VOLUME 5 February March April NUMBER 2 2001 WELCOME- WE'VE BECOME OUR OWN DOT COM For a Christmas present our children Meredith and Alexandar Evans set about to update and realign the web page and pay for us to have our own URL Address on the web. We are now officially as follows: Thanks Kids!!! INTERNET RESEARCH~ War of 1812 Search Results Sierra Home Genealogy http://www.sierrahome .com/familytree/records/w1812/list/ 1,2824,,00.html Name: AARON COUTS HUDSPETH'S AND BROWN'S REGIMENT, KENTUCKY MILITIA. AARON COUTS 11 REG'T (CALDWELL'S) KENTUCKY MILITIA. JACOB COUTS 3 REG'T (JOHNSON'S) E. TENNESSEE MIL. PETER COUTS 1 REG'T (CLARKE'S) VIRGINIA MILITIA. WILLIAM COUTS 2 REG'T MOUNTED GUNMEN (WILLIAMSON'S), TENNESSEE VOL. War of 1812 Search Results Name: JAMES COUCH 1 REG'T (PIPKIN'S) WEST TENNSESSEE MILITIA. JOHN COUCH ALLISON'S REG'T, EAST TENNESSEE MILITIA. JOHN COUCH BUNCH'S REG'T (1814), E.TENNESSEE MIL. JOHN COUCH 3 REG'T (JOHNSON'S) E. TENNESSEE MILITIA. JOHN COUCH 4 REG'T (BAYLES') EAST TENNESSEE MILITIA. JOHN COUCH 36 REGIMENT TENNESSEE MILITIA EMAIL QUERIES ~ FOR ALL OF THOSE OHIO COUTS I found the perfect site for you: /~greg/PRC/names2.htm#COUTS Peterman Surname List Husband: Christian COUTS Born: 1775 Died: 1830 at: Crawford Co, OH, Crall Cem. in Liberty Township From: Carol Ferguson (by way of Carol C-H )Subject: [COUTS] COUTS To: COUTS-L@ Hi, I am researching Christian Couts of Scotch descent who served three years in the American army during the Revolutionary war. He moved from Pennsylvania to Crawford County, Ohio in 1821. He had a son Henry, born July 4, 1810 in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. Henry married Sarah Ann Peterman on August 25, 1833. They lived in Liberty Township, Ohio. Their children were: Samuel - born April 10, 1834 David - born November 4, 1835 John A. - born October 2, 1837 William H. H. - born March 15, 1840 Barbara Ellen - Born March 18, 1842 - my great grandmother Jacob - born March 3, 1844 Jeremiah B. - born March 12, 1846 Frances - born July 18, 1848 Hiram Andrew - born November 6, 1849 Eliza Ann - born April 7, 1852 Sanford - born September 21, 1854 Charles Fremont - born March 29, 1857 Christian is buried in the Crall Cemetery in Liberty Township. The cemetery record states he was born in 1775 and died 1830. He is listed with Mary, apparently his wife who died November 5, 1834. I would like to obtain information on Christian and Henry so I can join the DAR. I have information on Barbara Ellen that I can share with anyone that is interested. Thank you, Carol Ferguson Subj: Re: John H.(Hugh) Barton From: (Mary Ruth Barton) Thanks, Barb. I hope we do meet. I want to know you personally, as I do know both Susan Couts Springstead and Lucy Couts Leon in San Diego. What a threesome! This Couts/Barton crossover is so significant that I was even dreaming the puzzling details of John H. Barton/Nancy Couts lives last night. It went like this: Since we cannot locate him, as is claimed, in early Boone Co., MO, why is it not possible that: He may never have left Graves Co, KY where he appears to have been from 1828 (land grant on Obion River between Henry Co TN and Graves Co., KY) through the 1830/1840 censuses in Graves Co., KY (as HUGH BARTON). ref. Virginia DeMarce of Boone Co., MO says he is NOT FOUND THERE. I regard her as our ablest and best genealogist, hands down! She is a GRAHAM, and so are we of Berry Barton and Barbara Graham. Ergo, says last night's lucid research dream: By 1850 he may have actually died in Graves Co., KY and been even buried in the Barton cemetery near Cuba with both (my) Berry and their brother Wade Barton. No graves there are known to be Barton's, but obviously that is because only late date burials have markers. If, that is a viable possibility, and HUGH BARTON had no sons, but 8 daus, how can we trace his family in Graves Co, KY after 1840? Did he die there age 56 to 66? What about his widow? Might she have married again? Or gone to live elsewhere with a md dau? Might there have been some of the 8 daus left in the county? Under what names??? When I get home, I will certainly re-peruse my printed copy of that 1850 census looking for - what? Unknown names of females ??? I must also search JOHN H. BARTON in the Henry Co. TN 1850 census. Again, thanks for your inclusive efforts - so valuable! MRB Cc: "Anne Coots Brown" broja@ Subject: Coots Researchers Dear Barbara, Just wanted to let you and your group know about us, another Coots bunch of researchers. We started out looking for Coots, but it has expanded to other spellings of the name. Thought that you might want to put us in one of your newsletters for the information of your members. I intend to do the same to our members to inform them about your web site. I personally put out, for lack of a better word, the COOTS FORUM. Others send me info and after enough has accumulated then I post it to everyone on my list. Very primitive, but has been effective. Several months ago one of our contacts, Anne Coots Brown, offered to set up a Coots web site for us. We are getting more participants all the time, so our site is constantly growing. I thought that it might be benificial for our two groups to know about each other. I am going to ask Anne to link your page to ours and I will inform the forum about you also. Perhaps you can do the same for us? Our web site address is: http://millennium. Hope to hear from you, Winnie Bell From: "Don & Donna Mangis" Subject: Couts/Lockwood Family Goodmorning- My Grandmother Lutetia Couts Married Lowell Lockwood October 22, 1892 in Fort Smith, Arkansas. My Father did not talk of his family so I am staring from knowing nothing to not knowing ha ha. Lutetia had 2 sisters Mary Ann. Melissa Francis and 1 brother William Levi Couts. Mary Ann married a Bookout, Melissa married a Skrimager. Please, please send me any information on my grandparents. Also I would like to get in touch with Richard Averett I believe he is the son of my Aunt Bertha Please feel free to give him my e-mail address. DandDK4@ My father was Ed Lockwood. Thank you Donna Lockwood Mangis From: "Debby Branscum" Subject: couts Barbara, I have tried to e-mail you before, but never got through. My g-grandmother was Lutetia Lockwood (Couts). She had 2 sisters-Mary Ann Bookout (Couts) and Melissa Frances Skrimager (Couts) She also had 2 brothers-William Levi and Larkin Caldwell "Uncle Dock" Couts. I really don't know any more. I found your California Cousins Page. It is wonderful. My mom has some info that you may not have on Lutetia and Loel's youngest son Edward Emmett - my grandfather. I never found his name mentioned or his picture in with Lutitia and Loell's family. Nettie died shortly before or after my grandfather was born. I can't remember which. My mom would know though. Thanks for any help. Debby ;-) From: "Don & Donna Mangis" Subject: Couts/Lockwood family Goodmorning Cousin Barb Lowell Lockwood Born 7-30-1862 Where ??? Married Lutetia Couts 10-22-1892 Died 6-2-1930 Stigler, Oklahoma Buried Lona Cemetery, Haskell County Oklahoma Letutia Couts Born 6-15-1874 Pike County, IN. Died 7-7- 1931 Stigler, OK Buried Lona Cemetery, Haskell County, OK Ed Emmett Lockwood (my Father) Born 11-7-1907 Quinton, OK Married Mattie Marie Wheat 5-21-1929 Stigler, OK Died 4-23-1972 Buried Hanford, California Mattie Marie Wheat Born 2-23-1908 Quinton, OK Died 8-15-1965 Buried Hanford, Cal I will look for pictures and send to you I do not have any pictures of any one later the Ed and Mattie Lockwood. Would love to have Couts family line and how I fit in. I am going to Oklahoma in the Spring and we have family there and a promise of pictures and information will share with you when I get them, My husband is in poor health and we will not be able to go until Spring time, I have found cousins there no computer worst luck. But I am in touch with Jess and Mellisa Skrimager's Granddaughter so maybe we will find out more stories Your Grandfather William Couts is buried in the Lona Cementery also. so are Melissa and Jess Skrimager Sorry I don't know anymore Thank you Donna From: Paula Thompson Subject: STARK To: Hi.......My 5th great grandfather Thomas STARK died in Robertson Co, Tn. in 1802 His wife Rachel died sometime after 1802.....thanks for any help that you can give me.......pj From: Paula Thompson Subject: STARK >To: Rachel WILLIAMS is the wife of Thomas 1, son of James STARK My lineage is this.... James & Elizabeth Thornton STARK Thomas & Rachel Williams STARK Thomas & Ruth King STARK Thomas & Mary Ann Blackburn STARK Francis L. "Franky" STARK and James Garland JONES James McClure JONES and Emily Elizabeth MORRISON William Lee JONES and Lucy Caroline McCLAIN Ellen Beauton JONES and Paul Revere HOWARD and then me.......{: Subject: STARK To: I have just found something interesting..... From FTM CD511-Early Tennessee Settlers 1700s-1900s Bible Records-Tombstone Inscriptions..... William STARK- William STARK, buried in "STARK" Cemetery on the farm of Joe COUTS, two miles north of Springfield, Tn.; his commission in NC, Continental troops; was in battle of Kings Mountain; ancestor of Mrs. Farmer McINTOSH, Charlotte Reeves Robertson Chapter, D.A.R., Springfield, Tn........ pj From: "Keith and Darci Mull" nikki@mail. Subject: Elizabeth Ada Kautz Hello, You have a wonderful site. I appreciate all of your attention to detail and listing sources. I have exhausted my internet search for information regarding my gg grandmother: Elizabeth Ada KAUTZ, b. May 22, 1824, England; m. John Lewis 1843, England; d. March 19, 1893, Buried Salem Cemetery, Lebanon, Kansas Do you have any information re: Elizabeth Ada or suggestions where I can go next? Thank you very much. Kind regards, Darci Mull Hi, Thanks you for your comments... Elizabeth sounds like an interesting woman, Kautz born in England in 1824. There were many Germans would moved to Scotland in the 1600's because of religious beliefs, but I doubt that Kautz spelling would have lasted that long... Do you have her birth certificate info? That would give her parents-English records are wonderful. Then, you could find their village and church and collect all of their records. Probably, not on the internet though. Her immigration/ naturalization records would have a great deal of info. Her death certificate would have the place of her birth, parents, and village info. Immigrants usually came for land. There should be land records in the counties surrounding Lebonon Co. Learn the history of the county and that will give you some clues. Good luck! I'll add your gggrandmother to the newsletter and page and see if we finds some takers...Barb "Don & Donna Mangis" Subject: Hello Hi Barb I found Sarah Grim in the 1850 census Henry Grim 34 Ohio Jane 32 Ohio Manoah 8 Ohio (not sure of the spelling) Josiah 6 Ohio SARAH 4 Indiana William 3 Indiana Sabinia 6/12 Indiana Charles Grim 11 Ohio Katharine 11 Ohio Thought you would like to know Donna From: Carol C-H Subject: [COUTS] Listowner post - please read To: Cousins, Hope all of you are making progress with your lines! We have new cousins with us on the list. Now that everyone has had time to get feet wet, let's have a roll call - please send a post to the list with your line of this surname, and include information about your ancestors with this surname such as where they lived, when they migrated, what work they did, and such. Have recently found out about and become involved with a new and exciting online resource that I think can really be a great help - Migrations Have volunteered by adopting some counties and am in the process of entering my ancestors into that database - hope that you will do the same! Another new one with which I volunteer is AHGP, and it is growing by leaps and bounds. Am still a County Coordinator for some counties with USGenWeb, and would like to encourage you to share any data you might have such as censuses or wills or biographical material with the County Coordinator (of either or both projects) for any counties in which your ancestors lived. Please also volunteer with these or any of the other online volunteer genealogy projects such as RootsWeb which has adoptable e-mail lists and GenConnect Boards http:// Without volunteers, the volunteer projects would cease to exist, and help is always needed. I've revised the genealogy links off my homepage (the url is in my sig) - if you know of a resource that is very helpful to you which I have not included, please tell me about it - these lists of links are ones that listmembers have asked for over the years and at times have suggested be included. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County Compiled and Submitted by Charles Burnett found by Mary W. Bookout Oklahoma City Oil Journal March 14, 1931 BATTLED NOTED OUTLAW Both Roe and Joe BURNETT were among the city's early day officers, the family being pioneers who helped blaze the trail of civilization in the southwest. The family is related to the late Captain S. BURK BURNETT, famous pioneer of Texas, who owned the Burkburnett ranch. The late Joe BURNETT, uncle of Sam BURNETT, engaged in a hand-to-hand struggle with "Red" KELLEY, a noted outlaw, a number of years ago. BURNETT had arrested KELLEY near the old Frisco depot. During the struggle BURNETT killed the outlaw. KELLEY was the slayer of Bob FORD, outlaw and former partner of Jesse JAMES. PIONEER DRILLERS JOHNSON and KEMNITZ, drilling contractors, have taken the contract for the No. 1 Burnett. This firm has drilled about 20 gushers since the city field opened, all of which were for the I.T.I.O Company. The drillers completed a well flowing 62,500 barrels last week for the Mid-Tex Company in the north end of section 2. Sam BURNETT is owner of part of the fee under the new operation by the Manning Oil Corp. Mr. BURNETT is a son of Roe BURNETT, who was a city policeman for 22 years, also is a nephew of the late Joe BURNETT, who served as night chief of police under Mayor Henry M. SCALES, also as captain of detectives. (Note)Samuel Burk BURNETT, was born in Bates County, Missouri January 1, 1849 to Jerry and Nancy(Taylor)BURNETT. When he was eight yrs. old his family moved to Denton Co. Texas. About 1875 Samuel Burk BURNETT bought a large piece of land on the Big Wichita. Later he bought the 6666 Ranch, B Ranch and Dixon Creek Ranch, all of them in Texas, constituting some 350,000 acres. He was married twice: 1st in 1871 to Ruth LOYD, 2nd in 1892 to Mary COUTS. Burk BURNETT died in Ft. Worth, Texas June 27, 1922. New River Augusta Co. Inhabitants A few issues back, someone asked if the New River and Clinch River Couts could be ours. The question is still being researched. I did find however, the following reference to Draper's Manuscripts: Draper's Manuscripts Date ca.1769 Ref # 2QQ115 New River Augusta Co. Inhabitants. Petition to the house of burgesses praying that they be exempted from the payment of levies and taxes for a few years longer; and that they be added to the new county should Augusta be divided. 11/16/1772 Ref# 2QQ138 and 2QQ139 Byrd, Col. William. Westover. Letter to William Preston inquring about land and expressing desire to buy land adjoing the lead mines I will be sending for copies of these from the Wisconsin Historical Society, just to see if they relate to us. ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) Obituaries Mary Frances COUTS Age 78 April 16, 2000 Goodlettsville, Tn. Sunday, April 16, 2000. Obituaries Survived by her daughters, Brenda Cavanah of Louisville, KY., Jean Bigger of Burnsville, MN. and Diane Gray of Gallatin, TN.; grandchildren, Dawn Cavanah, Karmen Hartman, Amy Bigger, Kelly Haston, Kathy Fann and Anne Gray; great grandson, Nathan Hepburn; half brothers, Leon and John Echols both of Warner Robbins, GA. and Joe Echols of Atlanta, GA. Her remains are at Cole and Garrett Funeral Home, Goodlettsville, where the family will receive friends on Tuesday from 2-4 and 6-8 p.m. Funeral services will be at the funeral home at 2:30 in the afternoon on Wednesday, April 19, 2000 with Reverend James Moore officiating. Friends will serve as Pallbearers. Interment Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Cemetery in Cross Plains, TN. Memorial contributions may be made to Parkway Baptist Church, 505 Cunniff Parkway, Goodlettsville, TN 37072. COLE AND GARRETT FUNERAL HOME, Goodlettsville, 859-5231. 24 HOUR OBIT LINE, 859-0300 CHRISLEY COUTS SR. RECORDS IN KENTUCKY AND TENNESSEE A List of Non-Commissioned Officers and Soldiers of the Illinois Regiment, and the Western Army, under the command of General G.R. Clarke, who are entitled to Bounty in land. Number 143, Name Christopher Coontz, Rank Private, Remarks-Entitled to land for the war. Samuel Hawkins Corporal Entitled to land for the war. William Wright, Rank- private, entitled to land for 3 yrs. Collections of the Illinois State Historical Library Volume XIX Virginia Series, Volume IV, George Rogers Clark Papers 1781-1784, by James Alton James August 4, 1784 Christor. Coontes, not allowed - Those Continentals who came up with Capt. George, and never reinlisted in the Illinois Regiment are not allowed. Wm. Freeman Soldr. Friends of Metropolitan Archives of Nashville and Davidson County, TN chapter of The Friends of the Public Library of Nashville and Davidson County Heartland/Plains/3661/TAX1787.html History of Davidson County, Tennessee, with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers, by Prof. W. W. Clayton, J. W. Lewis & Co., Philadelphia, 1880, p. 58 Contes, C. 1 Davidson County Tax List for 1787 Nashville, Davidson Co and Mero District TN - Springfield TN Lib. Pg. 8 Chrisley Couts - Nov. 1788 Assembly (w) Jomes Tennia, Wm Johnson, Jonathon Price Pg. 9 C. Couts fined for not appearing as a juror-Nov 1788 Pg. 15 Chrisley Couts served on a jury in State vs. Thomas Hendrix - found not guilty of horse stealing - Nov. 1788. 1788 Middle Tenn. Vol. II page 52, No. Carolina and Mero District, Chrisley Couts to show Cause. May 1789 Page 24 Davidson Co. Tenn-supena for jury duty from Tenn. Co. by Superior Court of law equity meeting? in Nashville, May 1789 REF. 107. CRISLEY WAS CALLED FOR JURY DUTY FROM TENNESSEE COUNTY BY THE SUPERIOR COURT OF LAW AND EQUITY MEETING IN NASHVILLE, MAY 1789-REF 107 COUNTY COURT MINUTES A-8. A NOTE IN TENNESSEE CO RECORDS IS THAT CRISLEY COUTS HAD JURY DUTY RECORDED IN DAVIDSON CO. FROM "CENSUS OF THE CUMBERLAND SETTLEMENTS," BY RICHARD CARLTON FULCHER. 1770 -1790 Census of the Cumberland Settlements Davidson, Sumner, and Tennessee Counties, compiled by Richard Carlton Fulcher, Davidson County page 24, Couts, Christley - summoned for jury duty from Tennessee County by the Superior Court of Law and Equity meeting in Nashville, May, 1789: [ref. 107]. May 1789 Juror on State of No. Carolina vs. Thomas Hendrix (horse stealing) Mero District Superior Ct. of Law. Page 11, printed court record; Venire Facias (to appear for Jury Duty) Date not clear Sumner Co. No. Carolina, page 6 printed court records; Nisi-failed to appear for jury duty Sumner county No. Carolina Tenn. Co. page 7 printed court records. Middle Tn Genealogy vol II page 52 Oct. 5, 1790 in Tenn. Co/Sulphur Creek/Red River, a deed, sales to Mathew Mouldin to heirs of Chrisley Couts, Christley Couts Jr., John Couts, and Aaron Couts. Robertson Co. Tenn Deed Book J page 121. Oct. 15, 1790 in Tenn. Co/Sulphur Creek/Red River, a deed, sales to Stephin Cantrill to John Couts and Chrisley Couts of Tenn and state of No. Carolina. (sons?) John Couts bought land from Jacob Pennington January 7, 1796. Land adjacient to property owned by heirs of Crisley Couts. Sept. 1798 Robertson Co. Tenn. History page 1139 DEED FROM THE HEIRS OF CHRISLEY COUTS TO MATHEW MOULDIN Chrisley Couts, His Deed and covenant for 320 acres of land on Sulphur Fork of Red River Tennessee County-Sworn by the oath of Jacob Pennington as inscribing Witness at July Term, Territory of the United States South of the River Ohio: Tennessee County September 24th day 1792, This Indenture made the fifth day of October in the Year of our Lord One thousand Seven hundred and Ninety, Between Mathew Mouldin of the County of Lincoln and State of Virginia of the One part and the heirs of Chrisley Couts of Tennessee and the State of North Carolina of the other part Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of five hundred pounds to the said Mathew Mouldin in hand paid by Chrisley Couts the Receipt and payment where of is hereby acknowledged hath granted, bargained, sold, aliened, conveyed and confirmed and by these presents Doth Grant, Bargain, Sell, Alien, Convey and confirm unto the said heirs of Chrisley Couts their heir and assigns forever a certain tract or parcel of land containing three hundred twenty acres be the same more or less lying and being in the County of Tennessee on the Sulphur Fork, a branch of the Red River, Beginning at a black oak Jacob Pennington Corner, thence North one hundred and sixty poles to a black oak and hickory thence West two hundred and twenty poles, twenty poles to the Beginning being part of a tract of Six Hundred and forty acres granted to the said Mathew Mouldin by the State of North Carolina Grant being dated the tenth day of July Seventeen Hundred and Eighty eight and numbered two hundred and seventy three with the appurtenances with their and every of their Rights, members and appurtenances whatsoever and every part and parcel thereof and all Rents, dues, Services and profits to them or either of them belonging and appurtaining to have and to hold the said land and premises hereby granted with the appurtenances unto the said heirs of Chrisley Couts their heirs and assigns to the only proper use and behoof of the said heirs of Chrisley Couts their heirs and assigns forever and the said Mathew Mouldin for himself and his heir Executors and administrators doth hereby promise covenant and agree that he shall and will at all time here after warrant and forever defend the said land and premises to the said heirs of Chrisley Couts, their heirs and assigns against all lawful Claims and demand whatsoever whereby the above mentioned premises may be affected or incumbered contrary to the true intent and meaning of these presents. In witness whereof the said Mathew Mouldin hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal the day and year first above written. Signed dated and delivered in presence of Andrew Thompson, John Couts, Jacob Pennington. Signed Mathew Mouldin, his seal affixed. Test. Hugh Lewis P.R.T.C. TRANSFERANCE OF DEED FROM THE HEIRS OF CHRISLEY COUTS TO JOHN COUTS Robertson County Tennessee Deed Book J Page 121-122- August 14, 1811 John bought the above land. Page 121 John Couts from Aron Couts ???????? Dec 10, 17?? This Indenture made this thirteenth day of August one thousand eight hundred and eleven between Aron Couts, John Couts, and Chrisly Couts the Heirs of Chrisly Couts Dist. Of the County of Warren and State of Kentucky of the one part and John Couts of the County of Robertson and State of Tennessee of the other part Elizabeth (line drawn through) What for and in consideration of the sum of two hundreds Dollars to the said Aron Couts, John Couts and Chrisly Couts in hand paid by the said John Couts the receipt and payment whereof is hereby acknowledged hath granted, bargained, sold aliened, conveyed, and confirmed and by these present doth grant bargain, sell, alien, convey and confirm unto the said, John Couts his heirs and assign forever all their said Aaron John and Chrisly part of a certain tract or parcel of land containing three hundred and twenty acres be the same more or lying and being in the county of Robertson on the Sulphur Fork of Red River Beginning at a black oak Pennington's corner runs north one hundred and sixty poles to a black oak and hickory poplar ??????? south ????? hundred and sixty poles??????? Page 122 three hundred and sixty poles ????Beginning being front part of a trust of ??/hundred and forty acres granted to Mathew Mouldin by the State of North Carolina grants July 10th 1788- and numbered 273- with the apurtinanus with their and every of these rights member and appentunancis whatsoever and being part and parcel thereof and all rents issue services and profits to them or ??? of them belonging or appentaining to have and to hold the said land and premises hereby granted with the appentinancus unto the said John Couts his heirs and ????against all lawful claims and dis????? Whatever, whereby the above mentioned ???????may ? effective or insu???????? contrary to the terms intents and meaning of these present (unreadable said Aron Couts John Couts, and Chrisly Couts hat here into set their hands and affirmed their seals the day and year first above written Signed sealed and delivered in presents Aron Couts Seal, John X Couts mark and seal, Christley Couts seal 1811 August 14th, acknowledge and ordered to be registered Test Jas Tunstall seal 1811 Robertson Co. Tenn, Cemetary records/10-10 Couts Cemetary- Chrisley Couts, brother of John Couts. 10-10 Couts Cemetery located on James Armstrong. land- Couts, Crissley died 1811-brother of John Couts--Crissley died 1790 MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE FOR ALVIS COUTS TO SARAH GRIM (Indiana Branch of Couts: John and Polly's son W. Levi Couts son Alvis Couts) Be it Remembered that on this 10th day of January, 1874 the following marriage license was issued viz: STATE OF INDIANA, PIKE COUNTY, SET: THE STATE OF INDIANA, TO ANY PERSON EMPOWERED BY LAW TO SOLEMNIZE MARRIAGES IN SAID COUNTY, GREETING: You are hereby duly authorized to join together as Husband and Wife, Alvis Couts and Sarah Grim In Testimony Whereof, P. Jefferson W. Richardson Clerk of the Pike Circuit Court, have hereunto set my hand, and offered the seal of said Court at Petersburg, this 10th day of January A. D., 1874 J.W. Richardson Clerk: Be it Further Remembered , that on this 13th day of January, 1874 the following certificate was filed in my office, to-wit: State of Indiana, Pike County, Set: I, James A. Shepard a Justice of the Peace, in said County, do certify that on the tenth of January, 1874, I joined together as Husband and Wife, Alvis Couts and Sarah Grim given under my hand, this 10th day of January, 1874 James A. Shepard J.P. JOHNS IN THE COUTS FAMILY LINES There is a tendency to become over burden while seeking a John in the Couts family. We have a large number. Let's see if I can diagram the major ones: John Couts arrived in America 1752 with father Christian Couts; brother to Detrick "Teter" (possibly Christian Teter) Couts, moved to Virginia, died circa 1776 in Virginia, no descendants. John Couts born circa 1765 died 1829, son of Teter Couts possibly, brother to Chrisley Couts Sr. -has series of John descendants who lived in Tennessee and Texas. He died in Tennessee. Many descendants- some in Tennessee. John Couts born circa before 1787, died 1846 in Indiana, son of Chrisley Couts Sr.; brother to Aaron, Chrisley Jr. (who both moved to Missouri), Elizabeth, and Nancy, married Mary Polly Caldwell and moved to Indiana circa 1812- has series of John descendants who lived in Indiana. A LETTER FROM JAMES S. ARMSTRONG Dear Barbara, January 2, 2001 As a young lad, I often rode with Dad to Springfield, Tn. Where he purchased the farm supplies. I expect my real motive for going was to persuade him to buy me a nickel cone of vanilla ice cream from the corner drug store. Usually on our return trip home we stopped and visited with Mr. Johnnie and Wallace Couts, the owners of a small general store located on the banks of Beaver Dam Creek. It was a wooden structure with one window on the side wall and a low hanging stoop covering the front door entrance. I was impressed by the size of that chain and lock used to secure the door at night. Dad and Mr. Johnnie were friends for many years and enjoyed sharing funny stories. While our parents talked, Wallace shared his ever-present box of pepper stick candy. Today, I remember the distinct flavor of my first Coca-Cola given to me by Wallace. During the 1920's the Couts' went out of the store business, and the little landmark was torn down. The only fixed object left standing was the one-way steel bridge. But a great change took place during the fifties. A new two-way concrete bridge replaced the old steel structure. The Couts' farm was sold, and the original house was torn down. A new brick home replaced it. I cross the new concrete bridge at least twice each week and in doing so, remember many pleasant memories of a by-gone era. A few weeks ago I walked up to the steep hill to visit the gravesites of Mr. John, Jr. and his wife Henrietta Owen Couts. To my dismay, I found weeds, briars, and trees were growing over the once cared for plots. Their unattended grave sites showed signs of cattle trampling, knocking down and the breaking of their memorial rocks. This was a far cry from my last visit of some fifty-odd years ago. In today's world, this kind of destruction often happens unless old family cemeteries are reserved in the family deeds. Standing near their graves, I recalled the story their great grandson, Mr. Johnnie Couts told my Dad about how Mr. John and his wife Henrietta had selected this spot on top of the hill for a family cemetery. The hill and cemetery were located about 100 yards beyond the Beaver Dam Creek and could easily by viewed from the house. In those early years the main road into the settlement was located on the cemetery hill above the home, not where it lies today. Mr. John and Henrietta were satisfied with their selection of a cemetery, and two or three times each year they walked up there to supervise its cleaning. Before Mr. John died he had a split rail fence built around the enclosure. Before any family member could use the selected site, three family slaves were buried there. The day after Mr. John's death in 1868, there was much discussion on how his body was to be carried up the steep hill. In his Young days, he made arrangements with young friends that after his death they were to walk and carry his body up the hill. They all agreed, never realizing they would all die before him. He often said he didn't want to hauled up the hill in a two-horse wagon, being jostled about in his coffin. On the day of his funeral, there were no able-bodied men available to carry out his wishes. Henrietta consented to allow his body to be hauled up the hill, saying, "I'm sure that's the way they will haul me up there someday." Mr. Johnnie said, "My father said that was the way they hauled my grandmother." With regards, James S. Armstrong. See Mr. Johnnie's Hill on the Picture Album Page Courtesy of Mr. James S. Armstrong Descendants of John (Indiana) C. (Calvin??) Couts - see Chrisley Couts Sr.'s page double click for e-mail. double click to go back to the main page.