CALIFORNIA'S COUTS COUSINS VOLUME 7 November December January NUMBER 1 2002-2003 A Quarterly Newsletter for the Descendants of the Couts Family #26 GREAT NEW WEBPAGE S- 1. KUHN, KUZNS CONTENT INDEX 2. CHURCH AND FAMILY HISTORY 3. RESEARCH ASSISTANCE FOR 4. ROCKINGHAM COUNTY VIRGINIA Primitive Baptists Family History SMITH'S AND LYNVILLE'S CREEK A church called Smith's and Lynvill's Creek Church, afterwards called Smith's Creek, is said to have been constituted in 1756. (The Minutes of the Philadelphia Association show that the church was organized August 16, 1756, with eleven members, and that Elder John Alderson was its first minister.) The church united with the Philadelphia Association in 1762. David Benedict's history states that there were some Baptist families in this place as early as 1745, some of whom went as far as Oyster Bay on Long-Island to be baptized by a proper administrator, probably because he removed here from that place. A later church called Smith's Creek was organized by members of the Whitehouse Church, in 1774 (see Shenandoah County). CHURCHES: BROCK'S GAP (1843) SURNAMES OF MEMBERS: NAKED CREEK Naked Creek Church was organized on July 17, 1869. Elders Paul W. Yates and F. M. Perry assisted in the organization. The membership at that time was composed of Philip Koontz, Minerva Koontz, W. D. Covington, Bettie L. Covington, Martha Sanford, Christian Burner, Hannah Deering, Milton H. Drummonds, Catharine Drummonds, and Peter Sherman (colored). Elder Charles Yates served as the first pastor, and W. D. Covington as church clerk. 3. Jacob Koutz and Sarah Christleib PA KOUTZ FAMILY *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~ COUTS ACROSS THE NATION Bo Couts, Twin Realty Moss Landing Café Mark Couts 421 Moss Landing Rd. Moss Landing CA Couts Diabetes Association Terry B. and Bruce A. Couts Kouts Family Web Page Paul Kouts Couts Memorial United Methodist Church Weatherford Texas Texas Christian University Mary Couts Burnett Library Couts Industries - software solutions Couts Welding Commodore Perry Couts Web Page Brandon Couts USA Track and Field Cave Couts San Diego History Coutts Banking Aaron Couts System Administrator and accomplished Perl Developer Chuck Couts Bradfield Properties Realtor Jeff Couts Web Design and Freelance Projects Couts Heating and Cooling Inc. Coots Genealogy in Southern States Mrs. Couts Title I Math Urbana City School *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* WHO WAS SARAH WRIGHT'S FATHER? Do we have any information in the audience to who the father of Sarah Wright, wife of Chrisley Couts and William Collins, might have been? Supposively, they came from Brunswick County, Virginia. From the Wright Book, page 224, we have one interesting candidate: John Wright (born 1729, died 28 March 1831) private in Virginia unit; married to Bathsheba Star. I'm searching for any information you might have. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* EMAILS- Name: James V. Kautz Email: dawn and Homepage Title: Dawn and James Kautz and Family Homepage URL: Referred by: Search Engine Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Comments: I'm sending this site to our own family historian... I'm sure he'll find it fascinating as his grandfather, Freidrich Kautz, emigrated from Russia to Canada in 1929. Name: Jim Kautz Email: Referred by: Friend Location: Saskatchewan, Canada Rootweb reply Lafayette Date: 3 Aug 2002 Classification: Query 1:16 PM wrong information copied Author: Suzie Ball In Reply to: Re: Couts, Collins by: Barbara Couts Evans It appears that someone has copied incorrectly a lineage that I submitted to the Barton family. It is attached now to the wrong parentage. You are showing Nancy Jane Barton as the daughter of Isaac. She was the daughter of Greenberry Barton. { I'll present it to the group. Thanks for the correction} Subject: Coutts in Scotland From: webfish Hi, I am Douglas Coutts in Glasgow, Scotland. My family originated from Aberdeen Scotland. What is the origin of the name, is it German/Jewish What ? Regards dug Subject: Re: Coutts in Scotland From: Barbara Evans To: webfish :) I know our is really Kautz. We're not Koontz or Cootes, just bad spellers.....Barb Subject: Cootes/Koontz From: "Tom Pierce" Hi, Barb I saw your exchange about the Couts/Kouts family. I have no idea about your specific family, and they may indeed be Koontz. BUT, Koontz/Counts/Coonz is a different name from Cootes (I don't know the variants of Cootes). To the best of my knowledge (I am descended from the family), Koontz always had the "n" sound in it. Tom Hi Tom, Our Couts line came from Kautz-German-named after Giant Owl near Frankfurt; Your Coutts-Coots is could be either German/Jewish or Scottish. I've heard that it was used to name a bird in Scotland. We have a Coot (bird) here too. Your Coutts has money-ie the Bank in England; ours has hot dogs! Somewhere back in the fog of history we were probably one line and family. If it's any consolation, our Couts is mispronounced Coots here, even if you're a Kautz.... Barb From: "P Drummond" To: Subject: [COUTS] Katherine Frances Coots Hello, I haven't proven that I'm related to her yet, but thought somebody might be interested in this picture online of Katherine Frances Coots.This was from a high school annual, She was a senior at Titusville High School in 1918, when this photograph was taken. I think Titusville is in Western Pennsylvania. The picture can be found at: (I am researching the Leonides Hamilton Coutz family from Eastern Ohio, Northern panhandle of West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania). Patty Drummond From: "Rusty Couts" Subject: Just Found your page I found your web page by doing a search on my last name My name is Russell (Rusty) Couts and I live in Kansas City, I would love to learn more about the name. Please email me back at its my wireless email I get it 24 hours a day.Thank you in advance Rusty Couts Northland Production Manager Sun Publications - Sun-News 816-468-5999 x3312 From: Subject: Couts Family or William M. Strickland born ca.1811, Ga. Do the Couts family connect to mine or to other Arkansas families? The Stricklands, Epps, Lanes, Wrights Gibson, Rogers, Caldwells or such as Dudleys, Kings in Ark. I also wondered about the Wrights, Heards, Strongs, Youngs, and others who came into Ark. from Ga. My older brother found many girl cousins in Ark. State college in the 1950s. I research William M. Strickland born ca.1811, Ga .and Rachel Smith Strickland born Missouri. He lived in 1836=1840 DeSoto District and State of Miss. with 2-3 ch. and one adult female. He lived with Rachel and six more ch. ch. on 1850 Powell Township Lester, Green Co. Ark. and Macy, Craighead, Co. Arkansas, Census. in 1872- Most lived and died in the vicinity of Craighead and Green. Co. Ark. Many now living there. The Stricklands came from Va. Mass. Ohio, NC. Ga. back to NC. (Some may have gone to SC but ours we think went N.C., then to Miss., Ark. Mo. Ill. back to live in Ark and one of his sons lived on the border of Mo./Ark. We don't know his parents, siblings and think some may have stayed in Miss. Lafayette and David Strickland lived in DeSoto, Miss when our Wm. did. 1836-40 era who near age of Wm. When Wm. 1840- 1850 left for Ark, one went to La , the other to Ala. We had one uncle, Andrew moved his family to Fla. 1820s and one moved to Texas in the 1940s. I hope to hear from you M. Strickland W. To: Sent: Subject: Re: Couts Family or William M. Strickland born ca.1811, Ga. My Uncle Gibert Strickland married my Aunt Annie Childers in the late 1920's. They were both from Oklahoma. Other than that, an Epp married into the Couts, William Couts in 1780; Mary Polly Caldwell married my 5x great grandfather, John Couts of Indiana, 1812. Her group was from Lauren, SC. The Wright was Sarah Wright married to 6x grandfather, Chrisley Couts, Rev War soldier-matross. They married in 1780's He died in 1790, she married Capt. William "Big Bill" Collins. She died in 1812, he remarried and they all moved to MO. Barb Subject: Draughon Family Tree From: "Ryan Draughon" I recently came across your 'Descendants of Thomas T Byrd" page and found that a piece of your tree definitely corresponds to an otherwise dead end in my own family lineage! This segment of your tree: 4 Sara Jane Bird d: 1901 +John C. Draughon d: 1891 5 Robert Draughon +Florence Catlett 6 Gertrude Draughon 6 Rethal Draughon 6 Robert Draughon 6 Sylvia Draughon 6 Infant d. infancy Draughon 6 Edith Draughon 6 Lulu Draughon 6 George E. Dr. Draughon d: February 03, 1892 +Tabitha M. Couts d: March 22, 1897 Closely matches this segment of mine: 7 (with a few minor exceptions) 1 - John C. Draughon + Sara ??? 2 - Robert Draughon + Florence Catlett 3 - Gertrude Draughon 3 - Rethal Draughon 3 - Robert W. Draughon (b. 11/13/1912 d. 8/10/1972) (my grandfather) 3 - Edith Draughon 3 - Lulu Draughon 3 - Elvis Draughon (b. 9/1909 d. 10/1978) 3 - Infant d. infancy The death date for "George E. Draughon" is 8 suspicious to me, and it doesn't seem to fit 9 within this segment. Here is some additional, 10 completely up-to-date information that I have: 11 (+ 3 generations to your information) 3 - Robert W. Draughon + Nina Lee Taylor 4 - Gary Draughon + Barbara Haynam 5 - Michele Ann Draughon + Lance Lerud 6 - Nicole Lee Lerud 6 - Bradley Steven Lerud 5 - Carrie Lynn Draughon + Jeff Funderburk 6 - Camren Chamblee Funderburk 6 - Dixon Thomas Funderburk 5 - Mickey Draughon + Linda Jane Adams 5 - Ryan James Draughon 5 - Jennifer Robin Draughon + JoAnn Ciampoli 5 - Amanda Elizabeth Draughon 4 - Sandra Ruth Draughon + Mike Kreil 5 - Mike K. Kreil Jr. + Christine Moore 6 - Jared Kreil (b. 4/23/1987) + Veronica Diaz 6 - Dallas Kreil (b. ????) 5 - Kristin Jean Kreil (b. 5/6/1973) 5 - Tamara Lee Kreil (b. 5/6/1973) + Kerry Mitchell 6 - Addison Ruth Mitchell (b. 4/26/1997) 6 - Trevor Ace Mitchell (b. 4/5/1999) Hope you can use this. Thanks for the information 12 you have provided! Ryan Draughon *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~* A Wakeup Call from Lucy Leon The answering machine pick-up and it was a detailed message from Lucy Leon, in Luray, Virginia. Lucy and Fred were visiting sites in Maryland and Virginia and wanted to share information that Lucy had found on their travels. The just of the message was, call her at 5:00 a.m. California time to make sure we spoke before they started the day. Being the faithful genealogist that I am, I got up a 4:45 a.m. took a shower, dressed, and looked for a quiet corner to make a call. Lucy is such a delightful person, that I'd not even think twice about sleeping in until 5:00 a.m. Sure enough, Lucy was on the other end of the line, bright and chipper, looking for the North Shanndo, John and Teter Couts, and all of their hauntings. Her questions ranged from the Nassau - German Book, tracing the Koontz, Kounce, Koutz to the possible land sites for Teter Couts. Wallen Creek vs Walnut Staunton County Clerk and the Chalkley Chonicles. All very important questions relating to our research. That night she phoned back, happily telling me of charming the Staunton County Clerk, into doing look up for her. She also shared information on the old Teter deeds, comparing names and deeds in Brock's Gap to pinpoint Teter's land, how Wallen turned out to be the area's famous forbearer, and how strange it was to find the pages of different Coontz (later the Russel County Coontz, who moved to Gallia, Ohio). It is always marvelous and such great therapy to discuss genealogy and theories with Lucy. Since that time, she has phoned several times to discuss different points of her research all wonderful and enjoyable. After recouping from her trip, sorting through all types of copies, and settling family business, she has agreed to write an article for our newsletter. Way to go, Lucy! Thanks!!! *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~ GUESTBOOK- HELP Name: Harvey F. Rose E-Mail: Referred By: Friend Location: Madras, Oregon Am interested in Bavister Barton married to Elizabeth Couts. Also Bavister Barton married to Francis Unknown. Francis is thought to be 1/2 Cherokee Indian. Also Charity Barton married to Willoughby Rose. Name: David B. Coouts Email: Just Surfed In Comments: Any Couts connection to Pittsburgh Couts family? Name: Julie Gambrell E-Mail: Referred By: Search Engine Comments: I'm looking for information on JAMES BLAINE COUTS b. 18 Dec 1882 in either Kendallville or Ft. Wayne, IN. He was married to Osie Tucker and they had 8 children. James is my husband's great grandfather. Please contact me if you have information. Thanks. Name: Joyce E. Couts Just Sured In *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ALLIED FAMILIES I would love to open up the newsletter to include stories from the allied families. I know that there are a few stories that have been placed in historical society publications, but most of the information has been conjecture or hand-me-down stories. We are talking about some fascinating people who haven't necessarily had their fifteen minutes of fame: the Bartons, Caldwells, Wrights, etc. If we study the bounty warrants, migration patterns, theories, and deeds of these prominent families, we will better understand why we ended up in Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Indiana, and Texas. So, think about what you have and how you would like to present it and let me know, I would love to showcase your line. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~ TENNESSEE STATE LIBRARY & ARCHIVES HISTORICAL & GENEALOGICAL INFORMATION TENNESSEE WORLD WAR I VETERANS : ROBERTSON COUNTY (PART 1: ADAMS - DURRETT) Couts, Allen 23 Springfield, TN 18 Couts, Elvis 1893 Springfield, TN 18 Couts, Johnie 1894 Springfield, TN 18 TENNESSEE WORLDWAR I VETERANS: ROBERTSON COUNTY (PART 3) Pitt John Couts 1894 Springfield, TN Officer, USA 102 ACTS OF TENNESSEE 1831 - 1850 : C Couts, Peter 1833 39 Private 124 Mentioned. TENNESSEE DEATH INDEX 1908 -1912 C: PART 9 LAST FIRST COUNTY YEAR RECORD NUMBER NAME NAME Couts Mattie Montgomery 1908 65929 Couts Steve (Mrs.) Robertson 1909 72308 Coutts C.F (Mrs.) Davidson 1908 19811 *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~* WILSON PAPERS - HUNTINGTON LIBRARY- PRINTED AS WRITTEN SOURCE: July 4, 2001 B.D. WILSON TO CAVE J. COUTS Los Angeles, October 6, 1853 (as written) B.D. WISLON TO CAVE J. COUTS Los Angeles, October 6, 1853 Sir. Yours bearing date on the 2nd present has been duly rcd. As I am sick and not able to write you lengthly I will merely [p.118] say to you that I have just returnd from the north where I have been on an Indian tour with Mr. Beale the Suppnt. I left him (Mr. B.) in San Francisco he told me he would be here by the 15 Inst. without fail and then we would take a travel through the Southern Indians and make arrangements to Settle the Indians permanently. So please let things remain as they are until Mr. Beale arrives then I have no doubt but you will have us at your place [Wilson Papers, Huntington Library.] CAVE J. COUTS TO B. D. WILSON Guajomito, May 7, 1854 Manuelito, Captain of the San Luis Rey Indians, has called to request a letter to you, asking for the delivery of one of his Indians (named Mateo) who run away from here about six weeks since and is now in San Gabriel-- said to be with a Don George, (an American) who promised to let Manuelito have him in case pursuit was made. Mateo was pursued as far as San Juan, when they heard of his passing Los Angeles, and returned. Manuelito was willing to let him alone as he had left here; but it appears that the Indians in the mountains have held a council and requested their Captain to send after him. He, Mateo, is lame in one leg, a very intelligent indian (can read & write), and their charges against him are for stealing & murder (as a witch or echisero). He has been pardoned by these Indians seven times, and they appear very anxious for you to aid them in getting him. P. S. You have probably noticed a card published in the Star, purporting to be from the citizens of Sta. Ysabel, respecting the removal of Tomas, and appointment of Lazzaro over the Dieguinos Indians. 1' Lazarro was not appointed. Panto, at the request of the rancheros (except Sta. Ysabel) was appointed in place of Tomas, for various reasons. 2° I have been able to find no one who knows more than two or three of the names to the paper. They may be strangers in the employ of the quartermaster (Br. Maj. Justin McKinstry). 3d The whole matter resulted from a personal matter, between a notorious public money handler, called Br. Maj. Justin McKinstry a qm. in San Diego, & myself, previous to my leaving the army--when he proved himself a liar, slander, & coward, & was so proclaimed.[p.132] 4' This notorious public money handler, calls himself the owner of Sta. Ysabel. [Wilson Papers, Huntington Library.] CAVE J. COUTS TO B. D. WILSON [ Guajomito] May 7, 1854 There has been a hard attempt made by the rascal alluded to, to have me removed thinking that his position as a Qur. master in the U. S. Army, would be sufficient with Beale to Crush any humble Citizen. I only sought the appt. of the San Luis Indians, and never meddled with the Dieguinos until the most prominent Rancherros in their midst Call twice, requesting the removal of Tomas & appt. of Panto. The publications that you may see on the subject, be assured are from him (Br. Maj. McKinstry) or his hired bullies. Beale arrived in San Diego a short time since, and, as I understand, was prevailed upon by the rascal to reappoint old Tomas. I made as brief a statement of the facts to him as I could, advising him that Tomas could not act as Capt. of the Indians so long as I remained the Sub-Agent--any orders that he might wish, to communicate to the Inds. thro' me would be promptly attended to. The matter, I judge, will shortly be made up by Beale dispensing with my services. My only object, as you know, was to regulate the San Luis Indians. They are well regulated, and if it was not for this man's attempt to have me relieved, would now, or probably sooner, have asked to be relieved. If you should see Beale shortly, please suggest that he see a few of the Citizens of this County (not quarter masters employees) and ascertain from them the Course of the Sub. Indn. agent. [Wilson Papers, Huntington Library.][p.133] CAVE J. COUTS TO B. D. WILSON Guajomito, June 5, 1854 The enclosed letter to Beale, I leave open that you may see it. I care not a straw for his removing me; but am a little annoyed at his sending me word that he removes me on account of an old difficulty of five years standing with the notorious handler of public funds. What did this have to do with Indian affairs? CAVE J. COUTS TO B. D. WILSON Guajomito, June 5, 1854 The enclosed letter to Beale, I leave open that you may see it. I care not a straw for his removing me; but am a little annoyed at his sending me word that he removes me on account of an old difficulty of five years standing with the notorious handler of public funds. What did this have to do with Indian affairs? From the acquaintance& knowledge I have of Beale, thought him above medling in any such operations. If you have any influence with Beale, try and get some Citizen of the County appointed in place of Capt. Burton. On account of the sparce population of this County, the army has been riding it, rough shod, since the formation of the state constitution. This I shall kick against as long as I have fingers & toes. N. B. I shall continue to act as sub agent until officially informed or until Capt. Burton, or some one else, shows me that they have the appointment, officially.[Wilson Papers, Huntington Library.] CAVE J. COUTS TO THOMAS J. HENLEY [ Guajomito] July 7, 1856 The inhabited portion of this County [San Diego] is infested with two tribes of Indians known as the San Luisenians, and Dieguinos, according to the mission to which they respectively belonged, and number about 2,500 each. The San Luisenians exist in the northern part of the County, and, from the coast east, Include the principal chain of mountains. These Indians are probably more advanced than any pertaining to your superintendency, and require but little attention with proper management. They understand the cultivation of the soil, and are the main dependence of our rancherios for vaqueros. They live comfortably in rancheros of tule (some few in adobes,) on what they gather from their wheat and barley fields, gardens, acorns and cattle stealing. Many of them can read and write. The Dieguinos, although reared in an adjoining mission, are far inferior to the San Luisenians. They lack nothing of that laziness and indolence proverbial to all Indian tribes, and live principally by cattle stealing, and on acorns. They are in the southern part of that County, and extend from the coast to the desert, where they naturally blend with the Yumas, with whom they are on very friendly terms. Re: Couts, Collins Nat Vise's house in San Diego is the old residence of Don Juan Rodriguez. In 1838-39 Alcalde Estudillo here kept his office, the Juzgado. Adjoining our apartment in the Couts house is a room occupied as the County Clerk's office. Our boarding-house was burned down. The mansion of Don Juan Bandini and the Estudillo house nearby were commenced in 1827. As late as 1821, there was no house on the bench that forms the present site of Old Town. The Fitch House was built that year. Then the inhabitants all resided within the Presidio, having some gardens in the mission valley, around the mouth of it, and one other garden made by Captain Francisco Ruiz, comandante of the Presidio; this is the same known as the Soto garden. Among the first houses built were the Fitch House, that of the Pico family, and the Commercialhouse (as now called). (Note: In the flood of 1861-2 the whole garden of Mr. George Lyons as well as Reiner's was carried away except the three large sycamore trees; these were carried off by the overflow of January, 1874. B. H.) Oct. 8th: Chata left on the steamer for Los Angeles, to spend a month at Don Abel's.Oct. 14th: Went to San Bernardino to hold Court. I went and returned by the same road which, to the rancho of Guajomito, is described in the trip to San Diego. Busily engaged up to 14th in the examination of Spanish and Mexican archives. Copy many. Intend to index the originals for the benefit of some future more industrious antiquarian.[p.143] Left San Diego at 1 1/2 P.M., in company with Col. Kanrick, Democratic candidate for the Legislature, Mr. Marks Jacobs, a prominent Jew, and J. R. Gitchell, Esq., District Attorney. The Presidio, with its solitary date tree. The Mission valley and river. Circle round False Bay, a beautiful sheet of water for sailing, rowing, fishing, or bathing; too shallow for large vessels to enter. Great abundance of clams on its northern shore; many curlew seen today there. Ornamental bush on the side of the road; pretty foliage; full of clusters of red berries looking at a little distance like masses of gay flowers; might be trimmed for a garden. To Rose's coal mine (!) 5 miles; to the tannery one mile further. The graves of Mr. and Mrs. Fischer on the very top of the hill that Overlooks the house he built; a strange idea that of burying them there. Over the lofty hills, affording an extensive prospect of the County, down to Soledad Valley. This valley is the boundary of the city in this direction, 12 miles from Old Town. The sea in sight here; little good soil; (what is its extent?) Six miles further San Dieguito, formerly an Indian pueblo. The Indians now rent to Don Bonifacio Lopez; nobody at his house as we pass. (What is the extent of Indian cultivation? What is the character of the valley above the Osunas?)Here Don Andres Ybarra overtakes us. He says he is for Frémont "because the latter has a rancho and residence in California, and knows the interests of the Californians." I told him I had been rummaging among the archives, and had found several documents concerning him (Ybarra). Hence 7 miles to Encinitos, the rancho of Don Andres, passing first over the valley of San Alejo, about half way; the rest long ascents and descents; the summits commanding a view of the sea, and of the high mountains to the north, as San Ysabel, Temécula. For the most a dreary vista, without water, timber, cultivation; nothing but chaparral; I believe there is one stunted pine a little after leaving Soledad. As we were about emerging from San Alejo valley, [I] galloped ahead on a trail leading across a long, narrow [p.144] meadow, and then over one or two low hills down to his house--my design being to get supper ready before the arrival of the rest, as we intended to go on in the night to Coutts'. From San Diego to Encinitos 25 miles. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~ Arkansas Marriages, 1851-1900 Skumager, Jesse Spouse: Couts, Malissa Marriage Date: 16 January 1898 Co: Crawford Couts, S. R. Spouse: Hardin, Martha Marriage Date: 22 July 1852 Co: Lawrence Couts, Thomas H. Spouse: Hardin, Sallie S. Marriage Date: 23 May1858 Co: Lawrence Boone County, Missouri, Cemetery Records Vol. 2 (Part 1 & 2), 5, 6, 7, 8 (Part 1 & 2) Cemetery Records of Boone County, Missouri Centralia, Missouri Volume VIII - Part I Name: Sallie Couts Death Date: 04 Oct 1920 Cemetery: Centralia Description: Located six miles southwest of Columbia on Route K and one half mile north. Cass County, Missouri, Cemetery Records, Vol. 1 Cemetery Records of Cass County, Missouri Volume I Name: Mary E. Couts Clark Birth Date: 13 Apr 1839 his wife Cemetery: Austin Description: Located one mile northeast of Austin, Mo. No inscriptions after 1950. Indiana Marriages to 1850 Chriswell, Bluford Couts, Rhoda July 23, 1831 Couts, Eliza Fleener, Thomas February 22, 1835 Couts, Susannah Shroades, Hudson March 23, 1838 Unproven as our Couts Couts, Sarah Hill, Charles S. October 12, 1837 Jackson County, Missouri Marriages, 1827-60, Vol. 1 Marriage Records of Jackson County, Missouri 1827-1860 Volume 1 Couts, Aaron, Spouse: Peerson, Parelee A. Marriage Date: 26, September 1850 Kentucky Marriages to 1850 Marriage Spouse: Date: Couts, Henry Freeman, Sarah January 19, 1786 Couts, Sarah [Mrs.] Yulzter, Jacob October 2, 1819 Barton, Fanny Couts, Chrisley February 11, 1812 Missouri Marriages to 1850 Name: Spouse: Marriage Date: Couts, Aaron, Peerson, Parelee A. September 26, 1850 Couts, Mary Jane Stone, Phillip November 9 1842 Couts, Samuel Hagan, Louisa November 5, 1843 Couts, Sarah Jane Derepett, Samuel December 20, 1846 Couts, T. B. Law, Mary An July 30, 1849 Couts, Perry Lefever, Angeline August 3, 1843 Couts, J. E. Lefever, Amanda A. September 17, 1845 *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~* Tennessee State Library and Archives Historical and Genealogical Information TENNESSEE WORLD WAR I VETERANS : ROBERTSON COUNTY (PART 1 : ADAMS - DURRETT) Couts, Allen 23 Springfield, TN 18 Couts, Elvis 1893 Springfield, TN 18 Couts, Johnie 1894 Springfield, TN 18 TENNESSEE WORLDWAR I VETERANS: ROBERTSON COUNTY (PART 3) Pitt John Couts 1894 Springfield, TN Officer, USA 102 *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~* ACTS OF TENNESSEE 1831 - 1850 : C Couts, Peter 1833 39 Private 124 Mentioned. TENNESSEE DEATH INDEX 1908 -1912 C: PART 9 LAST FIRST COUNTY YEAR RECORD NUMBER NAME NAME Couts Mattie Montgomery 1908 65929 Couts Steve (Mrs.) Robertson 1909 72308 Coutts C.F (Mrs.) Davidson 1908 19811 *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~ The Military Annals of Tennessee Confederate. First Series: Embracing a Review of Military Operations with Regimental Histories and Memorial Rolls. Regimental Histories and Memorial Rolls. Fiftieth Tennessee Infantry In these two battles--Chick amauga and Missionary Ridge--the regiment had lost all its field officers, many of its company officers, and more than half of its men. The Fiftieth Tennessee, the First Tennessee Battalion (commanded by Maj. S. H. Colms), and the Fourth Confederate Tennessee (commanded by Lieut.-col. O. A. Bradshaw), were then consolidated. S. H. Colms was made Colonel; O. A. Bradshaw, Lieut.-col.; and Capt. George W. Pease, of the Fiftieth, was promoted to be Major of the new regiment. John W. Childress was Adjutant, and Dr. R. G. Rothrock, Surgeon; Poston Couts, of Clarksville, was Ordnance Sergeant. After the fall of Atlanta, Col. Colms, on account of ill health, was assigned to post duty at Macon, Ga., when Bradshaw was promoted to full Colonel, and Pease to Lieutenant-colonel. Virginia Revolutionary War Records Revolutionary War Records Virginia Section Ii, (5), [Document No. 31--List No. 2] (5) List Of Officers Of The Virginia Continental And State Sines And State Navy, Whose Names Appear On The Army Register, And Who Have Not Received Land For Revolutionary Services, Or Not In The Characters In Which They There Appear. Couts, John, Lieut. Inf., Cont'l. War of 1812 Service Records Surname Given Name Company Unit Rank Induction Rank Discharge Misc Roll Exct Roll-Box COUTS AARON HUDSPETH'S AND BROWN'S REGIMENT, KENTUCKY MILITIA. PRIVATE PRIVATE 47 602 COUTS AARON 11REG'T (CALDWELL'S) KENTUCKY MILITIA. PRIVATE PRIVATE 47 602 COUTS JACOB 3 REG'T (JOHNSON'S) E. TENNESSEE MIL. PRIVATE PRIVATE 47 602 COUTS PETER 1 REG'T (CLARKE'S) VIRGINIA MILITIA. FIFER FIFER 47 602 COUTS WILLIAM 2 REG'T MOUNTED GUNMEN TN VOL. (WILLIAMSON'S) SERGEANT SERGEANT 47 602 AIS Mortality Schedules Index Year Surname Given Name(s) County State Age Sex Month of Death State of Birth Cause of Death Occupation ID# 1860 COUTS C. PARKER CO. TX 6M F NOV MO CROUP NONE LISTED MRT197_69179 1860 COUTS MARGRET HUNTINGTON CO. PA 56 F NOV PA CONSUMPTION NONE LISTED MRT317_1142 1860 COUTS MARY E. GALVESTON CO. TX 29 F NOV EN YELLOW FVR NONE LISTED MRT197_69181 1860 COUTS WILLIAM C. GALVESTON CO. TX 1 M NOV US YELLOW FVR NONE LISTED MRT197_69182 1860 COUTS GRAYSON CO. TX 2M M FEB TX CROUP NONE LISTED MRT197_69178 1880 COUTS CHARLES NEGRO WASHINGTON CO. DC 10M M JUN DC INANITION NONE LISTED MRT197_69180 double click for e-mail. double click to go back to the main page.