CALIFORNIA'S COUTS COUSINS VOLUME 5 August September October NUMBER 4 2001 A Quarterly Newsletter for the Descendants of the Couts Family #21 OUR VISIT TO TENNESSEE AND KENTUCKY- Our vacation was wonderful! We started the trip by arriving late into Nashville and driving to our motel in Springfield. The next morning, we contacted Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong and ventured out to Maple Bluffs. They are outstanding people!! Their hospitality was true to Southern form! After a delicious Brunch, Pam Couts Drake, (a great Couts) who had just finished teaching her computer class, joined us. Putting the reminiscing and discussion of genealogy aside, we set out to survey the landscape. With Randy and Pam in the back of the pickup truck, and Mr. Armstrong and I in the cab, we bounced along the trail to the "land of our ancestors". We visited the Indian burial grounds, the site of the old cabin, the distillery, Sulphur Fork Creek, and the gravesites that had been covered over early in the last century. It was fascinating!! All of the stories came to life again, in much more vivid shades of realism. Beside Mr. John's land, was Chrisley's land. Obviously, they had been brothers and close enough to plan their lives together. Chrisley's sudden death is still a mystery [Indians?]. Somewhere on the property, he is supposed to be buried. Pam had brought her witching rods. After a few lessons and demonstrations, it was clear that we had found the family cemetery site. It was absolutely amazing how accurately a novice, such as myself, could predict their location. Mr. Armstrong and Pam proficiently indicated the cemetery's location. Mr. Armstrong told us stories of Mr. John, the land, and how the Tennessee countryside used to be. After a short thunderstorm, and a quick drenching, we continued the photography session: the creeks, the land, former sites, and Pam and the Armstrongs. Late in the afternoon, we said our good-byes. We followed Pam and the mental map that Mr. Armstrong had given us, so that we could discover the other Couts homesteads on the way back to town. Pam stopped along the way and told us about William and Nancy's gravesites up on a close hill and her fear that sites like these becoming overgrown and lost. We discussed her project to keep the old cemeteries of the Couts from being completely destroyed and lost. Pam guided us back into town, to the Robertson County Historical Society building, where we met Yolanda Reid. We said good-bye to Pam and followed Yolanda on an extensive tour of the facilities, visiting about genealogy along the way. Springfield's facility is one any community should be proud to continue and support. It was amazing how organized and extensive the materials were, well worth the trip. Next we were off to visit the museum and the Gorham-McBane Library for a glimpse of the Durrett Collection, neither disappointed us. That evening we toured the town by auto, filling ourselves with the history of our ancestors and a great dinner at the local Italian restaurant. The next morning, we started our whirlwind visit to the County Clerks' Offices, Battlefields, and old forts across Kentucky, stopping briefly, in Cross Plains to pay our dues to the Historical Society and visit Ms Covington. I was determined to find the deeds, will, or some sort of paperwork that would tie Uncle Henry Couts (brother of John and Chrisly) to Dietrich "Teter" Couts, thus uniting the family. Unfortunately, it did not happen. We loved touching and holding the 220 year old documents [thinking about the people who had signed them, how they were deteriorating, and of course, how much would this go for on Ebay], but alas, we did not find any new information, even at the State libraries. My basic conclusion is that, Teter sold off his land and distributed his money before his death, unless we can find a tie to the Detrich Kutch group in Mercer County, Kentucky. On Saturday, after the Frankfurt library, we made a jaunt over to Louisville. We scouted out where Fort Jefferson would have been, saw the Falls of the Ohio, and enjoyed a quiet lunch along the Ohio River, watching sail boat races. On the way back to Nashville, we stopped by the Patton Museum, so Randy could have a visit with tanks and old George. Oh course, they wouldn't let me into Fort Knox to visit the gold, but we had fun! Sunday was visit to historical landmarks in Nashville, plantations, the Parthenon, Old sites, and a tour of the city. Monday was a work day. The Tennessee State library held a great deal of information about the allied families, county history, and an extensive collection of books about other states. After a full day, we drove to Murfeesboro to visit the Civil War Park at Stones River. After a restful night's sleep, we were off on the back roads, heading to the airport and winging our way homes. Whew! Valley known by the name of Rock Spring Station, includes improvements...August 14, 1781 VA/Washington/deeds/surv1001.txt Page 420 - Matthew Harvey - 13,655 ac -treasury warrant #975 dated December 13, 1794 -excluding a survey made for John Cooley dated August 22, 1786 of 70 ac on the Beaver Dam Fork, also an entry of John Wrights on both sides of Beaver Dam Fork containing 100 ac, also 100 ac an entry of Charles Bussandim on both sides of the Laurel Fork - on both sides of the Laurel Fork and on both sides of the Beaver Dam Fork the waters of the south fork of Holstein River - beginning on the state boundary line -on the west side of Laurel Fork and on both sides of the road that leads to Rowan Creek being corner to Ferman's land-along Ferman's and Samuel Hunt's land - line of James Heron's land - in a bottom by the Laurel Fork-by a ford of the Fork-crossing Laurel Fork on the bank of Beaver dam fork - crossing Beaver Dam Fork - near Keys land - near Bradshaw's line crossing Clams branch - March 2, 1795 WILSON PAPERS - HUNTINGTON LIBRARY- PRINTED AS WRITTEN July 4, 2001 CAVE J. COUTS TO B. D. WILSON Guajomito Rancho, August 25, 1853 Several of the old Indians here, those who were principals among the Indians in the construction of the magnificent old mission, have asked me "if they could not live in the building until such time as the Govt. may want to use it," or "during the rainy season."[p.104] There are a number of these old Indians, with families, who have been sufficiently civilized at the Misn., to command considerable respect with the whites who know them well. Andres, Pedro, Antonio, Samuel, and others in the immediate vicinity of the building, probably all of whom you know, and treated with great consideration by that portion of our citizens who know them well, for their industry and care, in managing their gardens & little stock. They spent their best days laboring in this building, and as it is unoccupied (except by three soldiers detached from a company at S. Diego) I cannot see but that their request is very reasonable. Their only object seems to be, to live there during the "rainy season," and evince every disposition to leave as soon as notified. In the spring they move off to their garden spots, and there remain under their temporary sheds until their crops are gathered. If this should meet your approbation, I have no doubt but that upon your application at Washington, it would be readily granted. P.S. The Vineyard difficulty at the Portrero, has been settled. [Wilson Papers, Huntington Library.] CAVE J. COUTS TO B. D. WILSON Guajomito, May 7, 1854 Manuelito, Captain of the San Luis Rey Indians, has called to request a letter to you, asking for the delivery of one of his Indians (named Mateo) who run away from here about six weeks since and is now in San Gabriel--said to be with a Don George, (an American) who promised to let Manuelito have him in case pursuit was made. Mateo was pursued as far as San Juan, when they heard of his passing Los Angeles, and returned. Manuelito was willing to let him alone as he had left here; but it appears that the Indians in the mountains have held a council and requested their Captain to send after him. He, Mateo, is lame in one leg, a very intelligent indian (can read & write), and their charges against him are for stealing & murder (as a witch or echisero). He has been pardoned by these Indians seven times, and they appear very anxious for you to aid them in getting him. P. S. You have probably noticed a card published in the Star, purporting to be from the citizens of Sta. Ysabel, respecting the removal of Tomas, and appointment of Lazzaro over the Dieguinos Indians. 1' Lazarro was not appointed. Panto, at the request of the rancheros (except Sta. Ysabel) was appointed in place of Tomas, for various reasons. 2 I have been able to find no one who knows more than two or three of the names to the paper. They may be strangers in the employ of the quartermaster (Br. Maj. Justin McKinstry). 3d The whole matter resulted from a personal matter, between a notorious public money handler, called Br. Maj. Justin McKinstry a qm. in San Diego, & myself, previous to my leaving the army--when he proved himself a liar, slander, & coward, & was so proclaimed.[p.132] 4' This notorious public money handler, calls himself the owner of Sta. Ysabel. [Wilson Papers, Huntington Library.] INTERNET: MESSAGE BOARD AND EMAIL ~ COUTS-ROOTWEB Subject: Grays in Missouri Posted by: Zane Gray Message: We are searching for information on David Stillwell Gray, early 1800's, settled in northern 1/2 of Lawrence, Co. Missouri, along North White Oak Creek. Brothers were Zebulon and Thomas. David died before Civil War. Married Mary 'Polly" Bird, dau of John Bird and Nancy Couts. Subject: Polly Gray Posted by: Zane Gray Message: We have a Polly Bird Gray, b. KT or TN, early 1800s m. David Stillwell Gray lived Gray's Point, Lawrence, MO. Any connection? Robin Granicy-Sergent Message: Yes, I have a Polly Bird Gray, she was born in 1825 in Tennessee she was the daughter of John Bird bn. approx. 1799 and Nancy Couts. She married David S. Gray 1842 in Dade Co. Missouri and completed the establishment of the Gray home at Gray's Point. They had 5 daughters and two sons. Jane the oldest daughter married Dr. Leon Morris, Nancy, who married E.D. Griffith, Alexander was the oldest son , Armitta, the next daughter married Alonzo Morri, Susan married B.F. Swope, A son James H Gray, Ann the youngest married Henry Swope. I have much more family history for her if you are looking. You can Email and let me know what else you need. My mother started our family tree in the 1960's and traced it to the 1700's. Marvin Morris had the family traced all the way to 700A.D. but unfortunately due to a very sad circumstances it was lost . I would happy to explain that also. Let me know what else you are looking for and I will also see if you have anything I don't . Subject: Hiram C. Poole Posted by: Tracy V. Robb Message: Natalie, I am not a genealogist, but a sentimental historical geographer of the Sycamore Creek Basin of Middle TN. (My grandmother was Mary Poole. Here are my notes on Hiram C. Poole. Tracy HIRAM C. POOLE (PABh) was born in 1826 in Tennessee (R13217). (Note: Eleanor Harris says he was the son of Asa Poole and was born in Missouri (75), but the 1850 Robertson County Census indicates that he was born in Tennessee. It is more likely that this Hiram (PABh) was the son of Ephraim (66). Asa also had a son named Hiram. Hiram C. Poole married Elizabeth A. Southwick on October 18, 1849 in Robertson County, Tennessee. A Edward Washington 1850 (1) (2) Kiger (3) Martha Victoria Cobb B Margaret Elizabeth 1851 Henry Briggs C Robert Meredith 1854 Margaret Hicksy Morris 1878 D Leander 1856 Martha Warren 1878 E John B. 1859 (1) Mattie York (2) Ella York F Missouri Ewing 1860 (1) Ead Holt (2) Miles Davis G Idella 1862 Joseph Robert Farmer H Plummer Martin Jan 1867 Sadie Ann Farmer I Minerva Paralee Dec 1867 Henry Norman Todd J Hiram C. Jr. 1871-1941 Florence C. Davis 1869-1941 Hiram C. Poole was convicted of voluntary manslaughter of Thomas Nichols and served time in the Tennessee State Prison for the crime. Apparently, the killing resulted from a land dispute. The land is located in the 12th District of Robertson County, Tennessee on Betts Road at the western edge of Ridgetop, Tennessee. The land consisting of 186 acres was purchased on December 9, 1856 by Elijah W. Amos at a court sale. A little over a year later in May 1857, Amos sold the land to John Gardner. Apparently the deal was never finalized as E.W. Amos later sold the land to Cordy F. Batts who in turn on January 24, 1859 sold it to William Brake and Hiram C. Poole. After the Civil War Hiram sold half the land to Thomas and Ann Nichols. In February 1876 when Hiram began his sentence he was 49 years old, five feet five inches tall, weighed 135 pounds, and had gray hair and blue eyes. He was not a member of a church, although his wife was a Baptist. He was a barrel maker. Hiram was pardoned on January 15, 1881. There was considerable legal wrangling over ownership of the land which resulted in Hiram's retaining his "equity of redemption" even though the land was sold to satisfy debts against it. That right was sold to John Stark on January 11, 1882, and then Hiram bought the 186 acres back in September of 1882. In 1884 Hiram sold 85 acres of the tract to a man named Ederman [1002] and in March of 1885 sold 101 acres to a man named Schlett (66). (This may be the family that people in the Ridgetop area called late - TVR). Here is Hartwell Robb's 1968 recollection of what his grandmother told him about the killing."(Sarah Smiley Wingo) told of a good friend of her family, a Mr. Jim (sic) Poole, that lived in an old house later owned by the Slate family, German people, and now owned by people by the name of Bishop. Anyway, a Mr. Nichols who lived at [1002] and this Mr. Poole were having property line trouble. They were to go to Springfield together to see about this trouble, maybe to court. Anyway, Mr. Nichols was missing and in searching for him they found one of his legs buried in Poole's garden, so Mr. Poole as arrested and convicted of the crime (manslaughter, I guess) and sent to state prison. He developed an incurable trouble while serving time and was paroled because of it, and dropped dead while shaving." (18-55) THE WONDERFUL AND COMPLETE FILE ON THE WINNS (69 pages)- Thanks Del From: Del Winn Subject: Winn I was excited to see this website. On the "Winn" page, Walter Cullen Winn Jr. is my grandfather. By the way, his 1st wife was Janie Belle Gwinn. Beuleah Lusk was his 2nd wife (the never had children). Walter and Janie had 2 children, Phyllis Winn (b. 2-14-36, married James Bowles) and Pat LeRoy Winn (b. 2-14-38). Pat is my father. I can fill in some of the blanks as far as birth dates, death dates, etc. if you like. Just let me know. Thanks Del Winn From: Subject: Gerald Couts To: ; I've just discovered your website and have not investigated it, but did want to share that my grandfather was John Couts Askew born in Clarksville, TN and a longtime resident of Christian County, KY 20 miles north of Clarksville. Just wanted to pass along this info, last night on the Channel 5 news at 6pm was a story about Gerald Couts from Springfield, TN. If you want to brighten your weekend and realize why we have Memorial Day, look this story up. Here is how:, at that screen hit on video in the blue bar at the top of the page, then you will see TV coverage screen, hit newschannel5 archives, scroll down 'til Friday, Newschannel5 at 6:00pm, media player will open at forward till segment around :37.38 minutes into the broadcast of 59 minutes total. The picture maybe a little fuzzy but the words are powerful. Gerald Couts is a cousin through John Dixie Couts whose father was also Great-grandmother Effie's father, Archer Couts. His granddaughter is Pam Couts Drake who I have been in contact with exchanging pictures. That is who set up the interview with channel 5. Let me know if you find it from my instructions. Rhonda Dear Couts Relative, I linked to your site from the LDS I am looking for a Thomas Jefferson Couts (b. abt 1857) m. Rebecca ??, parents of William F., Violet, Samuel (m. Lyda Roach), Edward C. (b. 3 Jun 1894 d. Feb 1981), and Amber (b. 26 jul 1900 d. Oct 1970). Might you have a listing for them? I tried your search on your website, but I kept getting errors. You may view my database for this family at: Thanks,DoreenHall (Ariz) From: Dennis Pyle Hi.. I'm Dennis E. Pyle (and as you can probably figure out faster than I can tell you) I'm a GGG Grandson of John Bird and Nancy Couts. Of which, I did not know until I found your website. I have found in families' bibles and other documents, my ancestry to David Stillwell and Mary Bird Gray. I would appreciate any information you have on the Couts and Bird families. Thank you for your wonderful website. Dennis Pyle From: genealau Subject: Picture William Byrd II plantation, Westover (our Couts / Winns perched with the Byrd, via Del Winn's Family File) Barb, Thanks so much for the Byrd-Winn info. I am still looking at Wm Bird III's son, Thomas Taylor Byrd as our possible Thomas T. Also looking at descendancy from a brother of Wm. Byrd I, Thomas md Howlett, as possibility too. Some people have Wm I connected to the PA and NJ Birds back in London. Haven't seen any documentation though. Everyone wants to be connected to Wm I,II, III! Are you going to collect just the Wm Bird II-Minor Bird connection or the whole flock? If the flock, I have other stuff I can share. Actually, I have other Wm II stuff I can share if you want it. Just have to find it. Horsemanden line goes back in the Royal Lineage via St. Leger and Neville. Will attach a pic of Westover. It will be large and you can reduce it to whatever size you need. It is located about 20 miles from Williamsburg, VA. I visited it on my 5-week roots trip several years ago. May have a pic of his tombstone at Westover too. I will look. Am working on getting my John and Nancy Couts Bird descendants ready to attach to it--so the title is "A Gathering of the Flock" Check it out. I am submitter Birdz. Thanks again for the info. Let me know if you want anything on the Williams and I will make a visit to my storage unit and start digging! Launa Subject: Birds / Choate From Hi Barb: Janet Hunter here of Nancy Couts & John Byrd>Henry Byrd and Lucinda Choate, etc. I was trying to go through your various descendant trees, and I know at one time you had one that had place names on it, and I can't find it. Now I do know that I think I may have downloaded it on an old computer that isn't hooked up at the moment, but am I missing something at your site? Could you send it to me? Or maybe a gedcom. I'm not publishing or anything (what with three kids, fulltime job, etc. My sister thinks I'm nuts but I just say, well when my kids are with their dad I DON'T watch any TV; I do go to the library or the Natl Archives, etc.). But we are talking about Wilsons on the Dade Co., list, and I thought it'd be helpful to refer them to the one that has birthplaces, etc. Thanks. Janet In case mine didn't come through, here's a new BIRD SITE LAUNA From: Rick Dexter Subject: Thornton/Stark I saw your web page today and noticed you have the James Stark & Elizabeth Thornton marriage. Do you have any additional info on Elizabeth's parents, siblings, etc. I have a couple of sources that say Elizabeth's brother was Matthew Thornton who signed the Declaration of Independence but I cannot yet prove it. Any info you have would be appreciated. Thanks! - Rick - From: Subject: Wade Couts son of Fanny Barton Couts I am looking for primary proof that Wade Couts was the son of Frances Barton Couts and Christopher Couts, Jr. Christopher died without a will. Do you know of any land records or a Family Bible record that lists Wade as the son? This is the only unproven link a have for a Sons of the American Revolution supplemental application. Frances Barton Couts' father Babister Bartain fought in the American Revolution for the Patriot in South Carolina. I have primary evidence for all the other links in this genealogy line. Thank you for your assistance. Gerald McCoy From: Michael K Middleton Subject: Re: genealogy - Wade Couts, son of Chrisley Jr. Hello Everyone, I have never ordered the probate records for Chrisley Couts. But these can be ordered through the Family History Center-LDS Library. I do have a land deed that proves that Wade Couts is a son of Chrisley Couts Book M page 4 Lafayette Co, Missouri Deed Book. The Indenture made and entered into the 4 day of December 1846 between Wade Couts and Evaline his wife of the one part and Christian T. Spencer of the other part. Convey unto the said Christian T. Spencer his heirs and assigns forever our undivided interest in and to the following tracts of land (said land having belonged to Chrisley Couts at hus death). Filed for record on the 25 Day of June 1847 Wm Spratt Recorder. This deed is only one page!!! I hope this helps! I'm still finding out some info on the Couts Family: Aaron Couts Family and descendants!! Hope you all are doing well and having a great summer. Cousin In Missouri Michael Middleton From: Barbara B.Ramp Subject: Maria Antonia Eugenia info You website is great!! So much information!! My grandmother was Maria Antonia Eugenia Shaffer Beggs. (We believed her to be Eugenia Maria Antonia..( but we are checking her info to be sure.) Her husband/my grandfather was Percy Beggs. Ned Marshall is my mother Elizabeth's first cousin. Delia Delight Shaffer Marshall was his mom. He is the family genealogist. I can put you in touch with him if you like. One note: You have Maria Antonia Eugenia Shaffer as married twice. Once to a John H. Harrigan. She was not married twice. She was married to Percy from the age of 17/18 until his death in 1966. Just curious, where did you get that information? I am only a novice researcher about my family, but I can fill you in if you like. Again, thanks for a great site. Barbara Blackwell Ramp From: Marcy Barr Subject: Cave Couts Dear Barbara, Have been out of touch with you for sometime. Glad to finally refind your web-site. I was the one who would be portraying Ysidora Bandini Couts at Mission San Juan Capistrano. I will be in "authentic costume reproduction" this week-end at Guajome with the rest of my companions from Living History at Mission San Juan Capistrano. Wondered if you were having a Couts' Reunion this year. Thanks for all you hard work. It made my research much easier. Am trying to get a little more on the Bandini side. Loved visiting Guajome last fall. Am in contact with a Bill White who is in the process of restoring the blacksmith shop and stable at Guajome and hope to meet his this week-end. This week-end promises a North vs. South Battle, a cotillion at night and all the soldiers will be camping out - the Hilton is my idea of camping out. Send me your address and I will send you photos of this event. Marcy Barr New e-mail From: Subject: Beard family research Hello~ I was looking at "" (for the very first time) this morning and entered "Millard Beard" in the search field. It turned up your site. I was hoping that the Millard Beard on your site might be somehow connected to my Millard Beard. What I know about "my" Millard is that his name was Millard Fillmore Beard. He married Frances (Fannie) Rowe in Bradley Co. Arkansas in Dec 1877. Census records show the birthplace for both is Georgia. They would be my great-grandparents. Anything you might be able to share would be appreciated SO much! Thanks in advance, Sharon From: Subject: Re: Beard family research Hi Barb~ Well, thanks anyway! It was worth a shot! I noticed that one of your Couts people died in Ontario, CA in 1967. I live 2 miles from Ontario. If I can look up anything; take pictures, etc. I'd be glad to do it. I love "returning the favor" as genealogists are always so kind and helpful to me. Best of luck in your searching, Sharon From: "F. Ben Kautz" Subject: Kautz Hello, My name is F. Ben Kautz. I am looking for what line of Kautz's I have come from. My Great Grandfather Martin Kautz I'm told, came from Germany around 1859. His son was Jacob Kautz, who was the Road Commissioner in Kane County, Illinois. He was from Geneva. His son was Elmer E. Kautz, a carpenter/contractor. His son, my father, was Francis J. Kautz. My grandmother, Caroline Hillquist (Elmer's spouse) was from Sweden. I would appreciate finding out where my line fits into the Kautz line. Best Regards From: Edward Power Subject: More Stuff What a great genealogy, but may I give you some additions and a few corrections? #1) Level 4....Alexander & Martha Gray had 9 children: 5.... David Gray 1868-1960 * 5.... Martha Alice Gray-Wilson 1870-1950 5.... Cammie Gray-Helm 1875-? 5.... Seymer Gray 1879-? 5.... James Robert Gray 1882-1958 5.... Effie May Gray-Wilcoxson 1884-1952 5.... Minnie Dora Gray-Hager 1893-1973 (twin) 5.... Myrtrie Cora Gray-Jenkins 1893-1961 (twin) * In the 1940's, David Gray wrote a series of articles for the "Steamboat Pilot" (Colo.) newspaper that recorded the story of "crossing the plains" in a wagon train. #2) Level 6&7 Husband of Mary Rebecca Wilson - correct names are: + Francis "Frank" Edward Power [no "s"] 1897-1986 Their children are: 7.... Betty Loudine Power-Aperrie 1928- +Charles Roy Aperrie 1918-1986 7.... William Randall Power 1930- (twin) + Anne Schell 1931- 7.... Edward Reuben Power 1930- (twin) + Mildred Jaunita McLaughlin 1931- 7.... Thomas Raymond Power 1935-2001 + Barbara Jean Castro 1936- #3) Level 7... Margatet Ina Walsh 1921-1996 + Joseph Raymond Walsh 1923-1979 #4) level 7.... James Francis Walsh 1912-1999 + Clara Helen Beranek 1939-1988 #5) Level 6.... William Alexander Wilson 1893-1949 + Violet 7..... Ralph Seymer Wilson 1919- + Lucette Bredillett 1923- 7.... Russell Ames Wilson 1921- +Cleo Belle Johnson 1927-1984 7.... Franklin Leroy Wilson 1923-1973 + Patricia ?' #7) Level 6..... Lulu Gray Wilson + Lester Dimond (Diamond) 1897-1980 7.... Avis "Polly" Dimond + Asa Mason "Steve" Stevens 1910-1978 Hope these can help some one. Edward Power From: Robin Couts Subject: Walter Couts I was excited to run across your listing of the Couts descendants while preparing an Internet assignment for my students. I am Robin Couts, granddaughter of Walter and Mattie Lee Couts from Springfield. I am wondering how we are related? Descendants of Archer Couts 1 Archer Couts .. +Nancy Johnson . 2 Krisle Couts . 2 William H. "HENRY" Couts ..... +Martha Moon ..... 3 Robert B. Couts ......... +Ellen N. Randolph ......... 4 John T Couts ............. +Effie V. Vardell ......... 4 Robbie Couts ......... 4 Mattie E. Couts ............. +John Taylor Offutt ..... 3 W. H.(Moon?) Couts ......... +Laura Rowash . *2nd Wife of William H. "HENRY" Couts: ..... +Lydia A. Moore ..... 3 William M. Couts ......... +Laura Rowash ......... 4 Ellen Ella Couts ............. +Nolen Jernigan Offutt ......... 4 Walter Couts ..... 3 Archer Archibald Couts ......... +Pernecy Tates ......... 4 James "Jimmie" Couts ............. +Mary Pope ......... 4 William "Willie" (Pete) Couts ............. +Lorena Cutrell . *3rd Wife of William H. "HENRY" Couts: ..... +Harriet Lavina Mead . 2 Mary "Polly" Couts ..... +James Moore . *2nd Husband of Mary "Polly" Couts: ..... +L.M. Johnson . 2 Leah A. Couts ..... +Amos L. Moore ..... 3 M.V. Moore ..... 3 N.F. Moore . *2nd Husband of Leah A. Couts: ..... +George Bolivar "Bose" Randolph ..... 3 M.V. Randolph ..... 3 Archer Couts Randolph ..... 3 Georgia Anne Randolph ......... +Batts ..... 3 Richard Harris Randolph ......... +Sallie Frey Johnson ......... 4 Elizabeth Leah Randolph ............. +T.C. Dozier ..... 3 De Witt Clinton 2nd Randolph ......... +Rosa Lee Pitt ......... 4 Mary Ann Randolph ......... 4 Myrtle Leah Randolph ......... 4 Sam Lee "Sammer" Randolph ............. +Nancy Ann Pitt ......... 4 Raymond Bell Randolph ............. +Erma ......... 4 Fred Martin Randolph ............. +Sarah Odell Wilkerson ......... *2nd Wife of Fred Martin Randolph: ............. +Latenna Mc Cormick ......... 4 Paul Brown Randolph ............. +Ida Mae Krisle ..... 3 Robert Lee Randolph ......... +Draughon Walter ..... *2nd Wife of Robert Lee Randolph: ......... +Lula Pitt ..... 3 William Couts Randolph Early Tax Lists of Warren County, Kentucky 1797-1807 Barbara Ford, Patricia Ennis Reid Bowling Green Kentucky 1986 Tax List 1803 Page 64 NAME WATERWAY Collins, Richard Drakes Creek self Caldwell, James Trammel Creek self Collins, Henry Bays Fork self Caldwel, Mathew Trammel River Curtis Caldwel / Self Coutch, John Trammel River self Collins, William Drakes Creek self July 4, 2001 Tennessee The Volunteer State Vol 2 Biographies of professional individuals ( including but not limited to finance, medicine, teaching, law and politics) residing in Tennessee from 1769-1923 LAURIN BRYAN ASKEW. An enterprising citizen of Clarksville is Laurin Bryan Askew, wholesale and retail druggist. He was born in Eufaula, Alabama, on the 29th of August, 1863, a son of Bryan and Mina J. (McLaurn) Askew, the former a native of Mississippi of English descent and the latter likewise a native of Mississippi and of Scotch descent. The paternal ancestors came from England to America at an early day and the name Bryan has been carried through the family for generations. The maternal grandmother was a member of the Stuart family and a native of Mississippi. Prior to the Civil war Bryan Askew was engaged in the mercantile business in Vicksburg. Upon the outbreak of the war he sent his family to Alabama and while in that state the birth of Laurin Bryan occurred. Immediately after the war the family returned to Vicksburg and found that city a more or less devastated place. The Federal soldiers had burned the goods and the store belonging to the father and subsequently Mr. Askew set out for New York to get a new supply. He was taken off the boat at Memphis quite ill, however, and his demise occurred a short time afterward at the old Gayosa Hotel. Bryan Askew's father was the son of Bryan Askew, a native of North Carolina, who was the progenitor of this branch of the family in Mississippi, having located in Hinds county. In the acquirement of his early education Laurin Bryan Askew attended the common schools of his native state and at the age of ten years came to Clarksville. He enrolled in Stewart College, later the Southwestern Presbyterian University, and after completing his course there became associated with the firm of Owen & Moore, druggists, the business which he and his partner, G. W. Coulter, now own. They are engaged in the wholesale and retail drug business and carry a complete line of books, stationery and sporting goods. Mr. Askew is a man of well proven ability and well merits the success he has achieved. In addition to the drug business he is active in financial circles as a director in the Northern Bank of Tennessee, the oldest bank in the state and one of the very few that withstood the ravages of the Civil war. Mr. Askew is also on the finance committee of the institution. On the 11th of November, 1887, was celebrated the marriage of Mr. Askew to Miss Florence Fleming, the adopted daughter of John F. Couts. They have become parents of three sons: L. B., Jr., John Couts, and Harley L. L. B., Jr., married Leisel Hoevel of Weisbaden, Germany. John Couts married Barbara Barker, granddaughter of Childs Barker, a prominent banker and farmer of Christian county, Kentucky. John Couts is engaged in farming in that county and he and his wife are the parents of four children, Barbara, Laurin B. (III), John Couts, Jr., and Peter M. Harley L. married Norine Harrison, a daughter of a prominent and honored old family of Robertson county. Both L. B., Jr., and Harley L. are veterans of the World war. The elder son served under General Pershing, going to France with the First American Expeditionary Forces, and was attached to the Third Army Cavalry, participating in the battles of Chateau Thierry and St. Mihiel, and was gassed. Upon the signing of the armistice he was transferred to Travis, Germany, with the Army of Occupation and was later transferred to Paris, where he was with July 4, 2001 Warrick and Its Prominent People A History of Warrick County, Indiana, from the time of its organization and Settlement, with Biographical Sketches of some of its Prominent People of the past and present. Bibliographic Information: Fortune, Will. Warrick and its Prominent People. Indiana: Published by the Courier Company, 1881 BOON TOWNSHIP. Boon, the central and largest township in the county, was one of the earliest settled. Its first resident was Ratliff Boon, first Representative of Warrick county in the State Legislature, and subsequently Congressman during sixteen years, and twice elected Lieutenant -Governor, serving a part of one term as acting Governor. In honor of Mr. Boon the township was given his name. Among those settling shortly after Boon were Hudson Hargrave, Joseph De Forest, John Couts, Joseph Lawrence, Jacob Harpole, Joseph English, John B. Kelley, Joseph Adams, William Webb, Jacob Richardson, Edward Baker and Jacob Johnson. July 4, 2001 CAVE J. COUTS, Subagent, San Diego County, to B.D. WILSON Guajomito Rancho, August 15, 1853 In compliance with your verbal instructions, I have the honor to inform you that, according to the best information I can get, after diligent inquiries, the number of Indians in the County, exclusive of those beyond the Rancho San Jacinto & on the Colorado, cannot be far from Three Thousand-five hundred. Those between San Jacinto, or that region of the County, and the Colorado, you have the better means of judging. But I might safely put the whole number in the County at 5,000 Souls. [Wilson Papers, Huntington Library] CAVE J. COUTS TO B. D. WILSON Guajomito Rancho, August 25, 1853 Several of the old Indians here, those who were principals among the Indians in the construction of the magnificent old mission, have asked me "if they could not live in the building until such time as the Govt. may want to use it," or "during the rainy season."[p.104] There are a number of these old Indians, with families, who have been sufficiently civilized at the Misn., to command considerable respect with the whites who know them well. Andres, Pedro, Antonio, Samuel, and others in the immediate vicinity of the building, probably all of whom you know, and treated with great consideration by that portion of our citizens who know them well, for their industry and care, in managing their gardens & little stock. They spent their best days laboring in this building, and as it is unoccupied (except by three soldiers detached from a company at S. Diego) I cannot see but that their request is very reasonable. Their only object seems to be, to live there during the "rainy season," and evince every disposition to leave as soon as notified. In the spring they move off to their garden spots, and there remain under their temporary sheds until their crops are gathered. If this should meet your approbation, I have no doubt but that upon your application at Washington, it would be readily granted. Andres, Pedro, Antonio, Samuel, and others in the immediate vicinity of the building, probably all of whom you know, and treated with great consideration by that portion of our citizens who know them well, for their industry and care, in managing their gardens & little stock. They spent their best days laboring in this building, and as it is unoccupied (except by three soldiers detached from a company at S. Diego) I cannot see but that their request is very reasonable. Their only object seems to be, to live there during the "rainy season," and evince every disposition to leave as soon as notified. In the spring they move off to their garden spots, and there remain under their temporary sheds until their crops are gathered. If this should meet your approbation, I have no doubt but that upon your application at Washington, it would be readily granted. WILLIAM COUTS AND NANCY JOHNSON William Couts was born to John And Leah Stark Couts on March 5, 1795. William's brothers were John, James, Archer, Jackson, and Robertson; sisters were Mary, wife of James A. Appleton, Nancy, wife of John Byrd, Sally, wife of John McConnel. He married Nancy Johnson, daughter of Thomas and Mary Noel Johnson. She was born November 19, 1798 and died July 12, 1855. Nancy was sister to Cave Johnson, Postmaster General during the administration of James K. Polk. William died December 23, 1846, leaving a will in the Robertson County Will Book 14, page 116~ the Will of William Couts, wife Nancy, named sons: Thomas H., George A. Willie Blount, and John F. Couts; daughters: Mary Ann, wife of A.H. Judkins, Elizabeth A., wife of Willis H. Farmer; Julia, wife of E.M. Reynolds, Martha, wife of M. Gilbert; executors- John F. Couts, E.M. Reynolds, witnesses John Couts, M. Krisel, Jo C. Stark, written -December 14, 1848 and probated February 1849. [Cave Johnson Couts Sr. was not named in the will]. A record of the Johnson Family, prepared for Cave Johnson Couts by his Uncle, Cave Johnson in 1858, can be found in the Durrett Papers at the Gorham-McBane Library. "According to the data collected by the late A.I. Dorsey, the William Couts Home was built by William Couts, son of John Couts who had settled on Sulphur Fork and the Santee Creeks, by 1790. Leaning against an old cedar tree in the family graveyard about 150 yards from the house are two stone slabs which bear the inscription" of their names, WILLIAM COUTS AND NANCY JOHNSON, and their birth and death dates. At that time the property was owned by Will Haggard Couts, but has since been sold to non-family members. (Courtesy of the Jean M. Durrett collection- Gorham-McBane Library) COUTS CEMETERY PRESERVATION Pam Couts Drake has volunteer to oversee a project of preserving old Couts Family Cemeteries, in the Springfield area. She has located several and is making an attempt to find ways to protect them. Some lie on property that has been bought from Couts family members. They have become overgrown, vandalized, and could easily be lost to future generations. Oh course, she will need some financial and "sweat equity" support. Can you help? It's your family history too! Please write to her or give her a call. I am sending my financial donation to her, in care of the Robertson County Historical Society, 124 6th Avenue, Springfield, Tennessee 37172, (615) 382-7173. 9 Picture William Byrd II plantation, Westover. Group photo (l-r) James Armstrong, Westover It is located about 20 miles from B Evans, Jean Armstrong, Pam Drake Williamsburg, VA. His tombstone at Westover too. July 11, 2001 Maple Bluffs Photo courtesy of Launa Kitros Randy witching for gravesites Sulphur Fork Spring July 11, 2001 Maple Bluffs July 11, 2001 Maple Bluffs