CALIFORNIA'S COUTS COUSINS VOLUME 6 May June July 2002 NUMBER 3 A Quarterly Newsletter for the Descendants of the Couts Family #24 WELCOME- Congratulations to Kari Couts - daughter of California Couts Cousin Steve Couts It is a girl 7lbs. 11oz. 21 inches long, her name is Alexis Nichole Couts! Born Saturday 4/6/02 11:30pm AARON C. COUTS-THE 4TH GENERATION By Wilford H. Couts, Jr. and Janice L. Couts, great-grandchildren This story goes back in time from the life of James Monroe Couts, Aaron's oldest son (ref. 1). Of course this story begins with the life of Aaron's parents, John and Polly (Caldwell) Couts (ref. 2). John and Polly married in Kentucky on 8 Aug 1809 and they had thirteen children. These were (ref. 3)--- Eliza Couts born 1809 Matthew Perry Couts born 1818 Rhoda Couts born 1810 Elizabeth Couts born ? Sarah Couts born 1811 Matilda Couts born 1821 Martha Ann Couts born ? John C. Couts born 1823 Susannah Couts born 1813 Mary Ann Couts born 1830 Dolly Couts born 1815 Aaron C. Couts born 1831 William Levi Couts born 1816 month and day not known. The family moved from Warren Co., KY (the Bowling Green area) about 1812-1813. Therefore the last eight or nine were born in Warrick Co. Indiana. John first lived in Anderson Township along the Ohio River but later lived on a farm about 2 miles west of present-day Boonville , Fig. 1. All of the children married so we know that Aaron C. danced at many a wedding while he grew up. The title identification, 4th generation, follows the convention established by California's Couts Cousins where Dietrich (Kautz?) Couts is our first known ancestor. Obviously this is not valid and this identification will hopefully change in the future. In 1810 about 25,000 Americans lived in present Indiana. By 1820 about 147,000 lived there. Indiana was settled from south to north and at any one time, most of the population lived in the south. Warrick Co. was established in March 1813 from ceded Indian lands. By 1831, it was probably still thinly populated but it was no longer a frontier. We don't know when John Couts, the father, died but on 10 May 1842 Levi Couts, Matthew P. Couts, and William M. Hudson bind themselves for $1200 and request that Levi Couts the oldest son be appointed guardian of the minor heirs of John Couts deceased, to wit-Matilda, John C., Mary Ann, and Aaron C. (this is consistent with the birth years reported.) On 10 Nov 1844, Levi Couts reported to the Probate Court of Warrick County that Aaron Couts had received $89.55for his share of the estate plus about $50 paid to a G.S. Bell for shares of land to Aaron (??). Sometime after the death of his father, Aaron C. must have gone to live with his brother John and family. Perhaps the mother sold the family place and moved in with a daughter?? The 1850 Gibson Co. census shows John to be living in Barton Twp. Both Mary Ann and Aaron C. live with John. Although Aaron C. is 19 and listed as a farmer with $700 of real estate, he is listed as attending school in the past year (as is Mary Ann at age 20). John must have been a conscientious brother. One should note that all listings in the Gibson Co. census spell the name as COUTZ. On 13 Apr 1854, the two brothers John Couts and Aaron Couts promise to pay William Butcher the sum of $110 without regard of the valuation or appraisement laws. This suggests some real estate deal and the meaning is unclear. The debt was cleared on 19 Mar 1856 when W. Butcher put his mark on a document saying that he had received $116 from G. Hayward, Administrator for J. Couts deceased, for payment of a note of $110. This time the J. Couts deceased was the brother John C. Couts. On 10 March 1855 the personal estate of John Couts deceased was inventoried (ref. 2) and the public auction was held on 17 Mar 1855. Aaron C. Couts purchased only one item, a sorrel horse, for $76.00 and Isaac Caldwell (from the mother's family??) was his surety for payment. On the day of the sale, Aaron C. Couts acknowledged receiving $2 for feeding and getting up stock belonging to the estate. On 22 Dec 1856, the Warrick Co. Clerk records that Aaron Couts, living in Greer Twp. of Warrick Co., found a red heifer with white face. The heifer was estimated to be 2 years old and appraised at $8. The 1860 Gibson Co. census shows that Aaron C. is now head of his own household in Barton Twp. He is age 28, a farmer, has real property worth $300 and personal property worth $200. And he has a wife. The marriage of Aaron C. Coutz (Gibson Co. records) to Sarah Ellen Wallace was on 7 May 1857. The 1860 census reports that she was age 20 and born in Indiana but at present we have no further knowledge of her family. Additionally, the census reports that they have a daughter Mary A. age two. A photo of Aaron and Sarah is shown in Fig. 2. It's date is unknown but is probably several years after their wedding. Both the 1850 and the 1860 census list Aaron C. to be living in Barton Twp, Gibson Co. In the first, he lives with John C. and in the second, he heads his own household. But twice in the 1850's (the $110 loan and the red heifer), Aaron C. described himself as living in Greer Twp., Warrick Co. As shown in Fig. 1, the two townships are contiguous. It is mentioned in the County histories that the boundaries have moved since Barton Twp. was organized in 1843 but no details. Some confusion among the residents is understandable. We think he moved once to his own household but otherwise all of the movement was only in the boundaries. Several of the family still lived near each other. No one named Couts shows in the 1850 Warrick Co. census. But the 1850 Gibson Co. census shows John Coutz age 27, Levi Coutz age 34, and M. P. Coutz age 32 and their families. Also nearby was Thomas Fleener who had married the oldest daughter Eliza. In Pike Co. (soon to become the family focus) lived Samuel Lowe who had married Matilda Couts in 1848. They farmed and had 2 children. In 1860, Aaron T. Gawaltney and his wife Mary Ann Couts (married on 2 Jun 1853) were listed as farmers in Greer Twp. of Warrick Co. In Gibson Co. Aaron C. Couts and his wife and daughter farmed in Barton Twp. Thomas Fleener, wife Eliza, and their two children lived in Wabash Twp. of Gibson Co. Samuel Lowe, wife Matilda, and 7 children farmed in Monroe Twp., Pike Co. Of course John C. had died. To date Levi and M.P. Couts and families haven't been located in any 1860 census. Perhaps they had moved to new farms in the spring during the census?? We have no present knowledge of military service on either side in the Civil War but there are still sources to be explored. With relatives in KY and TN, there must have been some mixed feelings. By 1870, several Coutses had followed S. Lowe's example. Levi and Nancy Couts and their two sons Alvis and Larkin farmed in Monroe Twp., Pike Co. Aaron C., wife Sarah, and their two children James age 4 and George age 2 were there also. There is no mention of their daughter Mary Ann and she must have died in the interim. Also listed in the 1870 Monroe Twp., Pike Co. census was a John Couts age 25, Kate age 30, and a William age 18 listed as one family unit. John's birthplace is listed as KY so he may be a grandson of one of John Couts, the 3rd generation, brothers. William too must be a relative instead of a son. At this point we have identified neither. What was the draw of Pike Co.? It had been organized on 21 Dec 1816 from Indian-ceded land. The town of Pleasantville (later re-named Spurgeon) was platted in 1859. In reference (4) the fine soils of the County are praised. It is mentioned that the Monroe Twp. soils are charged with mineral salts and tobacco grows well. The "leaf" is reported equal to the best KY or MO products. In 1877, tobacco land may be purchased in this area for less than $30 per acre. Tobacco was the primary income. The first tobacco drying barn was built in Spurgeon in 1865 and a stemming shed and a railroad to market soon followed. We guess that the Couts families were drawn by improved financial opportunity. By 1877 we believe that seven related families lived in Monroe Twp., Pike Co. One was Samuel Lowe, wife Matilda, and 4 children still at home. Second was Levi, his wife Nancy, and son Larkin C. Levi was age 63 and reported bedridden with consumption. Third was Sarah Couts and her four children. She was the widow of Alvis Couts, oldest son of Levi. Fourth was J. C. Couts (probably the son of M. P. Couts) who lived in Oatsville in Monroe Twp. Fifth was Thomas Jackson Fleener who was a Baptist minister and photographer. Perhaps he was the Fleener who had married Eliza Couts but he is more likely a son. Sixth was Matthew Perry Couts. He had married Mary Hannah on 7 Apr 1844 and in 1850 they lived in Gibson Co. They never afterwards show on a census but they are listed as property owners in Pike Co. in ref. 4. And they have a son Matthew P. Couts who married Rosanna Low on 26 May 1870 and Nancy J. Miller on 20 Jun 1878 in Pike Co. And seventh is Aaron C. age 49, with Sarah E. and James Monroe age 14,George J. age 12, Simeon C. age 6, and Ettie B. age 1. As in 1870 there is no mention of a Mary A. Family memory says there was also a son Fred who died, presumably between census cycles. The census reports that Sarah E. could not write. And reference 4 lists Aaron C. with personal property worth $375 but that Sarah E. has the real property. Could she have inherited their farm? The family of John Couts, Kate, and William listed in the 1870 census are not listed in either the 1877 list of property owners or the 1880 census. Reference 4 gives us a glimpse of life as they were living it in 1877. Monroe Twp. had 751 horses, 86 mules, 773 cattle, 1168 sheep, 2832 hogs, 465,910 lbs. of tobacco, and 0 pianos. There were 852 children between ages 6 and 21 with 650 enrolled in school. There were 11 male and 2 female teachers in 13 frame school houses. The census fails us in 1890 due to a disastrous fire in Washington D. C. Unfortunately because by 1900 only two Couts families are listed in Pike Co. These are the two brothers, James M. and George J. Couts. The life of James M. is described in ref (a). What happened to the others? Aaron C. must have died in the early 1880's when he was about 50 years of age. We know that Sarah E. Couts outlived her husband. She married Isaac B. Benton on 12 Dec 1886. After his death, she lived the rest of her life with her daughter Ettie Baker near Olney, IL. Exactly when did Aaron C. die and where is he buried? We don't know. This is the life of Aaron C. and Sarah E. (Wallace) Couts as best we now know it. There are several voids and we plan to continue our research. But we know that they lived their life on a farm. They worked hard to support and educate their surviving children. They were typical Americans of their time. References: (1) James Monroe Couts, California's Couts Cousins, Vol. 2, No. 4, May-July 1998 (2) Inventory dtd 10 March 1855 of the personal estate of John Couts deceased taken by G. W. Hayward Administrator and signed by the widow Elizabeth Caroline (Sidden) Couts (3) John Couts and Mary "Polly" Caldwell - Kentucky and Indiana, California's Couts Cousins, Vol. 5, No. 2, Feb-Apr 2001 (4) 1877 Property Owners of Pike Co. by S. M. Sawyer, on file at Petersburg, IN Public Library. Note: To avoid tedium, few references are listed. Please query W. Couts at if you want more details or if you can offer any corrections or additions. EMAILS CONTACTS- Subject: Bookout From: Mary Bookout Hi Barb, I visited the Couts page this evening, the first chance I have had in awhile. In looking it over, it reminded me that I regretfully tell you that my husband, Clifford Thomas Bookout son of Jesse Farmer Bookout, and grandson of Mary Ann Couts and William Berry Bookout, passed away on June 23, 2001 of Lung Cancer. He is greatly missed and the world has lost a sparkling, loving person, but Heaven has gained a good Angel. Thanks, Mary Subject: Re: Courts/Crouch/Couts? From: "Mary Barton" Thanks for your last email. As for your query re Chrisley's will. Yes I have something that refers to the fact that he died intestate - so guess it is not a will, but is a document about his estate from his executor son -referring to his heirs. And this was contested in court? This is what leaves me wondering what his death date really was! And also how all these children were divided as to their mothers. Lucy and I had trouble figuring them all out. As to that! page 3 of 8 pages you just sent (and thanks for that!) says ."only daughter of Chrisley, Jr. and "Miss Rittie Barnett" and refers to this daughter as Abzada (Alzadah) Burnett." It states that Abzada was born 7 March 1820 in "Warren Co. Kentucky Logan" The Logan (Co., KY?) part is gratuitous, although they may have lived there, too. As you know, I really think, since whoever sent these COUTS GEN. does not give proof for anything., that the Warren Co., KY 1830 census published records, by Rowena Lawson, pub. by Heritage Books, Inc. 1986. page 44 gives a pretty good record of (Miss) Ricky Burnett. It reads: Ricky Burnett , a female of 40 to 50 years. With "Ricky" are TWO (2) children of same age classification 5 to 10 years. One is a male and one is a female. I'd say this fits the situation very well, if these children were born between 1820 and 1830. So, who is the boy and did he live? You have asked for references, corrections, and additions. Can we throw this challenge out and see what comes of it in your wide readership? We tend to have scruples about such societal errors today, in spite of our own difficulties. If you read, however, The Rev. Charles Woodmason's diary excerpts in the book THE CAROLINA BACK COUNTRY on the Eve of the Revolution, by Richard J. Hooker (Univ. NC Press, 1953) we may then have many doubts about our own family structures in that time and place Mary Ruth Subject: genealogy From: Mark and Diane Hi, I have just come across your website and it looks amazing. I, however, am VERY new to doing genealogy, and am having trouble reading what your charts mean. I am looking up information on CALDWELL. You have a chart with Matthew P. Caldwell, along with others. This is the line I am searching: George Wilding Caldwell born 1875 Matthew Caldwell born 1822 Curtis Caldwell born 1786 Can you help me with this, or tell me how to access this information in a different format. Thank you so much for your time. I have quite a bit of information on George Wilding and a little on Matthew it you would be interested in swapping stuff. Subject: William Collins Diane From: Larry Harris Cc: David L. Anderson ; Paul R DAFFT Hi Barbara, I was quite pleased to see info from you on Rootsweb, pertaining to Capt. William Collins family. My name is Larry Harris, and I live in Independence, Mo. William Collins was my ggg-grandfather. Wills daughter Rosanna married my gg-grandfather, Wheeler Overton Harris. Wheeler was born prior to 1810. Probably 1807. He died in 1883, and according to his stone, he was 76 years old at the time of his demise. Rosa died in 1867, in Lafayette County, Mo. She is buried in Republican Cemetery, just outside of Higginsville, Mo. Shortly after her death, Wheeler moved to Daviess County, Mo., and in 1868, he married a lady named Martha Reid, approximately 20 years his junior. They are buried together in Black Cemetery, in Daviess County, Mo. My son Jacob and I found and repaired the stone last summer. My g-grandfather was Albert (Abner) Harris. Don't know where the Abner came from, but it isn't the first time I have seen it used. Albert was born Dec. 31, 1826 in Warren County, Ky., and died Dec. 28, 1898, in Johnson County, Mo. He is buried in Blackwater Cemetery, in Johnson County, Mo. I repaired his stone a little over 20 years ago. He was married to Margaret Willoughby. Without looking it up, I think she died in the 1870's. Albert remarried to a lady named Nancy Garrison. Albert's oldest child, Albert Jr. died very early as a child. His oldest living son was James C. Harris, my grandfather. James was born in 1861, in Johnson County, Mo. He married my grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Griffith, in Mena, Ark., around 1890. She died in 1925, in Leflore County, Ok. It is my understanding that he married numerous other times, with no known children by these marriages. He died in 1946 in Leflore County, Ok. They are buried together in Green Hill Cemetery, near Cameron, Ok., in Leflore Co., Ok. My father was James' youngest son. His name was Woodrow R. Harris. He was born April 2, 1909, in Vernon County, MO., near Nevada, Mo. He was married and divorced once in Leflore Co., Ok. No children from this union. He married my mother, Waneta F. Hopkins, on Aug. 14, 1946. She was born Feb. 21, 1910, in Miami County, Ks., near New Lancaster, Ks. Dad died on Jan. 29, 1994, and Mom died on Dec. 27, 1996. I was their only child. I, Larry G. Harris was born in Kansas City, Mo. I married Diane M. Everly in Independence, Mo. Our eldest son, Jason Edward Harris and is married to Stefanie Libby. Our youngest son, Jacob Thomas Harris, was born Mo. He was married Julie Seaton. I hope you have found this somewhat interesting. I would love to hear from you, as well. You will notice that I am copying this email to Paul Dafft and David Anderson, also descendants of William Collins. Take care and I hope to hear from you, Larry Subject: Couts family From: Paul R DAFFT <>Cc: Paul R. DAFFT ( Texas, 75006-3856 Barbara: Re Larry Harris' email of Feb 8. My brother and I picked up a few notes on the Couts family over the past 35 years of researching old William Collins. My records show that John Couts, born in Virginia was father of Christly, Sr.[We've not been able to prove this information] Christly, Sr was born ca1755 & died ???, name sometimes spelled Countz, Coutz, etc. He married Sarah Wright about 1788[probably 1780], location unknown. She was born ca1770[probably 1755-1760] and died ca1815[probably 1812-13] in Warren Co, KY. Three Children: Nancy, born ca1788 Aaron, born ca1794[before 1790]. Christly, Jr, born ca1785 & died in Aug of 1850 in Lafayette Co, MO, see probate box 44. Christly, Jr married Frances (Fanny) Barton 2-11-1812 in Warren Co, KY or Tenn. Ten children. I'm sure that you have all this information. Frances was d/o Bannister Barton of SC I believe. 1820 Census - Warren Co, KY, pg 70 1830 Census - Lafayette Co, MO, Pg255 1840 Census - ??? 1850 Census - ??? The above are a few notes that I found on the Couts family. Larry and I are having a ball researching old William Collins and if we can help you in any way, just holler. I have a set of cemetery books on both Lafayette & Johnson Co if you need a cemetery look-up. Also have a few marriage books on both Counties as well. Paul R. DAFFT( Barbara: Well, I looked over all that research material you sent and found it very interesting. There were a few mistakes in the material and I understand you were merely forwarding other peoples research.[Not usually] As to John Couts, father of Christly Sr., I got this information from Mrs. Vivian Williams of Pattonburg, MO, who is also quoted in the material you sent. She wrote me a letter back in 1981 and stated: "COUTS: A long line of Va planters originating in Va. Finally settling in Robertson County, TN, bordering Warren Co, KY. John Couts had a son named Christly, who married a Miss Sarah Wright - daughter of John Wright in Warren Co, KY." I did not know that anyone had gotten into the DAR on old William Collins. That came as a surprise to me. I guess the reason they put a block on further entries is because of the fact the DAR had committed a serious error in placing a tombstone to old William Collins in Old Nazareth Cemetery in Spartanburg, when in fact he was buried in Lafayette Co, MO. I guess they are trying to cover up the egg on their face. Lucy Overton Harris Merritt mentioned in this material, is a daughter of old George Harris and sister of Graves Harris who was the father of Wheeler Overton Harris who married Rose Ann Collins. Lucy married several times, once to Allen Johnson and again to Richard Merritt, Jr, both in Warren Co and care to MO with Richard, who promptly died. She had a large family of Johnsons & Merritts. Mrs. Vivian Anderson at times confused the two William Collins. One was old William and the 2nd was his son William Jr. Joseph Collins, son of old William, did die in St. Louis, where he was murdered by thieves who stole his money received from sale of some of old William's property in Warren Co. He had been sent back to KY to sell it and was killed on his way back to MO. My deceased brother went to Bowling Green for research one or two times. He also found that article about Richard Collins capture by the Indians. He said it was in some article he read at the Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green. Again, thanks for all the info. RESEARCH VIA EMAIL FROM LAUNA Barb, Do you have this immage? Launa [Kitros] John Couts Land Patent Augusta Co VA Land Office Patents & Grants/Northern Neck Grants & Surveys : CATALOG CARD MULTIMEDIA Patent GRANTEE Couts, John. grantee. DATE 1 March 1773. NOTE Location: Augusta County. NOTE Description: 80 acres joining his patent land on a small branch of Shanando. NOTE Source: Land Office Patents No. 41, 1772-1773, p. 268 (Reel 40). NOTE Part of the index to the recorded copies of patents for land issued by the Secretary of the Colony serving as the colonial Land Office. The collection is housed in the Archives at the Library of Virginia. OTHER FORMAT Available on microfilm. Virginia State Land Office. Patents 1-42, reels 1-41. SUBJECT Land titles -- Registration and transfer -- Virginia, Augusta County. SUBJECT Augusta County (Va.) -- History -- 18th century. SUBJECT Land grants -- Virginia - -Augusta County. at. ADDED ENTRY Virginia. Colonial Land Office. Patents, 1623-1774. ADDED ENTRY Library of Virginia. Archives. Subject: Bookouts I was searching for information on Yell Co. AR when my search engine "discovered" your Couts Family Newsletter #18. In looking over the site I discovered an interest in the Bookout Family. The Pope County (AR) Historical Association Quarterly recently concluded a seven-part article on the "1874 Murder of William McAlister" in which the lives, relationships, etc. of the McAlister, Bookout, and other families are traced. If interested, contact: Laura L. Shull P.O. Box 670 Dover AR 72837-0670 Don Banks Subject: bobbie dee laughlin From: Craig Harshman Hi, On the Descendants of JOHN COUTS site, Bobbie Dee Laughlin was the daughter of Robert Lawson Laughlin and Alice Hazel Voris. She was born a couple of months before her dad died. It was some of the talk that I grew up with since Alice lived in our house until she died in 1964. Bobbie Dee Laughlin ( my mom) died in 1993 and Lanty Foster Harshman died in 1987. Best Regards, Craig Subject: Re: Grahams From: JEFF GRAHAM I was wandering around the web tonight, looking for long lost ancestors, and found your Couts newsletter. It was extremely interesting. My third great grandparents were Rev. George Minton and Abzada Couts. I was intrigued by the history of her birth and the scandal it must have caused, especially considering George's vocation. (I, too, am a minister.) I have seen their graves in Homer. Their daughter Susan married Virgil Graham. It must be in the blood... I've found quite a few "improprieties" in the family line. Thanks for the info. I'd be happy to share anything I have which you could use. I'm new to this stuff, and I'm using family resources to get all the info I can on us. My earliest Graham ancestor I can find so far is Garret Graham, b 1769, who moved into Butler Co. Ky about 1805. He is the grandad of my my gggranddad Virgil, who married Susan Minton, George & Alzada's daughter. Virgil & Susan had several children...I'm through Amler, b 1875. I'd really like to know more about the Minton & Couts lines. Rev. Jeffrey S. Graham Subject: Re: Grahams To:JEFF GRAHAM Hi! I would love to know more information about the family, if you have it. She and he deserve an article. I have quite a bit of info on the Graham family of KY, TN, SC, and Mo as they relate to the Couts, Bartons, and Mintons, if that's your branch? I'll be happy to share...Thanks for writing, Barb Subject: Caldwells and Bartons of SC E-mail Address(es): Hi Barb, Boo Hiss on the Tories! I'm glad you liked the Caldwell info. I just wish the book would have had the Bartons in it for you. I consider it an honor that you'll put the article in with my name. Thank you. It snowedhere last night. About 4". Its fairly cold outside, about 20. Brrr. I'm ready for spring. Take care and stay in touch, Larry --- Barbara Evans wrote: Larry, Thank you for the Caldwell information. I will include it as an article contributed by you. There is one branch of the Caldwells who think that they were Tories.......Have a great weekend., Subject: Lawrence Kautz invites you to the Kautz Family Web Site Family Website! From: Dear Barbara Couts Evans, Lawrence Kautz ( has reinvited you to the Kautz Family Web Site website on Subject: Re: Isadora Couts From: Descendants of Ysidora Bandini Yes, you're welcome to add it to the website. It was taken around 1890 by Colonel Fred Howe, a Kentucky Colonel who spent the winters near Oceanside. My great grandfather, Isaac J. Frazee, lived on a ranch near Senora Couts--and knew her and "her beautiful daughters." Sorry the photo is so dim. I did my best to clean it up. I also have a photo of Rancho Guajome Colonel Howe took and a sketch of the rancho made by my great grandfather. I am currently working on a book about my great grandfather. His ranch was called Casa Loma--about 160 acres near the mission. They lived there between 1885 and 1891, then moved inland to the Pamoosa Canyon, near Escondido. If you run across any mention of his name, let me know. Craig Walker [Thanks Craig, she's beautiful! See last page or pic file] Subject: Abel Stearns Question From: Barbara, I was looking for any sort of biographical information on my cousin (rather distant) Abel Stearns, and I see from your web site he gave the Couts family their land. Can you tell me anything about Abel Stearns? Anything at all? I've only just begun looking. Peter Stearns Subject: Wills James & Thomas Stark, John Couts From: Hi Barb, I am trying to do up some information for my mother for Mother's Day and finally typed up my copies of the wills of James Stark, his son Thomas Stark, his son-in-law John Couts. I haven't seen these in your newsletters and thought you'd like to have them. I will have some questions about where you stand on John's ancestors, etc., soon, but I'm not to that thinking point. Hope all is well with you and yours. Janet Hunter [Thanks Janet, you're great!] Will of James Stark, Presented at Court June 11, 1754, Stafford Co VA. From Stafford Co, Virginia Will Book 17 -17 (All Caps in the published will book. I have separated each item by paragraphs for easier reading. In the printed version of the will and likely the will itself they are all in one paragraph). At Court held for Stafford County 11th June 1754. Inventory returned admitted to record, pp. 280-282. In the Name of God Amen I JAMES STARK of Parish of Overwharton County of Stafford Planter being weak of body, but of sound mind do make my Last Will & Testament… after my debts disposed of .. Imprimis I give to my loving wife ELIZABETH 100 acres of land whereon I live including that plantation whereon I live during her natural life or widowhood after her decease or Marriage whichever shall first happen I bequeath & devise the same together with the use of all my land to my Son BENJN. STARK and his heirs. Item I also give to my wife Eliza. during her natural life only my two Negroes Jack & George & after her decease I leave my Negro fellow George to be equally divided between my sons WM. STARK & JEREMIAH STARK and the other Negro Jack after her decease to my Daughter Jane and her heirs forever. Item I give my Negro wench called Kate to my Daughter MARY & her heirs. Item I give to my Daughter SARAH my Negro wench Dinah & her increase the two first children which she shall bear only Excepted that shall live to the age of 18 months the first of which children I bequeath to my Daughter ANN & her heirs forever & the next to my Daughter SUSANNAH to my Daughters Ann & Susannah when they shall be 18 months of age & not sooner. Item I give to my son my Benjamin my Negro wench Lucy & her increase the two first children which she shall bear only excepted that shall live to the age of 18 months the first of which children that shall live to that age I bequeath to my Daughter LYDIA and her heirs & the other to my Daughter ISABEL and her heirs and that the said Negro children are to be delivered to my Daughters Lydia & Isabell when they shall be 18 months of age. Item I give my Negro wench called BECK to my son JAMES STARK in trust only for his son James the first child which she shall bear only excepted that shall live to age of 18 months I bequeath to my son DONALD STARK his heirs & that the said child is to be delivered to my son Donald when it shall be 18 months old & not sooner. Lastly as to all the rest of my Estate goods & chattels I bequeath the same to be equally divided amongst my following Sons & Daughters Vizt Thomas, John, Donald and my Daughters Elizabeth, Ann, Susanah, Isabel & Lydia. I appoint my loving Wife Elizabeth & my good neighbour WILLIAM WRIGHT Exrs of this my Last Will & Testament and in case Wm. Wright shall die or refuse to accept such Trust I appoint my son Benjamin to act in his place .. 2nd Sept 1753. Sept ye 2d 1753 James Stark (his mark…an S) Robt.EDWARDS, John CARPENTER his mark (an I with a hyphen through it), Wm FLING his mark (three touching ovals resting on side with a dash in the middle.. looks like three scored pieces of french bread). At Court held for Stafford County 11th June 1754. Within Will returned into Court by Elizabeth Stark & William Wright .. admitted to record. Cert. Granted for obtaining Probate .. Will of Thomas Stark, Presented at Court, Robertson Co TN, April 1802 (from WPA compilation) Robertson Co. TN Will BK A, p 91 -- Will of Thomas Stark In the name of God Amen. I Thomas Stark of Robertson Co and State of TN being low in health but in a sound mind and memory do make and ordain this and no other to be my last Will and Testament as follows, to wit: lst. I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Rachel Stark all my household furniture, 1 cow and calf, also 1 mare. 2nd I give and bequeath to my son Walter Stark the whole of the tract of land with the appurtenances on which I now live containing by estimate 120 acres. Also my negro fellow Ned which I had from William Haggard which he is to redeem when he pays $251.40 being the sum I paid Haggard for said negro, when Haggard pays the sum aforesaid I give & bequeath it to my son Walter Stark. 3rd. I also give and bequeath to my said son Walter all my stock of horses, cattle, hogs, farming utensils and every other property which I am now possessed except what I have before given to my wife Rachel Stark and hereafter give to my grandson Thomas Stark. 4th. I give and bequeath to my grandson Thomas Stark (son of James Stark) 1 yearling heifer to be delivered to him by my executors for him and his heirs forever. 5th. I constitute and appoint my wife Rachel Stark and my son Walter Stark executrix and executor of this my last Will and Testament hereby ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last Will and Testament, disannulling and disallowing all former wills, testaments and bequeaths whatever that might heretofore been made by me. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this July 17, 1800 and in the 25th year of American Independence. /s/ Thomas Stark Signed, sealed, acknowledged and pronounced by the said Thomas Stark to be his last Will and Testament in presence of us. Thomas Johnson, William Grimes, James Stark Robertson Co Court July term 1802. This will was proven in open court by the oaths of Thomas Johnson and William Grimes and ordered to be recorded. Robertson Co. TN Minutes Bk 1, p 223 ---Apr. 1802. The last Will and Testament of Thomas Stark was proven in open court by oaths of Thomas Johnson and William Grimes subscribing witnesses thereto. Rachel Stark and Walter Stark executors appointed in said will came into court and took oath of executors and received Letters of Testamentary. Robertson Co TN Minutes Bk 1, p 230. Inventory delivered into court by executors of T. Stark will.> [John Couts next time] <>*<>*<>*<>*<>*<>*<>*<>*<>*<>*<>*<> BAVESTER BARTON CHRONOLOGY IN THE REV WAR YEARS OF SOUTH CAROLINA'S BACKCOUNTRY. By Mary Barton Ca 1760 Bavester Barton, b. S. C. - ref. 1880 census of son Wade Barton. 1904 biog. of g-son Greenberry Barton said both g-fathers Bavester Barton and George Graham, were immigrants from Wales to South Carolina who fought in the Revolutionary War. 9 Oct 1780 Babister Barton, 31 days Militia duty at Orangeburgh, SC. Major Jared Smith, Lt. Thomas Mc Clurken, Sgt. John Craig. Babister Barton pd. 15 lbs, 10 shillings. Two other pvts were John Ritchey and Henry Beesely. Pay bill of Hans Miller. ( Laurens Dist. 1790 cen. has all surnames, plus a John Craig.) 15 June 1785 payment for Militia duty. Col. Anderson's Return listed Babister Barton "his acct. of Militia Duty since the reduction of Charleston." 39 L - 10 -.0s (and) 5L - 12 - 10s. Written out below "Five pounds, twelve shillings and ten farthings." Signed. J. W. Charleston fell to the British 12 May 1780. 1 September 1787 Bavester Barton bought 50 acres on the S. side of Enoree River on Warrior Creek, Laurens Dist., SC from James Allison. This was part of land willed to James from his father, Robert Allison, dec'd. Mary Allison signed with husband James. Wittnesses : Peter and Sarah Brooks. March 1789, third Monday, Bavester and Elizabeth Barton's case in Spartenburgh Court against Mary and John Hillen , special action was dismissed at the plaintiff's cost. ( Mary Hillen, widow of Nathaniel Hillen?, whose land was across Warrior Creek and Enoree River from the Bartons. Was Eliz. Barton a Hillen?). 1790 census, 96 Dist, Laurens Co., SC, p 75. Baverster Barton, 1 - 2 - 4: head of family, b. bef 1774, 2 males b. between 1774/1790. 4 females. (Two females were wife and probably a mother or in law, or a sister). 27 June 1798 - Bavester Barton bought for 10 pounds sterling, 40 acres in Pendleton County, S.C. from Aaron James. Land bordered by Thomas Turner, John Simpson, and Wm. Lesley. Wittnesses: Thomas Turner and Mary Barton. James Turner was present and testified on 1 March 1800 that he saw the transaction and Mary Barton sign as a subscribing witness.. (The land today is in Anderson Co. near Little Generostee Creek of the Savannah River. 1790 cen. p 82, Aaron James was next to James Barton. Barton family relationship indicated?) 1800 census, Pendleton Co, SC. Rabester Barton, 30110 -31011 or: 3 males under 10; 1 male b. betw. 1774/84; 1 male b. betw. 1755/1774, and was # 353 in Col. Moor's Militia Reg. - 3 females under 10; 1 female b. betw.1784/1790; 1 female b. betw. 1755/1774; 1 female b. before 1755 (? mother, "Mary Barton" ?) 21 March 1803, Bavester Barton, sold his 40 ac near the Savannah River for 10 pounds, to John Cox. (Alternately spelled Baveaster/Bancester) in Pendleton, now Anderson Co., SC Courthouse.) 1806, Warren Co. KY, Bevester Barton (and Benjamin Barton) were taxpayers. Ref. W. KY Univ. Lib., Bowling Green, KY. 17 July 1807, Babester Barton , 250 ac suryeyed, Trammels Cr., Warren Co., KY. Ref. p. 265, GRANTS SOUTH OF GREEN RIVER. 1810 census Warren Co., KY, Rovister Barton, 21201- 11101. He and his wife were b. bef 1765. The male children were two under 10; one 10 to 16; and two 16 to 26. The female children were one under ten,; one ten to 16; one 16 to 26. Next door was son John , 26 to 45, wife 16 to 26, with two males under 10 years. October 1813 Robertson Barten, Will Book A, p. 343, Dated 16 May 1813. Wife Elizabeth Barten. Children: John Barten, Berry Barten, Waid Barten, Obed Barten, Beatty (Bently) Barten, 5 unnamed daughters. Exec.: Elizabeth Barten (wife), Berry Barten (son). Witnesses: Benjamin Litchworth, Green Graham. ref.: WARREN COUNTY KENTUCKY WILLS,1798 - 1823 , Teresa Horton, comp. Lexington, KY , Kentucky Tree Search, 1980. Estimated age at death of BAVESTER BARTON: ca 1760 to 1813, he might have been ca 53 years old. HEY! THE GUESTBOOK ON THE WEB PAGE IS WORKING!! Couts Family Association - Seekers Looking for Help! jeffrey leach St Louis MO grandson of Alma Estelle Kautz who married John Wallace in MO. Interested in Kautz lineage and in Gen. August Kautz. Considering writing book on him. Becky Welz I am a descentdan t of William Couts Sr. & Jane (Hovey/Huey) Couts. I recently gained membership into the Daughters of the American Revolution through this Couts line. These Couts came from Sussix New Jersey to Ohio. They were among early settlers in Tuscarawas County Ohio. I will also be accepted into First Families of Ohio in April through this family. Will Jones Springfield, Tn Very nice and informative web site. My lineage is on the Johnson side. Cave Johnson's grandfather was my gggggrandfather. mary (benz) stutzman hello! i'm mary (benz) stutzman as beautiful good-looking lovely good daughter through to my real mommy as michelle benz (stutzman) and daddy as tom benz plus my real mommy's twin's sister as melissa stutzman also my other twin sister and my brother-in-law before we've met, though! Bill Wilson Jamestown, OH I was just trying to determine any family ties. My Grandfather was Richard A. Kautz and Great-Grandfather Charles Kautz. My grandfather grew up in Ripley OH area. Pam Kautz Reno, Nevada Just found your page after helping a granddaughter do a paper on her maternal great-great grandmother (Anna Margaret Melcher Kammerzel Stricker Kautz) who was born in Walter, Russia. She was married to William Kautz who was from Merkel Russia. My husband, Larry is one of his many grandchildren. After doing some research on Walter, Russia, I decided to find out about the town William Kautz came from and found your website. I can't wait to show it to my husband. William Travus Couts I am looking for my sister Charity Couts I have not seen her for 8 years and I am in alot of pain she is not around. Joan Matthews Very enjoyable, and doing Genealogy for Lois Morgan Counts and my Granddaughter Varonika Matthews Harry Alberty Clarksville Tn. I am the Grand Son of Robert Lee Couts who died at the age of 56 in Los Angeles,California..... [We would love info on him…Barb] Karen Thomas Kouts Indiana Library I am looking as to where I can purchase the book: Kautz-Kouts (1750-1994) History By: Kenneth Kouts (San Lorenzo California) Could you please send me word of how I can do this and where? Thank You, Karen Thomas Mother of: Aaron Kouts Rouen L. Duncanj Illinois This is an outstanding layed out FAMILY site Zane Gray I am a descendent of Nancy Couts through Mary "Polly" Bird. Linda Bandini Boston area Wow. My first look see to research the "Bandini" name -- and I found your site! Very impressive and thoroughly researched. I would appreciate any help and information on the Bandini name. Not sure if there is any connection, as I believe our Bandini's came from Italy. Thanks and good luck. Donald Eugene Couts Referred By:Friend Got the Newsletter #20 and came to check things out, thought it was very interesting. Barbara Askew Welker Murfreesboro, TN I am so excited to have discovered this site! I know so little about the Couts family and so much about other branches of our family. My grandfather was John Couts Askew, born in Clarksville, TN in the 1890's. His father was Laurin Bryan Askew who owned a pharmacy. He came to Clarksville as a child with his mother after the battle of Vicksburg. He married Florence Flemming Couts the stepdaughter of a Mr. Couts of Williamson Co, TN. There is no direct blood relation, but the families were close. My greatgrandmother Florence Flemming Couts Askew had a stepsister Jessie Couts Beach. [We'd love to know more…Barb] Karie Jensen I hope someone sees this who can help me. I am looking for David Koutz, who until recently lived with his parents, Joy and Quentin Koutz in Phoenix. He still lives in Phoenix, I believe near 15th avenue and Camelback. He is my former husband and father of my 5 children, and he owes us in excess of $30,000 in child support. He has been avoiding the collectors and has seen the kids only a very few times in 6 years. If you know him, and believe he should live up to his obligations, please contact me. It would be very helpful to know his current address and place of employment, but any information would be helpful. Thank you so much. Devin Kouts McLean, VA Great web page. I especially like the information about Klaus Kautz, as I descend from Peter Kautz and the Indiana Kouts families by way of Herbert Green Kouts. Thanks and keep up the good work.My father Paul Kouts corrected me; it's not Herbert Green Kouts but Edgar Green Kouts. DSK Paul L. Kouts Phoenix, AZ Referred by my son. Family brief: (As best as I remember without my records): Henry (Harry) Kouts -- Married 1835, Montgomery Cty, OH; 5 children Edwin Green Kouts, Born 1849, Montgomery Cty; married Mariah Catherine Mills; 4 sons Edgar Mills Kouts, born 1887, Montgomery or Preble Cty, OH; Married Ethel Ruth Raudabaugh; 2sons, 1 daugh. Virgil Webster Kouts, born 1911, Van Wert, OH; married Mary Catherine Riley; 2 sons Paul L. Kouts, born 1938, Van Wert, OH Additional comments: 1. I haven't visited a Kouts Family reunion since about 1993 in Kouts, Indiana. 2. In the 1830's, reportedly 5 Kouts brothers left PA going west, with 1 staying in OH, 3 going to IN, & 1 continueing to MN. Barnhardt was one of the Indiana boys (Kenneth Kouts of CA is one of his descendants). The one that stayed in Ohio has not been identified, but since the families stayed in or around Sandusky, OH for about a decade in the 1830's, I suspect Henry may be from this group. 3. Of Henry's children, one son married in Montgomery Cty, OH and changed his name to 'Couts'. Some of his family were still in the area in the late 1900's. 4. If John Kautz is the same who helped with our Kouts, Indiana reunions - say Hi and pass my e-mail on to him. Debby Arkansas Hi, My g-grandparents were Lutetia (Couts) and Loel Lockwood. We don't know much except that Lutetia had sisters by the names of Mary Ann, and Melissa Frances. She also had 2 brothers William Levi and a Larkin C. Couts. I think they are related to some of the Couts on this web page. We have just started searching. ;-) Debby [Boy, do you fit in! Hi, Cuz, this is my direct line-William Levi Couts] Sally Stark Torchik Ohio I came in searching to see if maybe some of my names would appear. Enjoyed your site and sure you have helped many ppl with it being here. I'm looking for my ggrandfather Adam Stark, father of Samuel, my grandfather, and his brothers, Fred and Robert. Thank-you for the tour. B. Prendergast Massachusetts I read your page with much interest and pleasure. Your attention to detail, the clearity and the content made it so easy to follow. We desecend from the William Cout Family, or perhaps spelled Couts, out of the Shelbyville, Bedford Count, and Nashville, TN area. Our William Cout had three daughters Rebecca, Latitia and Easter.(maybe Esther). His daughter Rebecca, married William Hooser. William's and Rebecca'sdaughter Latitia Morton Hooser, married Robert Thompson Cannon. Their daughter Rebecca Mary, married Robert Emmit Fay, etc. I have the hope that my Cout/Couts(?) family may be connected to your Couts family. Do you think that this is a possibility. Will be anxious for your reply. Thank you for your wonderful Web Page Holly Couts Adkins Phoenix, Arizona: born Canton, Ohio I would like to contribute to the Couts family information. My father's family settled in the Ohio Valley where he was born. As soon as I get information from my sister, I will sent share it. Ron Couch Vicksburg, MS Hi. I wanted to ask about a possible connection to the Couts/Kautz line. My 7 ggrandfather, Jacob Couch, who died in 1797, in Green Co. TN, has been eluding our family for 30 years. The Couch clan after Jacob is documented to death, but we have found no wife or parents for Jacob. Is there a Couts/Kautz who might have been his father? He would have to have been in the part of VA that is now eastern TN in the late 1600's or early 1700's. Help us and we will love you forever. [PA,VA, KY try the Rev. War Records, I'll see what I can find, I love to be loved!] Chris Couts Oakland City, Indiana I think this is GREAT!!!! Happy to learn about my roots and will make sure I share with my immediate family!!!! Cali is my daughter and the one who found your sight!!! [Hope she's doing well!] Donna Budig Owatonna, Minnesota My grandfather was Emil Kautz born on Sept.3, 1884, died June 16, 1952. His father was Fred Kautz born April 12, 1856 in Germany died Nov. 12, 1932. My aunt left me some history of the Kautz family & she said they were from Pomerania, Germany. Would like to hear from anyone who might be related to the Kautzs. Thanks Donna Budig Bob Wilson Tennessee to Alabama Very well-done site. I'm the great-grandson of Cave Johnson Wilson, who was born in 1845 in TN (1900 census). He was raised outside Adairville, KY according to family lore, and joined the Confederate cavalry in Guthrie, KY in 1862. After 1890 he moved with his wife and children to Robertson County, TN, where his sons married Stroud and Shepard women. Although I suspect Cave was born in or around Robertson Co., no TN Wilson family lists a son named Cave or C.J. in the 1850 census. I had hoped to find a link to the Couts family here, but no luck. Emily Davis San Diego,CA I'd been looking for information on my father Robert Couts Olds and mother Alice Eugenia Crittenden. Cave Couts went to West Point with a Crittenden, they were in the same class. I have pictures of my Grandmother Alice Marie Couts and her family at their summer ranch in La Canada, CA., and with her brother R. J. Couts in 1918, he is in uniform. I have other pictures, but I'm not sure who the people are. I'm not very good at Email, but I would be glad to copy them and mail them to you if you want them. What a wonderful web site, thanks so much. [I would love to have them, pay for the copying and the postage. Thanks!] Kathy Mounteer Boise, Idaho CAVE COUTS IS MY GREAT-GREAT GRANDFATHER. MY SISTER FOUND YOUR SITE. WE HAVE A LOT OF INFO ON THE BANDINI SIDE OF OUR FAMILY. IT'S GREAT TO LEARN ABOUT THE COUTS SIDE. THANK YOU. Dave Doreo poughkeepsie ny Doing a web search of my last name and a connection to this page was established. Not quite sure how we all fit in together. If you could, e-mail me with the connection, I'd like to know more about the "family" Thanks, Dave VC My ex-husband is a Couts, and I always found his family history interesting. His father's name was Chalmers Scott Couts, Jr. (b. 1910 Los Angeles, Ca/d. 1980 Anaheim, Ca) who was married to Doris Irene Slonecker. Chalmers Jr. was the son of Chalmers Scott Couts, Sr. (b. 1888 Los Angeles, Ca./d. ? Los Angeles, Ca) who was married to Lois Irene McCarthy (b. 1889 New York, NY/d. ?) Chalmers Sr. and his wife also had a daughter named Lois Couts. I remember hearing from Chalmers Jr. that they were descendants of the Bandini family in San Diego, and Cave Johnson Couts, but I'm not sure of the direct line. Nancy Arendsee I'm descended from Barbara Koutz b.unknown, d.8/26/1843 in Somerset Co., PA. She married Andrew Blocher. Her parents were Michael Koutz and Barbara. Do you have any information on this family? Thanks, Nancy [Not personally] Diane M. Kautz Canton, MI (near Detroit) Just starting to look into my genealogy, any hints on how to get started? My father (Floyd) was the son of Roy (born in Germany) and Carrie (born in Chicago?). My family has received mailings from Kautz Vineyards in the past. Name: Angela Jeanette Couts Allison E-Mail: Location: Brasilia, Brazil Comments: Daughter of Paul Jerome Couts (son of Joseph Justin Couts son of Charles DeBeers Couts moved to VanWert, OH from Newcomerstown,OH) Family Reunion June 21st - June 23rd, 2002 At Delaney Creek Park In Washington County, IN If you have connections to either the Fleenor or Hattabaugh families, early Hoosier Pioneers who migrated from Virginia to southern Indiana about 1810, you'll want to attend this multi-line family reunion near Salem. Schedule of Events Friday June 21st: Registration begins at 9:00 AM. Visits to area cemeteries, the John Hay Historical Center, and family homesteads. Exchanges of genealogy information and examination of the Family Heritage Displays. Campfire socializing in the evening (bring your musical talents & instruments). Saturday, 22nd Registration and Family Heritage Displays begin at 9:00 A.M. Socializing & genealogy swaps, oral history tapings, photos. POTLUCK DINNER AT NOON Family Reunion Fund Auction/Raffle of Donated Items Family Association(s) Organizational Meeting & Election of Officers Discussion of 2003 Reunion Professional Photographer Available for Family Group Shots Enjoy swimming, boating, hiking, games, and music! Sunday, 23r Family Prayer Breakfast at 9:00 A.M.Enjoy socializing, genealogy research, and park activities. For further information or to register for the event (and inclusion in the family directory being prepared), contact Scott Kemp (850-936-1587) or email OR Janice Fleenor Smith (352-236-4265) The park offers camping (primitive and electric hook-up), and cabins. To make reservations call Kim or Chris Strange at 812-883-5101. These cabins are basic accommodations without linens or other supplies. Salem has three Bed & Breakfasts and both Seymour and Scottsburg have a variety of motels if you prefer not to "rough it.". The park has limited outdoor seating, so bring lawn chairs along with your picnic supplies for the family potluck on Saturday. We have people coming from all over the country, so make your reservations NOW! [SEE PIC PAGE FOR PHOTOS] Isadora Bandini Couts and her daughter -circa 1890 photograph by Colonel Fred Howe, a Kentucky Co who spent the winters near Oceanside. My great grandfather, Isaac J. Frazee, lived on a ranch near Senora Couts--and knew her and "her beautiful daughters." Photo Courtesy of Craig Walker Effie & Susie Couts ages 18/15 taken in 1897 in Springfield TN Only daughters of Archer B Couts and Mary Ellen Huddleston Photo courtesy of Bob Cook double click for e-mail. double click to go back to the main page.