CALIFORNIA'S COUTS COUSINS VOLUME 9 NUMBER 2 February March April 2004 A Quarterly Newsletter for the Descendants of the Couts Family #31 EMAIL- From: "Karla Nurnberg" To: Subject: Re: KAUTZ-D Digest V03 #7 Hi, The Family History Library has the Baden Emigration records on microfilm and these can be ordered through your nearest Family History Center. Check under the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in your phone directory. You can also order indexes to the various US ports, such as New Orleans, etc. Were these people still living in 1900, because that census gives a year of emigration, which in most cases is accurate? I hope that some of these suggestions are helpful to you. Karla Nurnberg From: Karen Kautz To: "" Subject: Stark relation too Hello again, After reading down alot more on your website I realized that the Kautz name married a Stark.....Well My father-in-laws mother was a Stark...and we have Stark reunions every year...The Stark family from us is Mabel Edith Stark b Aug 16-1888 and d May 12, 1959 Her parents Jacob Leonard Stark B May 28 1854 Wayne Wis and d Feb 10, 1925 -- -His father was Leonard Stark b May 26, 1822 and d Feb 8, 1872 would you need more data---??// any connections???????? Karen Kautz From: Karen Kautz To: "" Subject: June and John Kautz Hello---I was able to meet John and June Kautz but I was not aware of her death....My husband and I looked them up at their home in Arkansas and had a wonderful visit.... I have purchased 4 books from John on all the Kautz Clan and etc of his adventures ....I still am trying to make a connection to my husbands Kautz side and could use your help? Would you please advise...Karen Kautz From: To: Subject: [BARTON] Re: Bartons in Missouri This is a Message Board Post that is gatewayed to this mailing list. Classification: Query Message Board URL: Message Board Post: Lewis A. Barton was the son of Robert W. Barton, whose father was Greenberry Barton, son of Bavester Barton. Lewis, parents, and offspring are enumerated in Miller County, Missouri from 1860 through 1930 census records. The family is presented on line at worldconnect.rootsweb. com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=:a35640&id-I01531 From: To: JACOB KAUTZ m. BARBARA HERMAN OHIO 1853 This is a Message Board Post that is gatewayed to this mailing list. Surnames: Kautz, Herman, Coovert, Wallace, Floyd, Leach Classification: Query Message Board URL: Message Board Post: Looking for any info or suggestions on where to find information on Jacob Kautz b.1820 Baden Germany and his wife Barbara Herman also from Baden Germany b. 1830. I believe they were married in Cincinnati in 1853 but cannot find any info on when either one came to the States or on what ship(s). Their son Lewis Kautz was born in MO in 1855. Other children are George William, Laura Jan, John Edward, Daniel Scott, and Mary Ellen. I can't tell if Jacob is related to the Brown Co Ohio Kautzes or not. Can anybody help ? From: Linda Couts To : "" Have updates on Family E-mail me at if interested. YES! From: To: Subject: [STARK-L] John Stark I should have added that John Primm Stark's wife was Mary J. Primm. They were married in Sumner County on 9 July 1858. I don't know who her parents were, but the Stark and Primm families were associated in Stafford County, Virginia, before coming to Sumner County, Tennessee. John Primm Stark was the son of John Carter Stark, Jr. I am also descended from John Carter Stark, Sr., through both his sons Alexander (Frances) and Jeremiah (William). Joyce Stark Blocker COUTS/KOUTS/KAUTZ IN THE CIVIL WAR Submitted By Jack Childers, AKA INJack Jack Childers is a dear friend, who researches in our other family line, the Childers Family. His specialty is Civil War re-enactment, research, history, and his missing Childers. Very innocently, I asked if there were any Couts/Kouts/Kautz who fought in the Civil War. Well, Jack gave us enough information for several newsletters! This article is the fourth installment. Our Photo Archive includes images of individuals of this unit. 93d Ohio Infantry (p. 2) The following pertinent personal papers are in the Institute's Manuscript Archive:Helmer, Stephen H. - CW Misc Coll (LT's letter transcripts, Feb 8, 1863 & Sep 19, 1864; diary, Jun 1-Dec 31, 1863; appointment to Sgt & LT; discharge)Wood, Harvey W. - CWTI Coll (Enlisted man's letter to family, Sep 9, 1862)Couts, Allen Co. F 15th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry Pvt. Alternate Name Allen/ Countz Notes Original filed under Allen/Countz Film Number M589 roll 20* *national archives Organized in Tennessee latter part of 1863. FIELD OFFICERS Colonel-Thomas J. Downey Lieutenant Colonel-Cyrus F. Jackson Major- George T. Armstrong Colonel R. D. Mussey, Commissioner for the Organization of Colored Troops, in a report dated October 10, 1864, stated that organization of this regiment was begun at Shelbyville, Tennessee in September, 1863, soon after the battle of Chickamauga; in March, 1864 it reported to Lieutenant Colonel J. L. Donaldson, Chief Quartermaster for the Department of the Cumberland, at Nashville, for duty in his department. On April 30, 1864, with Colonel Thomas J. Downey in command, it was reported in District of Nashville, Post of Nashville, under Brigadier General R. S. Granger. On June 15, Col. Donaldson wrote Major General W. T. Sherman: "Captain Mussey informs me that General Lorenzo Thomas has ordered the 15th and 17th Colored Regiments to Bowling Green. These regiments are here on fatigue duty under my orders, and I cannot possibly spare them. Please countermand the order or I shall be paralyzed; as it is, I am struggling to keep my head above water." What the result of this appeal was is not known, as the next record of the regiment found Colonel Downey in command at Springfield, Tennessee, on August 31, with the 15th, under the command of Major (later Lieutenant Colonel) Cyrus F. Jackson, as the only regiment stationed there. Colonel Mussey stated that in September or October, 1864, some recruits from Ohio were assigned to the regiment. The regiment continued to be reported at Springfield until April 1865; at first under Lieutenant Colonel Jackson, later under Captain (later Major) George T. Armstrong. Reports indicate that during this period it did guard duty on the Edgefield and Kentucky (now Louisville and Nashville) Railroad. On December 23, 1864, Brevet Brigadier General I. L. Donaldson was authorized to withdraw a portion of the 15th from the Edgefield and Kentucky Railroad for duty in Nashville. No reports of the effective strength of the regiment were found. The closest thing to such a report was in a letter from Major General George H. Thomas to General Sherman, dated October 21, 1864, in which he stated that the 15th and 17th, about 1200 strong, were guarding the Commissary Depots in the Nashville District. On February 28, 1865, the regiment was still reported at Springfield, with Captain Fielding L. Davies in command. On March 8, Colonel A. Smith, at Clarksville, was ordered to relieve that portion of the 15th from duty on the Edgefield and Kentucky Railroad between Clarksville and Bowling Green Junction, so that the guards between Springfield and Bowling Green Junction could be strengthened. On April 14, 1865, the regiment was relieved from duty on the railroad and ordered to report to Brevet Brigadier General J. L. Donaldson at Nashville. On August 20, Major General George H. Thomas reported that the 15th was still on duty at Nashville, guarding public property, and added: "They had better remain here, as they now know what is expected of them, and are becoming reliable. " Dyer's Compendium states that the regiment remained in Middle Tennessee until mustered out of service on April 7, 1866. GUESTBOOK NAME: Karen Kautz E-MAIL: REFERRED BY: Search Engine LOCATION: from Millville, Minnesota COMMENTS: John remember us---Dale Kautz meet the real Dale Kautz from Ohio and MInnesota.... Please advise me thru e-mail---I have some new data for you about our Kautz connection...... Thanks Karen NAME: Paul L Kouts E-MAIL: REFERRED BY: Search Engine LOCATION: COMMENTS: Hi John, I haven't made the reunions for many years. Are you still arranging them. I laid-off research for a few years and have just started again. I'm finding some good stuff. We'll have to modify Kenneth's earlier work. I have found that Barnhardt and John Jacob were brothers and probably first cousins once removed with Perry, Chauncy, and Chambers. It also appears that there were two migrations. First Barnhardt and Salome went to Ohio (possibly with her brother- John Berrier). John then went on to Indiana before 1838 and Barnhard remained in Ohio until the early forties. The other group didn't go west until the fifties. I am trying to find if this is the trip that John's son Barney took on his way to Michigan. I'm still trying to identify my Great= Great-Grandfather's place in this mixed up family. Anyway, thanks for the web site and all of your work in the past NAME: Eugene Kautz E-MAIL: REFERRED BY: Search Engine LOCATION: Attica, NY COMMENTS: I don't know much about my father's parents. He immigrated to USA in 1924 and I never met my grandparents. My father's name was August Kautz and he lived in the Black Forest near the Geroldseck Castle. He married Theresa Beck in 1924. I would appreciate contact with anyone who may know of my branch of the Kautz family. REALITY vs. FICTION From: To: COUTS-L@rootsweb.comSubject: [COUTS] Cave Johnson Couts -- LA Times Article Hello Barb and Everyone, Yet another article appeared Cave Johnson Couts. This one in Sunday's Los Angles Times. Apparently there were also pictures and I'm having them scanned for me, but I imagine they are the ones already at Here is the article. Best Regards, Janet Hunter (John Couts & Leah Stark Nancy Couts and John Bird). Los Angeles Times, , September 22, 2002 L.A. THEN AND NOW "Violent Fact and Fiction Merge at Rancho Guajome" By CECILIA RASMUSSEN, TIMES STAFF WRITER If ever a house was populated by fictitious characters as well as the real personalities that may have inspired them, it's San Diego County's Rancho Guajome. The rancho, steeped in historic lawlessness, owes its name to the Luiseno Indian word whakavumi, meaning "the frog pond," and much of its reputation to the ruthless soldier who built it. The rest of its reputation comes from the writer who made it famous. Cave Johnson Couts was a pioneer who fought off cattle rustlers, squatters and all other comers with gun, guile and muscle. He also had a taste for drink that proved fatal to foes--and, eventually, himself. Born in Tennessee and educated at West Point, he came to California as an Army lieutenant in 1848, a year before the gold strike, to help wrest the state away from Mexico. He made a fortune feeding gold miners with his cattle. He also kept diaries that became one of the most important published historical sources of information about California during the Gold Rush. These days, the volumes are in the custody of the Huntington Library. Three decades after Couts' adventures made him and his home famous, Helen Hunt Jackson came calling. After a dust-up over Indian servants, Couts' widow sent her packing. Once she'd read Jackson's 1884 best-selling novel"Ramona"--the "Gone With the Wind" of its day--she threatened to sue. Couts stood 6 feet 3 and weighed more than 200 pounds. He survived gunfights, Indian battles and a lackluster stint in the military before settling in Southern California. In 1849, he was part of an escort for Army wagons from Monterrey, Mexico,to California. As the Army rode through San Diego, two daughters of prominent ranchero Juan Bandini leaned on a porch railing--as the story goes--to watch the troops. The railing gave way and the girls fell. Couts had the presence of mind to spur his horse over to one of them, Ysidora Bandini, and help her to her feet. Two years later, they were married. Later in 1849, as California was preparing to become a state, Couts was appointed to the statehood convention. He also surveyed and mapped the town of San Diego, where he paid tribute to his future father-in-law with some place names, such as Juan Street. In 1851, Ysidora's sister, Arcadia Bandini Stearns, and Arcadia's husband, prosperous rancher Abel Stearns, gave the couple the deed to the 2,219-acre Rancho Guajome as a wedding gift. Today, its remaining 165 acres are part of Guajome Regional Park, about three miles east of Mission San Luis Rey in the wilds of Oceanside. Rangers can discuss the history of the state, the family and the rancho's supposed links to the fictional half-Indian maiden Ramona (to which many Southern California sites lay claim). Couts used the gift as a beginning to become a land baron. He resigned from the Army and soon acquired other San Diego properties, including the area surrounding Mission San Luis Rey (but not the mission itself) and, later, nearby Buena Vista Rancho. But an Indian war loomed. Less than a year after his resignation, the Army recalled him and promoted him to lieutenant colonel. Leading a group of soldiers and volunteers, Couts quashed the rebellion and captured Antonio Garra, a bitter Luiseno who had sworn vengeance against all white settlers. Couts served as prosecutor and judge at the trial of Garra, who was convicted and executed by firing squad. Some Indians resented Couts, but more than 300 Luisenos who lived in the shadow of Mission San Luis Rey helped him build the 22-room Rancho Guajome in exchange for permission to live and hunt on his land. The rancho was almost a town; it even had its own general store and jail. In 1853, Couts moved into Rancho Guajome with his wife and two children. (The couple eventually had 10, eight of whom survived.) He was appointed U.S. Indian sub-agent, with duties that included responsibility for the welfare of local tribes. That's about when his relationship with the Indians went from tentative to terrible. Twice , a county grand jury considered charging him for beating two Indians with a strip of rawhide. One man eventually died from the beating, but no charges were filed. By the early 1860s, floods and a long drought had led to a breakdown of the cattle industry, which almost ruined Couts. Far grimmer and more ruthless was the smallpox epidemic of 1862-63. Couts kept tabs on it in his diary: "Smallpox is quite prevalent-- six to eight per day are being buried in S. Juan Capistrano--Indians generally.... I vaccinated the whole rancheria at San Luis some six weeks since, and hope they may escape, thus saving our community of the terrible disease." Fearful that the malady would spread, Couts determined to prevent burials of its victims in the mission cemetery, which he owned. His edict would lead to bloodshed. On Jan. 13, 1863, family and friends of a well-known vaquero and cattleman, Don Ysidro Maria Alvarado, arrived at the cemetery for his burial. Couts' younger brother, San Diego Deputy Sheriff William Blount Couts, rode up with two of his brother's vaqueros to prevent it. As the Alvarado family lowered the coffin into the grave, Blount Couts told them that they could not proceed. Shooting at Burial One member of the burial party, Leon Vasquez, was outraged. Shovel in hand, he rushed at Blount Couts, who was armed with a double-barreled shotgun. Blount Couts shot him to death. As the unarmed burial party fled in fear, one of Couts' vaqueros fired again, wounding two men. "The whole affair was the act of a moment, the shots and deaths--all was muy pronto," one of Alvarado's sons, Tomas, later wrote. Cave Johnson Couts felt responsible for what had happened and tried to deflect some of the blame. He wrote his brother's defense attorney: "The fellow killed is really not worth noticing. He [Vasquez] is known as a bad character." Three months later, San Diego County indicted Blount Couts for murder. His attorney cited a variety of problems with the paperwork and succeeded in having the charge dropped, despite depositions from eight witnesses. Smallpox had subsided by the spring of 1863, but Couts' bad luck continued. In 1865, while visiting the San Diego city plaza, he happened upon Juan Mendoza, his former ranch foreman, whom he had fired. Mendoza had threatened to kill Couts on several occasions. But when Mendoza spotted his former employer, he turned around and walked in the opposite direction. Couts showed no such compunction: He flew into a rage and shot Mendoza in the back with a double-barreled shotgun, killing him. Los Angeles County Judge Benjamin Hayes, a friend of Couts, defended him, contending that the victim was a known robber and troublemaker and that his client had merely acted in self-defense. Couts was cleared on grounds that one of the jurors was not an American citizen. Fatherhood wasn't as forgiving as the law. In 1868, Couts' 15-year-old daughter, Tonia, ran off with two of his vaqueros. He tracked down the threesome and enrolled her in an Oakland convent. By 1870, he believed she had reformed and allowed her to return home. Couts was to be rudely disappointed. He caught Waldemar Muller, a schoolteacher he had hired to tutor his children, climbing out of his daughter's window in the middle of the night. Muller tried to run, but Couts, drunken and enraged, peppered him with a load of buckshot. Muller was critically wounded; Couts was arrested and severely beaten by the sheriff. Even Couts' attorney scolded him in a note: "I fear your excitability from drink--as a friend, let me ask you to keep sober. It is the only way to get even with the miserable judge and Irish sheriff." The case was dismissed. But the lawyer's warning about alcohol was on target. Couts died four years later at age 53, his health compromised by years of heavy drinking. Ysidora, known throughout the county for her hospitality, continued to run the rancho with the help of her eldest son, Cave Jr. In 1882, while Helen Hunt Jackson was touring Southern California missions and Indian reservations, she visited Rancho Guajome. She returned a few months later, staying for several days and locking horns with Ysidora. As the two women prepared to hear Mass in the chapel, Indian servants brought them chairs from the house. Jackson objected to the servants' sitting on the floor. Ysidora worried that she would incite a riot among the servants and asked her to leave. "Ysidora was very demanding on her servants, and the two women had unmendable differences about race and class," says Rancho Guajome senior park ranger Jake Enriquez. In 1884, when "Ramona" was published, Ysidora was outraged at what she perceived to be an unflattering portrayal of her and her son. She began talking tolawyers, but Jackson died before a lawsuit was filed. Reality vs. Fiction Ysidora does resemble the fictional Senora Moreno, Ramona's Spanish guardian and rancho matriarch, Enriquez tells visitors, just as bits of Ramona's home resemble Guajome. Ysidora died in 1897, leaving the rancho in the hands of Cave Jr., who continued his father's wanton ways. The land remained in the family for 122 years, until 1973, when San Diego County purchased it for more than $1 million. Cave Jr.'s three elderly grandchildren- -whose grandmother was Cave Jr.'s servant but never his wife--got the money. Thanks're a great sources, Barb CAVE COUTS AND U.S. GRANT Cave Couts and U.S. Grant were good friends. Grant came to visit in California several times. Cave Couts and his friendship with Ulysses S. Grant is mentioned in the following book: Title: The Campaign Lives Of Ulysses S. Grant, and Schuyler Colfax. By Gen. James S. Brisbin. Brisbin, Author: James S. (James Sanks), 1837-1892. A LEGACY OF MYSTERY George W. Osborne alias George Andrew Cloud CONTINUED FROM NEWSLETTERS 27 AND 28. Descendants of James Osborne The first 25-30 years of his life, he was George W. OSBORNE, son of Hiram and Nancy Osborne, born in Greenville, Green County, Tennessee, 22 June l839-42, living in Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama. For the last 64 years of his life, he was George ANDREW CLOUD, Pope County farmer, Methodist preacher, husband and father of ten or possibly eleven children. His many descendants are left with a legacy of admiration, respect and a MYSTERY. Why did he change his name and at times the year of his birth? He received mail under both names, his alias was no secret and both names are on his death certificate. The mystery remains, WHY? The following information was obtained from letters to George from his brother Thomas, his sister Mary, a friend, military records, federal census, county and personal records Subject: Re: The murder of William Mc Alister Submitted by Chuck Cloud Osborne and Bookout Families From: ccloudjr Chuck also sent us enough information for several newsletters! Thanks, Chuck. This article is the continuing story of the Osborne's Family. More About EPHRAIM OSBORNE, JR.: Education: Moved to KY, settle in area now Harlan Co. KY Military service: Revolutionary War Veteran Children of EPHRAIM OSBORNE and MARY BROCK are: 6. i. HIRAM5 OSBORNE, b. January 05, 1805, VA; d. October 29, 1877, Holly Springs, Marshall, MS. ii. JESSE OSBORNE, b. 1783. iii. EPHRAIM OSBORNE III, b. 1785. iv. REBECCA OSBORNE, b. 1790. v. MARY "POLLY/MOLLY" OSBORNE, b. 1793. vi. RHODA OSBORNE. 5. ROBERT4 OSBORNE (EPHRAIM3, JONATHAN2, JAMES1) 6. was born Abt. 1744 in Grayson Co. VA. 7. He married ELIZABETH LAPAN. Child of ROBERT OSBORNE and ELIZABETH LAPAN is: i. SUSANNAH5 OSBORNE, b. 1785, ii. North Carolina; m. ISAAC JACOB LEWIS. More About ISAAC JACOB LEWIS:Burial: Lewis Cemetery, Ashe Co., NC Occupation: Line of Paul Generation No. 5 6. HIRAM5 OSBORNE (EPHRAIM4, EPHRAIM3, JONATHAN2, JAMES1) was born January 05, 1805 in VA, and died October 29, 1877 in Holly Springs, Marshall, MS. He married NANCY GIBSON January 26, 1830 in Green County, Tennessee, daughter of JAMES GIBSON and ELIZABETH GLASS. Nancy was b. 10 April 1810 and died 19 May 1891. Hiram and Nancy are buried in the Osborne Cemetery. Abt. 1872, two men went into the home of Hiram and Nancy and demanded the deed to their property. Hiram refused. The two men tied Hiram and Nancy to their bed and sat it in fire. Nancy was able to untie herself and was in the process of untying Hiram when their son's Thomas, George and Samuel ran in the house to help them. The three son's had seen the two men who done this flee the house. They grabbed their guns and went after them. They found at least one of them and Thomas and George shot and killed him. George, Thomas and Samuel fled Alabama to keep from being arrested for the killing. Hiram was badly burned, but lived for another 5 years. More About NANCY GIBSON: Burial: Osborne Hill Cemetery, Littleton, Alabama Children of HIRAM OSBORNE and NANCY GIBSON are: 7. i. George Washington Osborne aka GEORGE ANDREW6 CLOUD, b. June 22, 1842, Greenville, Green County, Tennessee; d. 1935, Dover, Pope County, Arkansas. ii. JAMES OSBORNE, b. Abt. 1831. iii. ALEXANDER OSBORNE, b. Abt. 1833. iv. JOHN OSBORNE, b. Abt. 1835. v. WILLIAM T. OSBORNE, b. Abt. 1836. vi. THOMAS D. OSBORNE, b. November 06, 1845. vii. MARY ELLEN OSBORNE, b. Abt. 1846. viii. NANCY JANE CLOUD, b. Abt. 1850. ix. SAMUEL P. OSBORNE, b. Abt. 1854. More About SAMUEL P. OSBORNE: Criminal Record: Involved in Murder of William McAlister in 1874. Escaped prison and never caught x. DANIEL P. OSBORNE, b. Abt. 1858. xi. HIRAM OSBORNE, b. Abt. 1860. Generation No. 6 7. GEORGE ANDREW6 CLOUD (HIRAM5 OSBORNE, EPHRAIM4, EPHRAIM3, JONATHAN2, JAMES1) was born June 22, 1842 in Greenville, Green County, Tennessee, and died 1935 in Dover, Pope County, Arkansas. He married SARAH FRANCIS "SALIE" MCALISTER July 14, 1872 in Pope County, Arkansas, daughter of WILLIAM MCALISTER and MARY HOWARD. More About GEORGE ANDREW CLOUD: Changed Name From: George Washington Osborne due to murder of his father in law in 1874 by his brother Samuel P. Osborne Emigration: Abt. 1871, To Pope County, Arkansas Military service: Bet. 1861 - 1865, 3rd Michigan Calvary Occupation: Minister Children of GEORGE CLOUD and SARAH MCALISTER are: 8. i. DANIEL JASPER7 CLOUD, b. July 25, 1885, Pope County, Arkansas; d. March 06, 1960, Kilgore, Texas. ii. NANCY JANE CLOUD, b. February 15, 1876, Whiterock, Arkansas; d. December 20, 1963, Arkansas; m. MYRTLE HAZZARD HUGGINS, July 05, 1896, Scottsville, Pope Co., Arkansas. iii. DELIDA LANNIE CLOUD, b. December 28, 1878, Pope County, Arkansas; d. October 06, 1901, Pope County, Arkansas. 9. iv. GEORGE M. CLOUD, b. May 19, 1890, Pope County, Arkansas; d. August 19, 1926, Moss Point, Mississippi. v. ALVA THOMAS CLOUD, b. October 20, 1893, Pope County, Arkansas; d. May 05, 1955, Russellville, Pope County, Arkansas; m. EULA MAY LEE. vi. GILBERT P. CLOUD, b. May 12, 1874, Pope County, Arkansas; d. March 20, 1876, dover, Pope County, Arkansas. vii. MARY B. CLOUD, b. January 12, 1878, Dover, Pope County, Arkansas; d. 1982, Pope County, Arkansas; m. WILLIAM BROWN, Abt. 1898. viii. BABY CLOUD (BETTY OR MOLLIE), b. October 05, 1881. ix. SARAH ELIZABETH CLOUD, b. September 08, 1882, Pope County, Arkansas; d. Unknown, Booger Hallow, Pope County, Arkansas. Generation No. 7 8. DANIEL JASPER7 CLOUD (GEORGE ANDREW6, HIRAM5 OSBORNE, EPHRAIM4, EPHRAIM3, JONATHAN2, JAMES1) was born July 25, 1885 in Pope County, Arkansas, and died March 06, 1960 in Kilgore, Texas. He married EMMA HENDRICKS in Married when Emma was 21 years old, daughter of STEVE HENDRICKS and MARTHA MASSIE. More About DANIEL JASPER CLOUD:Social Security Number: 458-01-6102 More About EMMA HENDRICKS: Social Security Number: 457-88-4767 Children of DANIEL CLOUD and EMMA HENDRICKS are: 10. i. DANIEL EWUN8 CLOUD, b. January 19, 1918; d. July 26, 1995, Stockton, San Joaquin Co, 11. ii. LEORA CLOUD, b. 1908. 12. iii. LILA CLOUD, b. 1910. 13. iv. MARZO CLOUD, b. October 03, 1913; d. August 29, 1973. 14. v. LILLIE CLOUD, b. 1920. vi. HARLEN CLOUD, d. Died as an infant. 9. GEORGE M.7 CLOUD (GEORGE ANDREW6, HIRAM5 OSBORNE, EPHRAIM4, EPHRAIM3, JONATHAN2, JAMES1) was born May 19, 1890 in Pope County, Arkansas, and died August 19, 1926 in Moss Point, Mississippi. He married ARLIE BARNARD. Children of GEORGE CLOUD and ARLIE BARNARD are: i. - vii ?8 CLOUD. Generation No. 8 10. DANIEL EWUN8 CLOUD (DANIEL JASPER7, GEORGE ANDREW6, HIRAM5 OSBORNE, EPHRAIM4, EPHRAIM3, JONATHAN2, JAMES1) was born January 19, 1918, and died July 26, 1995 in Stockton, San Joaquin County, CA. He married EDITH LEE CLARK in Texas, daughter of BERNA CLARK and LUE REID. More About DANIEL EWUN CLOUD: Children of DANIEL CLOUD and EDITH CLARK are: 15. i. JIMMIE EARL9 CLOUD, 1942, TX. 16. ii. NAOMI LEE CLOUD, b. 1950, CA. 17. iii. CHARLES LAFAY CLOUD, b. 1940. b. AR 18. iv. RAYMOND EWUN CLOUD, b. 1944. 19. v. JAQUELINE RENEE BROWN PRITZ CLOUD, b. 1969. Personal note on Daniel E. Cloud. Not enough good can be said about this man. He was my Grandfather, Companion, Fishing and Hunting partner…and my Hero. He taught me how to work with my hands. All who knew him, respected him and loved him. There is not a day that goes by I do not think of him and miss him. There may be a few people in this world as good as he was, but there are none better. 11. LEORA8 CLOUD (DANIEL JASPER7, GEORGE ANDREW6, HIRAM5 OSBORNE, EPHRAIM4, EPHRAIM3, JONATHAN2, JAMES1) was born 1908. She married OMER PARTAIN 1928, son of JOHN PARTAIN and ETTIE MCALISTER. Children of LEORA CLOUD and OMER PARTAIN are: i. LEONARD9 PARTAIN, b. 1934. ii. ERNESTINE PARTAIN, b. 1937. iii. JOHN PARTAIN, b. 1938. iv. LEOMA PARTAIN, b. 1941. 12. LILA8 CLOUD (DANIEL JASPER7, GEORGE ANDREW6, HIRAM5 OSBORNE, EPHRAIM4, EPHRAIM3, JONATHAN2, JAMES1) was born 1910. She married GLINN BROWN, son of DREW BROWN and SALLIE RUSHING. Children of LILA CLOUD and GLINN BROWN are: 20. i. JAMES RAY9 BROWN, b. 1931. 21. ii. EDWARD E. BROWN, b. 1926. iii. CHARLES BROWN. 22. iv. BETTY BROWN, b. 1934. 13. MARZO8 CLOUD (DANIEL JASPER7, GEORGE ANDREW6, HIRAM5 OSBORNE, EPHRAIM4, EPHRAIM3, JONATHAN2, JAMES1) was born October 03, 1913, and died August 29, 1973. He married ELSIE LARUE. Children of MARZO CLOUD and ELSIE LARUE are: i. GLENA9 CLOUD. ii. SHARLINE CLOUD. iii. GEORGIA CLOUD. 14. LILLIE8 CLOUD (DANIEL JASPER7, GEORGE ANDREW6, HIRAM5 OSBORNE, EPHRAIM4, EPHRAIM3, JONATHAN2, JAMES1) was born April 29, 1920. She married CLINTON SANDERS. Children of LILLIE CLOUD and CLINTON SANDERS are: 23. i. DAN9 SANDERS. 24. ii. BILL SANDERS. 25. iii. JOE SANDERS. Generation No. 9 15. JIMMIE EARL9 CLOUD (DANIEL EWUN8, DANIEL JASPER7, GEORGE ANDREW6, HIRAM5 OSBORNE, EPHRAIM4, EPHRAIM3, JONATHAN2, JAMES1) was born May 16, 1942 in Longview, TX. He married NONA MARGARET HALLFORD 1960 in CA. Children of JIMMIE CLOUD and NONA HALLFORD are: 26. i. STEPHANIE KAY CLOUD10 REYNA, b. 1964, CA. 27. ii. RODNEY EARL CLOUD, b. 1960. 16. NAOMI LEE9 CLOUD (DANIEL EWUN8, DANIEL JASPER7, GEORGE ANDREW6, HIRAM5 OSBORNE, EPHRAIM4, EPHRAIM3, JONATHAN2, JAMES1) was born 1950 in CA. She married (1) DAVID DOYLE RUSSELL May 31, 1969 in Stockton, CA. She married (2) LORENZO DOMINGUEZ ROMERO October 20, 1990 in 2nd Marriage. She married (3) LOUIS EDWARD CAMPBELL March 02, 1996. Child of NAOMI CLOUD and DAVID RUSSELL is: 28. i. DAVID DOYLE RUSSELL10 JR., b. 1971, CA. 17. CHARLES LAFAY9 CLOUD (DANIEL EWUN8, DANIEL JASPER7, GEORGE ANDREW6, HIRAM5 OSBORNE, EPHRAIM4, EPHRAIM3, JONATHAN2, JAMES1) was born 1940. He married JODY. Children of CHARLES CLOUD and JODY are: 29. i. CHARLES LAFAY CLOUD10 JR.. 30. ii. DANIEL CLOUD, b.1960. 31. iii. DAVID CLOUD, b. 1966. Mother of Charles Jr. remarried Richard Hawkins. She was raised by her Grandparents: Lawrence Osmer and Laura Kennedy. Personal Note about Charles Sr. I can't think of anything good to say about him. 18. RAYMOND EWUN9 CLOUD (DANIEL EWUN8, DANIEL JASPER7, GEORGE ANDREW6, HIRAM5 OSBORNE, EPHRAIM4, EPHRAIM3, JONATHAN2, JAMES1) was born 1944. He married GLENDA SATTERFIELD. Child of RAYMOND CLOUD and GLENDA SATTERFIELD is: 32. i. RHONDA10 CLOUD, b. 1964. 19. JAQUELINE RENEE BROWN PRITZ9 CLOUD (DANIEL EWUN8, DANIEL JASPER7, GEORGE ANDREW6, HIRAM5 OSBORNE, EPHRAIM4, EPHRAIM3, JONATHAN2, JAMES1) was born 1969. She married MARTIN HERNANDEZ. More About JAQUELINE RENEE BROWN PRITZ CLOUD: Adoption: from cousin brown at age 3 - 5 Namesake: Gary Pritz and Sandra Jean Clark Brown Children of JAQUELINE CLOUD and MARTIN HERNANDEZ are: i. CHELENA10 HERNANDEZ, b. Bet. 1984 - 1985. ii. ? HERNANDEZ, b. Bet. 1990 - 1992. iii. ? HERNANDEZ, b. 1999. 20. JAMES RAY9 BROWN (LILA8 CLOUD, DANIEL JASPER7, GEORGE ANDREW6, HIRAM5 OSBORNE, EPHRAIM4, EPHRAIM3, JONATHAN2, JAMES1) was born February 16, 1931. He married PATRECIA MALONEY, daughter of JOHN MALONEY and GENEVA HOLT. Children of JAMES BROWN and PATRECIA MALONEY are: i. STEVE10 BROWN. ii. STEWART BROWN. iii. SCOTT BROWN. 21. EDWARD E.9 BROWN (LILA8 CLOUD, DANIEL JASPER7, GEORGE ANDREW6, HIRAM5 OSBORNE, EPHRAIM4, EPHRAIM3, JONATHAN2, JAMES1) was born January 22, 1926. He married DOROTHY TUCKER, daughter of PERRY TUCKER and EDNA (UNKOWN). More About EDWARD E. BROWN: Military service: Served 4 years in the Navy during WWII. Children of EDWARD BROWN and DOROTHY TUCKER are: i. EDDIE10 BROWN. More About EDDIE BROWN: Military service: Served 10 yrs in the US Navy ii. LINDA BROWN. iii. MIKE BROWN. iv. ANTHONY BROWN. v. BRYAN BROWN. 22. BETTY9 BROWN (LILA8 CLOUD, DANIEL JASPER7, GEORGE ANDREW6, HIRAM5 OSBORNE, EPHRAIM4, EPHRAIM3, JONATHAN2, JAMES1) was born June 06, 1934. She married (1) ANDY ADAMS. She married (2) BENNY JONES. She married (3) NATHAN ROBINSON. Child of BETTY BROWN and ANDY ADAMS is: i. SHIRLEY10 ADAMS.Children of BETTY BROWN and BENNY JONES are: ii. VONDA10 JONES. iii. BENNY R. JONES. 23. DAN9 SANDERS (LILLIE8 CLOUD, DANIEL JASPER7, GEORGE ANDREW6, HIRAM5 OSBORNE, EPHRAIM4, EPHRAIM3, JONATHAN2, JAMES1). He married RAMA.Children of DAN SANDERS and RAMA are: 33. i. SHIRLEEN10 SANDERS, b. 1963. 34. ii. MYRNA SANDERS, b. 1965. 24. BILL9 SANDERS (LILLIE8 CLOUD, DANIEL JASPER7, GEORGE ANDREW6, HIRAM5 OSBORNE, EPHRAIM4, EPHRAIM3, JONATHAN2, JAMES1). He married DENIE.Children of BILL SANDERS and DENIE are: i. TERRY10 SANDERS. ii. TIM SANDERS. 25. JOE9 SANDERS (LILLIE8 CLOUD, DANIEL JASPER7, GEORGE ANDREW6, HIRAM5 OSBORNE, EPHRAIM4, EPHRAIM3, JONATHAN2, JAMES1).Children of JOE SANDERS are: i. STEVE10 SANDERS. ii. KAREN SANDERS. Generation No. 10 26. STEPHANIE KAY CLOUD10 REYNA (JIMMIE EARL9 CLOUD, DANIEL EWUN8, DANIEL JASPER7, GEORGE ANDREW6, HIRAM5 OSBORNE, EPHRAIM4, EPHRAIM3, JONATHAN2, JAMES1) was born April 15, 1964 in Stockton, CA. She married (1) JESUS JAIME REYNA July 21, 1986 in Modesto, CA. She met (2) DWAYNE ALLEN FISHER April 15, 1990 in lived together till July, 2000, son of HAROLD FISHER and BONNIE YORK. She met (3) JAMES MICHAEL BERRY HIESTAND1 May 28, 2000 in Love @ AOL, son of CHARLES BERRY and LOYCE MOUNT. More About STEPHANIE KAY CLOUD REYNA:Child of STEPHANIE REYNA and JESUS REYNA is: i. DEIDRE ANTICIA11 REYNA, b. February 04, 1987. More About DEIDRE ANTICIA REYNA: Child of STEPHANIE REYNA and DWAYNE FISHER is: ii. DYLAN ALEXANDER11 FISHER, b. December 28, 1993. More About DYLAN ALEXANDER FISHER: 27. RODNEY EARL10 CLOUD (JIMMIE EARL9, DANIEL EWUN8, DANIEL JASPER7, GEORGE ANDREW6, HIRAM5 OSBORNE, EPHRAIM4, EPHRAIM3, JONATHAN2, JAMES1) was born October 04, 1960. He married SUSAN JEAN BONAVERA. Children of RODNEY CLOUD and SUSAN BONAVERA are: i. JEREMIAH EARL11 CLOUD, b. 1985. ii. ZACHERY ? CLOUD, b. 1988. 28. DAVID DOYLE RUSSELL10 JR. (NAOMI LEE9 CLOUD, DANIEL EWUN8, DANIEL JASPER7, GEORGE ANDREW6, HIRAM5 OSBORNE, EPHRAIM4, EPHRAIM3, JONATHAN2, JAMES1) was born August 22, 1971 in Stockton, CA. He met (1) URSULA STEELE 1988. He married (2) TAM MCKENZIE September 23, 2000 in Tracy, CA.Child of DAVID JR. and URSULA STEELE is: i. ROBERT DAVID STEELE11 RUSSELL, b. May 12, 1989. 29. CHARLES LAFAY CLOUD10 JR. (CHARLES LAFAY9 CLOUD, DANIEL EWUN8, DANIEL JASPER7, GEORGE ANDREW6, HIRAM5 OSBORNE, EPHRAIM4, EPHRAIM3, JONATHAN2, JAMES1). He married (1) SUZANNE RIVEIRA. He married (2) DARLENE. Children of CHARLES JR. and SUZETTE RIVEIRA are: i. CHRISTOPHER11 CLOUD. ii. SARAH CLOUD. MATTHEW CLOUD. Child of CHARLES JR. and DARLENE is: iv. REBEKAH1 CLOUD, b. 1986. Married to Shirley Durham Ross July 4th. 1998 at sunrise in Sequoia National Forest. Step Children are: Todd Ross Tracy Ross Tiechert, has daughter Cortney Ann Tiechert and strp children Benjermin Tiechert and Sarah Tiechert. 30. DANIEL10 CLOUD (CHARLES LAFAY9, DANIEL EWUN8, DANIEL JASPER7, GEORGE ANDREW6, HIRAM5 OSBORNE, EPHRAIM4, EPHRAIM3, JONATHAN2, JAMES1) was born August 1960. He married (1) TINA MINEO. He married (2) FAYE. Children of DANIEL CLOUD and TINA MINEO are: i. DANIEL11 CLOUD, b. Bet. 1981 - 1983. Born with birth defects due to drug use by both parents. Died as result. ii. JACOB CLOUD. 31. DAVID10 CLOUD (CHARLES LAFAY9, DANIEL EWUN8, DANIEL JASPER7, GEORGE ANDREW6, HIRAM5 OSBORNE, EPHRAIM4, EPHRAIM3, JONATHAN2, JAMES1) was born April 12, 1966. He married JACQUELINE. Child of DAVID CLOUD and JACQUELINE is: i. SARAHELLEN11 CLOUD, b. 1996. 32. RHONDA10 CLOUD (RAYMOND EWUN9, DANIEL EWUN8, DANIEL JASPER7, GEORGE ANDREW6, HIRAM5 OSBORNE, EPHRAIM4, EPHRAIM3, JONATHAN2, JAMES1) was born August 23, 1964. She married (1) SCOTT DUVAL. She married (2) MICHAEL ?. She married (3) BRETT Bet. 1982 - 1984 in Stockton, CA. She married (4) BILL BEECH (BEACH) 1999. Child of RHONDA CLOUD and SCOTT DUVAL is: i. TYLER ALLEN11 DUVAL, b. Bet. 1990 - 1991. Child of RHONDA CLOUD and MICHAEL ? is: ii. TINA MARIE11 ?, b. 1988. 33. SHIRLEEN10 SANDERS (DAN9, LILLIE8 CLOUD, DANIEL JASPER7, GEORGE ANDREW6, HIRAM5 OSBORNE, EPHRAIM4, EPHRAIM3, JONATHAN2, JAMES1) was born 1963. She married KEITH WATSON. Children of SHIRLEEN SANDERS and KEITH WATSON are: i. ?11 WATSON. ii. ? WATSON. iii. ? WATSON. MYRNA10 SANDERS (DAN9, LILLIE8 CLOUD, DANIEL JASPER7, GEORGE ANDREW6, HIRAM5 OSBORNE, EPHRAIM4, EPHRAIM3, JONATHAN2, JAMES1) was born 1965. She married LEONARD ROUSSEAU. Children of MYRNA SANDERS and LEONARD ROUSSEAU are: i. MARSHALL11 ROUSSEAU, b. 1996. DALYN ROUSSEAU, b. Bet. 1998 - 1999. Endnotes PICTURES OF GUAJOME Rancho Guajome celebrated its 150 years celebration in August of 2003. Formerly attached to Mission San Luís Rey, located in the northern part of San Diego County. Two mission Indians briefly owned the 2,219-acre ranch. It then came into the hands of Don Abel Stearns. Don Abel Stearns gave the "square league" of land to his sister-in-law Ysidora Bandini for a wedding present. The Rancho was built on a 2,219 acre Pio Pico land grant, and at one time El Camino Real. The hacienda was built in 1852-53, by Cave Johnson Couts for his wife Ysidora Bandini. The adobe grew to include a school, chapel, store, carriage court, bakery, blacksmith's shop private chapel, irrigated groves, and an inner courtyard. It was built in the classic style that expanded to a 7,000 square foot, 22-room hacienda. The Adobe is now owned by the San Diego County Departments of Parks and Recreation and is located at 2210 N. Santa Fe Ave., Vista, CA. If you would like to see photos of the Rancho, please click the picture album page on our website,, or http :// DINING RANCHO GUAJOME By: TOM MORROW - Staff Writer NORTH COUNTY TIMES On Saturday evening, I had the privilege of dining with Vistaís Kirk Richardson and his family at the 150th anniversary dinner honoring the founding of Rancho Guajome Adobe. Kirk is the great- grandson of Cave Couts, the man who built the historic ranch. During a pre-dinner outdoor ceremony, Kirk presented to county officials the surveyor's transit of his great-grandfather to be added to the adobe's many historic artifacts. Kirk reckons the instrument is the very same Lt. Couts used on the U.S. Army's surveying party in 1849-51, which established the international border between Mexico and the United States. FIRST ROADS THROUGH TENNESSEE First State-Directed Road in Tennessee Country -Avery Trace If the new country, now Tennessee, were to prove inviting to settlers, then roads had to be made in order to enable people to come into the new region. North Carolina, the mother State, gave encouragement in this matter in 1787 by ordering a road be "cut" from the south end of Clinch Mountain to Bean's "lick." Peter Every, a hunter in the Washington District, was selected as guide to direct the blazing of the trail through "The Wilderness." This "trace" crossed Clinch River, and entered the Cumberland Mountains. It twisted up Crab Orchard Mountain, passed "Standing Stone" (now Monterey), and followed a rambling course by way of Fort Blount on to Nashville. Over this trace came a number of immigrants to the Cumberland Settlements in 1788. In that company were such notable persons as General William Davidson, Judge John McNairy, and Andrew Jackson. At first, the "road" was merely a trail that had been marked by blazing trees to guide the pioneers on their way to the Cumberland Settlements. For a number of years, only pack horses could follow the trail. But about 1795, it began to be called a "wagon road." As rough and winding as the road was, it was the chief passage to the Cumberland Country until 1797. This road is generally known as the North Carolina Road, or Avery's Trace. In 1794, the territorial Legislature ordered a road to be built from Southwest Point (now Kingston) to the "settlements" on the Cumberland River in the Mero District. These settlements later became what is now Nashville. UNDER CONSTRUCTION With the help of Wilford "Red" Couts and his relatives of Indiana, we are building an Indiana page. On the page we are exhibiting articles, facts and the lives of John and Polly Couts and their descendants. Please check it out soon. If you would like to get info together for another special page, i.e. the Ohio Couts, let me know and we'll help you build it and add what we have too.. Please click for e-mail. Please click to go back to the main page.