CALIFORNIA'S COUTS COUSINS VOLUME 6 November December January NUMBER 1 2001-2002 A Quarterly Newsletter for the Descendants of the Couts Family #22 RED COUTS What a delightful Saturday afternoon! Red Couts and his wife Betty made their way back to the West Coast. Betty had to work on her Sierra Club job, but Red had time for a visit! At the stroke of noon, (I was late, traffic problems), at Kinko's in Davis, CA, we met and discussed our Indiana Couts lines. Red treated me to lunch and brought vital statistics to be added to our paper at a later date. Soon, we hope to have the entire Indiana Branch completed; John and Mary Polly Caldwell Couts would have been proud. Red's one of those people that you seemed to have known forever. Look for future articles about the Indiana Couts, you'll enjoy them, and thanks for lunch and the information, Red. WILSON PAPERS - HUNTINGTON LIBRARY- PRINTED AS WRITTEN July 4, 2001 B.D. WILSON TO CAVE J. COUTS Los Angeles, October 6, 1853 (as written) Sir. Yours bearing date on the 2nd present has been duly rcd. As I am sick and not able to write you lengthly I will merely [p.118] say to you that I have just returnd from the north where I have been on an Indian tour with Mr. Beale the Suppnt. I left him (Mr. B.) in San Francisco he told me he would be here by the 15 Inst. without fail and then we would take a travel through the Southern Indians and make arrangements to Settle the Indians permanently. So please let things remain as they are until Mr. Beale arrives then I have no doubt but you will have us at your place [Wilson Papers, Huntington Library.] CAVE J. COUTS TO B. D. WILSON Guajomito, June 5, 1854 The enclosed letter to Beale, I leave open that you may see it. I care not a straw for his removing me; but am a little annoyed at his sending me word that he removes me on account of an old difficulty of five years standing with the notorious handler of public funds. What did this have to do with Indian affairs? From the acquaintance& knowledge I have of Beale, thought him above medling in any such operations. If you have any influence with Beale, try and get some Citizen of the county appointed in place of Capt. Burton. On account of the sparce population of this county, the army has been riding it, rough shod, since the formation of the state constitution. This I shall kick against as long as I have fingers & toes. N. B. I shall continue to act as sub agent until officially informed or until Capt. Burton, or some one else, shows me that they have the appointment, officially. [Wilson Papers, Huntington Library.] CAVE J. COUTS TO THOMAS J. HENLEY [ Guajomito] July 7, 1856 The inhabited portion of this county [San Diego] is infested with two tribes of Indians known as the San Luisenians, and Dieguinos, according to the mission to which they respectively belonged, and number about 2,500 each. The San Luisenians exist in the northern part of the county, and, from the coast east, include the principal chain of mountains. These Indians are probably more advanced than any pertaining to your superintendency, and require but little attention with proper management. They understand the cultivation of the soil, and are the main dependence of our rancherios for vaqueros. They live comfortably in rancheros of tule (some few in adobes,) on what they gather from their wheat and barley fields, gardens, acorns and cattle stealing. Many of them can read and write. The Dieguinos, although reared in an adjoining mission, are far inferior to the San Luisenians. They lack nothing of that laziness and indolence proverbial to all Indian tribes, and live principally by cattle stealing, and on acorns. They are in the southern part of that county, and extend from the coast to the desert, where they naturally blend with the Yumas, with whom they are on very friendly terms. Nat Vise's house in San Diego is the old residence of Don Juan Rodriguez. In 1838-39 Alcalde Estudillo here kept his office, the Juzgado. Adjoining our apartment in the Couts house is a room occupied as the County Clerk's office. Our boarding-house was burned down. The mansion of Don Juan Bandini and the Estudillo house nearby were commenced in 1827. As late as 1821, there was no house on the bench that forms the present site of Old Town. The Fitch House was built that year. Then the inhabitants all resided within the Presidio, having some gardens in the mission valley, around the mouth of it, and one other garden made by Captain Francisco Ruiz, comandante of the Presidio; this is the same known as the Soto garden. Among the first houses built were the Fitch House, that of the Pico family, and the Commercialhouse (as now called). (Note: In the flood of 1861-2 the whole garden of Mr. George Lyons as well as Reiner's was carried away except the three large sycamore trees; these were carried off by the overflow of January, 1874. B. H.) Oct. 8th: Chata left on the steamer for Los Angeles, to spend a month at Don Abel's. Oct. 14th: Went to San Bernardino to hold Court. I went and returned by the same road which, to the rancho of Guajomito, is described in the trip to San Diego. Busily engaged up to 14th in the examination of Spanish and Mexican archives. Copy many. Intend to index the originals for the benefit of some future more industrious antiquarian.[p.143] Left San Diego at 1 1/2 P.M., in company with Col. Kanrick, Democratic candidate for the Legislature, Mr. Marks Jacobs, a prominent Jew, and J. R. Gitchell, Esq., District Attorney. The Presidio, with its solitary date tree. The Mission valley and river. Circle round False Bay, a beautiful sheet of water for sailing, rowing, fishing, or bathing; too shallow for large vessels to enter. Great abundance of clams on its northern shore; many curlew seen today there. Ornamental bush on the side of the road; pretty foliage; full of clusters of red berries looking at a little distance like masses of gay flowers; might be trimmed for a garden. To Rose's coal mine (!) 5 miles; to the tannery one mile further. The graves of Mr. and Mrs. Fischer on the very top of the hill that Overlooks the house he built; a strange idea that of burying them there. Over the lofty hills, affording an extensive prospect of the county, down to Soledad Valley. This valley is the boundary of the city in this direction, 12 miles from Old Town. The sea in sight here; little good soil; (what is its extent?) Six miles further San Dieguito, formerly an Indian pueblo. The Indians now rent to Don Bonifacio Lopez; nobody at his house as we pass. (What is the extent of Indian cultivation? What is the character of the valley above the Osunas?) Here Don Andres Ybarra overtakes us. He says he is for Frémont "because the latter has a rancho and residence in California, and knows the interests of the Californians." I told him I had been rummaging among the archives, and had found several documents concerning him (Ybarra). Hence 7 miles to Encinitos, the rancho of Don Andres, passing first over the valley of San Alejo, about half way; the rest long ascents and descents; the summits commanding a view of the sea, and of the high mountains to the north, as San Ysabel, Temécula. For the most a dreary vista, without water, timber, cultivation; nothing but chaparral; I believe there is one stunted pine a little after leaving Soledad. As we were about emerging from San Alejo valley, [I] galloped ahead on a trail leading across a long, narrow [p.144] meadow, and then over one or two low hills down to his house--my design being to get supper ready before the arrival of the rest, as we intended to go on in the night to Coutts'. From San Diego to Encinitos 25 miles. INTERNET FAMILY~ From: "Pam Drake" Subject: Couts family Barbara (and Randy)- I just wanted to let you know I received your letter and check today dated September 3rd (they received it at the museum earlier but gave it to me when I went by today). Anyway, THANKS SO MUCH! I have spoken with the Blick family, who are the current owners of the land where the cemetery is located, about cleaning it up. They seem to be very cooperative. I am going to wait until it gets sorta chilly here so there will be no critters crawling before we begin! I will keep you up to date on the progress. I also wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting the both of you and appreciate so much the work you do in preserving our family history! If you still "snail mail" any newsletters out [yes, I do] I would like to add my grandfather to the mailing list. Please let me know the cost for this and I will get that to you. [$0]Once again, thanks so much for all you do! Pam Author: Frankie (Carlin) Meyer In Reply to: Couts by: Barbara Anson I am descended from the Collins family. I believe my ancestor was related to the Collins family of Lafayette County. I have had trouble learning about the ancestry before 1830. From information I've learned, I suspect that the Collins family of Lafayette County was related to the Collins family of Boone County. (Thomas Collins from Lexington, located in Lafayette County, named the children of Lewis Collins of Boone county in his will.) Any information that you know about the Collins family in the 1800's would be much appreciated. My e-mail address is Subject: Grays in Missouri Posted by: Zane Gray Message: We are searching for information on David Stillwell Gray, early 1800's, settled in northern 1/2 of Lawrence, Co. Missouri, along North White Oak Creek. Brothers were Zebulon and Thomas. David died before Civil War, we think. Married Mary 'Polly" Bird, daughter of John Bird and Nancy Couts. Subject: Polly Gray Posted by: Zane Gray Message: We have a Polly Bird Gray, b. KY or TN, early 1800s m. David Stillwell Gray lived Gray's Point, Lawrence, MO. Any connection? Robin Granicy-Sergent Message: Yes, I have a Polly Bird Gray, she was born in 1825 in Tennessee she was the daughter of John Bird born. approx. 1799 and Nancy Couts. She married David S. Gray 1842 in Dade Co. Missouri and completed the establishment of the Gray home at Gray's Point. They had 5 daughters and two sons. Jane the oldest daughter married Dr. Leon Morris, Nancy, who married E.D. Griffith, Alexander was the oldest son , Armitta , the next daughter married Alonzo Morri, Susan married B.F. Swope, A son James H Gray, Ann the youngest daughter married Henry Swope. I have much more family history for her if you are looking. You can Email and let me know what else you need. My mother started our family tree in the 1960's and traced it to the 1700's. Marvin Morris had the family traced all the way to 700A.D. but unfortunately due to a very sad circumstances it was lost . I would happy to explain that also. Let me know what else you are looking for and I will also see if you have anything. From: MARCY SMITH Subject: Sarah (Wright) Couts Collins I am Marcy (Smith) Smith daughter of Henry & Jo Smith, who were on the newsletter mailing from you. I have inherited their genealogy records and am currently working on reloading them in my computer. I was going through some mail I stockpiled until I could get my father's family reloaded, and the 30 October 1999 newsletter was in the pile. I do not know if they ever shared the descendants of Sarah Wright and her second husband William Collins (my 4th great grandparents) with you. I am sending what loaded with my father's records, although it is my mother's family line. It is not all- inclusive nor very updated, but may interest some. I will begin work soon on my mother's family. If you would like the information once loaded, I would be most happy to send it. Thank you for your website, your contributions, and the contributions from those who have visited the site. Descendants of William Collins 1 Big Bill Collins Abt 1755 - 1835 .. +Sarah Wright Unknown - 1823 .... 2 Richard Collins Abt 1796 - 1851 ........+Caty Ennis 1802 - 1878 ..........3 Sarah Collins 1821 - 1880 .............+Solomon Clay 1817 - 1876 ...............4 Robert Craig Clay 1855 - 1935 ..................+Alice Swick 1862 - 1935 ....................5 Lacy Mahala Clay 1904 - 1989 .......................+Earl Randolph Woods 1898 - 1957 .........................6 Billie Sarah Jo Woods ............................+Henry Clayton Smith 1928 - 1995 ..............................7 Marcy Joan Smith .................................+Carl David Reasoner .................................*2nd Husband of Marcy Joan Smith: .................................+Michael Roy Hendrick ...................................8 Michael Cory Hendrick ......................................+Kimberly Renee Rackow .................................*3rd Husband of Marcy Joan Smith: .................................+Larry Patrick Smith .............................7 Shirley Louise Smith ................................+Larry Vaughn Thomas ..................................8 Hanna Vonne Thomas .....................................+Norman Vern Duncan .....................................*2nd Husband of Hanna Vonne Thomas: .....................................+Gerald Haag ................................*2nd Husband of Shirley Louise Smith: ................................+Smithson Mulkey Goodlett III ................................*3rd Husband of Shirley Louise Smith: ................................+Britton Craig Brown ............................7 James Clayton Smith ...............................+Debra Lynn Hill .................................8 Adrianne Renea Smith .................................8 Cari Denise Smith .......................6 Katherine Woods .......................6 Earlene Woods 1927 - 2001 .......................6 Charles Woods .......................6 Max Earl Woods PUNKIN7703@MSN.COM From: Ronald W. Cook Cc: Subj: Do you know any living Bloods? in the Baldwin file. I am trying to find descendants. Thanks, Ron Cook From: Robert J Anconetani Subject: addition to family I am Tonia Deewall Anconetani from the family of Rachel Bird & Paul Deewall. I had Emily Jean and Rachael. We have changed our e-mail address & I lost yours. My husband's family keeps finding us on this family tree. This is an awesome amount of work you have done. There are other great grand children of Rachel & Paul that are not on the list. I will try to get the information & send it to you. We are in the 7th generation after John Couts. Thanks Tonia Deewall Anconetani From: Sandy (Lockwood) Chase Subject: Lockwoods I received your e-mail address from Jerry Lockwood who come to find out is a distant cousin. He also e-mailed me a copy of "Descendants of Christopher "Chrisley" Couts Sr." I thought you might be interested in some more information from my grandfather Lonnie's descendants. If you have any that you think might interest me please feel free to e-mail me. Thanks Descendants of Lonnie Newton Lockwood Generation No. 1 1. LONNIE NEWTON5 LOCKWOOD 2. (LEWIS EAN4, LOWELL3, LEWIS R.2, MORRIS1) . 3. He married GLAYDS PAULINE BUSH Arkansas, 4. daughter of ISAAC BUSH and HOLLY KEMP. Children of LONNIE LOCKWOOD and GLAYDS BUSH are: 2. i. RONNIE LEWIS6 LOCKWOOD 3. ii. DONALD RAY LOCKWOOD 4. iii. BONNIE SUE LOCKWOOD 5. iv. CONNIE JOE LOCKWOOD 6. v. JOHNIE MAE LOCKWOOD vi. VONNIE LOCKWOOD Generation No. 2 2. RONNIE LEWIS6 LOCKWOOD (LONNIE 3. NEWTON5, LEWIS EAN4, LOWELL3, 4. LEWIS R.2, MORRIS1) He married NELL 5. JEAN COLLARD. Children of RONNIE LOCKWOOD and NELL COLLARD are: i. STEVE NEWTON7 LOCKWOOD; ii. m. KAREN HENRY, Oklahoma. ii. LESHIAN JOLENE LOCKWOOD. 3. DONALD RAY6 LOCKWOOD (LONNIE NEWTON5, LEWIS EAN4, LOWELL3, LEWIS R.2, MORRIS1) He married VERA LEE CAUTHON ,OK, daughter of JAMES CAUTHON and DELLA ANDERSON Children of DONALD LOCKWOOD and VERA CAUTHON are: 7. i. SANDRA PAULINE7 LOCKWOOD 8. ii. MELISSA DEANN LOCKWOOD BONNIE SUE6 LOCKWOOD (LONNIE NEWTON5, LEWIS EAN4, LOWELL3, LEWIS R.2, MORRIS1) Washington. She married DONALD RAY PEARSON JR. Children of BONNIE LOCKWOOD and DONALD JR. are: 9. i. DANIEL THOMAS7 PEARSON, iii. JACCI MICHELE PEARSON,; iv. m. MICHAEL WAYNE KERLIN, 5. CONNIE JOE6 LOCKWOOD (LONNIE NEWTON5, LEWIS EAN4, LOWELL3, LEWIS R.2, MORRIS1) . He married (1) DEBORAH. He married (2) WANDA LYN GRIMM daughter of DONALD BEVINGTON and JIMMIE GOOCH. Children of CONNIE LOCKWOOD and DEBORAH are: i. MICHAEL7 LOCKWOOD. ii. SCOTT LOCKWOOD. Child of CONNIE LOCKWOOD and WANDA GRIMM is: iii. SARA7 GRIMM, Stepchild. 6. JOHNIE MAE6 LOCKWOOD (LONNIE NEWTON5, LEWIS EAN4, LOWELL3, LEWIS R.2, MORRIS1). She married RONALD STEWART ANDERSON. Children of JOHNIE LOCKWOOD and RONALD ANDERSON are: i. RILEY STEWART7 ANDERSON. ii. HOLLY OCTAVIA ANDERSON. Generation No. 3 SANDRA PAULINE7 LOCKWOOD (DONALD RAY6, LONNIE NEWTON5, LEWIS EAN4, LOWELL3, LEWIS R.2, MORRIS1) Oklahoma. She met (1) LLOYD WAYNIE BRASHIER. She married (2) JAMES EVERETT CHASE ,Oklahoma. Child of SANDRA LOCKWOOD and LLOYD BRASHIER is: i. SETH MICHAEL DONLEE8 CHASE, Oklahoma. Child of SANDRA LOCKWOOD and JAMES CHASE is: ii. JERRID KEITH8 CHASE, Oklahoma 8. MELISSA DEANN7 LOCKWOOD (DONALD RAY6, LONNIE NEWTON5, LEWIS EAN4, LOWELL3, LEWIS R.2, MORRIS1 She married SHAWN DALE LOVELL Arkansas. Children of MELISSA LOCKWOOD and SHAWN LOVELL are: i. COLTON SHAWN8 LOVELL ii. CONNAR RYAN LOVELL 9. DANIEL THOMAS7 PEARSON (BONNIE SUE6 LOCKWOOD, LONNIE NEWTON5, LEWIS EAN4, LOWELL3, LEWIS R.2, MORRIS1) He married ANGELA RENEE CARRY Child of DANIEL PEARSON and ANGELA CARRY is: i. DEVLIN WAYNE8 PEARSON Hello, I was just looking at the web site for the first time. John Couts is the 3rd child of Charles and Martha Jane Stofer. My gg grandfather ( William (Brocky) Couts) is the 1st child of Charles and Martha which makes John and Brocky brothers. I do have some information on the family including a picture of Jessie and her obit. If you would like to correspond any further, please do so.Thank you [Yes, I would love them] Subject: Three Kautz officers from General Grants hometown. Barb, I thought you might be interested in the following found in: THE GRANT ARTICLES, VOL. 1, 64 pages , pub. by U.s. Grant Homestead Association, Georgetown, Ohio, 27 April, 1997.There were two high ranking officers named KAUTZ, on p. 63 in the article BROWN COUNTY , OHIO IN THE CIVIL WAR, written by Georgetown historian Meryl Markley. The above mentioned men were General Augustus V. Kautz, West Point, and Admiral Albert Kautz, Annapolis graduate. Also a Captain F. R. Kautz. From: To: "Philip C. Dobson" Cc: "Barbara Couts Evans" , "JERRY BARTON" , "Wayne M.. Sampson" , "Virginia Easley DeMarce" veasleyd@AOL.COM Subject: Re: OBED (GEORGE?) BARTON Please correct date at end of point 3. It should read 1923, not 1823. I hope this little study is of interest to you and you sister, Philip. To: "Roger Barton" Cc: "Barbara Couts Evans" ; "JERRY BARTON"; "Wayne M.. Sampson" ; "VirginiaEasley DeMarce" Subject: OBED(GEORGE?)BARTON THE QUESTION IS: DID OBED BARTON, PROB. THE THIRD SON OF BAVESTER BARTON, NAMED IN HIS FATHER'S WILL OF 1813 IN WARREN CO., KY, REALLY DIE YOUNG, AS WAS SAID BY OTHERS? OR WAS HE, PERHAPS THE GEORGE BARTON (PERHAPS OBED GEORGE BARTON?) OF THE 1820 CENSUS IN THAT COUNTY? CONSIDER THE POINTS GIVEN HERE AND LET ME KNOW, PLEASE, WHAT YOU THINK/OR CAN ADD TO THE SUPPOSITION, IF YOU WILL, PLEASE. 1. 1820 CENSUS, WARREN CO., KY/ IN THE 2. NEIGHBORHOOD OF TRAMMEL'S 3. CREEK WITH BARTON /COUTS/COLLINS. - GEORGE BARTON:OOO1 - 202. THIS MEANS THAT GEORGE WAS BORN BETW 1794 AND 1802 (BETW 18 AND 26YRS). HIS WIFE WAS BORN . BETW. 1794 AND 1804 (OR BETW 16 TO 26 YRS) THEIR CHILDREN WERE TWO GIRLS BORN BETW 1820 AND 1820 (OR UNDER 10 YRS OLD). 2. I HAVE A BIBLE REECORD OF 1852, MEMPHIS, TN, TITLED " THEBARTON- LUNDIE FAMILY BIBLE, THAT SAYS ON PAGE 2. "WILLIAM PACE BARTON (ELDEST SON OF GEORGE AND SUSAN WEST BARTON) BORN IN WARREN CO, KENTY. FEBY. 22 nd A.D.1822. I CAN SEND A COPY OF THESE TWO PAGES OF WILLIAM PACE BARTON'S BIBLE IF YOU REQUEST SAME. HOWEVER, THE ABOVE ITEM ABOUT GEORGE AND SUSAN WEST ANDTHEIR FIRST SON WILLIAM PACE BARTON, IS ALL THAT PERTAINS TO OUR FAMILY INWARREN CO.KY UP TO 1822. WILLIAM PACE BARTON DIED 27 JULY 1886 "AT HARRINGTON, SHELBY CO., TN. HIS FAMILY SEEMS TO HAVE CONTINUED IN THAT COUNTY AT LEAST TO 1823 OR BEYOND THAT DATE. 3. IN ROWENA LAWSON,S 1986 BOOK OF WARREN CO., KY 1810 TO 1840 CENSUSES, WHICH I HAVE WITH ME HERE IN MN THIS SUMMER, I FIND ONLY THE FF PACE AND WEST NAMES: 1810, p8 JOHN PACE 1001 - 3101; p..12 RICHARD PACE 3101 - 1001, AND ON 1820 CENSUS, p. 23, SUSANNA PACE 000101 - 00221, BOTH OLDER MALE AND SUSANNA - WERE OVER 45YS OLD. (WAS SUSAN WEST WHO MD GEORGE BARTON POSSIBLY NAMED FOR HER?). THE ONLY WEST NAME IN THESE CENSUSES IS ON THE 1830 CENSUS, bk. p.32: JAMES W. WEST: 0001 - 0001, OR BOTH b. betw 1810 AND 1815 OR AGES betw 15 AND 20YRS.. 4. I do not have any Warren Co., KY marriages here, 5. so I can not check for GEORGE BARTON and 6. SUSAN WEST'S marriage there. Perhaps one 7. of you has that and can send it to me, please. 8. "FURTHER DEPONENT (me) SAYETH NOT" 9. WHAT SAYETH YOU? Mary Ruth Barton/ 10. Subject: WALT BARTON Barb, Do you have an e-mail address for WALT BARTON, other than That one does not go through at all! He and I need to get in touch, for we both have the same material indicating a close relationship of Bavester Barton and Joseph Barton, in SC, KY, and TN. Thanks. Subject: WALT BARTON NEWSLETTER 16 GAVE WALT BARTON'S EMAIL ADDRESS AS HE IS TRYING TO LINK BAVESTER BARTON WITH JOSEPH BARTON OF TRIGG CO. KY AND ALSO OF HENRY CO., TN. SO HAVE I FOR MANY YEARS. WE NEED TO WORK TOGETHER. THANKS From: Subject: Hi from Katherine Hobbs (Couts) Dear Barbara, I'm sorry its been along time coming in writing to you couldn't locate your email address and here am.. finally , I just came home from Clarksville Tenn, visiting my father... found the info you asked me about a year ago,,, Please send me your address and I have made copies of the info for you... My address is Kathy Hobbs Barstow Ca. I'd love to hear from you... Thank you.. and will be looking forward to hearing from you ... Kathy,, :) THANK YOU KATHY FOR THE INFORMATION. IT'S PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO MAKE THIS POSSIBLE. From: David Harrison Subject: Couts, Vanada of Warrick County Indiana Hi, I am looking for information on the Couts and Vanada family of Warrick County in Indiana. I tried to pull up a picture of Nancy Reed and it would not come up. If you have information or pictures that I can find it would help me very much. Thank-You Dave Harrison Newburgh Indiana [Try it again, please my expert worked on it] From: Margie Subject: My Family History Barb- Here is some of the history and the present from my family. I hope this helps, if you need any other information let me know. It is nice talking to ya. Margie James M. Couts father of William Carl Couts father of Harold J. Couts & William Eugene Couts. Eugene changed his middle name to his first because he didn't like William. William Couts married Thelma, daughter of Aram & Toille (pronounced ToyLee) in an Indiana community. They had 2 children- Donald & Cheryl Couts. Donald was a locomotive engineer . He married Phyllis Carlisle daughter of Hugh Leanord & Almeda Carlisle, they had 2 daughters Dawn & Amanda Couts. They divorced in 1981. Donald met my mother Tina Marie Mason. My mother had me Margie & my younger brother Donald Couts. My mother Tina is the Daughter of Paul & Marjorie Mason. We live in the small coalmine community in Indiana. Dawn is married to Nick Riley they have a daughter Mikayla Alexis Riley 1 year old. Renee works on computers. Amanda June is single at the present time, she is as a Transmission Technician. Donald Jr. is a sophomore in High School in Indiana. He is in Football and Track and every other sport he can play. (Very Athletic) We are all proud of him and he plans to join the military when he graduates. He is not sure which branch yet. I Margie married to Jason Wayne Arnold. Jason the middle son of 3 by Thomas Arnold & Patricia Arnold, they reside in Spencer County after Thomas retired from the Navy after 22yrs he retired off of the Theodore Roosevelt, he was on it when it was commissioned in 1986 and he retired on it. (not sure if that makes a difference, kind of interesting) Jason Wayne is a Sgt. in the United States Marine Corp & I am a Spc. in the United States Indiana Army National Guard. Hope this helps out... Margie Elizabeth Couts & Donald Couts [ You sound like wonderful relatives] margie and jason DO U HAVE ANY INFORMATION ON JAMES MONROE COUTS. MY GREAT GREAT GRANDPA WHO LIVED AT ENOS CORNER NEAR SPURGEON INDIANA. IS HE A BROTHER OR SON OF ANY ONE FROM CLARKSVILLE TENNESSEE? MARGIE COUTS ARNOLD From: dkruse Subject: RE: [molafaye] Re: Couts, Collins I read this message twice and I could not find any COUTS in it, thought your COLLIN'S might have married into the COUTS. I have COUTS from OH time period 1826 and up. Thomas, William, Sarah, Mary Emieline, Nancy(Jennie), Martha and Mary Ellen (Mollie) who married a William Thomas CLAY. I do have more information, do these names ring a bell? Delores From: PHILIP COUTS Subject: Couts Family My name is Philip Couts, Currently I live in Texas. I am originally from Danville, Ill. I am an electrical engineer, and am married to Susan Couts (Binkley), and have one son Robert Couts, age 20. I just noticed your page with interest-our name is unusual. My grandfather was Charles Robert Couts of Indiana. He was born July 30, 1901 and died in August of 1970 in Windslow, Indiana. My grandfather was a miner. My father is William George Couts. He was born February 24, 1924& died on October 1, 1989.He was a control operator at Allied Chemical. I would be interested in any information you have. Regards, Philip From: genealau Subject: Re: Genea. too. I found a Jesse and a John Bird in the 1820 census in Boone Co., MO. Haven't seen originals yet. Samuel Couts is in the same county. Think this is one of Aaron Couts's offspring. This is the closest I have come to having a John Bird and Couts together in the same county MO. What can you tell me about Samuel's travels? I have some other tidbits and/fodder for the trash can for you. You may have them already or it can provide you with sources/doc. Having a bit of trouble sending email lately but will send. Launa From: genealau Subject: Couts clutterSource NARA M-432, Roll 392, 1850 U.S. Census, Boone Co., MO, Dist. No. 8, p. 431, #1431/1431: Samuel Couch, 30, m, Farmer, $200, Kentucky; Luvisa, 24, F, KY; Sarah A 4, f Missouri; Nancy J, 2, f, MO; John, 3/12, m, MO.NOTE: Based on identification of neighbors, his residence was probably Cedar Township.1850 U.S. Census Boone Co, MO:Couch, Samuel, age30, m, b.KY; Levissa Lurissa?,24 f b. KY. From: "Anna L Bertram" Subject: COUTS/DOROSETT Barb, I visited your COUTS page. Thanks for the hard work. I would like to exchange information with you. Please message me at if you receive this message. Thanks! Anna BERTRAM Dear Couts Relative, I linked to your site from the LDS I am looking for a Thomas Jefferson Couts (b. abt 1857) m. Rebecca ??, parents of William F., Violet, Samuel (m. Lyda Roach) Edward C. (b. 3 Jun 1894 d. Feb 1981), and Amber (b. 26 jul 1900 d. Oct 1970). Might you have a listing for them? I tried your search on your website. You may view my database for this family at: Thanks, Doreen Hall (Arizona) Hi Barb: Janet Hunter here of Nancy Couts & John Byrd>Henry Byrd and Lucinda Choate, etc. I was trying to go through your various descendant trees, and I know at one time you had one that had place names on it, and I can't find it. Now I do know that I think I may have downloaded it on an old computer that isn't hooked up at the moment, but am I missing something at your site? {It became too big-I can send you a file} Could you send it to me? Or maybe a gedcom. I'm not publishing or anything (what with three kids, fulltime job, etc. My sister thinks I'm nuts but I just say, well when my kids are with their dad I DON'T watch any TV; I do go to the library or the Natl Archives, etc.).But we are talking about Wilsons on the Dade Co., list, and I thought it'd be helpful to refer them to the one that has birthplaces, etc.Thanks.Janet {Janet did I get these places to you? My computer was acting up about then} From: Rick Dexter Subject: Thornton/Stark I saw your web page today and noticed you have the James Stark & ElizabethThornton marriage. Do you have any additional info on Elizabeth's parents, siblings, etc. I have a couple of sources that say Elizabeth's brother was Matthew Thornton who signed the Declaration of Independence but I cannot yet prove it. Any info you have would be appreciated. Thanks! - Rick - From: genealau Subject: Jacob, Frederick, Adam, Henry, ---Handwritten Original 1768 Tax List, Loudon Co., VA I hadn't looked at the Loudon GenWeb sites in months. I don't know if these images have been up a long time or not. I know we have extracts of the tithable lists, but this is the first time I have seen handwritten copies of the originals. Haven't check all pages yet. Launa Loudon Co VA History According to "Marriages of Loudoun County, 1757-1853" by Mary AliceWertz: "Loudoun County was formed from Fairfax County, which was primarily Truro Parish, in 1757. In October 1748, Truro was divided at Difficult Run and the upper part became Cameron Parish. When Loudoun was created, it's boundaries were essentially those of Cameron Parish; on the north it was bounded by the Potomac River; on the south by Prince William County (which later became Fauquier); on the east by Difficult Run; and on the west by the Blue Ridge Mountains. In 1770, Shelburne Parish was created from the western part of Cameron and included, generally, the land west of Goose Creek running to the Blue Ridge" Loudon Co., GenWeb Cameron Parish 1768 Tithables Va/Loudoun/Cameron%20Parish/1768/ Parent Directory Tith1768VaCameronParish-JamesHamilton-01.jpg Tith1768VaCameronParish-JamesHamilton-02.jpg Jacob and Frederick (Teter?) bottom first column Tith1768VaCameronParish-JamesHamilton-03.jpg Adam bottom first column, Henry top of second column Tith1768VaCameronParish-JohnMcILhaney-01.jpg Tith1768VaCameronParish-JohnMcILhaney-02.jpg Tith1768VaCameronParish-JohnMinor-01.jpg Tith1768VaCameronParish-JosiahChapman-01.jpg Tith1768VaCameronParish-JosiahChapman-02.jpg Tith1768VaCameronParish-LevenPowell-01.jpg Tith1768VaCameronParish-LevenPowell-02.jpg Tith1768VaCameronParish-LevenPowell-03.jpg Tith1768VaCameronParish-LevenPowell-04.jpg Tith1768VaCameronParish-NicholasMinor-01.jpg Tith1768VaCameronParish-NicholasMinor-02.jpg Tith1768VaCameronParish-WilliamLane-01.jpg Tith1768VaCameronParish-WilliamLane-02.jpg Tith1768VaCameronParish-WilliamLane-03.jpg Va/Loudoun/Cameron%20Parish/1768/Tith1768 VaCameronParish-JamesHamilton-02.jpg Loudoun County, Virginia Civilian Patriots April 9th, 1782 Entries from the 1780-1783 Minute Book 134 Adam Counts for 312 Do @ Do 171 Henry Counts for 437 Do @ Do 221The estate of Jacob Coutzman is allow'd for 300 lb Hay July 4, 2001 Tennessee The Volunteer State Vol 2 Biographies of professional individuals ( including but not limited to finance, medicine, teaching, law and politics) residing in Tennessee from 1769-1923 LAURIN BRYAN ASKEW. An enterprising citizen of Clarksville is Laurin Bryan Askew, wholesale and retail druggist. He was born in Eufaula, Alabama, on the 29th of August, 1863, a son of Bryan and Mina J. (McLaurn) Askew, the former a native of Mississippi of English descent and the latter likewise a native of Mississippi and of Scotch descent. The paternal ancestors came from England to America at an early day and the name Bryan has been carried through the family for generations. The maternal grandmother was a member of the Stuart family and a native of Mississippi. Prior to the Civil war Bryan Askew was engaged in the mercantile business in Vicksburg. Upon the outbreak of the war he sent his family to Alabama and while in that state the birth of Laurin Bryan occurred. Immediately after the war the family returned to Vicksburg and found that city a more or less devastated place. The Federal soldiers had burned the goods and the store belonging to the father and subsequently Mr. Askew set out for New York to get a new supply. He was taken off the boat at Memphis quite ill, however, and his demise occurred a short time afterward at the old Gayosa Hotel. Bryan Askew's father was the son of Bryan Askew, a native of North Carolina, who was the progenitor of this branch of the family in Mississippi, having located in Hinds county. In the acquirement of his early education Laurin Bryan Askew attended the common schools of his native state and at the age of ten years came to Clarksville. He enrolled in Stewart College, later the Southwestern Presbyterian University, and after completing his course there became associated with the firm of Owen & Moore, druggists, the business which he and his partner, G. W. Coulter, now own. They are engaged in the wholesale and retail drug business and carry a complete line of books, stationery and sporting goods. Mr. Askew is a man of well proven ability and well merits the success he has achieved. In addition to the drug business he is active in financial circles as a director in the Northern Bank of Tennessee, the oldest bank in the state and one of the very few that withstood the ravages of the Civil war. Mr. Askew is also on the finance committee of the institution. On the 11th of November, 1887, was celebrated the marriage of Mr. Askew to Miss Florence Fleming, the adopted daughter of John F. Couts. They have become parents of three sons: L. B., Jr., John Couts, and Harley L. L. B., Jr., married Leisel Hoevel of Weisbaden, Germany. John Couts married Barbara Barker, granddaughter of Childs Barker, a prominent banker and farmer of Christian county, Kentucky. John Couts is engaged in farming in that county and he and his wife are the parents of four children, Barbara, Laurin B. (III), John Couts, Jr., and Peter M. Harley L. married Norine Harrison, a daughter of a prominent and honored old family of Robertson county. Both L. B., Jr., and Harley L. are veterans of the World war. The elder son served under General Pershing, going to France with the First American Expeditionary Forces, and was attached to the Third Army Cavalry, participating in the battles of Chateau Thierry and St. Mihiel, and was gassed. Upon the signing of the armistice he was transferred to Travis, Germany, with the Army of Occupation and was later transferred to Paris, where he was with General Richardson, who was a member of the Peace Council. At one time, while on leave in England, L. B. Askew found the name "Bryan Askew" on a tablet in the First Scotch Presbyterian church in Trafalgar Square, London, this name being listed as one of the founders of the church. Harley L. Askew was with the Thirtieth Tennessee Division which assisted in breaking the Hindenburg line. He served with the rank of sergeant major. Since attaining his majority Mr. Askew has given his political endorsement to the democratic party and the principles for which it stands. Although he has never sought nor desired public preferment, he is ever cognizant of the duties and responsibilities as well as the privileges of good citizenship, and to that end is active in the furtherance of every movement for the up building of the town, county and state. His religious faith is that of the Presbyterian church, to the support of which he is a generous contributor, and fraternally he is identified with the Masons, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and the Knights of Pythias. THE LATEST PUZZLE WITH DIETRICK AND JOHN COUTS After recently peering through the Early North Carolina Settlers, 1700's-1900's Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. III, contents - April, 1903, Page 314, I discovered a query: A query from Weathersford, Texas, [James Robertson Couts's home] a lady writes-for the ancestors of Issac Johnson, who came from Roanoke, N.C. with the Kilgore Colony in 1784. He fought in the Revolutionary War. Who was his wife? Also information of Diethick Couts, who came from North Carolina "way back in 1700," fought in the Revolutionary War. His wife was Leah Stark. QUESTION: Was John Couts, brother of Chrisley, who settled in Robertson County, Tennessee really named John Dietrick or Johann Dietrick?? Husband of Leah Stark?? If so, this would fit into our Virginia Couts who lived on the Walling Cr. Land. It would connect us more closely to the Kissling Couts family of Virginia. In the Kissling records, Johann Kautz AKA John Couts, b. 10 Mar 1731, Steinau (to PA 1752) was the brother of Johann Dietrick "Teter" Kautz AKA Teter Couts b. 12 Jan 1727, Steinau (to PA 1750), both sons of Christian Kautz, b. 11 Feb 1692, Steinau, Hesse-Hanaum 24 May 1718, Steinau, Hesse - Hanau . Anna Catharina Broll d/o Nicholaus Broll & Anna Sibille (------) Broll. It is our speculation that we are tied closely, to this family. If it is true, the naming sequence patterns would be Teter's son: Chrisley [Christian or Christopher] the first son after Teter's father Christian. John (In German, Johann Dietrick would drop the Dietrick after his father's death and/or Anglicized Johann to John) John would be Teter's third son, after his brother Johann and/or himself Dietrick) or possibly John of Tennessee's middle name was Dietrick. [Most middle names were not chosen until after the Revolutionary War generation]. Any guesses, facts, or speculation on this or does it seem to far fetched??????? We have a Teter Couts living with or next to Henry Couts (brother of Chrisley) until 1795. Teter even appears in court selling his own land in 1795. That is our last record of him. So, a Dietrick …nickname Teter or Tetrach is a perfect tie…. any documentation out there??????? Chalkley's, Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia -17th November, 1752. Benjamin Borden to Andrew Bird, 174 acres, Brock's Gap, on North Shanando; the Chimney Rock. Delivered to Abraham Bird, 27th January, 1754. 13th March, 1753. Benj. Borden to Charles Dayley, 76 acres on No. Shanando, North Shanando, Brock's Gap. Delivered: Jno. Thomas, August Ct., 1777. 2d February, 1754. Andrew Bird to Abraham Bird, 174 acres in Brock's Gap on North Sharrando River, the patent line to the Chimney Rock. Page 358,Feb. 8, 1760 Andrew Bird, with two others and William Logan, Tetrich Counts and John Counts, added 40 tithables. [Kautz Brothers-Deterick and Johann, sons of Christian] Page 439 NOVEMBER 21, 176OAndrew Bird, with two others, and William Logan, Teterick Counts and John Counts, added to tithables. [Kautz Brothers-Deterick and Johann, sons of Christian] Pages of Court Records: Chalkley's, Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, extracted from the original court records of Augusta County 1745-1800 , by Lyman Chalkley Volume II. Page 447 1767-68 John Dunkle and Michael Props Procession, Processioned by ... viz: for Abraham Bird, present Teter Couts. . [Kautz Brother-Deterick, son of Christian] 7th July 1767 Page 447.- 1767-1768. . . . . Processioned by Thos Beggs and Michael Humble from Brock's Gap to Hampshire Line, viz: For Abraham Bird, present Rudy Mauk and Teter Couts; for Teter Coutts, for Conrad Custard, for Rudy Mauck, for Conrad Lamb, for Isaac Beackfield, for John Miller, for Charles Man, for Thomas Wilsell, for Conrad Custard Sr., for Jacob Trumbo, for Thomas Beggs, for James Beggs, for Jacob Bare, for James Marshall, for Andrew Trumbo, for Martin Witsell, for Adam Reader, for Uriah Humble. [Kautz Brother-Deterick, son of Christian] CHALKLEY'S SCOTCH/IRISH IN VIRGINIA Names of Persons who Sold Land in Rockingham County from 1777 to 1793 From the First Deed Book, No. 0 The Valley Germans Deter Kouts Others: Philip Armentrout, A. Armentrout, Charles Grim, Joseph Hawkins, John Drake, James Dyer, Abram Lincoln, Peter Roller, James Skidmore. . . [ Kautz Brother-Deterick, son of Christian] 1795 Lincoln County Tax Records Kentucky - Henry Couts 1 wmover 21 4 horses, 7 cattle, Sugar Creek, 50 acres and Peter 1 wmover 21 and 1 horse. August 18, 1795-Teter (indexed as Peter) Couts to John Bryant, Both of Lincoln Co. No. Carolina, for 63 pounds 10 shillings, 40 acres in Lincoln Co. on the waters of Sugar Creek, C-3 ( This is the land in A:520 (A:530). Witnesses were John Hall, John Ferris and William Daugherty. Deed was acknowledged in court by Teter Couts to be his act and ordered to be recorded on 18 A August 1795. No mention of his wife. C:3 August 18, 1795-Teter (indexed as Peter) Couts to John Bryant, Both of Lincoln Co. NC, for 63 pounds 10 shillings, 40 acres in Lincoln Co. on the waters of Sugar Creek, C-3 ( This is the land in A:520 (A:530). Witnesses were John Hall, John Ferris and William Daugherty. Deed was acknowledged in court by Teter Couts to be his act and ordered to be recorded on 18 Aug 1795. No further records of Teter Couts. 1795 Lincoln County Tax Records Kentucky Henry Couts 1 wm over 21 4 horses, 7 cattle, Sugar Creek, 50 acres and Peter (sic Teter) wm over 21 PICTURES OF A drive through the countryside Photo courtesy of Launa Kitros Tulpenhocken Creek, Berks County, PA Sunset over the old homestead Tulpenhocken Creek, Berks County, PA Photo courtesy of Launa Kitros Photo courtesy of Launa Kitros Tulpenhocken Creek, Berks County, PA CAN BE FOUND ON THE PICTURE ALBUM PAGE Please click for e-mail. Please click to go back to the main page.

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