CALIFORNIA'S COUTS COUSINS VOLUME 6 August September October NUMBER 4 2002 A Quarterly Newsletter for the Descendants of the Couts Family #25 CORRECTION TO NEWSLETTER #24 From: "Mary Barton" CHRONOLOGY: There is something to correct, on the 8th paragraph about 1800 census. On the 3rd line, part of last sentence it should read "1 female b. before 1755." (Very important for this female is old enough to be a mother of one of the householders.) While a young girl of 12yrs or more could be a witness, which young MARY BARTON was at that time. Still, it makes more sense that the MARY BARTON who witnessed with, no doubt, adult THOMAS TURNER, was MARY BARTON the oldest female living with the family over the first two censuses of our country. Makes sense to me, so I go with adding her name to my charts, as the "mother(?)" of BAVESTER BARTON. Like you say, Barbara, "Correct me if one of the readers has more certain info, please." It was Lucy Leon who caught the error in the census reading I am asking you to correct before printing, if you still can. (Otherwise my thoughts on MARY BARTON make no sense. Thanks a million! MAJOR EMAIL COMPLAINT It has been brought to my attention that several of the personages, who are not on line, are unable to communicate with or even help those KAUTZ/KOUTZ/KOUTS/COUTZ/COUTS etcs. who have queries. I understand that in today's world, people are reticent about giving out their home addresses. If you would like, I can be the repository for those addresses or phone numbers, and help in the exchange of information. These are experienced and knowledgeable researcher you're a passing up. Many have their whole lines almost complete or know of others who have been researching your KAUTZ/KOUTZ/KOUTS/COUTZ /COUTS for years. Let me know what you think. Some of their snail addresses are already on our web page, along with their books. EMAILS- Subject: COUTS] Samuel Cootes of Rockingham Co, VA From: "carolyn" Barb I have most of the Rockingham County books, but I could be missing anything! I forgot to mention in my post that a nice person sent me an article about one of Samuel's nephews who had moved to Missouri. The article stated that Samuel's father Jacob was a tobacco manufacturer when in Richmond VA. Jacob is only listed in those pp records for one year as Coots & Patten (probably his son-in-law) with 4 slaves. Somehow I don't think Jacob learned to manufacture tobacco, or own slaves in PA, so I'm back stumbling around in VA records. I know about the John in Orange Co, Isaac in Goochland, Samuel in Bedford, but only have Isaac's records. Some of the Coutts/etc. names have been eliminated. I've also run across a couple of 1st family of VA references which are bothering me. Obviously Samuel and Jacob weren't one of the real 1st families, but maybe came to VA before moving to PA? Please let me know if you run across anything. Part of my Cootes family moved to Norfolk VA, so I'm checking that area to see if I can find out why. Barb, have y'all looked at the LVA church records? That's my planned project when the weather gets too hot to work outside. I live in eastern VA. I'd be happy to check for your Couts in Rockingham Co. I imagine most of the records are now in book form, but maybe not.Thanks Carolyn Subject: newsletter From: "P. Drake" Barbara- Hope you and your family are all doing well. Still in the process of working on the Couts (William & Nancy) Cemetery here in Springfield. Have been using aerial photographs to try and locate the old homeplace and researching deeds to find the exact size of the cemetery before actually cleaning the grounds.Could you please add the following address to your email listing for the Couts Family Newsletter . Thanks, Pam Subject: Re: Couts Newsletter #24 From: David and Gale Couts Barb, Hey, I was just looking through a bunch of pictures, and found the family tree outline that my late Grandma sent to me in the early '90's. My ancestry goes back to Sussex Co., New Jersey in 1817. The first descendant is listed as a William Couts and Jane Houey 11-25-1865. The following are a list of direct descendants of those two people: Nancy Couts 2-10-1805, Eleanor Couts(Aunt Nettie) 9-23-1806, James Couts 5-4-1808 to 6-19-1850, Prudence Couts 2-4-1810, Cynthia Couts 10-7-1811, William Couts 4-21-1813, Jane Couts 4-21-1815, Isaac Couts 4-4-1817 to 2-9-1907, Charles Couts, Elizabeth (Aunt Betty) 10-2-1821, Mary Couts(Aunt Pop) 12-19-1823. I can imagine there are some traceable routes among those names to other family trees that you already know about. Thanks, Dave Subject: Web Page From: ML Sire Greetings from Marleia Phelps Sire! I found you while doing a little surfing! Really interesting. I guess I'm related to Chrisley Couts. I'm new to all this, so I'm having a little trouble tracing back. Any helpful hints? I fall in pretty far down the line through my grandmother Rosa Edna Braden and her mother Martha Ellen Simmons. I was surprised that you have my children listed. They're both married now with children. Richard Alan married Cheryl Ann Cavanna. They have two children Kate Elizabeth and Evan Joseph Jeffrey Michael married Glenna Joyce Rawlins. They have two children Jeffrey Glenn and Lain Michael. Thank you so much for all the work you have done. I've been reading some of the newsletters. They're great! P.S. Just a little name correction. My brother's daughter Jenny's middle name is Micol (pronounced Michael ) Thanks again! Subject: (no subject) From: My name is Glendola and I am interested in knowing about your Glendola. I do not think I am a Coutz but am really interested in knowing how this person was name. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Subject: Allen Family Research From: Hello, I am researching my husband's Allen family line and was directed to your site. I am researching a James W. Allen born about 1843 in TN and married Lucy Farmer. He lived in Smith and DeKalb counties. I'm guessing that everything you have on the Allen line is listed in the site but thought I'd double check to see if you might have any connection with my James Allen. By the way, I live about 2 miles from Guajome Park, in San Diego County. They've done a great job preserving the rancheros history. Claudia Allen Subject: Couts Family line From: shelley drost I am trying to follow a family generation in my tree that is stumped at Barbara Ellen Couts, She was married to a Jacub Shupp on May 25th 1871. Barbara was born Mar 18th 1842 and died 2 Aug 1913. She is a ggggg grandmother of mine on my mother's family side. Could you please see if you have any? Subject: COUTS FAMILY RANCH IN OR NEAR VISTA From: MY NAME IS LARRY COUTS, SON OF, PERCIVEL COUTS...MY DOB 1925...I WOULD LIKE SOME INFO ON THE RANCH HOME IN OR NEAR VISTA , I VISITED THE SITE SOME YEARS AGO... BUT I FAIL TO HAVE ANY PICTURES OF IT...DO YOU KNOW HOW I MAY OBTAIN ANY...ALSO, IS THERE A WEB SITE THAT I COULDL BRING UP AND BE ABLE TO SHOW MY FAMILLY SOME INFORMATION.... I THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR ANY HELP THAT THAT IS AVAILABLE.... [check links further down the page] Subject: Barton From: "Mary Barton" Thanks for this info from Jerry L. Smith. May I have his email address/or just send this to him so he can send to me, too. I read with interest and add the ff: FRANCIS BARTON, aged 34, single, d. Sept 1857 of typhoid fever; b. Graves Co.; parents: W. and J. BARTON. ref. STATE ARCHIVES/KY VITAL STATISTICS 1851 - 1859, p. 58. This fits the dau. of Wade and Jane Barton. Jerry's 2 Deed Books ref's were new to me - and helpful. Put this together with p. 1 of Murrays published Deeds of Warren Co., KY , 2nd book of 1812 to 1821, "2 Mar 1812 Peter Thompson (signed also by Ellinder Thompson, relationship not stated) to James Gibson, for $30.00, 190 acres part of 200 acres granted to said Thompson in1811, being on the waters of Drake's Creek. wit: John Hudson, Joseph Gibson. We should be fairly certain these are Jane (Thompson) Barton's parents. We have not seen that Jane named a son, Peter, but she did name a dau. Elinor! Yes, we do know who Samuel Barton, Esquire, was. Remember that he was a land agent and early into Davidson Co., TN. He was called "The old Entry Taker". He came at least by 1793 from Caswell Co., NC. No genealogist that I know of has connected him to any of the Barton lines that have been researched. I can send a short bio, when I find it, if you want it in October when I return from Lake Superior to La Jolla. Tough life! I am trying to refile and take only my computer along. My companion on the trip is Katrin Anicker, age 20, from Neustadt am der Pfalz. She is a young cousin here to improve her good English for her college American Studies. Katrin is a dancer and will co-teach children in Grand Marais, MN and live with me. Because of her Dad Emil's genealogy and mine we have been "family" for over 35 years. That is the fun of it all, isn't it? My mother's father, Peter Anicker, came from Gimmeldingen, near Neustadt, in 1870. He md Mary Ellen Kuhl, a 2nd generation German from Bindsachsen, Hesse - so mother was of all German background. She md my Dad, Jay Geddes Odell of Scots and English lines. The Odell's came in 1635 and helped found Concord, Mass. I do run on, do I not? MROB Subject: Kautz Family History [OHIO Couts, here you are] From: John M. Grover I came across your web site while doing some research and found it most interesting. I have a 2ft x 2ft oil cloth that shows a family tree with Jacob Kautz (1783-1861) as the main trunk and then branches for a Mrs. Wesley, Jacob II, Mrs. Schick, Fritz, Mrs. Sunday, Mrs Wagner, Christian and Christina. The Jacob II branch is very well developed with Maglena, Christ, Charlie, Louie, Mathais, Michael, Jacob III, Fritz, Kate, another Fritz, and Barbria. All these name are first names only and do not show surnames or husbands and wives. A number of these branches show children and in some cases children of children (especially the Maglena branch is well developed). The inscription at the top of the oil cloth says "Aunt Rosa Zwifelhofer". I do not know who did this or how many copies were made. But it has long been of interest and I suspect your materials could help me fill in a lot of details. For example, the oil cloth has no dates other than the original Jacob born and died. And of course does not go back further than Jacob who was born in Scherzheim, Germany and apparently came to this country in the early 1800's. He is buried in Buffalo, IA. I see from your site that a book has been written on the Kautz family and a subsequent update. Would it be possible to obtain a copy of this book?If my hand drawn oil cloth family tree would be useful to those of you who are doing major research, I would be glad to send a copy. I would really like to put some names to the 5 daughters of Jacob Kautz (1783 - 1861) as the drawing I have just has them as Mrs. Wesley, Mrs. Schick, Mrs. Sunday, Mrs. Wagner, and ??? I would also be very interested in any history on Jacob's ancestors. I appreciate any guidance you can give me. John Grover Duluth, GA 30097 Subject: information From: Hi I am Kimberly Elaine Couts I am 20 years old and have been wondering about my family name. My Uncle did tried to find some information some time ago. I am an African American and all of the other Couts that I have meet have not been except for my dads close family. I was wondering how this could be and if you could help me in anyway. thank you and I hope to hear from you soon. Subject: Re: genealogy From: Mark and Diane Hi Barbara, I just got an email from another woman I met who said she had info. on Curtis Caldwell, and it varies ALOT from my stuff. Was wondering what you had to compare. She has a Curtis Caldwell m. Nancy Hood. His father as Henry Lee Caldwell b. abt 1771 in Newberry Cnty, SC d. abt 1820 in Smith Cnty, TN Sarah or Mary Irvin. Children: Elizabeth Ann b.1794; John Thomas; Mary/Jane b. 1800; Richard; Margaret b. 1802; Robert Wallace and Curtis. I have the Curtis married to Nancy Hood, but with a DOB as 21 Feb 1786 DOD 30 May 1854 and his father as Matthew Caldwell DOB about 1765. The info I have hasCurtis with a daughter (among others) as Sarah DOB 13 May 1833, but I haven't got a husband listed for her. I got this stuff from another relative, and some of it was off the internet, so NONE of it has been verified by me at all.Thank you for the info. that you have sent to me. I appreciate it alot. In the things that you sent me before, do you know who "Jno FONDREN, Jas WILKISON, etc are?? Here's some more:"CALDWELL, CURTIS --Box 20, Pack 454: Est. admnr June 5, 1784 by Sarah CALDWELL, Jno FONDREN, Jas WILKISON bound to Jno THOMAS Jr Ord. 96 District sum 2,000 lbs Inv made by Daniel MC CLANEN, Geo TAYLOR, Jas WILKINSON. Certified by us in Virginia money." POSS: Warren Co., KY, Deed Book L-11 (1804-1825), p. 421. 1-24-1825. Robert Graham of Simpson Co., Ky. & Sally his wife, to Buckner Justice. $515. 200 a., by Curtis Caldwel's line, on Absalom Chism's line, with Thos. Pitman's. Attest. Berry Barton. Thos. Justice. West Glascock. Diane Subject: Abel Stearns Question From: Barbara, I was looking for any sort of biographical information on my cousin (rather distant) Abel Stearns, and I see from your web site he gave the Couts family their land. Can you tell me anything about Abel Stearns? Anything at all? I've only just begun looking. O~;~O ( a a ) Peter Stearns ( T ) 0 : 0 O-^-O Subject: Re: Rosa Collins From: Larry Harris Hi Barb, good to hear from you again. I talked with Sara Scheil sometime during the spring but not since. Paul Dafft came up from Texas this past May and David Anderson came from Washington, Mo. We three did some digging at Lexington and Warrensburg together. Great visit. Paul and Farris Ballard (a cousin from the Harris line) are putting up a stone at our gg grandmother Rosa Collins Harris (Wheelers wife & William Collins daughter) grave in Higginsville, Mo. Her old stone had been destroyed. I've got it ordered and will set it myself. Take care and stay in touch, Larry Subject: Re: Cave Couts Sent: Monday, July 08, 2002 8:57 AM From: Marcy Barr Dear Barbara, I was at Guajome last Saturday for the annual North-South reenactment. It was great fun and much larger than last year. They have so many things going on there for this week-end. It is definately a step back in time. We had 8 members of our Living History group from Mission San Juan Capistrano who attended. I have a "Cave" husband now. Not the physical description of the original Cave but an accomplished reenactor who often portrays Hipolyte Buchard, a pirate who ravaged the coast of California. He is a professor at a local college. He is also working on his authentice reproduction clothes. Cave and Isadora went around to the various encampments and welcomed them as the master and mistress of the property. This is so much fun because all the formality of the period is observed down the the white gloves of gentlemen and ladies at the cotillion. Also attended the Cotillion in the evening. Ranger Jake is doing such a fabulous job on Guajome. Each time I return, there are more rooms that are finished. The Docents love him. Marcy Isadora Barr GUESTBOOK: Name:Harvey F. Rose Madras, Oregon Am interested in Bavister Barton married to Elizabeth Couts. Also Bavister Barton married to Francis Unknown. Francis is thought to be 1/2 Cherokee Indian. Also Charity Barton married to Willoughby Rose. Elly (Kautz) Taff Thomas, Oklahoma Just Surfed In Always nice to see more of the Kautz name out there somewhere. Marlene Jolly E-Mail I really enjoyed your site! Loved the photos. Historic Am. Bldgs Survey/Historic American Engineering Record Rancho Guajome Pictures yes, 1 address collId=hhphoto&fileName=ca/ca0600/ca0616/ photos/browse.db&action=browse&recNum=0 &title2=Rancho%20Guajome,La%20Casa%20 de,%20SAN%20LUIS%20REY%20(VISTA),% 20San%20Diego%20County,%20CA&display Type=1&itemLink=D?hh:2:./temp/~ammem_q Y6S::@@@mdb=manz,eaa,aap,aaeo,rbaapcbib, aasm,ftvbib,aaodyssey,hh,gottscho,mharendt,bb pix,bbcards,magbell,berl,lbcoll,rbpebib,calbkbib, tccc,lhbcbbib,cwband,cwnyhs,gmd,mtaft,cwar, cola,consrvbib,bdsbib,coolbib,coplandbib,curt, dag,musdibib,fsaall,mfd,papr,aep,fine,dcm,cmns, flwpabib,afcreed,cowellbib,toddbib,lomaxbib,ngp, afcwwgbib,haybib,raelbib,gottlieb,mtj,alad,wpa, mal,scsm,mcc,mymhiwebib,mmorse,aipn,ncpm, ncpsbib,afcwip,fawbib,omhbib,pan,vv,wpapos, psbib,pin,presp,lhbprbib,qlt,ncr,relpet,dukesm, mussm,mesnbib,llstbib,denn,amss,uncall,fpnas, svybib,runyon,wtc,detr,hlaw,lhbumbib,varstg, horyd,mgw,hawp,nawbib,suffrg,nfor Arcadia Bandini Abel Stearns Abel Stearns THE HANDBOOK OF TEXAS ONLINE HASHKNIFE RANCH. The Hashknife Ranch was begun in 1875 by J. R. Couts and John N. Simpson when they drove a herd of longhorn cattleqv from Weatherford to Elm Creek in Taylor County near the site of present Abilene. The ranch established its headquarters in a dugoutqv on the creek bank near a high hill. It was named for the peculiar brand, which resembled a hash knife, a common kitchen tool used to chop meat and vegetables. Couts was said to have originated the brand as early as 1872, and when he formed his partnership with Simpson, who married his niece, they chose that brand. By 1879 a more comfortable wooden cabin had replaced the dugout headquarters on Elm Creek. The Hashknife range was gradually extended west into Nolan County, and in 1880 additional free rangeland was acquired on the southwest bank of the Pecos River; the range ran from the New Mexico line 100 miles downstream to Grand Falls and twenty-five to thirty miles out from that river. Charles W. Buster, another investor, was put in charge of this range, which branded 10,000 calves annually for the next five years. Each spring, some 5,000 Hashknife steer yearlings were trailed north to Montana. By 1885 the Pecos range was running over 34,000 cattle. That summer Buster and the Hashknife owners sold the herd to Henry Warren, manager of the Aztec Land and Cattle Company. Warren trailed these longhorns to his ranch, which he had established the year before, between Holbrook and Flagstaff, Arizona. This was the "Hashknife Outfit," immortalized in the novels of Zane Grey, whose employees became involved, to some extent, in the Graham-Tewksbury feud during the 1880s and 1890s. Later, in 1901, this ranch was sold to the Babbitt brothers of Flagstaff. In the meantime, Simpson and the Buster brothers had formed the Continental Land and Cattle Company of St. Louis, Missouri, with William E. Hughes, who had bought out Couts's interests in 1881. They immediately purchased the Miller Creek outfit, in Baylor County, from the Millett brothers and added it to the Hashknife holdings. This gave the Hashknife a total of 50,000 cattle. When the Texas and Pacific Railway began building into West Texas, Simpson arranged to meet with the railroad officials at the Hashknife headquarters and was influential in getting the line routed through Taylor County. As a result the town of Abilene developed just southwest of the headquarters. After the completion of the railroad in 1882, the former Millett spread in Baylor County became the center of the Hashknife Ranch operations. Hashknife cattle were also run on choice grazing land along the forks of the Concho in Tom Green County during 1883-84; it was for this ranch that Sam Isaacs worked briefly as an "outside man." After the sale of the Pecos range cattle to the Aztec Company in 1885, the Continental Cattle Company purchased the W Ranch on the northeast bank of the Pecos and used it for Hashknife stock, under C. W. Buster's management, until 1893 when they sold it to the Johnson brothers. By 1889 the Continental Cattle Company had disposed of the Hashknife Ranch in Baylor County and moved its cattle to the Mill Iron range in the lower Panhandle. At that time the old Hashknife brand was discontinued, but beginning in 1882 E. C. Sterling and Sons used an inverted form of the brand on about 8,000 cattle, which they ran on 80,000 acres in Baylor and Throckmorton counties until 1906. From 1906 to 1917 the brand was run by the Knox brothers, from 1917 to 1926 by J. W. Stevens and sons, from 1926 to 1928 by J. W. Knox, and from 1928 to 1950 by E. W. Hunt of Olney. Ernest Hunt inherited the ranch from his father in 1950 and ran it until 1993, when his son Ernest W. Hunt, Jr., and daughter K. Ann Hunt Schriver took over. The site of the old Hashknife headquarters in Taylor County is now a part of the campus of Abilene Christian University, which was established in 1927. BIBLIOGRAPHY: Katharyn Duff, Abilene . . . On Catclaw Creek: A Profile of a West Texas Town (Abilene, Texas: Reporter Publishing, 1969). Gus L. Ford, ed., Texas Cattle Brands (Dallas: Cockrell, 1936). Stella Hughes, Hashknife Cowboy: Recollections of Mack Hughes (Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 1984). Lester Fields Sheffy, "Sam Isaacs," Panhandle-Plains Historical Review 19 (1946). Floyd Benjamin Streeter, "The Millett Cattle Ranch in Baylor County, Texas," Panhandle-Plains Historical Review 22 (1949). Jesse Wallace Williams, The Big Ranch Country (Wichita Falls: Terry, 1954; 2d ed., Wichita Falls: Nortex, 1971). H. Allen Anderson ] ARMENTROUT FAMILY HISTORY AND ITS CONNECTION TO THE KOUTS FAMILY Detrich Teter Couts arrived in Philadelphia Pennsylvania in 1750, aboard the ship, Edinbaugh. His father, Christian Kautz, brother Johannes Kautz, his sister, Anna Gertruda Kautz Couts, her 2nd husband, Johann Christoph Sebastian Kissling and his family, all came from Schluchtern, Steinau an der Strasse, Hesse-Hanau, Germany on the ship, Neptune, in 1752, into Philadelphia Pennsylvania too. Teter Couts was in Virginia by December of 1753, Pages of Court Records: Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, extracted from the original court records of Augusta County 1745-1800 , by Lyman Chalkley Volume II. 1.) Page 447 6th December, 1753 Sale bill of Nicholas Trout's estate to, viz: Jno. Love, Jno. Hales, Patrick Wilson, Jno. Walles, Valentine Pence, Wm. Logan, Gasper Faught, Jacob Sink, Andw. Faught, Evan Evans, Pat. Kinney, widow Trout, Nicholas Millberry, Thos. Crawford, Geo. Trout, Jno. Craig. Settlement of above estate by Geo. Trout, administrator, recorded 21st May, 1766-- Cash paid for liquor at the vendue, 5 gallons at 3/; cash paid for liquor at a grubbing frolick, 6 quarts at 9 per quart, £0.5.6.; cash paid for 6 quarts liquor at the funeral, £0.4.6.; paid Teter Couts, Bernard Man. Participating in events with the Armentrout (Trouts) family by that time. Consequently, the following passage gives us a glance at the activities, thinking, and planning of the Germans during that time period. Travel between Pennsylvania and Virginia, although dangerous, seemed to be taking place. The following is an excerpt from the (Armentrout Family History 1739-1978, by Russell S. Armentrout). It is difficult to pinpoint the moment that the Couts and Armentrout families became acquainted, but they did have memorable contact and similar backgrounds. It has been believed that Teter Couts bought land in Pennsylvania, but no records have been found. Possibly, could he have gone on with the Armentrouts and bought land in Virginia and returned to pick up his family when they arrived in Pennsylvania? His first Virginia record (see above) shows him in [Page 0-2 Many of this group of immigrants became dissatisfied with broken promises of the English treatment of the Colonists , left the project, and traveled overland trough the Delaware Water Gap to the Tolpehocken Creek area…] Armentrout Family History 1739-1978, by Russell S. Armentrout 1. Johannes Ermentraudt page 1-1 The family was well established in the community when Johannes and Elizabeth Hedderich of Bethel Twp. Were mar. by Rev. Casper Stoever in the spring of 1742 at the Stoever Church. He was approximately 25 years of age at the time. 3Three known children were born to this union. The 1st child, a daughter Was baptized At Christ Church Tulpehocken about 2 1/2 years after their marriage.4- [Christ Church Tulpenhocken Records] He and his wife undoubtedly became members of the St. Johns (Hains) Ref. Church congregation, as both of their boys were baptized there. 5- [St. Johns (Hains) Church Records-Historical Society Berks County, PA] Johannes was sponsor for his sister, Anna Elizabeth Hain's son, Johannes, bapt. At Hains Church 1 July 1747. 5- St. Johns (Hains) Church Records-Historical Society Berks County, PA] Armentrout Family History 1739-1978, by Russell S. Armentrout After their marriage Johannes and his wife lived with her father Adam Hedderich. Johannes and his father-in-law combined their assets into a joint partnership. The father, daughter, and son-in-law lived together in Pennsylvannia for about 10 years [Page0-2 …500 acres of some of the best farming land in Pennsylvania, 2 miles north of the intersection of the Berks and Daupin Turnpike (US 422) in the present day town of Wernersville, Pennsylvania and the Hains Church Road] Armentrout Family History 1739-1978, by Russell S. Armentrout and prospered. 6- [Adam Hedderich's Case in Court, Augusta County, Virginia Chancery Book 1-321, App. 1-2] About 1750, word of good cheap land in Virginia became know in Pennsylvania and created much interest among the German families in Lancaster and other counties nearby, to the extent that many local families sold their holdings and moved southward. Adam Hedderich and his son-in-law decided to investigate these rumors of good cheap land, and Adam made a trip to Virginia to check the advisability of relocating in the Shenandoah Valley. What he saw apparently was very favorable, and before his return from Virginia, he contracted to purchase 2 tracts of land in Augusta (now Rockingham) County. Upon his return he and Johannes made plans to move. They disposed of their Pennsylvania lands for 120 pounds Pennsylvania money, taking half in cash and the remainder in a mortgage bond. The cash was used to procure a wagon to move their personal property and other essentials necessary for the trip, but reserving enough funds to pay for the 2 tracts of Virginia land for which Adam had contracted. Armentrout Family History 1739-1978, by Russell S. Armentrout [Page 0-3 The Ermentrouts considered the possible advantages to be gained from a move to Virginia. As a result Adam Hederich, Johannes' father-in-law, made an exploratory trip to Virginia, probably during the summer or fall of 1751 to check the stories and to try and locate some good land. He was so pleased with the land and the limestone outcroppings, similar to land he had left in Germany, that he selected a couple of parcels of land and entered into a provisional contract for their purchase. He returned to Pennsylvania with a report of his trip and his activities while in Virginia. The report was favorably received by the family and they decided to dispose of their land in Lancaster (now Berks) County and move to Viriginia. In 1752, the 3 older married sons and their families, their mother and the 2 unmarried boys moved to Virginia. Christople and sister Anna Elizabeth Hain and her family remained in Pennsylvania. Traveling with loaded wagons in an uncharted wilderness must have been slow and difficult. The Caravan, probably with some of their neighbors added, moved slowly southward and westward crossing the Potomac River and then undoubtedly following the North Branch of the Shenandoah River along the western side of Massanutten Mountain, the Peaked Mountain of the Valley Germans. Here they purchased land and settled around the western and southern end of the mountain, from several miles north of the present day town of Keezletown to the present day town of McGaheysville, where numerous descendants still recede.] Armentrout Family History 1739-1978, by Russell S. Armentrout They moved in the summer of 1752, continuing their joint ownership arrangement, and settled on one of the tracts that Adam had bargained for from Jacob Nicholos for 7 pounds 10 shillings, State of Virginia money. They established themselves and set up housekeeping in their new home. The following year on 12 October 1753 Adam Hedderich bought 400 acres of land between his own land and Peaked Mountain. 7- [Augusta County, Land Entry Book 1] No record has been found of Johannes buying any land in Virginia, although Adam states in a civil suit against Johannes Kouts after the death of his son-in-law in 1753/57 that he bought land in the name of both his former so-in-law and himself. Johannes was paid for provisions and protection for the inhabitants of the frontier by the Virginia colony in March 1756. This payment may have been made to his estate after his death. 8-[Boogers Virginia Gleanings, p. 49] There is no definite date for his death, except that it was between 1753 and 1757 and he left no will. He may have been buried at Peaked Mountain Church Cemetery, but there are no stones left in this old cemetery, so his burial place remains unidentified. Some time after Johannes' death, his widow Anna Elizabeth married Johannes Kouts who for a time lived in Adam Hedderich's household. However, after a time Kouts forced his wife to demand an administrator and settlement of the estate of her former husband. Apparently, through these efforts Johannes Kouts was appointed by the Augusta County, Virginia, Court as executor of Johannes Ermentraudt's estate. With this accomplished Kouts assumed control of the combined estate and the mortgage bond in Pennsylvania. This combined with other obnoxious behavior proved too much for Adam and he forced his new son-in-law and wife to leave and they returned an inventory 15 March 1758. 9-[ Augusta County, Virginia, Will Book 2 page 223] In August 1760 Adam Hedderich brought a civil suit in the Augusta County, Virginia, Court against Johannes Kouts to recover his half of the combined estate and the 2/3 of Johannes Ermentraudt's half for his 2 grandsons. 6-[Adam Hedderich's Case in Court, Augusta County, Virginia Chancery Book 1-321, App. 1-2] Armentrout Family History 1739-1978, by Russell S. Armentrout Adam Hedderich saw service in the French and Indian War in the late 1750's. 10-[Hennings Statutes, Vol. 7 page 186 1758] Armentrout Family History 1739-1978, by Russell S. Armentrout [Hennings Statutes] It looks as if the Couts, Armentrout, and Hedrick served together, consequently they were from the same geographic region: "The following entries are taken from William Waller Hening's collection of the laws of Virginia, during the French and Indian War, the House of Burgesses passed an act for the defense of the frontier of the colony on 14 September 1758. The soldiers mentioned in the schedule attached to this act appear below. ....] Augusta County: . . . . . Christopher Armontrout, 1.12.0 each; Tetrarch Couch, 0.18.0; . . . . . Stephen Hanburger, 1.3.0; Jacob Fudge, 1.9.0; Adam Hedrick, George Anderson, John Davis and James Fowler, 1.18.0 each; . . . . .; Nicholas Null, Charles Fie, and John Early, 0.11.0; . . . . ." ["Virginia's Colonial Soldiers"(1988) by Lloyd De Witt Bockstruck, p.201 & 204]{Q51}] -"COUCH, John, (VOL) XIII, (page) 149 "Couch, Tetrarch, (VOL) VII, (page) 186" ["Index to Hening's Statutes" (1896) by Joseph J Casey, rpr, (1989), p 36] {Q150} - "Couch, Tetrarch, H(ening's) S(tatutes), (VOL) 7, (PAGE) 186" ["List of the Colonial soldiers of Virginia" (1913) by H J Eckenrode, rpr, (1995), p 31] 1759- "(Order Book No VI) March 22, 1759, (242) Elizabeth Contz, late Elizabeth Armentrout, summoned to give counter security as admx of her husbands' estate." [Chalkley, VOL I, p 83] (Q 1) 1759 "(Deed Book No 8) Page 112.- 16th May, 1759. Jacob ( ) Hermon to John and Adam Shaup, heirs of Mathew Shaup, 40 (pounds), 350 acres devised to John and Adam by Mathew's will, their father, near upper end of Peaked Mountain. Teste: Jno Couts, Jacob Parsinger, Jacob Goodman." (see 18250.HAR) [Chalkley, VOL III, p 355] {Q1} 1759-" (County Court Judgments) May and November, 1759 (A) Orders of Court, 1756:. . . . . Elizabeth Counts, late Elizabeth Armentrout, wife of John Counts." [Chalkley, Vol I, p 320] {Q1} Page 358-8th February, 1759 Vendue of John Wingord's (Vinegard) estate- To... Tetrach Couch, Frederick Ermantrout, John Couch, Christian Tetrach [sic Couts?],... Several others including many Germans He died in 1775/76 and by his will left the bulk of his estate, after his just debts and burial expenses were paid, to his 2 grandsons. 11-[Augusta County, Virginia Will Book 5 page 362, App1-3] The quarrel between his daughter and her 2nd husband Johannes Kouts was never healed as he left her only a shilling. Nothing further is known about Anna Elizabeth and her 2nd husband, and there were no known children from the 2nd marriage nfd Armentrout Family History 1739-1978, by Russell S. Armentrout Ancestors of (Betsy) Elizabeth A. Couts Subject: Couts Family From: I stumbled upon this name on my family tree quite by accident so I visited you web page to see what I could learn. The German connection shouldn't surprise me after finding that I am related to people named Wagner, Armentrout, Wortmiller, etc. My gg-grand mother was Elizabeth A. Couts. She was born around 1825 in Robertson County, Tennessee. Her father was William Couts and her mother Nancy _[JOHNSON?]___? 24 February 1840 she married William H. (Willie) Farmer. They had 10 children, the third which is my g-grandmother, Elizabeth C. Farmer. My g-grandmother was born around 1844 in Robertson County, Tennessee and married Jonathan Green. If you can supply any information I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks. Henryetta Generation No. 1 1. (Betsy) Elizabeth A. Couts, born January 15, 1825 in Robertson Co., Tn1; died Aft. 1860 in Robertson Co., Tn. She was the daughter of 2. William Couts and 3. Nancy Johnson. She married (1) Willis H. Farmer February 24, 1840 in Robertson Co., Tn. Child of (Betsy) Couts and Willis Farmer is: i. 5 girls and 3 boys Farmer. Generation No. 2 2. William Couts, born March 05, 1795 in Springfield, Robertson Co TN; died December 23, 1848 in Robertson Cty TN. He was the son of 4. John Couts , (Sr.) and 5. Leah Stark. He married 3. Nancy Johnson April 10, 1817 in Springfield, TN. 3. Nancy Johnson, born November 19, 1798; died July 12, 1855 in Springfield TN. She was the daughter of 6. Cave Thomas Johnson and 7. Mary Noel. Children of William Couts and Nancy Johnson are: i. John Franklin Couts, born October 28, 1818 in Robertson Co., Tn2; died January 21, 1897 in Clarksville, Montgomery Co, Tn3; married (1) Adaline Poston November 17, 1842 in Montgomery Co. Tn; married (2) Elizabeth A. Davis December 16, 1849 in Robertson Co., Tn. ii. Mary Ann Couts, born February 02, 18204; married Judkins. iii. Cave Johnson Couts , (Sr)., born November 11, 1821 in Robertson Co., Tn; died June 10, 1874 in San Diego, San Diego Co., Cal; married Maria Ysidora Barbara Bandini April 05, 1851 in Bandini house in San Diego, Ca.. iv. Martha June Couts, born June 30, 1823 in Springfield, Robertson Co TN; died 1850 in Robertson Co., Tn; married (1) Archer B. Couts June 07, 1847 in Robertson Co., Tn; married (2) William S. Gilbert November 03, 1864 in Springfield, Robertson Co TN. 1 v. (Betsy) Elizabeth A. Couts, born January 15, 1825 in Robertson Co., Tn; died Aft. 1860 in Robertson Co., Tn; married Willis H. Farmer February 24, 1840 in Robertson Co., Tn. vi. Julia Anne Couts, born September 25, 1827 in Springfield TN; died December 01, 1921 in Wilson residence, Haskell, Tx; married Edwin M. Reynolds September 30, 1845 in Robertson Co., Tn. vii. William Blount Couts, born July 18, 1829; married Refugio Arguello. viii. Thomas Early Couts, born October 25, 1831 in Robertson Co., Tn; died 1863 in Texas; married Sallie S. Hardin. ix. Billy Couts, born July 05, 1833 in Robertson Co., Tn; died December 08, 1840 in Robertson Co., Tn. x. George A. Couts, born May 08, 1835 in Robertson Co., Tn. xi. Joseph J. Couts, born September 07, 1841 in Robertson Co., Tn; died December 23, 1841 in Robertson Co., Tn. xii. Medorah C. Couts, born October 11, 1837 in Robertson Co., Tn; died August 13, 1838 in Robertson Co., Tn. Generation No. 3 4. John Couts , (Sr.), born 1765 in Loudoun Cty Va; died August 1829 in Robertson Co., Tn. He was the son of 8. Deterich Kautz and 9. Susannah. He married 5. Leah Stark 1790 in Robertson Cty TN. 5. Leah Stark, born Abt. 1765 in Loudoun Cty VA; died 1830 in Robertson Cty TN. She was the daughter of 10. Thomas Stark and 11. Ruth King. Children of John Couts and Leah Stark are: i. Mary Couts, born 1792 in Springfield, Robertson Co TN; died 1812 in Springfield, Robertson Co TN; married James A. Appleton 1812 in Robertson Co., Tn. ii. Nancy Couts, born Abt. 1793 in Robertson Co., Tn; died in Dade Co., Missouri; married John Bird 1814 in Robertson Co., Tennessee. 2 iii. William Couts, born March 05, 1795 in Springfield, Robertson Co TN; died December 23, 1848 in Robertson Cty TN; married Nancy Johnson April 10, 1817 in Springfield, TN. iv. John Franklin Couts , (Jr), born September 12, 1798 in Springfield, Robertson Co TN; died May 02, 1868 in Springfield, Robertson Co TN; married Henrietta B. Owen Abt. 1825 in Near Owens Chapel Church, Robertson Co, Tn. v. Sally Couts, born Abt. 1800 in Springfield, Robertson Co TN; died 1819 in Springfield, Robertson Co TN; married John McConnell Abt. 1819 in Springfield, Robertson Co TN. vi. James Robertson Couts, born August 12, 1803 in Springfield, Robertson Co TN; died 1890 in Livingston, Ark or Weatherford Tx; married Mary (Polly) Johnson October 03, 1822 in Robertson Co., Tn. vii. Archer Couts, born Abt. 1806 in Springfield, Robertson Co TN; died 1850 in Springfield, Robertson Co TN; married Nancy Johnson 1825 in Springfield, Robertson Co TN. viii. Jackson Couts, born Abt. 1809 in Springfield, Robertson Co TN; died March 18, 1846 in Springfield, Robertson Co TN; married Priscilla Draughon Abt. 1828 in Springfield, Robertson Co TN. ix. Robertson Couts, born Abt. 1811 in Springfield, Robertson Co TN; died 1830 in Springfield, Robertson Co TN. 6. Cave Thomas Johnson, born July 04, 1766 in Rowan, North Carolina5; died March 1821 in Springfield, Robertson Co. TN6. He was the son of 12. Henry Johnson and 13. Rachel Holman. He married 7. Mary Noel 1790 in Craig's Station Ky. 7. Mary Noel, born in Versaile KY; died Abt. 1816 in TN7. She was the daughter of 14. X Noel and 15. Mary (1) Cave. Children of Cave Johnson and Mary Noel are: i. Cave (1) Johnson, born 1791 in Robertson Co., TN; died 1791. ii. Cave Johnson, born January 11, 1793 in Robertson Co., TN; died November 23, 1866 in Clarksville, Montgomery Co, TN; married Elizabeth Dortch February 20, 1838. iii. Henry Minor Johnson, born 1795 in Robertson Co., Tn; married Sallie Green. iv. Taylor Noel Johnson, born 1797 in Robertson Co., TN; died 1818 in Springfield, TN. 3 v. Nancy Johnson, born November 19, 1798; died July 12, 1855 in Springfield TN; married William Couts April 10, 1817 in Springfield, TN. vi. Willie Blount Johnson, born 1800 in Robertson Co., TN; married Catherine Dortch. vii. Joseph Noel Johnson, born September 1803 in Robertson Co., TN; married Margaret McClure. Endnotes 1. Nancy Couts letter to Cave Couts - May 10, 1855. 2. Couts Web Site ( 3. Couts Web Site ( 4. Nancy Couts letter to Cave Couts - May 10, 1855. 5. Nancy Couts letter to Cave Couts - May 10, 1855. 6. Nancy Couts letter to Cave Couts - May 10, 1855. Nancy Couts letter to Cave Couts - May 10, 1855. UNCLE JOHN OF VIRGINIA- BROTHER OF DETRICK "TETER" COUTS-Is this you? John Couts } George the third to all and know ye that for divers [delivers] good Acres } causes and considerations but more especially for and in consideration of the sum of ten shillings for good and lawful money for our use of and to our receiver General of revenues in this our colony and Dominion of Virginia We have given granted and confirmed and by those for asserts for us our heirs and successors do give grant and confirm unto John Couts one certain tract or parcel of Land containing eighty acres lying and being in the County of Augusta joining his Patent land on a small branch of Shanandos and bounded as followeth, to wit Beginning at two / o ins and running? thence North fifty degrees West one hundred and twenty poles to a pine by a pine and North twenty five degrees East one hundred and twenty dip? poles to two pines in his own line and running thence with the same South thirty three degrees east one hundred seventy four poles to two pines in a line of Teeters late survey and with the same passing? His corner South forty degrees West seventy poles to the Beginning With all and To Have Hold and to be and yielding and paying and provided and witness and witnesses our treaty so I bels---ed? John. Earl of Dunsmore our Lieutenant and governor general of our said colony and Dominion at Williamsburg under the seal of our said Colony the first day of March one thousand seven hundred and seventy three in the thirteenth year of our Reign. [Brother John died in 1777 no heirs, except Elizabeth Hedderich Armentrout Kouts and brother Detrick in VA] UNCLE JOHN OF TENNESSEE, IS THIS YOU? Revolutionary War Records: Virginia Author: GAIUS MARCUS BRUMBAUGH Brumbaugh's massive Virginia compilation is one of the most ambitious collections of Revolutionary War source materials ever published. An extensive collection of list after list of soldiers and sailors extracted from bounty land warrants, pension applications, land scrip records, records of the State Line and the Continental Line, militia records, Half Pay applications, and so on--many never before published. Bibliographic Information: Brumbaugh, Gaius Marcus. Revolutionary War Records: Virginia. Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1967, 1995 Revolutionary War Records: Virginia Couts, John, Lieut. Inf., Cont'l. WILLS OF STARK AND COUTS Submitted by Janet Hunter Subject: Wills James & Thomas Stark, John Couts From: Hi Barb, I am trying to do up some information for my mother for Mother's Day and finally typed up my copies of the wills of James Stark, his son Thomas Stark, his son-in-law John Couts. I haven't seen these in your newsletters and thought you'ld like to have them. I will have some questions about where you stand on John's ancestors, etc., soon, but I'm not to that thinking point. Hope all is well with you and yours. Janet Hunter [Continued from last edition] Will of John Couts, June 18, 1826, from "James Stark of Stafford County, Virginia and his descendants", compiled by Mary Kathryn Harris and Mary Iva Jean Jorgensen (page 1248) Robertson Co TN Will Bk First, it is my will that all my just debts be paid. Second, I lent to my loving wife Leah Couts 1 dwelling house and 20 acres of land. where she chooses to take it with what timber she may need, 1 negro man which she may choose, 1 negro woman named Amy and all her increase except 2, Kisiah and Elbert, 1 horse, 1 equal part with all my children of the money arising from the sale of my perishable property during her life. Third, I have given my daughter Mary Couts who intermarried with James APPLETON 110 acres of land and other property to the amount of $1000. Fourth, I have given to Nancy Couts my daughter who intermarried with John John [sic] BYRD 1 negro girl and other property to the amount of $1100. Fifth, I have given to my son William Couts 274 acres whereon he now lives, 1 negro man named Jacob, 1 horse, bed and furniture with stock. Sixth, I have given to my son John Couts 150 acres whereon he now lives, 1 negro man named John, 1 horse, bed and furniture with stock. Seventh, I have given to my daughter Sally Couts who intermarried with John MCCONNELL 1 negro girl named Nancy and other property to the amount of $1350. Eighth, I have given to James Couts my son 258 acres whereon he now lives, 1 negro man named Lewis, 1 bed and furniture with stock. Ninth, I have given to Archer Couts my son 110 acres of land whereon he now lives, 1 negro man named Charel, 1 negro girl named Cretis, 1 horse, 1 bed and furniture with stock. Tenth, I give and bequeath to Jackson Couts my son 1 tract of land whereon I now live and his mother's dower at her death beginning at the mouth of the Clay Lick Branch and meandering down the Sulpher Fork of Red River to Chrisley Couts' old line thence east with said Chrisley Couts' line to the spring house thence the north to the back line thence with the old lines to the beginning, 1 negro boy named Daniel, 1 horse, 1 bed and furniture. El;eventh I give and bequeath to Robertson Couts my son $1200 and 1 negro boy named Elbert. Twelfth, it is my will and desire that the balance of lands, Negroes and property of all descriptions not herein mentioned be sold on 12 months credit and the money arising there from be equally divided among my dear wife and all my children. Thirteenth, I appoint my sons William Couts and John Couts my executors of this my last will and testament and I do hereby utterly disallow, revoke and disannul all other former wills, legacies, bequeaths and executors by me in any wise before named, willed and bequeathed, ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament. In witness where I have set my hand and seal this June 18, 1826. Witnesses: Richard W. Mantle, George G. Chapman, Archer Couts, James Couts /s/ John X Couts Proven in Robertson Co TN County Court Aug. Term 1828 GREAT INTERNET SITES Anderson and Choate 1759-1830 The Boone Trail Powell Valley Inhabitants Bird New River, Clinch Valley, Powell Valley /morgancem/morgan_buffalo.html Couts Cemetery Morgan County, Missouri RV Magazine Rancho Guajome Adobe A Legacy Preserved San Diego Parks ARCADIA BANDINI DE BAKER (1827-1912) Santa Monica Historical Society -monument dedication The City of Santa Monica Bandini Families and Friends Santa Monica Historical Society, Unveiling and dedication of a monument honoring Arcadia Bandini de Baker, October 18, 1987, Palisades Park Rose Garden Santa Monica, California. Contributors: Edna A. Couts, Margaret Bandini, Mrs. Robert Couts, William and Maybelle Couts, Harry F. Couts, Arthur Joseph Couts Family, Larry C. Couts, Wallace and Susan Springstead. Arcadia Bandin was the daughter of Juan Bandini, a wealthy and prominent rancho owner in San Diego, in the early 1800's. she was raised by er parents in a loving home with her four brothers and sisters. In 1841, with the family's blessing, Arcadia, 14, married Abel Sterns, a man over 30 years her senior, not uncommon in those days. Stearns was a respected business partner of her father and close friend of the family. At one time, he was the largest land baron in California. The happy marriage lasted until Stearns' death in 1871. Arcadia, in her mid 40's was left one of the wealthiest women in California. With Stearns' fortune and additional property acquired during her second marriage in 1875 to Colonel Robert S. Baker, who co-founded Santa Monica, Arcadia Bandini de Baker became one of Santa Monica's most influential citizens. Encouraged by her husband, Arcadia took charge of their business holdings in 1879, including a quarter interest in Rancho an Vicente which he sold her for $50,000. She was strong when it came to business but she was vulnerable to people in need. She took underprivileged children into her home, helped out the needy and helped family members. Although Arcadia was unable to bear children, she felt solace in the affection of her many nieces and nephews who enjoyed visiting with her often….Arcadia continued donating to worthy causes until shortly before her death at the age of 85. She is buried in Calvary Cemetary in East Los Angeles, where her father, Stearns, and Baker are also buried. There are pictures of Arcadia on the "pic" page. double click for e-mail. double click to go back to the main page.