons are assigned for the act, but while there is nothing more definite than rumor we refrain from giving publicity to any of the stories afloat. Muller was brought to the city on the 11th for medical treatment. He is still in a critical condition. July 2, 1872 SAN DIEGO UNION THE GUAJOME RANCH - Col. Cave J. Couts brought with him on his return from San Francisco a United States patent to the Guajome ranch, recently received by his attorneys from Washington. The ranch was granted in July 1845 by Pio Pico, then acting Governor of the Californias to Andres and Jose Manuel. The Commission which sat at Los Angeles in 1854, examined into and confirmed the grant and the patent was issued a few days came by the President. The ranch contains 2,219 40-100 acres; and is among the best pieces of land in the county. Col. Couts' residence is located upon it. No scarcity of water exists there, and crops of all kinds can be grown. The patent was placed on record yesterday. May 8, 1875 SAN DIEGO UNION FROM SAN LUIS REY. -The UNION's correspondent at San Luis Rey, writing May 7th, sends the following item: A sad accident happened in this valley last evening. Young Cave J. Couts was driving a mowing machine, when a rabbit started up in front of him, and he stopped his horses and went for the rabbit. The animals suddenly started and brought the sickle against the back of his legs, cutting them in an awful manner. Dr. Sample, of this place, was immediately called, and found the bone of one leg fractured. I have not yet heard whether amputation will be necessary. The accident happened about sun down, at Buena Vista. March 23, 1888 SOUTH OCEANSIDE DIAMOND - Cave J. Couts of Altura graced our streets on Monday. Cave has quit surveying and is now an honest farmer on the line of the Escondido road. Mr. Smith and wife, cousins of Cave J. Couts, from the blue grass State of Kentucky; famous for its horses, women and whiskey, are enjoying themselves at the beautiful Guajome ranch. August 17, 1888 SOUTH OCEANSIDE DIAMOND -"Cave" is a candidate for County Surveyor and the San Diegan says: Mr. Cave J. Couts is a staunch Democrat of the Jeffersonian type. He lives at Altura Ranch and is very popular, besides being comfortably fixed financially. He is courteous, obliging, mild and pleasant. He is a man of unexceptionable habits, of the very highest moral character. Mr. Couts will make a careful and active survey of the field. September 18, 1888 SAN DIEGO UNION -Cave J. Couts, for surveyor, is a son of Colonel Couts, of Mexican war fame, and was born in San Diego. His father made the first survey of Old Town and of this city. Mr. Couts has made extensive surveys for the Southern Pacific and other corporations. His age is 32. January 18, 1889 SOUTH OCEANSIDE DIAMOND - The youngest child of Wm. B. Couts died at San Marcos, of fever on Monday. February 23, 1889 SAN DIEGO UNION CUPID'S BONDS - W. D. Gray and Miss Dora Couts United to Wedlock. Last Wednesday Father Ubach joined in wedlock at Guajome, Miss Dora Couts, daughter of the late Colonel Couts, and W. D. Gray, of San Diego. The ceremony was attended by friends and relatives from Los Angeles and San Diego, and the groomsman and bridesmaid were Robert and Miss Gray, cousin and sister of the groom. After the ceremony had been performed the guests? to the dining room and partook of an excellent dinner, which was in waiting for them. The following morning Mr. and Mrs. Gray departed for Murietta in company with Parker Dear, proprietor of the Santa Rosa ranch, at which place they will make a short stay. March 8, 1889 SOUTH OCEANSIDE DIAMOND- Mrs. Y. B. de Couts was at the St. Cloud on Sat. The Couts stable has been sold to Edmund Pine, one of the twin Pines; Augustine and Ely retiring. May 10, 1889 SOUTH OCEANSIDE DIAMOND - Mrs. Y. B. de Couts has returned from San Francisco, accompanied by her energetic son and business manager, John F. July 12, 1889 SOUTH OCEANSIDE DIAMOND - M. Pieper moved the Couts cottage across the railroad track Wednesday and Thursday. April 18, 1891 SOUTH OCEANSIDE DIAMOND - Cave Couts is completing several government surveys. Cave J. Couts has about completed surveys in the vicinity of Pala. June 6, 1891 SOUTH OCEANSIDE DIAMOND - Cave J. Couts has nearly completed his government surveys beyond the Santa Margarita ranch. July 25, 1891 SOUTH OCEANSIDE DIAMOND - John F. Couts is building a palatial residence on the Guajome ranch on the west side of the river. A. L. Measure is doing the work. C. J. Couts is fencing his Altura ranch. March 4, 1893 OCEANSIDE BLADE - Mrs. Cave J. Couts accompanied by Master Cave, spent Sunday in San Diego returning Monday evening. October 28, 1893 OCEANSIDE BLADE - Estella, the little twenty-two months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Couts, died suddenly Sunday morning. She was seized with convulsions, from some cause unknown, and death resulted almost instantaneously. It is sad to lose the little ones from our homes even when an illness of some duration partially prepares us to expect such a result, but so sudden a bereavement is doubly sad and the parents have the community's deepest sympathy. The Silent Reaper spares no home; but, .."with his sickle keen, He reaps the bearded grain at a breath, and the flowers that grow in between." February 3, 1894 OCEANSIDE BLADE - J.B. Winston of Los Angeles is visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Cave Couts, at Altura. Vita De Celis, Madrid, Spain, registered at the South Pacific and with Mr. and Mrs. Wauch of London, Eng and Mrs. J.L. Gaffey of Los Angeles visited Guajome Tuesday. January 19, 1985 OCEANSIDE BLADE - R.L. Couts, a former liveryman here and a brother of our townsman, WB Couts came down from Los Angeles Thursday is sojourning at his mother's place Guajome. August 17, 1895 OCEANSIDE BLADE - Mrs. Y. B. de Couts, and daughters, Mrs. Gray and Mrs. Chalmers Scott, also Mrs. Scott's daughter, Miss Nettie, are in town for a season and are located in the "Myers house" corner Third and Hill streets. January 25, 1896 OCEANSIDE BLADE - Tioflo Peters was in town Tuesday with a sample of fine ore from the Ranchita mine near Banner, this county, now the property of C. J. Couts. The specimen was very large and one of the finest shown here. If Mr. Couts has any considerable body of ore like it he will soon have more money than a Vanderbilt. February 8, 1896 OCEANSIDE BLADE - Cave J. Couts, the owner of the Ranchita mine at Banner, was in town Wednesday night on his way to San Diego. He reports that a crushing of about 200 tons of ore will be made shortly, which he expects will run about ten to twelve thousand dollars and netting about eight or ten thousand, as the total cost of getting the ore out and crushing is about one thousand dollars per each hundred tons of ore. February 29, 1896 OCEANSIDE BLADE - Mrs. Y.B. deCouts returned to her home at Guajome, Tuesday, very much improved since her illness at Los Angeles. May 29, 1897 OCEANSIDE BLADE DEATH OF MRS. Y. B. DE COUTS Mrs. Ysidora Bandini de Couts, of Guajome, died at the home of her sister, Mrs. Baker of Los Angeles, Monday morning, May 24th, at the advanced age of 69 years, she having been born in Old San Diego, Sept. 13, 1827. Her father was Don Juan Bandini, son of Don Jose Bandini, in the last century a commander in the Spanish navy and later a resident of Peru, where it is said that Don Jose lost his eye sight in some way and his son took his place, sailing this coast until finally settling at Old San Diego. He took the side of the Americans in the troubles between this country and Mexico, and his daughters, Miss Ysidora and her two sisters, made the first American flag ever raised in the county. In 1850 she married Col. Cave J. Couts of the U. S. Army, and six years later they settled at Guajome, where the husband died in 1874, leaving her with a large estate and a family of eight children to care for. The children were all well reared and educated and the estate well taken care of under her management, and in 1886 a portion of it was sold for the very snug sum of $300,000, which was divided among the children and herself. The value of that left is probably about $50,000, consisting of about 2,000 acres at Guajome, land at Elsinore and Vallecitos, and a large number of improved and vacant lots at Oceanside. The eight children are still living and are as follows: Cave J., Mrs. Parker Dear, Mrs. Chalmers Scott, Mrs. J. B. Winston, Mrs. Ysidora Couts Gray, John F. and Wm. B. Couts. The funeral service was held at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, at San Diego Wednesday, with a solemn requiem mass, lasting nearly two hours. There were numerous beautiful and expensive floral offerings, among them a wreath and cross of white roses and carnations from the San Diego pioneers. Father Ubach conducted the services, and, as he had long been the deceased's confessor and friend, his remarks were touching, eulogistic and eloquent. The remains were placed in the vault at San Diego beside those of her husband, the following named persons acting as pall bearers: M. Altamarino of Old Town, Don Marcos Forster of San Juan Capistrano, Andrew Cassidy and Judge E. S. Parker of San Diego, all old pioneers; Oscar A. Trippett, J. E. and H. E. O'Brien of this city, and Charles Forbes of Los Angeles. E. S. Payne of Oceanside and John B. Winston of Los Angeles, by the terms of the late Mrs. Couts' will, are its executors. The property is divided equally among the children, except as to one or two special bequests. The furniture of the chapel at Guajome goes to the San Luis Rey Mission and the piano to Mrs. Winston. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Couts War of 1812 Muster Rolls Submitted by Launa Kitros rectype/inddbs/4281.htm Description: When the United States declared war on Great Britain in 1812, Congress authorized the President to accept and organize volunteers in order to win the war. This database is a listing of men mustered into the armed forces between 1812 and 1815. Taken from records in the National Archives, each record includes the soldier's name, company, rank at time of induction, rank at time of discharge, and other helpful information. It provides the names of nearly 600,000 men. For researchers of early American ancestors who may have served in the military, this can be a helpful source of information. Extended Description: These records were taken from microfilm rolls RG94 and M602, a total of 234 rolls of film. Bibliography: Direct Data Capture. War of 1812 Muster Rolls. [database online] Orem, UT: Ancestry, Inc., 1999.
To All Of My Cousins Who May Be Interested, Definite plans for the Kautz-Koutz-Kouts-Couts 2000 Family International Reunion have finally been made. Events are planned at the Kautz I ronstone Vineyards and Winery in Murphys, California. John and Gail Kautz of the winery will be our hosts. The dates will be July 7, 8 and 9, 2000. In case you did not get a mailing directly from John Kautz, his mailing contained a brochure describing the winery, a letter describing briefly the schedule for the weekend and a return-address envelope and card to request additional information and COSTS. The following is quoted directly from the letter of invitation: FRIDAY, JULY 7 - ON YOUR OWN OR GET TOGETHER WITH OTHERS AND EXPLORE THE MOTHER LODE COUNTRYSIDE. TOUR THE WINERY, TASTING ROOM AND GIFT SHOP. SEE THE 44 LB GOLD NUGGET ON DISPLAY IN THE WINERY'S HERITAGE MUSEUM. RELAX IN THE PARK ALONG THE LAKE OR VISIT THE HISTORIC GOLD RUSH TOWNS OF MURPHYS AND ANGELS CAMP. SATURDAY, JULY 8 - DISPLAY YOUR FAMILY TREE AND PHOTOS UNDER THE TENTS. MEET YOUR COUSINS, UNCLES, AUNTS AND NEW RELATIVES. ENJOY THE ENTERTAINMENT, DANCING AND BANQUET IN THE EVENING. SUNDAY, JULY 9- OPEN TO ALL KAUTZ FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO ENJOY THE FESTIVITIES, WHILE LISTENING TO A GERMAN BAND OR FINISH UP THE SIGHTSEEING BEFORE GOING HOME. USE EMAIL, THE FAX MACHINE TO LET US KNOW YOU WA NT TO JOIN EVERYONE IN THIS GREAT ADVENTURE. AS SOON AS WE HEAR FROM YOU, WE"LL SEND YOU MORE INFORMATION LISTING THE COST OF EACH EVENT AND LODGING. LODGING IN MURPHYS IS LIMITED AND COST RANGE FROM $75.00 TO $80.00 A DAY. SO HURRY AND LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE COMING. MAIL: 5490 BEAR CREEK ROAD, LODI, CA 95240-7213 EMAIL: JKAUTZ@LODINET.COM FAX: 209 339-1689 Nancy and I have already sent in our reservations for rooms for us andour three children at the Murphys Hotel in Murphys, CA, so we definitely plan to be there. We hope that all of you will be able to attend as well. If you are in doubt, write or email John and Gail Kautz for information and a brochure describing the winery and surroundings. You may be convinced to come. Everyone who I know who has visited the winery (ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WINERIES IN THE WORLD) has been impressed....... and if there happen to be a few other Kautzes, Koutzes, Koutses and Coutses there, so much the better. Let me hear from you, Larry Kautz NEWSLETTER MATERIALS CAN BE SENT TO: BARBARA COUTS EVANS Please click for e-mail. Please click to go back to the main page.