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A Quarterly Newsletter for the Descendants of the Couts Family #35



It is the goal of this newsletter to create interest in and share the research for the Couts (pronounced Koutz) and Allied Family genealogy.  It can only be written with the cooperation of each family member.   We encourage each of you to send in your family group sheets and enter data as far back as you can find.  The information that you find within its covers will be as “true” as we can prove.  We gladly accept articles, photos, genealogy lines, and family stories.



The Bible Verse Book~

Donna, a wonderful lady from the internet, found our web page and sent a beautiful old Bible Study Verse Book.  It once belonged to Robert L. Couts.  After buying it at a yard sale, she wanted a family member to own it.  Thank you Donna for your kindness from the Couts Family!  Barb Couts Evans

From: Barbara Evans  Subject: Something you might want Hi from CA,  I'm looking for Robert L. Couts. Is he still alive? Probably not. He would have been a teen in the early 1900's. He may be from Cross Plains. I have something that belongs to him and I wanted to return it or give it to the Historical Society to put in their collection.  It is a small Bible verse study book, with Robert's name and address inside. Let me know if of a descendent, let me know.  Barb Couts Evans

Hey Barb- I think Susan Murphey is a living descendant of Robert Couts here as I shared some research awhile back about him and his family.  I'll find out for sure and let you know.  Hope everything in CA is going well!  I had a couple of questions about the Couts family I was hoping you could shed some light on.  The only two Couts brothers that I have come across in the past as the first settlers in Robertson County were John & Chrisley.  However, when I was researching deeds on another family recently I found one from HENRY JOHNSON to WILLIAM COUTS in 1797.  The first William Couts I knew of here was John's son who married Nancy Johnson.  But he would be too young to be this William.  Did John and Chrisley have a brother named William that came here with them in 1792?  If so, do you already have his line?  Also, I know that Teter Couts is said to be the father of John & Chrisley.  Did anyone every find any documentation to prove this relationship?  Hope everything in CA is going well!  Thanks, Pam (Couts) Drake RCHS Volunteer

Subject: Re: Something you might want From: P. Drake  Here is the address of Susan Couts Murphey who is a direct descendant of Robert L. Couts:   Susan Murphey    Springfield, TN 37172  This is her mother's home address if you need it for any reason: OPHELIA B COUTS  SPRINGFIELD ,  TN  37172    I don't have an email address for either one.  Also, thanks for all the info on the Couts family.  I look forward to reading over it!  Pam   THANK YOU PAM FOR YOUR HELP! Barb

Subject: COUTZ FAMILY- LEONITIS COUTZ From:  TO PATTY JENKINS   FROM  My great greatgrandfather  was leonitis coutz. My grandmother was Bertha Coutz Hoffman born jan 20 1883- died nov 17 1971. Hope to hear from family members.  Judy Davison   

Subject: Re: Couts Family Tree From: I am searching for the sister of my great-grandmother, Jane Reed Collins.  Her sister's name was Adeline Reed Nicholson.  She got on a train one day and disappeared and no one heard much from her since that time.  This would have been in the 1940s or that time period.  I have a few pictures of Adeline and was wondering if she could be the same person in your family tree who is the second wife of George Kenneth Simmons.  My grandmother told me that Adeline wrote a couple of letters home from Kansas City with a Post Office Box, but no street address.  They never heard from her again and assumed that she had passed away.   My grandmother is 94 years old, and this was her mom's sister.  Sue Cox

Subject: Re: Couts Family Tree From:  If she was born in 1926, which would not be the same person.  Thanks for your help.  Sue Cox

Subject: Abraham Reed From: George Reed Hello Barbara Couts EvansPerhaps there is no connection with your Abraham Reed and mine, but I will add some details for your files...My gr-gr-gr grandfather, Abraham Reed was b. 1755 VA. He fought at the Battle of King's Mountain.  About 1810 (?) we find him living some few miles north of Stock Creek, Knox County, TN, then about 1825 moved down to a place near Tellico Plains, TN, called Sink Creek, where he died about 1835 (?)..  I think he was Presbyterian.  Incidently, one historian has written:"...every man (reference to the "over-mountain-men" from Virginia...) the man,  who fought at the Battle of Kings Mountain was Presbyterian"  (Not exact quote but the meaning is correct).  Another Abraham Reed/Reid, my gr-gr grandfatgher, lived, at the same time, a few miles south of Stock Creek, whom I believe was the son of the above.  This Abraham was a one of the founders of Stock Creek Primitive Baptist Church (South Knox County, TN),.1806.  If this information seems "germane" please let me know, but otherwise, not necessary for you to respond. George T. Reed   (83)  Newark, DE  I am presently in Florida and writing from memory...

Subject: from Virginia looking for Susannah e. Caldwell From: Please forgive my desperate boldness. I finished reading the Caldwell bio from Ireland to Virginia I am looking for Susannah E. Caldwell that married William Thomas Wilkerson in Virginia abt 1800 these people are on the Rootsweb. Com web site. Truthfully I am trying to find out more on William t Wilkerson born abt 1788 I am  descended from  him I thought maybe if I look closer at Susannah I would find more information about the population of the immigrants of this time period and could link .the genealogy library here in Roanoke Virginia is a fine resource---the Caldwell history though i have learned more from your article. My spare time is limited and precious as yours  if you would look at my mystery for a small time i would greatly appreciate  Kaye Wilkerson

From: Barbara Evans <>To: Subject: Re: from Virginia looking for Susannah E. Caldwell  Hello, I'm glad we could help. After an initial search I found the materials attached. There was a large family of Wilkersons in SC. There is a possibility that Mary Polly Caldwell Couts's mother was a Wilkerson.  I hope this helps. I'll add your query to the next newsletter, which is late going out, but hopefully will be sent soon. I'll keep you in mind the Caldwells are my summer project. Write any time....Thanks, Barb Couts Evans

Subject: Re: from Virginia looking for Susannah E. Caldwell From: Thank-you so very much! I was able to print the files at my place of work  as i am having a little problem with the home computer. thank you for keeping me in mind for any upcoming leads. Kaye


Subject: COUTS From: margie arnold Hi, It is Margie Couts-Arnold. Daughter of Donald Eugene Couts, Sr. I have written to you before on my fathers family history, son of William Eugene Couts. I don’t know if this is information that you need, but my father passed away December 26th.  Hope all is well with you and yours.  Margie Couts

Subject: NEWSLETTER #32 From: Mary Ruth Barton  Barb, I'm losing touch with your astounding material !  And I have a question re the Gibson and Warrick Co., Indiana census entries in Newsletter #32.  Is it possible that Mary Couts, age 60, b. SC the mother of the head of the house in 1850  Gibson Co., Barton twp. IN - John Couts who was then  age27 , might have been a daughter of Bavester Barton? The family list in 1860, then in Warrick Co. shows Mary Couts as 70 yrs, b. SC.  And a note added by the copier saying Mary Couts maiden name was Colwell.  I am interested because I still must find the family of JOHN H. (Hugh?!) BARTON  who md. a COUTS  in Warren Co. KY.  The SC birth ca 1790 would be accurate timewise. My files are now so voluminous that  I cannot just now find the 1790 SC census to see if that COLWELL name is even in South Carolina then. Thanks for your help. 

Mary Ruth Barton           

Subject: COUTS Fw: Check out COLVIN FUNERAL -From: margie arnold To: bevans

From: To: ; COLVIN FUNERAL - Didn't know if you were aware of this site.  I'll try to get over there for the flowers tomorrow (thurs).  Love, C

Subject: hello From: "Enemy 197" <> Hello my name is Derik Edward Couts: I found your site while looking for my family history.  I didn't know if our families are related or not.  My family is from Pampa, Tx.  My  grandfather's name is William "Eddie" Couts.  He had passed when I was young  though.  The family history was cut short all we know is that my Great-grand father came from German or Holland and had started a family; He soon moved  back to Germany.  He eventually moved back and started a family elsewhere.   I was curious if you could help in this gap of information?  My other families include Davis, and Baggerman. Sincerely: Derik

Subject: William Couts Smith  From: I just stumbled upon your web site and am hoping you may be able to help me.  My father, Wm. Couts Smith, was born of the former Jenny England in Springfield on August 27, 1904  - siblings were Joe Harry, Leland (Woodard) and Mary Florence (Browder).  I know little of my grandparents except that my grandfather owned a store in Springfield for many years and my grandmother's maiden name was England.  Both are buried there.  I do remember my dad telling me, however, that his middle name was an old family name.  Do you have any information that might be helpful or any ideas on how I might proceed?  Thanks. Billie Cole Plantation, Florida

(Wow! Your branch escapes me!  C.F. Couts owned a store in Clarksville. I will place your email in the Feb. newsletter. I'm sure someone will know. I would need more details on your Couts ancestors, at least one generation back.  I have Smiths, Woodwards, and Englands, but they aren't necessarily of your line.  Hope to have more soon! Barb Couts Evans)

COUTS +ANDERSON+CALDWELL CONNECTION Posted by Kathye Payne] Upham posted 23 Feb 1997 US Gen Web, Warren Co, Ky "Chrisley COUTS married Sarah WRIGHT. Chrisley died about 1788 in Warren County. Sarah died 29 Jan 1823. They were married about 1778. Their son John COUTS/COUCH was born 1780 and married Polly CALDWELL 9 Aug 1809 in Warren County. John and Polly moved to Warrick County, Indiana. Would like to know more about each of these lines: COUTS, CALDWELL, & WRIGHT. Any help would be appreciated. Diana Dunn 3303 Hampstead Drive Jacksonville, Fl 32225" end of quoted message
Why I think this is verrry interesting!
(1) Christly COUTS & Sarah [Wright] were parents of Elizabeth [Couts].
(1a) Elizabeth [Couts] married Joshua ANDERSON 1803 Warren Co Ky
(1b) Joshua and Elizabeth moved to Warrick Co Indiana by 1811
(2) Joshua Anderson was the brother of Delilah [Anderson] wife of Ratliff BOONE
(2a) Elizabeth [Couts] Anderson was the sister of John Couts husband of Polly CALDWELL
(3) Bailey Hart BOON son of Delilah [Anderson] Boone and "nephew-in-law" of Elizabeth [Couts] Anderson married an Elizabeth S. [CALDWELL] 06 Feb 1844 in Pike Co, Missouri
(3a) several of the descendants of Christly Couts and Sarah [Wright] settled in Missouri as did children by Sarah's 2m to William
Collins..... Fayette Co? LaFayette Co?
Is Elizabeth S. [
Caldwell] Boone related to Polly [Caldwell] Couts?? or is this just a coincidence of family surname connections?

Excellent question Kathye: This is what we have so far:


Descendants of Matthew P. Caldwell                              

    1          Matthew P. Caldwell

..      +Mary

.   2          Sarah "Sally" Caldwell

.....           +Jordan

.   2          Curtis Caldwell

.....           +Mary N. Hickman

.       *2nd Wife of Curtis Caldwell:

.....           +Nancy Hood

.   2          Christian Christiana Caldwell

.   2          Mary "Polly" Caldwell

.....           +John (Indiana) C. (Calvin?) Couts

.   2          Isaac Caldwell

.....           +Nancy Lawrence

.   2          John L. Caldwell

.....           +Myra Morgan

.   2          Sollomon W. Caldwell

.....           +Martha Ann Coats

.       *2nd Wife of Sollomon W. Caldwell:

.....           +Leona Crownover

.   2          Henry Caldwell

.   2          Sarah Caldwell

        *2nd Wife of Matthew P. Caldwell:

..      +Nancy White

.   2          Hugh Caldwell

.   2          Merron Marion Caldwell

.....           +Lankford

.       *2nd Husband of Merron Marion Caldwell:

.....           +Guyton

.   2          Matthew H. Caldwell

.....           +Nancy White

.       *2nd Wife of Matthew H. Caldwell:

.....           +Mrs. H. Morrison

.   2          George H Caldwell

COATE, COATES, COATS DNA PROJECT  Posted by Charlotte Coats

In at least TN the name Coats and Couts has been confused in the records...
Come join us...
Charlotte Coats  Administrator   questions:

Any volunteers. It will probably be June before we join.   



The History and Genealogy of Callaway County, Missouri Rev. William Coats of Callaway County, Missouri

A History William Coats moved to Callaway County, Missouri's Coats' Prairie in 1817. He came from Smith County, TN. It is said he was born in South Carolina about 1770 and he married Nancy Baker about 1791. He died in Callaway County MO in 1836 leaving a will.

Continued from California Couts Cousins #34

**William Coats had three piece of land in Smith County TN which he sold and moved to Callaway County MO. In Smith County TN William Coats sold land in January of 1817, March of 1817 and the last piece in Dec of 1817. Although this last piece of land may have been land that his son William Coats, Jr was living on and he came later to MO or this land was sold after they left TN or they didn't leave TN until Dec of 1817. This does not seem likely since that would have given them very little time to make it to MO.

It was probably March or April of 1817 when William Coats, his wife and their children started out for MO. It is unknown at present whether they knew anyone from the area, but probably with the availability of land in MO, they decided the MO prairie would be more suitable for raising a family. They probably made the trip with all their possessions after having sold or given away those things which were not necessary or essential for everyday living, prized possessions would certainly be included among those items taken with them. They probably had a wagon, although not a covered wagon used in later years to cross the wide spans of the American Midwest, but never the less a wagon for carrying their possessions to MO. The older children probably rode by horse with the younger children riding on the wagon. According to early research they had lived a considerable time in TN, so leaving may have been difficult knowing they may never see family and friends they left behind again. The journey was considerably longer by wagon and horse than by car or plane today. The spring of the year brings harsh elements of rain, winds, flooding of rivers and streams making them difficult to cross. The Indians though more friendly now than earlier were probably still a threat and required the small party to be on constant alert for sudden incursions. At least two if not four of William's oldest children were married by now. His son William was married in Warren County TN in 1817 and his son James Coats was married and had two children. James died very young in 1821 shortly after reaching MO.

The early Missouri History states that William Coats was born in SC. We do know that when Rev William Coats came to Missouri, he was a farmer and elder in the Primitive Baptist church in what is now Reform MO. Land records indicate that he had several tracks of land, those tracts other than where his old homestead was, probably is where his children lived with their families. We know that at least one tract of land in William Coats name was later in the name of Marshall Smith Coats, his father being James Coats, the son of Rev William Coats.

We refer to William Coats of Callaway County MO as Rev William Coats and some Callaway County MO marriage records show him as such, but the History of the Baptist Church in Missouri shows that he was an Elder and was never ordained as a minister. It is believed that William Coats' family origins were Quaker in faith but at some point either in SC or TN they acquired the Baptist faith. Rev William Coats started most of the Baptist Churches in Callaway County MO. In those early days, there were no ministers so the elders of the churches preformed the duties of preaching, marriage and burials. Written histories tell us that Rev William Coats would be plowing a field and some spiritual necessity would require a neighbor to come and retrieve him from his fields. We are told he went gladly. Many of the records show that in Callaway County MO, Rev William Coats married most of the young couples of his day. The Baker family had long had Baptist roots.

William and Nancy Baker Coats raised a large family. Their children are: 1) Mary b May 21, 1792; 2) James b January 4, 1794; 3) Rachel b September 30, 1795; 4) William b May 11, 1797; 5) Nancy b February 2, 1799; 6) John b November 10, 1800; 7) Wilson b August 10, 1802; 8) Anna b February 2, 1804; 9) Laodocea b December 25, 1805; 10) Benjamin b 1808; 11) Tabitha b December 13, 1810; 12) Frances b September 13, 1812; 13) Mahala b May 1814; 14) Hiram b February 20, 1816; 15) Lemuel B. b October 6, 1817.

This information is taken from the Coats Family Bible Records supplied by Curt Rowe a descendant of Wilson Coats b 1802. All of his children came to Callaway County MO. The birth place for all his children is given as Sumner or Smith County TN, however, there are no records found to date to support this. It is more likely that William Coats is found in Robertson County TN, since it is here that a deed shows him selling land to a John Baker, who could be the John Baker who leaves part of his estate to Nancy Baker Coats as shown in her probate case in 1849. In that case their marriage might have been in Robertson County TN as well as the birth of at least the older children, with the perhaps some of their younger children born in Smith County TN. At least their sons James and William were married prior to leaving TN and moving to MO. Their oldest daughter Mary was also married in TN and it is probable that Rachel was married in TN as well. Some information on William Coats and Nancy Baker Coats' children:

1. Mary Coats b 1792, she married Mathew Agee c 1805 in Smith County TN

2. James Coats b 1794 his wife was Mary (Polly) Callaway, his children Marshall Smith Coats and Laura Fields Coats according to the Callaway County Probate records. James died very young in 1821. His brother William Coats, Jr and Thomas Callaway, brother of Mary, were the administrators of his estate. . Little is know of what happened to Mary, but it is believed she may have married a Dudley or her daughter Laura married a Dudley, since Laura's last name in her grandmother's estate, Nancy Baker Coats, was Dudley. Marshall S. Coats was said to have been a Col in the Civil War. According to Cherokee records, Huff D. Coats his first cousin, was a Capt under his command. Both were in the Confederate service.

3. Rachel Coats b 1795 married Robert Read, she is buried in the old Pioneer Cemetery in Fulton, MO., as is Robert Read. 4. William Coats b 1797, married first in Warren County TN about 1817 Martha (Polly) Tracy, b Dec 25, 1797, Smith County, TN, d Aug 12, 1833, Callaway County, MO. He is found in Callaway County in 1822 as one of the administrators of his brother James' estate together with Mary's brother Thomas Callaway. Before that he was in Cooper County MO listed as having found a stray horse. By 1833 Patsy died and he married Celia (Cena) Callaway McLaughlan, the widow of William McLaughlan. By 1850 he was in Henry County, MO living with Cena, Joseph, believed to be Jasper, a son by Patsy Tracy and his children by Cena, Huff Demetrius Coats, Cena E. Coats and John J. Coats. In 1855 Cena again has land in Callaway County, MO and on the 1860 Census for Callaway County, MO she is listed as head of the household, with sons Hugh (Huff D.) and John J. living with her. No indication of what happened to Cena E. Coats their daughter. My line of descent, Huff Demetrius Coats married Louisa Jane Craig in John County MO and they moved to Bluejacket Oklahoma about 1870. They are both buried in Bluejacket Cemetery, Bluejacket, OK. Louisa Jane Craig is a descendant of Nancy Ward, Cherokee and her husband Kingfisher. We believe John J. Coats is also buried not far from Bluejacket OK in Pleasant View Cemetery, we do not know if he had a family since it appears he is the only Coats buried in this cemetery. I believe William Coats died in Henry County, MO sometime between 1850 and 1855. He has several children who lived and are buried in Henry County, MO. He also had a daughter named Nancy she married a Shiver in Henry County, MO, both Nancy Coats Shiver and Jasper (Joseph) Coats are buried in Henry County, MO. William Coats', Jr children by his first marriage was: Jimmerson, Mary R., Elizabeth, Lowrey T. b 1818 d 1875, Timothy b 1819 d 1819, Benjamin W. b 1820, Thomas H. b 1822, James M b 1824, William Coats b 1826, Jasper N. b 1828, Nancy b 1832 d 1903. Cena Callaway McLaughlan Coats' children by her first marriage: William McLaughlan, Jr, Benjamin McLaughlan, Alexander McLaughlan, John McLaughlan. They are listed in the guardianship proceedings in Callaway County MO.

5. Nancy Coats b 1799 she married Joseph P. Callaway and died in 1835. She is buried in the old Salem Cemetery in Callaway County MO

6. John Coats 1800, he was the sheriff of Callaway County MO and died in 1848. He married Sarah (Sally) Smith. John is also buried in the old Pioneer Cemetery in Fulton, MO. John and Sarah had 10 children: John (the Confederate Soldier) b. 6/26/1843; d. 1925; James b. unknown; Thomas b. unknown; William Hiram, b. 2/12/1849'; Mary b. unknown; Marie b. unknown; Louisiana b. unknown; and two other unknown children. The old MO History by Rose, lists John's wife as Nancy Smith.

7. Wilson Coats 1802, he married Mary Phillips in 1823 and went to California in 1849 as part of the gold rush where he settled in Contra Costa County. He died in 1886. Wilson and Mary had ten children: Therese Ettoline 1824-1853, Milam Bethel 1826-1856, Felix Grundy 1828-1916, William Lafayette 1830-1917, John Russel 1833-1904, Andrew Readman 1835-1836, Lemuel Allen 1836-? , James Marshall 1839-1872, Francis Rosana 1841-1871, and Mary 1844-? Curt Rowe is a descendant of Felix Grundy Coats

8. Anna Coats b 1804  the Bible record shows her birth, however we believe she may have died young. There is also a Benjamin Coats in Smith County TN, who remains there after William Coats and Nancy Baker, move to MO and in the Baptist Church Records there is an Anna Coats listed, possibly Benjamin's daughter. 9. Laodocea b 1805 she married Daniel Phillips

10. Benjamin Coats b 1808, likewise we believe he died young. Neither Anna nor Benjamin are mentioned in Rev William Coats Will when he died in 1836 and the Bible record does not show a death date for either.

11. Tabitha Coats b 1810 she married William Callaway

12. Frances (Frankie) Coats b 1812, she married Samuel McLaughlin

13. Mahala Coats b 1814 she married Francis Dodds

14. Hiram Coats b 1816, he married Permelia Walker.

15. Lemuel B. Coats b 1817, he married Elizabeth Maddox. He is buried in the Old Coats Cemetery on Coats Prairie So. of Reform MO. He died Oct 10, 1863

William Coats and Nancy Baker Coats' family flourished in Callaway County MO on what was called Coats' Prairie, so named after this family that ventured there so long ago. Rev William Coats built his own house on Coats' Prairie as well as several others of the houses in the area.

We also believe that Rev William Coats and his wife Nancy Baker Coats are buried in the Old Coats Cemetery on Coats' Prairie. It is also possible that their son James Coats is buried there or maybe buried in the Cemetery that shows on Marshall Smith Coat’s property in Callaway County, MO

In MO his recorded plats showing up in those records in Dec of 1818. Some of the plats indicating that William Coats owned the land might very well be land that was taken in his name but where some of his children actually lived. Such I think might be the case of the land by M.S. Coats, who later owns the land listed as originally owned by William Coats, it could be that James Coats, son of William Coats and father of Marshall Smith Coats (M.S. Coats) was actually living on that land.

William Coats died leaving a will in 1836 and Nancy Baker Coats his wife died intestate in 1849. James their oldest son died in 1821, he was about 27 years of age. Their daughter Nancy died in 1835, she was about 36 years of age.

Rev William Coats was a farmer, minister and carpenter. He built his own house on Coats' Prairie as well as several other homes in the area. Many in the Coats family had carpentry skills.

Written by Charlotte Ann Coats, descendant of William and Nancy Coats' son William Coats  CA with additions by Curt Rowe CA, descendant of William and Nancy Coats' son Wilson Coats; Sue Taub  AZ, descendant of William and Nancy Coats' son John Coats; and Linda Myers  CA, descendant of William and Nancy Coats' son Hiram Coats Also a descendant of William Coats and Nancy Baker Coats is Rev Holland of Callaway County, MO, he descends through their son Hiram Coats also.

Note: a more complete documented history of this family can be found on the web at the Coates, Coate, Coats Family Digital Archive:



I received an email recently, requesting information on Captain Marcus J. Couts. Unfortunately, I do not have many details on Couts individuals in the last two generations.  So, I’m hoping some of you can help answer my emails:

Subject: Marcus From: Hi; Would Captain Marcus J. Couts be a member of this family tree? Please advise. Thank you

Subject: Emailing: Capt. Marcus J. 'Skipper' Couts From:

Hi; The attachment is a photo of Captain. Marcus J. 'Skipper' Couts who commanded the 1st Separate Radio Intelligence Platoon during W W 2.  Another picture of him with the men in his charge can be found on the Web site: America's Greatest Generation Living Their Finest Hour: World War II--1941-1945 It is easily accessed by typing Keith W. Johnson into Google.  The photo will come in view in the first few pages. Although this Web site has been mastered from material I furnished, Captain Couts was the Officer in charge directing our operations. Although most of this web site concerns my experiences and memories, there is some description of the units’ mission included in the introduction. I may be able to find other info from other surviving members of this unit.  Sincerely,     Keith W. Johnson





Men of 1st Radio Intelligence Platoon – 1943 Front Row -- Left to Right: H. B. Ferguson; J. K. Owen; C. E. Carmack; R. H. Tracy; J. O. Barker; S. N. Walker; D. E. Lauritzen; M. J. Couts; J. A. Hedin; H. F. Wertz; J. Hercik; J. A. Gaulding; K. W. Johnson; G. G. Ross; D. H. Behl; E. H. Strohecker.
Second Row -- Left to Right: J. H. Coward Jr.; R. L. Wallace; O. F. Schwanke Jr; V. F. Kmak; N. A. Griffin; C. W. Arnold; J. E. Pace; E. R. Freitag; F. N. Rogers; J. E. Johnson; R.C.W. Crow; D. A. Thomas; T. E. Osborne; Dew. Archer; W. L. Rash. Back Row -- Left to Right: G. R. Brittain; L. E. Deming; J. B. Johannes; W. W. Lehto; R. J. Du Plessis; R. E. Brown; G. Pottmeyer; J. D. Adams; R. E. Goodrich; J. K. Schofield; R. D. Colwell; R. Laf. Kohring; E. J. Martin; F. W. Goodale Sr.; D. D. Baumer; W. D. Coleman; W. J. Stephens


NAME:  Andrea Smith     John L. Couts   EMAIL:  Location: Cape Coral, Florida (Former Springfield, Tennessee); My great grandmother was Mattie Couts.

NAME:  Wayne Benton  EMAIL:,  LOCATION: Wilson County, Tennessee, Comments: My grandfather, Milton Pitt Benton was married to Emma Couts, daughter of Arch B. Couts of Robertson County, Tennessee.  They were both 16 years old at the time of their marriage.  I have a copy of their marriage license.  They  marriage. I have a copy of their marriage license. They were divorced, I have a copy of their divorce papers, and Emma married Ed Brandon the owner of Springfield Lumber Company. Emma and my grandfather did not have any children and my grandfather later married Francis Choat of Robertson county. They moved to Indianapolis where Francis died of TB and my grandfather married Annie Love Osteen. My grandfather and Annie moved back to Robertson county where my grandfather died in 1952. Mrs. Emma Couts Brandon came to the funeral home and introduced herself to my father. My father always remarked what a fine lady Mrs. Brandon was. I don't think Ed and Emma Brandon had any children, but I think Ed had some with his former wife. I know some of their descendants still live in Robertson county and I don't think they know Emma was married to my grandfather. If you know of them and if any would like to have the information I have, I would be glad to share with them.  

NAME: Larry Daniel Wyatt II  EMAIL: LOCATION: Columbia, MO

COMMENTS:  Found the site through Google and it is helping me with my ancestry research. Thanks for such a wonderful site and research. If there is anything I can do for you here in Mid-MO (like go to the State Historical Society on the Univ. of MO campus) I would be willing to help.

NAME: Joel Kautz EMAIL: joel.kautz@zurichna.comLOCATION: Sacramento, CA COMMENTS:  Just recently moved from Denver, CO to Sacramento. It is interesting to find so much history in one place on what could be my family line.

NAME: Amy Couts EMAIL: aimerbamer@yahoo.comLOCATION: Canton, Ohio

NAME: Tevis Kouts EMAIL: LOCATION: Bainbridge, Ga.

NAME: Colleen EMAIL: LOCATION: Canada COMMENTS:  Loved visiting your site. I'm researching the WINN family, I descend from Douglas Irby Winn. Always interested in learning more about the family.

NAME: Justin Kautz  LOCATION: Chemung NY COMMENTS:  Nobody will tell me of my family's past??? all I know is I'm a fourth generation in the US

Subject: Couts From: Parts  Mrs. Evans: Now that I know your home again, I hope you had a pleasurable break.  The Couts I found were as follows, Hanna Couts b. 6/28/1818  d.8/11/1893,presume to be mother of Daniel, buried in the same row of cemetary. Daniel B. Couts b. 10/14/1857  d. 10/24or30/1918, wife Maggie E. Couts b. 6/19/1856  d.10/24/1917 children Loren, Elmer (Minnie Bradley), Alfred Hazel Weedling), Clarance (Fannie M. Bachtel), Dolly(Frank Bradley), Earl. I'm still not sure if these are all the children . I will try to get dates soon and contact some others of my age for more info. Don Terruso

Subject: Couts From: Parts  From: Bob Jones To: Cc: Rosemary Listenberger

Barbara, I am forwarding this Couts info, to add to your collection. Don  PS: Sid you receive the other info? ----- Original Message -----

Don--Attached is what we have on Daniel Couts and his descendants.  You need Acrobat to open the attachment.  Let me know if you have any problem.  As you probably know, the Marshall Co. Historical Society will have a lot of data on the Couts.  Also the marriage records in the basement of the Court House are very helpful.  Good luck.       Bob Jones


    Descendants of Daniel Couts


Generation No. 1


1. DANIEL1 COUTS was born October 1856 in Ohio, and died Unknown. He married MARGARET YANT Abt. 1879. She was born September 1859 in Indiana, and died Unknown.


Census 1: June 20, 1900, Marshall Co., West Twp., IN

Census 2: April 25, 1910, Marshall Co., West Twp., IN

Occupation: Farmer


Census 1: June 20, 1900, Marshall Co., West Twp., IN

Census 2: April 28, 1910, Marshall Co., West Twp., IN


Marriage: Abt. 1879


2. i. ELMER E.2 COUTS, b. June 1880, Indiana; d. 1969.

3. ii. ALFRED COUTS, b. September 1881, Indiana; d. Unknown.

4. iii. CLARENCE COUTS, b. May 1883, Indiana; d. 1969.

5. iv. DOLLIE COUTS, b. September 1885, Indiana; d. Unknown.

6. v. LOREN COUTS, b. October 7, 1887, Noble Co., IN; d. 1969.

vi. LAWRENCE COUTS, b. May 1888, Indiana; d. Unknown.


Census: June 20, 1900, Marshall Co., West Twp., IN

vii. EARL COUTS, b. September 1895, Indiana; d. Unknown.

More About EARL COUTS:

Census 1: June 20, 1900, Marshall Co., West Twp., IN

Census 2: April 28, 1910, Marshall Co., West Twp., IN


viii. CARL COUTS, b. Abt. 1897; d. Unknown.

More About CARL COUTS:

Census 1: January 19, 1920, Marshall Co., West Twp., IN

Census 2: April 9, 1930, Marshall Co., West Twp., IN

Generation No. 2

2. ELMER E.2 COUTS (DANIEL1) was born June 1880 in Indiana, and died 1969. He married MINNIE ??? Abt. 1906. She was born Abt. 1889 in Indiana, and died Unknown.

More About ELMER E. COUTS:

Census 1: June 20, 1900, Marshall Co., West Twp., IN

Census 2: April 28, 1910, Marshall Co., Polk Twp., IN

Census 3: April 9, 1930, Marshall Co., West Twp., IN

Occupation: Farmer

More About MINNIE ???:

Census 1: April 28, 1910, Marshall Co., Polk Twp., IN

Census 2: April 9, 1930, Marshall Co., West Twp., IN

More About ELMER COUTS and MINNIE ???:

Marriage: Abt. 1906

Children of ELMER COUTS and MINNIE ??? are:

i. EVA M.3 COUTS, b. Abt. 1908, Indiana; d. Unknown.

More About EVA M. COUTS:

Census: April 28, 1910, Marshall Co., Polk Twp., IN

ii. EVERETT E. COUTS, b. 1909, Indiana; d. Unknown.


Census 1: April 28, 1910, Marshall Co., Polk Twp., IN

Census 2: April 9, 1930, Marshall Co., West Twp., IN

iii. MAGGIE COUTS, b. Abt. 1912, Indiana; d. Unknown.


Census: April 9, 1930, Marshall Co., West Twp., IN

iv. DANIEL COUTS, b. Abt. 1914, Indiana; d. Unknown.


Census: April 9, 1930, Marshall Co., West Twp., IN

v. HAZEL COUTS, b. Abt. 1916, Indiana; d. Unknown.


Census: April 9, 1930, Marshall Co., West Twp., IN

vi. FLOYD COUTS, b. Abt. 1918, Indiana; d. Unknown.


Census: April 9, 1930, Marshall Co., West Twp., IN

vii. WILLIAM COUTS, b. Abt. 1920, Indiana; d. Unknown.


Census: April 9, 1930, Marshall Co., West Twp., IN

viii. MILDRED COUTS, b. Abt. 1923, Indiana; d. Unknown.


Census: April 9, 1930, Marshall Co., West Twp., IN

ix. ALFRED COUTS, b. Abt. 1925, Indiana.



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