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A Quarterly Newsletter for the Descendants of the Couts Family #40





Subject: Re: Couts Newsletter #24 From: "David and Gale Couts" <>  Barb, Hey, I was just looking through a bunch of pictures, and found the family tree outline that my late Grandma sent to me in the early '90's.  My ancestry goes back to Sussex Co., New Jersey in 1817. The first descendant is listed as a William Couts and Jane Houey 11-25-1865. The following are a list of direct descendants of those two people: Nancy  Couts 2-10-1805,  Eleanor Couts(Aunt Nettie) 9-23-1806, James Couts  5-4-1808 to 6-19-1850, Prudence Couts 2-4-1810, Cynthia Couts 10-7-1811, William Couts 4-21-1813,  Jane Couts 4-21-1815, Isaac Couts 4-4-1817 to  2-9-1907,  Charles Couts, Elizabeth(Aunt Betty) 10-2-1821, Mary Couts(Aunt Pop) 12-19-1823. Barb, I can imagine there are some traceable routes among those names to other family trees that you already know about.

Subject: Re: Ohio Couts From: My name is James Michael Couts, born Cardington, Ohio, 1943.  Father, Gerald Bernard Couts, born Bucyrus, Ohio 1908.  Know little about family history.

Subject: Re: Ohio Couts From: James Couts  Thanks so much for your response.  I would love to add to your newsletter though I'm not at all certain how much I can contribute. I am the youngest of five.  Here is the summary:  Father: Gerald Bernard, b. 1907 Mother: Marguerite Stoffer, b. 1911 Siblings:  Donna: born Cardington, Ohio    Paul,    Robert     Richard (Deceased, 1956), James (me) My father was from Bucyrus, Ohio (Crawford County).  I noticed a Henry Couts migrated from Pennsylvania to Crawford County in the early 1800's.  I'm pretty sure that was by father's great grandfather.  There is considerable information about him and his sons in the Crawford County Court House.  My sister knows where he is buried. My father's father was Harry Couts.  He delivered mail in Bucyrus for years.  I have a needlepoint done by my grandfather. My own children all live in New York City.  My daughter, Lori, is married to Josh Crook.   My son, Aaron, is married to Angela.  My youngest son, Andrew, just married Shelley Kerr from Nottingham, England. I was divorced several years ago and married Cherie.  Cherie has two children, Michael and Jenna.  We provide summer and after school meals for children throughout Southeast Ohio. Looking forward to learning more about the family. Jim Couts

Subject: Re: Ohio Couts From: James Couts  Barbara, Could you give me some information about the newsletter?  Do you live in Ohio?  Also, I did want to mention my two sons, Aaron and Andrew, traveled through Scotland last summer.  Couts is a common name there. Jim C. [ Itís pronounced Coots spelled Coutts] Subject: picture of Nicholas Choate & family From: Sheree
CHOATE FAMILY PAGE:  Check out other photos on the new Choate Family page at      Photos courtesy of Sheree Johnson Choate family Photo was taken about 1849 (Nicholas Choate's parents, brother's & sister's plus one cousin).  Powhaton & Winey Choate sitting. (Nicholas' parents) little girl is Mary Casselia Choate (sister) big girl is Lucinda Choate (sister) Boys standing in the back left to right: tallest boy is Nicholas Houston Choate (first husband of Nancy Bird). next to him are brother's Edward, then Larkin.  The small boy in front is the child of Powhaton's sister, the little boys name is Powhattan Simmons, Nicholas' cousin.
It is said that the Choate's are part Cherokee. Looking at the picture they appear to be somewhat dark skinned. I have been in contact with the ggg grandson of Powhattan Simmons and he is a member of a Cherokee tribe. I have seen U.S. Secretary of War documents, a lists of names of the Native Americans on the "Trail of Tears" (forced Indian march) and there are some Choate relations listed as being on the march.... but I don't know about this family, true or not???

Nicholas Houston Choate, first husband of Nancy Bird Powhaton Choate & Winey (Haley) Choate (parents of Nicholas) buried in Bowles Cemetery in Dade Co. Mo. headstone photo's.


Sons of Nicholas Houston Choate & Nancy Bird Choate Earleywine.
Nicholas & Nancy divorced she took Mark (the youngest) with her when she married John Earleywine. She left Almeda & Alexander with Nicholas' parents Powhaton & Winey Choate. I have seen Powhaton's name spelled: Powhatton, Powhattan & Powhatan... I go by his headstone POWHATON.

Mark Choate; married Anna Bowen, they lived & died in Routt County Colorado.
They are buried in
Yampa Cemetery in Routt County. This is a picture of Mark & his son Lewis. Also Mark & Anna's grave stone in Yampa Cemetery.
Alexander Choate: his death certificate has his name spelled: Elic Shoate.
He was born March 5, 1854 & died Nov 7, 1928 he hung himself.. as per his death certificate from
Missouri State board of Health file # 37442. He is buried in Merrick Cemetery in Dade Co. Mo. but I have not been there yet. I just have this picture of Alexander, he looks to be about 25-30 yrs old????


Francis Elizabeth Simpson Cantrell Spitler (sister of Emma Simpson Marsh)                             
she married William Cantrell then George Spitler. She died in South Bend In.
I don't remember what cemetery.....
 Walter Marsh & Emma Simpson Marsh taken in the late 1940's...


Johnson's in Salem Mt. Vernon & Pankey Cemetery Cedar County Missouri
Helen Marsh Johnson & Fred Johnson's Children: Dortha, Marcella & Kenton.

Helen & Fred grandchildren & great grandchildren: Helen Katherine, Cynthia Guy & family.

Kenton & wife are buried in Pankey Cemetery
Cynthia (Johnson)  Guy is Kenton's daughter.. in Pankey
Helen Katherine is Kenton's Salem
Cemetery. ( family was killed in a car accident)

Guy family stone reads:
Cynthia June Nov 26, 1958
- May 2, 1981
Gary Eugene
Oct 9, 1958 - May 2, 1981
Calvin Scott
Dec 24, 1976 - May 2, 1981
Marsh's in Salem Cemetery Mt. Vernon, Lawrence County Missouri  

Emma Simpson Marsh & Walter Marsh. their children:
Allen & his first wife Eva, their children: Norma, Patsy, Betty Marsh Pepper.
Violet was Allen's 2nd wife, I don't know what happened to her.. Blanche Marsh.
Thomas Reed & his wife and their son Omer Lee.
Helen Marsh Johnson & her husband Fred Johnson.

Walter's parents: Thomas B. Marsh & Mary Jane Gibson Marsh        
their stone is huge so I took 3 pictures.. 2 up close so you can read them then one back so you can see the whole stone.        


Kings Point Cemetery Dade County Missouri

Nancy Bird Choate Earleywine & John Earleywine. Nancy's first husband was Nicholas Houston Choate. Nancy & Nicholas' children: Almeda, Alexander & Mark. (Almeda is my gg grandmother)
I have pictures of  Nicholas & his parents taken about 1849, Mark & Alexander. I will send the photo's of them on another e-mail. (I have very slow dial-up so it's faster to e-mail a few at a time)
John H. Simpson (Emma Simpson Marsh's father) Elizabeth Simpson (John's Mother) her maiden : Matlock.  
Benjamine & Charity Matlock (Elizabeth's parents) oldest marked grave. 
Almeda Choate Simpson Fox, her obit only (Emma Simpson Marsh's mother)
her obit is on the bottom....Sheree
Application for Letters of Administration, list of Powhaton Choate's heirs signed by Henry Bird husband of Lucinda "Lucy" Choate... Powhaton's daughter.

A picture of Lucinda "Lucy" Choate. I don't have a date but guess it was in the early 1900's since she died in 1917... duh haha!! She looks pretty old...70-80

I have photo's* from Salem Cemetery in Mt. Vernon Missouri Photo's from Kings Point Cemetery in Dade Co.: John Simpson, Nancy Bird- Choate-Earleywine grave marker: 1837 - 1894 with husband John Earleywine if you want them let me know.  Sheree Johnson

Emily "Emma" Simpson & Walter Marsh are my Great Grandparents.

Helen Marsh & Fred Johnson are my Grandparents

there are a few wrong/missing names. Corrections are below:

This info I copied from your site...

Emily Simpson 1878 - 1981-- "Emma"

..................  +Walter Marsh
................ 6   Thomas Marsh
................ 6   Mary Ellen Marsh****** No Mary Ellen
................ 6   Mark Marsh
................ 6   Willard Marsh
................ 6   Harley Marsh
................ 6   Blanche Marsh
................ 6   Helen Marsh
......................  +Henry

 Johnson 1768 -***** Fred, Not Henry
................... 7   Ella Johnson***** Marcella
................... 7   Harold Johnson
................... 7   Louise Johnson
................... 7   James Johnson
................... 7   Marshall Johnson
................... 7   Paul Johnson
................... 7   Kenton Johnson
................... 7   Jerry Johnson

Missing Johnson's: Cordelia, Dortha & Mary.




Mark & Anna Choate's obit's

Alexander Choate (Elic Shoate) death certificate. The name's spelled wrong but the info on these old death certificates is only as good as the person giving it. I paid for this. You can get Lucy's at the website I sent to you... I don't know how many more are listed I haven't looked yet.  Sheree  more to come....

Emma Simpson Marsh Feb 22, 1878 - 1981 Salem Cem. Mt. Vernon, Mo.* Walter Marsh 1876 - 1956 Salem Cem* Emily "Emma" Simpson & Walter Marsh family dates: There was no Mary Ellen Marsh in this family. Allen Marion Marsh Aug 31, 1905 - April 4, 1994 Salem Cem*
Thomas Reed Mar 13, 1897
- Apr 20, 1979 Salem Cem*
Apr 21, 1903 - Oct 26, 1906 Salem Cem*
Willard W. July 11, 1907 - Aug 19, 1989
these are all the dates I have for Marsh family.
Helen Marsh married Fred Larkin Johnson not Henry, no Henry in this family. Helen Marsh July 21, 1895 - Nov 23, 1983 Salem Cem Mt. Vernon, Mo*Fred Johnson July 19, 1884 - April 2, 1964 Salem Cem* Helen and Fred had 11 children:
Dortha M. June 11, 1915 - April 22, 1923 Salem Cem Mt. Vernon Mo.*Marcella R. (not Ella) July 5, 1924 - Oct 26, 1936 Salem Cem.*
Mary...died & buried in Arizona, don't have the date. Married Ralph Anderson James...Dec 2, 1928 -
Feb 15, 1997 San Mateo Co. Ca. cremated, ashes: Pacific Ocean San Francisco Bay. Kenton...June 18, 1936 - Nov 11, 1999 Pankey Cem Cedar Co. Mo.*


Permian Basin Obituaries



Couts Monroe Garland

PARKER COUNTY ó Couts Monroe Garland, 91, of Midland, passed away peacefully on Monday, Dec. 15, 2003, in a Big Spring care facility. A graveside service will be held at
1 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 20, 2003, at Authon Cemetery in Parker County.
Couts Garland was born Oct. 16, 1912, in the Garland Bend of the Brazos River, Palo Pinto County, Texas, to Washington Lafayette Garland and Mattie Belle Darnell Garland.
Coutsí father came to
Texas from the Carolinas via Arkansas in the 1860s. He bought land and ranched in Palo Pinto County along the Brazos River. Couts attended schools in Palo Pinto County. He married Maudine Taylor in Marietta, Okla., on April 5, 1934.
He was a member of the Church of
Christ. Couts was employed as a roustabout and as a switcher in the Yates field around Iran for the Ohio Oil Co., and later as a pumper for Texaco at Notrees, Texas, until his retirement. He worked at the Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Plant in Fort Worth during World War II. For the better part of his life, Couts raised cattle and chickens and was known for his homegrown tomatoes. He played the harmonica by ear and was a good dancer. As a young man, he excelled in track and played on the baseball teams for the oil companies where he worked. He enjoyed trotline fishing and traveling.
Couts is survived by his daughter and son-in-law, Beverly Garland Burkes and Jack Burkes of Midland; his son, Pat Monroe Garland of El Paso; sister, Mayme George Hill Wenigar of Azusa, Calif.; two grandsons and their wives, K. Todd and Judy Burkes of Spring, Texas, and Terry C. and Kelli Burkes of Midland; two granddaughters, Stephanie K. Garland Ruby of Buda and Melanie Garland Baize of El Paso; 10 great-grandchildren, Jonathan and William Burkes of Midland, Kathleen, Kristen and Kolten Burkes of Spring, April Howell, Tiffany Jameson of Washington, D.C., Sean Sipes of Buda and Wade and Paige Baize of El Paso; one great-great-granddaughter, Devon; and many dear nieces and nephews.
Couts Garland was preceded in death by his wife, Maudine Taylor Garland in 1998; his father in 1918; his mother in 1964; a grandson, Pat Monroe Garland Jr. in 1984; a brother, Ollie Lee Garland in 1996; a sister, Cordie Rex Garland Dick in 1994; eight half-brothers, George Armenius Garland, John Ernest (Bud) Garland, William L. Garland, Jesse Lee Garland, Matthew Arnold Garland, Grover Cleveland Garland, Robert Ross Garland and Jackson (Jack) Garland.
The family suggests memorials be made to Comanche Trail Nursing Center, 3200 Parkway, Big Spring, Texas, 79720 or to Midland Christian School, 2001 Culver, Midland, Texas, 79705 or to a charity of oneís choice.
Arrangements under the direction of Nalley-Pickle & Welch Funeral Home of Midland. Online condolences can be made at

June 11, 2001




Anza-Borrego Desert SP (Gen Stephen Watts Kearny's beleaguered Army of the West marched across the Carrizo Corridor; among the party was Lt. William H. Emory--1846; The Mormon Battalion traversed the area in 1847-49; Amiel Weeks Whipple--1849; Lt. Cave Couts, Jr.--1849)




NAME: Michael Couts Sr.


Ref.:  Search Engine


Wow What a find. We are related to Chrissley Couts according to our family tree. There are Couts' in Missouri in the KC area and in Versailles. I have read Aaron Couts will from the 1820's. Send me more info please.

NAME: Terry E. Couts

REF:  Just Surfed in



My grandparents are Walter and Matie Couts from Robertson Co. Id like to know who there parents were please help if you can.



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