A Quarterly Newsletter for the Descendants of the Couts Family #16 A SPECIAL THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO SENT A COPY OF THE ARTICLE!!! THE PASSING OF A CALIFORNIO Submitted by Sue Blass In today's San Diego Union there is quite an article about the death of W. R. Couts, believed to be the oldest living descendant of the pioneer Couts and Bandini families of Old Town and North County. He died on Friday (Mar. 31) in a Long Beach hospital after a short illness. He was 94. He has a grand-nephew, John Daley, in Oceanside, who commented, "It is important to note his passing because he was our link to the Californios period of Southern California history." The Californios were property and business owners who owned the land before California became a state. Couts' great-grandfather was Cave Johnson Couts, who married teenager Ysadora Bandini in Old Town. His grandparents were William Bandini Couts and Cristina Estudillo. His father, William Bandini Couts, Jr., wife Adele Veal, was born in the Estudillo home in Old Town. He ran a store in Pala and owned property there, including the land on which the Pala mission was built. He gave that site to the Roman Catholic Church. W.R. Couts was born March 4, 1906 in Oceanside. He was preceded in death by his first wife, Georgia Hughes of Oceanside and his second wife, Maybelle Walsh of Los Angeles. Besides John Daley, he leaves nephews, nieces and cousins throughout California including Bill and Dolly Daley, Arthur Couts, Dianne Price, Kathy Kelley, Joan Dahl, Bernaradine Rink, Barney Holloran, Terri Ekval and Linda Randall. Burial will be in Calvary Cemetery in Los Angeles where several other Couts and Bandini family members are buried. You may already have this info. but thought it appropriate for your records. I still have not been diligent enough to dig into a connection with my immediate family but perhaps when life slows down and I am more stuck to my computer I will find something. Thank you for your efforts. Sue Blass W. R. COUTS, 94; MEMBER OF PIONEER FAMILIES This article appeared yesterday in the San Diego newspaper and thought I would share it with you for your next newsletter. Summitted by Kevin Currin San Diego Union-Tribune - April 3, 2000 William Reid Couts, believed to be the oldest living descendant of the pioneer Couts and Bandini families of Old Town and North County, died Friday, March 31st, in a Long Beach hospital after a short illness. He was 94. Mr. Couts was also related to the Estudillos of Old Town. "The great part about my uncle was he was related to everybody," said Couts' grand-nephew, John Daley of Oceanside. Daley noted there weren't that many families here in the early 1800s. "It is important to note his passing," Daley said, because he was our link to the Californios period Southern California history." The Californios were property and business owners owned the land before California became a state. Many of them, such as Couts' great-grandfather, Cave Johnson Couts, owned huge Mexican land grants including both Rancho Guajome, in Oceanside and Vista, and Rancho Buena Vista in Vista. Cave Johnson Couts had come to California with the U.S. army in 1849, married teen-ager Ysadora Bandini in Old Town and received Rancho Guajome as a wedding present. The old Bandini home has become a popular Old Town restaurant. Mr. Couts' grandparents were William Bandini Couts and Cristina Estudillo of Old Town. Mr. Couts' father was born in the Estudillo home in Old Town. It has been restored as a visitor attraction in Old Town State Park. Mr. Couts' parents were William Bandini Couts, Jr. and Adele Veal, whose father, William, ran a store in Pala and owned property there, including the land on which the Pala mission was built. He gave that site to the Roman Catholic Church. Mr. Couts was born March 4, 1906 in Oceanside. As a youth, he hunted, fished, and rode horses on the Old Rancho Guajome, memories he recalled for a cable-television special titled, "Cadillac Of the Adobes." Mr. Couts donated original documents signed by Presidents Polk and Tyler and a letter from California Gov. John Bigler to the San Diego Historical Society and gave other original documents of the era to the Oceanside Historical Society. He had lived in Long Beach all his adult life, visiting Oceanside often. Daley said he drove Mr. Couts out to Rancho Guajome, now a county park, about once a year to relive his memories. "He was true to that era, no question about it," Daley said. He said Mr. Couts was in good health all his life and drove himself from his Long Beach home to Oceanside early last month to celebrate his 94th birthday. His death, of heart disease, came after only a few days of failing health, Daley said. Mr. Couts was preceded in death by his first wife, Georgia Hughes of Oceanside and his second wife, Maybelle Walsh of Los Angeles. Besides John Daley, he leaves nephews, nieces and cousins throughout California, including Bill and Dolly Daley, Arthur Couts, Dianne Price, Kathy Kelley, Joan Dahl, Bernardine Rink, Barney Halloran, Terri Ekval and Linda Randall. Funeral services are expected to be Thursday, April 6th, but final arrangements are still pending. Burial will be in Calvary Cemetery in Los Angeles where several other Couts and Bandini family members are buried. CHRISLEY COUTS SR. Has anyone found any more information on Chrisley Sr. or gotten copies of any of the following information? Let me know, please. If anyone has information on Chrisley's wife Sarah Wright, who married William Collins, we would appreciate it. Chrisley Couts, His Deed and covenant for 320 acres of land on Sulphur Fork of Red River Tennessee County Sworn by the oath of Jacob Pennington as inscribing Witness at Term, Territory of the United States South of the River Ohio: Tennessee County September 24th day 1792, This Indenture made the fifth day of October in the Year of our Lord One thousand Seven hundred and Ninety, Between Mathew Mouldin of the County of Lincoln and State of Virginia of the One part and the heirs of Chrisley Couts of Tennessee and the State of North Carolina of the other part Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of five hundred pounds to the said Mathew Mouldin in hand paid by Chrisley Couts the Receipt and payment where of is hereby acknowledged hath granted, bargained, sold, aliened, conveyed and confirmed and by these presents Doth Grant, Bargain, Sell, Alien, Convey and confirm unto the said heirs of Chrisley Couts their heir and assigns forever a certain tract or parcel of land containing three hundred twenty acres be the same more or less lying and being in the County of Tennessee on the Sulphur Fork, a branch of the Red River, Beginning at a black oak Jacob Pennington Corner, thence North one hundred and sixty poles to a black oak and hickory thence West two hundred and twenty poles, twenty poles to the Beginning being part of a tract of Six Hundred and forty acres granted to the said Mathew Mouldin by the State of North Carolina Grant being dated the tenth day of July Seventeen Hundred and Eighty eight and numbered two hundred and seventy three with the appurtenances with their and every of their Rights, members and appurtenances whatsoever and every part and parcel thereof and all Rents, dues, Services and profits to them or either of them belonging and appurtaining to have and to hold the said land and premises hereby granted with the appurtenances unto the said heirs of Chrisley Couts their heirs and assigns to the only proper use and behoof of the said heirs of Chrisley Couts their heirs and assigns forever and the said Mathew Mouldin for himself and his heir Executors and administrators doth hereby promise covenant and agree that he shall and will at all time here after warrant and forever defend the said land and premises to the said heirs of Chrisley Couts, their heirs and assigns against all lawful Claims and demand whatsoever whereby the above mentioned premises may be affected or incumbered contrary to the true intent and meaning of these presents. In witness whereof the said Mathew Mouldin hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal the day and year first above written. Signed dated and delivered in presence of Andrew Thompson, John Couts, Jacob Pennington. Signed Mathew Mouldin, his seal affixed. Test. Hugh Lewis P.R.T.C. Robertson County Tennessee Deed Book J Page 121- August 14, 1811 John bought the above land. ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> THE PETERSBURG PRESS~ APRIL 25, 1963 James A. Couts, a resident of this city, passed away Friday, April 19, at 5:08 a.m. at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Vincennes. He was a retired coal miner. Mr. Couts, the son of James M. and Mary (Connor) Couts was born May 27, 1887 and was 75 years of age at the time of his death. Surviving is the widow, Mrs. Flora Couts; two sons, Aaron Couts, Petersburg: D. Lawrence Cuts, Littleton Colo: two daughters, Mrs. Ruth Yarber, La Puente, Calif. Mrs. Alice b. Yeager, Lawrence, Indiana: four brothers, Emory V., Vincennes; Wilford H, Beecher City, Ill; Cecil and Henry, both of Evansville, two sisters Mrs. Edith Harris, Evansville, Mrs. Ella E. Allen, Finley, Ohio; 15 grandchildren and eight Great-grandchildren. Funeral services were conducted Monday, April 22, at 2 p.m. at the Harris funeral Home with the Rev. Wilkes W. Ragsdale officiating. Burial will be in the Walnut Hills cemetery. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>< ARTICLES FROM THE SAN DIEGO UNION AND OCEANSIDE BLADE June 11, 1874 SAN DIEGO UNION Col. Cave J. Couts, of Guajome, in this county, died at the Horton House shortly before twelve o'clock last night. Col. Couts had long suffered from aneurysm of the aorta, and only recently visited San Francisco for medical counsel there. On his return to the city, some two weeks ago, he was attacked with a violent paroxysm of the disease, and has been lying at the point of death ever since. Col. Couts came to California as an officer of dragoons in 1849. He had charges of the military party which conducted the survey of the boundary line between California and Mexico. Resigning from the army he made his home in this county, where he has continuously resided since 1849. He married more than twenty years ago Theodora, a daughter of Don Juan Bandini, a lady whose nobility of character and Christian graces are known throughout this section of the State. This devoted wife and eight children now mourn the loss of a kind husband and indulgent father. Col. Couts was a native of Tennessee. He was a graduate of West Point Military Academy, and served through the war with Mexico. March 21, 1896 OCEANSIDE BLADE Willie and Tinie Couts got up a surprise party on their mother last Friday night, the 13th, which was a success in every particular. Games and dancing was the program carried out, beside, there was a banquet of "good things" furnished by the surprisers. Among those present were Mrs. Gauld, the Misses Della and Allie Stearns, Allie Tuttle and Vallie Jones, and Messrs. Melville Goetz and Bert Wilbur. January 23, 1897 OCEANSIDE BLADE Mrs. Y. B. de Couts is again quite ill at her fine home at Guajome. W. B. Couts went out to San Luis Rey Mission and Guajome Wednesday with a party consisting of Mrs. E. L. Johnson, Eliza J. Merrick, M. D., and Miss Irene Merrick, guests of the Mira Mar, and coming from Cleveland, Ohio. March 27, 1897 OCEANSIDE BLADE Sued for Divorce. Cave J. Couts, one of the best known residents of San Diego county, and whose work as a civil engineer and later as the owner of the rich Ranchita gold mine at Banner has made him prominent, was yesterday made the defendant in a divorce suit instituted by his wife, Elizabeth B. Couts. Mr. Couts is at present stopping at the Brewster hotel, where the summons was served upon him. The complaint is said to be based upon somewhat sensational grounds, it being alleged, among other things, that incriminating letters from a fair lady friend were found in Mr. Couts' pockets. The charges were numerous, and while no co-respondents are named, the allegations are set forth at some length, and the case will naturally attract considerable attention. Mrs. Couts also prays for custody of their only child, Cave J. Couts, Jr., about eight years old. She is at present with the boy on a visit to relatives at St. Louis, Mo. Before her marriage some years ago to Mr. Couts she was Miss Elizabeth Clemens, daughter of Bryant Clemens, who was a brother of the late Jere W. Clemens of this city. Mrs. Couts inherited a snug sum from her uncle's estate. --San Diego Union. May 22, 1897 OCEANSIDE BLADE J. F. Couts returned from Los Angeles Thursday, where he had been for a week at the bedside of his mother. Parker Dear, of Escondido, a son-in-law of Mrs. Y. B. de Couts, who is lying critically ill at Los Angeles, returned from the latter place Thursday afternoon, on his way homeward. He reports that there is no hope of her recovery. She is suffering from a surgical operation performed for the removal of a corn and also from diabetes. June 19, 1897 OCEANSIDE BLADE Couts Divorce Case The divorce case of Elizabeth B. Couts vs. Cave J. Couts came to a close in the superior court, when Judge Hughes rendered a decree in favor of Mrs. Couts on account of trouble between herself and husband at the Bella Vista boarding house in this city on December 10 and 11 last. The community property is to be equally divided between the parties, but no decree was made in regard to the custody of the nine-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Couts. If they fail to agree on the question of his custody, the court will take a hand in the matter. Evidence during the trial based upon the allegation in the complaint that "other ladies" had acted indiscreetly toward the defendant showed conclusively that the "other ladies" had upon no occasion acted in any such manner, and Judge Hughes stated that their character and conduct were above suspicion. --San Diego Union. November 7, 1897 OCEANSIDE BLADE Richard Egan, Herbert Crouch and Samuel Hunting have been appointed referees to make a partition of the property involved in a dispute in the case of Couts vs. O'Neill. The property in the case is a portion of Guajome ranch. November 20, 1897 OCEANSIDE BLADE J. F. Couts was in from Guajome Thursday and was seen leaving town with a carriage load of friends. A stipulation has been signed and filed by the attorneys in the case of Risdon Iron Works vs. Cave J. Couts and Lillie B. Couts by which it is agreed that the plaintiff take judgment for $1000 against each of the defendants, but that no allowance be made for attorney fees or costs of the suit and that all execution be stayed for ninety days. December 25, 1897 OCEANSIDE BLADE Elizabeth B. Couts has transferred to Cave J. Couts five acres of land in this city, with other property.--National City Record. The referee's report in the partition suit of Susie G. Couts against Richard O'Neill et al. was confirmed Saturday by Judge Torrance, and a final decrees was ordered. The property involved embraces the Guajome ranch and other property. October 29, 1898 OCEANSIDE BLADE Judgement for the plaintiff has been rendered in the case of C. M. Winston vs. Ysidora Couts Gray an action to foreclose a mortgage on lot 3 on Guajome ranch. February 4, 1899 OCEANSIDE BLADE Harry Couts met with a serious accident Wednesday. He and a schoolmate, Charlie Wentworth had returned from hunting and were sitting in the office at Coleman's livery stable talking. Mr. Coleman started to open the office door which stuck and in jerking it open Wentworth's gun which was standing outside jarred down and discharged, the contents passing through the door and entering Harry's left heel and right leg. Mr. Coleman picked the boy up, who made no sound and seemed dazed or unaware of his injury, and obtained medical aid immediately. He was taken to San Diego that night, where at last accounts he was doing well, and will be around again in two months. February 11, 1899 OCEANSIDE BLADE The Guajome homestead of 100 acres has been sold to C. J. Couts for $4,500. February 25, 1899 OCEANSIDE BLADE Cave J. Couts as administrator and Dora Grey have filed an objection to the petition of J. F. and R. L. Couts for the sale of real estate belonging to the estate of Cave J. Couts, deceased. March 4, 1899 OCEANSIDE BLADE Judge Torrance has granted the motion of Cave J. Couts and Dora Gray to dismiss the proceedings and deny the application of John F. and R. L. Couts for the sale of real estate belonging to the estate of Cave J. Couts, deceased. Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 12:16:38 -0600 From: Mark Lowe Subject: Re: [SCKY] land grants, Warren County & Ky The land "South of the Green River" was originally reserved by Virginia as bounty land for its military. Until 1797 no one could enter a survey within this reservation except a soldier. When Kentucky took charge of her own vacant lands, they passed new legislation which opened up these vacant lands to any person over the age of 21 who had a family. These individuals were entitled to not less than 100 acres nor more than 200 acres, but they must live on the land for one year before they became the actual owner. The surveys for these grants are in the Ky Land Office and copies are in the Ky History Center Library. There was also the "Kentucky Land Warrants" which provided for the sale of vacant lands by the state between 1816 and 1873. The lands were offered to any resident of Kentucky for $20.00 per 100 acres. The purchaser received a land warrant from the Ky Land Office, which authorized the owner to locate and survey a particular acreage. When completed and returned to the land office, a land patent would be issued to the owner. Source: Jillson, Willard Rouse, Originally published as Filson Club Publications, Number 33, Louisville, 1925, (Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc: Baltimore, 1971) Reprint 1994. Mark Lowe, 505 Josephine Street, Springfield, TN 37172\ Biography of Allen County, Kentucky Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 3rd ed., 1886. Allen County. JAMES S. BARTON was born July 14, 1839, in Barren County, Ky., and is one of the representative farmers of Allen County. He is the third of three boys and two girls (two boys and two girls lived to be grown) born to Caleb and Sarah (Siddnes)[sic] [Siddens] Barton, who were born and reared in Barren County, Ky. Caleb was a farmer, a son of James Barton, who was born in Virginia and of English descent. He was a farmer and came to Kentucky about 1800, and settled in Barren County. His latter days were spent on a farm of 600 acres on the banks of Barren River in Allen County. James S. Barton's mother was a daughter of William Siddnes [Siddens], who married a Miss Housewright. Mr. Siddnes [sic][Siddens] had owned about 900 acres of land, where our subject now resides, but which he sold before his death. James S. was but five years old at this father's death. He remained with his mother, who had married, until he was thirteen years old, when he lived with his brother-in-law and others and in this way secured a sufficient means to attend school after he arrived at the age of eighteen. After attending school for several months he engaged at farming where he now resides, and has lived ever since, with the exception of three years during the war, which he spent in Monroe County. He is the possessor of 340 acres of excellent land on the south banks of Barren River, 200 of which are cleared and in a fine state of cultivation, improved with a good residence. He has been successful in life, acquiring what he has by his own efforts. He married in January, 1860, Sarah Jane Howard, of Monroe County, Ky., a daughter of Clemons and Phebe (Chism) Howard, who were born and reared in Monroe County, of English descent, the father a farmer. To Mr. and Mrs. Barton nine children were born: Mary E. (Bradburn), William T., Sallie C. (Hudson), John C., Phebe E., James M., Caleb H., Fannie P. and Lucy B. Mr. Barton and wife are members of the Baptist Church. He was formerly a Granger. In politics he is a Democrat and case his first presidential vote for Stephen A. Douglas. Barton Bradburn Chism Douglas Housewright Howard Hudson Siddens Siddnes = Barren Monroe VA Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 3rd ed., 1886. Allen County. THE STARK FAMILY may justly be numbered among the pioneers and influential families which have been identified with many of the best interests of Allen County. Jeremiah Stark, the progenitor, emigrated from Virginia to Warren County (now Allen), Ky., about the beginning of the present century. He purchased a large body of land, upon which he settled with his children. He was an extensive planter and an active member of the Baptist Church, building for that denomination the church at Gainesville, where it now worships and where his remains are interred. His children were James, Daniel, William, John, Bashaba (Morehead), Elizabeth (Godley), Jesse, Raleigh and Thomas. James Stark, a native of Culpeper County, Va., born in 1776, was an active politician; owned sixty-five slaves at the time of his death; lived sixty-three years with his wife, Elizabeth Duncan Stark, who survived him three years, and died in 1860. His children were Theophilus, Charles C., Dillard G., Frances (Kelley), Emily (Pulliam), and Maria D. (Richey). Charles C. Stark was born May 21, 1804, in Culpeper County, Va; removed in 1808 with his parents to Allen County, Ky., where he now resides. His wife, Lucy S., daughter of George and Mary (Taylor) Green, of Hart County, was born in 1807 and died in 1867. Their offspring are as follows: James T., Elizabeth F. (Grubbs), Maria E. (Spillman) and John W. James T. Stark was born May 17, 1833, in Edmonson County, Ky., and in 1844 removed with his parents to the northern part of Allen County, where he has since resided. He secured a good education at Camden Seminary, and engaged in teaching ten years. His first wife, whom he married April 11, 1861, was Fannie, daughter of Bradford and Fannie (Pulliam) Dodd, of Barren County (born 1845; died March 20, 1863); and to them was born one child, Charles B. February 23, 1864, Mr. Stark married Mary J., daughter of Hon. Thomas J. and Nancy P. (Lewis) Morehead, of Allen County (born July 14, 1843), and their union has been favored by the birth of Thomas J., John C., Nancy E., George R., James G., Leon, Karl and Fay G. Mr. Stark's possessions are the result of his own efforts. He has served as school commissioner of Allen County two years, and was twice elected sheriff, filling the position four years. He is a farmer by occupation, having 345 acres of productive and well improved land in a good state of cultivation. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity; in religious belief he is a Baptist and in politics is identified with the Democratic party. John W. Stark was born October, 18, 1841, near Rocky Hill Station, Edmonson Co., Ky., and in infancy removed with his parents to Allen County, locating at Gainesville, where he has since resided. In 1861 he enlisted in Capt. Ridley's company of "Buckner's Guards," remaining in that service until the disbandment of the company at Corinth, in 1862, after the death of Gen. Alert S. Johnston. He was by the side of Gen. Zollicoffer when the latter was slain at the battle of Mill Spring. Mr. Stark obtained a good business education, and is a man well versed in standard works and the current literature of the day. October 16, 1867, he married Eliseph C., daughter of James M. and Frances (Jewell) Stark, of Barren County (born December 10, 1848), and to them were born Charles C., John W., James D., Claire, Elizabeth, Nettie and Katie R. In the commencement of his business career, aside from his own exertions, Mr. Stark frequently had the assistance of his father's endorsements, by which means he was enabled to establish a successful business. He commenced merchandising February 10, 1874, in Gainesville and his venture has prospered. He also owns about 800 acres of good farming land, which he is having cultivated to advantage. He is a Royal Arch Mason, and in politics affiliates with the Democratic party. He has been postmaster since the establishment of the office at Gainesville. Stark Dodd Duncan Godley Green Grubbs Jewell Kelley Lewis Morehead Pulliam Richey Ridley Spillman Taylor Zollicoffer = Corith-MS Culpeper-VA Barren-KY Edmonson-KY Hart-KY Warren-KY Allen-KY @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ INTERNET RESEARCH From: Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2000 18:32:30 EST Subject: Counts - Kouts Hi Barbara, Here is an exert from the book, "The Armentrout Family History 1739 - 1978" by, Russell Armentrout. I got a copy through the interlibrary loan from the Sutro Library in San Francisco, Ca. Any Armentrout researcher should obtain a copy of this reference. It's a fabulous piece of work. I have ran across more on the is Kouts connection but I didn't file any of it. Try one of the Family Tree Makers family disk. Probably vol. 1, 2, or 3, There are Armentrouts/Ermantraudts in Vol. 1 and 3 for sure. ========================================== "The Armentrout Family History 1739 - 1978" Some time after Johannes' death, his widow Anna Elizabeth married Johannes Kouts who for a time lived in the Adam Hedderich household. However, after a time Kouts forced his wife to demand an administration and settlement of the estate of her former husband. Apparently, through these efforts Kouts was appointed by the Augusta County Virginia Court as executor of Johannes Ermentraudt's estate. With this accomplished Kouts, assumed control of the combined estate and the mortgage bond in Pennsylvania. This combined with other obnoxious behavior proved too much for Adam and he forced his new son-in-law and wife to leave his home. In August 1760 Adam Hedderich brought a civil suit in the Augusta County court against Johannes Kouts to recover his half of the combined estate and the 2/3 of Johannes Ermentroudt's half for his 2 grandsons. Enjoy, Charlie Subj: Couts Family Line Date:2/5/00 6:04:38 PM Pacific Standard Time From: Nthornt I am wondering if our lines of Couts may be related although my line is spelled Coots/Koots. My ggg-grandmother was Jestern Coots. Born March, 1816 in Tennessee. Can you give me any information to say - yes related or no not related? I can provide other information if you think there may be a connection. Thank you for your assistance. You can e-mail me at Nancy Sears Thornton Subj: Re: Couts Date: 2/10/00 8:42:00 AM Pacific Standard Time From: Phalynx50 Dear Barbara, I feel like it's Christmas. I'm new to computer & have just started with my family tree maker. I just read in book about gedcom . That would be wonderful. I feel like I can't reciprocate though. I'm so excited I'm probably not making much sense either. What a blessing you are. You know that feeling when you are just stuck & have used all your knowledge & then the door opens. WOW. I noticed too, I didn't have some of the children of John. My husband got me a scanner for Christmas & hopefully I did this right. I am enclosing the only piece of info I have which is a guardianship of John's children. I have the census & marriage on children as far as I knew. Please let me know about gedcom & please let me help you in any way I can. My husbands family is from Olney Ill. His grandma was a Wilson daughter of Andrew Wilson whose mother was Rhoda Fleener. Rhoda's mom was Eliza Couts. I have always wondered about a William Couts who lived with Thomas Fleener & Eliza in 1850. He was 19. I thought he was a brother, but is not mentioned in these guardian records. Then I thought he might have been a son Of Eliza's before marriage. We knew nothing about the Couts side except what little I found on my own. Thanks so much again Pat Now that I know this I can't wait to see what else we can find. Let me know if there is anything on my side you might want. Subj: (no subject) Date: 2/10/00 12:38:01 PM Pacific Standard Time From: Phalynx50 Barbara, It's me again. Was reading 2nd newsletter & discovered Nicholas Couts. I have a Nicholas Koontz in Jefferson Co. Ky. His daughter, Elizabeth married Martin Potteroff, or many other spellings, who had son George, daughter Mary Ann that is ggranmother on our Stanley side. Nicholas is buried in Nicholson cemetery in Washington Co... Ind. We have a note that says he was born in Maryland. WOW. I really am a mature adult, just can't contain myself. I haven't started my Stanley side on the computer yet, but I've got our line on him in notebook form. Maybe I can reciprocate. Pat Subj: Re: Couts From: Phalynx50 Dear Barbara, I have sent, I hope my file on Couts. This is my first attempt, I hope I did It right. There are some differences. My reference was census on children. Also, some of the Fleener children associated with Thomas are his grandchildren. I read all you sent last night & what a pleasure to see someone use reference points. I have looked at other web pages, contacted these people to ask about documentation & was told they had it from good sources. That's scary. I never put anything into tree till I can prove it or use a preponderance of evidence when it gets so far back. I also looked at 1840 census on Eliza & Thomas & there is a male child between 5-10, being William Couts. They married in 1835 sooo he is either born out of wedlock or she was married to a Couts & not her maiden name! I go back up north in Nov. to visit husbands family & will make a special trip to the surrounding counties to hopefully clarify this matter. The gedcom on John direct would be most helpful. Can I get copies of all the newsletters? I was at Warrick several years ago & found in grantee-grantor books references to deeds for John. It was book A. They could not locate Bk. A . There were several deeds recorded. I hope this was OK to send , I don't want to overburden you with info. Let me know about the rest of newsletters they are a wonderful source of info. Pat Subj: Alvis Couts Date:2/12/00 From: (Lee Averett) Hello, I am writing to see if you could please send me a GEDCOM file for the Christopher Chrisley Jr. Couts(b. 1780) line. I am a descendent of Alvis Couts and I would actually like to make the connection to *all* of the rest of the Couts line and the descendents thereof, from my line. I would welcome all the information which you could provide, including sources of information. Thanks Lee Averett Son of Richard Averett(a past contributor of information) Subj: Re: Couts Date: 2/14/00 From: Phalynx50 Barb, According to my records: Levi is married to Eleander in 1850 & age 34. Born 1816. Census shows Levi & first wife with Allen W. age 5 & Alvin R age 2. I sent a Gedcom to Family tree. I haven't done one for me yet. I'll work on that today. Sooo glad my report went through. My program kept telling me to send it in Email form & it looked like a mess. Which one came through right? The formal report or the e-mail version? Pat. There is also a William Couts marrying Charlotte Thompson 1856. Subj: [Fwd: [Fwd: Couts]] From: marilyn ainsworth Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 Hi Barbara, Here's a little info from Lafayette County, MO. Not my family - just a hobby for me.
[THANKS FOR THE VALENTINE'S PRESENT…Barb] 1860 LAF. CO. CENSUS, Dover Twp: Freedom Twp.: PAGE, Joseph H. 47 KY COUTS, Henry 48 KY " Elizabeth 43 IA " Nancy 49 " " Axell 22 MO " F.E. 16 MO " Henry C. 20 " " M.M. 12 " " Wm. B. 19 " " J.M. 10 " " Joseph H. 16 " " N.C. 6 " " Jesse 10 " " Joshua 7 " " Thomas 6 " " James 5 " " Frances 14 " " Basheba 13 " " Mary 9 " " Maria 1 " COUTS, Frances 67 MO (?) These are listed as COATS in 1850 but think they should be COUTS??? COATS, Frances 60 KY STILL, Woodford 23 KY " Basheba 17 MO Henry COATS 37 " " Nancy 16 " Nancy 39 NC " Anthony 13 " Frances E. 6 MO Mary M. 2 " Joseph V.M. 8/12 " ODESSA, MO CITY CEMETERY: NEWHARD, Martha Eliz. (Bessie) 1881 Odessa-21 Jul 1974 Gallatin daughter Mary Frances Couts @ John B. Pearson LAFAYETTE CO. WILL RECORDS: COUTS, Christy died intestate. Adm. Martin Corder appt. 6 Aug 1850 Sec. Thomas B. Claggette @ John J. Burtis Page 270 LAFAYETTE CO. MARRIAGES: COUTS, Mary Jane to Phillip Stone 9 Nov 1842 " Samuel to Louisa Hogan 5 Nov 1843 " Sarah Jane to Samuel Derepett 20 Dec 1846 " T. B. to Mary Ann Law 30 Jul 1849 " Christy to Nancy Jane Buckanan 27 Sep 1863 " Fanny (spelled Courts?) to John D. Dennings 20 Mar 1868 " Mary M. John B. Pearson 23 Feb 1869 " Alice to C. M. Humphries 26 Oct 1878
That's all I can find and hope it helps a little. Marilyn Subj: Re: You didn't tell me that you were on line!! Date: 2/14/00 From: I have alot of info to send to you. I'm coping Aaron Couts Probate Record in Morgan Co, Mo and also his son Commodore Perry Couts. I just got online after Christmas .I have been finding info on Genforum. I hope you are doing well, tell everyone hello for me. How is your brother Bo getting along? So if you need anything email me. Your Cousin Michael Middleton Subj:Teter Kautz Family Date:2/17/00 From: Bboopbeard Barbara I received your address from Earl Kesling. You probably already know I descend from Teter Kautz Sr.'s sister who married Christopher Kesling. I descend down through Teter Kesling, John Kesling, Susan Kesling & George Blin, Adam Blin, Oda Blin & Edward T. Beard, Millard Beard & then me. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks very much. Ethel Beard Simons From: Launa Subject: Couts, Holt Co., MO 1920 Census Barb, Just got back from a couple of weeks in UT. Only got one day in the Library. Darn! Will be going back in June/July and also in Sept. Hope for more days then. Ran across these while look for Birds ---20 of them in this Co. census along with Couts. I don't recognize any of them off hand. How's school going? Only 4 more months until the are out. Catch ya later. Launa
Holt County, Missouri Census Records, 1920 urname Given Middle Township Family # Relation Sex Age Place of birth Couts James F BigelowED135 80 head m 45 Missouri Couts Tressa M BigelowED135 80 wife f 44 Missouri Couts Clyde BigelowED135 80 son m 24 Missouri Couts Clara BigelowED135 80 daughter f 21 Missouri Couts Chas W BigelowED135 80 son m 19 Nebraska Couts Golda BigelowED135 80 daughter f 17 Missouri Couts Anna L BigelowED135 80 daughter f 16 Missouri Couts Della M BigelowED135 80 daughter f 14 Missouri Couts James F BigelowED135 80 son m 10 Missouri Couts Wayne M BigelowED135 80 Son m 7 Nebraska
Subj.: Barton - Graham From: (Brad Green) Hello, my name is Brad Green and I descend from Bavester Barton. I was wondering if you knew anything about Bavester's parents or Berry Barton's wife Barbara Graham? Also, I would be happy to share any information I have on my family. Subj.: Couts family From: (Marcia Shaulis) Hello, My name is Marcia Stalker Shaulis, my Mothers name was Clarice Eugenia Couts from Van Wert, Ohio. We are from Clarence Beers Couts line. I have a slew of info about this family. Let me know if you want it and will send it to you. thanks, Marcia Subj.: Re: Check out Ancestral File Frame P.S. From: Caroleing Subj: Barton/Wiseman My grandmother is Nancy Emeline Barton-Wiseman. Called Emma. Date of birth 1 Nov. 1861 place Paris Tennessee died 31 Oct. 1942 Milwaukie Oregon Married 1879 to Joseph Acey Wiseman date of birth 09 Oct. 1857 Tuscumbia Missouri Died 02 Jun 1946 Milwaukie Oregon. Link Church of Jesus Christ of later Day Saint. Family Search Internet genealogy serve. Emeline is show to be Nancy J. Barton. I have the names of Emeline & Joseph's 11 children, some of grandchildren. I am trying to link Emeline with Elizabeth Couts. date of birth about 1760, and Bavester Barton, but reach lots of dead ends. Sincerely, Carole Wiseman Curtis. P.S. Harold L. is my father, and his middle name is Jackson not L. Carole Hi there. No, the LDS ancestral files were already on the LDS site. I have never sent them anything. So you too believe there is a connection. That is good news. As I said. I just started to look for Nancy Emeline Barton a little over a month ago. The Wiseman link has been on the LDS web site for over a year that I know of. Carole~ Subj.: Couts family in Missouri From: (Accent Printing) I will attempt soon to put together all the information I can regarding my family. Believe this branch of Couts' were in Gage County Nebraska late 1800's, to Holt County in Missouri in about 1900. I am 51 and dead-end in tracking back at my great-grandfather. Maybe, when I get things together, you can help me bridge the gap to Couts' in Tennessee or North Carolina or Germany or somewhere. I just located you on the internet. Will do my best to try and put things in some sort of logical sequence. Is there a boilerplate or format which is standard in which I can begin with myself and work backwards? If so, is it available on line or in a program I can buy or acquire somewhere? Please help. I may be your long-lost cousin! Thanks, Rod Couts (Yes, James F. Couts, Nebraska) Subj: Couts in Missouri From: The information you forwarded me this morning was indeed the break I was seeking. Solomon Byron Couts is my father, William Barton Couts my grandfather and William Solomon Couts my great-grandfather. That was as far as I could go back. Do your records go back farther than 1870? Am I German, Scotch or what? Thanks for the wonderful information. You've whet my appetite to fill in the gaps. Perhaps doing genealogy stuff would be cheaper than prowling around at night on e-bay. From the auto date- time record on your e-mail message to me, I guess I should also thank you staying up late to locate the information I requested. I will attempt to document and bring up to date my generation of this chart and will try to get a program which would allow me to forward it to you in a form which could be added to your good work. Thanks again and be assured I've added you to my list of favorites on the net and to my e-mail address book. Rod Couts Subj.: Couts website From: (Steve Couch) Hello, this is Willard Couch, of Joplin, Mo., and came across your website of the Couts family. My uncle and an aunt done the Couch family genealogy about 10 years ago, now both are gone, I was left all of this hard work that they had spent long hard hours searching. Our earliest Couch, was a Jacob Couch, believed to have been born around 1734 in Virginia, he died in 1797 and buried in Greene County, TN. We can't find anything on him any earlier. By accident we located some pay receipts from the Revolutionary War, (30) to be exact for a Jacob Couts, many people in those days could neither read or write or spell, we believed this to be the same person. He served in the 12th, 8th, and 4th Virginia Infantry Regiment, I suppose soldiers had to enlist every 30 days. We have no record of his father, mother, or wife, or any sibling, we do have information on his children. Please get back with me even if you have nothing. I'm kinda new at this, and I do have a lot of trouble Thank You, Willard Couch Subj: (no subject) From: Teresataylor Barb, My name is Teresa Taylor and through my maternal grandmother's line, we are connected to William H. Farmer and I think Elizabeth Couts. I am somewhat confused and hesitate to say I am definitely from the Couts line because I can't prove it. Here is my situation and maybe you could clarify for me. First of all, in one of your newsletters you stated that all the Couts had left the area of Robertson County, TN, which is where my people are from. From what I have found, I know a William H. Farmer married Elizabeth Couts on Feb. 24, 1840 in Robertson Co., TN. But the 1850 census is what confuses me. There is a family of William H. Farmer listed with wife Elizabeth, age 32, and several children I ncluding Julia, which is my gggrandmother, and a Martha J. There is also a different listing in the household of Nancy Conts, an Elizabeth, age 25, with daughter Martha and son Willis I believe. Both households have daughters Martha J. of the same age. So my thinking is, "Did one census taker take info at William Farmer's address, then Elizabeth go to her mother's home when Martha became ill, and take Willis with her, and then after Martha died, go back home to William?????" This Martha J. and Elizabeth are buried in the same cemetery with Nancy and William Couts. I can find no other record of a William Farmer marrying another Elizabeth, but I don't want to just assume that my Elizabeth is definitely a Couts without proof. I just wondered if you could verify this for me or see if any of your readers could tell you anything about it. If, in fact, Elizabeth Couts is my ancestor, I have lots of info I could give you about her descendants in middle Tennessee. Thanks for the help!! One little tidbit of info: I recently tried to visit the Couts graveyard (but couldn't get to it because of snow and it is back behind a stand of trees near the corn fields) but the owner of the land (recently bought from a Couts descendant) thought the graves were of slaves of the Couts. He said that even they didn't realize that their ancestors were in the graveyard. It's sad that this was not passed down. I can't imagine having relatives buried on my land and not know they were family, especially when one was the sister of a State Representative and Postmaster General. Anyway, thanks again and I hope to hear from you. Teresa Subj: Caldwells From: (Sylvia Douglass) I am really impressed with your accounting of the Caldwell family. According to what I just read, my Caldwell ancestry must come from one of those 3 or 4 men. My Great grandfather's name was Samuel (Paul) Caldwell supposedly born in Ohio. His father's first or middle name was Levi, and he had 2 brothers-Marion (or Merrian), and Frank, and a sister named Amy. He changed his name to went to Washington state, changed his name and married in 1860. Do you have any idea which Caldwell family he might be descended from? Sylvia Colwell Douglass Subj: Barton From: (Barton/Jarvis) Hi, I was looking at you webpage, bevans/barbara/barton.htm and began to make some possible connection. Do have any information as to Bavester Barton's siblings. There are several distinct lines of Bartons in the early history of Henry County, Tennessee. With the small number of white families in Henry County in the 1820's, it would be odd for these families not to have been related. In Henry County there are 3 lines: Joseph Barton, James Barton, and Bavester Barton ((possibly the one on your webpage)). Perhaps the three are brothers because they are of the same generation and it would make historical and genealogical sense. My Joseph Barton was married in Trigg Co KY with his second marriage to Sophia W. Goode on 21 Dec 1833. Joseph's first 3 children were born in Christian Co KY (Martha, Sophia, and Benjamin J.) I do not know where the 4th child, John David Wood Barton, was born but it was 1 Dec 1835 and died 20 Mar 1900. Benjamin J. Barton's children were born in Henry Co TN. Looking at your webpage, I see that the first children were born in SC and then in KY and then some of their children were in Henry Co TN. If I could only connect Bavester and Joseph. If you have information outside your webpage, I would love to hear about it. Walt Barton Subj: Barton Family From: (Sharon Wolff) To: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I found your web site last night and couldn't believe I found my elusive Charity Barton. I have been searching for any info on her for a long time. I knew she was my ggggrandmother but all I knew was her maiden name was Barton and I knew nothing else. No date of birth or place of birth or parents names. What a find when I found the info you had on her. I am descended through her son Bluford Carrol Rose. I am confused about one thing, on your info you list Willoughby as her second husband ( I was not aware of any other spouses for her) however your site doesn't show a 1st husband. Is this possibly a mistake? Thanks again, and if you have info on a first marriage I would love to know about it. [Sorry, only one] Record 145 Name: B. Prendergast Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: Massachusetts Comments: I read your page with much interest and pleasure. Your attention to detail, the clarity and the content made it so easy to follow. We descend from the William Cout Family, or perhaps spelled Couts, out of the Shelbyville, Bedford Count, and Nashville, TN area. Our William Cout had three daughters Rebecca, Latitia and Easter.(maybe Esther). His daughter Rebecca, married William Hooser. William's and Rebecca's daughter Latitia Morton Hooser, married Robert Thompson Cannon. Their daughter Rebecca Mary, married Robert Emmit Fay, etc. I have the hope that my Cout/Couts(?) family may be connected to your Couts family. Do you think that this is a possibility. Will be anxious for your reply. Thank you for your wonderful Web Page. Please click for e-mail. Please click to go back to the main page.