VOLUME  10          November      December      January            NUMBER  1



A Quarterly Newsletter for the Descendants of the Couts Family #34






IN MEMORIMUM - From: Lynn Wilson Subject: Death of a Couts Descendant

Barbara, In your April 2000 Couts Family Newsletter, you published an article titled "Couts Descendant Nearing 92 Years."  The few paragraphs spoke of the life of Henry S. Wilson, Jr. who was the great grandson of Julia Anne Couts Reynolds (1827 - 1921).  Henry died October 30, 2004 at the age of 96. He led a healthy, happy,  productive, life - a friend said he had "good genes."  Some of the credit must go to his Couts heritage.

Obituary:  HENRY SMITH. WILSON, JR. Henry S. Wilson, 96, of Amarillo, Texas, died Saturday, Oct. 30, 2004. Memorial services will be at 7 p.m. Thursday in Covenant Presbyterian Church. Arrangements are by Schooler Funeral Home, 4100 S. Georgia St. Mr. Wilson was born Dec. 30, 1907, in Haskell, Tx.  Following his graduation from Austin College in Sherman in 1929, he taught school in Breckenridge.  Henry married Galen Robertson, his childhood sweetheart in 1932. They moved to Amarillo in 1936, where he was district manager of Texas Employers Insurance Association until his retirement in 1973. After Galen's death in 1975, he married longtime friend Lucille Quick.

From: bstraubSubject: Ohio Couts Family Hello, My name is Beth Straubhaar. I am trying to research my maternal family tree. My maternal grandfather was James Ellis Couts. His mother was Julia Couts. Unfortunately, that is about all we know. I am trying to find any information as to who his father was, and the generations before that. Here is what we know.

James Ellis Couts b. 3/28/1871  d. 10/27/32

Only sibling was Ella Couts, birth unknown.

James Ellis Couts married Cora Neidheiser, they had the following children:

Julia Couts b. 12/14/1910

Agnes Couts b. 10/13/1912

Minnie Couts b. 2/7/1915

Robert Couts b. 3/23/1921

Ida Mae Couts b. 5/7/1926

James Ellis Couts' sister Ella married Robert Cotton. Julia Couts' maiden name may have been Whitiker. All the children of James & Cora survived to adulthood with the exception of Robert who died in 1923. I am the daughter of Ida Mae Couts. My mother lived in Stark and Portage County as a child, mainly in the Alliance, Atwater, and later Ravenna area. I would really appreciate any information you might have on my grandfather, and I would be very willing to share any information that I have. Sincerely, Beth Straubhaar

From: "Charlotte Coats" <> Subject: Re: Coats DNA project That's ok...we have a German variation of Kotz as well....:) Did your group come over about 1750?  Because in Charles County MD there is  a 1600+ William Couts there....which might have gotten construed as Courts  some where down the line...and the Courts then has been transcribed as Coates...I don't know the original records have Courts, looks clear enough to me...but who knows what they were thinking.. Do feel free to join our group, you can spin off to a new surname project if  you don't think the results are anywhere near the Coats project...Cotes is  another variation for this group... I have to tell you...I have really found this DNA stuff to be  benefit...I was indeed amazed at the results thus far...and it really helps to focus the if you have any questions on how to order the kits etc let me know...:)  not sure I can give you all the ins and outs on the DNA info, but apparently that Y Chrome is passed down intact from father  to son into perpetuity...mutations can occur but an 11/12 match on the 12  marker test means you're related...when you get to the 25 marker and 37 marker some of the markers mutate faster than others, so they don't change  the genetic distance....FTDNA is really good at explain everything and we've found them to be most responsive and helpful...Keeping my fingers crossed....:)Char

From: lora kouts Subject: To my fellow Couts'!  Hi. My name is Jessica Couts.  I'm 16 years old.  I'm using my papa's internet name, so that is why it comes up as POPDRAWLS. I just happened on this web site, and I wanted to know if you knew anything about Douglas Couts, my grandpa.  I know very little about him because he died when I was a baby.  I do know that he served in WWII on the ship INTREPID.  He had seven kids, and countless grandkids (including me).  If you have any information on him,  please e-mail me at this address.  If not, than I would still like to hear from you.  I might not be able to reply because me papa might need his computer soon. Thank you for your time. Jessica Couts

From: "Patricia Couts Forsyth" <> Subject: Couts Family Hello, My name is Patricia Couts daughter of Arhtur William Couts out of Philadelphia Pennsylvania, my uncles are Johnny, Joey and George and Aunts Peggy and Jane.  Do you know us are we related?  Thanks for writing me back. Thanks  patti

From: "Patricia Thomas" <> Subject: Re: My family Margaret Koutz born 4/24/1883 I am sorry to hear there is no family connection.  I just changed computers and had lost several e-mails.  I just located and set up planning to send only family reunion pictures to my brother.  Unfortunately all messages were sent.  I should have deleted.  Thanks again.  Patricia Thomas

From: Patricia Thomas  Subject: Margaret Koutz born 4/24/1799 Margaret Koutz is my great great great grandmother who is buried with family in the Hebner plot in Maple Grove Cemetery in Boonville.  I have information about the family and very old pictures all without names.  This is my mothers side of the family.  I would like to learn whether there is a family connection.  I have been unable to learn her husband's name but she had 6 children according to the 1850 census who lived in Boonville including my great great grandmother Mary Koutz Hebner.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Patricia Thomas, St. Charles, Missouri

From: Patricia Thomas Subject: Margaret Koutz born 7/6/1799 My great great great grandmother was Margaret Koutz who is buried with other family members at Maple Grove Cemetery.  I visited Boonville in 2002 and met a cousin James Koutz at the county courthouse.  I requested information and mailed him pictures of my family who I had identified but was unsure since all the pictures were without names.  My mothers family was from Boonville but according to James the older members have died and he was not interested in family history.  I am hopeful that you are a cousin with information about Margaret and her family.   The earliest information that I have is the 1850 census where she is alone and raising 6 children: Caroline, Denise, Margaretta, Henry, Christena and Mary Koutz Hebner my great great grandmother.  I have a family tree and photographs that I am prepared to share and certainly you must have a lot of information.  I could not find a reference to Margaret's husband.  I believe that Christ Coutz buried in the family plot next to Margaret and the children may be an older son.  According to the 1870 census he was 44 and born in Wurtenberg.  According to the tombstone, he died in 1888 and was about 62.  Please let me know if any of the names are familiar to you.  Peter Hebner was a jeweler in Boonville and died 8/9/1897.  Margaret lived with Henry Koutz and his wife Mary in the 1880 census but died in the home of Peter and Mary Hebner on 4/24/1883 according to the Boonville Enquirer.  Look forward to hearing from you.  Patricia Thomas, St. Charles, Missouri. 

From: WILFORD COUTS  Subject: Immense accomplishment Barbara, it was fantastic.  The size is just astounding.  It now deserves a lot of study.  I don't see how you do it all.  It represents months and months of work.  You really have a wildcat by the tail.  My cousin Janice and I will get to work and we will offer a few corrections in our branch.  For instance you have our son Thomas but not our son Alan (deceased) and daughter Ann plus her husband.  We'll get to it some day and send a massive when we do.  Of course your print-out stimulates us to pursue new family branches (or at least new to us).  It really is wonderful to see.  Congratulations! Now to a more mundane subject.  Janice and I are about ready to write about our first cousin Downey Lawrence Couts for your quarterly publication.  You don't want pictures anymore, correct?  We would handle this by not referring to Figures in the report but we would make and distribute copies of photos to our immediate family and we would send copies to you for your own personal files.  Is that a good way to handle it from your perspective? I did go to Bowling Green KY to do some genealogical research.  But I didn't accomplish a lot other that locate the sources and begin.  I arrived for a two day stay and the first day was the one day of the year that the university closed down to accommodate new transformers in the electrical system.  So I will be prepared for a second, more productive visit at sometime later.  I am certainly a neophyte in this business. RED

From: Frank & Suzan Kaye ubject: Re: Trying to reach Ollen KayThanks, Barb -- I appreciate the help! Suzan in AR To: Frank & Suzan Kaye  Subject: Re: Trying to reach Ollen Kay I haven't heard from him in a while. I'll add your query to the newsletter and send a copy to John Kautz. He might know where to find hime.   Thanks, Barb

From: Frank & Suzan Kaye Subject: Trying to reach Ollen Kay Hi -- my name is Suzan Kaye.  I have a website for KAYE/KAY (and related surname) family researchers.  Several years ago I corresponded with Ollen Kay regarding his KAY Family Newsletter, and would like to reach him for an answer to a question.  The last e-mail address I have for him is no longer functional -- would you have a current one?  Or a phone number?  Or any info about him at all? I appreciate your help -- Suzan Kaye Mountain Home, AR

From: Cali Couts  Subject: Couts Family Barb, Hello, How are you? I hope alls well with you. I'm fine. I was hoping maybe I could do a new newsletter with you. I was nine years old when I did the last one, and asked nine year old questions.  As I am now fourteen, I assume I can contribute a bit more intelligently.  Please Consider it, and thank you for your time Cali Couts

(Fabulous! Let me know what you want to add…Barb)
To: Patricia Thomas <> Subject: Re: My family Margaret Koutz born 4/24/1883 Oh, I wish!! But unfortunately I don't have a connection.  I will add your info to the newsletter. We have several Koutz from the Indiana area...Barb

From: Subject: I am Erick Keith Redal Couts II; there are three things you might like to know. Well, first off, howdy...umm...cousin? As proper introduction, I am Erick Keith Redal Couts II.  I came across the site actually looking up my name on  As I had said in the subject, there are two little things that you might like to know.  First off, my middle name is spelled Keith.  Second, my brother's is Brandt.  And third, my father has married yet again.  I'm not sure as to what her middle name is, but I will do my best to let you know when I find out. Please let me know when you get this as website e-mail has a fun way of never getting read. Thank you and brightest blessings, Erick Keith Redal Couts II

From: Subject: Re: I am Erick Keith Redal Couts II; there are three things you might like to...Dear Barb, Actually, I don't really know much about our family history.  I'm generally kept in the dark as to any family relations ect.  It was through your site that I even found out that Virginia wasn't my grandfather's only wife.  I might ask my father about her first today when I ask about his current wife's (Linda _____ England) middle name.  They don't have children together as they really...umm...can't, but she has children from her previous marriage.  But as for my father, he is little liked in our family due to the fact that he's a real jerk and has done some things that would disgust even those who have heard it all.  To prove it, look-up my sister, Brayon's, middle name; the results will surprise and may shock you if you don't already know of its origins.  This isn't the previous discussion even that I had previously mentioned, but it does generally get the point across.  But as for anything for the site, I have nothing that I can contribute.  I'm sorry, but it's all I can do to even know that I have a family anymore. Sincerely, Erick Couts II

From: Larry Harris Subject: Collins Grave Photos Hi Barb and Gayle, how are both of you?  I'm fine, feeling much better.  Thanks for the prayers.  Diane and I are leaving this Friday for Tampa, and leave Sat. for a Carribean cruise. I hope the storms stay away.  Attached are some photos. The first is a collage of photos I took last year at the Old Nazareth Presbyterian Church in Spartanburg, S.C.  The Collins were founding members of this church.  You can see two old stones for Thomas and Rosanna Collins. Both died in 1796.  They were William Collins parents. The other photo is of the new stone that my son Jacob and I set for Rosanna Collins Harris, my g-g-grandmother. She was William Collins daughter.  Paul Dafft, Farris Ballard, and I paid for the stone.  Hers was broken but her son Joseph Harris, stone was still there.  They were buried side by side. I don't think that I have sent these to you.  Hope you like them.  Later, Larry

From:  Subject: question  Hi, Do you think this Cave Johnson was related to the Trussells? Thanks,  Kathryn

From: Bob Anconetani Subject: family tree. I had written you a few years ago about being a part of the Bird Family.  We changed our e-mail address & lost touch.  I'm sorry to be so slow to get back.Has anyone in this family had to deal with a tumor called an ependymoma?address Thank you  Tonia Anconetani

From: JOHNCATH@aol.comSubject: Winn Family/Hendley Crossed your website, really enjoyed it.  My G-G-G-Grandfather was Judge John Hendley who married Jemimia Winn...would love any information on your line...Thanks, Catherine L. Hendley-Mundt

From: LilShad@aol.comSubject: Re: Winn Family Barb Yes, I am Danny Shadrick seeking information on the Martin, Francis, and Victoria "Graham Lorance" Winn Family? My mom is Geneva Lee Posey Shadrick. My grandparents were Robert Olen Posey and Willie Lavada Winn. Grandma's parents were Butler Brooks Winn and Oklahoma Branham. I live in Oklahoma City. Danny



From: Subject: Bandinni-Couts information requested

In 1841 -- Couts and Bandini married.  (Juan Bandini the brother of the bride) married Esparanza Sepulveda and they had two little girls--Arcadia and Delores.  Esparanza died sometime after the two girls were born and they were raised by their Aunt Arcadia Bandini Stearns, Baker. Who were the parents of Espananza Sepulveda? Was she the daughter or granddaughter of Eloisa Martinez de Sepulveda? (This family lived in Los Angeles ,on Olivera Street during the same years Arcadia and Abel lived there) Why did this young mother die?   Was it childbirth? She is buried with the Couts/Bandinis/Stearns and Baker in East Los Angeles--in a site very close to Arcadia and Juan. I don't think Juan never married again--as he is buried alone with Arcadia / Sterns and Baker under the statue? Juan Bandini had a home in Santa Monica but nothing in his diary mentions Esperanza only information after the girls are married?Do any of you have any information about her? My husband is John T. Gaffey 11 and his grandmother was Arcadia Bandini de Gaffey. Thanks,

From: Scott, Deborah Subject: Couts--Springfield, OH. My maiden name is Couts, but our family is Black. Do you have any research on Black people with the name Couts?  I'd like to know where to begin if you have any information. Thanks, Deborah Couts-Scott
To:  Scott, Deborah Subject:  Re: Couts--Springfield
, OH Hello Deborah, All research starts with your immediate family names, dates, and places and then, work backwards. A good piece of software is Family Tree Maker.  It's very systematic and allows all sorts of charts to be made. Yes, as a matter of fact there is some information about the Black Couts in Robertson Co. Tennessee and in Warren County, Kentucky. I'm not sure if you are from our branch, but we do have information about the one line of Couts who had slaves. Good luck, let me know if I can help...I'll add your query to the next newsletter. Barb

From: Scott, Deborah Subject: RE: Couts--Springfield, OH Thank you so much for your reply!  The Warren County Kentucky was so helpful, because my mother's family is from Kentucky and they will help me research in that area.  I will share  anything I find out.  Thanks again! Debbie Couts-Scott

From: "Frana M. Keith" <> From: "Frana M. Keith" <> Subject: FW: J R Couts From: Frana M. Keith <> Subject: J R Couts My name is Frances Anna Moseley Keith, called Frana. My father's mother was Margaret Couts Moseley. I am a rank amateur in looking up or chronicling genealogy. I wanted you to know that I exist. If interested in contacting me, you can, by email or telephone- 830 8253304, or address: 1450 Cypress Valley Ranch, Cypress Mill, TX, 78663. Thank you, Frana M. Keith

From: Barbara Evans To: Sue Lay Subject: Re: Couts Books? No Sue, I don't know of any book. I know he was researching the family and I've read a few letters. I'll check with others. Gee, I would love to share all of that info with the rest of the Couts Clan. I would be happy to Byline you. The newsletters go into the National Archives, Indiana and Virginia Lib., Filson Society, and the Wisconsin Historical Society Library, (along with a few others).  You would be well read.  Barb

From: Sue Lay Subject: RE: Couts   So you can see the Couts go on.  I would be glad to share pictures and stories that I have coming in.  Family Tree says add this to the tree but they “own all rights?” etc. What does that mean?  However, I would be glad to share anything with the “family”.  Let me know what you think they might want.  My mother and the other cousins that grew up on the ranch with the family stories will be gathering next week.  They plan to tell stories that they remember.  I have scanned a number of things including the letters where Cave and JR Couts seem to be planning where to run the railroad from California to Texas; Or a picture with the grandchildren sitting in the chair that JR used to stand off the robbers at the church. Even now I’m beginning to get the pull between “send me this” and “you can’t tell them that”. As a reference librarian and writer by trade I am in a bit of a quandary.  But for the moment I plan to pack as much as I can into family tree, pics, docs etc. and tape the conversations of the survivors.  Herodotus said that history consisted of only those things that survived in “living” memory ie my mother and her cousin at 80+ talking to their parents and the grandparents are the last link to the frontier. Sorry to ramble…get back to me with what you might want or want me to write.  I write for Linwood press doing reviews and have had some success with my short stories so am used to an editor and taking direction. More later,  Sue 

From: Sue Lay Subject: Couts? Hi, I have inherited all sorts of Couts information.  Copies of letters from my direct ancestor James Robertson Couts to his cousin Cave Couts in California, I think that the originals at in the Huntington.  This has come out of the papers of Annie Moseley a granddaughter who died in the 1920’s I think. It appears that they were in contact with a James T.Van Rensselaer who was working on a Couts book in 1968.  I am a librarian but am unfamiliar with genealogical work.  My searches on google, Amazon, eBay, half etc. are coming up empty.  Do you know of a book written by a Van Renselaer (32235 Vista De Catalina, South Laguna, Ca. 92677 is the last address I find in the 1960’s.) or if you can recommend a resource I would appreciate it.  I got into this because my mother and her first cousin are linking up to exchange stories etc. They are both in their 80’s.  I am also in the process of scanning pictures and correspondence. If there is anything the web site could use I’ll be glad to contribute. Thanks, Sue Lay

 From: Sue Lay Subject: RE: Couts   Thanks for the reply.  As I said I stumbled into this and seem to be surrounded by the World War II crew handing me stuff. I’m trying to read all the news letters to get a grip.  I also have Moseleys who married in and they have a pile of DAR, Colonial Dames, Magna Carta, and Son and Daughters of Pilgrims papers for crying out loud.  I hate to see this stuff lost.  I’m scanning the account of Margaret Couts Moseley and her husbands’ deaths in 1925.  They were hit by a train on the way to ranch and within an hour the same train carried their bodies back to town.  I think I have a picture of them a few days before in the front of oil well they were killed by. In the Cave and JR, dear cousin letters they exchanged pictures of their children, both had a lot of little girls.  Any chance of someone having those? Thanks again, Sue

From: Sue Lay Subject: RE: Couts  Sorry to be so slow getting back to you.  I’m swamped in stuff.  JRCouts, Cave’s first cousin, had 5 daughters but the daughter who is my great great grandmother had 6 children so the Texas Couts turned into Moseleys.  The family ranch on the Brazos river, Alta Vista is the name I think, was sold in 1960s and the Moseley grandsons bought ranches in Mexico. So now I have run into an entire Mexican group. Their papers etc. were lost when a moving van went over a cliff?  Here is a sample of a letter I received from a Counts/Moseley descendent: Her name (the woman’s, who contacted me through a cousin, mother) is Dolores Anaya de Moseley ( women do not give up their maiden names in Mexico) I was born in Jan 1964.  Followed by Alejandro in 1966. Couts Anderson Moseley in 1967 and Hillery Link Moseley in 1969.  All married now, except for Alec. Couts has been married for almost 9 years to Betty and has a 2 year old James Robertson Couts Moseley! So you can see the Couts go on.  I would be glad to share pictures and stories that I have coming in.  Family Tree says add this to the tree but they “own all rights?” etc. What does that mean?  However, I would be glad to share anything with the “family”.  Let me know what you think they might want.  My mother and the other cousins that grew up on the ranch with the family stories will be gathering next week.  They plan to tell stories that they remember.  I have scanned a number of things including the letters where Cave and JR Couts seem to be planning where to run the railroad from California to Texas; Or a picture with the grandchildren sitting in the chair that JR used to stand off the robbers at the church. Even now I’m beginning to get the pull between “send me this” and “you can’t tell them that”. As a reference librarian and writer by trade I am in a bit of a quandary.  But for the moment I plan to pack as much as I can into family tree, pics, docs etc. and tape the conversations of the survivors.  Herodotus said that history consisted of only those things that survived in “living” memory ie my mother and her cousin at 80+ talking to their parents and the grandparents are the last link to the frontier. Sorry to ramble…get back to me with what you might want or want me to write.  I write for Linwood press doing reviews and have had some success with my short stories so am used to an editor and taking direction. More later, Sue 

From: Scott, Deborah Subject: Couts--Springfield, OH My maiden name is Couts, but our family is Black. Do you have any research on Black people with the name Couts?  I'd like to know where to begin if you have any information. Thanks,  Deborah Couts-Scott

From:  Subject: Couts / Dyke / STARR connection

Dear Barbara: Great to hear from you! Here is a bit of info on my connection to our tree. I'll be spending more time studying the fantastic web sites about it and send more as I find it. I've included a link to the Starr tree that I found recently.  You're right it is hard to find anything about this bunch, but I'm going to try. Here's the bit that makes my link
to the Couts branch. . Mary Ann Couts, died Oct. 19, 1910.  Married- Melvin Edward Dyke, died 1899. Their son Calvin J. Dyke, 1892 - 1972. Married- Stella Moore, 1894 - 1977 Their Daughter Jewel Hazel Dyke, 1914- 1992. Married- Jasper Garland Starr 1904- 1973. Their Son Leroy Starr, 1930- 1985. Married- Annie Martin, , 1933--  Marvin Dale Starr, 1961 Jimmy Leroy Starr, 1954
Click here: Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Page Genealogy Report: Descendants of James C. Starr

From:  Subject: Catherine "Kitty" Byrd Winn  In a search for some information re. Catherine Byrd Winn, I came across your web page. I appreciate all of the information you have provided.  Though I am not a Winn or Gray descendent, I have been looking for info. on Catherine in re. to my current research on my hometown, Greensburg, Green Co., KY where she married her second husband, Dr. Richard A. Taylor, and where she is buried.  Actually, I began looking as an effort to find further information re. her first husband, Dr. William Gray. He apparently had some connections to Glasgow, Barren Co., KY since he owned some property there. In addition, he owned property and a 2 story brick house in Greensburg before his death. Further, he had three children: Theresa D., who married William H. Vaughn (d. 1847) on 20 Nov. 1839 in Green Co., KY; John C.; Samuel M., who d. intestate and w/o issue bef. 1855; and Elizabeth O. C. who m. George K. Perkins 29 Oct. 1839 in Green Co., KY.  I would appreciate any information you might provide on Dr. Gray, or Kitty. Thank you.
 From: Subject: Re: Catherine "Kitty" Byrd Winn   Ms. Evans, Thanks so much for your reply.  I would be happy for you to use the letter, and I would be happy to supply any additional info. I might have.  Based on some further research after I forwarded you this note, I now suspect there is a connection between Dr. Gray, Kitty Winn, and the Courts family that lived in Greensburg.  Specifically Braxton E. Courts who had a son that married Pocahontas Toomey. (Isn't that a great name?) Thanks, again. Joe DeSpain

From:  Subject: Re: Catherine "Kitty" Byrd Winn  Barb, Thanks for the reply.  Let's try to see if I can receive the Winn info.  Also, if you would like for me to check any Courts info. in Green Co., I would be happy to. I might tell you one story that the late Sam Moore told me years ago.  Sam was quite interested in Green Co. history, and he collected much during his years as county health officer, and as a result of his family's being in the county for years.  Unfortunately no one really tapped into Sam's info. before he died. However, he told me that Brack Courts owned a store on the square in G-burg, and John Toomey ran a hotel in town that was called the Toomey Hotel.  In my growing up time in Green County, it was the Pickett Hotel before it was torn down c. 1961.  At any rate, Courts and Toomey apparently had a continual friendly banter going on.  One day Mr. Toomey went to Mr. Courts store and ordered a dime's worth of crackers and cheese.  He then told Mr. Courts that he wanted them delivered to the hotel.  As he turned to walk out, Mr. Courts cut the cheese, picked up the crackers, and followed Mr. Toomey to the hotel where he delivered the crackers and cheese.Thanks, again, for your info. Joe DeSpain

From:  Subject: re info on winn page Barb, In looking at the Winn page on the web site, I notice an incorrect d. date for Aylette Buckner Taylor, son of Dr. Richard Taylor and Catherine Winn Gray Taylor.  The site lists the date as March 16, 1887.  However, please note the following abstract from THE GREEN COUNTY RECORD, Greensburg, KY of 19 Mar. 1897:  Aylte B. Taylor died Monday, 15 March 1897.  He was born in 1832, the son of Dr. R. A. Taylor.  He married Miss Williams in 1853 and in 1861 he was married to Miss Mitchell who with six children survives.  Burial at Bethel Church Cemetery.   If you would like any further info. on the wives or families, please let me know.  I can make a few Taylor connections, as well as with Miss Ariadne Mitchell. Joe

From: Subject: Re: re info on winn page Barb Sorry to be some time getting back with you re. Aylette Taylor's wives and family, etc. Aylette's (b. 26 Aug. 1831, Green Co., KY; d. 15 Mar. 1897, Green Co., KY) 1st marriage (15 Sept. 1853) was to Sarah Frances Williams.  His 2nd m. (18 June 1863, Green Co., KY) was to Ariadne B. Mitchell (b. 30 July 1842, Harrodsburg, Mercer Co., KY; d. 27 Apr. 1920, Danville, Boyle Co., KY), dau. of Basil Bard Mitchell (b. 10 June 1810; d. 10 Feb. 1846) and Elizabeth Hannah Woods (b. 1 May 1821; d. 1 Sept. 1852).  Aylette and Ariadne had 6 children:  Thomas Wallace (b. 29 Apr. 1864); Elizabeth Winn (b. 8 Feb. 1867); Dr. Basil Mitchell (b. 5 Nov. 1869); Sarah Francis (b. 28 Aug. 1872); William Woods (b. 11 July 1877); Virginia Everett (b. 11 Mar. 1883).  You can find more about the Woods family by checking THE WOODS-McAFEE MEMORIAL by Neander Woods. Ariadne's uncle, William Harvey (sometimes spelled Hervey) Woods was a Presbyterian minister and a schoolteacher in Green Co., KY where he married Sarah Lile, dau. of a prominent attorney, Thomas Waller Lile (sometimes Lisle).  Sarah died young, and William remarried, but he had health problems and died at Aylette and Ariadne's home in Green Co.  Among William and Sarah's children was a son, William Hervey Woods, who m. a Lupton from Winchester, VA.  He graduated from Hampden-Sydney, became a Presbyterian minister, and served a church in Baltimore for 30 yrs.  During his life, he wrote poetry, and several of his poems were published in Harper's, Atlantic, etc.  He published a collection in 1911.  Through my English degreed background and the unusual fact that my home county, Green, developed a poet that I became interested in the younger William Hervey, which then led me to more about his family.  On the other side, the Taylor side, one of Aylette's descendent cousins owned the bottling company in Greensburg, KY where my father worked and eventually bought and then left to my 3 brothers and me.  We just sold it in Jan. this year. Hope this gives you some other things with which to work. Best, Joe DeSpain






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Coate, Coates, Coats DNA Project In at least TN the name Coats and Couts has been confused in the records... Come join us...
Charlotte Coats  Administrator   questions: Any volunteers. It will probably be June before we join.

The History and Genealogy of Callaway County, Missouri

Rev. William Coats of Callaway County, Missouri A History

William Coats moved to Callaway County, Missouri's Coats' Prairie in 1817. He came from Smith County, TN. It is said he was born in South Carolina about 1770 and he married Nancy Baker about 1791. He died in Callaway County MO in 1836 leaving a will.      

           First two unproven assumptions are made in this paper. One is that William Coats was the son of William Coats and Francis maiden name unknown of Kings Creek in Newberry County South Carolina, who died in Camden District in 1783. The other unproven assumption is that William Coats of Robertson County TN and William Coats of Smith County TN are the same person. There is however, more circumstantial evidence that William Coats of Smith County was in Robertson County, evidence that William Coats of Robertson County TN deeded land to a John Baker in 1800 and there is a record in 1849 in Callaway County, MO of the estate of Nancy Baker, wife of William Coats, that shows a John Baker estate leaves her part of his estate and those records state he was John Baker of TN, without giving any detail as to his exact location in TN. There is however, another William Coats in Bedford County TN, who leaves a dower interest to his wife before 1824. The latter William Coats, is believed to have come from North Carolina and is related to the Coats families of Lincoln county, TN.

           Many of the records in Robertson County TN were transcribed in the WPA project and as such much liberty was taken with the spelling of the names in that county by the transcriber. Coats in most instances was transcribed Couts, adding to the problem is the fact that there is a Couts family in that area at the same time. The original index to the deed records however, shows the spelling particularly in the Coats to Baker deed as Coats not Couts. The Robertson County TN court minutes show William Coats in Robertson County TN as early as 1797, with Benjamin and Barton Coats, also two known children of William Coats and Francis of South Carolina.

           We also have records of the Red River Baptist Church in Robertson County TN showing that Barton Coats, eldest son of William Coats and Francis of Newberry County, South Carolina was a member of that church about 1790. Barton Coats also sells the land of his father William Coats on Kings Creek in South Carolina in 1791 as the administrator of the estate, he then shows up in the census records for Robertson County, TN We see from Godspeeds history of TN that the Red River was an early settlement area for this area: "The first settlement in Robertson County {The facts in regard to Kilgore's settlement were condensed from the articles written by Dr. J. S. Mulloy, for the Springfield Record.} was made by Thomas Kilgore on the waters of the Middle Fork of Red River, three-fourths of [p.829] a mile west of Cross Plains. The Legislature of North Carolina passed a pre-emption law securing to settlers of Tennessee 640 acres of land provided the settlement was made prior to 1780. In the spring of 1778 Kilgore left North Carolina with some ammunition, some salt, and a few grains of corn. Traveling on foot he passed through East Tennessee, and plunged into the wilderness beyond. Guided alone by the sun and the north star, he pushed on, seeing no white people until he reached Bledsoe's Lick, where he found a colony of six or eight families. After resting a few days, he went on some twenty-five miles west where he located. As a safe hiding place from the Indians, he selected a cave a mile west of where Cross Plains now is. It had a bold stream of water running from it into the Middle Fork of Red River, and by wading the stream he could enter the cave without leaving a trail." Godspeeds history of TN further tells us: "In 1780 or 1781 Maulding's Station was built. It was located one mile west of the present Louisville and Nashville pike, and four miles east of Kilgore's. That was the next settlement in Robertson County, but the Indians were so hostile that they abandoned it for a time and united with the people at Kilgore's. Among the occupants of the latter station at this time were the Kilgores, Mauldings, Masons, Hoskinses, Jesse Simmons, Isaac Johnson, Samuel Martin, Yates, and several others. The first Indian massacres in the county occurred in 1781. A small colony had located in Montgomery County, near where Port Royal now is. Godspeeds history tells us that in 1793: "The years 1793 and 1794 closed the Indian massacres in Robertson County. During these years Adam Fleener, William Bartlett and a Miss Roberts were killed, and Capt. Abram Young and John Mayfield were wounded. The forts were generally the nuclei around which the earliest settlements clustered. They extended west from Kilgore's and east from Sevier's, now Clarksville. About 1781 Caleb Winters settled on the farm now owned by Hon. G. A. Washington. It is said that he, like Kilgore, subsisted entirely upon meat during the first season. It is said that he, like Kilgore, subsisted entirely upon meat during the first season. It is also stated that Ezekiel Polk, grandfather of President Polk, located on Sulphur Fork, about three miles south of Adams Station, during the same year, but the Indians were so hostile that he remained only about a year. A fort known as Miles' Station was built on the place now occupied by Joseph Washington, and among those who settled in that vicinity were William and Charles Miles, Azariah Dunn, John Roberts and Nicholas Conrad. Jonathan Carr and Holland Darden, Archibald Mahan, James and Henry Gardner, Joseph Washington, William and Giles Connell located in Sulphur Fork. In 1792 early settlers included, according to Godspeeds history: "à Thomas Woodard located on Beaver Dam Creek in what is now the Eighteenth District. William and James Stark, Meredith and Martin Walton, and John Couts also settled in that vicinity at about the same time. The country around Barren Plains was settled largely by the Taylors, Redferrens and Masons. Still further north were the Pitts, Moores and Hueys, William Scoggins, Bardwell Babb, Edmund Edwards and James Gambell. In the neighborhood of the Tenth Civil District were Richard and Moses Stanley, James Sawyers, Simeon Walton, James Seals, James England, and John and Sampson Mathews. The last named afterward formed a settlement at the head of Spring Creek. At the beginning of the present century, a colony of Germans from North Carolina, among whom were the Fishers, Binkleys, Stoltzes, Fykes, Gigers, Kigers, Clinards and some of the Freys, came to the county and settled on Carr's Creek and vicinity. After the removal of the Indians from this part of the State, the settlement went on very rapidly, and in 1812 there were 852 able-bodied men in the county divided into fifteen militia companies." I might add that William Coats and Francis' daughter Ann married William Stark and the Huey family was associated with the Notley Coats family of Chester County, South Carolina. Notley is thought to be the brother of William Coats of Kings Creek South Carolina although no documentation has been found to this effect as of yet, but he certainly is related to William Coats of Kings Creek South Carolina. Although there is a John Couts in this group, it is believed that he was a Couts not a Coats but that has not yet been verified by the records of the area. But if Rev William Coats and Nancy Baker did live in this area in those early years of 1790, in all likelihood they would have been living near one of these early forts. This was indeed a lawless and wild area in the early days of the border settlements as they were called, settlements that were on the very edge of civilization and the wilderness, in which Indians and bandits roamed freely. The men seldom ventured from their homes without arms. Families lived in groups bound together by ties of common interest, exposed to common dangers, and ever ready to hazard their lives for the common good. Most of these settlers were born and reared on the frontiers, they grew to adulthood in the wilderness, where danger was a constant threat. A common occurrence were attacks on fathers, brothers, husbands and sons, when they went to the clearings in the morning where they were in danger of being shot from ambush or scalped before their return to their cabins. The first settlers in these areas located land claims or preempted lands and as soon as possible afterward entered them. In most of these cases settlers took land before there was any granting state or federal authority to do so, later the established granting authority gave them pre-emptions to the land on which they lived. Many of the grants were warrants received for services in the Revolutionary War. Early research has assumed that William Coats and Nancy Baker were married in Sumner County TN and all their children were born there. However, a check of the Sumner county TN marriage records for the time period of 1790/92 does not show a Coats marriage in that county. To add to further complications is the Charles Coats in GA, who does not appear in any of the earlier Coats research, but who is probably related if not the brother of William Coats of Kings Creek, South Carolina. Charles' known children in GA are, William, Thomas, Sarah and Mary. In a 1790s tax list of GA, Charles Coats appears with a William Coats and James Coats. Both Charles and James Coats are deceased by 1804 and it is not known whether James was a son or brother to Charles or that perhaps another William Coats is there but by 1805 only Charles Coats children show up in the records. There is also a Morgan Coats in Jackson and Jasper County, GA that is said to be related to Rev William Coats.

            The earliest record we have for William Coats and Nancy Baker in Smith County, is the Brush Creek Primitive Baptist Church records of Smith County TN. That church began in the 1700s but was not constituted until 1802 and those records show William Coats and Nancy Coats as charter members in 1802. So although William Coats may have lived in Robertson County TN as early as 1797, the records indicate that the sale of the land to John Baker in 1800 could well have been when William Coats and his family moved to Smith County TN, well after the Indian raids had subsided. Settlement seems to have been encouraged at a rapid pace once the whites started entering treaties with the local Indian Tribes.

           We know very little of Rev William Coats' life in TN but he probably was a farmer and builder by necessity in TN as well as an elder in the Primitive Baptist Church. We do know that conditions must have been extremely hard, since even after the Indian unrest was resolved there were still roaming bands of both lawless whites and Indians. Rev William Coats probably built the house he lived in TN, since he also built his home in MO. They probably grew the food they ate on his land and were probably quite self- sufficient. We know a little bit more about Rev William Coats from the Smith County TN records but still nothing as to what their day to day life must have been like, but it was probably much like those early settlers of his time. The area is one of hills and valleys, numerous creeks that pour into the Cumberland River. There were fields of grain, pastures, orchards surrounding homes most likely made from hand hewn logs. The climate was neither intensely cold in winter nor oppressively warm in summer. The name Baker has long been associated with this area and It's first settlements. A William Baker being there as early as 1766.

             We also could assume that if William and Nancy Baker Coats were in TN as early as 1790 or even in 1792 they probably lived near one of the early forts of the Red River area for protection. This also creates some confusion, since Barton Coats was still in South Carolina in 1791 when he sells his fathers land. This would seem to indicate that a later date for his arrival in TN. Since William would have been a younger brother and still a minor when William Coats on Kinds Creek died in 1783, it would seem that he probably would not have come to TN prior to the arrival of Barton Coats.

             William Coats was married to Nancy Baker. Although a marriage record has not yet been found, we believe they were married in 1790/91 since their first child was born in 1792. Their marriage is also recorded in the D.A.R. application for Sylvester Baker, the father of Nancy Baker. Nancy's family came out of MD, where Sylvester was born in the 1750s, he and Obadiah Baker, have adjoining land in Rowan County, NC and sell their land in 1783/84. In Sylvester Baker's declaration for a Revolutionary War Pension, he states, that he lived in Rowan County NC for about 12 years prior to the Revolution and then went to Wayne County KY, where he lived for about 2 years. From KY, he then moved to Davidson County, TN. There is a Meshack Baker living in Davidson County TN about this same time. Although believed to be related to both Obadiah and Meshack Baker, it is not clear exactly how Sylvester is related, but Obadiah is probably a brother. In any event the only common place for William and Nancy Baker to have met would have been Robertson County TN but since the Red River area was close to the KY border and we know Sylvester was in Wayne County prior to going to Davidson County TN, it is possible they met in that area as well. Records of Sylvester Baker are found in both Smith County TN and Warren County TN, where he was living at the time, he sold his land and moved to Callaway County MO in 1817 with his daughter Nancy Baker Coats and her husband William Coats.  To be continued…



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