VOLUME 5 November December January NUMBER 1 2000

A Quarterly Newsletter for the Descendants of the Couts Family #18



Oceanside's First Pier by Kristi S. Hawthorne http://www.oceanside-historical.org/ohspier.html
Thousands of people enjoy Oceanside's pier. Fishermen, tourists and families stroll along the wooden planking and gaze into the ocean, just as Oceanside's early citizens did over 100 years ago. Oceanside's pier is a tradition. A tradition that despite weather, waves, politics and lack of money, refuses to dies. Remnants of that first pier are now buried. An occasional storm or low tide uncovers the rows of the old, honeycombed pilings. Few people know they are there or realize their significance. The first pier, called a wharf, was located at the end of what is now called Wisconsin Street, first named Couts Street, after Cave J. Couts, Jr., surveyor of the original town site. Soundings were made in 1887, with construction starting in 1888. Oceanside was a boomtown then. Men with big ideas and great plans for the city poured in.


August 18, 2000 Dear Barbara, The stories told me about great-great-grandfather Eli Baggett and his friend Jackson Couts and especially about Mr. John Couts, Sr. have given me a deep appreciation and respect for those pioneer men and women. It is difficult to imagine the problems they faced. But some records and physical evidence exist today giving proof they overcame obstacles to leave us a great nation. For the most part the Indian scare was over by 1790, when Mr. John and his brothers came to middle Tennessee, then, a part of North Carolina. John remained in Tennessee while his brothers moved further on for other pursuits. I have mentioned it on many occasions how a close friendship developed between the Baggetts and Couts families. From 1796-1830 Mr. John bought and sold as many as eighteen farms. The opportunity was good because of the population increase and economic growth. Mr. John was very active during those thirty-five years of county'' growth. When each son married he gave a debt free farm and to each daughter a love gift of money equal to each of the son's farm. I mentioned in another letter that Mr. John shortened the time and length of travel to and from home to the courthouse in Springfield. (Spent much time there.) By cutting a road through his property and across Sulphur Fork Creek to the main road linking Springfield and White House Tennessee. In 1812, Mr. John suggested my great-great- grandfather lease the Hugh Henry Farm and Distillery, a landmark still in the family today. It was also his suggestion for Granberry to buy the Simeon Walton Farm (Simon Adams Farm today). One of Mr. John'' descendants, Dixie Couts is also well known and a respected realtor in Robertson County. [ I think Mr. Armstrong might be right, brother Bo Couts is a realtor in Auburn, California]. It seems that Mendel's Law might have surfaced in other Couts family members found world- wide. With regards, James S. Armstrong


William Couts Kindel 17 October 1876 Weatherford, Parker Co, TX 16 January 1877 Weatherford, Parker Co, TX,, Richard William Kindel Sarah Francis Fanny Allison Josiah Green Putman 10 May 1857 Lawrence Co, AL 6 October 1934 Mexia, Limestone Co, TX, 24 December 1883, Martha Couts Anson Putman Hester Royer; MISSING SOURCE


Pages 283 &284 John Franklin Couts, [son of William Henry Couts and Nancy Johnson] furniture dealer and undertaker, has the oldest record connected with the present active business interests of Clarksville. John F. Couts was born in Robertson County, October 21, 1818; was raised on a farm and received a common country school education. His father was William Couts, a native of Robertson County and of German descent. His mother's maiden name was Miss Nancy Johnson, sister of Hon. Cave Johnson, General W.B. and Joseph N. Johnson, a sketch of whom will be found elsewhere. Mr. Couts came to Clarksville in April, 1838, and engaged one year as copying clerk for Joseph Johnson, Clerk and Master of the Chancery Couts, and then took a clerkship in the store of Mr. Isaac Dennison for a short while, when he engaged with Galbraith, Greenfield & Co. several years until the firm was dissolved, and he then engaged with Williams & Co., S.S. and L.G. Williams and George Gray, continuing with this house till September, 1843, when he opened a grocery house on his own account, occupying the corner store in the old Poston block, southwest corner of the Public Square, now know as Couts old furniture building, just opposite the Tobacco Exchange. Messrs. Beaumont, Payne & Co. occupied the middle store, or next door to Mr. Couts, and were also engaged in the grocery business, A.B. Harrison occupying the other corner as a clothing store. Mr. Couts still remembers Rev. Henry F. Beaumont with reverence and deepest admiration for his noble nature, true manhood and neighborly kindness. Mr. Couts remembers during the time they were in the grocery business a great storm swept over the coffee growing region, almost totally destroying the crop, and causing a heavy advance in coffee. Mr. Beaumont was the first to receive the news, which he communicated to his partners. As soon as Mr. Beaumont had gone to his factory, Mr. Payne called on Couts, inquiring how much coffee he had. "Fifty sacks," answered Couts. "What will you take for it?: "Nine and one- half cents, " replied Couts. "I will take it all, " said Payne, "weigh it and put it out on the front." This was done, the coffee paid for, and soon stacked up in the middle house. The transaction was soon known over town, and also the advance in coffee. The next day Mr. Beaumont called, and addressing Mr. Couts said: "My partner, Mr. Payne, bought your coffee, and I understand that you had not heard of the advance when you sold, and I called to say you can have the coffee back if you wish." Mr. Couts thanked him very much for his generous spirit, but did not take the coffee back, as he was able to make another deal in New Orleans that served him as swell. Mr. Couts continued in the grocer business only two years, when he sold out to Albert H. Judkins, who came here at that time from Springfield. He then engaged in the furniture business with William Rutherford at the same stand, still know as Couts' old furniture store. Mr. Rutherford was a Scotchman, a superior business man and fine mechanic, but his prejudice to the slavery system, which then prevailed in the South, drove him away, and Mr. Couts bought his interest in the stock and continued the business at the old stand until 1872, when the desertion of that part of town by the leading business interest, forced him to change also, and he moved to the splendid warerooms in the Hillman block, which he now occupies, a cut of which accompanies this sketch. At the close of the war, his son, Poston Couts, on his return from the army, was admitted as partner under the firm name of John F. Couts & Son, which relation continued up to Poston's death, November 9th, 1877 [The book, "Red River Settlers, Records of the Settlers of Northern Montgomery, Robertson, and Sumner Counties, Tennessee" has this to say on Couts: "John H. Poston married Nancy L. Nelson. They were the parents of thirteen children. Hugh Hammill Poston of Nashville was one of their sons, and Benjamin F. Poston of Clarksville was another. Richard and William Poston, two other sons settled in Memphis. They were lawyers. One of the daughters [Adaline N. Poston] of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Poston married John F. Couts, as his first wife. ......"] Poston Couts was a model young man, strictly upright and honest in all of his dealings, and pure in character. He possessed a bright and cultivated intellect, and his influence was a great loss to society, and especially to the large number of young men and boys whom he drew around him. His life was a living example of pure religion to be seen and observed by all men in his every day walk, Mr. Couts is still an active business man, keeping abreast with the progress of the age, and all late improvements in furniture and undertaker's goods. His long established reputation for liberality and correct dealing has given him a trade with which cannot be taken away, and which has never been lessened but increased


Subj: Couts Clan from Ohio & Michigan Dear Barbara - Been reading your web page for over a year and have been disappointed that very little reference is made to the Couts name in Michigan and Ohio. I did note a couple of items early in your newsletters and several listed in your guest book, which tried to contact with no success. Would you be so kind to publish a request for any of the Couts' from our area to try contacting me? Thank you for your help. Jerry Couts Subj: Re: Couts Clan from Ohio & Michigan From:jac@up.net (Jerry Couts) Thanks Barb for the info you do have. From my grandfather, Earl Couts, from Bucyrus, Ohio, born 1881; died 1966; I was told with no reliable information that we were British descent and indeed had fought in the Revolution in Virginia. He never mentioned that our name was spelled any different but we have been called the "Koots" pronunciation. Thank you again - perhaps a note in your next letter with my email address. I will keep you updated if and when I may receive or find any further information. Jerry Couts Subj: Mintons From: paulab@pacific.net.sg (Paula Bennett) I came across this site by chance and was surprised to see so much interest in my family name. I wonder when these Mintons arrived in the States, and if they are connected to me somehow. My father's name was Raymond Claude Minton, and his father was Claude Vincent Minton, they lived in a small village in Wales around the 1920's, but I think they originally came from the Midlands in England. If anyone out there has any ideas, please EMail me, marionminton@yahoo.com Marion Minton Subj: Couts Family from Kathy Hobbs From: Kathy Angel 1955 Hi Barbara Thank you for all you have sent me . I forwarded to my sister in Virginia and she down loaded for me the #17 WOW I had such a good time reading it. Thank you Again. Now My Grandmother was Aurine Nancy Couts Her Father was Robert Lee Couts. there is a little information for you. I have Cave Johnson Couts Journal I found it in AZ in a store called By The Book, L.C. 1045E. Camelback Phoenix, Az 85014 (602) 222-8806 It cost 125.00 $ it was well worth it was very happy to get it went all the way to Tucson Az. looking for it. so if this is any help. let me know. any way won't keep you Thank You again. Hope to hear from you again. Kathy Subj: genealogy From: dah@lor.net (Doug Holly) Hi! I suppose we're some WAY distant cousins as I'm a descendent of Thomas Stark who I believe is our closest common ancestor. I'm hoping you can help me out a little. I'm finding some dissenting information regarding our earliest Stark ancestors. Do you have any sources for your research? If you have any additional info on this line I'd love to hear from you. If you want any info from me, I'll be happy to give what I can. Doug Holly [I'm wondering about Susannah, born 1729, Stafford Co. VA, Barb] Subj: Re: genealogy From: DAH@lor.net (DAH) I have Susannah Stark in my system but don't show any spouse for her. I do have a John Couts on my tree however who married a Leah Stark (daughter of Thomas Stark and Ruth King; gdaughter of James Stark adn Elizabeth Thornton..) married abt. 1790 in Robertson City, TN. Interested??? Doug Subj: Re: Newsletters From: pamdrake@bellsouth.net (Drake) I've gotten both 16 & 17. THANKS! I printed them off and have mailed them to Mr. Armstrong. You do SO MUCH work on our family line (as well as others I'm sure). THANKS SO MUCH! I know how time consuming it can be. I just wanted you to know you much all your hard work is appreciated! Pam [Thanks, Pam! I love it when you guys get all warm and fuzzy. This newsletter is only possible because of dedicated researchers and historians, and family members with good memories!! thanks!.] Guest book Record 148 Name: Sally Stark Torchik Referred by: Net Search From: Ohio Comments: I came in searching to see if maybe some of my names would appear. Enjoyed your site and sure you have helped many people with it being here. I'm looking for my ggrandfather Adam Stark, father of Samuel, my grandfather, and his brothers, Fred and Robert. Thank-you for the tour. msstorch@eohio.net "Mary Ruth Barton" MaryRBarton@email.msn.com Subject: Thanks Barbara, I had a dream last night that you have 1850/1860 census info on JOHN HUGH BARTON, seemingly the first born son of BAVESTER BARTON and wife ELIZABETH (unknown). JOHN H. (HUGH) BARTON, as you know married NANCY COUTS. I have them on the 1830 and 1840 censuses in Graves Co., KY along with his younger brothers WADE and BERRY (my husband's gggf). I note that on the above censuses that JOHN H. BARTON is listed only as HUGH BRATTIN and in 1840 as HUGH BARTON. In both the parents have only female children. This could explain why it is difficult to follow their progeny and why I have not found them in a later census. On the 1820 census in Stewart Co., TN, JOHN HUGH BARTON may be the extra male farming in WADE BARTON's household. Moving west to locate land in Henry Co., TN, where both m en later got small acreage grants or purchases?.. Where was NANCY COUTS BARTON in 1820 - still in Warren Co., KY? I deeply appreciate your newsletters on the net. Lucy Leon kindly mails those I miss. At times I have difficulty finding your spot. Barbara, thanks so much for the BARTON info that you sent. Our Bavester Barton line is precious to me. And with four Couts marriages in our line it is really interesting for both of us. No doubt it is as true for your Couts, as it is for my Barton's - that even close living people of the same name may be of a different descent. So it is with two Barton lines of early 1800's in Warren Co. and of Allen and Barren Co's, KY. I believe the latter came from the Irish (originally Quaker) line of Isaac Barton and of Jane DuBart. Would you please enter a query for me concerning the finding of JOHN HUGH BARTON's family. Simply put, it could read: Does anyone have a lead on BAVESTER BARTON's first born son JOHN HUGH BARTON, born circa 1785 in SC, married NANCY COUTS, dau of CHRISLEY COUTS, Sr. and SARAH WRIGHT,1808 in Warren Co., KY. This couple had a brief residence in Henry Co., TN, which may have been same area of later Graves Co., KY They were in Graves Co., KY for 1830 and the 1840 census readings. On the 1830 census they had no sons, but did have four daughters under ten years old. On the 1840 census, I believe they had two more daughters (files not all here with me on vacation). I need to know where this family moved to for certain. I have tried census search in MO and IN with no luck. Thanks for any help given. e-mail: MaryRBarton@msn.com From: "Mary Ruth Barton" MaryRBarton@email .msn.com Subject: Fw: Genealogy Barbara, Does any of this make sense to you? Do you think this should be addressed in the newsletter? I was certainly "winging it" without all my records with me in summer. What is the LDS source for Elizabeth Couts as wife/md 1783 in SC to Bavester Barton??? Thanks, Mary Ruth Barton From: Mary Ruth Barton MaryRBarton@email.msn.com To: Caroleing@aol.com Date: Sunday, August 20, 2000 3:56 PM Subject: Re: Genealogy Carole, Very interesting, but is surely news to many of us who have researched together since 1975. If this is true, we must have proof. Even LDS people require proof and warn us not to accept their records without proof. I, personally, think someone has confused Bavester's wife who is called Elizabeth (unknown) with, perhaps Elizabeth Barton, their daughter who md 2x, in Warren Co. KY, it appears. First to Lacy Meadows (Meaders?) and 2nd to Aaron Couts, bro of Chrisley Couts, Jr. My dec'd husband's line is: ROGER WESLEY BARTON (6) [JOHN WESTWOOD BARTON (5); LEROY JACKSON BARTON (4); GREENBERRY B. BARTON (3); BERRY BARTON (2); BAVESTER BARTON (1)] And we are not sure that Bavester Barton was the immigrant! We have a possible Thomas and Mary as his possible parents - NOT PROVED. If Bavester and Elizabeth's first son was JOHN HUGH BARTON, which is possible -( if not then there was a son that died after the 1790 census in SC!) - then perhaps Bavester's Father might have been named JOHN HUGH BARTON. That, at least, sounds Welsh as they claimed to be. We must do more WORK/WORK/WORK! Computers help so much - and also hurt so much. Experts are being very cautious today in the best genealogical societies! Thanks for listening. MRB (Mary Ruth Barton) From: "Mary Ruth Barton" To:Cc:"WayneM.. Sampson",< JERRYNILL@aol.com, , "Philip C. Dobson" , "Webb" cwebb@proaxis.com Subject: Re: Check out http://searches. rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/ifetch2?/u1/data/ky+index+3644 Thanks, Carole, this, of Wayne Sampson's is just great. Now I want others of our Graves Co. lines to see it. Did you notice the WEBB name in Wade Barton's daughter Bathsheba Dobson, son Benjamin WEBB Dobson? (The WEBB names in our BARTON FAMILY CEMETERY on the old farm there, must be connected somehow.) Woops! That was not in Sampson's 1850/60 census names - but was in info sent just now from Philip C. Dobson who comes from Bathsheba's line. So, I am trying to send copies of this letter of yours to others of Wade and Berry Barton's lines from Graves County, KY. Wish me luck, for I am no computer nerd, unfortunately! One thing, I do know, is that the "information" revolution is drowning out my brain!!! From: Caroleing@aol.com To: MaryRBarton@email.msn.com Subject: Check out http://searches.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/ ifetch2?/u1/data/ky+index+3644 Thanks, Carole. This is an example of Wayne Sampson's expertise. He told me he "collects" names and data. Also that, as I recall, this is his mother's line. I must ask him if he can find Bavester's son, John Hugh Barton on the 1850 and 1860 censuses in Howard Co., MO. I have searched it but do not find him there. I marked this as a favorite - so glad you found it and let me know! Mary Ruth Barton From: Subject: Check out http://searches.rootsweb. com/cgi-bin/ifetch2?/u1/data/ky+index+3644 Subj: John H.(Hugh) Barton From: MaryRBarton@email.msn.com (Mary Ruth Barton) Barbara, Thanks so much for that thoughtful mailing of all your Barton content in your Couts newsletters. I know you are very busy. And I know you are amazing! Ahh, shucks! It is possible that my dau, Laura Barton Williams, and I could meet you as we drive California from north to south. I think you gave me your address and Phone number, but it helps to have it again. We leave Lake Superior in Lutsen/Tofte area MN in two week. We may go through Canada to see Banff and so south to Weiser, ID maybe (where our Bartons lived in last century). I cannot find the correct census reading for JOHN HUGH BARTON's many female children on the 1840 census, Graves County, KY. Drives me crazy. But I have it in one of Don Simmons 81/2 X 11 publications in my La Jolla study at home. When I get there, I'll send that! Must be accurate! The John H. Barton on the Boone Co., MO 1840 census reads: John H. Baton (no "r") 0111201 - 01011001. He had three slaves: 2 males 20/30 yrs and one female under 10? - hard to read her age. Total 13 people. On page 75, were Allen Couts: 000020001 - 000010001 total 5 people. On page 72, Jonathan Barton: 001110010 - 001100010 total 13 (slaves:males 1 un 10; 3, 20/30 females:: 1, 10/20 & 1, 10/20) On page 71, Jackson Barton 0001 - 000000 As I recall, our researchers have thought this John H. Ba(r?)ton was Bavester's son who md Nancy Couts. And that this son was not since found? Is that correct? In any case, he does not match the 1840 "HUGH BARTON" who, as I recall had only eight daughters no sons, in Graves Co., KY. Next question: Who is this Jonathan Barton, age betw 50/60 and Jackson Barton, age betw 20/30 prob a son of Jonathan Barton in Boone Co. 1840, given above? Does anyone know for sure? Howard Co., MO is often stated for John H. and Nancy Couts Barton at an early date after their 1808 wedding in Warren Co., KY. But, in fact, at that time in 1820 I believe he was counted in Stewart Co., TN with brother Wade Barton and minus his own wife and family (where were they?) Those brothers got land in Henry Co., TN eight? Years later.(I have the two land grants) in Henry Co., TN near/on Obion River near Graves Co., KY. And Graves Co., KY is where they were on 1830/40 censuses with other brother, my own Berry Barton. Mary Ruth Barton Subj: Genealogy From:JKnese6507@aol.com To:bevans@coutsfamily.com I was trying to find my great grandfather, Benjamin Dobson, via the Internet and got sent to your site. I believe his mother's name was Bathsheba and the family was all born in Warren County, Kentucky. But I never found a Dobson in the group, do you know anything about Dobsons being in your family? There are a bunch of us. Janie Dobson Knese From: JKnese6507 Thanks so much for your answer. Alex and Bathsheba Dobson were the parents of my great grandfather, Benjamin who married a woman named Nancy. Ben and Nancy are buried in the Dobson graveyard in Graves County, Kentucky. I believe that Alex and Bathsheba are also. If you are interested, I can send you that lineage, I have a brother who has done a lot of work on this. I'm so mad at myself because I couldn't find your site again, can you help me with that? I called my brother last night and he was pretty excited about it. Subject: Couts / Moon Reply "tricia pempin" tpempin@hotmail.com Barbara ,Thank you so much for the information. I have just recently taken up genealogy but I will be glad to share what little I have. I am doing this for my children , I got some of this information by sending a form letter to the Death Index File at Social Security. Hiram Ward Moon and Catherine Couts had a son William Henry Moon , born in Buie Texas on 6 July buried at the Mustang Cemetery , in Mustang Oklahoma. William Henry Moon married Mamy Williams , date unknown but I will work on that . The had (6) girls , Stella , Opal , Minnie , Flora , Mary Alice and Joyce, and a son William Henry Jr. They lived around the Tuttle Oklahoma area and later moved to Okla. City, Okla William Jr. and Stella lived for many years in Calif. , Stella and her husband Jay returned to Okla. when they retired. I'm not sure if William Jr. had children , I know that Stella didn't. Stella is living in the Okla City , Ok. area the last I heard. Opal married Oscar Johnson, they lived in Mustang Ok. , I believe and had (4) Children , three boys and one girl. She is living in Oklahoma , Her son Ellis Johnson is listed in the White pages on the Internet in Okla. City. Minnie married a Roland Orvatz , they also lived in Okla. City. Minnie was born Feb. 18 1916 and died in Okla. City , Ok. Jan 1979. They either had two or three boys and one girl. Roland was born Aug. 26 1912. I know one son George he is married to Sue, They are also listed in the Okla. City white pages on the Internet. Flora is living but has been in a nursing home in Okla. City for years. She was married to a Harris and a Tuttle, she had two sons and a daughter. I knew one some Bob Harris , he died a few years ago, and I will get this information as my sister was married to him, and we married cousins. Flora had daughter Betty whose husband was a police chief in Anaheim Calif. The other son Lived in Calif. also and I don't know his name. Mary Alice was born on Jan 10 1910 , in Tuttle , Grady County Ok. she died Jan 1988 in Okla. City and was buried at Mustang Cemetery . She married Lawrence Daniel Smith in Oct 21, 1939. They had four boys, Jackie Dee, Billy Joe , Lawrence Daniel Jr. born in Dinuba Calif. on , Terry Lee born in Dinuba Calif. . May 29 1955. Joyce was married twice I believe , I don't know the name of the first husband. She had two daughters by him I believe, Susan Darlene and Pamela. her second husband was Gene Arterbury she had a son Michael and a daughter Angel . Joyce is living in Okla. City . Hope this helps. If I get more information I will sent it. Thanks , Tricia Subject: Mamy Williams Moon "tricia pempin" tpempin@hotmail.com Barbara , Mamy was her name, no middle name . Her mother died either giving birth to Mamy or due to difficulties shortly after her birth. Mothers name was Susan Easley , no middle name listed. Fathers name Christopher Columbus Williams, at the time of Mamy's birth they were living in Decatur Texas. Mamy had the physical features of a Native American, there has been some conversation that she may have been Choctaw. The name I got off of the social security form she used to apply for a social security card on 04-17-1972 . From: floflama@swbell.net Subject: Dyke family Hi, Thank you so very much for the information on the Dyke family in Ark. and Okla. It is very possible that your Melvin was a brother to this family's gg-grandfather. As soon as I can make a connection I will let you know. I had no names for siblings of this gg-grf, and I hope now I can complete my list. The children of this man settled, married and had their children around Stigler. That's why I think there may be a link. If I come across any Skrimingers while I am searching I will let you know. Again I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Good luck in your search. Karen From: "James Benham" To: nunall@oklahoma.net, bharris@csw.net, bltkks@msn.com Subject: Bookout family research Hello, I am also researching the Bookout family. My Bookout family comes from Pope County Arkansas to Indian territory, Texas and Oklahoma. Connecting families are; Benham, McCoy, Daniels, and Kincaid. My Great Grand parents; John Bookout and Malinda Jones My Grand parents; Robert Benham (1844-1943) and Elmira Louise Bookout (1859-1899) Would be glad to share information. Jim Benham From: "James Benham" benham521@hotmail.com Subject: Bookout family research Hi, Thanks for your response. Our Bookout families may or may not be connected, maybe way back somewhere. Here is what I have. Jim THE BOOKOUT FAMILY The BENHAM family is connected to the BOOKOUT family by the marriage of Robert Benham to Elmira Louise Bookout in 1881 JOSEPH (1) BOOKOUT JOSEPH (1) BOOKOUT is believed to be the first BOOKOUT to come to America. His wife's name is not known. His son was CHARLES BOOKOUT. CHARLES and NANCY ANN (CAGLE) BOOKOUT CHARLES BOOKOUT, son of JOSEPH (1) BOOKOUT, married NANCY ANN CAGLE. Their son was JOSEPH (2) BOOKOUT. JOSEPH (2) and POLLY (OVERSTREET) BOOKOUT JOSEPH (2) BOOKOUT married POLLY OVERSTREET. Their son was JOHN BOOKOUT. JOHN and MALINDA (JONES) BOOKOUT JOHN BOOKOUT, son of JOSEPH and POLLY (OVERSTREET) BOOKOUT, was born about 1822, possibly in Alabama. At about age 18, on 9 July 1840, he married MALINDA JONES in DeKalb County, Alabama. Justice of the Peace James Hughes married them. MALINDA was born about 1820. It is believed they moved to Arkansas about 1845. During the Civil War, John enlisted as a Private with Company C, 4th Regiment Arkansas Union Cavalry, on 27 November 1863 at Dardanelle, Arkansas. He died 12 April 1865, at about age 43, in "General Hospital", as the result of wounds received during the War. The children of JOHN and MALNDA (JONES) BOOKOUT 1. MARY ELIZABETH BOOKOUT was born about 1840 in Tennessee. She married BARON DEKALB HICKEY on 13 November 1859 at Dover, Pope County, Arkansas. MARY ELIZABETH named one of her daughters after her sister ELMIRA. BARON DEKALB HICKEY married MATTIE PEARSON on 18 August 1892 at Little River County, Arkansas, after ELISABETH"S death. His parents were JOHN and NANCY (GIBSON) HICKEY. It is not known what happened to MARY ELIZABETH. 2. JAMES HIRAM BOOKOUT was born about 1845 in Arkansas. He married SARA WEATHERS on 19 December 1859. 3. LEVISA BOOKOUT, called "VICEY" was born about 1849 in Arkansas. She married GEORGE A. KINCAID or KINCADE on 26 August 1874 in Pope County, Arkansas. 4. JOSHUA BOOKOUT was born about 1850 in Arkansas. 5. LUCINDA BOOKOUT was born 25 December 1854 in Arkansas. She married JAMES MC COY ON 20 March 1873 at Pope County, Arkansas. JAMES MC COY and his brother in law BEN BOOKOUT were involved in the murder of WILLIAMMC ALISTER in Arkansas in 1874. James escaped, and he and Lucinda hid out in Texas under the names of MC ELROY, maybe MC CAULY, and KINCAID. James was captured in 1885 and returned to Arkansas for trail. Lucinda died in route to Arkansas in 1885. It is believed ROBERT and ELMIRA BENHAM took in the MC COY's daughter ELLEN to raise. James' death sentence was reduced to 21 years in prison. It is believed he died in prison some years later. 6. BENJAMIN BOOKOUT was born 8 March 1856 in Arkansas. Ben Bookout and James McCoy killed William McAlister and wounded Mrs. McAlister in Dover, Pope County, Arkansas in 1874. The murder was so famous in Dover that a play was made up about it. What prompted the killing is not known. Two other men were involved, one was Sam Osborne, and someone else who never came in the house but handed in loaded guns. Both Kincaids and the Mc Coys were witnesses at the trial. Baron Hickey and his wife Mary Elizabeth (Bookout) Hickey both testified at the Mc Coy Trial. Before he could be sentenced, Ben Bookout fled from Arkansas. Soon after, most of the Bookouts, Kincaids and Mc Coys leave Arkansas. Some of them appeared in Indian Territory and Texas near where Robert and Elmira (Bookout) Benham were living. ELMIRA LOUISE BOOKOUT was born 10 January 1859 in Arkansas. MYRA was 6 years old when her father, JOHN BOOKOUT, died. She married Thomas J.E.B. DANIELS on 29 March 1880 in Johnson County, Arkansas. It is not known what happened to THOMAS DANIELS. He partitioned the court on 29 March 1880 for an appointment of a guardian, as a minor over age 14. William N. King was appointed his guardian. His mother resided in Newton County, Arkansas, but totally unable to assume guardianship. His father's location was not known. On 22 May 1881, Elmira married ROBERT BENHAM in Denison, Grayson County, Texas. Myra died 22 April 1899 from measles that turned into pneumonia. She is buried near Kingston, Oklahoma. Her son, George William Benham, is buried next to her. 8. MALINDA BOOKOUT was born about 1864. Notes: 1. Census, Pope County, Arkansas Census, 1860 Liberty Township: JOHN BOOKOUT age 37, MALINDA age 39, JAMES H. age 15, LEVISA age 11, JOSHUA age 10, LUCINDA age 6, BENJAMIN age 4, and LOUISA age 1. Note: Louisa was Elmira's middle name. 2. The Bookout family, like so many other families of the time, became disrupted by the Civil War. Elmira's father, John Bookout, died as a result of his military service with the Arkansas Cavalry in 1865 when she was only 6 years old. Emira's mother Malinda was left to provide for and raise the children on her own. In 1874, Elmira's brother Ben Bookout and her brother -in-law James McCoy were involved in the murder of William McAlister in Arkansas. The murder trial and the escape of Ben and James sent the family on the lam to the Indian Nations and Texas. Her brother Ben Bookout is believed to have been killed in California in 1878. She married Tom Daniels in 1880, and they joined Malinda Bookout and the McCoy family in hiding in Texas. In 1881 she married Robert Benham in Texas. What happened to her first husband Daniels is not known. . Robert and Elmira lost a baby in 1881. In 1885 James McCoy is captured in Texas and returned to Arkansas to stand trial for the murder. Elmira's sister, Lucinda (Bookout) McCoy, suddenly died on the way to Arkansas in 1885. Robert and Elmira took in Lucinda's daughter Ellen McCoy to raise, but Ellen died about 1892. Robert and Elmira moved around in Indian Territory and Texas before settling in Pickens County, Indian Territory about 1893. Robert and Elmira lost another baby in 1895. Robert and Elmira took in several children to raise along with their own. In April 1899 at the age of 40, Elmira died from pneumonia brought on by the measles. 3. 1880 census, Hopkins County, Texas; Kincaid, J. H. age 28, born in Ark. M & f born in Alabama (DOB sometime in 1852) Lue 25, wife ,Ark M & f born in Ky (DOB sometime in 1855) Bin 4, son, Ark M & F born in Ark (DOB sometime in 1876) Elec 1, son, Mo M & F born in Ark ( DOB sometime in 1879) Daniels Tom 19, brother in law, Ark M & f born in Ark, Elmira's first husband. (DOB sometime in 1861) Elmira 21, Sister, Ark M born in Ky F born in Ala (DOB sometime in 1859) Bookout Melinda 69 (Mother in law) born in Alabama, mother and father born in Alabama. (DOB sometime in 1811) Note: This is James and Lucinda McCoy living under the name of Kincaid. Malinda Bookout, and Elmira and her first husband Tom Daniels are staying with them. Civil War Pensions (from National Archives) Bookout, John Born: At least circa 1822 (based on date of marriage) Died: 12 Apr 1865 DeVall's Bluff, AR (Died at General Hospital while in service)Married: 9 July 1840 DeKalb Co., AL By James Hughes, Justice of the Peace Wife: Malinda Jones, Born circa 1819-20 (affidavit dtd 18 Jun 1867, age 48 years)Children: (Living and under 16 years of age) Lucinda Bookout b. Dec 25, 1854 Benjamin Bookout b. Mar 8, 1856 Elmira Bookout b. Jan 10, 1859 Malinda Bookout b. 1864 Enlisted: 27 November 1863 Dardanelle, Arkansas , Pvt., Co. C. 4th Regiment, Arkansas Calvery. Resident: Dover P.O. Pope County, Arkansas (18 Jun 1867), Little Rock, Pulaski Co. Arkansas (9 May 1865) Pope, AR 1850 Federal Census File 5 of 5;This Census was transcribed by Don Brigance (drbnc@aol.com) and proofread by Charlie Ward (cccharlie1@aol.com), Veda Mendoza (vedamen@idt.net) and Laurie Simmons Smith (anteeks@alltel.net) for the US Gen Web Archives Census Project, http://www.rootsweb.com/~ usgenweb/census/.
CENSUS YR: 1850 STATE or TERRITORY: AR COUNTY: Pope REEL NO: M432-29 PAGE NO: 289B REFERENCE: Andrew Scott LN HN FN LAST NAME FIRST NAME AGE SEX RACE OCCUP. VAL. BIRTHPLACE MRD. SCH. R/W DDB 16 683 683 BOOKOUT John 30 M Farmer TN 17 683 683 BOOKOUT Eliza 28 F TN 18 683 683 BOOKOUT Elizabeth 10 F TN 19 683 683 BOOKOUT Mary 8 F AR 20 683 683 BOOKOUT Hiram 5 M AR 23 693 693 McALISTER Geo C. 26 M Farmer 7 24 693 693 McALISTER Mary E. 20 F
Credits The BOOKOUT Family Association and Debra Blackard for information on the BOOKOUT family. Compiled by: JAMES ROBERT BENHAM, updated: 04/28/2000 Subj: Jacob Couch From: turp@uswest.net (Howard Turpin Family) We have been researching Jacob Couch and his descendents and came across a land grant dated 5 Oct 1774. Here is what we found on the Gen Forum (this would be the transcribed version.)5 oct 1774 Jacob Couch of Craven Co. Province of South Carolina, Planter, to Joel McLemore of said county and province, planter... by a grant dated 10 feb 1749 to Jacob Shneider, a tract of 200 acres opposite to the lower part of Saxe Gotha Township in the lower grounds of the Congaree River on Raifords Creek, bounded on the north on vacant land, to the east by land laid out to Casper Kentz, to the south by land laid out to Anthony Cuplar and to the west by land laid out to George Haig, esquire; said Jacob Shneider by indenture of lease and release 28 & 29 jan 1752 did grant and release to Casper Kentz (alis Couch), and whereas the said Casper Couch died intestate and the right of inheritance of the land developed on Jacop Couch, eldest son of the said Casper Kentz Deceased... now for 484 pounds lawful money of the province doth sell to Joel McLemore... all that part of the tract containing 88 acres (being the northern most part of the tract granted to Jacob Shneider) adj. Thomas Jeffreys, John Hopkins, Thomas Taylor... Jacob Couch (JK), Wit: Joseph Rees, John Hopkins. Proved 5 oct 1774.. A Memorial herreof entered in the Auditor Generals Offices in Book N 13 page 507 24 June 1775. Are you familiar with a Casper Kentz (whoever transcribed this might have misspelled the surname) with a son Jacob from Craven County? We have been trying to find the father of Jacob Couch who died in 1797 in Green Co, Tennessee. We've wondered if this could be him. Some of the family Bibles passed along are in German. What do you think??? Thanks. -Kathy Turpin THE BARTON QUESTIONS A Letter Submitted by Mary Ruth Barton This letter is in reply to Joan Johnson, Gainesville, Floriday, From Mary Ruth Barton . Thanks for the copies of CHARITY BARTON's line with her husband WILLOUGHBY ROSE. I note that they were two pages handwritten on 10 Feb. 19-(date cut off in copying). No one named as the author. Also, I enjoyed the one page (part, no source or date given) that gave eight generations of CHARITY BARTON ROSE's son ABIJAH ROSE through his dau MARTHA ROSE TALBOTT. I note an early error or two in the writer (who?) assessment of these lines. 1. He or she lists CHARITY BARTON ROSE AS #1, and as dau of FRANCIS BARTON. I presume this is FRANCES BARTON COUTS? They were sisters and daughters of BAVESTER BARTON and his wife ELIZABETH (UNKNOWN). 2. The included statement about "FRANCIS BARTON being "1/2, I think of Indian blood." Has in other statements given by this family in varying measurements from 1/16th to 1/8 to to this . As, I believe I told you, this family's claim to the Dawes Commission for Oklahoma land was denied for lack of proof. The Talbott claim was appealed and again denied for no proof shown. Mr. own research in the Indian office at the National Archives with the head of that office was also negative. I then hired an Indian researcher/genealogist in Columbia, SC, who fund nothing, saying the records are good and final and that therefore there is no proof of the claim. Now, my best southern Barton GENEALOGISTS, LIKE Ruth Coleman of Austin, Texas, tell me that despite proof it is very common to have had Indian ancestry in southern lines. This brings me in my lateral thinking, to your remark of learning that BAVESTER BARTON'S WIFE ELIZABETH (UNKNOWN) was found to be ELIZABETH COUTS. This is an easily made mistake, perhaps from the wife of BAVESTER'S son JOHN HUGH BARTON's wife NANCY COUTS? As you know, the COUTS family probably arrived in Philadelphia ca 1750 (see Couts Newsletters online), who then wandered down to Virginia, lastly NC before TN. The Dawes Commission clearly negated Indian claims made from Virginia ("no Cherokees there"). So, if, by any chance ELIZABETH (UNKNOWN) was a Couts, there would be little chance of her being the (1/4, 1/8 or 1/16th) Indian! Now as to the same claim of Indian/French descent of ELIZABETH (UNKNOWN), there is yet not a trace. The only documented family claim of early ancestry is for BAVESTER BARTON. Two of his grandson's in my husband's line have published that they were Welsh. So far no proof of that. In fact we are not at al sure how to construct our BARTON line before the dates of their 1765 land grants in SC. Brent Holcomb worked for me suggesting the THOMAS and Mary Barton OF A 1770 land grant on 25 mile Creek west of Camden, SC were likely the parents. THOMAS BARTON died and MARY, given the grant did not take it up. The proof is slim, but interesting. (We do have a possible MARY, but, not, I would say a THOMAS BARTON among BAVESTER'S children's names.) It would be easier, I think, to find help in the early BARTONs of SC. One of them, THOMAS or JOHN? was the Indian agent in Charleston, early 1700's/1711? Later, after him, the Indian agent lived west near the Indians. Also, about 1733? (I'm flying loose here without my sources) JOHN BARTON was the translator on an expedition to the Creek Indians. We know from repeated history of Indian traders that they often took Indian wives or companions. Naturally, I wonder if this might be the source of our family's Indian rumor. As for the French part, you probably know that the Huguenots took refuge in SC at that early time, in large numbers. So much for conjecture! I am certain that you will want to copy Barbara Evans' collection of COUTS NEWSLETTER on the internet. Ask a friend to do this for you. DESCENDANTS OF CHISTOPHER "CHRISLEY" COUTS is found on: http://www.six.com/bevans/barbara/chris.htm Page 1 has an immediate error: " Nancy Couts 1784-1813 and + John Barton 1782 - 1814". To begin with this puzzle, it looks like two death dates, and we know that they did not die then. Only lately I have tried to do a census chart to follow them. I have them in Graves Co. KY in 1830 and 1840. He then was variously named Hugh Brattin and next Hugh Barton and each with only wife (and daughters to the numbers of four and eight in the two censuses.) The wonder is that for years I did not notice these entries as a unit and only wondered who the 1840 HUGH BARTON could possibly be. When I did, slow learner that I am, put them together with the following two land records found years back in the TN Archives, we do indeed seem to have a fit. 1. JOHN H. BARTON, grant of 18 acres, 12 Sept. 1824, 12th Dist., Henry Co. TN, 5th Range, 7th section, lying on the dividing ridge between sandy and Obion Rivers. 2. WADE BARTON, assignee of James D. Eidson, 20 acres, 31 Sept. 1824, 12th Dist. Henry Co., TN, 4th Range on N. Fork of Obion River. 3. And on the 1820 census, in Stewart Co., TN which was counted actually on 21 January 1821, WADE BARTON W was counted as 10002 -2001, with note "2 in agriculture". If these two are WADE and JOHN HUGH BARTON, when did "HUGH' BARTON leave his family? Has anyone copied the 1850 census for JOHN HUGH BARTON in any nearby state? He was not then in Graves Co., KY with his brothers WADE AND BERRY BARTON. As you may know this area abuts Graves Co. KY directly south of their habitation in the Jackson Purchase. Or is it the same place, then, Henry Co. TN/ later Graves Co. KY? This needs more work using the Purchase records and the Graves Co., KY land records. At present, here in the North woods for the summer, and with partial files, it is the best I can do. BUT FOR OUR PURPOSE OF IDENTIFYING THE NAME OF PROBABLY THE FIRST BORN SON OF BAVESTER BARTON - AND PERHAPS THE FIRST OF THE FOUR BARTON/COUTS MARRIAGES, this is enough (?Did the 1st born son die young?) The name HUGH is really a new clue to me - and to our search for the name and heritage of BAVESTER BARTON's father. As a first born son's name, it sounds more Scot then Welsh, but it may be Welsh.. As I think all this over just now, I have looked at my indexed SC early state records and have noticed some promising leads before the date 1765, when our own records begin. They seem to link, for example, an ISAAC BARTON and a WILIAM LESLEY TO THE LATER TURN OF THE 18TH CENTURY, LAND OF BAVESTER BARTON NEXT TO WILLIAM LESLEY IN ANDERSON CO. SC (then was Pendleton Dist.) The earlier link of name ISAAC BARTON AND WILLIAM LESLEY IN 1755 including the name DANIEL WRIGHT. WM. LESLEY'S original land was on part Royal Island in 1738. (Savannah area) The other index lead to follow up is a 173 Judgement Roll case #0151 002 136A 0069A 00 and 1788 # same ending 0071A. The names are WILLIAM & JOHN BARTON AKA WILLIAM BRUMELL, BARTON & COMPANY versus JOHN AITKEN and in 1788, five yrs later, JOHN JOSEPH BARTON &company. This item is of interest: 1. Because of our familiar Barton names, and 2. Because the partner BRUMELL may well be the well known Welsh name of BRUNEL. Might they also have been related and a clue for us? (Gerald Barton has it that Bavester Barton was born in Wales. Son WADE BARTON said on the 1880 census that both parents were born in SC. I realize that the BARTONs are of secondary interest to the COUTS family, but as Barbara Evans says, "We are all one family" [true] While I think and review and type all at the same time, I have the idea that we BARTONs have neglected the rich field of early SC BARTONs. Probably because of trying to connect with those who came from the north after the Rev. War to settle near our pre Rev War BARTON families! And I realize we need to do an in depth study of all those early SC BARTON records, - or hire it done. After all, at 83, I need to link with someone younger, hopefully in South Carolina! Thanks Joan,. I also realize I have tired your patience - and used you as a listening post, poor girl! So I Must send copies to Barbara Couts Evans, Barbara Pemberton, Jerald Barton, Susan Couts Springstead, Lucy Couts Leon, and Ruth Barton Coleman, who are all working on this research. Comments on any of the above remakes are very welcome and encouraged. MRB FOUND OF MR. JAMES ARMSTRONG, HIS PROPERTY (FORMER HOME OF THE COUTS FAMILY IN TENNESSEE) IS LOCATED ON THE PICTURE ALBUM PAGE Please click for e-mail. Please click to go back to the main page.