VOLUME 2 FEBRUARY - MARCH - APRIL NUMBER 3 1998 A Quarterly Newsletter for the Descendants of the Couts Family

EDITOR'S NOTE- Help! SHARE YOUR SIDE OF THE FAMILY WITH US!! WE WOULD LOVE TO GET TO KNOW THEM! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ VIOLET COUTS - Subj. Re: COUTS Date: 97-12-19 02:54:09 EST Patchez and Mack are seeking information on Violet Couts ~ Ok guys, let's hear from all of you experts! Does Violet belong to us? Please rely ASAP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE TETER THEORY - Several have asked why we believe Teter is our immigrant grandfather. Here's our theory. You must remember. Noone has found John and Chrisley's father in the Scottish/English lines, including us. No one has found a John who works out genealogically to be their father. So, here we go! PREFACE~ In order to determine why Teter (Deterick) Couts was chosen as father to John, Christian or Christopher, William, Henry, Elizabeth, Mary Magdalene, and Margaret, a few details must be explained:
1. Collect information on all person of the line, no just one person. If the spelling is close, collect it on all family members. (There are large numbers of spelling variations). 2. You cannot have preconceived ideas on who we are or from where we have come. 3. Each fact, story, or family legend has to be proven or disproved. 4. Historical facts and immigration routes must be considered when dealing with why the family ended up where it was. 5. Past research has to be reevaluated and proven. 6. The origin, time frame, and reason writing books must be considered. 7. A time line must be established backwards from know facts, to extrapolate age of ancestors. 8. If previous data has stopped finding answers, then, go back and reevaluate why it is not providing answers. 9. Rely on facts or conditions of the research, not on people and how they feel. 10. Go back periodically, and review how the information developed and what direction it will take next.
Solving the mystery! Through census records, our branch of the family had been traced back from Indiana to Tennessee. With census, deeds, wills, and court records, it was established that our forefather was Chrisley Couts, Senior. Cemetery information tied Chrisley as brother of John Couts of Robertson County, Tennessee. A lawsuit record and then, a will of Henry Couts, established Henry as the brother of Chrisley and John. The will listed the descendants of Chrisley, who were to receive an inheritance. The issuance of court documents demanding appearance for jury duty, land purchases from heirs, and the remarrying of spouse, and the lack of mention in further records, set the time reference for Chrisley's demise. John's notoriety in the Robertson County, personal records, and his sisters recall established time and place for his birth and death (John Couts b. 1759, Loudoun Co.VA; d. August 1829, Robertson Co Va). How did Teter get involved? Teter was mentioned in Goodspeed's History of Tenn, Sumner Co. Tennessee (Goodspeed ran a publishing business, selling biographies of prominent people, to make county histories. It was written in the mid to late 1800's. His information was based on interview material from the biographical family, neighbors, community leaders, and friends. ) pages 798-802- Robertson County : "William and James Stark and John Couts also settled in that vicinity at about the same time settled in the vicinity of Carr Creek. John Couts husband of Leah is said to have a brother, Christopher, father Dietrick. John's sisters --one married a Gordon and the other a Stark." Family research legend from as far back as the twenties, states that John's father was John of Virginia. Each branch, except one, expresses that they have been told through the generations, that the family name is German. So, there are three things to investigate: 1. Nationality (remembering that no earlier researchers have found an English / Irish/Scottish John Couts for John and Chrisley Couts; 2.) A Dietrick Couts (whose German nickname is Teter, Teterich, or Deter Koutz, Kautz);and 3.) A John Couts of Virginia and from surrounding states, either English/ Scottish or German, who's line ended up in Robertson County, Tennessee. Therefore, with the clues Loudoun County and Goodspeed's, study of the Virginia records became most important. After studying The Handybook , Loudoun records were with other counties - Rockingham, Fredrick, and Augusta. Most of the records during this era were recorded by the dominant language group, the English, Irish, and Scottish. Reading about this part of history it is discovered, the same as it is today, if you wish to succeed, eliminate your visible ties to a culture that is discriminated against and will hold you back. Marriage had few choices, especially if the neighboring landowner had the only daughter nearby. If there was a Dietrick or John, they would have to fit into the correct time and location. So, the next step was to take anyJohn or Dietricks regardless of nationality and trace historically and genealogically their backgrounds, heirs, and finally disposition. Each English/Scottish John turned out to be German. Most were Coonce, Kuntz, or Koontz from the misspelling English Counts. In Richmond, VA were the true English Coutts. They stayed in Va. The Germans however, moved to SW Va, Pa, or Ohio, each line fully delineated. One German John Couts, who had a brother Teter Couts is found in Chalkley's. (Chalkley's repeatedly took the English spelling from the records and categorized them as Scotch-Irish ). John Couts married Elizabeth Hendrich Armentrout (German from Pa), in 1756. John had no heirs as listed in his will, Dec 16, 1777 & court records. Where was Dietrich??? By tracing Dietrich Kautz, North America- Pennsylvania 1750, he took the Oath of Allegiance on the Edinbaugh John Russell Captain, August 13, 1750, a ship that traveled from Rotterdam by way of Cowles, England. Passenger and Immigration Lists Index: 1983 Supplement. EGLE: Name of Foreigners Who Took the Oath of Allegiance Source # 4565, names of German, Swiss, and other Immigrants-1750. On the same list was all landing in Pennsylvania, from Rotterdam: Johannes and Christian Kautz, 1752, page 364" brother John, with their father, Christian Couts (Kautz) appear. The records of their passage to the New World are listed in the Lutheran Church records found through extensive research by the Kissling Family, in-laws to J. Couts (Kautz): There was a long line of Kautzes who lived in Steinau an der Strassse, Hesse-Hanau, thirty-five miles northeast of Frankfurt an Main. Christian Kautz and son, Johannes, and his daughter, Anna Gertrude (nee Kautz) and husband, Christoph KiBling/Kissling came from Steinau, Hesse-Hanau, to Philadelphia, in Oct., 1752, on the ship Neptune. Christian Kautz's son, Dietrich, had come prior to this in 1750, to Pennsylvania, and settled in the Tulpehocken area of either Berks or Lancaster Counties, PA. These later arrival probably joined Dietrich in his area. In about 1758, Dietrich (b. January 1, 1726/27) moved to Brocks Gap, old Augusta County, VA, and now Rockingham Co. Va. John Kautz and Christoph and Anna Gertrude (nee Kautz) Kissling moved to near McGaheysville, Augusta Co., VA later Rockingham Co. VA. A.) Pages of Court Records:Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, extracted from Augusta Co 1745-1800 , by Lyman Chalkley Volume II. 1.) Page 447 6th December, 1753. Sale bill of Nicholas Trout's estate to Jno. Love, Jno Hales Evan Evans.... Settlement of above estate by Geo Trout, adm, recorded 21st May, 1766--Cash paid for liquor at the endue, 5 gallons at 3/;cash paid for liquor at a grubbing frolick, 6 qts at 9 per qt,Lo.5.6 cash paid for 6 qts of liquor at the funeral L04.6.: paid Teter Couts B.) French and Indian War- 1.) Augusta County, Henning's Statutes, Vol. 7 pages 179-200 Captain Alexander Sayers, for his pay and the pay of his officers and co of militia to the last day of Aug, 1758, inclusive, as per muster-roll -To Lieutenant Christian Bingaman pay role- Tetrarch Couch no pounds 18 shillings; others: Adam Hendrick 2.) VA Colonial Militia Henning Statutes at Large, Crozier Vol. 11 pg 62 Militia 1758 Tetrarch Couch 3.) Chronicles of the ScotchmIrish Settlement in Va, court records of Augusta Co 1w4u-1800 , by Lyman Chalkley Volume II 4,) Page 358- 8th February, 1759 Vendue of John Wingord's estate- ToTetrach Couch, Frederick Ermantrout, John Couch, Christian Tetrach 5.) Page 358, Feb 8, 1760-Andrew Bird, Wm Logan,Tetrich Counts & John Counts, added to tithables. 6.) Page 447 1767-68 John Dunkle and Michael Props, Proces'ed by for Abraham Bird, present Teter Couts. C. REVOLUTIONARY WAR 1775-1782 (WESTERN FRONT) 1.) Augusta County Court Records - Book 9 Examined and delivered to Teter Couts, Feb. 7, 1779 Page 445 This Indenture made of the Fourth Day of August 1761 Between Adam Reder of the one part and Teter Couts of the other part both of Augusta County Witness that this Adam Raider ...Teter Couts all that Tract and parcel of Land situate lying and being in Augusta County on a branch of the North River of Shanandor called Wallings Creek and bounded as follows Walnut or Walling Creek in a small town just inside the present day Kentucky borders. 2.) The German Element of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia By John Walter Wayland pg 58 Names of Persons who Sold Land in Rockingham Co. from 1777 to 1793 3.) From the First Deed Book, No. 0 Valley Germans Appendix. Deter`Kouts `Others: Philip Armentrout, A. Armentrout, Charles Grim, John Drake, Abram Lincoln 4.) 1786 Tax`List - Wayne County (central-eastern), North Carolina -Couch, Dederick p-q-0 Journal of N.C. Genealogyl Vol VIII, No. 2 March 1962 German Speaking People West of the Catawaba R. in NC 1750 -1800 unknown court documents from Nashville, Tennessee 5.) Page 344 Nashville, January 6, 1789, present Samuel Barton, Deed, Jas. Siming (?) to Frederick Davis proven by Frederick Koun(?). (item is very faded) 6.) A:530-August 16, 1791-To Teter Cotes (indexed as T. Cotes) from John Matthews and Mary, his wife, of Madison Co(Va.),40 acres for 40 pounds on the middle fork of Sugar Ck (near Henderson KY) Ack'ked in court 16 Aug 1791. 7.) C:3 August 18, 1795-Teter (indexed as Peter) Couts to John Bryant, Both of Lincoln Co. NC, for 63 pounds 10 shillings, 40 acres in Lincoln Co. on the waters of Sugar Creek. 8.) 13.)C-3 ( This is the land in A:520 (A:530). Witnesses were John Hall, John Ferris and William Daugherty. Deed was acknowledged in court by Teter Couts to be his act and ordered to be recorded on 18 Aug 1795. 9.) No further records of Teter Couts. 10.) 1795 Lincoln County Tax Records Henry Couts 1 wm over 21(white male over 21) 4 horses, 7 cattle, Sugar Creek, 50 acres and Peter Couts 1 wm over 21 11.) 1798 Couts, Henry and Sarah (Wife) Grantor - Coal, Ebenezer Grantee Deed Bk A Pg 116 70acres on Sugar Creek .... SUMMARIZING THE INVESTIGATION-There was only one John Couts and one Detrick Couts in Virginia, who fit the time frames for families. The rest were German derivatives of Counts, have their own families, and don't meet the time criteria. John was born 1731, in Germany, John married a PA German, in VA 1756, and died 1778, leaving no heirs. John's brother Detrick "Teter" Couts (b. January 1, 1726/27, d. circa 1795) mentioned in Goodspeed's (Circa 1850's), has so far, no records of marriage, but ends up on land adjacent to, possibly including land owned by Henry Couts, brother to John Sr. and Chrisley Sr. The property is within eighty miles of (east) Chrisley's heirs and (south) to John and family. Detrick lived in the area named Loudoun (Augusta County, Virginia) by his daughter, Elizabeth, as the birthplaces of she and John. He moved to south western Virginia and then, to North Carolina., before living in KY and TN which was claimed at that time by NC. Detrick's fathers name was Christian (d. circa 1754). In German naming patterns, Detrick should have been Christian Detrick or Teter. Detrick's heirs' names were Chrisley (Christopher? Father-in-law's name Or Christian? Father's name) Dietrick's son's name was John, after his brother? Daughter Elizabeth after his sister-in-law? BUT none of John, William, or Chrisley's heirs were named Detrick - because father was still alive, the name is taken by an unknown brother, he started another family, or because they didn't like him? Who knows Detrick would have by probability had children born in the 1750's and grandchildren born in the mid 1770's and 1780's. John Sr. and Chrisley Sr. births' put them in the range. Naming patterns would have made mother's name, Mary and Detrick's William maybe Wilhelm Fredrick?or Fredrick Wilhelm (William). Is he ours? Circumstantial evidence leads us to believe he is ours. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OUR EDITOR -IN-CHIEF, RHONDA RODERICKS, MADE A GREAT POINT, NOT EVERYONE HAS A BACKGROUND IN RESEARCH, BUT THEY DO WANT TO UNDERSTAND HOW WE GOT TO THE POINT OF OUR THEORY. RHONDA TOOK THE INFORMATION AND CHOSE ONLY THE IMPORTANT FACTS WITH A UNIQUE MASTERY:

The Teter Theory

Investigation guidelines and prerequisites The following serve as guidelines used in determining Teter (Deterick) as the father of John, Christian or Christopher, William, Henry, Elizabeth, Mary Magdalene, and Margaret. a. Al, )nformation must be collected for the entire family, not just a single individual. If the spelling is close, collect the information for all the family members. (There are a large number of spelling variations.) b. All preconceived ideas about who we are and where we come from must be discarded. c. Each fact, story, or family legend must be proven or disproved. d. Historical facts and immigration routes must be considered when determining why and when the fami¬y was in a place at a particular time. e. Past research must be reevaluated and validated. f. A writers origin, time period, and personal perspective should always be considered when using books for reference. g. A time line is needed from the current backwards to extrapolate the age of ancestors. h. If previous data no longer supplies answers or leads, one must go back and determine why it is a dead lead. i. Rely on facts or conditions of the research, not on people or how they feel. j. Go back periodically, and review how the information developed and what direction it will take next. Solving the Mystery Census records provided the research base for the Couts family from Indiana to Tennessee. It was established that our forefather was Chrisley Couts Sr., by means for census, land deeds, wills, and court records. Cemetery information tied Chrisley as a brother to John Couts of Robertson Co., Tennessee. Next it was determined that Henry was also a brother to John and Chrisley through a lawsuit record and Henry Couts' will. The will also listed the descendants of Chrisley, who were to receive an inheritance. Chrisley's death was determined by the following collective information: a. The issuance of court documents demanding appearance for jury duty. b. Land purchases from heirs c. Remarrying of his spouse, Sarah d. Lack of any further information or mention of him. The birth/death dates for John Couts were easy to determine due to his notoriety in Robertson Co., Tenn., personal records, and information recalled from his sisters establishing these dates. (John Couts b. 1759, Loudoun Co., VA. D. August 1829, Robertson Co., TN.) Teter's Involvement Teter was linked to the Couts family by these pieces of information: a. Goodspeed's History of Tennessee pgs. 798-802 Robertson County stated: "William and James Stark and John Couts also settled in that vacinity at about the same time settled in the vicinity of Carr Creek. John Couts husband of Leah is said to have a brother, Christopher, father Dietrick. John's sisters- one married a Gordon and the other a Stark." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FAMILY TREASURES, Submitted By Lynn and Barbara Wilson The following is a transcribed copy of a letter from my Great (3) Grandmother, Nancy Johnson Couts, to her son, Cave Johnson Couts who was a cadet at the US Military Academy at West Point NY. It was posted from Springfield TN on Dec 9 and "Ans" Dec. 28, 1838. The address was for Cadet Cave J Couts, West Point New York. The letter was written on one 14" by 14" sheet folded numerous times. It is very brittle and now has significant damage. There are 3 sections to the letter - it looks like Nancy initially completed a letter and signed it. Later she added the second section and her son Wailie, added a note. Lynn P. Wilson (Segment 1) December 8 Dear Cave, I received your letter a few days ago and was glad to here from you. I have nothing worth ritten but I no that you would be glad to receive the money that I am a goyn to send(.) You said that you would be glad to get some chrysmas money but you seam to think like I had rather keep it and buy sugar and coffee than to send it to you(.) your are very mutch mistaken (xxxx xxxx) send it to you if I was sure you wuould get it(.) it true my family is large and it takes a great deal to do us of every thing(.) Meet and bread I hardly no when we have enought(.) we have killed 20 hogs that weight upwards of 3000 and we will kill 20 more next weak(.) I wish you could be at home to eat some of it(.) Yess I do of where I could send you some once and a while(.) It would go verry free ygs (eggs?). That it would(.) Its true me and your father has work hard to make what we have and do so yet to try to make more for you all and it is my pleasure to give it to my children when I think that the(y) no how to take care of it and not spend it foolishly(.) I take a delight in given to Mr Judkins for he dose know how to take care of it and if him and Marry Ann should live a few years the(y) will get rich(.) I have no doubt he is a pardner of conrads(.) I was there to day and the(y) sold a great menay good(.) there is four stores in Springfield and he does sell more than all put to gether(.) I renken you have not forgot John Hart and Cullen Landon(.) The(y) are the clerks and I think Culen will make a fine man. I think you was at home the year Cullen lived here and went to school to Mr Slicks(.) I am very busy fixen Betsy to go to Clarksville to school(.) She groes so fast that I have everything to make new tho she can make the most but I have it to get and fine for her(.) She will start the 1 of January and will bord at your uncle Jo(.) You wanted to no where I staid at whilst at Clarks(.) I staid at your uncle Willies one night and staid one night at your uncle Caves and one with your uncle Jo and then for home(.) I left home on Tuesday morning and got back Friday evening(.) I should not have went but you uncle Jo said he was a goyn to leave Clarksville and he did not expect that I ever would see them all to gether a gain(.) But he has given out moving and say that he will take up his law book again(.) But your uncle Jo dose not no what he is goyn to do for he is killen him self fast drinken(.) He told me he would quit it but I do not believe it. I renken you remember Ephraim Stark that married rebeca porter(.) He is expected to di every hour and has been for some time caused buy drink(.) And Billy Starks three years this winter since he lay out and was nearly dead(.) He was frosed so bad both of his feet come of and most of his fingers(.) It was twelve months before he got so he could walk on his crutches(.) He canot walk with out them and he is drunk now every chance he has to get it(.) Sebra Drawun(,) Lucy Savage(,) Nancy Couts(,) Polly Couts is hear and the all have fine fun makin candy(.) The all say that the wish you was hear(.) Your Aunt Nancy and all is well(.) She talks of you often(.) Your grand mother and uncle Jacksons family is all well and all of your relations as far as I no(.) Your Aunt Nancy Aron dyed last weak. I am yourAffectionate Mother Nancy Couts (Second section also in Nancy's handwritting.) That Mr Heller that married Betsy Ann is no relation to Mrs Cook husband(.) His name is Kely whom maried Mrs Cook(.) You must try verry hard to come home as soon as you can(.) I think the time long(.) I saw Amanda today at Mr Hutchisons(.) She and Emily is well and says that the(y) want to see you badly(.) Hutchison has moved to town so she and your sister is close neighbours just across the street where Bradon use to live and Bradon bought Doctor Williams(.) I have rote to your brother John to send your som money from Clarksville(.) I could not get any that would do(.) I waited a weak and Judkins could not get eney(.) (Added note from brother Wailie Couts.) Dear Brother(,) I have all most forgot you(.) What sort of a (remainder of sentence is unreadable.) I believe you had curly head and black hair. I hear them say that I am the likes of brother and that makes me proud and I mean(?) to try to out learn you if you are at a big school. Wailie Couts ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following letter was enclosed in my father's bible. The writer William Couts is my great (3) grandfather and the letter was written to his son, Cave J. Couts, who was brother to my great (2) grandmother, Julia Ann Couts. The paper on which the letter is written is in fair shape although brittle and torn in a few places where folded. The hand writing is excellent, but the letter lacks paragraphing, punctuation and capitalization. For this transcription, I've left the spelling as was, but added footnotes and assumed punctuation for clarity. Lynn Wilson 11/27/1997 Letter to: Lieu C J Couts Fort Gibson Ark Posted : Springfield Tn May 8 My Dear Cave (* Cave J. Couts, son of William) May 7 1846 We reicd your letter to Martha (* Likely to be Martha Couts, daughter of William) of April 10 yesterday. We are glad to hear from you. more particular of your good health and glad to hear that your purs is not emty. I am glad to hear your are laying up for the rainy day. you recollect I oaffen mention to you when your was at school that when you was hear a little boy you all ways had your purs with some money in it. me and your Mother (*c Nancy Johnson Couts) oaffen talk about your having and saveing your Money. you mention about the price of Negroes. thay are high. hear women worth 500 dollars, boys 600. you mention what sorter money I would like to have no ods (*- I don't understand the spelling/word). suit your conveinants. your Uncle Jackson (* Jackson Couts, William's brother) is nomore. he departed from this life the 29 of April. he left four children. he left ever thing to Archer (* Archer Couts, Jackson's son) to carry oan just as he had bin doing untill he is twenty one years oald then to have a sail. I was with him till he draud his last breath. may say he dide in my arms. we had bin setting up with him some time. it so happen that day no one was thear but me not enspecting him to dy quite so soon. he had the consumption cough and spit vary much. he got so weak he could skears get out the phleam . he all at once strangle (and) maid sines to me to help him up. I don so. he sat up in the bead resting oan my arms untill he dide. he was pearfect in his senses. he maid sines to fan him. I don so. he maid other sines I could not under stand. all this didant last more than 15 minuits. you must no I felt bad. if you was hear to day you would find us all well. Martha (* Likely to be Martha Couts) Thomas (* Likely to be Thomas, son of William) george (* Unknown /George Archer Couts son of WH ) Wilie (*William or Willie B.) is up in the cross Plains keeping store for Reynolds (* Likely Edward M. Reynolds, husband of William's daughter, Julia Ann Couts Reynoldsi. he has bin at home this year going to schooln Reynolds has bin goan to Missisippi some four weaks. he has a store thear in Abberdeen. his intention when he left was to try and sell out. I am in hopes he will do well. Judkins (* Unknown/ed. Albert Jundkins who married Mary Ann Couts, William Henry's daughter ) is selling goods for conrad (*Unknown ) in springfield doing vary well. he is vary porely at this time. stark (* Likely Joe C. Stark, close family friend) is about the same or some what improved. he says he wants to see you vary bad. the girls of your acquaintanc are full of dancing and galanting. I receon when you come home you will have to go and see Elizabeth Cheatham (*Unknown ). she seams vary friendly. she is now goan a trip to the east. the girls thinks when you get home thay will have a splended party as that has got to be fashonable hear theas days. sence Polks (*l President James K. Polk) election and Browns (* Unknown/ed. m. Byrds ) I should have said Martha Cheatham (* Unknown) in sted of Elizabeath. I will rite to your uncle Cave (* Likely Cave Johnson, father of William's wife, Nancy. Cave Johnson was Postmaster General for Polk's administration.) respecting your furlow. there is a good deal of talk about war in the Mug (* I don't understand the spelling/word) papers. thay still try to keep up some excitement. any thing to make Polks administration unpopular. thay say mexico has declard warn if such is the case it will be doubtful wheather you could get a furlow or not. you recollect John gorham h*Unknown ). he has moved to texes started in March. he inquired whear you was stationed. perhap he might find you oan the way as he went by land. he was to go by Brother James (*Unknown) in Larrance County Ark. you recollect Mr Frazeur (* Unknown ) who teached school for us. he is in Texes. I reicd a letter from him a few weaks ago. Marshell Texes. no one hear nows nothing of the place. he says he is well pleased with the country. What has becom of your hors Polk & dan tucker (* Likely horses - "Polk", "Dan Tucker" and "York"). ar thay two late to get thear supper or what. you said nothing of thear health. you have heard york (*Likely horse - "York") is so old I sent him down to Clarksville for John (* Likely John F. Couts, son of William) to sell. he soald him for 60 dollars six months time. thime now out. we have fine times hear. everthing a good price. horses is the lowest. good mules is worth from 50 to 100 dollars. corn one dollar and 50 cents pr barrel. whiskey 35 cents - that is what I get (*William must have made good whiskey). 30 is common. Bacon 5 and 6 cents. tobacco 3 and 5 cents per pound. eggs 3 cents pr dozen ant that low I exspect you could eat a dozen at that price and ham acording from what you mention in some of your letters about the time you began to mend last fall. I doant no how we will recvie that squaw (*Unknown ). you mention as our daughteringlaw or somthing like that or somehow else. what must we have for her to eat? Ash (*I don't understand the spelling/word) pone and venison bar met (* Bear meat?) & will she no how to sleep in a feather bead? come ahead. all will be well. Wm Couts ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MINNIE COUTTS Mrs. William " Minnie" Coutts, 36, from England, boarded the Titanic at Southampton, with her children Neville, 3 and William Leslie, 9. They were traveling to Brooklyn, NY. They were in 3rd class and survived the sinking in Lifeboat #2. They were not ours, but several of us had seen the name and wanted to check it out. Apparently, she saved several lives before getting onto the boat. Way to go, Minnie!! From: RHONKAY - Hi. I finally got a minute to look up the Titanic survivors. There was a woman named Minnie Coutts. (Mrs. William) who was traveling with her 2 sons from England to Brooklyn NY, USA. William Leslie was 9 years old, Neville was 3 Minnie was 36 at the time. Emegency Lifeboat #2. (Cap. 40 persons) was launched from port side at 1.45 am. under command of Fourth Officer Joseph Boxhall. It was the 15th boat to leave the Titanic and contained 20 people. Subj: Re: Titanic Date: 97-11-15 17:27:34 EST From: (Michelle Wright) Hi, What a nice letter. Thank you. :) I did a (quick) check and found a Winnie Coutts, husband William Coutts, and a child, Leslie Coutts from a non-authoritative list at They embarked at Southhampton as 3rd class passengers and all survived, according to this source. (Last names sometimes get changed slightly, as ours did). An excellent genealogical source for ship's immigrants is at http :// www. cyndihow/ships.htm. This portion of her site is HUGE. Last, but not least, is the real Titanic Historical Society at http://www. titanic1 .org/. These are the originals who started it all and are outstanding. As a side note, I had a passing acquaintance with a detective William Coutts of Watertown MA. Cheers Winnie Couts, passenger, who helped people survive the disaster. Do you have any information about her? I publish a family newsletter and Winnie would be a wonderful feature. It would also allow us to link to your Titanic pages. Thanks! Barbara Couts Evans ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The People vs. Cave J. Couts--a chapter from Stranger Than Fiction Vignettes of San Diego History…by Richard W. Crawford (San Diego Historical Society, 1995). Mr. Crawford's book "Stranger Than Fiction" has the Couts family is mentioned in several chapters. You can order a copy through the San Diego Historical Society web site or via Early Monday morning on February 6, 1865, Colonel Cave Johnson Couts prominent rancher, judge, and politician, from San Luis Rey, stood inside George Tebbetts' butcher shop in Old Town. While talking with Tebbetts he noticed a former employee of his, Juan Mendozˇ, stroll across the plaza and enter the Franklin House. Minutes later, Couts watched again as Mendoza walked out of Franklin's and into the street. "That man has threatened my life on sight!" he exclaimed as he picked up his double-barreled shotgun and strode out to confront Mendoza. "Don't shoot him!" Tebbetts yelled, but Couts raised his gun and fired. The shot flew wide and Mendoza ran for his life. From thirty yards away Couts fired again and Mendoza fell, killed instantly by a round of large shot. The shooting of Juan Mendoza stunned the people of San Diego. Couts was a respected man and popular with the community's elite. But the act of killing an unarmed man in broad daylight, in front of several witnesses, could not be ignored. The local justice of the peace, John Compton, ordered Couts jailed. By Thursday, however, friends had posted $15,000 bail and Couts was released. Months passed. Finally in June, 1866, the Grand Jury indicted Couts for murder. In October, trial began in District Court. Old Town San Diego in 1874 Testimony revealed what many had known all along: Mendoza was no innocent victim. Weeks before the shooting he had been dismissed by Couts after a dispute over wages. Afterwards, Mendoza swore publicly that he would kill the rancher at the first opportunity. Mendoza's past deeds suggested that the threat was not an idle one. Forty-six years old at the time of his death, Mendoza had led a violent career, mostly in his native Mexico. As the corrupt alcalde of a mining district in Baja California, he was infamous for extorting money from the population--"particularly Americans". Later, as the leader of a band of revolutioniaries, he allegedly murdered nearly a dozen people after robbing them of goods and property. When it became too hot for Mendoza below the border he came to San Diego, where his wife, "an estimable and useful woman," found employment with Mrs. Couts at Rancho Guajome. Mendoza was hired as Couts' mayordomo. Trial witness Eugenio Morillo, a long-time acquaintance of Mendoza, recalled that he was a violent man with "the face of an assassin." When asked Mendoza was the kind of man to carry out a murder threat, Morillo replied: "he was, certainly, he would be apt to get you before you got him." Based upon the testimony of Mendoza's character and probable intentions, the jury accepted the shooting as a pre-emptive act of self-defense. Newspaper reporter Rufus K. Porter recounted the trial's outcome in correspondence to the San Francisco Bulletin: The General [Volney E. Howard] made a very eloquent appeal to the jury, and reviewed the testimony very ably. The discharge of Col. Couts was received with much applause and the verdict of "not guilty" pronounced righteous.
COUTS TIMELINE: 1727 Dieterick "Teter" Kautz was born 1750 Dietrick arrived in Philadelphia 1752 John and Christian Kautz arrived in Philadelphia 1753 Teter to be paid for liquor at grubbing (making of a garden) 1754-1758 French and Indian War 1757 CHRISLEY COUTS BELIEVED BORN 1758 Teterich paid for being in Militia / Fr.& In War 1759 Teterich paid vendue from estate WILLIAM BELIEVED BORN 1760 Paid tithable with Andrew Bird /ELIZABETH COUTS BELIEVED BORN 1761 Bought land on Walling Creek / MARY MAGDELINA BELIEVED BORN 1763/4 WILLIAM AND HENRY BELIEVE BORN 1765 JOHN COUTS BELIEVED BORN 1766 Teter Couts paid for liquor at Grubbing / MARGARET BELIEVED BORN 1767-8 Abraham Bird paid / Teter Couts present 1776-1782 Revolutionary War (Western Division) 1777 John Kautz dies in Virginia 1780 Chrisley Sr. believed to have married Sarah Wright / William married Emeline Epps 1782 Mary Couts was born to William and Emeline 1783-4 Christopher Coontz (from Frederick Co VA) soldier with George Rogers Clark at the Falls of the Ohio 1785 Christopher Coontz receives bounty land in KY (to be proven) 1786 NC Tax Detrick Couch / Henry married Sarah Freeman 1788 Chrisley a member of an Assembly / Nov. called for jury duty Sumner /Davidson Co. 1789 Frederick Koun in Nashville as a witness of land sell / Chrisley called for jury - May 1790 Chrisley and John bought land on the Red River, Sept. and October / John marries LeahStark; Mary M. married Walter Stark 1791 CHRISLEY DIED 1791/95 Teter owns land at Henderson KY / Sugar Creek 1792 Henry owes land in Henderson KY / Sugar Creek / Chrisley's heirs sell land to John 1795 DIETRICK "TETER" BELIEVED TO HAVE DIED 1796 Chrisley's children petition for a change of guardianship 1798 Henry sells land Sugar Creek and moves to Rolling Fork Creek 1803 Elizabeth married a Mason 1809 John (Chrisley's son) married Mary (Polly) Caldwell 1811 Chrisley's heirs sold land to John / cemetery marker placed in Couts Family Cemetery 1811 Chrisley brother of John 1812 William Couts (believed brother vanishes) 1813 John (Chrisley's son) lived in Indiana with his children / Susannah Couts born 1818 HENRY DIED / Naming Chrisley Jr. heir, also Margaret, Henry's sister and her daughter Susannah 1823 Sarah Wright died 1828 John Couts died 1832 Chrisley Jr. and Aaron in Missouri with Bartons, Collins, and Pearsons 1851 Mary M. died 1855 Elizabeth died
Note difference in Susannah and mother's age. Who was Nicholas Coonce who mixes into county? Was Henry really William Henry? I have no paper work on William Couts anywhere. What is the reference? Did Margaret marry Capt. John Gordon? (Goodspeed, only Gordon found) Are we related to Kutch? Daniel 1747/ Dietrick Kutch, Mercer Co. KY born 1745, wife Susannah; children: Eliz 1777, John 1773, Mary 1775, Nancy 1775, Sarah 1781? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LETTERS FROM WILLIAM HENRY COUTS'S DESCENDANTS: Submitted by Rhonda Rodericks and Lucy Leons 1. From William Henry Couts, (Son of Joseph Mansfield Couts) to his sister Vida Leona Couts Campbell Oklahoma City, May the 5th, 1950 Well Vida I will try this mild cool morn to write you a few answers to your inquires conserning our family tree. If I can this new pen to going good. I'm use to writing with a pencil. But you can keep this letter for future refrence if you want. I was down after a long distance phone call from Joe Campbell telling me to come at once as Maud was criticaly sick. But found he not very ill andhim starting to Fort Worth, Texas. So I came home next morn. When I started to leave she called me to her bedside and began to ask me about the family tree. In a few days she wrote asking what was the name of Dadys youngest sister. I told I was suprised. We called him Uncle Hiram Moon. It looks like she is falin good mently as well as phicaly. She is about 80. I didn't get to see Leona and Frank. Well, as to Mothers family all of the older ones are long since died. They were a short life people. Aunt Alice Roland? Was the last sister to die. Well, this is Saturday the 13th and we have had some big old faishoned rains. But no storms here in the City, but several in the western part of the state. Rather cool at knight. Nice to day, but I looking for more rain. Let me give you the straight facts as to our Indian Blood. Our grand mother, that is grand father Couts Henry- mothers maiden name was Francis Barton. She was a part Cherokee indian, and French. Back before you was old enough to remember went to the Cherokee nations to try to get our right established by the Cherokee tribal Council but soon found out there was no chance for this. Would have ben to much money due us. Besides Land. So they burned down all chances for citizenship. So dad come back to Red River. We did not like the people, too tough. We would need out law guard in the road. But they never harmed us. They were the Dolins gang and others. You have forgot. I have always liked the indians. Thare is about 3,000 here in the city. They are working same as whites. I go to this church sometimes I always register as a Cherokee. Oneof Quanah Parkers, the Big was chief of the Comanche Tribe is the Pastor of the church (Methodist) where I go. The Baptist have a church for indians they try to dress and act like whites. Well, Im getting tired so I close for this time. Alta lives and ? live here. So does Gene, Ben's oldest. He is an plumers contractor and construction house builder. He works 30 men with a pay rool of between $3,000 and $4,000 a week. Getting rich if he can hold out. And they, he and a partner done $250,000 last years work. Well I mostly imagine where you live. I didnt like southern California nor the people. I ben here to long. I lost all desire I once had to travel getting old, past 74. But I still enjoy life and have had an easy time for which I thank the Lord. Good bye and God bless you. Write. Bill 2. From Leona Couts Campbell to her sister Vida (Daughters of Joseph Mansfield Couts) Vida, I will tell you all I can think of about Pa and Ma and there people. You know Ma's people, Grandpa and Grandma Askew was well to do people and had plenty and so did all of Grandma's brothers and sisters they were always high in society and everything. They wer both part Irish and the finest people I ever seen. Me and Maud stayed with them and went to school a lot. When we were little Grandma was proud and this always went to church and was good old Presbyterins. Grandma and Aunt Julia Snodgrass was twins. She had another sister, Aunt Margaret Covington, and one brother, Uncle Tom Neil?. I can remember seeing them all when we lived in Missouri. And they all had fine homes and all well to do people. But Grandma Askew always seen like she didn't like pa. His people wer poor people and Grandma and Grandpa didn't want Ma to mary Pa and they done everything they could to keep them from every going together. But they would slip around and get together and finely ran away and married and Ma's folks couldn't hardly stand it. So, in a year or two after Maud was born they seperated and don't know how long they stayed apart, but ther is over three years differences in mine and Maud's ages. But Ma always thought lots of Pa. You know Ma was a twin too. Grandpa and two of his boys, Uncle Clark and Uncle Frank went through the Civil War. He was against freeing the Negros, he lived in the North and had lots of Negro slaves and Grandpa Couts lived in the South and he was for freeing the Negros. He was a scout during the same war. I don't know much about Pa's people. I remember then Grandma was a little old woman and smoked a clay pipe and Grandpa was a mason by trade and done lots of that kind of work. Grandma was part Indian and Uncle Frank Askew told me one time it was the Indian in Pa that caused tim to move around so much. Hesaid Joe could always make money faster than anyone he ever seen and could spend it just as fast. I have a copy of the original proof of our indian blood and we should of had lots of this good Indian land and drawing money too, if Pa had of got it put through like he should of done. Last winter I took the proof with me to Waurika and showed it to a lawyer I am aquainted with and he said he wished he could have seen that before the indian rolls was closed, but was too late now. He said we sure ought to have had our rights. I will quit for this time and if there is any thing you wish to know write and ask me and I will tell you. I haven't told you anything about Ezra. Write. Leona Vida, write and tell me bout John and Abel I never do hear from them. Do you know what there address is?Vida, you know Francis Barton was Grandma's name before she married. There is some people lives here close to us that is the same amount of Indian blood in them as we have and they got there rights here in the Chickashaw and ours was in the Cherokee and they are well to do people and have lots of land. You know we were all registered you was and I had my children all registered. I would of had this printed, didn't get to do so. I guess you can read it now rite when you can. I will quit with love to you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE INTERNET COUTS - THE LATEST COLLECTION- Reply: Couts Family Newsletter Date:97-11-18 00:11:27 EST (ashley couts) My husband Roy A. Couts 1948-74) was the son of Aaron and Dorothy Shepherd Couts. They are from Oakland City and Petersburg, Indiana. Aaron's mother was I believe Flora. Father I am not sure. I have one child with Roy. Does this help? Who are you and what strand do you hail from. S. Ashley Couts. subjInformation requested Date:97-11-25 From: FayRich (Fay and Rich Flaherty) Hi Barb. I hope you don't use the recipe I forwarded to you for your Thanksgiving turkey. The following is Rich's line back to the Couts. We have verification back to Great-Grandfather John Couts. Anyway here goes. Richard Arlen Flaherty b. 01/16/1934. On 02/18/1956 he married Fay Johnston b. 01/15/1934. Children: Mark Richard b 02/24/1957, Kelly Eileen b. 07/09/1961, Tracy Lynn b. 08/01/1969. Mark married Terri Lynn Phillips and has two sons - Jason Richard and Mark Richard II. Kelly was married to Robert Gilbert but is now divorced Tracy married Jeremy David Gibson on 10/30/1993. Richard is a son of Paul Chapman Flaherty b. 01/17/1904 d. 04/22/1975 and Florence (Bruning) Flaherty. Other sons: Donald Leo (died as a result of being struck by a car) at age 3 or 4; Wayne Eugene b. 04/20/1932; Ronald Ray b 11/23/1935. Wayne married June Mary Catherine Walter b. 06/12/1930. Their children are Kevin Paul b. 11/03/1956, and Maureen Florence b. 06/18/1961. Both are unmarried. Ronald married Viola Maxine (nn. Sally) Winegar b. 01/18/1940. Children are Shawn Michael b. 02/10/1960 (married Anita [last name unknown] and they have a daughter Meghan), and Deboráh Sue b. 04/26/1961 (married with 1 daughter Erin. Debbie is now divorced from Erin's father). Florence (Bruning) Flaherty b. 04/22/1907. Father: Frederick William Bruning b. 01/21/1877 d. 10/28/1918; Mother: Mattie Jane Couts b. 10/31/1876 d. 08/16/1962 Parents of Mattie Jane Couts were: Father: John Couts b. 05/17/1852 d. 02/01/1931 Mother: Amanda Wren b. 09/19/1847 d. 01/06/1923. As you can see we have a long, long road ahead of us. We're hoping that when we return from our trip in the Spring of 1998 we'll have more information for ourselves and hopefully can provide you with more verification on our line. More later. Love, Rich and Fay ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Subj: Indiana Couts Date: 97-12-03 06:56:40 EST From: JCouts5610 Received your newsletter yesterday, yes, there are Coutses in Indiana, Illinois, TX, AZ, WA, MO, just from our small branch. My husband, Jack, had 4 brothers and 3 sisters, all sisters living, 2 brothers deceased. His father was Charles Couts, married Minnie Mason, lived all their lives near Oakland City, IN. I also know some Kautz in Illinois, near Olney and Newton. I believe they are German. Jack's dad was a coal miner as are some of the children, grand children and spouses of each. I will try to gather some more family information and pass along, such as dates, further lineage, etc. Thanks for finding us!! There is also a missionary in Benin (Africai by the name of Robert Couts. I believe he's f2o- TN. Signing off now, Anita Couts - Subj: Re: Indiana Couts Date: 97-12-04 07:42:23 EST From: JCouts5610 Hi, have just a few minutes to write before going to work. More about the IN Coutses! Jack's family is all from Gibson Co, IN, and their garden fence was the Pike Co line. I noted in the newsletter that someone had quoted something from the Pike Co Dispatch. That paper is still published in Petersburg. (Co seat) Warrick Co borders Pike & Gibson too. Jack§s dad was Charles, he had brothers Tom & Curtis. Tom only had one daughter, Ruth, and she is deceased although she had 4 children. Curtis had some children, but I don't know any of them or where they are now. Jack probably does, we just haven't had time to really talk about this since we got the newsletter. Yes, we would like to get the newsletter, Jack's brother, Paul, has done some genealogy of the family but seemed to have hit a blank wall somewhere along the line and haven't heard too much about it lately. Jack and I have 2 daughters, there are only 5 boys, teenagers or younger in our branch to carry on the name, and 4 are right here in Gibson Co, one in El Paso, TX. We have a reunion each year at the Oakland City Park, but just the siblings attend and a couple of cousins, maybe Curt's daughters. All of the older ones passed on before I got into the family so I can't keep them all straight. I'll try to do better. Thanks for finding us. Later!! Anita Couts. Subj: Re: Indiana Couts Date: 97-12-05 21 :59:42 EST From: JCouts5610 Got your note, will print off all the newsletters tonight so Jack can work at it this weekend, can't do much else here, it's cold, snowy, windy, miserable as only winter in Indiana can be. Of course on the banks of the Ohio, snow doesn't stick around too long. Later, Anita Couts 16:21:27 -0600 From: Sheryl Barbara, I am also researching Indiana Fleener/Fleenor. My earliest is John Fleener m. Elizabeth Hensley. That is all I have on them. I have listed one son (there could and probably are others); Nicholas Fleener b1791VA d1872MO Married 1815 Washington (probably County, but I'm not sure; source died), In to Nancy E. Johnson b1800NC d1884MO. They had 18 children; two died young; the others all lived to adulthood and most seemed to have married. They were born between 1816 and 1843; most of them in Monroe County, IN. I am from their daughter Sarah Jane Fleener who married Thomas Jasper Hendrickson; their daughter Martha Jane Hendrickson married Leander James Evans; they in turn had a large family in Galt, Grundy County, MO. Apparently the Hendrickson and Fleener families both moved into MO. I'm not sure if this is the same family, but with the size of the family anything is possible. Looking forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Sheryl (Franklin) Morgan Subj: Re: Reply: Couts Family Newsletter Date: 97-12-29 14:38:00 EST From: (ashley couts) To: Barb. Well, it was an interesting Yule and Christmas. The Couts family here got together and enjoyed all the festivities. My sister-in-law Dianne enjoyed the info on her family and so will also help. I tried to call a Cecil Couts in Brownsburg, In. but no reply as yet. I believe he is from Oakland City. Also I am trying to find the number of Alice Couts Yeager's son. They called him Charlie Junior. There is a daughter also in Cicero, Indiana. Charlie was a police officer for the Lawrence Police ( a suburb of Indianapolis) but is retired. Also, while out to dinner with friends and my friend David C. Sassman says he is a Couts relative. He thinks the Couts family he comes from leased the slave ships. Yikes, I hope this isn't true. Anyway send him info at: Indywiz @ He wants to come on board and has an uncle or someone working on geneology on this side. Interesting to see if he is a cuz. In addition: From the Marion County Library. Lady Unknown by Edna Healy/ B.Burdett-Couts. "As the title implies you might not recognize the name Angela Burdett-Couts. But you may have met her before. You may recognize this heir to the Couts banking fortune. The richest woman in England after Queen Victoria. You might know that she was the constant companion of the Duke of Wellington in his older years. You may know her as a friend of Dickens who he portrayed in a number of his works. Her greatest feat, however, truly lies in her charitable works. She financed Dickens in his attempts to help the poor as Florence Nightingale and her work in Crimean War. Edna Healy has shown a light on this unknown but very important person of the 19th century England." I'll get the book and let you know more. Other tid-bits of info: Interesting that my husband was Roy as was your father...and his brother Steve while your brother is Steve. Aaron is another name that runs through...this being both my Father-in-law and my grandson's name (my son from a first marriage) but loosely named for Roy's father. About us: I am also in Education. I teach 6th grade art in a middle school. I also paint and write and so teach writing classes for the Writers' Center of Indianapolis where I also edit a newsletter (bi-monthly) called Literally. Susann Elayne Couts Rose lives with me and works presently as a waitress at a steak house. She is earning money for college where she wants to pursue a degree in social work. She aspires to work with teenage mothers and pregnant teens. A worthy ideal. My son (Steven Eric Seats) lives in California with his wife Lia and their children Natosha and Aaron. He was in the Marine Corps and served in Okinawa, Japan in intelligence. He is now in college. Hope your new year is great...and I look forward to more info sharing. Ashley ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please click on the "back" icon, to send you right back to the main page.