CALIFORNIA'S COUTS COUSINS VOLUME 9 November December January NUMBER 1 2003 - 2004 A Quarterly Newsletter for the Descendants of the Couts Family #30 WELCOME- It is the goal of this newsletter to create interest in and share the research for the Couts (pronounced Koutz) and Allied Family genealogy. It can only be written with the cooperation of each family member. We encourage each of you to send in your family group sheets and enter data as far back as you can find. The information that you find within its covers will be as "true" as we can prove. We gladly accept articles, photos, genealogy lines, and family stories. EMAIL- From: Richard Averett It has been too long since I have written, but now that I need a favor I'll take the time. My mother (now 88) has been giving things away as she says she is too cluttered with odds and ends. One jewell she passed to me is a small photograph mounted on black papaer. She wrote "Nan Couts, Uncle Doc" mother across the top. Could you identify her for me?By the way, I spent days researching and found so much material that I could not tie to anyone I finally hired last week a professional researcher. Sunday he showed me what he had found in one week. If it connects and is provable it will be worth every cent! Elaine and I are getting Guarani interpreters ready for the LDS Genral Conference this coming weekend. I just finished the Guide and the Spanish Noun list for the soon-to-be published-LDS Bible in Spanish. Hope to hear from you and soon ! be able to share information with you--for a change. Rich Averett From: Larry Harris Sent: Tuesday, October 28, 2003 5:02 PM Hi Everyone, I just wanted to email everyone I knew that has conversed and been helped by my cousin, Paul Dafft. Pauls wife, Lorrain, passed away at 12:30 today. Paul worshipped her, and I am sure, is devastated. Some of you may already know, and others may not. I am sure that he would love to hear from you. Thanks, Larry Harris Our Deepest Condolences, Paul… Subject: Couts Records in TN From: "Charlotte Coats" Hi, here are some Couts records I've found in TN...any of these yours? We also have a DNA project started and would love you have you participate in it with us... coatsfar/coatsarchive/dna.htm I gather Coots/Couts/Coats records, because I think they've been confused in the spelling in those early days....:) I am also particularly interested in the Stark line you have...that Ann Coats that married William Stark, she is the daughter of William Coats on Kings Creek in SC, it is her brothers we believe that are in TN i.e. Robertson County TN, Barton Coats and Bedford County TN, Wilson Coats m to Caty Ryle This line has been connected to my William Coats in Smith County TN, however, if the Couts in Robertson County TN are really Coates, then this may not be the case, they could be related to this Ann Coats as well... except there is a John Couts there and the name John doesn't seem to run in that family....and I think the John Couts and Wm Couts (Coats) of Robertson County TN might very well be brothers...Charlotte Coats WE HAVE NO PROOF OF A WILLIAM COUTS Subject: Couts TN From: "Charlotte Coats" Hi...well, I'm soooo confused....:) In this album is a group of Records wills for Couts out of Robertson County TN...The interesting thing is that William Couts married a Nancy I have a William Coats married to a Nancy as well...I knew they are not the same William and Nancy since mine went to Callaway County MO from TN, her father was Sylvester Baker also from NC/TN to MO...The problem is in the Robertson County TN deed record index there is a William Coats that sells land to a John Baker, now in the transcribed record the name is spelled Couts Also in MO in 1849 my Nancy Baker receives an estate gift from a John Baker of TN... but I didn't find any John Baker that died in Robertson County TN around 1849...Problem is that William Coats to John Baker deed has been used to place my William Coats in Robertson County TN as early as TN records I don't think are that clear... to say the least... So I'm just wondering if you know anything about this Couts family in Robertson County TN...Also, would any of you be interested in our DNA project details at: 1 coatsfar/coatsarchive/dna.htm Thanks...Charlotte Coats and I'm sure it's Coats....:) Subject: Re: Couts TN From: "Charlotte Coats" Thank you!! Yep those Coats from So Carolina...that's the ones we're chasing....:) We have about 4 or 5 different lines coming out of SC, none related....:) That whole TN area is a bit the Robertson County TN court records, the lady who transcribed them used the name Coats throughout...but the WPA deed records uses Couts....:) Can not thank you stay in touch...and if you're interested in our DNA project or starting one of your own...let me know...:) Charotte Coats descendent of Rev William Coats, just don't know who his parents are....:) Name: Angela Jeanette Couts Allison E-Mail: ajallison16@hotmail. com Location: Brasilia, Brazil Comments: Daughter of Paul Jerome Couts (son of Joseph Justin Couts son of Charles DeBeers Couts moved to Van Wert, OH from Newcomerstown, OH) Subject: Re: Guestbook From: Norma J. Koutz Wallace Barb - Guess I'm looking for Koutzes and their offshoots from the Baltimore, Maryland area. My father was Fleetwood Raymond Koutz, Sr., son of William Andrew and Barbara Himmer Koutz. Thanks. Norma Subject: Judge Joseph Carter Stark and the masons From: Margaret H. Smith Hello! I just found your biography of Judge Stark on the web. Thank you. You questioned whether he was a mason. I can tell you the following: · My mother had a family story about Judge Stark and the Union Army which required that Judge Stark be a mason. · I am not sure if there is a connection between the Knights Templar and the masons. However, I have one of my great grandfather's (George Beaumont Davison) copy of "Tennessee Templars, A Register of Names with Biographical Sketches of the Knights Templar of Tennessee, and Brief Histories of the Grand and Subordinate Commandries" by James Daniel Richardson. Published by Robert H. Howell & Co. in Nashville in 1883. In this book there is the following entry: STARK, JOSEPH CARTER Lawyer Born in Sumner county, December 29, 1817 Knights Templar, Nashville Commandery 1, December 23, 1853. Was State Senator Tennessee Legislature in 1851-2; Circuit Judge of 10th Judicial Circuit. Address: Springfield Margaret Elizabeth Heinsohn Smith daughter of: Margaret Elizabeth Stark Heinsohn daughter of: Joseph Carter Stark son of: John Lee Stark son of: Judge Joseph Carter Stark. Subject: [TNSUMNER] Choat Family From: To: Will the person seeking information on the Choats Family .. Please contact me at HOGSNOSE72@AOL.COM Subject: Stark family From: Revis Leonard Just saw your site. I haven't done much genealogy lately...but I descend from Mary Pennington Stark, dau. of Jeremiah Stark and Mary King. Mary Pennington Stark m. Thomas Oliver...1 daughter was Susan Frances Oliver m. Moncier Nowell Musgrove, Jr. I descend down thrugh the Musgrove line to the Stuart's of MS and TX. Revis Cauble Leonard, Texas Subject: Re: Stark family From: Revis Leonard Sure, you can add it to your lines and I can send you any more info you need. Did you know that the Ruth King who married Thomas Stark was a sister to my Mary King that married Jeremiah Stark? They were the daughters of Capt. Charles King and Charity Pennington. I think I made a mistake on the first bit of info I sent you in how I descend. I left out Mary Emily Oliver Yates. I descend from: Mary King and Jeremiah Stark..... Mary Pennington Stark m. Thomas Oliver (they were of SC and went to AL).....Mary Emily Oliver (d. AL) m. Darling Barber Yates (AL/MS).... Susan Francis (Frances) Yates m. Moncier Nowell Musgrove, Jr. (b. SC/MS/TX).....Nancy Emma Musgrove m. James Monroe Stuart (MS/OK/TX)....Jefferson Davis Stuart (TX) m. Mamie Teel (OK/TX) ....Eva Nell Stuart m. John Aubra T. Dennis (TX). ...Aubry Nell Dennis m. Kiefer Cauble (TX)....Revis Nell Cauble m. 1st Brian Scott Bookout, 2nd Thomas Scott Leonard (TX) For years, the Yates family had Mary Stark that m. Thomas Oliver as being out of the Richard Stark line....his Mary Stark had the same birthdate year as ours, but she died as a child and never married, and the Yates family kept saying they descended from the line of Pocahantas. I did a LOT of research and found our Mary Stark that m. Thomas Oliver and her real name was Mary Pennington Stark. I made some of the Yates kin out of Neshoba Co., MS upset and I am sorry for that. I messed up the Pocahantas wanna-bee descendants. I merely started back with each generation trying to prove what was found and I wanted to know if that was true or not. And I found her as the daughter of Jeremiah Stark and Mary King Stark. Records of other researchers in the Stark family showed this was the Mary that m. Thomas Oliver. My Moncier Nowell Musgrove, Jr. (a/k/ Major), was the son of M.N. Musgrove, Sr., son of Edward Beaks Musgrove, son of Edward Musgrove of Musgrove's Mill, SC, site of a Revolutionary Battle. Moncier Jr's mother was Nancy Cooksey. The Cooksey's were family and millers at Musgrove's Mill. The Stuart's of MS are the line that country-singer Marty Stuart comes out of. I go to MS to family reunions at his place every other year or so. Thomas Oliver was a wheelwright and potter. They had gone to AL and Mary Pennington Stark Oliver died. We only recently found out where she was buried in AL. None of my family knew for sure where she was buried. I do have that info at home now. Thomas Oliver and sons, etc. moved on to go to Texas. They stopped on the banks of the Pearl River around Neshoba Co., MS and saw the "red" clay dirt. That's where they stayed. Thomas Oliver remarried and is buried in his 2nd wife's family cemetery; but that cemetery is long gone...grown up in the MS brush near the river. The old Musgrove Family Cemetery is still out from Philadelphia, MS near their old home place, now owned by a Mrs. Hobby. I have been there several times. The man that kept it up died a few years ago and the cemetery is just being overgrown. I wish I lived closer and could help clean it up. ! M.N. Musgrove, Jr. and family and his daughter who married the Stuart came to Ratcliff, Houston Co., TX in 1890 under "suspicious" circumstances. They fled their home near Arlington, Neshoba Co., MS in the middle of the night and left some man dead in their house. Stuart family members found the house empty and the dead man the next morning. Nobody knows the true story. One of the Musgrove girls...maybe a sister to M.N., Jr., was married to the owner of the newspaper's family....nothing is ever written about this incident in the paper there...kind of hush-hushed. My gr-gr-grandfather, James Monroe Stuart, and Nancy Emma Musgrove Stuart, left Houston Co., TX and headed up towards OK. She died in OK and left him with 3 small children. Some friends had settled at Fisher Co., TX and he went there and stayed out his life. My family never heard the story about the dead man in MS until a few years ago and Stuart's in MS told! them this story at family reunions. I was raised at Roby, Fisher Co., TX. Stuart's, Terry's, and Moore's of that area are all from the 2 daughters and son of James Monroe Stuart and Emma (as she was called) Musgrove. Revis Cauble Leonard Subject: [COUTS] Listowner Post - ROLL CALL!! From: "Carol C-H" It is time for another Roll Call on this list - let's try to find some cousins and ancestors! Please send a post to the list about your ancestors with this surname - be sure to include information about when and where they lived. Maybe others on the list will have your ancestors in our data, and can help you! Be sure to include the dates and locations for your ancestors. Just reply to this post - I have changed the list settings so that your reply will automatically go to the list. Carol C-H To: Subject: Re: [COUTS] Couts/Coats From: "Charlotte Coats"> surname is Coats out of SC, TN and MO but in some records the name has been either confused with or mistranscribed as you can see in the original records the *u* could easily have been closed or the *a* left open... We're trying to sort it all out....:) and would like to invite any males with a variation name to join our Coats, Coate, Coates DNA Project. http://www.rootsquest. com/~coatsfar/coatsarchive/dna.htm Thanks... Charlotte Subject: Re: [COUTS] Listowner Post - ROLL CALL!!From: "Jessica Hacken" John Couts b. abt 1764 Keig, Aberdeen, Scotland, m. Barbara Webster, d. 5 Mar 1851 Keig, Aberdeen 1. John Couts c. 3 Jul 1807 Keig, Aberdeen, m. Mary Melven 12 Jul 1852 in Keig, d. 17 Jan 1881 Kenmay, Aberdeen 2. James Couts c. 7 May 1809 Keig, Aberdeen 3. Alexander Couts c. 2 Aug 1811 Keig, Aberdeen, m. 2 Sep 1841 Eliz. Epperson in Cedar Co., Iowa, d. 8 Aug 1900 South Dakota 4. *Barbara Couts c. 3 Jun 1813 Keig, Aberdeen, m. 6 Sep 1836 Archibald Law in Tough, Aberdeen, d. 9 Jan 1852 Alford, Aberdeen 5. Jean Couts c. 1 Aug 1816 Keig, Aberdeen, m. bef 1851 Alexander Thomson, moved to US 6. Ann Couts c. 3 Jun 1821 Keig, Aberdeen, m. 2 May 1854 Alexander Chapell in Cedar Co., Iowa, d.Tipton, Cedar Co., Iowa Barbara Couts is my 4th great-grandmother. Any information on her parents John Couts and Barbara Webster would be appreciated. I also have John Couts Sr.'s inventory at death, if anyone is interested. Jessica Hacken Subject: [COUTS] COUTS - BOWNE marriage From: "Gregory Bowne" I would like info on a COUTS marrying a BOWNE thanks for any info Audrey Bowne Seattle Subject: [COUTS] Couts- who married Borst- Upper Sandusky, Ohio/Kenton, Ohio/ Lima, Ohio From: Subject: Re: Rhoda From: Angela Owens Thank you so much for the information! It is going to take me a while to get through it. Here is the information I have on Rhoda. Rhoda Fleener was born February 13, 1841 in Gibson County, IN and died September 1878 in Gibson County, IN. She married William Wilson (born September 26, 1821 in IL and died November 9, 1901 in Gibson County, IN) on May 13, 1860 in Gibson County, IN. Children: Cordelia Wilson b: April 11, 1861, John Thomas Wilson b: August 1863, William Franklin Wilson b: Nov 5, 1865, Luther Thomas Wilson b: Feb 10, 1866, Andrew Wilson b: June 16, 1868, Mary Elizabeth Wilson b: Sept 1869, James Wilson b: Sept 29, 1872, and Charles Wilson b: 1874, all in Gibson Co. IN. Andrew Wilson (my great-grandfather) married Alametta Bella Davis (born Feb 22, 1872 in Pike Co. IN and died Dec 13, 1931 in Gibson Co. IN) on Augus 30, 1891 in Pike Co. IN. Children: Ada Wilson b: Dec 19, 1892, Rosa Wilson b: Aug 1894, John Curtis Wilson b: Jan 3, 1900, Ida Wilson, b May 2, 1901, Charlie M. Wilson b: Jan 4, 1904, and Eddie Ivan Wilson b: Sept 20, 1907, all in Gibson Co. IN. Eddie Ivan Wilson (my grandfather) changed his name to Ivan Eddie Wilson. He married Martha Froese (born Dec. 8, 1906 in Germany and died June 15, 1989 in Owensboro, Daviess Co. KY). Only Child: James Lee Wilson (my living father) b Sept 14, 1937 married Iris Joan Hamilton (living- b June 24, 1940) on December 31, 1957 Subject: Re: new info From: Janice Couts So were you raised in Texas, Kansas, Washington, or Missouri? Our "branch" all live Texas. I will try to e-mail you that story that I have this weekend. My mother-in-law has tons of stories. Do you also put birthdates on your family tree? Have a good weekend. Janice Subject: Re: new info From: Janice Couts Barb, I went home last night and went over the info we have in our Bible. Here is what I have that will update or add to the info you have. Pampa is spelled without an "s" on the end. C.P. Couts and Eva Elmira Davis (and her date of death that I have is Feb 18, 1972) had 2 children: William Edward Couts Sr. Gwendolyn Aillen +Alvis Tabor Ronald Edward, Kenneth Lynn, Carroll Perry, Eva Alvene, Michael Eugene b. 09/30/60 d. 10/01/60 Charlotte Ann Couts should be Charlet Ann Couts Jenny Lee Couts and Brandon Standerfer have two girls, Aston is the oldest Julie Lynnett Couts is now married to Kevin Cheshire and has two girls (one is named Cameron) Also Marilyn Sue Couts and William Bridges oldest daughter is Shauna Eilene Subject: new info From: Janice Couts Hi, I am Janice Couts, wife of William "Bill" Edward Couts, Jr. Bill divorced Janet Lou Scott in 1991. We were married in 1993. Holly Renae his daughter has two girls Destiny Rae Mears and Delaney Renee Mears. I will read more of the info you have here on-line and let you know. I have a lot of info at home about the Couts family. Thanks, Janice Couts Charles Wayne is really Charley Wayne Couts and he divorced Elaine and married Kayla (don't know her last name) I will be sending more info later. Janice Clinton Paul Couts divorced Deborah and is now married to Gay-Lynn Jones Jannice should be spelled Janeice Ilene Couts Jenna is the oldest and she is married to Shawn Myers Subject: Couch, etc .From: "Joyce H. Reeves" Hi, I would like to correspond with you about the Couch family of Augusta Co VA ca 1760's plus. If you are still at this e-mail address, would you let me know? I tried another one without success. Thanks. Joyce House-Reeves Oklahoma City Subject: Couts family tree From: Carl Anderson Hello: I was checking on a Cleona Braden and Conrad Braden ( Page 34 Line 8.87 saved in word perfect and opened there) and ran across your web page. In doing so I possibly ran across some of my own relatives I didn't know about. near the top there is a ELIZABETH COUTS MARRIED JOSHUA ANDERSON (Mr Anderson died in Arkansas 1839) I understand My Grandfather William Cicero Anderson migrated to Arkansas From Tennessee then to Missouri Died at Berryman Missouri. I heard my Father Elijah William Anderson talk a lot about an Uncle by the name of John Anderson. I was thinking maybe the William Anderson you have listed as Joshua Jr. Anderson could be my grandfather making Joshua my great grandfather. If you think this is so let me know Carl James Anderson 60 years old Ironton Missouri Subject: Obit. From: Carl Anderson I have an Obituary of a Cleola Braden. That is listed in your family tree. Her maiden name was Braden and She married a Conrad Braden I have her listed somewhere about the 138 line. She and I pastured churches in towns 8 mile apart. One Of the reason I am interested in your family tree is you have a William Anderson listed around t he late 1800 That could be my Great Grandfather who had a son by the name of William and John which you have listed. If we could make the connection I have close to 500 names listed in my family tree maker. So if you have anymore information on you William Anderson let me know. Mr. Anderson died around 1908 or 9 in Berryman Mo. of Washington or Crowford county. If you are interested in the Obituary I could scan and send you a copy. Mr. Conrad and his only son Barry live in Warsaw Mo. Carl Subject: [BARTON] Re: Bavester Barton, Berry "Greenberry" Barton, Wade H. From: This is a Message Board Post that is gatewayed to this mailing list. Classification: Query Message Board URL: exec/msg/an/xZC.2ACIB/1886.1 Message Board Post: We are related through Bavester and son Greenberry Barton. Greenberry's son Leroy Jackson Barton in Weiser, Idaho was my husband's grandfather. Leroy's son John Westwood Barton of Weiser, ID and Mpls., MN was my dec'd husband, Roger Wesley Barton's father. Hope this is clear. Wondering where your line resided? Mary Ruth Barton Subject: [COUTS] Couts of Upper Sandusky, Kenton, Marion Ohio and of Detroit From: I have some further updates- and need any information on this branch-\John A. Couts born in Ohio married Mary Borst born 1840 in Lancaster Pa area died in Upper Sandusky. Their children were Anna I. Couts born 1862 married F. B. Schultz, Ulysses Grant Couts born April 02, 1865 in Upper Sandusky, Ohio died January 1915 in Marion, Ohio. He was a Baptist. His wife was Ella Myers daughter of Michael Myers. Their children were a daughter (name unknown) who married George Heath; Gladys Couts who married and Unknown Ruppert; Mildred Couts; Harold Couts; Homer Couts - listed in Marion, Ohio, Neil Couts listed in Detroit, Michigan. Next child of John A. Couts and Mary Borst was Ralph v. Couts born 1869- listed in 1915 in Kenton. Any information on this line would be most appreciated. Kathy Ochs Mary Borst is a sister to my great-grandmother. I have a portrait of Mary's sister Fannie when she was about 18. She was born in 1839 so this is really a great treasure to have. Looking for family of Mary Borst born 1840 in Pa died in Upper Sandusky, Ohio who married John A. Couts. Their children were Anna I. Couts born 1862, Grant Couts born 1865 & Ralph V. Couts born 1860. Mary's sister Francis (Fannie) Borst was my great-great-grandmother. Kathy Ochs GEORGE HENRY COUTS - THE 6TH GENERATION By Janice Couts and Wilford H. Couts Jr. wbcouts@aol Please note that this title continues the convention described in references (1) and (2). This assumes that Dietrich (Kautz?) Couts is our first ancestor. This is patently absurd and we hope that new research by the readers will render this assumption obsolete. Henry's parents were described in reference (1). James Monroe and Mary Elizabeth (Connor) Couts lived most of their life in Monroe Township, Pike County, Indiana. James Monroe farmed, carpentered, and brick masoned while Mary Elizabeth managed the house and their nine children. George Henry was born on 23 November l905 into a family that already had 6 boys and 1 girl. One more girl ( Edith Mariah) was destined to be born in l907 to complete the family of parents, seven boys, and two girls. Throughout his life (at least all that we nephews and nieces know about) he was called Henry and that will be his name in this brief history. The James Couts family home was a farmhouse in an area subsequently called Enosville, Fig. 1., because the tipple of the Enos Coal Co. mine was built in 1920 only about 300 yards from the Couts farm. Henry, like the rest of his siblings, started to school at the Simtown School in Simtown (modern name Coe) in 1912 when he was 6 ½. He walked 1 ½ mile to a two room school (4 grades each room). He passed by the home of his Uncle George Couts on the way. His teacher was Iva Jane McQuary and he learned to read using the famed McGuffey readers. With four grades in a room, a student frequently was supposed to be studying at his desk while others recited. While the girls were being taught to sew, Henry was listening and watching. Using string, he tatted a pillowcase trim as a present to his Mother. She later gave it to his wife and she has it still. After completing elementary, Henry entered high school at Spurgeon, IN. Spurgeon was about three miles from the family home. About one mile from home, the children walked by the farm of their uncle, Tom Connor. Henry's sister Edith has told us that frequently they would catch rides. It was a small local highway but almost everyone who passed knew who the kids were. Fig. 2 shows all of the children in the family in a photograph probably taken in late 1917 when Henry was 12 years old. He is second from the left. He continued in high school at Spurgeon for three years studying math, English, Latin, and geography. For his final year, he switched to Winslow High School and graduated from there with a diploma dated 25 April 1924. Winslow was eight miles from the family home but Henry had two motivations for this switch. One, Winslow was a larger and a state-accredited high school and, at that time, Spurgeon wasn't. Two, Winslow had a crackerjack basketball team and Henry loved all sports. Upon graduation, Henry was offered a Rector academic scholarship to attend DePauw University in Greencastle, IN but he declined it. His reasons were that he would have to live away from home and also he was playing independent basketball with a local team. Henry attended Oakland City College in Oakland City, IN for four years and graduated in 1928 with a B.A. in Education. He had worked two summers at the coal mine at Enosville. Each fall the Superintendent encouraged him to quit and return to school. And the last summer he worked with a gang doing the initial construction of U.S. Highway 41 in the vicinity of Ft. Branch, IN. At school he had participated in football, track, basketball, and baseball. Fig. 3 shows him in the 1927 college annual. He was going with a young lady, Helen Grubb, who lived across the street from Oakland City College and who graduated the same year with a degree in Music Education. Of course there were no funds in the family for a car for Henry . Oakland City was about the same distance from the Couts' farm as was Winslow ( 8 miles) but the shortest route to Oakland City was along the railroad spur from the main line near Oakland City to the Enosville tipple. Liability laws in those days were far different than now and the engineers would usually offer a ride in the locomotive cab. They all knew him because one brother, John, worked at the mine. Henry and Helen were married in December 1928 at Louisville, IL. At this time, Henry was teaching at Sidney, IL and Helen was teaching at Winslow, IN. The following year, 1929, they moved to Illinois and both taught at St. Joseph (just east of Champaign-Urbana). Henry taught mathematics, coached basketball, and was scoutmaster for the local troop (36 boys). One school year in the early 30's, Henry left and drove to Tonopah, Nevada where he taught and coached. It isn't known whether there was some contact with an Oakland City College alumnus but there probably was. This continued a tradition of some wanderlust by his older brothers. Wilford had spent a year teaching at Adena, Ohio and Cecil a year at Mexico, Missouri. While Henry was gone, Helen continued teaching at St. Joseph. When he returned, he brought several pieces of turquoise which he said were part of his pay. Several brooches and necklaces were fabricated from these pieces and still remain in the family. In 1934, Henry and Helen moved to the Grayville, IL area where they built a new home and both were teaching and he was coaching. But the conflict in Europe touched them. A peacetime draft was passed in 1940. Henry was almost at the age limit required to register but his number was about the first to be called. He reported for duty in the U.S. Army on 13 Feb 1941. After Basic Training, he was given medical x-ray training. He was assigned to the Expeditionary Force sent to Iceland and arrived on 16 Sep 1941. This was a front line post for the U.S. because the Nazis had captured Denmark and Norway. Henry took some tests, passed, and was detached to attend Engineering Officers Candidate School at Ft. Belvoir, VA. He departed Iceland on 27 May 1942. But Ft. Belvoir was not to happen. The ship, the S.S. Cherokee, was about 75 miles off shore from Nova Scotia and Newfoundland when it was torpedoed and sunk on 16 June 1942. Helen still has the life jacket that supported him in the water. The life raft they were clinging to was in the cold water for about a day before a rescue ship appeared and picked up the few remaining survivors. He spent the next two and a half years recuperating at Nichols General Hospital, Louisville, KY. He was awarded the Purple Heart Medal but he had problems for the rest of his life with poor circulation in his legs due to the long frigid immersion . While at Nichols, he participated in some War Bond campaigns and Fig. 4 shows him speaking about his experience at one of these. He was discharged for physical disability on 9 Nov 1944. Helen was teaching in Mackey, IN during Henry's service. She switched to the Oakland City system for the 1944-45 school year during which Henry was discharged and looking for a job he could physically perform. They moved to Evansville where Henry found a desk job at Servel Corp. Servel was making wing assemblies for the P-47 Thunderbolt fighters at the Evansville plant of Republic Avn. (now Whirlpool's plant). This continued for about a year after the war as Servel switched back to gas refrigerators. Then he was Deputy Controller for the Evansville, IN Water Dept. for four years. Henry was still interested in sports and participated in bowling and golf although he was no longer able to play basketball. About 1950-51, Henry returned to teaching (but not coaching). He taught at Patoka, IN one year and then at Chrisney, IN until he retired in 1970. Helen was teaching at the Emma Roach School (later Cedar Hall) from 1945 to 1970 when she too retired. They traveled and took several tours. When the tour group would go walking, Henry would stay on the bus with the driver. He became interested in and participated with the Hadi Temple Oriental Band of the Shriners, usually parading on a truck bed. He died on 13 April 1981 at the age of 75 and is buried at Montgomery Cemetery, Oakland City, IN with many others of the Couts family. He is well remembered by all the remaining family for the variety of his interests and his good humor on all occasions. Henry is a perfect example of the 6th generation. His life was affected by the Great Depression and World War II. All previous generations were farmers. Of his generation, none of the boys became farmers. The magnitude of change from 100% to 0% was probably inflated by reason of the coal company turning most of Pike County into spoil banks but it was a trend reflecting all of America during the mid-20th century. Despite an education in tiny schools now considered inadequate, he succeeded in becoming a teacher and a coach. America was changing and the Couts family was changing with it. SOURCES Henry's widow, Helen (Grubb) Couts, and his sole living sibling, Edith Mariah (Couts) Harris, were the prime sources for this life story. We of the next generation bear the responsibility for correctly reporting the oral history. REFERENCES (1) James Monroe Couts, California's Couts Cousins, vol. 2, no.4, May-July 1998. (2) Aaron C. Couts - The 4th Generation, California's Couts Cousins, vol. 6, no. 3, May-July 2002. Subject: Janelle Couts, Miss Ohio From: "David and Gale Couts" Barb, I hope you get this. Janelle Couts is going to be in the Miss America contest tonight on ABC. Her Dad was my Dad's second cousin, which I guess makes me her 3rd cousin. Anyway, just for your info. Dave JANELLE MARIE COUTS - MISS OHIO 2003 Hometown: Akron, OH Age: 22 Parents: Rev. Bud & Dianne Couts Education: 2002 Graduate Mount Union College Degree: Business Administration with a Minor in French Local Pageant: Miss Medina County Hobbies: Singing, dancing, piano, rock climbing, jogging, reading Talent: Vocal Career Ambition: To pursue a professional career in Musical Theatre with the hope of earning a role in a Broadway production. Janelle's ultimate dream is to work in the field of international entertainment marketing for a major record and management label. Janelle Couts, Miss Ohio GUESTBOOK NAME: Sherman F. Childers III E-MAIL: REFERRED BY: Search Engine LOCATION: Melbourne Beach Flordia COMMENTS: Very, very well arranged site. Thank you, Sherm NAME: Daniel S. Kautz E-MAIL: REFERRED BY: Search Engine LOCATION: Wichita, Ks. COMMENTS: All of my direct family members live in the Wichita, Ks. region except for an aunt in Tenn. I do not know much about my family tree beyond my Grandfather (now deceased) Edward Kautz, who lived in Atchison, Kansas when my father, Richard Gene Kautz was born (1947). Do you have any ties to Kansas listed? My grandfather married Ruth Inez Alexander (now deceased as well) some time in the early 1930's or late 1920's. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! NAME: Nathan Couts E-MAIL: REFERRED BY: Search Engine LOCATION: Ft. Meyers, Florida COMMENTS: I just typed in my last name and found this site. Just wanted to see what it was. Also my roommates last name is Kautz. NAME: Phyllis Campbell Walker E-MAIL: REFERRED BY: LOCATION: COMMENTS: I found my Barton Ancestors on your site. My great, great Grandmother was Susan Barton who married James Jackson Williams. I have a pic of them if anyone is interested. Great site. NAME: Mark C. Smith E-MAIL: REFERRED BY: Search Engine LOCATION: Austin Texas COMMENTS: my mother is Shirley Mae Kouts smith, sister of Ken Kouts of San Lorenzo, California author of Kautz-Kouts. I would like to contact individuals especially in the Austin area. NAME: John Tracy Gaffey 11 E-MAIL: REFERRED BY: email LOCATION: Irvine, CA COMMENTS: NAME: John Tracy Gaffey 11 is the grand son of Arcadia Bandini de Gaffey. He is writing a biography about his grandfather John T. Gaffey, Sr. and would appreciated any pictures (if any) of his grandfathers wedding to Arcadia for his publication. His grandmother and her sister Delores were wards of Arcadia Bandini-Stearns de Baker and they were the daughters of Juan Bandini. Delores married R. Ward, from England and Arcadia married John T. Gaffey. We do not have wedding pictures of either of these girls but feel sure there must have been great celebrations--and pictures of the events --but we do not have any. I am writing to you in the hope that you may have information (know of any newspaper clippings) or have wedding or engagement pictures of either of them. Thanks you. NAME: Anna B. Good E-MAIL: COMMENTS: Nice sight. Didn't find a connection on my quick look though. NAME: Jody Rodriquez E-MAIL: REFERRED BY: Just Surfed in LOCATION: suburb' of Chicago COMMENTS: Hello to all Kautz's. My family is from the Chicago branch via Baden Germany.In the early 1900's we were in Humboldt Park. Louis Kautz b. 1845.Germ. Louise Kautz Lavin b. 1871 Clara & Louis Kautz built 3 homes in Humb.PK, Louise Kautz Lavin ran the corner store. Many related families on the block. Friedrich & Louise Kautz, Clara & Louis Kautz, Louise Kautz Lavin & Bernard Lavin., Louis Lavin Waldheim cemetery. Many others from the Chicago Clan. Looking for all Kin-Kautz of Chicago branch. Kautz Hochenauer Schiller Schweim Landendorf Bennett McAuley Remer and any folks from Francisco St. Good luck in your search Jody R NAME: Wilma Mehan E-MAIL: REFERRED BY: Search Engine LOCATION: COMMENTS: I am in awe at how extensive the chart is. My brother told me to check out (5)William A Byrd d Jan 1887, Culpornia Cullie Byrd Bird d. Jan 13, 1953. We believe she is our great-grandmother. She traveled from Alabama, Mississippi Oklahoma and Texas. Her Daughter Lula Bell(Carpenter) Northington lived in Mississippi-Alabama . She died at an early age. Her sister Bertha lived in Birmingham, Alabama. Most of Culpornia's children lived in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and California. Her husband, John E. Carpenter's ancestors came to the US via Savanah, Ga. NAME: Sandra L. Kautz (Moser) E-MAIL: LOCATION: Cheyenne, Wyoming REFERRED BY: Search Engine COMMENTS: My grandfather was Philip Henry Kautz. My great-grandfather was John Kautz. My father is PHILLIP Ray Kautz Sr. He was born and raised here. He is Still here!! 73 and going strong! I do have some questions about Philip Henry Kautz. He was married to Ralph Emersons sister. I believe he married her in Mc Cook Nebraska. The marriage didn't last .. but I would like to have some info. on this. Does anyone know?? !! Ralph was the MC of the TV program = This is your life. Any info would be Great! I know there are still a lot of Kautzs in North Platte, Ne. I haven't met them yet... but I would like to! Thank you. NAME: This is a private entry. If you are the owner of this guestbook, you can press the button to view this entry. Doesn't work! Sorry!! Please click for e-mail. Please click to go back to the main page.