VOLUME  8          February       March      April            NUMBER  2



A Quarterly Newsletter for the Descendants of the Couts Family #27




It is the goal of this newsletter to create interest in and share the research for the Couts (pronounced Koutz) and Allied Family genealogy.  It can only be written with the cooperation of each family member.   We encourage each of you to send in your family group sheets and enter data as far back as you can find.  The information that you find within its covers will be as “true” as we can prove.  We gladly accept articles, photos, genealogy lines, and family stories.


The California Couts Family would like to welcome Alexander Michael Milne to the family!  He is the son of Chris and Tom Milne,  brother of Courtney, the grandson of Mark Couts, and the great-grandson of  Bo and Wanda Couts.  Alex's vitals are: born on  01-30-2003, 08:37 PM, Weight: 7 lbs 4 oz; Length: 20 inches. We're all glad to see ya!


From: "Manuel Power" <> Subject: family Hello, I was browsing the internet and ran across a section of my family tree on newsletter 21, Francis Power was my great grandfather and Thomas Raymond Power was my grandfather. If it is in fact true that they are also your relations then I must communicate with you. I have been searching for family history and genealogy in my spare time and would like to fill in some large gaps. I may also have info useful to you. Thank You, Manuel Gunnar Power
From: <>To: <>Subject: [BIRD-L] Empson, Simmons, Choate (Bird) -- Robertson Co TN Hello Cousins:
This may be coals to Newcastle, but several months ago I rented three microfilms of Robertson Co Will Books in basically a document collecting exercise, also looking for Webbs and Haleys. I found the following reference which I'd forgotten till I was paging through a notebook and may be of significance, though not initially apparent,  regarding the ancestry of the Robertson County Birds, and adds one more mark in the column for Thomas Byrd/Sarah Empson of New Castle, DE. Will Book 9, page 343, Robertson County. I am paraphrasing here and did not  copy the entire date.   1836 -- Valentine SIMMONS, Guardian for the minor  heirs of GREGORY EMPSON, dec'd, Rebecca and William G. Empson. Do any of you who have studied Robertson Co records more than I know of the relationship between Valentine Simmons and Gregory Empson?? This is important because I believe that Valentine Simmons was the husband of  one of the two daughters married to Simmons men::  "Betsy Simmons" and "Cassy Simmons" named in the will of Edward CHOATE in Robertson Co. Another daughter named was Charity MEDLOCK (MATLOCK).  The will was written in August 1829.  Executors were son Gabriel Choate, Voluntine Simmons, James SEAL and James SHANNON.  I have a copy if anyone is interested. The connections between the Birds and Choates, prior to Robertson Co. have  been established in SW VA and East TN.  However, several of the above  families are also still next door neighbors  in Dade County Missouri in the 1840s, 1850s and on in South Township, and they are joined by Birds.  These include Edward Choate's grandsons by son Gabriel -- Gabriel Jr. who comes first (who moved on to Arkansas) and Powhatan Choate (wife Winney HALEY); Charity Medlock who died there; Isham SIMMONS, son of Valentine and maybe Cassy (Casselia); Nancy (Couts) Bird, widow of John Bird, Robert Bird of Carroll Co. TN, as well as I believe probably descendants of FINLEYs of Augusta another fellow travellor of these folks in the 1700s.  FYI, I have found Finley and Bird in Augusta Co. in the 1750s in the Roanoke Community mentioned in Kegley's Virginia Frontiers. I also found in my notes the following interesting followup to Edward Choate's will: "1836 - Robertson County, TN Deed Book Y, Page 578-579Gabriel Choat form Voluntine SIMMONS.  2 September 1836.  This indenture made  this first day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred  and twenty six, between Voluntine Simmons Executor of the Last Will and Testament of Edward CHOAT, dec'd, of the County of Robertson and State of Tennessee and Gabriel CHOAT of the same county.  Witnesseth that whereas by the Last Will and Testament of the Said Edward Choat, dec'd, the testator ordered a certain tract of his real estate to be sold b;y his executor and whereas the said Voluntine Simmons and Gabriel Choat having obtained Letters


 of Testamentary on the estate of the Dec'd, did expose said tract of land to  public sale on 8 Dec 1831 and there upon Gabriel Choat became the purchaser  by bidding the sum of $400.00.  Now witnesseth that the said Voluntine Simmons acting executor aforesaid for an in consideration of the sum of $400.00 to him in hand paid by the said Gabriel Choat, land in Robertson County, on waters of Red River bounded as follows:  To wit, ... etc... 223  acres.  Part of a tract of land originally granted by the State of North Carolina to ____ SANDERS and said tract being conveyed to said Edward Choat,  dec'd, by Obediah BOUNDS by deed dated 10 August 1810. Proved 1 August 1836.  W. Seal.             Voluntine Simmons (Seal)" My best regards, Janet Hunter -- Descendant of Lucinda Choate and Henry Bird, children of Powhatan Choate and Winney Haley, AND John Bird and Nancy Couts -- via their daughter CASSELIA (Cassy) who married William Michael Marsh.
From: <>To: <>Subject: Re: [BIRD-L] Armstrong, Empson, Simmons, Choate (Bird) -- Robertson Co TN


simple in whereof the said Jacob Brown, John Rule, Francis Byrd, John Pike,  James Pike, Elizabeth Byrd and Thomas Byrd have hereunto Set their hand, and Seals this Day and Year above written. Sealed ,Signed and Delivered  Jacob Brown {Seal} I the presence of his John Choat Francis Byrd {Seal}William Pike  mark John Byrd  John Pike     {Seal} James Pike     {Seal}    Elizabeth Byrd  {Seal}   Thomas Byrd {Seal} Robertson Count Court July Term 1809ThisDeed was proven in open Court by the oaths of John Choat & John Byrd and ordered to be Registered.   Test   Thomas Johnson  CRC Byrd9.doc Again note the names of John Choat, Valentine Choat The land involved was sold to Thomas Byrd d. 1805 in Sumner Co., Tn., from  the same source as the property that William Byrd d. 1809 purchased. So after this e-mail and the last about William Byrd, I hope the group can  see a little clearer how William and Thomas seem to tie together. A son of Thomas was Francis Byrd. So again, the name Francis keeps coming up,  and I wonder if his namesake is not a Francis Byrd, Sr., his grandfather, and that Francis, Sr. may be the father of William d. 1809, Thomas d. 1805, and Francis d. 1797.Larry

From:  Subject: family history --Hi,  Kenon Neal (Scanlan) (my sister in law) email us about your family history site.  We thought you might like our family history also since my husband is a descendant.  We are very much into family history.  My husband's grandmother Marcia Scanlan (Laughlin) wrote hundreds of letters to relatives gathering family history on the Bird side of family.  We have two large boxes of those letters including a box that she actually compiled the family lineages.  Let us know if we can help you out and we will try to do so. My Husband: Jason Glenn Scanlan  His family tree is :Father:  James Edward Scanlan   Mother: Maisie Kay   

Children:1.  Kenon              Children:
                                                                                                 1.  Joseph Christopher Neal
                                                                                                 2.  Jacob Neal
                                                                                                 3.  Jaycie Christine Neal
                                                                                                 4.  Jennifer Kay Neal
                           2.  Stacey Lynn 
                           3.  Jason Glenn Married:  Wendy Michelle   Children:1. Tanner James Scanlan      2. Emily Lou Scanlan    3. Riley Clay Scanlan
My husband (Jason Scanlan) 's paternal grandmother was Marcia Emilita Laughlin;  Marcia E. Laughlin's Parents:  Benjamin Riley Laughlin and Percy Florence Jones     Benjamin Riley Laughlin's Parents:  Robert Wright Laughlin and FRANCIS EMMA BIRD Let me know if you need their dates and more information.  I have some.   Marcia has a large amount of information on the Bird side of the family.  Sincerely,  Wendy Scanlan

From: "Susan McIntyre" < To: <> Subject: [VALOUDOU-L] William
Wright & Jane Caldwell Hello again Bronwen, Sue & now Valerie, What I have in my data base on William Wright & Jane 
Caldwell is the following --William Wright - son of Anthony Wright and Martha Mead married Jane Caldwell about 1790
 (based on their first known child being born 1791 - they had 5 children at the time of their death per two chancery files 
naming the surviving heirs) Jane Caldwell is thought to be the child of Moses Caldwell & Sarah based on the following 
documents supplied by Lois Masters' hard work at her library --"FHL032308: Loudoun Co. Virginia Deed Book W289: 8 
Feb. 1796: Moses Caldwell and Sarah his wife of Loudoun co. VA to William Wright of Loudoun Co. VA Moses Caldwell 
by his last will and testament did devise unto his daughter Jane who has intermarried with William Wright - land purchased 
by Moses Caldwell of Joseph McGeath; bordered line of George Gregg, Andrew Brown, John Hough Jr. Original survey of 
Richard Wood.  Moses Caldwell received part of this land by will and testament of Joseph Caldwell, his father.  Recorded
 8 Feb. 1804" Lois Masters also very generously transcribed several (condensed) chancery court entries (1814, 1815, 1817
 & 1820) which cover the William & Jane Wright vs. Sarah Caldwell (administratrix of Moses Caldwell) issue but there is 
no mention of the family relationship between the two groups - do your documents state that Jane Wright and Moses
 Caldwell were siblings??At the death of Joseph Caldwell in 1793 he names two children - Moses and Jean (note - which 
could be another name for Jane and possibly the namesake for a daughter of Moses) - per the books "Index to Loudoun Co.
 VA Wills 1757-1850" by Louisa Skinner Hutchison & "Abstracts of Wills, Inventories and Administration Accounts of
 Loudoun Co., VA 1757-1800" by J. Estelle Stewart King. I had hoped that we had thoroughly covered the very confusing 
Wrights of Loudoun but they keep coming back to "haunt" us - perhaps we will discover some new information this time 
around as we have in the past. By the way - my connection is not through William Wright but through his brother Samuel 
Wright. Susan McIntyre 

Barbara Evans wrote: We have Sarah and Rebecca Wright, born in Loudoun County circa 1760. We are unable to connect. Father's name possibly William. They came to Lincoln Co. Kentucky at an early age. Sarah married Chrisly Couts and William Collins. Rebecca married Nathaniel Pearson. Sarah died circa 1812. Rebecca and William Collins families moved to Missouri...Any help?? Barb Couts Evans

Subject: Re: [VALOUDOU-L] William Wright & Jane Caldwell I checked my database and could not find any Sarah or Rebecca
 Wrights b. circa 1760 - may I ask how you determined they were born in Loudoun?  I 
checked the early will books in my collection and could not find Sarah or Rebecca by any of their surnames listed.  Nothing
 in the Guardian Accounts or the apprentices' book.  The early marriage book would not help since your Sarah & Rebecca
 married out of Loudoun.  Researching Wrights in Loudoun can get very confusing and I have not worked on them for quite
 a while.  In my group of Anthony Wright and his first wife Martha Mead and second wife Elizabeth Harper -  the only 
daughter listed in his will was Elizabeth b. 1760's (the rest were sons).  If this is any help the Wright/Rights/Rite/Write's 
listed in the Loudoun Co. VA tithables between 1758-1769 are - Abraham, Benjamin, George, Henry, Isaac, John and William 
Have you tried searching the Loudoun website and Sorry I could not have been of more help - good luck with your 
research, Susan McIntyre

From: <> To: <> Subject: Re: [BIRD-L] John Bird & Nancy Couts  Janet, just a quick reply here...going out of town for the day. I'm fairly certain that the James Bird who is a bondsman to your marriage of  Lucy Web to Gabriel Choate is THIS James Bird, b. 1764.  There is no other James Bird in Franklin County of the appropriate age to make the bond (that I've found).  He is my ancestor, through Mason Bird.  He's the same one who was  praying with Edward Choate for Wm. Logan during the court hearing in 1801.  FC Court Order Bk 1800-1805, p 93.  (I've found some connection with the Birds to Robert and Josiah Woods  family...not sure what.  On World Connect, I've also found where Barbara Baker is researching the Byrd and Logan family.  and, here she has Richard Byrd Jr.  married to Elizabeth Woods Buster--very interesting stuff.) James Bird, b. abt. 1764.  Likely son of Samuel Bird, Sr. b. abt. 1740,  possible son of John Bird, Sr., also b. abt. 1740.  He married Fanny Mason in 1787.
Children of this union: 

·         Mason Bird, b. 1785 (his first wife, Silvy Thacker, had a sister, Elizabeth. 

·         Elizabeth married Robert Webb in 1813 in Henry, VA.  Do you know how he fits in?) John Bird, b. 1786 (m. Nancy Class)

·         Samuel Bird, b. 1787 (m. Christina Ader--Nancy Class's half sister.  Lived for a time in Stokes, NC)

·         Sarah Bird, b. 1795 (m. John Kitterman)

·         Patrick Bird, b. 1798, m. in 1823 in Indiana, to Mary Catherine Whitaker

·         Poteet, b. 1805 in Ohio Co., KY. (Job Poteet being her step-father, and Mary

·         Ann Rice, b. TN, her mother.  Mary Ann Rice and Job Poteet married in Ohio County, KY in 1812).

·         James Bird Jr., b. 1802


This entire family left VA for Indiana before 1818. Note:  There are not as many Birds running around Franklin County, VA as first appears.  I'm sure that there are duplicate enumerations in the 1810 Census for William Bird and James Bird (even though the numbers don't match).  There are also no Birds/Byrds in Bedford County during the 1790 and 1800 PP Tax Lists,  with the exception of Luke in the 1800.  A lot of this info on Job Poteet, the Aders and Kittermans, came from Virginia
Perry, researcher. Later, Marla writes: Janet, I thought that you had already established who the parents of John Bird  (who married Nancy Couts) were???  Who do you think were the parents of  Lucy Webb? Marla
Hi Marla,  Re John Bird...Well we are pretty sure he married in Robertson or
> > Sumner Co. area.   So he is a grandson perhaps of Thomas T. died 1802 or so
> > in Robertson Co., a son of the John Bird who is the witness at the heirs sale
> > to Valentine Choate, or a son, maybe of Francis. Regarding Lucy, I don't know...except one of the Webbs in Franklin Co.  I  went through a will book for Stokes Co. NC that is part of a local FHC's  permanent film collection and found a Lucy, daughter of William Webb, d. 1800  or so, but someone else has claimed her (based on what I don't know).   I  made a quick stab on a very quick trip at the LVA for another family (Robertsons Brunswick/Lunenberg>Granville Co.) looking at the Franklin Co. films, but I couldn't figure out where the  correct "W's" were on the one that appeared to be probate files alphabetically, and I didn't have time to go  through the rest.   Problem is that her father could have also gone with them  to Robertson Co.  I HAVE gone through the Wills & Admins (only) books without luck. I really have not applied myself to the Franklin Co. films though. Now you said that the James Bird who shows up in the Stokes Co. marriage was  b. 1764 and Samuel is his son.   Do you know anything more about him? My best, Janet  If you have any questions you may reach me at

From: <> To: <> Subject: [TN_ROBERTSON] Joe Couts EDWARDS Obituary The following obituary appeared in the Nashville Tennessean on Saturday, 14 December 2002.  Joe Couts EDWARDS Greenbrier, TN Age 90 December 12, 2002  Died Thursday, December 12, 2002 at his home. Survived by wife, Lottie Wilson  Edwards; son, James Martin Edwards of Houston, TX; daughter, Shirley (James) Orand of Greenbrier; five grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren. Mr. Edwards was a Veteran of the Navy during World War II, a farmer, and retired  from J.C. Penny, and the Gospel Advocate Co. He was a member of the Green Ridge Church of


Christ. Funeral services will be conducted Sunday, December 15th, at 2 p.m., at the Robertson County Funeral Home in Springfield, with  burial to follow in the Coopertown Cemetery. The family will receive friends on Saturday from 4 until 8 p.m., and again on Sunday, beginning at 11 a.m. until service time. Memorials may be made to the Brazilian Mission Fund of Jackson Park Church of Christ or Northcrest Hospice. All donations may be sent c/o ROBERTSON COUNTY FUNERAL HOME, 2201 Memorial Blvd., Springfield, TN  37172; 615-384-0036.   
From: "June Castorena" <>Subject: Re: 20 Couts in website Thank you! June Castorena Tx 75773

From: "Shelley Cardiel"

Text Box: From: "Shelley Cardiel" <> Subject: RE: [COUTS] COUTS Family Photograph    Here is a copy of the photograph, I appreciate your help. Shelley From: "Shelley Cardiel" <> To: <> Subject: [COUTS] COUTS Family Photograph  I've "rescued" an old photograph album which includes a picture of Mell COUTS taken at the S.P. Forney Studio in Clarinda, Iowa.  I believe the photograph was taken sometime in the 1880's and that Mell appears to be in  her 40's at the time.  I am hoping to find her family and see that the photograph is returned.


If you  are a member of this family, or know someone who might be, please contact me. Thanks, Shelley        




Name:  Kenon Scanlan (Neal)  Email: Referred By: Just Surfed In Location: Gilbert Arizona Comments: This is great!!! You have all done a remarkable job. I have some other names to contribute on the Scanlan (Marcia Laughlin) line. The email system is not letting me email you so please email me with the info you need on each family member and I can get it to you. Thanks, Kenon Neal


Name:  Mark Kautz  Email: Referred By: Search Engine Location: Sacramento, CA Comments: Just around the corner from Ironstone Winery. Looking for any information about my grandparents. Michael and Amelia Kautz. Immigrated from Bolenian Russia (I think) around 1900.


Name:  Jim Kautz  Email: Referred By: Friend Location: Saskatchewan, Canada  Comments: none


Name:  Chuck Cloud  Email: Referred By: Search Engine Location: San Diego, CA  Comments: I am researching the murder of William Mc Alister. Ben Bookout, James Mc Coy and Samuel Osborne.


Name:  Wilma Mehan  Email: Referred By: Search Engine Location:  Comments: I am in awe at how extensive the chart is. My brother told me to check out (5)William A Byrd d Jan 1887, Culpornia Cullie Byrd Bird d. Jan 13, 1953. We believe she is our great-grandmother. She traveled from Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas. Her Daughter Lula Bell(Carpenter) Northington lived in Mississippi-Alabama. She died at an early age. Her sister Bertha lived in Birmingham, Alabama. Most of Culpornia's children lived in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and California. Her husband, John E.Carpenter's ancestors came to the US via Savanah, Ga.


Name:  Sandra L. Kautz (Moser)  Email: Referred By: Search Engine Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming Comments: My grandfather was Philip Henry Kautz. My great-grandfather was John Kautz. My father is PHILLIP Ray Kautz Sr. He was born and raised here. He is Still here!! 73 and going strong! I do have some questions about Philip Henry Kautz. He was married to Ralph Emersons sister. I believe he married her in McCook Nebraska. The marriage didn't last .. but I would like to have some info. on this. Does anyone know?? !! Ralph was the MC of the TV program = This is your life. Any info would be Great! I know there are still a lot of Kautzs in North Platte, Ne. I haven't met them yet... but I would like to! Thank you,  Sandy (Kautz) Moser

Name:  Tom Kouts  Email: Referred By: Just Surfed In Location: Eddyville, KY  Comments: Yet another Kouts family

Name:  Sarah Kautz  Email: Referred By: Search Engine Location: Fegus Falls MN Comments: Hello fellow Kautzes

Name:  Another Kouts Family  Email: Referred By: Search Engine Location: France-Israel Comments: My greatfather's name is Alexander Kouts and he is from Ukraina and he emigrated to Israel in the late 50's Is there any relation? To some…Barb

Name:  James V. Kautz  Email: Home Page: Dawn and James Kautz and Family  Referred By: Search Engine Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Comments: I'm sending this site to our own family historian... I'm sure he'll find it fascinating as his grandfather, Freidrich Kautz, emigrated from Russia to Canada in 1929.

Name:  Joyce E. Couts  Email:  Referred By: Search Engine Location: Comments:


From: To: Sent: Sunday, February 02, 2003 11:27 AM Subject: Early San Diego Descendants  Thought this might be of interest to your Cave Couts descendants.  The research workshop listed below is held in Old Town San Diego (California) and there is no charge to attend. The Old Town Descendants group has been doing these  research workshops for over 15 years.  Please pass this info on to those who might want to attend.  Old Town San Diego Descendants Research Workshop       Saturday  Feb 8, 2003      10:30 am   -  4:00pm      Old Town San Diego, Mc Coy House    Please join us for the first workshop of 2003.  Historical Research material, Family Group Charts and Historical Photo Collection will be available to view throughout the day.  No fee is required for this workshop. Come work on your genealogy and meet new cousins.    Hope to see you there



Re: Couts, Collins  Author: Connie Baker  Surnames: Barton, Forth, Collins, Birdsong  Classification: Query In Reply to: Re: Couts, Collins  by:  Barbara Couts Evans Do you know if Christine Collins husband, Leroy Barton was married to anyone before he married Christine? I am looking for the father of William Bavister Barton b. December 24, 1926 in Warren Co., Kentucky. His mother was Melinda (Forth) Birdsong. Leroy Barton's father was Babister Barton. Can you help me? Re: Couts, Collins Author: Barbara Couts Evans Surnames: COUTS, BARTON, COLLINS Classification: Query In Reply to: Re: Couts, Collins  by:  Connie Baker Sorry, I only have Christine as the wife of Leroy Barton. I have no William Bavister Barton, that I know. My Birdsongs are as follows: Descendants of Alexander Birdsong

1 Alexander Birdsong b: 1799 d: 1878
.. +Mariam B Anderson b: 1800 d: 1878
. 2 Laura Grasty Birdsong
. 2 Willism Anderson Birdsong d: 1878
. 2 Jesse Monroe Birdsong
. 2 John Easley Birdsong



COUTS/KOUTS/KAUTZ IN THE CIVIL WAR   Submitted  By Jack Childers, AKA INJack


Jack Childers is a dear friend, who researches in our other family line, the Childers Family.  His specialty is Civil War re-enactment, research, history, and his missing Childers.  Very innocently, I asked if there were any Couts/Kouts/Kautz who fought in the Civil War. Well, Jack gave us enough information for several newsletters!  This article is the first installment. 


INDIANA  152d Indiana Infantry - The following pertinent personal papers are in the Institute's Manuscript Archive: Clark, William - C W Misc Coll (Cpl's pension applications, affidavits & correspondence regarding pension, 1865-1958) Organized at Indianapolis, Ind., and mustered in March 16, 1865. Left State for Harper's Ferry, W. Va., March 18. Duty at Charleston, Stevenson's Station, Summit Point and Clarksburg, W. Va., till August. Mustered out August 30, 1865. Lost during service 49 by disease. Indianapolis, IN:  Samuel M. Douglass, 1866. UA43I61.See Vol 3, pp. 360-62 and Vol 7, pp. 593-607 (11 photocopied pages) for a unit roster.


DAVID COUTS 152nd Regiment,  Indiana Infantry ref.= USAMHI Ref Branch la Jan 90 Dyer, Frederick H.  A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion.  Vol. 2.  Dayton, OH: Morningside, 1979.  Ref. See p. 1158 (1 photocopied page) for a concise summary of the regiment's service. IN.  AGO.  Report...1861-1865.  8 vols. 


14TH TENNESSEE INFANTRY REGIMENT Organized June 6, 1861; reorganized April 26, 1862; paroled at Appomattox Courthouse April 9, 1865. FIELD OFFICERS

Colonel-William A. Forbes, William Mc-Comb, James W. Lockert.  Lieutenant Colonels-Milton G. Cholson, George A. Harrell, James W. Lockert.

Majors-Milton G. Gholson, Nathan Bran-don, G. A. Harrell, James W. Lockert, Nathan M. Morris, James Hickman Johnson.

CAPTAINS-William A. Forbes, George A. Harrell, William W. Thompson, Jasper A. Waggoner, Junius Kirnble, Co. "A". Men from Clarksville, Montgomery County.  Milton G. Gholson, William G. Russell, William J. Jennings, Howell H. Avrit, Co. "B". Men from Palmyra, Montgomery County.  Washington E. Lowe, A. C. Dale, James M. Dale, Co. "C". "The Pepper Guards." Men from Robertson County Hiram C. Buckner, Charles L. Martin, John W. Hagler, Co. "D". Men from Stewart County. Nathan Brandon, Clay Robertson, Nathan M. Morris, Richard C. Wilson, Co. "E". Men from Stewart County.  W. Lowe, Bruce L. Phillips, Co. "F". Men from Stewart County. This company disbanded May 23, 1863 and 32 men transferred to Co. "E".  Isaac Brunson, J. H. Johnson, Harry W. Bullock, Co. "G". Men from Montgomery County. Frank S. Beaumont, James J. Crusman, William S. Moore, Co. "H". Men from Clarksville, Montgomery County William P. Simmons, William S. Winfield, Co. "I". Men from Robertson County. James W. Lockert, Thad A. Bowling, John P. Brown, Co. "K". Men from Montgomery County.  E. Hewitt, John W. Mallory, Alexander F. Collins, Co. "L". Men from Montgomery County. Of the field officers, Colonel Forbes died September 2, 1862; Colonel McComb was appointed brigadier general January 20, 1865. Lieutenant Colonel Gholson resigned in October, 1861; Lieutenant Colonel Harrell died August 14, 1862. Major Brandon was not reelected at the reorganization; and Major Morris was retired to the Invalid Corps in August, 1864.

The eleven companies composing the regiment were organized during the month of May, 1861, and organized into a regiment at Camp Duncan, near Clarksville, on June 6, 1861. In a report dated March 31, 1864, at a camp near Orange Courthouse, Virginia, William McComb, then colonel commanding the regiment, gave the following history of its operations up to that time:

"The regiment was organized at Camp Duncan, Montgomery County, Tennessee, June 6, 1861; remained in camp of instruction until July 12, 1861, when we were ordered to Virginia, formed into a brigade with 1st (Maney's) and 7th Tennessee Regiments under Brigadier General Sam R. Anderson. Ordered to report to General Loring, Pocahontas County, Northwestern Virginia, General Lee commanding the department. On


September 5, we marched to Cheat Mountain, enduring great hardships. Returned to Middle Mountain. September 17. October 1 went to Greenbrier, remained there six weeks. November 7 went into winter quarters at Huntersville, Virginia. On December 10, marched to Winchester, arrived there December 27. On January 1, 1862, General T. J. Jackson took command of the department, and the army moved to Hancock, Maryland, where we had a slight skirmish with the enemy, a few men wounded. Then to Romney, Virginia, being there about ten days, when we were ordered back to Winchester, thence to Manassas Junction, where we took railroad to Fredericksburg, Virginia, where the regiment was placed in Major General Holmes' Division at Aquia Creek. Shortly afterwards, back to Fredericksburg, remaining there two weeks, then moved to Yorktown, joined command of General Joseph E. Johnston.

"On May 1, 1862, General Johnston commenced falling back to Richmond, the enemy following, and attacked him at West Point, the regiment being warmly engaged there on May 7, also at Echo on May 19, also a sharp engagement with the enemy at Bolton's Bridge May 24. The regiment was engaged at the Battle of Seven Pines, May 31-June 1, 1862, where we lost heavily. Our Brigadier General Robert Hatton was killed in this fight. General Archer took command of the brigade June 3, 1862.

"The regiment took a very active part in the Seven Days' fight before Richmond, where we suffered great loss. Adjutant R. C. Bell was mortally wounded at Gaines' Mill June 27, 1862, and died July 17, 1862.

"After the Richmond fights were decided, the division to which we were then attached, General A. P. Hill's, was ordered to Gordonsville and placed in (Stonewall) Jackson's Command, who marched from there and fought the Battle of Cedar Run on August 20, 1862. The regiment participated in this battle. Lieutenant Colonel G. A. Harrell was wounded and died at Charlottesville, Virginia a few days after.

"After resting the troops and making his plans, General Lee marched on the rear of Pope at Manassas, Jackson attacking him on the 27th, this regiment being engaged in each battle for four days. Colonel W. A. Forbes was mortally wounded August 31, died September 2 at a field hospital. Adjutant G. B. Hutcheson was wounded August 31. The regiment was engaged at Prospect Hill September 1, 1862, then marched to Frederick City, Maryland, then recrossed the Potomac at Williamsport, and took an active part in the battle at Harper's Ferry September 14-15. On 17th crossed back into Maryland, and was engaged in battle of Sharpsburg, Maryland, in which Colonel McComb (who took command on the death of Colonel Forbes) was seriously wounded.

"General Lee then crossed back to Virginia, and the regiment was engaged in the Battle of Shepherdstown, Virginia, September 21. Then fell back to Winchester, remaining there till November 22, 1862, when we marched to Fredericksburg, and the regiment was engaged in the Battle of Fredericksburg December 13, 1862.

"We then went into winter quarters at Gaines's Station, Virginia until April 27, 1863, when we were ordered to the front. Had some skirmishing and finally engaged the enemy at Chancellorsville, Virginia May 3, where Colonel McComb was seriously wounded again. The regiment returned to its old camp at Gaines's Station until June 1, when the army marched into Pennsylvania, where it was engaged in Battle of Gettysburg July 1-2-3, also at Falling Waters, Maryland July 14, and on our return from Maryland engaged the enemy at Gaines' Crossroads July 24.

"General Lee fell back to Orange Courthouse, remaining there till October 10, when he advanced on Meade. This regiment then engaged at Bristoe Station, Virginia October 13, after which we returned to Orange Court-house where we remained till November 26, when Meade crossed the Rapidan at Sommerville Ford. The regiment engaged the enemy at Mine Run November 27, afterward retiring to Orange Courthouse where we built winter quarters, and remained till December 14, when we were ordered to Staunton. Arrived there the 15th and marched to Buffalo Gap. After two days went back to Staunton, bivouacked four miles from there on Lexington Pike. The enemy making a demonstration from Winchester, we moved forward to reach them, and marched to Mount Crawford the first day. The next morning the regiment was ordered to the front. We engaged the enemy two miles from Mount Crawford, and drove them 25 miles. We then went back to Mount Jackson, remaining there two weeks, then returned to Staunton, Virginia. In a week were ordered to Harrisonburg, Virginia, put up winter quarters. On January 23, 1864, the following resolution was adopted unanimously; 'Whereas, having observed with mingled pride and gratification the noble steps taken by our brother Tennesseans in General Bate's Brigade, in initiating re-enlisting, emulating this noble example, and believing that nothing would sooner secure our independence and the blessings of an honorable peace, than by sustaining to our utmost the worthy President


and his noble Commander in Chief of the Army of Northern Virginia, therefore, resolved: that we, the officers and men of the 14th Tennessee Regiment, do hereby re-enlist for the war, pledging our lives and sacred honor so long as one man is left to bear our colors, or fire a shot, they shall float defiantly the face of an insolent foe. Thereby making this regiment the first to re-enlist in the Army Northern Virginia.

"On January 25, 1864 the regiment was ordered to Mount Jackson, Virginia, to protect the flanks of General Rosser, who with his cavalry command made a successful raid into Hardy County, Virginia. Then we returned Harrisonburg, remaining there till March 1, then we marched over the Blue Ridge to Charlottesville, thence to this camp four miles om Orange Courthouse.

"I would respectfully state that a great many men have been dropped from the rolls as deserters who were permanently disabled fromm wounds received in battle. They went home on furlough, and remained there, being in the enemy's lines they are unable to report, and do not consider it necessary to return to their command. (Signed) William McComb, Colonel."

During the year that remained, the 14th participated in the Battles of the Wilderness, May 5-7, 1864; Spottsylvania, May 12; Cold Harbor, June 1, and the siege of Petersburg. Colonel McComb was promoted to brigadier general in January, 1865, and Lieutenant Colonel James W. Lockert succeeded him as colonel of the 14th Regiment. On January 31, 1865 Captain William S. Winfield was reported in command of the 14th; on February 28, 1865, Major James H. Johnson was shown as commanding. It was actively engaged in the last battle fought on this front on April 2, 1865, and on April 9, 1865 was surrendered by Lee at Appomattox Courthouse. During all this time, and in fact throughout the whole war, the 14th Tennessee Regiment was in the same brigade with the 7th Tennessee Regiment. See the history of the 7th Tennessee for details as to brigade commanders, and brigade organizations. This service was in what was known as Tennessee Brigade. The third Tennessee regiment in this brigade was always the First Tennessee Regiment, but not always the same First. Until February, 1862 Maney's First Tennessee Volunteers was in the brigade, but when it was ordered back to Tennessee, it was succeeded by Turney's 1st Confederate Infantry sometimes called the 1st Tennessee Regiment, Provisional Army, Confederate States of America. At various times other regiments were attached to the brigade, but the three Tennessee regiments were always there.


GEORGE A. COUTS   14 Tennessee Infantry.  Co H    CSA Private  Film Number M231 roll 10- national archives

USAMHI RefBranch laf Jul 96 14th Tennessee Infantry

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A LEGACY OF MYSTERY      George W. Osborne alias George Andrew Cloud


Subject: Re: The murder of William Mc Alister  Submitted by Chuck Cloud    Osborne and Bookout Families     From: ccloudjr  Chuck also sent us enough information for several newsletters! Thanks, Chuck.  This paragraph is an introduction, with the beginnings of the Osborne line.




   The first 25-30 years of his life, he was George W. OSBORNE, son of Hiram and Nancy Osborne, born in Greenville, Green County, Tennessee, 22 June l839-42, living in Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama.  For the last 64 years of his life, he was George ANDREW CLOUD, Pope County farmer, Methodist preacher, husband and father of ten or possibly eleven children.

   His many descendants are left with a legacy of admiration, respect and a MYSTERY. Why did he change his name and at times the year of his birth?    He received mail under both names, his alias was no secret and both names are on his death certificate.  The mystery remains, WHY?

  The following information was obtained from letters to George from his brother Thomas, his sister Mary, a friend, military records, federal census, county and personal records

Descendants of James Osborne


Generation No. 1

1.  JAMES1 OSBORNE was born 1671 in Warwick Co., England.  He married MARY ANN JANE CARTER Bef. 1697 in England.


Children of JAMES OSBORNE and MARY CARTER are:

2.                i.    JONATHAN2 OSBORNE, b. March 27, 1697, Warwickshire, England.

                  ii.    FRANCES OSBORNE, b. Abt. 1694.

                 iii.    WILLIAM OSBORNE, b. Abt. 1695.

                iv.            EPHRIAM OSBORNE, b. Abt. 1696.



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