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A Bi-annual Newsletter for the Descendants of the Couts Family #42





It is the goal of this newsletter to create interest in and share the research for the Couts (pronounced Koutz) and Allied Family genealogy.  It can only be written with the cooperation of each family member.   We encourage each of you to send in your family group sheets and enter data as far back as you can find.  The information that you find within its covers will be as “true” as we can prove.  We gladly accept articles, photos, genealogy lines, and family stories.




Subject: Stuart Family From: Winnie Yarbrough  Could you please settle a discussion in our family regarding Marty Stuart? My mother-in-law said that her relative was Marty Stuart's dads second wife. I do not recall the name. Who were his wives and which one does Marty belong? Thank you for any information you may have. Winnie Yarbrough


From: Sue Lay Subject: Getting close writing an article...Hi, Making more contacts and will shortly get back to you.  Now you know what my editors say. Hope all is going well. I am now in conversation with the gg grandson of G. Holland, JR Couts biographer, Barney Holland.  He is a history buff and stayed local and is part of the local historical society.  He has more archives so I maybe on the hunt again.  More later, Sue


A sample from Sue Lay’s up and coming web page:

Dear Cousin 001


From: Larry Catalano  Subject: RE: Family History Barb- I have a hard copy of an article that my Mom and her 2 sisters wrote for a publication called Pueblo Lore for the Pueblo County Historical Society back in 1988 which was about their father's and grandfather's (Charles Wesley) Ice Cream Co.  I could copy it and mail it to you, but it would take me forever to re-type and e-mail it to you.  Are you interested is something like that?  You can use as much or as little of it as you like.  Some day I guess I should re-type it into my computer so we have an electronic copy.   Let me know!  Bev Catalano

Yes, Bev, I'd love it.  I'll scan it into the newsletter. Thanks, Barb


From: Larry Catalano To:  Subject: Family History Hello! Was just looking at your family history on-line.  My ggrandfather was Charles Wesley Francis- the Ice Cream Man in Pueblo, Colorado. Just thought I'd say hi!  Bev C. 


From: Larry Catalano Subject: RE: Family History

Barb- I will mail it tomorrow. It really is pretty long, so just use whatever part you choose. It was kind of fun to re-read it.  Hadn't done that for awhile and both my grandparents passed away before I was born, so it was interesting to re-read my Mom's (Mary Ellen) and her sisters memories of growing up in the Ice Cream Business!Take care! Bev C.


To: Bev -  Larry Catalano From: Barbara Evans Subject: Re: Family History Hello,  Would you like to add something about your ggrandfather to our next newsletter? Barb


From: "Alycia Sellie" <  Subject: California's Couts Cousins Hello, I am writing from the Wisconsin Historical Society's Library where we are collecting your publication, California's Couts Cousins. Are you still publishing?Please let us know if it is possible to get back issues and/or a subscription to the publication. Also, we are wondering what the current mailing address is?Any help you can provide would be very appreciated, Best, Alycia Sellie Newspapers and Periodicals Wisconsin Historical Society  (608)264-6531 Please send issues and information to: Attn: James Danky Wisconsin Historical Society 816 State Street Madison, WI 53706


From: Peter Kautz Subject: Reunions

I have lost track of the Kautz family since the Ironstone reunion. Please put my email on your list as we would like to re-establish our participation. Thank you.  Peter E. Kautz


From: "Patricia Pullenza" <

Subject: Bandini Couts Women I got your e-mail address from a Couts family website. I'm writing to get any information I can about Arcadia Bandini Scott Brennan.

First, I'm residential English faculty at Mesa Community College in Mesa,
Arizona. I'm also pursuing another graduate degree in Western American history
at Arizona State University. I'm working with two professors there, Dr.
Susan Gray and Kent Calder. Gray's area of specialization is women in the
1800s, and Calder's is scholarly publishing. I'm working with both of them
now in doing research on California women in the 1800s, specifically on Arcadia
Bandini Stearns Baker, her sister Isidora Bandini Couts, and Arcadia Bandini

I have been especially interested in Arcadia Bandini Stearns Baker since
I was a young girl visiting the Casa Bandini and Casa Estudillo in Old Town
San Diego. I have been doing research on Arcadia Baker for a number of years,
and I especially interested in getting in touch with any family members.
 I've read on your website, a response by Alfred S. McLaren who writes that
his maternal grandmother is Arcadia Brennan.  An e-mail address is listed
and yesterday I sent an e-mail but it was returned because the e-mail address
is not operating anymore.

I'd really appreciate any information I could get on the following questions:
Do you know if any memoirs were written by these women?  Do you know of
anyone that I could in get in contact with that might have any personal papers
or items of these women?  Each of these women are an important part of California
history,and I'm very eager to get as much pertinent, personal, and valid information
as I can. I would so appreciate any help and information that I could getfrom you.
Thank you advance. Patricia Pullenza English/ESL Faculty Co-Director, ESL
Program Mesa Community College 1833 W. Southern Avenue Mesa, Arizona  85202


To: <; <
Subject: Stark/Couts connection Hello! Today I have spent the day reading all your Couts newsletters and enjoying them thoroughly.  I have to say I'm a bit disappointed that I have now learned that Mary Magdaline isn't accepted as a bonafide Couts and may be a Woodward......not that I have anything against the Woodwards!   I even have a cousin who married one!  :-)  Seriously, I'm wondering if either of you have come up with any proof since the publication of the newsletter? I have been told that Dietrick "Teter" Couts had these sons and daughters: John, Christian (Christophor), William, Henry, Elizabeth, Mary Magdelina, and Margaret. They lived in Loudoun Co. VA circa 1754, the Shenandoah Valley circa 1760, and KY and TN 1783 (Robertson and Warren Counties).
Does anyone have a will or estate records of the above mentioned Teter? And is there any proof that Mary M. was a Woodward? What would you say if I claim to descend from an unknown daughter of Walter & Mary M.?  I've correspondenced with another Stark 'kin' but never heard back after I sent my info.  Who knows my email could have been lost
in cyberspace!  But truly, Walter & Mary M. had a daughter no one seems to know about but me and only through the research of the editor of the  Dorrisnet do I know it!

Walter Stark and Mary Magdaline's daughter was not included in the
information in your 39th newsletter where the children are listed.   This
daughter was my ggg  grandmother, Susan Stark.  She married James S.
Dorris and moved to Hot Springs County, AR, then to Dallas County, AR
which became Manchester TS, Clark County, AR.

"Robertson County Deeds 4/437-438.   This deed placed Susan Dorris in Clark County, Arkansas in 1844, and described the land as an undivided tract of 130 acres on which Walter Stark had previously resided "in his lifetime" and the same on which "our mother" Magdaline Stark then resided. Susan received $40 for her interest."  Harris and Jorgensen's genealogy of the Stark family has a listing for the children of Walter and Magdalene Stark.  Unfortunately, in spite of their impressive research, they overlooked two critical records showing that  Susan was their daughter and that James Dorris was a son-in-law.  Harris and Jorgensen show that James Dorris owed Walter Stark's estate a debt (Robertson County Will Book 9/59, May 1835). They overlooked a August 1835 citation in the Robertson County Court Minutes (11/74) in which the executors of Stark's estate won a judgment against James Dorris for the  sum of the debt ($11.87).  The judgment reads that James lost to" individual right title and interest that said defendant has in and to a certain tract of land lying in Robertson County on the waters of the Sulphur Fork being
the place whereas Walter Stark lived at the time of his death." One can  read this as being the rights James held in the Stark land based on his  marriage to Susan.  Robertson County Deeds spell this out clearly (1844: 4/367)when Susan Dorris sold her rights to the lands of her "father and mother"  Walter and Magdalene Stark to her "brother" Levi Stark.  So we have three records - two of which Harris and Jorgensen either ignored or did not know about -  that show that Susan Stark was the daughter of Walter Stark and married  James Dorris. From the publication "Dorrisnet" by Gene Dorris.
According to the 1850 AR census Susan was a widow and born abt 1800 in TN.

Descendants of Susan Stark
1  Susan Stark b: 1800 in Tennessee
.. +James S. Dorris b: 1795 in North Carolina d: Jan 1849 in Saint Francis
County, Arkansas m: abt 1822 in Tennessee Father: Joseph Dorris, Reverend
Mother: Katherine McDaniel
... 2  Martha Olive Dorris b: 23 Jul 1819/23 (in dispute) in Robertson
County, Tennessee d: 02 Apr 1883 in Cleveland County, Arkansas
....... +John Toole Craig, M. D., Reverend b: 16 Apr 1816 in Madison
County, Alabama d: 19 Dec 1885 in Cleveland County, Arkansas m: 28 Jul
1841 in Hot Springs County, Arkansas
... 2  Wilson W. Dorris b: 1824 in Tennessee d: 13 Jan 1866 in Dallas
County, Arkansas
....... +Susan b: 1833 in Tennessee m: Bef. 1852
... 2  Emily Catherine Dorris b: 1825 in Robertson County, Tennessee d: 07
Jan 1891 in Dalark, Dallas County, Arkansas
....... +William Blake Holloway, M. D. b: 06 Dec 1821 in Dickson County,
Tennessee d: 18 May 1860 in Dalark, Dallas County, Arkansas m: 24 Feb 1842
in Clark County, Arkansas Father: Thomas Holloway Mother: Judith Jefferson
Hudson (my line)
... 2  Thomas R. Dorris b: 1826 in Tennessee
... 2  Eliza Lee Dorris b: 03 Feb 1827 in Tennessee d: 27 May 1896 in
Blanco County, Texas
....... +Joseph Bird b: 15 Jul 1821 in North Carolina d: 15 Aug 1909 in
Blanco County, Texas m: 17 Apr 1844 in Dallas City, Arkansas Father:
William C. Bird
... 2  George M. Dorris b: 1829 in Upton County, Tennessee d: 29 Oct 1862
in Dallas County, Arkansas (returned home ill from war and died)
....... +Martha b: 1842
... 2  James H. Dorris b: 1832 in Arkansas or Missouri d: Bef. 1865 in
Civil War, Rock Island Prison, Illinois
....... +Jane b: 1836 in Tennessee m: Abt. 1855 in Arkansas
... 2  Julia Ann Dorris b: 1834 in Arkansas d: Apr 1874 in Grandberry,
Hood County, Texas
....... +Thomas Bether Fite b: 09 Mar 1826 in Smithville, DeKalb County,
Tennessee d: 24 Jan 1900 in LaLuz, New Mexico m: 08 Sep 1853 in Dallas
County, Arkansas Father: David Fite Mother: Nancy Daughtery
I certainly would appreciate any info and proof that adds, corrects or
otherwise applys to my family and if accepted by you, please add Susan to
your files of Walter and Magdalene!  And also any help concerning Mary
Magdalene's last name will be greatly appreciated!  :-) Ann Harwell Parker

From: "Barbara Evans" <

To: "Ann Parker" <

Subject: Re: Stark/Couts connection

Date: Sunday, April 01, 2007 10:33 PM


To: <; <
Subject: Stark/Couts connection AND Hello to you!! That's why genealogy is so much fun! I've just started

Spring Break and thought, oh you're behind in your newsletters.  Get your

butt in gear! And, guess what?! Up pops more and fasinating information.  To

my knowledge, there is no will for Teter.  Uncle Henry, who Teter either

lived next to or with has the last informative will.  His will named

Chrisley Jr. the bigamist, that connected the Couts lines in Tennessee and

Kentucy.  Mary Mag has not been proved either way.  She may be both a Stark

and a Woodward.  I don't have that much info yet.  The Starks are very close

to the Couts family.  I for a while thought that Sussana Stark could be

Teter's wife.  But, I haven't been able to prove it. The Starks would be a

great group to study this Spring.   I'll get back to you and send you what I

can find.  The McBane Library in TN had the best Stark info.   Barb
To: <; <
Subject: Stark/Couts connection RE:  1850 Robertson Co. TN census in HH of Gravit and Nancy Edwards.  Magdaline is age 88.  Sent to you this AM.  I sent you a census of Gravit Edwards & wife Susan & Susan's mom M. Magdaline Stark.  If Susan was born 1795 (some say 1792) then Magdaline married Walter Starks about 1791/1794.  Since Magdaline lived to be old (see census where she is still living with her daughter Susan), the Magdaline Woodward who married in 1811 (you wrote:  Thomas Woodward b. 1766 is married to Elizabeth Pit b. 1768; Mary Woodward dau; married to Walter William Stark 1811) had to have married another Walter or perhaps he went by William?  Oddly enough the 1820 census shows in the index two Walter Stark's but when I clicked they were the same so his name was indexed twice.  There are two William Starks' and each are different so no problem with the index there.  What proof is there to show Magdaline married a Woodward/Woodard in 1811?  I wish we had the marriages listed on line for Robertson Co!  Anyone still living there interested in Genealogy who might copy them for us? Ann


Subject: Ann Parker has sent you a census image for our ancestor

To: "Ann Parker" < From: "Barbara Evans"
Subject: Re: Stark/Couts connection On ancestry, Thomas Woodward b. 1766 is married to Elizabeth Pit b. 1768;  Mary Woodward dau; married to Walter William Stark 1811 Our Walter Stark  married Mary Mag about 1790; Leah Stark and John Couts married about 1790.  The Starks arrived in Robertson Co. TN in 1790.  So, sounds like Walter
William Stark is different.  The Starks also had cousins who lived in the  same town. Maybe a cross over? Barb


From: "Ann Parker" < Subject: Re: Stark/Couts connection


 Hi Barbara, I love the  puzzle of genealogy!  In fact, I'm afraid I have an addiction! 
 And have had since my teens.  Most of my free time is spent in genealogy
 pursuits!  :-)
 You wrote, "To my knowledge, there is no will for Teter.  Uncle Henry, who Teter either  

 lived next to or with has the last informative will.  His will named Chrisley Jr. the

 bigamist, that connected the Couts lines in Tennessee and Kentucy"
 My knowledge of the Couts is limited so I'm not sure where Chrisley fits in and if Mary

 Magdaline isn't a Couts, then there is very little reason to search this family until I know

 for certain; so should you find anything concrete, I definitely would be interested! 

 Meanwhile, I would appreciate you keeping me in the loop of information as you

 research!  Also, what do I do to get on your newsletter list? Thanks! Ann

John Robertson (J. R). COUTS

J. R. COUTS, president of the Citizen's National Bank of Weatherford, and probably the wealthiest man in Parker County, was born in Robinson County, Tennessee, April 6, 1833. The blood of the thrifty, industrious German courses through the veins of this family. During the days of colonial unrest, when an infant republic had been born in the new world, an emigrant from the fatherland took up his abode in one of the southern commonwealths, probably North Carolina.

John Couts, the grandfather, was born in North Carolina [sic:
North Carolina claimed the Tennessee land along the border with Kentucky]. He moved into Tennessee when a youth, there grew to manhood, married and was a farmer in moderate circumstances. One of his sons was James Couts, father of our subject. He was born in Robinson County, Tennessee, August 12, 1803. His life was devoted to the cause of his native state until 1834 when in response to a desire to make his home in the west, he moved his family to Lawrence (now Randolph) county, Arkansas. He settled on a new farm which he improved, and in 1858 came with his son, J. R., to Texas. Here he spent his declining years, dying in 1890.

J. R. Couts received poor school advantages. At the age of nineteen years he married Martha Hardin, with whom he lived happily until 1894, when she died. Their first home was on a small farm in Arkansas which supported them until their removal to Texas in 1858. They came by team, crossing Red river at the mouth of Mill creek, and as they came westward, were on the lookout for a location. Stopping in Kaufman county, Mr. Couts inspected the western counties on horseback as far west as Comanche county, then the extreme frontier, and selected a permanent location in Palo Pinto county, bought a small farm on the old Fremont survey of the Texas and Pacific Railroad, and engaged in the cattle and horse business. A few years afterward he was obliged to abandon that business on account of the Indians. Mr. Couts next opened a small banking concern in Weatherford, under the firm name of Couts & Fain, which was succeeded by Hughes, Couts & Company, and that in turn by J. R. Couts & Company. The Citizen's National Bank was the outgrowth of the last named company, and was organized in 1881 with $50,000 capital, and with J. R. Couts as president. Early banking in this county was exceedingly profitable. The country was covered with stock, and this point was headquarters for stockmen of large means. Deposits were enormous, rates of exchange good, and a large surplus soon filled the vaults. In addition to his banking interests Mr. Couts owned about twenty-four thousand acres of land in Parker and adjoining counties, most of it under fence and fronting on the Brazos River.


Six children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Couts, namely: Mary, wife of S. B. Burnett, of Fort Worth [Mary Burnett Couts Library Texas Christian University]; Susan, wife of A. N. Grant, cashier of the Citizens' National Bank of Weatherford; Martha, wife of Rev. Putnam, of Brownwood, Texas; J. R., Jr., of Weatherford; Maggie (Mrs. H. L. Mosely); and Leah, wife of W. P. Anderson, of Weatherford. Mr. Couts took part in the frontier service before and during the war. He was a Mason for thirty years, and a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. [Couts United Methodist Church]B. B. Paddock, History and Biographical Record of North and West Texas (Chicago: Lewis Publishing Co., 1906), Vol. I, pp. 226-227. 



Tami Kautz


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Paskenta, CA


Hi All you Kautz's. I am still trying to find out if I am one of you or if I am of a different line. I know that there is a Kautz family tree and one of these days I will find the missing branch. My father is Steve E. Kautz, his father was Edward Kautz.



susan ( ireman) matthews


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I am the grandaughter of Pearlie Bell KOUTZ who was from Lake Odessa, Mi in Ionia county





In May 1778 he established the first English-speaking settlement of the area on Corn Island at the Falls of the Ohio. This island at the head of the falls provided protection from British and Indian attacks. He began his daring raid with 153 frontiersman/soldiers on June 24, 1778. Clark would later write in his journal of a solar eclipse. "We left our little island, and Run about a mile up the River to gain the main Channel, and shot the Fall at the very moment of the sun being in a great eclipse which caused Various conjectures among the superstitious." Astronomical records confirm the eclipse. The boats must have passed over the Falls about 9 a.m. The expedition captured three British forts-Kaskaskia, Cahokia, and Vincennes along with British general Henry Hamilton. He was known as "the hairbuyer" because he paid money for scalps of the American settlers. After the capture of Hamilton at Vincennes Clark wanted to continue to Detroit, but his Kentucky contingent were diverted to Chillicothe, Ohio.

Clark and his soldiers were awarded 150,000 acres for service to their country in 1783. This area was north of the Falls in present day Indiana. Clarksville became the first authorized settlement in the Northwest territory. To keep his army supplied during the war he had incurred a great debt. The state of Virginia which had ordered the expedition turned the debt to the new government, they in turn said that Virginia was responsible. Clark was left penniless in order to settle the debts.



George Rogers Clark was the commander of Fort Jefferson at the Falls of the Ohio, where Chrisley Couts (brother of John Couts of Tennessee) served his duty during

the Revolutionary War. The first records of Chrisley Couts show up

in 1785 for jury duty.

The next records are

Land Records. Chrisley, who married Sarah Wright, died by 1790. His

Property was sold by his

Heirs to his brother.   Some of Chrisley’s children settled in Indiana in 1812.



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