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A Quarterly Newsletter for the Descendants of the Couts Family #38




Subject: PAGE-COUTS descendants From: "Dan Page" < I just stumbled across     Very interesting, but I could add extensive descendants for the PAGE  lines, and also make some corrections. e.g.  I noticed that Christopher Couts Jr. and Frances Barton's daughter Basheba is shown md to Andrew J. Page, but is noted as having no children.  That's incorrect - they had 3: 1.  Senna Catherine Page b Mar 1856, md Isaac Blevins Maupin and they had at least 4 children 2.  Louisa May Page b 4 Apr 1858, md (1) Moses Cornett and had 5 children, then md (2) Nathan Gregg and had 4 more  3.  Frances J. Page b abt 1860 Andrew J. Page md (2) Nancy Malvina Cochran and they also had 3 children. I'm working (slowly) on the 2nd edition of "Some Descendants of Exolheath Page of Goochland Co., Virginia, and some possible relatives."  It will probably have over 10,000 Page connected

 relatives, including data on descendants of "Chrisley" Couts Jr's children who md Pages:
            1.  Elizabeth md Joseph H. Page
            2.  Basheba md Andrew Jackson Page
            3.  Anthena md Axel Heath Page (s.o. of Joseph H. and Elizabeth (Couts) Page)
 I haven't browsed through all the newsletters so you may have some of   this already, but I thought I'd  

 mention it "just in case."

Subject: Re: PAGE-COUTS descendants From: "Dan Page" < Since it's still a work-in-progress, probably best to wait till about  Jan.  Then I could send a file reflecting what will be in the book, for your use.  I'll try to remember but you might want to remind me about then.  In the meantime, you could extract a note from what I sent.  I'll reply to specific inquiries.
{Thank you for the information. We have not had a great deal of contact with that branch and their extended families. Would you like to add something to an upcoming newsletter? Barb Couts Evans}

Subject: Re: PAGE-COUTS descendants From: "Dan Page" <>

Barbara, The 2nd ed will go to the printer next week.  It's over 800 pp. so will be rather expensive.  Probably about $70 but that's a guess.  I charge actual cost, whatever it turns out to be.  If you want one "ring-bound" with plastic covers, the printer can do that and I can mail it in about a week or so.  I send some to Salt Lake City to have them hard-bound and they are slow as molasses - typically about a month to get them back.  The plastic covers are quicker, and saves  maybe about $10 on the cost.  Let me know if you want one. Dan It'll probably be $50 for the plastic cover one, and $68 for the  hardcover one.  It will be OK if you send a check for $50.  Will be back from the printer late next week.  Then I mail them "book rate"  which is sometimes quick and sometimes a bit pokey. [Dan email Dan for address]
[When can I buy a copy of your book? The Page page needs more data. Thanks, Barb

Subject: Website***Update From: Youth Directors @ Couts  Hello,

I have been searching links for the Couts Memorial UMC, and came across your website. You have our church listed, but the link in no longer valid. Please update the URL listing:

We no longer have an account with internet America, which is the link you are currently providing: Thank you, Curtis and Katrina Nager Youth Pastors/Webmaster Couts Memorial UMC (p) 817-599-8601, ext. 18 (h) 817-886-3775

Subject: [KAUTZ] Daniel Kautz  From: <> To:  This is a Message Board Post that is gatewayed to this mailing list. Classification: Query Message Board URL: Message Board Post: Looking for anything about Daniel Kautz, B. abt 1750 in Littlestown, PA., married Anna Maria ??, abt 1786 and had 7 children. Think father's name was George. Thanks.
Subject: Tabitha Couts From:  I would like to correspond with anyone in the line of Tabitha Couts and Dr. George E. Draughon.  I am trying to fit this family into my Draughon line.  If a connection can be made I have info to share.  Please put this request into your Couts newsletter. Thanks Pauline Draughon Hinds

Subject: Will Couts Smith  From: < Barb: Don't know if you remember or not, but I e-mailed you a year ago looking for information on my grandfather, Will Couts Smith (you placed the request in Newsletter #35).  Well.... I FOUND HIM!  Finally.  He was the youngest child of John Joseph Smith of Logan Co. Ky. and Florence E. Draughon... daughter of George E. and Tabitha (Couts) Draughon.  His wife, Jennie England, was the youngest daughter of Wm. H. and Mary (Connell) England.  I am new at all of this genealogy stuff, so am not sure how to get the particulars to you.  Apparently, I need to do a GED file!!??? Soon as I figure it all out I will update my end of the family and forward it to you!  Thanks for your site... I would never have found him without it. Billie Cole
Subject: smith/couts connection From: Dear Barb: It has been a year since I first contacted you through the Couts family site.  I have attached a file which shows my connection... which is through Tabitha M. Couts (daughter of John F.) who married George E Draughon.  Their oldest child, Florence M. married Joseph J. Smith of Logan County.  Their son, William Couts Smith was my Grandfather.  This is the first file I have ever tried to export so let me know if it doesn't work!  My Grandfather Smith and his brother, George E. are the ones who owned the store I mentioned (Smith Bros. & Dorris, Co.).  I found this information on my Grandfather's WWI Draft Registration Card. I have come so far in finding this side of my family.  The main names are the Smiths (from KY),  Draughons, Englands, Connells and Waltons, but if there is one thing I've learned it's that practically everyone in Robertson County is related to everyone else!  My information on the England/Connell branch is more sketchy and may require a trip to Springfield.  I was only there once as a very small child and now want to return more than ever!  I am a teacher, so have time off in the summer and may come then for a few days to check out resources I have not been able to get online. By the way, I have an original copy of Goodspeed's History of Tennessee (1886) that belonged to my Grandfather England (he is one of the biographical sketches).  I never appreciated the information in it until now.  I used to look at it as a little girl, but never really knew how I was connected to it.  When I pulled it out at my mother's house last week, not only could I hardly put it down, but in it's pages I found a $100 Confederate bill and a letter to my grandfather from CC Bell dated 1885!  You would think I had found the Holy Grail!  I was a history major in college, so all of this is heady stuff to me!  It's like putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle. Thanks again for your help and for your web site.  Hope we can meet one day. Your counsin (somewhere along the line!) : )  Billie Cole

Subject: Hi there From: brittany couts  Hi Mrs. Evans, As you can tell by my email address, my name is Brittany Couts. I found your webpage when searching for matches on the name "Couts". I was impressed with the amount of information and I was wondering if your records include anything on a Richard Couts? I believe that was my dad's dad's name, but I'm not entirely sure since he died when my dad was a year old (~1965/1966) and getting in touch with my grandmother is very difficult. To my knowledge, my dad has lived in California his entire life, and though I'm not sure, I'm assuming his father died in California, too. Any information you guys might have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Brittany Couts

Subject: California's Couts Cousins From: Mary Lou Clegg August 2005 was the last time I received an issue of California’s Couts Cousins. Are you still publishing them? If so, will you add us to the distribution list? Thank you. Mary Lou Clegg     Mary Lou Clegg Allen County Public Library PO Box 2270 Fort Wayne, IN  46801-2270  [Thank you for your inqury. My job is getting in the way of my genealogy. I'll do better. Barb]

Subject: (no subject) From:  I was just googling our names and put in my sons name, William Couts, and found this page. My wife is really interested in family history and I really do not know much about mine.  I can tell you that my great grandfathers name was Elmer Couts and my grandfathers name is William Couts.  They had a farm in Plymouth, IN.  My wife does have some information if this is the correct family, write us back and maybe you can give us some information and my wife may be able to give you some information also.  My wife's name is Michon. Thank You, David Couts

Subject: couts family web page From:  We enjoyed reading about the Couts Family.  We are researching the BARTON  Family and can find nothing earlier the GEORGE & SUSAN WEST BARTON. Can you help us?  For instance, what is the location of the BARTON-LUNDIE family bible now?  Can you send us the Email address of another BARTON who we might contact?  Thanking you in advance, Charleese Sladky     

Subject: Jewish Couts  From: "Martha Jackson" <>  Hello, my Jewish grandmother was Annie Couts, who emigrated from Leeds, England to the Toronto, Canada area in the late 1800s or early 1900s. I believe her family had come from  Poland to England. She married Mervin Jackson, my father. Are these people in your family tree anywhere? I tried using the search button on your site, but it didn't work. many thanks, Martha Jackson     

Subject: Re: Jewish CoutsFrom: "Martha Jackson" <>

Many thanks, Barb. On my father's birth certificate (1916)  her name is spelled Couts, but it could certainly have been  an error, or have gotten changed through time. You may have noticed my error: obviously, my grandmother  didn't marry my father! She married my grandfather, Sidney Jackson of Toronto, and had two children, Mervin and Marion. One thing I've always hoped might come out of my  genealogical research is to locate Marion or her children (my cousins) but chances are rather slim, since I don't know her married name . . . best, Martha Jackson

Subject: Counts From: <> Do you have any knowledge of a Counts/Kuntz  family who settled in Glade Hollow VA about 1780?.John Counts wife was Mary Magdalene Summers. Their daughter  Molly married a Hessian soldier named Johann Jacob Rasnick. Could these German families have been related? My daughter who lives in San Diego has been reading the bio of Cave Johnson Couts of Springfield TN. who married into the Bandini  family of San Diego. Very interesting history. Thanks Wilma J Glass

Subject: Re: Counts From: <> Thanks so much. Since the spelling of so many of the German names was dehydrated to fit the English pronunciation, I was thinking the same happened to the Counts. Originally it was Kuntze. My daughter is so fascinated with the San Diego history that she is making a quilt depicting the story of the settling of that area for the County fair. I appreciate anything anyone wishes to share. Wilma J Glass

Subject: Update From: "Michael J. Lockwood" <> Good morning! In doing some research on the Lockwood Family line, I came across your page and was surprised to see myself in the list :) I'm Michael Joseph Lockwood (Connie Joe, Lonnie Newton, Lewis Ean, Lowel)  I'm married to a beautiful woman named Kari Virginia Soper Hendricks Lockwood, unfortunately we have no Children as of yet. Scott, My brother is married to Amanda with one daughter, Cadence Lynlee Sara Grimm, my stepsister, is married to Michael Wayne Hendricks and they have 3 children. Hope it helps a little, if I can provide more, please let me know. Michael J. Lockwood

Subject: Couch/Couts/Kentz Family From: Sue Hudson My name is Sue Owens Hudson.  For several years I have been trying to locate the parents of my GGGGrandfather Green B. Couch (as it is spelled in Lawrence Co., AL.)  I do realize there are several different spelling to a surname depending on how the census taker was feeling that day or something.   Green was born c. 1812 in TN. He first married Elizabeth Livingston and second married Rebecca McCluskey both of Lawrence Co., AL.  His daug. Martha A. Couch first married Harrison Cooper in c. 1861 in Lawrence Co., AL. Harrison died in the Civil War.  Martha second married John E. Owens in c. 1865 in Lawrence Co., AL.  Martha and John E. Owens are the parents of my GGrandfather Rueben Greenberry Owens.  All of these folks lived in Lawrence Co., AL.

I would love to share info with anyone that could help me.  Some folks believe that he is a son of Casper Kentz. And I have found that he had two unknown given name sons, just have not been able to find them.

My email address is Thank you Sue Owens Hudson 

Subject: [KAUTZ] KAUTZ FAMILY OF BADEN  This is a Message Board Post that is gatewayed to this mailing list.  Surnames: KAUTZ Classification: Query Message Board URL: Message Board Post: Dear Kathy, I just checked the emigration records for Baden and it is possible to find your man in the card index, which lists emigrants from Baden to all parts of the world. The film for the years 1866-1911 is #1180211 and it can be ordered at your nearest Family History Center. This part of the index is for the surnames, Harlacher-Maile. The General Land Archive in Karlsruhe is the location for this card index. I found this information by going to and clicking on the search of their library catalog for place-Baden. If you would like my help with this, please e-mail me. Karla

Subject: [KAUTZ] Re: KAUTZ-D Digest V05 #2 From: "Karla Nurnberg">  Hi, I live in Kenton County, Kentucky and I am a consultant at a Family History Center near here. There are emigration lists available for Baden on microfilm, which can be ordered from the Family History Department in Salt Lake City. However, I am not sure, if these films cover 1880, but I will check for you. I can find an address for you, if we need to write. Karla Nurnberg
Subject: Christopher "Chrisley" Couts Sr. Webpage From:
Steve Kirby  Hi! My name is Stephen Kirby.  I am related to the Couts line through my grandmother (who is included in your list) Marion Mitchell Kirby.  Do you happen to have this page’s family names in a gedcom file format (or any other file format)?  I have been working diligently on entering them into my computer, but keep making mistakes Thank you! Stephen Kirby

Subject: [WR] Wright Family in TN From: <> To: <> This is a Message Board Post that is gatewayed to this mailing list. Surnames: Wright Classification: Query Message Board URL:   Message Board Post: I have been stuck for years on the Wright family in TN or NC. I am researching John Jackson Wright, b. abt 1795 in TN.  But TN at this time was part of NC and also an independent state, so the records got shuffled around a lot.  He died in 1846 in Polk Co., MO.  He married a Jane ???.  Possible last names are Smith or Brown.  Jane is believed to be from Seneca, Oconee Co.,  SC.  They were believed to have been married in TN abt 1820. Their first child, Annie Wright, married Isaac Brown who executed his will in MO.  I believe that there may have been a strong family association between the Wright's and Brown's in TN.  A second daughter also married a Brown.  Their father was Hiram Brown. I have found a James Wright in Greene Co., TN.  There was also a Brown whom he operated a mill with.  He had a son John Wright, but I can not find a definitive link indicating that this James Wright is the father of the John Wright I have. Any assistance to breakout of this deadend would be appreciated.

Subject: Burnett{e} Family From: I have been researching Burnette family for 10 years looking for a William Burnett.Husband of Louise East's, his father. I have found everybody but my Wm. Samuel Burk Burnett's family was from Patrick County, Va. I think we are in this line,  but just can't find the connection. I hope this info might help in furthing your research. Right now I'm blake in which Burnette book, i found this info. your cuz? Sandra Isenhour from Va.

Subject: Couts Books? From: Sue Lay Hi,  I have inherited all sorts of Couts information.  Copies of letters from my direct ancestor James Robertson Couts to his cousin Cave Couts in California, I think that the originals at in the Huntington.  This has come out of the papers of Annie Moseley a granddaughter who died in the 1920’s I think. It appears that they were in contact with a James T. Van Rensselaer who was working on a Couts book in 1968.  I am a librarian but am unfamiliar with genealogical work.  My searches on google, Amazon, eBay, half etc. are coming up empty.  Do you know of a book written by a Van Renselaer (32235 Vista De Catalina, South Laguna, Ca. 92677 is the last address I find in the 1960’s.) or if you can recommend a resource I would appreciate it.  I got into this because my mother and her first cousin are linking up to exchange stories etc. They are both in their 80’s.  I am also in the process of scanning pictures and correspondence. If there is anything the web site could use I’ll be glad to contribute.  Thanks Sue Lay

Subject: Update on Texas Couts...From: Lay, Sue  Dear Barbara,  The family papers have turned into quite an adventure.  The Texas Couts founding father was James Robertson Couts (first article in your wonderful newsletter) an early rancher who opened the first bank in Texas with proceeds from his early cattle drive, helped form the Hashknife brand, an Indian fighter, part of the shoot out at Soda Creek etc. What he didn’t have is, sons.  That’s how a whole gaggle of Couts became invisible.  The original ranch was sold in the 1960s and the brothers (J.R. Couts Moseley and his brother Hillery Moseley) continued the pioneer tradition by building ranches in Mexico.  There is now an entire Texican branch of the family who carry the echoes of the Tennessee hills in their names. And their sister also ranches in the hill county of Texas. Either they ranch or they seem to have all become lawyers, I don’t explain that.  Mostly what I have been doing is finding the archives that contain the original records of my copies.  University of Texas has an 1850’s archive that one of the ancestors donated that I am trying to get into. Actually the only originals, outside of photos, I have are the letters giving a travel log between Van Renseller , a Senora Couts and Hillary Maer as Van Renseller visited the various Couts families on the east coast in the 1960s.  I think that he maybe a California Couts cousin/nephew  ??  something of Senora Couts.  There are


 The Ranch


School girl information

articles listed from him in the San Diego Historical society but that’s all I’ve got so far.  No leads on the Couts Book he was writing.  Any advice on this hunt would be appreciated. The Texas Branch is muttering about putting up a web site and linking to you. Is this possible or a good idea? We are maxing out the HP photos for moving stuff around. I’ve included some photo you might find of interest. Margaret Couts Moseley is my great grandmother if that gives you a time anchor.  Children are Margarets and Hillary Moseley ‘s. Ida is the nanny of the Moseley children and they are in front of the “town” house in Weatherford, my grandmother is sitting the chair that JRC used as a shield in the shoot out.  I remember the chair as a child too. The bullets rattled when you shook it.  A real favorite activity. There are school photos and I’ve included the back of one photo with information from my grandmother about her mother.

This is a question for the board:  If anyone has a copy of Real West Magazine Oct 82 please let me know.  The Shoot out at Soda Creek is in it. We haven’t been able to get on library loan nationwide and so far ebay hasn’t had a match.  A fax would be swell if one doesn’t want to lose the magazine. 

Thanks Sue  PS  What branch are you?  Librarian Perry High School Perry Georgia 478-988-6309


School girls, Margaret Couts-5 from left





Mosleys on the ranch






Maggie at Boston school Top                Center    Ida Mosley and kids at shootout





Hillary, Margaret Children: Carter, Hillary, Margaret


Subject: Letters from J. T. Van Rensselaer to Nan Couts, June 9, 1966, County Parks Guajome  From: Sue Lay Hi Barbara,  Still on the hunt.. And as usual your fantastic site is the base.  I am trying to find out the who, what and where of James T. Van Rensselaer. Below is a cutting from a link from your pages May/June Vol 1.  I have letters from him to my great Aunt Hillery Maer in the 1960’s when he was on a Couts information research tour.  I think that he must have talked to your brother but I am not sure. He and Nan Couts had a dialog going it appears.  I have one letter from Her? To Aunt Hillery. Is he a Couts relative? Does any one know? Thanks,  Sue Lay  Letter from J. T. Van Rensselaer to Nan Couts, June 9, 1966, County Parks Guajome

Subject: RE: Letters from J. T. Van Rensselaer to Nan Couts, June 9, 1966, County Parks Guajome From: Sue Lay  Hi,  I’ve transcribed and attached a letter from Nan Couts Van Rensselaer to my Aunt Hillery.  Hope you can connect some dots here. There are then 5 more letters from J. T. Van R. to Aunt Hillery as be makes his way across county on his Couts adventure.  The last one has this fascinating quote:  “I am now in the process of doing a first draft of the Couts story, having completed enough of the research to be able to block it out. I have an awful lot of material, more than I can ever get into one book:  so I have a big job of eliminating rather than collecting.” I’ll scan you everything I’ve got after Thanksgiving when I’m back at work.  It appears to me that he was researching Cave’s group and had run into us from the Huntington library correspondence between JRC and Cave.  If Cave and JRC had succeeded in pulling off the railroad hook up we could have been the descendents of one of the wealthiest families in the United States. But what the heck…I just want to know what happened to his papers? Could they be at the ranch/park? Do we have any one “on the ground” in San Diego who could check? What cha think? Sue

Copied from:  July 1 is the date inside the letter and the post mark is jul2 1967 La Mesa, CA Mrs. John Froster Couts  7915 Boulevard La Mesa, California My Dear Mrs. Maer,  Thank you so very much for your friendly letters.  have heard from my brother en route, and he told me of this conversation with you and his regret he was unable to meet you.  He is thoroughly enjoying this trip and is meeting many interesting people as well as learning much of interest regarding the Couts family..Of course I have only know the “western” branch” of the family  Our Ranches were about 20 miles or so apart and in the late 1890’s My mother and Father Mr. and Mrs. James Tayler? Van Rensselaer (then of Fall Brook Calif.) called on Senora Couts at Guajome—As a young woman I spent may happy hours at the Ranch.  Cave III was about the same age as my husband John Foster Couts his brother Lee and sister Irene (all of whom are gone) and myself so we had good times…All of us loved horses and the out doors—Foster was a crack shot and had the California & Arizona Championship at one time—(clay pigeons) Of course I knew all Forter’s Uncles and Aunts and many of the cousins although I have lost track of most of them now---and all the Uncles and Aunts as well as his parents are gone---As you probably may know Guajome is no longer in the family---Last time I was there it made my heart sick---It has gone to rack and ruin.  And it was so Lovely!!!! I know my brighter will be very grateful for any information you may receive---He will in all probability, not be back in Southern California before September.  However I am sure you will hear from him later on and of his progress on his project!!! I think it will be very interesting—and well done as my brother writes very well and has done many articles etc. for? Publications----I shall pass on all your letters to my brother and ??? with very much appreciate your courtesy---you shall hear from us again and I hope we may from you.

Sincerely,  Nan Van Rensselaer Couts

Subject: Just back from vacation  From: Lay, Sue   Hi Barbara,  I have just gotten back to work and have not scanned the other notes. I have a book due at a publisher February 1 so I’ve promised myself I will finish that before I seriously starting working on the Texas Couts information. One thing I can tell you is that if my little murder mystery does finally get published I think that I may use the name Suzanne Couts Lay.  I figure if you will let me run an “ad” on Coutsfamily I could have a good sales record.  If there’s one thing I’ve found out about the group is that there’s a bunch of us…But back to J. T. Van Rensselaer, I think asking where his papers might be a good thing.   I have dug through the online listing on the Huntington Library and find no J. T. Van Rensselaer listing in either the main collection or the Couts collection of 16,000 pieces. In my digging it appears that he wrote some things for the San Diego Historical society, at least his work is cited and they have archives that I haven’t been able to crack. Thank heavens for the net, living in Georgia makes getting to research a long hike.  That’s why Aunt Hilery and Van Rensselaer’s stuff is even more impressive.  It was all done by hand going to or hiring people to go to the various archives. Therefore, since this might be of interest to the whole “tribe” lets ask.  As I said, I’ll scan the letters with the conversations and post to you.  See what you think or what we might want to put out.  Thanks again for all you do. I’ll get back at it,  Sue {Sue is designing a family page to link with ours.}

Subject: Hamilton & Lockwood From: Verma Lee Bray  To Whom, Do you have any information on Lucy Prissila Percilla Hamilton  parents and brother & sisters? She was the daughter of josh Hamilton and Rebecca Turner.  Rebecca Turner was the dau.of George W. Turner and Mary A. Williams of TN.  She had a brother Thomas Benton Turner who is my husband Grand father of Quinton, Pittsburg CO.,OK. Hope you can helped me fill in the missing pieces.   My husband name Leonard Joe Bray son of William Lendo Bray and Bertha L. Turner. Verma Lee

Subject: ref: Emma Musgrove (Couts) family member From:  Hello, saw a post from a year or two back about a Emma Musgrove.. Thought I would ask a question or two. if you get this email.. please email Julie Thank you for your time, and kindness. researching the Musgrove Surname... my direct line.  thank you

Subject: RE: Dieter Couts From: Roger Cook Hi, On, Dietrich and his wife Susannah had John Couts Sr. : I don’t know if someone from your site entered all this information or if it came from someplace else.  The confusing part is this shows Archer's death in 1868, I had his death in 1911.  Where is the question in his pedigree, the link to John Couts Jr.? Roger Cook [Yes, This is my unproven information. Barb]

Subject: Counts From: <> Do you have any knowledge of a Counts/Kuntz  family who settled in Glade Hollow VA about 1780?.John Counts wife was Mary Magdalene Summers.Their daughter  Molly married a Hessian soldier named Johann Jacob Rasnick.Could these German  families have been related? My daughter who lives in San Diego has been reading  the bio of Cave Johnson Couts of Springfield TN.who married into the Bandini  family of San Diego.Very interesting history. Thanks Wilma J Glass [Not much, those are the Ohio Coontz]

Subject: Re: Jewish Couts From: "Martha Jackson" <>

Hello, my Jewish grandmother was Annie Couts, who emigrated from  Leeds, England to the Toronto, Canada area in the late 1800s or early 1900s. I believe her family had come from Poland to England.  She married Mervin Jackson, my father. Are these people in your  family tree anywhere? I tried using the search button on your site,  but it didn't work. many thanks, Martha Jackson

Subject: couts family web page From:  We enjoyed reading about the Couts Family.  We are researching the BARTON  Family and can find nothing earlier the GEORGE & SUSAN WEST BARTON.  Can you help us?  For instance, what is the location of the BARTON-LUNDIE family bible now?  Can you send us the Email address of another BARTON who we might contact?  Thanking you in advance ,  Charleese Sladky

Subject: Couts website....From: Sheree Emily "Emma" Simpson & Walter Marsh are my Great Grandparents.

Helen Marsh & Fred Johnson are my Grandparents- there are a few wrong/missing names. Corrections are below:
This info I copied from your site...
Emily Simpson 1878 - 1981-- "Emma"
..................  +Walter Marsh
................ 6   Thomas Marsh
................ 6   Mary Ellen Marsh****** No Mary Ellen
................ 6   Mark Marsh
................ 6   Willard Marsh
................ 6   Harley Marsh
................ 6   Blanche Marsh
................ 6   Helen Marsh
......................  +Henry
 Johnson 1768 -***** Fred, Not Henry
................... 7   Ella Johnson***** Marcella
................... 7   Harold Johnson
................... 7   Louise Johnson
................... 7   James Johnson
................... 7   Marshall Johnson
................... 7   Paul Johnson
................... 7   Kenton Johnson
................... 7   Jerry Johnson
Missing Johnson's: Cordelia, Dortha & Mary.
Emma Simpson Marsh Feb 22, 1878 - 1981 Salem Cem. Mt. Vernon, Mo.*

Walter Marsh 1876 - 1956 Salem Cem*

Emily "Emma" Simpson & Walter Marsh family dates:

There was no Mary Ellen Marsh in this

Allen Marion Marsh  Aug 31, 1905 - April 4, 1994 Salem Cem*

Thomas Reed Mar 13, 1897 - Apr 20, 1979 Salem Cem*

Blanche Apr 21, 1903 - Oct 26, 1906 Salem Cem*

Willard W. July 11, 1907 - Aug 19, 1989

these are all the dates I have for Marsh family.

Helen Marsh married Fred Larkin Johnson not Henry, no Henry in this family. Helen Marsh July 21, 1895 - Nov 23, 1983 Salem Cem Mt. Vernon, Mo* Fred Johnson July 19, 1884 - April 2, 1964 Salem Cem* Helen and Fred had 11 children:

Dortha M. June 11, 1915 - April 22, 1923 Salem Cem Mt. Vernon Mo.* Marcella R. (not Ella) July 5, 1924 - Oct 26, 1936 Salem Cem.* Mary...died & buried in Arizona, don't have the date. Married Ralph Anderson James...Dec 2, 1928 - Feb 15, 1997 San Mateo Co. Ca. cremated, ashes: Pacific Ocean San Francisco

Kenton...June 18, 1936 - Nov 11, 1999 Pankey Cem Cedar Co. Mo.*


I have photo's* from Salem Cemetery in Mt. Vernon Missouri

Photo's from Kings Point Cemetery in Dade Co.: John Simpson, Nancy Bird-

Choate-Earleywine grave marker: 1837 - 1894 with husband John Earleywine

if you want them let me know.

Sheree Johnson





Van Wert/Ohio City Couts Family Reunion  CoutsReunion.Com  Descendants of Cy & Roxy Couts

Subject: Website***UpdateFrom: Youth Directors @ Couts  Hello, I have been searching links for the Couts Memorial UMC, and came across your website. You have our church listed, but the link in no longer valid. Please update the URL listing:  We no longer have an account with internet America, which is the link you are currently providing: Thank you, Curtis and Katrina Nager Youth Pastors/Webmaster Couts Memorial UMC (p) 817-599-8601, ext. 18 (h) 817-886-3775




Jennifer Couts


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I was talking to my dad and he swears that we are family. it would be cool if we were.



Michelle Kautz



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Hello from a Kautz in Dallas, TX! So many Kautz's in the world! I have been to the Kautz Winery and it's a wonderful place. Your reunion sounded like fun!


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